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Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup)

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Tom Kha Gai – Spicy Thai Coconut Chicken (or Turkey) Soup Recipe

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Easy Tom Kha Gai (Chicken Coconut) Soup • Tasty

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Preparation. Combine first 8 ingredients in large saucepan. Bring to boil.

Reduce heat; cover and simmer 10 minutes to blend flavors. Add chicken; simmer until cooked through, about 5. Directions.

In a large pot over medium heat, heat oil. Add ginger and cook until fragrant, 1 minute, then add mushrooms and cook until soft, about 6 minutes. Add broth, coconut milk, and fish.

In a medium saucepan, combine coconut milk, broth, ginger, and lemongrass and bring to boil over high heat. Add chicken, mushrooms, lime juice, fish. TIP: For a gluten free, paleo, low-carb version of this soup, omit the brown sugar and use shredded zucchini “noodles” instead of rice noodles. Step 3. Simmer.

Add the chicken and simmer until cooked through, about 5 to 7 minutes. The chicken is done when it feels firm to the touch and a meat thermometer inserted in the center reaches 170°F. 1½ lb. skinless, boneless chicken thighs, cut into 1” pieces. 8 oz. shiitake, oyster, or maitake mushrooms, stemmed, caps cut into bite-size pieces. 1 13.5-oz. can coconut milk.

2. Add the corn and coconut milk, continue cooking on low for another 5 to 10 minutes. Add the cream, peas and cook for another 5 minutes.

Add salt and pepper to taste. You can also add more coconut milk milk or broth if the soup is too thick. Add fresh cilantro and serve.

Strain out the aromatics (the garlic, onions, lemongrass, and ginger) and discard. Add in coconut cream or milk, chicken breast (or tofu or shrimp), and mushrooms. Simmer until chicken breast pieces are just cooked through, then add fish sauce, coconut. Step 1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium heat. Cook and stir the ginger, lemongrass, and curry paste in the heated oil for 1 minute.

Slowly pour the chicken broth over the mixture, stirring continually. Stir in the fish sauce and brown sugar; simmer for 15 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk and mushrooms; cook and stir until the mushrooms are soft, about 5 minutes. Step 1. Bring 1 cup coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger, and kaffir lime leaves to a boil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

Stir in the chicken, fish sauce, and sugar. Reduce heat to medium, and continue cooking until the chicken no longer pink in the center, about 5 minutes. Cook on low until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Add 1/3 cup water when the chicken is almost done. Simmer for 5 minutes.

Set aside to cool. Reserve the liquid from the cooking. In a soup pot place coconut milk, chicken broth, salt, cilantro, mushrooms, and fish sauce.

Heat on.

List of related literature:

To make the soup: If you’re using fresh coconut milk, extract it from the grated coconut.

“My Bombay Kitchen: Traditional and Modern Parsi Home Cooking” by Niloufer Ichaporia King
from My Bombay Kitchen: Traditional and Modern Parsi Home Cooking
by Niloufer Ichaporia King
University of California Press, 2007

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: For an authentic-tasting Thai chicken soup without all the exotic ingredients, we began by making a rich base with chicken broth and coconut milk.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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Stir in chicken broth and 1 can coconut milk and bring to simmer over high heat.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
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Add the vegetable broth, coconut milk, and tamari, bring to a rapid simmer, and cook for 10 minutes, until fragrant.

“Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health” by Ivy Larson, Andy Larson
from Clean Cuisine Cookbook: 130+ Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Heal Your Gut, Treat Autoimmune Conditions, and Optimize Your Health
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Place coconut oil in a large soup pot and add onion, garlic, carrot, pepper, and 1 bay leaf and saute for 30 seconds at medium heat.

“Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health” by Alberto Villoldo
from Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health
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The sweet coconut soup is made with coconut cream boiled with condensed milk and sugar.

“Philippine Food, Cooking, & Dining Dictionary” by Edgie Polistico
from Philippine Food, Cooking, & Dining Dictionary
by Edgie Polistico
Anvil Publishing, Incorporated, 2017

Cook until the coconut milk begins to bubble; reduce to a steady simmer and continue cooking until the chicken is done.

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less
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Return stew to simmer, stir in shredded chicken, coconut milk, and peas and cook until heated through, about 2 minutes.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
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Add the stock and coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until the chicken is cooked through and the sauce has thickened.

“The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days” by Harley Pasternak
from The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days
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Add the coconut milk, chicken stock, ¼ teaspoon of salt, bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer.

“Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good” by Bobby & Dessi Parrish
from Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good
by Bobby & Dessi Parrish
Mango Media, 2019

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  • This recipe could be solid if it weren’t missing some proper technique.

    You never want to add lime juice into a soup that’s still cooking. Direct heat will kill the brightness of lime juice. You should add it at the end, when the soup is already taken off the heat.

  • absolutely beautiful look dish and am sure it tastes amazing but i think you should use thigh chicken so it wiull never dry out and definitely prawns to

  • Everybody have their own way of cooking things (different recepies) but I want to suggest two changes (or techniques). First is, hand tear the kaffir lime leaf right before adding it to the soup. The rips will allow the flavors to really come out. Second, add the lime juice last because cooking it can make it turn bitter. Also, I’ve had some in resturants that added too much lime juice, making it just plain sour. Adding it last allows you to add bit by bit to adjust the taste. It shouldn’t be too sour so becareful on how much you really add. Good luck!

  • I know there are a lot of limitation cooking Thai food in America but I mean something is not supposed to be in there like tomato & onion are not even necessary in traditional Tom Kha Gai and also the chili powder (you can put more Thai bird chiles if you want more heat)
    plus I would recommend flavoring Tom yum with fish sauce instead of soy sauce and the taste would be much more different.

  • I tried it and damn it was good! But I used 4 tablespoons of fish sauce and brown sugar and I put the lime juice in before serving. I think this is better for the taste. Thanks

  • Tom Kha Gai is pretty freaking good. My family buys it nearly every month as a treat. And we finish it everytime. But since we live near the beach now, we have the seafood version (Tom Yam Talay) and it’s amazing. And I don’t even like seafood that much! Ps don’t say Tom Kha Gai too fast. Awesome recipe tho!

  • Wait, are you telling me the chicken gets fully cooked in the soup while it’s simmering? Or did I miss something? It seems like the chicken would be really rubbery if that’s the case.

  • Thanks for this video! You inspired me to start my own channel and want to create for content. I started making my own version of some popular thai dishes on my channel. Let me know what you think!

  • I know it’s part of the culinary style, but it really bugs me that a lot of Thai and Asian recipes don’t brown their meat before putting it in soup… so much lost flavour

  • You are an artist! I came back from a trip to Thailand and was craving the food. I searched for recipes but I got to say yours were the MOST authentic and tasted exactly like what I had there.

  • Tip, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE FOOD CONTAINING CHICKEN LIKE THIS! CHICKEN IS DANGEROUS WHEN UNDERCOOKED! REMEMBER TO ALWAYS COOK THE CHICKEN FIRST! The coconut milk is easy to separate under high temperatures so be sure to cook the chicken before doing this.

  • My husband has been cooking chefs Johns Tom Kha GAO recipe (with chicken instead of turkey) for a couple years now and everybody loves it!

  • Ive watched several of these in the past 2 days. It’s so hilarious to me that our lighter skinned brothers & sisters like to take the root and veggies out. I’ve been eating this soup for 20 years and I’ve never even heard of that, let alone seen it ��. Now, I feel like I’ve seen it all!!

  • Comments seem to dwell on how to take the “authenticity” issue. I really love the real Thai ingredients, even going so far as to buy a Kaffir Lime tree to see if it might sustain in Indiana. But here, you cannot find the original ingredients, but Chef John seems to have the “architecture” down for Thai soups. Final note: this is the most interesting idea I’ve encountered for what to do with leftover-turkey fatigue.

  • I got really excited when I saw the title of the video but then stopped watching it as soon as the lemon grass hit the table. Not something I ever just keep at home or ever think buy. Back to eating my normal soups �� I always have every ingredient but lemon grass…meh

  • I love this soup but i realized the fish sauce gives me a horrible 2 day migraine, too much tyramine.
    What can I use instead of fish sauce besides just leaving it out? Soy sauce?

  • From one youtube food channel to another, this looks amazing. Excited I came across your channel. Happily subbing and look forward to seeing more of your recipes! Feel free to stop by and check out some of my dessert recipes if you’d like:)

  • Your English is excellent, then you started speaking in another language and I thought I was having a stroke because I couldn’t understand.

  • Here we have the culinary version of the Ship of Theseus: if you substitute this ingredient for that one, approximate here and there, never mind if you cant get the exact thing, at the end you have to ask yourself, is this the ‘same’ dish or not?

  • Seriously…I love this soup. Had it in Thailand for the first time about 10 years ago and it’s become one of my favorites. It’s not complicated to make, and packs so much flavor! I �� “Tom-dat-guys” soup.

  • Your markets have beautiful mushrooms like that?! I am so incredibly envious! They look heavenly. And, yes, I am catching up on the back catalog while I am down with the flu wishing I had some of this soup to clear up my cough. Never thought of this as a Turkey Day Cleaner Upper, but it is perfect!

  • Dude, I’m having a hilarious breakdown over here… “just in cas my guests are wimps”… you’re killing it:-DDD
    I so love your videos, thanks a lot man! greetings from Austria!

  • The second recipe… where did you get that recipe… I’m Thai and this is my first time seeing someone put agave and soy sauce in Tom Yum -_-“

  • hahaha i learned to cook this in thailand, and your substitutes are pretty dang spot on. PRETTTYYYYYYy dang… not all the dang way! i do crave that kefir

  • Food can be adjusted according to the local ingredients. So stop complaining Chef John while you guys still eating
    Spaghetti Carbonara with Cream on it instead of eggs.(and that case is even worse because you’re just lazy:P Egg is everywhere) LOL

  • I recently stumbled on to this channel and now has become my go-to channel for food. The recipes are as interesting as Chef John’s voice. It’s nice to see people learning about foods all over the world. But the thing I like most about this is that chef is flexible with recipes. Finding ingredients can be tough, and his substitutes are pretty close to the real deal. Sure, it messes up with the purists, but in the end YOU have to enjoy the food you made.

  • You can buy dried galangal root online, btw. Works just as well as fresh. If you have an amazon account, you may be able to buy fresh! Or visit your closest Asian market.

  • A little tip for this I worked out today. You can get little teabag style things that you put eggs in to poach them. If you want you can put the aromatics in there so they’re easy to remove (bit like a bouquet garnis).

  • Tom kha gai is one of my favorite soups! It really will cure whatever ails you when your coming down with a virus. ( unless its a Gastrointestinal virus then all bets are off)

  • I just made this soup yesterday and it turned out so delicious! I really enjoyed making this for my family during the quarantine! I have tried making it before but I think I was putting in the lime when the soup was too hot. What a difference it makes to learn from your video! Thank u!

  • I actually made that recipe but accidentally. I had initially planned to cook tom yum but substituted the shrimp with chicken. It’s almost same ingredients and the process. Tom yum chicken..

  • This is an amazing soup!!! Made it exactly as the recipe (with turkey) and my mind was blown! So was my husbands. Once again, another easy to approach, great break down of a yummy dish. As I learn to cookyou are my go to! Thank you!

  • Tom (Coconut) Ka (a type of spice related to Ginger except that it’s hotter and spicier than Ginger) Gai (Chicken!)

    Tom Ka Gai is my foavorite Thai dish. I eat it almost everyday when I’m there. I just got back from a 2-1/2 month long trip there. Been there ten times… Pronounced like this ‘Tome’ as in a very long tome…
    Ka as in ‘Kah’ and Gai as in ‘guy’ but say Gai with a RISING tone!

  • I’m on a Joshua-athon and loving it but already worried about Joshua withdrawal when I run out of videos. �� Is there a Joshua patch? ��

  • I had very low expectations about this recipe and I can tell you the moment I tasted it to see if it needs anything, my brain just lid up. The falvors in my mouth were so refreshing.. Comforting.. Sour savory sweet.. I just couldn’t stop tasting.. This recipe is genius. Perfect for winter. I used galangal for the first time in my life and I can tell you the broth was beautiful, delicious! Thank you!

  • Hi there, just jot’n down that this is one of my favorite dishes. I mean that this is a staple from my family too. It’ll warm you up, help cure from a cold spell, clear your sinuses, and pretty much get you back on your feet. Yeah it’s all that, thanks mr. foodwishes…

  • Umh is it just me or if you cook Lime juice, it will make your soup bitter? We only squeeze lime juice in after finish cooking and right before serving.

  • I was looking for Irish leek and potatoe soup.and here I am learning to make a wonderful soup by Chef John……..I adore all the ingredients got to make this before the week is out. THANK YOU CHEF!

  • Thank You! For 30 years this has been my favorite food on Earth, and I credit it for my heart being in good shape despite my weight and age.
    Finally, I need to learn how to make this.

  • OMG I just cooked it and I can’t believe how it tastes so authentic. I had this soup in a Thai restaurant in Phu Quoc and felt in love with it but thought I would never be able to replicate. Thank you very much for this video, now I am your fan xxx
    The only thing for me I found a bit salty. Can it be the fish sauce overpowered or salt itself? I am in Vietnam and maybe fish sauce is more concentrated. Thank you again!

  • Love this receipt! My fiance and myself both love Thai food but one favors spicy food and the other one doesn’t, I’m so happy you have different thai chicken receipts that works for all!

  • just curious why was the coconut milk not purely liquid? that’s really fascinating to me is it like the coconut meat lol ive seen some videos on how its made

  • Hello Siri…..I just found your chanel….and you know what, I looooveeeee your videos so so much

    Thank you for your recipes. Help me so much. Hope to see you someday

  • ผิดสูตรต้มข่าไก่กลายเป็นต้มยำไก่…..สูตรจริงเขาใช้หางกะทิกับหัวกะทิไม่ใส่น้ำแล้วพริกน้ำมันหรือน้ำมันพริกเผาไม่ใส่ครับ โรยแค่ผักชีไม่โรยต้นหอม………….

  • Siri, that is truly a wonderful combination of great flavors. And the video beautifully done. Many thanks for sharing your and Joe’s talent. It’s such a pleasure to whatch and learn about your great recipes!

  • I’m so HAPPY FOR YOU your getting ready to hit “25,000” subscribers YAY��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♂️TO YOU AND THE CAMERA MAN ��NOTE: Hey subbies tell your friends and family about this channel Shes the BEST!! NOim not try to get the can opener I just love her cooking style EASY AND APPROACHABLE!!!!

  • Might wanna try this… but minus the fish oil and mushrooms. I know I know. But I can’t stand fish and my dads’s allergic. And I hate mushrooms with a passion. But the soup broth looks delicious.

  • She pinches the fingers of her right hand together because she is right handed. This part can also be accomplished by pinching the fingers of the left hand if one is left handed or ambidextrous. She then touches the pinched fingers lightly to her lips and makes a kissing sound, “mwah”, while allowing the pinched fingers to quickly expand out to their normal position. Bravo, chef, bravo.

  • Tom yum is one of my favourite Thai food. I made one the other day and
    published the video on my YouTube channel. I’ll try your recipe &
    style of cooking

  • Hello everyone, I also really like Tom Yam, but recently tried an interesting version of Tom Yam, called seafood gumbo, the recipe took here ��

  • I’ve been cooking a lot of Thai food. I find this to be a wonderful recipe with lots of simple and delicious ideas. I love your simple strait forward no nonsense presentation. Thank you

  • Looks amazing. This is actually my favorite Thai dish. I’m eating it right now. And thought……I need too make this…. Thank you ♥️

  • hi, i found this meal so interesting to try. As I dislike sweet taste in food, I thought what if I make it without sugar and little less chili.

  • Is this soup spicy? Does the chilli make it hot or does the coconut milk neutralises everything? Can you skip the chilis if it’s too spicy?

  • A comment regarding your citrus press. I used to use that yellow one too. Over the years I noticed that the yellow paint was missing (meaning it worked its way into my food) so I found on Amazon a stainless steel one. I suggest to everyone that they purchase that press. It is great!

  • Yes, substituting basil for cilantro is fine. I don’t think you really appreciate how awful the 10% or so of us in the world’s population find cilantro. It takes barely any to make the entire dish taste like soap to us.

  • Thanks. Once you know how to make the soup base, and know which herbs and spices to use, you can modify it to your preference. I used fish stock instead, and rather than chicken, I put in salmon, mussels, and scallops. I left out the sugar, and had to use ginger because I couldn’t find galangal. Instead of the chili pepper and chili oil, I used chili paste because that was all I had, but using the chili peppers and oil probably would have made it hotter and better. I poured them over rice noodles in a soup bowl. It was very good.

  • I did something way wrong here. Idk what. but broth was brown, not creamy white and really fishy tasting. What flavors should I add more of next time balance? I could tell all the flavors where there but it just wasn’t right. ALSO! I didn’t have galangal, so I used ginger and I didn’t have any type of citrus leaf, I also had lemongrass paste, not fresh lemongrass, and I used coconut sugar instead of white sugar, which is brown because that’s all I had. is that where I went wrong? I just don’t understand why the broth was so brown it was like the color of brown sugar.

  • You should do an audio book! Your voice is very nice and relaxing ��. Great video, will try to cook this later (i didnt think you would read my last comment so i wrote it here to)

  • how come there is no salt in the recipe? did she just forgot or is the fish sauce responsible for salty flavour? i want to make this

  • I had this soup 2 weeks ago in a thai restaurant in Holland. And omg! I am addicted! The restaurant is called Baiyok. In a place called Zwolle the Netherlands. Its the best!

  • I had it for the first time for lunch today. It was so freaking good and flavorful I had to look it up so I can try to make it this weekend.

  • hi chef john, the mushrooms is called shimeji japanese mushrooms…clamshell is probably the container it come in..thank u for your videos

  • Thanks for writing out the ingredients… I tried hitting the link for the recipe and my computer tells me it’s dangerous… took me to eBay. Excellent recipe if I did have to make it by memory.

  • Love this recipe. Thank you!! I followed it few times and I am getting good at it. I substituted chicken with veggies like sliced (blanched) carrots, cabbage, tofu, mushrooms etc. We added some salt to taste instead of fish sauce.

  • Recently, I found this at my local grocery store while looking for something else. I was intrigued and decided to try it. Oh, it was good! I’d get it again! And I’d try Chef John’s recipe, but probably with a carton of chicken stock. Also, a story: Back when I was in high school, a friend I wish I had known better was a Thai guy, popular and outgoing. One day in the cafeteria, we saw each other, so I went over to say hi after I’d had my tray. He had some leftovers wrapped in foil, rice with vegetables and a little sauce. I don’t know what the dish was. I didn’t say much, because I didn’t want to risk him doing something like giving me his food out of courtesy. But I remember thinking wow, that looked so much better than what I had just eaten. I don’t know if it was homemade or from a local restaurant, and I don’t know what his family did. But it has always stuck with me that he had something that had to be really tasty and healthy. I remember also a conversation after school one day, waiting for my mom to pick me up after some activity. He came over to talk for a minute after tennis practice. I no longer remember his name. I wish we’d been better friends. He was a neat guy, and the first Thai I had met, though there were many Vietnamese refugee immigrant kids and many Chinese-American and native Chinese immigrant kids along with all the other variety of people where I grew up (big city). I was impressed. Ironically, I don’t know enough about Thai food, but the very Americanized versions I’ve had, store-bought, have been tasty. (I don’t like a lot of hot/spicy peppers, but if it’s mild enough, I’ll enjoy it, and I try things anyway.) To him and to other friends growing up, thank you all for making my life better.

  • Thank you Cheffy Chef! Also thank you so.much for keeping it uncomplicated. Cooking is a bit intimidating. PS I hope you don’t mind the Cheffy chef thing. I only give nicknames to people and thngs I like

  • I love your wok������im dearly missing your thai recipe. Its over 20 years the last time i went to Thailand and wondrin where to find the soup im searching. Thanks������������

  • So I’ve been kinda cheating on this… I’ve been using lime zest and juice as a substitute for the lime leaves because they are hard to find for me.. same with whole lemongrass but I can find like a tube of it in the produce section.. ive also used essential lime oil and lemon as well.. still turns out delicious.. is there no salt in your recipe? I was wondering if browning the chicken before hand would kick it up a notch.. but thanks for the video..

  • Me: * wants to make this for my family *
    * remembers that mom is vegetarian *
    * remembers that dad is allergic to lemon grass *
    * remembers that little sister doesn’t like coconut *
    Aw, goddammit!

  • been watching you for the past year man and just scrolling to see what i have missed in this vid you hit 1000 subs now your well over 1m keep up the fantastic work

  • Funny to hear you mention 1000 subscribers now that you’re a YouTube sensation. Great looking soup. I ate this stuff everyday in Thailand.

  • I’ve been looking for this soup for years now! I never knew the name and researched random words and found your recipe!

    This soup has plagued me but now, I’m gonna make it!

  • No disgusting mushrooms though..I always took those out of my soup in Japan where we’d eat this at this Thai AYCE place…..I swear you could LIVE off of this soup…its THAT good.

  • In one year you’ve gained 419,000 subscribers dude. That’s so awesome! You definitely deserve it. I just learned about you yesterday and I subbed after the first vid because I know quality content when I see it, but you still blew my expectations out of the water with the variety of cooking content you do. Truly inspiring…

  • You should come to Vermont & do a cooking with foraged foods episode. I can teach you about loads of foods you can find right in your backyard, & collect some wild mushrooms. I make some amazing shit with the most common of vegetation.

  • The name is way off.
    Your recipe is way off.
    Your ingredients not correct.
    Overall a failing grade for this “Thai Recipe” which you must of made up.
    I moved to Thailand in 2013 and also am a chef. Love to help you correct this recipe and give you some other very cool recipes that are authentically Thai.

  • ต้มข่าไก่: Tom or ต้ม means boiled, ข่า means galangal, and Gai or ไก่ means Chicken. By the way, when we serve this soup (same as Tom Yum too), we normally leave those lemon grass and galangal. Although it is easier to take them out before serving them.

  • Thailand resident here, I’ve never seen anyone use shallots, basil, or breast meat, leg or thigh meat poaches better. But I will try the shallots and basil:)

    Although I don’t know if this is just some family but we don’t strain anything out of the tom kah gai soup. Chicken skin is also very nice to add into the soup. You should try it!

  • But in the traditional Tom kha gai which we get in thailand we don’t drain the gravy and leave the veggie behind we keep everything we don’t take out anything

  • THAI CHEF HERE.. in thai they.not eat this as soup, fishing everything out off the soup and over the rice,, the water wil be left. SOOO,MAKE SOUP;.ad more ; green aspergus heads inside [super] OR COURGETTE BLOCKS,, tiny slizes of red paprika for the color..and put 2 canns cocconut thats more not cut the kaffir lime leaves, will they stay inside.. this way you can aet it like soup

  • Why not take a shortcut and include those lemongrass ginger lemon leaves and stuff in the last 30 mins of cooking your stock? You strain it all anyway so…

  • ต้มข่าไก่ จะปรุงรสด้วยเกลือกับน้ำตาลทรายขาว เพราะต้องการให้ตัวน้ำซุปสีขาว ไม่เหม็นคาว และก็ไม่ใส่ใบโหระพ่านะครับ คำแนะนำครับ:)
    Spicy galangal soup in authentic they will seasoning with salt and granulated sugar because they won’t change the color of soup out of white color if you add palm sugar / brown sugar and fish sauce or soy then will change color to brown suddenly and that make bad smell. and they won’t add basil in this type soup. But your cooking this menu so yummy:) this my recommendation and I love your channel so much. thank you.

  • Love the recipe.  Looks yummy.  However, one MAJOR presentation suggestion::  Don’t use white type/print over white (coconut milk) when providing ingredients and steps.  Rookie mistake.

  • Tom kha talay (seafood tom kha) is what I get EVERY time I go to a thai place. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making it! Just a matter of finding galangal root for me (I grow lemongrass).