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Black Bean, Cheese and Egg Tostadas 4 corn tortillas Cooking spray 5 large Eggland’s Best eggs 2 tablespoons (30 ml) milk 1/4 teaspoon (60 ml) salt 1 teaspoon (5 ml) olive oil 1/3 cup (80 ml) black beans 3 tablespoons (45 ml) cilantro, chopped 1/2 cup (120 ml) sharp cheddar cheese, shredded. Add egg mixture to pan. Sprinkle with beans and cilantro, and gently scramble.

Divide scrambled eggs evenly over top of each tortilla, and sprinkle with cheese. Bake the loaded tortillas at 375°F for 3 minutes or until the tortillas are crisp and cheese. Sprinkle evenly with chiles and beans, leaving room in center of tortilla for egg.

Break 1 egg into custard cup or small bowl; gently transfer from cup to center of 1 tortilla. Repeat with remaining 3 eggs. Sprinkle each tortilla with 2 tablespoons cheese. Arrange the tortillas on a cookie sheet (or two, more likely) and divide the cheese evenly over the tops of the tortillas.

Bake until the cheese has melted, about 5 minutes. In a saucepan, warm the beans, sour cream, cumin and lime juice. When the mixture is warm, mash with a fork until slightly chunky, then salt and pepper to taste.

Ingredients: 1 corn tortilla 2 tablespoons shredded Mexican blend or cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons Bush’s Black Beans, drained and rinsed 1 egg. Ingredients 6 whole tostadas 14 ounces canned refried beans 4 cups cheddar cheese, shredded 1 cup frozen corn 1 cup canned black beans, rinsed and drained 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 3 whole tomatoes, finely diced (pulp and seeds removed and discarded) 1 1/2 cups iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced 1/2. Ingredients 4 large eggs 1/2 cup drained purchased fresh tomato salsa 1 avocado, peeled, pitted, diced 1/2 cup crumbled soft fresh 4 large eggs 1/2 cup drained purchased fresh tomato salsa 1 avocado, peeled, pitted, diced 1/2 cup crumbled soft fresh goat cheese. Combine refried black beans, black beans, green chiles, garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne, salt, and pepper in a saucepan.

Heat over medium heat until warm and combined, 3 to 4 minutes. Step 3 Place tostada shells on an ungreased baking sheet and evenly distribute bean mixture between them. Directions Position an oven rack to the center of the oven and preheat the broiler. Meanwhile, coat 8 cups of the muffin tin While the eggs are. Spread about ¼ cup scrambled eggs over bottom third of each tortilla.

Wipe skillet clean and heat over medium heat. Add black beans, ½ cup salsa, and scallions and cook until thoroughly heated, about 2 minutes. Spoon a scant ½ cup bean.

List of related literature:

Refritos can be eaten many ways, on tortillas, as a side dish, on tostadas, or scrambled and cooked with eggs or with chorizo (sausage).

“Chicano Folklore: A Guide to the Folktales, Traditions, Rituals and Religious Practices of Mexican Americans” by Rafaela Castro
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It’s basically a Tex-Mex miniburrito—black beans with cheese, corn, scallions, and a yummy gust of spiciness—masquerading in egg roll wrappers as a Chinese appetizer.

“Valerie's Home Cooking: More than 100 Delicious Recipes to Share with Friends and Family” by Valerie Bertinelli
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This dish was inspired by queso fundido, a Mexican dish of melted cheese scooped up with flour tortillas and sprinkled with chorizo or roasted poblano peppers.

“Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking” by Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook
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Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cheese, and bell peppers are stuffed inside flour tortillas, then topped with a salsa verde.

“The Vegetarian Planet: 350 Big-Flavor Recipes for Out-Of-This-World Food Every Day” by Didi Emmons
from The Vegetarian Planet: 350 Big-Flavor Recipes for Out-Of-This-World Food Every Day
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This dish typically consists of poblano peppers stuffed with cheese (though meat is also sometimes used), then covered in egg batter and fried.

“The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men” by Judy Gelman, Peter Zheutlin
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In Corpus Christi, Texas, we found a whole omelet wrapped in a flour tortilla and called an omelet a la taquito; it came topped with melted cheddar cheese and fresh tomato salsa rather than a cooked chile sauce.

“The Border Cookbook: Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico” by Cheryl Jamison, Bill Jamison
from The Border Cookbook: Authentic Home Cooking of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico
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• Spread refried beans on the bottom half of the roll and the Mexican crema or mayonnaise and/or mustard on the top half.

“Tacos, Tortas, and Tamales: Flavors from the Griddles, Pots, and Streetside Kitchens of Mexico” by Roberto Santibanez, JJ Goode, Todd Coleman
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Huevos rancheros (“way-vohs ran-cheh-ros”) are a simple way to get Mexican flavors-corn tortillas, fried eggs, an uncomplicated roasted tomato sauce, cilantro, a little crumbled fresh white cheese-on a plate.

“The Gourmet Cookbook: More Than 1000 Recipes” by Ruth Reichl, John Willoughby, Zanne Early Stewart
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It is served cold, either stuffed into a bread roll or, more tasty still, as a topping on a tostada that has been spread with a paste of black beans and topped with onion rings, queso fresco, and a dusting of dried oregano.

“Oaxaca Al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy” by Diana Kennedy
from Oaxaca Al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy
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Typically, huevos rancheros are made with spicy black beans.

“The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan: 31 Days to Eliminate Toxins and Restore Thyroid Health Through Diet” by Karen Frazier
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  • I probably won’t ever buy refried beans because making these from scratch was so easy and delicious! Great simple recipe. Thanks!

  • Delicious! My husband won’t eat ANY bean… And refried beans? Forget it. I hope coronavirus gets to San Antonio soon so we have to stay indoors for a month. Once the fridge is empty, I’m gonna start going through all my cans of Rosarita that I never get to open. �� Tostadas til I die!

  • Mom made tostadas often.
    When money was tight and a bit of meat had to do tacos and bean tostadas were on the menu.
    However, we never really had much cheese if any.

  • I made these for the past 3 days…. I used cabbage and yellow cheese.. I used 1 tomato and half of a pickled jalapeno de-seeded and garlic and onion…. I used butter to cook my tortilla… This was easy and fun to make.

  • Let me tell you how much I love bean tostadas!
    They are simple, fast, and delicious!
    If you feel a little froggie! You could shred a rotisserie breast add a little on top of the beans! Yummos!!!! ��

  • Tostadas are a family favorite! Back in early 1920’s Detroit, many authentic Mexican ingredients were not readily available. For many years my Grandmother substituted parmesan for cotija cheese. In fact, in some older established Mexican restaurants in southwest Detroit canisters of parmesan cheese can be found on the tables! Guess many other Abuelas “made do” in the same way. Lol

  • If I may offer an alternate prep on the corn tortillas:
    Heat a large heavy iron skillet, dry, over very high heat until smoking hot, about 650 F degrees, and lay corn tortillas in a single layer overlapping slightly if needed; cook for about one minute or until the underside is darkly browned in spots. Serve immediately.

  • Any chance you could educate us on the different Hispanic cheeses and what they are for? I have a good variety but have no idea which one I need for what. Please and thank you.

  • Nice I’ve always bought the canned refried beans package tostadas but now I’ve learned that your recipe is healthy and all home made ingredance. Thank you for sharing your taste on good mexican food.. I like it…. Now I can stay off store bought tostadas in a package beans in a can mashed…��

  • Hi I would have to disagree because to me food is not an exact science it’s more of an art form So if you don’t use the recipe that’s fine with no matter what you’re doing it may not end up great but that’s half the fun

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  • I need a better knife, I can never cut sweet potatoes. I’m usually standing there with my knife stuck in the sweet potato banging away at it.

  • Thank you for another great video Lil mama. Also a big thanks for your last video with manudo spice mix. Exactly what I needed. God bless.

  • Thank you so much for sharing with us this recipe. I have been wondering how the was the tostadas tortilla made. I’m looking forward to cook it your way.

  • Live stream starts @ 2 am (Singapore Standard Time). I’m in deep sleep during that time. ��But you know what? I like the idea of shooting video like this. looks more animated and fun to watch.

  • I’ve never had tostadas before but now I’ll have to make these! They really look easy to put together and delicious! Thanks, Angelica! ��❤������

  • Since I Started Watching..Yrs ago….I Have Always Appreciated you vids G.F. Keep Up the Great Work.
    You ways Inspire Me To Try Other Ways of Cooking

  • Yum I love tostadas, its been a while gonna make some soon. Thanks for sharing your way. Have a great week end.( yay today is Friday)

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  • Its a nice reminder that it can be simple to make but delicious. My mom made these all the time for us with just beans, diced tomatoes and cheese and if we were lucky we got avocados lol.

  • Glad the old format was rather short-lived:) But if you revert back, I’ll still come for the recipes haha! Keep up the good work!:)

  • When you fry green plantains you need to take them out, smash them a bit with the bottom of a glass cup then fry them again. Otherwise they won’t cook through. Great video by the way!

  • A classic comfort food; when I was a kid looked forward to this mid-week dinner. Mom made them the same way from scratch as well as the salsa. Thanks for the video ��

  • This seems way too messy to eat as is, but I like the idea of this flavor combination.  Maybe I will make it with soft tortilla’s. 

  • I brush the raw corn shell lightly with aqua faba from canned cannalli beans(thicker and still light in color)and season before baking so they have flavor too…

  • Not a black bean fan but thumbs up for the bean love all around. I been trying to eat more beans instead of fatty meats. Not going vegan or anything, just thinning out the unhealthy deliciousness with healthy deliciousness. Red beans and rice ftw.

  • Avocados are for the newbies that are still detoxing from cheese (fat) and meat (fat) and lard (fat) and oil (fat)

    And you deserve avocado if you worktout that day, otherwise…eat your starches.

    The vegan community needs to consolidate around McDougall, and it needs to kick out disinformers like “McGregor” or that nutrient crazy manipulator…whats his name? Fuhrman? Ugh, shivers up my spine.

    He talks shit about potatos, introduces tons of doubt, hawks his supplements, and then splits from the scene as though he isnt a psychopath. Great…we need to treat everybody with respect, yeah? Fk that. Fman can suck the nutrients out of my dick, fking pos

  • ChefPK thanks for the recipe, now I know what to eat today, you are one of the few who invite people to explore the world of cooking by trying recipes.

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  • Claire, I think you forgot to show how you make the dessert. The last video you said it would be shown in this video and in this one you said that you made it in the last video. I really want to recreate the mexican breakfast and would love to see the dessert xx

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    Serieously chef, you’re killing me here.
    Also, I had liked this video but that shot looked good enough that I unclicked the like button just so I could hit it again:p

  • In México we have a great variety of tostadas, you should try to make chicken tostadas, carne deshebrada, etc..But this looks yummy too.

  • So sad I missed this! I realized at the end when you said you sounded like you were in an infomercial-you’d make a great Billy Mays for Halloween!

  • i did this, without the cabbage and in wholemeal bread and it was awesome, for real i fell in love, thank you, im trying to learn more, my mom always cook, but i really like doing it and you make me want to try new things, greetings from chile

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    Mexican food doesn’t have to be from a can, nor just a taco!
    I will be glad to try this with my baby (picky)…and hopefully it will fly. TFS

  • Years ago we ordered tostadas at a small restraunt they brought a bottle of topping. It was clear looked like water but was sweet. Of course after many years they closed. I have tried a few times to duplicate but never right on, only close. Are you failure with this kind of topping, or is it strickly California-Mexican cuisine?

  • I love black beans and avocado tacos but never tried it with eggs…i usually have black bean and sauteed asparagus on tortillas de maiz with sea salt and my girlfriends homemade guac for lunch

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