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Ingredients 8 cups water 3/4 teaspoon salt 2 cups quick-cooking grits 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 cup butter, cubed 8 bacon strips, chopped 2 pounds uncooked shrimp (26-30 per pound), peeled and deveined 4 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning. Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 ounces tasso ham, minced (1/2 cup) 1 cup chopped onion 1 garlic clove, minced 36 medium shrimp, peeled (about 1 1/4 pounds) 1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning. Directions Step 1 Bring milk, water, chicken soup base, and smoked salt to a boil in a saucepan; slowly whisk in grits, reduce heat Step 2 Brown andouille sausage slices with vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium heat; remove sausage. Add the shrimp to the skillet and sprinkle with cajun seasoning.

Add garlic and cook for 3-4 minutes until the shrimp is no longer pink. To make the grits: Add the water, butter, milk and salt to a medium sized saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and slowly add in the grits.

There are some many dishes that New Orleans does well, but few are better than a well made dish of Cajun Shrimp and Grits. The grits come out nice and creamy, the Andouille Sausage adds savory heat, while the shrimp packs a punch. There are different ways of serving the shrimp and grits.

The Cajun way of serving it is to put your grits in a bowl and make a donut hole in the middle of the grits. Place your shrimp. First, peel and devein the shrimp.

In a small bowl, combine Cajun seasoning, paprika, Italian seasoning and salt and pepper, to taste. Sprinkle the spice mixture over the shrimp. In a large saucepan, bring the broth, milk, butter, salt and pepper to a boil. Slowly stir in grits. Cajun Shrimp and Grits (with Andouille Sausage) red bell pepper, lemon, butter, salt, milk, pepper, olive oil and 11 more Cajun Shrimp, Sausage, and Vegetable Sheet Pan Yummly.

Make the marinade for the shrimp by stirring together the olive oil, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, and black pepper. Add the shrimp and toss to coat evenly. To make.

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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: A staple of the Southern table, grits are a great addition to any meal; we wanted to combine cheesy grits with plump shrimp for an easy one-pan dinner.

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You need grits with fish—I don’t ever cook a fish if I got no grits to go with it.

“Southern Food: At Home, on the Road, in History” by John Egerton, Ann Bleidt Egerton
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Once you’ve stirred the grits, immediately remove the shrimp from the marinade with a slotted spoon and stir them into the grits along with the fresh tomatoes.

“Delicious Under Pressure” by Meredith Laurence, Jessica Walker
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Add the shrimp and serve over the hot grits.

“The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook” by Maggie Green, Cricket Press
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Because Charleston used the terminology “hominy” for what was called grits elsewhere in the South, we kept flipping past the recipe.

“Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking” by Nathalie Dupree, Cynthia Graubart
from Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking
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The grits are then cooked into a thick porridge and flavored with butter or gravy, served with sausage or ham, baked with cheese, or sliced cold and fried in bacon grease.

“Encyclopedia of American Folklife” by Simon J Bronner
from Encyclopedia of American Folklife
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And whether you’re in a Cajun house or a Creole house, you’re going to find some of the same dishes and main ingredients that you’ll find all over the South—grits, cornbread, fried catfish, fried chicken, okra, black-eyed peas.

“Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans” by Lolis Eric Elie, Anthony Bourdain, David Simon, Ed Anderson
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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: Astaple of the Southern table, grits can be a substantial start to the day, or a good addition to the dinner plate.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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Grits go a long way whether you like them or not, and it doesn’t take much time, skill, or ingredients to make a pot.

“Appalachian Folkways” by John B. Rehder
from Appalachian Folkways
by John B. Rehder
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These grits go great with a couple of runny eggs and a slice or two of bacon if you enjoy a Southern-style breakfast.

“Keto for Life: Look Better, Feel Better, and Watch the Weight Fall off with 160+ Delicious High-Fat Recipes” by Mellissa Sevigny
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  • I made this yesterday for our anniversary dinner. Added some hot sauce to the pan at the end w/ the butter and garlic and swapped milk for heavy cream in the grits. It was incredible! Reminded my wife and I of our honeymoon to Charleston. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Been looking for a recipe like this. I had shrimp and grits with a creamy Cajun twist at a restaurant that was amazing! I think this is very similar,can’t wait to make for my brunch! Thanks so much����.

  • One of my favorite arguments to watch go down on FB is that of sweet vs savory grits…Personally I was raised on sweet, but am an eater who will eat anything so I have no dog I the fight, just feed me �� ����

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  • I tried shrimp and grits for the first time two summers ago, in Georgia and I loved it. It was my first time having grits. AB, can you recommend a brand of grits I can use to try this recipe? If I can’t find it here, then I’ll try ordering it from Amazon. Thanks!

    p.s. I just placed an online order for the Creole Kick seasoning.

  • OMG you is killing them grits and shrimp OMG and I probably get I would probably be at your restaurant every day and I’ll probably get bigger bigger than the house cuz that food and how and how are you doing you know the seasonings in all that into it very well prepared thank you so much thank you so much if smoking and grilling

  • Best video including the table bangs. Itdlooks sooooo delicious. Your video was well put together. Easy to watch. The for the recipe. Ur sooooo cute. Amazing

    Sprimp and Grits is TOTALLY WEST AFRICAN. Let’s start giving the people who created so much of “American” cusine respect.

  • I’m surprised that table hasn’t collapsed! Love that and how smyou share your recipes, Charlie! I will be making this next time I make shrimp. Blessings to you ��

  • Made this recipe for Mother’s Day and it was delicious �� Everyone enjoyed it, and it was very easy to make! Thanks so much for the recipe ❤️❤️

  • Looks really good people think I’m weird because I put pepper on my grits but I get it from my folks in bham but showing mad Detroit love

  • AB! I made this tonight, forgot the chicken stock when I dipped to Ralphs and wasn’t gonna go back. So I used Better Than Bouillon Garlic broth. And I didn’t have that good creole seasoning you do so I bought Tony Chachere’s. DAMN DAMN DAAAAAMN! This SH8T was delicious. I need to order that seasoning you use online and taste the difference. For anyone who reads this, I’m only so-so on shrimp, I like them once in a while, but they’re not my favorite. And I didn’t think I even liked grits, but they came out bomb as hell. This dish is on my rotation now.

  • 504 Shrimp �� and Grits I love it! Definitely a good Southern Dish from South Carolina and Georgia in the “Low Country” but New Orleans, Louisiana style is the best by far, especially when Chef Charlie “The Cook” Andrews makes it!! God Bless you my brother! ��⚜️����‍����

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  • I have to be on a very low carb diet for my pregnancy, so I’m going to replace the grits with polenta, and bacon with turkey bacon. Think I might also make a green pepper, onion, celery, pan sauce with the shrimp to add some substance.

  • I use both… instant on workdays/ school days for the kids for warm tummies but o n the weekends, nothing but the original… multiple hot water washes to clean them and start the swelling process, milk/ heavy cream and broth…various cheeses, YESSSSSSS!

  • I consider myself a foodie and had been looking for a delicious looking, from scratch shrimp and grits recipe for the past week to make the dish today (Sunday 8-9-20) and I found THIS RECIPE and said I would give it a try. And thankfully I did. I had almost all the ingredients except for the Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic and PoultryMagic. But, I made my own by looking up the recipes online. This was THE BEST and MOST DECADENT shrimp and grits I had ever tasted. Thank you so much Charlie for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us! If anyone is looking for a recipe like I was, look no more! ������

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  • Shrimp and Grits is NOT a Cajun dish. It’s Gullah-Geechee. Please don’t discredit the many contributions Africans have made to American culture.

  • I don’t understand why you use peppercorns and the black pepper from the can. They are the exact same thing. Peppercorns is the pepper before it’s ground up. It made no sense to use both.

  • A+ plate! Never used instant grits didn’t even think about it. I do use instant cream of wheat if I’m out of grits. I’m sure everything will taste just fine either way.

  • Hi Rose!!! Your recipe today looks so…good. I have only ate gritts a few times. I like them tho!!! I will have to make this for sure Yummy!!! Happy Mothers Day. Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay safe.

  • This is amazing can I use Tasso ham instead of the sausage, I am making this for the 14th anniversary of our first date as it was the dish we had. I

  • I literally follow everything I cook using your recipes literally lol I would like to send you photos of all the food i have cooked in your honor do u have an email

  • Great recipe, Charlie. I made it today and it turned out alright considering I’m not a great chef ��
    I made sure to donate you a few bucks. Keep up the good work, man!

    Are there any other good recipes you’d recommend to a novice?

  • I make this using the turkey bacon, Creole Kick and Myoko’s Vegan Cheese! I like that Creole Kick! I’ll try it with unsalted chicken broth. I imagine it gives it a good flavor. I have to watch the sodium.

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  • It’s 12:30 AM and I’m going to run upstairs and get my husband out of bed so I can cook him some shrimp and grits right now! That looks absolutely delicious, Chef Charlie! Thanks for teaching us how to cook it. You and your family be careful now and stay healthy…this old virus will wear out soon, and all over the world we can have a big party with each other!

  • The first time I made this… It was the best I’d ever had anywhere…. today… I don’t know what I did wrong. The grits tasted a little sour like the cheese was too sharp, the shrimp didn’t brown, it was like they were boiled in grease not fried, and lastly I made a little gravy and I think it was too much Worcestershire sauce… what did I do wrong???

  • Hell no, this looks disgusting. I know everyone has their way of cooking the classics. However, there are some recipes you should just stick to, the gravy looks like like slop and bell peppers and onions? Your taste buds are obviously defective.

  • I thought I was about to hear “I GUARANTEE!!” after the Whooo, but instead got a “Yo!!” ����Nicely done! I can’t wait to cook with this recipe

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    P.s I didnt have chicken broth but I did have a can of chicken rice soup I drained it used that liquid added water! BOMB �� CHICKEN BROTH ��

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  • Looks amazing! I’m gonna make this for a ladies brunch in a couple of weeks, and wondered how many servings Are in the recipe in the description box? Thank you!

  • Very Nice! For future reference when DEVEINING your shrimp, they have TWO veins, front/back but most people only notice the back vein. Be sure to remove the vein in the front as well! Awesome Sauce:)

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  • Just discovered your channel in my search for a shrimp and grits recipe. Your skills, presentation, and execution are quite impressive! New subscriber here and I look forward to trying many of your recipes��. This video was not only informative, but really soothing and relaxing. Wishing you great success on YouTube����. Vids like this deserves MUCH viewership and recognition!

  • Brooooooooooo

    I just want thank you
    Shrimp and grits is my wife favorite

    I made this for her MANNNNNNNNN SHE WENT CRAZY she loved it!!!

    Thanks bro

  • Dang!!! This looks amazing and I truly enjoyed watching the video. You have a gift! Thank you for sharing it. Very informative �� ����❤

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  • I’m ashamed to admit my shrimp&grits recipe isn’t nearly as complex as yours since I’m just cooking for myself. I will definitely use your tips for grits. Maybe I should invite some friends over so I have an excuse to make this recipe. Looks like the best version ever.

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  • My 4 year old loves to cook. Her and I are making this on Saturday morning. Can’t wait. I’m from baton rouge, my parents and the rest of my people are from new orleans. I have been living in Atlanta for the past 13 years and my baby definitely needs to get down to her new orleans roots. I showed her this channel and she is in love with what you cook.

  • We’re in a world wide crisis and Cali’s locked down super tight. But I NEED to put on my mask and go brave this stupid virus and hit Ralphs so I can buy and make this shit tonight or tomorrow. They better not be out of anything needed cos outside of pepper I don’t think I have a single thing needed to make these lol.

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  • I really want to try this, this week… but issue is I live in ohio. I highly doubt I’ll be able to find whole raw shrimp fresh. Any tips or tricks if by chance I need to use already cooked shrimp or cant find whole for the stock?

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! My wife and I made it for our 17th wedding anniversary dinner. It was AMAZING!!!! We can not thank you enough!!!!

  • OMG, that looks so good! I never had grits in my entire life. Will go buy all these ingredients tomorrow to imitate your recipe. I’m sure I’ll like it. What kind of grits should I buy? Stone-ground, fast-cooking, or instant? No clue!
    Greetings from NYC!

  • Ok, I know that conech sausage is sold in my hometown in Alabama and they dont have it here in Texas ��. But i know this dish is bomb with it. Lord i miss that sausage!

  • I just came across this recipe and just had to try it. The first time I ever had shrimp and grits was at “The Lady and Sons” in Savannah, GA. Ever since then I have been on the lookout for a recipe to try. My wife is not a fan of grits but said she would try them if I made them. I made this tonight and it was an absolute hit. What’s not to like with all the cheesy goodness in the grits and the fantastic flavor of the shrimp! Well done AB!

  • Well Charlie! I have dined in New Orleans,Washington DC, San Francisco,Maryland,Florida,Hawaii,and other cities around our great country known for fine dining and I know that YOU know what you’re talking about! You are a CHEF of the highest order. Thank you for this lesson and your excellent video.

  • WOW!!! My wife & I did this for a Sunday dinner….. we added a side of fried okra, and this is hands down, AWESOME. YOU were on point saying that the layers this dish has is amazing. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Excellent recipe! Made it this morning after watching at least five times. I sautéed onion along with the green pepper (not green onion) and andouille sausage. I used green onion as a final garnish with two jumbo whole shrimp placed on top. For the shrimp inside the dish, I cut jumbo shrimp in halves or thirds for bite-sized pieces. My family enjoyed!

    Edit: I need to try your grit recipe. I prefer ground yellow grits with cheese. I use veggie stock or chicken broth and stir in heavy cream until it’s super thick and creamy. Delish!

  • I don’t know how I never tried this before…thank you! New Orleans food is by far the best ever. I was there many years ago and feel in love with the city and of course the food.. I used to have Mardi Gras parties till alot of my friends moved to other parts of the country but it was always the event of the year…in my humble opinion! I’m new to your channel but am going to subscribe! Thank you for this recipe ☺️

  • Do you have a video for fish & grits, bcuz I don’t eat shrimp or any kind of shellfish? ( Or catfish )
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  • Made this today for my family!!! So gooooood! Taste just like the Shrimp and Grits that I eat at the restaurant Lukes whenever I visit NOLA. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

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  • New Subscriber… I am ready to try this for myself! My wife is not a grits eater but likes seafood. If I make this like you displayed she may become a new grits fan,

  • OMG Charlie!!!! I am allergic to shrimp ��������and had to use Scallops instead. But I used your recipe and OMG OMG it came out sooooo damn good that I was shocked that I made it myself!�������� thanks so very much for sharing!!!! Continued blessings, King!!! ⚜️⚜️⚜️��⚜️⚜️⚜️

  • You lost me at frozen onion & bell pepper and that PRE CHOPPED GARLIC. gross. Fresh Garlic and veggies is like night and day. Please use fresh and taste the difference.

  • I just made this meal for my mother since it’s Mother’s Day. This was my first time making it and thank you for helping to execute this delicious meal! She loves it and now I can add
    it to my list of recipes. Thanks again!

  • I’m from Charleston, SC and what you explained is exactly how we make our shrimp and grits….. I wouldn’t even trust it from Georgia. Maybe from the Gullah/geechie part, but no other city in GA.

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  • Wow you love everything about your city and culture but when I asked you about were to eat and go you couldn’t give me a straight answer.

  • Made this once as part of a cooking competition on a company retreat in South Carolina several years ago. My version was slightly different but pretty close to this. This Western Canadian showed our South Carolina based teammates how Shrimp and Grits is done. At the time I had seen Bobby Flay make this on tv, I used him for inspiration but certainly did not copy his version exactly. Cooking the shrimp in the bacon fat is part of the secret. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find grits in grocery stores in Western Canada. Love this dish though.

  • Usually I find something wrong with any recipe or something I would do different but this is perfect minus the salt. Looks delicious!!!��������

  • I made the mistake of continuing to watch… spend the extra dollar or 2 and buy pepper in a grinder. Freshly ground black pepper and that card board black pepper that’s already ground is a HUGE difference. You are so close from being a rookie to a pro, step your veggies, garlic, and black pepper game up. And you wont regret it.

  • smokin on some master kush and had some shrimp thawed out and needed a refresher..them cheese grits were looking like scrambled eggs when you was plating but your finished product…is the best looking thumbnail on youtube.. hey so what kinds of cheese have ya tried this with? im down to experiment

  • Love the recipe made it for a couple of people and they loved it!! I even had people asking for me to make some and they will drive by and pick it up!!!:)

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  • I made this version of Shrimp and Grits a while back, and came back on here to make sure of the recipe, because I’m planning to make it again. I’m not sure if I commented before, though I did “LIKE”. They really need a ���� button, because this recipe is good on another whole level!!

  • Oh, girlfriend! You got it going on with Shrimp and Grits recipe! A classy southern dish for Mother’s Day is a winner! Yum! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

  • To be honest this is how my mother used to and still do make her shrimp and grits so this is nothing new really except we don’t add the milk or half and half…but we make gravy with it…So I know it is delicious

  • I was with until you used milk in the grits. I prefer water not milk, milk makes grits sweet. Your stock was on point. zFor grits I use 1 cup water, pinch of salt, and 1/4 cup of grits by quaker brands grits.

  • My granddaughter recently moved out of state and had jumbo shrimp that would not make the trip. I found your recipe, and it did not disappoint. WOW! So delicious. I sent my granddaughter a pic after I made it. Now she says that on her next visit, this is the dish she wants. Thanks.

  • This deserves way more views and likes than it has. I am in love. ��������This looks so amazing. I cant wait to make it for my fam. ����☺Thank you

  • Well AB I made your incredible “Shrimp and Grits” dish. At the end of my culinary adventure…it looked spectacular; but it was “TOO, TOO,TOO, SALTY.” The ingredients of chicken broth, butter, worcestershire sauce, salt, bacon, and bacon drippings lend the final dish as “unhealthy particularly for people not inclined or desirous of high blood pressure or a potential stroke. In an effort to eat this beautiful dish…I had to use 1/4 of the completed dish, and incorporate a bottle of water to make it consumable for my taste and health. Thank you for the experience, it wasn’t for me or any other health conscious individual.
    “Dropping the mic.” Blessings to you.

  • I made this for dinner tonight. Out of all the other receipts, I have tried. This one is the best!!! It was easy to prepare, it tasted amazing. The lemon added to my shrimp and at the end in the sauce was just what it needed. Thank you so much.

  • Hello Sister USA, your recipe is INSANE, very GREAT, DELICIOUS, but you have a Special Voice to Singing really, Please trust me, not let this luck for you, you can be a STAR with your nice and sensual GROOVE voice, have a nice week and tell me if you go to singing soon, OK