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How to Make a No Bake Lemon Cheesecake

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Lemon Bars

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12 Лимонный десерт рецепты, которые сладкий, кислый, и именно то, что вы пропали без вести

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How to Make Luscious Lemon Cake

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“State Fair” Lemonade Best Lemonade Ever Food Wishes

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Lemon Cream Pancake Recipe | Lively Weekends | Breakfast Item

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No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake

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The key to these lively roasted potatoes is parboiling the spuds, which cooks off some of the moisture so they get extra-crispy in a hot oven. Chopped preserved lemon, along with chiles and red onion, plays well with the fresh parsley and mint that are sprinkled on just before serving. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. melt butter in small pan. Add lemon, bouillon, and Tabasco.

Heat slowly until bouillon dissolves. Set aside. Combine in medium bowl rice, broccoli, cheese, and 1/2 cup lemon-butter sauce. Mix well. Divide broccoli mixture equally among fillets.

Roll up and place, seam side down, in shallow baking dish. Step 1, Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Step 2, In small saucepan, melt butter; stir in lemon juice, salt and pepper. Step 3, In medium bowl combine rice, broccoli, cheese and 1/4 cup lemon juice mixture; mix well. Step 4, Divide broccoli mixture equally among fillets.

Step 5, Roll up and place seam side down in shallow baking dish. How to Make It Step 1. Rinse preserved lemon; remove pulp, and discard. Cut rind into 1/4-inch cubes. Step 2. Whisk together lemon juice and next 5 ingredients in a large bowl; add lemon rind, tomato, and next 5 Step 3. Lively Lemon-Chicken Salad: Double the lemon juice mixture, reserving half. In medium saucepan combine pudding and pie filling mix, gelatin, sugar, ¾ cup Mix’n Drink powder and 2 cups water.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil. Chill until mixture mounds from spoon. Stir in ¼ cup lemon juice and the lemon zest. Jun 09, 2020 at 11:55 AM (GMT -07:00) Check out the Lemon Chicken Recipe Lively Weekend in Urdu.

Learn how to make best Lemon Chicken Recipe Lively Weekend, cooking at its finest by chef at Masala TV show Lively Weekends. My lemon curd recipe is quite classic in how it’s made, heating eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar and butter until they’ve thickened and are silky smooth. However, there is a little trick that makes all the difference and that is how you add the butter. Browse hundreds of simple, delicious, healthy recipes that will nourish the mind, body & soul! Live your best life through the support of registered dietitian Kaleigh McMordie.

This is a good, but fairly standard lemon meringue pie with a rich, tart filling, and fluffy meringue. I prefer lemon meringue pie recipes like this one that call for water, rather than recipes using milk. I used three small lemons, which yielded about 1/2 c. of lemon juice.

Easy Lemon Cake – A delicious, moist all-in-one lemon sponge. Perfect for a teatime treat, cake sale or as a birthday or celebration cake. PLUS – Make this cake in any size of round, square or rectangular tin with my handy ingredients calculator.

List of related literature:

In a medium-size, heavy saucepan, preferably nonstick, whisk together the lemonade, lemon juice, ſ2 cup of the sugar, the egg yolks, lemon zest, and salt.

“Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie” by Ken Haedrich
from Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie
by Ken Haedrich
Harvard Common Press, 2011

So do all the lemon recipes which I have chosen for this article.

“An Omelette and a Glass of Wine” by Elizabeth David
from An Omelette and a Glass of Wine
by Elizabeth David
Grub Street Publishing, 2009

Whisk together the lemon juice, eggs, egg yolk, granulated sugar, and salt in a large nonmetal bowl (e.g., glass or porcelain).

“Blooms and Baking: Add Aromatic, Floral Flavors to Cakes, Cookies and More” by Amy Ho
from Blooms and Baking: Add Aromatic, Floral Flavors to Cakes, Cookies and More
by Amy Ho
Page Street Publishing, 2020

For a quick lemon curd, combine ½ cup lemon juice, ½ cup sugar, and 4 egg yolks in a large microwave-safe mixing bowl and whisk thoroughly to

“Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking” by Michael Ruhlman
from Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking
by Michael Ruhlman
Scribner, 2009

Lemon in three forms—juice, zest, and preserved lemon—brings the salad together with a punch of salty, sour, floral deliciousness.

“Cali'flour Kitchen: 125 Cauliflower-Based Recipes for the Carbs You Crave” by Amy Lacey
from Cali’flour Kitchen: 125 Cauliflower-Based Recipes for the Carbs You Crave
by Amy Lacey
ABRAMS, 2019

This can be important in many of the sweet dishes for which lemon is a vital ingredient.

“The Oxford Companion to Food” by Alan Davidson, Tom Jaine
from The Oxford Companion to Food
by Alan Davidson, Tom Jaine
OUP Oxford, 2014

3 Put the lemon zest, lemon juice, curd cheese, soured cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and cornflour into a large bowl.

“Good Housekeeping Cookery Book” by Good Housekeeping Institute
from Good Housekeeping Cookery Book
by Good Housekeeping Institute
Pavilion Books, 2015

Cook five minutes; stir in one level tablespoon of butter, the juice and grated yellow rind of two lemons, one and one-half cups of sugar, and the yolks of three eggs.

“Rufus Estes' Good Things to Eat: The First Cookbook by an African-American Chef” by Rufus Estes
from Rufus Estes’ Good Things to Eat: The First Cookbook by an African-American Chef
by Rufus Estes
Dover Publications, 2012

Seven pounds of plums, three pounds of sugar, one ounce of cloves, one ounce of cinnamon, one quart of vinegar; put a layer of plums and a layer of spice (not powdered) alternately; boil the sugar and vinegar together, and pour over the fruit; the next day boil up all together, and put away for use.

“The Carolina Housewife” by Sarah Rutledge, Anna W. Rutledge
from The Carolina Housewife
by Sarah Rutledge, Anna W. Rutledge
University of South Carolina Press, 1979

The salted lemon recipe is my version of the quick preserved lemons from The Modern Pantry Cookbook; it’s an easy way to make them without fuss.

“The Modern Cook's Year: More than 250 Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes to See You Through the Seasons” by Anna Jones
from The Modern Cook’s Year: More than 250 Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes to See You Through the Seasons
by Anna Jones
ABRAMS, 2019

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  • Can i skip the gelatin, because im muslim and here in sweden they just have gelatin from pork and they dont sell agar agar powder, what can i do?

  • I’m pregnant and had a sweet tooth and happen to have a lot of lemons. Literally making this right now.

    Update: OMFG so yummy and rich!!! MAKE THIS RECIPE NOW!!! (Buuuutttt I still like my Mama’s lemon bars best. ��)

  • To No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake.::
    Thank you for the Wonderful Recipe!!�������� My Cheesecake (Your recipe) was delicious!!!☺☺���������� It turned out perfect!! Thank you for the detailed information on how to make the curd and Lemon Cheesecake!!����������������up to your instructions!!

  • Crust:
    2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
    1/2 teaspoon of salt
    2/3 cups powdered sugar
    12 tablespoon of unsalter butter

    3 cups of sugar
    Zest of 3 lemons
    1 cup of lemon juice
    1/2 cup of flour
    8 pcs of eggs

  • Nice recipe but the voice over seemed like a very unnatural way of speaking. Almost like it was recorded in separate files and pieced together.

  • This is the worst lemon cake I have ever made! Made the mistake of going by the recipe posted! A very heavy flour taste! Not light and fluffy as posted! I did not watch the video, big mistake! I have baked for forty years now, just wastes 2 1/2 cups of butter, 3 1/2 cups flour ( that should of been a red flag) about five lemons, plus about 3hrs of my time. Do not make this cake! Mine is going in the trash!

  • I appreciate the way you dont waste our time, from the explanations which are short and concise, to skipping the beating footage. Thanks!

  • I’ve never made cheese cake; considering doing yours though cause it made my mouth water &! it seems easy to make, which you stressed ��
    (Isthat heavy cream you used?)

  • What if I made it with limes instead? In these time, I only have limes at home because it was the last pack of everything in the super ����‍♀️

  • Just spent an hour peeling six lemons. Man that was hard, but my kitchen smells amazing. Any tips for a first time peeler to make it easier?

  • Ok i made this exactly as instructed, and i cant even drink it. Upsets your stomach as well. Do not waste your time and money on this lemonade. Sorry chef.

  • For a small lemonade, cut 1 lemon in half, squeeze both half’s. Fill cup with ice, 2 scoops of sugar, 1 squeezed lemon half, and the lemon juice, then top with water. Shack like you are a bartender for 25 seconds. Serve. I have worked state fair lemonade stands ��

  • Quick question on the buttermilk I just bought the cultured buttermilk blend power by the saco pantry brand directions say 4tbps of saco buttermilk blend + 1 cup of water = 1 cup of buttermilk
    Now can Substitute the water for milk ��

  • Looks incredible!!
    But 600 grams of sugar is just an obscene amount (plus the sugar in the crust)… ��
    I think I’ll be using about 300 grams tops.

  • This recipe is very good. The only thing I did differently was use the lemon zest since I didn’t have a peeler and it’s still delicious!

  • Forgot these in the oven for 8 minutes more; a little brown, but still bomb! I only added 450g of sugar because I just knew 600g would be too much for me and I love it!

  • Made this tonight and all I can say is…..WOW!!! WOW!! I’m still in a daze how delicious this lemonade is!! First taste and you know INSTANTLY, this is different! Insane recipe!!

  • Made this last Saturday for. My friends opening garden party it was so delicious I had two portions ��they had a chef there doing the cooking and he said it was good. I would eat the lot if I had not been trying to lose weight and suffer a bad headache. I did mine large in a flan dish. It looked pretty with your lemon slices on top but I forgot to take a pic:(

  • I’m going to try this with a medley of citrus and turbinado sugar. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, whatever I can get my hands on. Then make the best Tom Collins this planet has ever seen.

  • Hi, the cake looks lovely the! The recipe measurements written is different to the video, which is correct? I’m hoping to make this cake but I’m unsure which measurements to follow…

  • I made this a couple of days ago, it tastes fantastic but it’s very soft and didn’t set. Maybe I used the wrong kind of cream cheese. Is there a certain type or brand you can recommend so I can try again?

  • Have you not noticed? There are no more State Fairs or County Fairs and they are probably not coming back any time soon. If the President gains a Supermajority in both houses in November we will get back what we had. It won’t be easy and if we don’t get these hell-bent on destroying this country Socialist Democrats off his back it won’t be possible.

  • Find the link for written recipe in English in the description box above ��.
    Receta escrita en ESPAÑOL esta en el enlace en la caja de descripcion de arriba ��.

  • I am making this recipe as I’m writing this comment, but I notice the measurements are different from the video, which one do we follow.?

  • LOVE your channel! I would be thrilled if you could make a shadow cake (my husband has had it years ago from a Publix supermarket and I would love to surprise him making one at home but I have never even heard of it or have found the recipe = challenge alert! lol)

  • I don’t know how this happened but the liquid part got under the crust!
    But they turned out fine.. but I think I put too much zest
    Thank you so much ♡

  • I’m 34 and I’ve never liked lemon in desserts, but my boyfriend does, so I made him this recipe and I tried it and I’m in love with these lemon bars. Thank you!!!!!

  • Tried the recipe. Ended up diluting the result 1:1 with water and adding some mint to the ‘brewing proccess’. Awesome result. Also a great mixer for gin or vodka.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I never had made a cheese cake before-I was always put off that they were really complicated to make until I heard about the no bake ones! I tried a few videos but yours was very clear and now I have a perfect cheese cake:) Thankyoooou!

  • Ok Mr. Steve, I made this just now. It’s in the fridge & may not be there long enough to completely chill. My husband is lucky any of the filling made it to the crust. It’s smack your mama good. Doubled it. Used Splenda, whipped cream (don’t like cool whip) & my dried lemon zest on top. Can’t wait to dig in ��

  • I, too, am a lemonaholic and haven’t had lemon bars for soooo long! I’ll be making these today and introducing my grandchildren to them. One of them is like me and loves lemon so I know they’ll be a hit with him but I’m hoping they’ll both love them. If not, no loss, just more for me and my fellow lemonaholic grandson:)

  • I tried it for Father’s Day,it turned out really good and everyone loved it.I have tried more of your great recipes,keep up your good work.Lots of love from the island of Malta.

  • Hey Steve. I seem to have messed this up somehow as it hadn’t fully set. Is there anything I can do to save it or should I start again?

  • Oh no! I can’t believe it! Yet again I have made this awesome cheesecake of yours Steve, for my friend’s garden party and again I forgot to take a pic to share. Lol. It was of course a complete success. Thankyou for giving this recipe. ��

  • Hi Rachel, how are you?
    I watched this video a few times before and I think you did an amazing job demonstrating on how to make a lemon cake.
    I want to learn how to make it somday. However, in the written recipe for the cream cheese frosting it said use 1 and a half cups of butter when you said 1 cup of butter and it also said 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract when you said 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Can you clarify that for me please? I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Oh my lemony heaven!!!! I recently stumbled across your channel and now I’m hooked!!!! When I search for a recipe I have to watch several of them before I find that perfect recipe!!! I can’t wait to try these out!!!!! I know they will be amazing!!!!

  • Love your recipes, kitchen, presentation, kitchen accessories, pots & pans, measuring cups and finally all your shirts I LOVE CHECKS. thanks for the videos

  • Oh yum that cheesecake looks fabulous steve. I have to make this and looking forward to that Wednesday video. Have you made a white chocolate cheesecake? If so I’d love to see a vid:) hint

  • I went by the recipe from the video, STEP BY STEP. & my cake came out flat & my batter was not as thick as yours, my frosting wasn’t either. I am SUPER disappointed, whole cake is just ruined:(

  • I like limeade better, BUT, will try this recipe!! Maybe it will make me a lemonade lover. Can you do this with limes, too or maybe both and make lemon-limeade? Would it be the same ingredient ratios? Hope you see this and answer me. Thank you.

  • Hi Rachel this recipe is interesting �� I would love to bake this but can I sub the butter with oil? hoping for your reply.. cant wait to bake this. Thank u in advance Rachel

  • Holaaaa sus postres son deliciosos,esquisitos un toque bello al paladar. Gracias por compartirnos su arte. Podrías ponerlos en español. Muchas gracias.

  • tastes really good but 5 cups of water and averaging 1 oz of juice per lemon the recipe makes only 1/3 of a gallon (not sure what pitcher size he used in the video, but it’s small). To make a decent amount (1 gallon imho) you would have to triple the recipe. Good but kind of pricey for a glass of lemonade.

  • i just couldn’t resist!
    it just, it’s so endearing… ��

    0:38 parchment paper 3x
    1:34 whisk 3x
    1:57 drizzle 3x
    3:07 press 4x
    3:44 so sad 2x
    4:26 while that short crust is in the ove…enn 2 1/2x ��
    5:28 whizz 3x
    7:29 whisk 5x
    8:14 mix 3x

  • Hello! Came across this recipe and would really like to try it. Is it okay to use a square 8 inch pan for this recipe? I don’t make pie/cake shaped desserts often and would really like use what I already have. Thanks for a great video and recipe!

  • I finally tried your recipe. I’m not a great cook let alone a baker. Your very good at explaining the steps, so I decided to try it. So I’ll admit my crust came out a bit harder then wanted, but it didn’t break my teeth. LOL I know that’s my fault, and not yours. The filling did come out delicious. Even my husband thought it was good. Hard crust and all. I can’t wait to try a few more of your recipes. They all look so good, and you make it seem so easy.
    Thank you.

  • yum yum yummy, and you did a fantastic job making that Steve, oh and you can make peanut butter cup cheesecake i would love to see that!!

  • Your luscious lemony cake is yummicious, delicious, outstanding. You do baking so well that you should be given a standing ovation. You are the best bakery chef and i mean it.

  • So.. I made this last night and it tastes good but the custard formed a white crust as if the sugar rose to the top. Anyone have ideas as to why? Would it be too high oven temp or perhaps over mixing the custard

  • Hi stay at home Chef. Can you pls respond to concerns on the discrepancy between the video amounts and the written down amounts. I would also like to give this recipe a go.

    To everyone else: as a general rule, whenever I encounter recipes with such errors, and have to make before the author makes adjustments, I always go with what’s said/written in the video

  • I made these last week and they were lovely! A very easy, sound recipe that came together in no time. I’ll definitely be making these again! Thanks for the lemony goodness!

  • I’m making this right now. Infusing the lemon peel with sugar at the moment. They’ll be expecting lemonade mix when they try it. I can hardly wait. He he he.

  • yes, you’ve made this look so easy to make compared to others, it looks scrumptious plus you got a nice voice with a soothing accent! lol

  • I found your channel and stuck to it, since unlike other channels, you provide lots of tips and explanations. I have binge watched your videos for more than a week now and this seems to be one of the easiest of recipes that will be good for a beginner like me to try. I hope to make this little drop of sunshine in bar form!:)

  • I adore Lemon. Any way shape or form. Love love this recipe. Cheesecake is one of the best desserts on planet Earth. Any kind of cheesecake is perfect cheesecake but I have a hard request of you!!!! Rice Ricotta Cheesecake!!! Up for the challenge? You are the best Steve, Thanks so much for sharing your recipes. And did you say candied lemons? Mmmmmm……yummmmmm.

  • Love all your videos and recipes….thank you for explaining every step and also discussing measurements. I appreciate all of you lovely recipes and videos.

  • I’ve decided to use that technique of extracting the fragrant oils from the lemon zest to make a batch of lemon sherbert. I’ll let you know how it comes out. I know that since I’m using a combination of half milk and half cream instead of water, I’ll just let my liquid ALMOST come to a boil, and then let my “oily sugar” steep. I’m sure that it will smell AMAZING! I can’t believe that I never heard of this technique before. I spent over $30,000 to go the CIA (In my ’40’s back in the ’90s) and no one there ever mentioned the oily sugar technique. So much for them being the top culinary school in the USA! I’m curious chef where you learned about this?

  • I wish more people would make videos like you did. Precise and to the point without a lot of cutesy jibber jabber that has nothing to do but add time. Great video ��������. I just subscribed.

  • I love lemon recipes and really want to try this one,but i am so afraid of egg smell.It’s the worse! Should i give this recipe a try?

  • Any tips on how I can achieve a dry, crustier, crust? My family and I abosolutely LOVE these as I just made them for the first time yesterday. Mine came out a little more gooey than yours and I’m wondering if I should just leave in the refrigerator longer than 2 hours? Or perhaps bake longer? Regardless, they test divine! Thank you so much!

  • Everything was going so well until he said the 8 eggs.. my mind was like I can’t use anymore than 3 and he comes out with 8.. might as well find another recipe now:(

  • As mentioned by another comment, the measurements for the buttermilk in your video and the written recipe is different. Is it 1 1/2 cups of butter milk then? For the frosting, is it 1 cup or 1 1/2 cup softened butter? =[ Also for the frosting, is it 5 cups or 6 cups of powdered sugar? Thank you.

  • I have watched other channels and some use jelly. Definitely i prefer this one. I was just wondering whats the difference between the two method..

  • Hi John, 8 eggs turned out very eggy, quiche like and cannot smell the lemons at all, very over powering. Hope this recipe was tested or assessed if it should be adjusted.

  • Thank you so much!! As a kid I lived in the us for a couple of years and really loved lemonadeeven when visiting later on I’d always had it for dinner at a restaurant bc I love it so much but I couldn’t get the real deal here in Germany.. I tried the recipe out today and immediately was thrown back into childhood memories because it is spot on! Thank you soooo much ☀️

  • If you have a super macho blender and like a thicker drink, just quarter whole lemons (seeds and all) and blend with ice and/or water and sugar.

  • Does anyone know if this amount of sugar is a little or really sweet? This looks really good but I don’t like really sweet, how much sugar is good?

  • I was thinking about lemonaid just today, since I have the thoughts video and lemons at the same time might be good to add on a new summer recipe. Thx ��

  • Made this yesterday. Changed a few things because my springform is bigger, 23 cm: I used 500g quark, 90ml lemon juice, 200g biscuits and 8g gelatine. Ok technically its not a cheesecake anymore but still delicious. Thx for this recipe.

  • Made these today and it was awesome! I just started baking and this is my second baked goodie and I’m happy that it turned out fine. I halved the recipe btw

  • Steve that looks so yummy I will definitely make that lemon cheesecake, I was wondering if you would make a Nutella cheesecake that’s my wife’s request and a peanut butter cheesecake that’s my request I think that sounds lovely and haughty, thank you Steve wishing you a lovely day

  • Ok, I’ve been craving a corn dog and you mentioning it has only made it worse. I want one and like you mentioned the fairs are non existent right now and so is hot dog on a stick. Perhaps this should be your next video? ��Please…�� I’ll ship you 32 oz of kumquat marmalade. Yes, it’s your recipe and yes, it took me hours to clean. ��

  • Even though your mango cheese cake was delicious the simple flavour of the lemon has won me over can’t wait to try it out thanks Steve.

  • FOLLOWED THE RECIPE exactly AND it just didn’t work out too well. I don’t know why. Just tasted sour and no special flavour, either

  • I’ve already tried making this twice, and both times the shortbread results soggy and moist… I followed the video step by step and I don’t seem to understand where I did wrong.

  • You somehow made a speaking style that incorporates a great amount of variation in its intonation sound monotonous. Why do you use the same melody to speak every sentence?

  • My DIL and I love lemon…The taste,the smell….She just asked if I could make her something lemon,cake pops to be exact,which I am not a fan of,so when she said or lemon bars..well YES..I love them and couldn’t have found this video at a more perfect time!!! TY..def making this weekend…

  • There is a lot of tunneling in your cake layers that batter is too dry you cant remove air bubbles. Come on now, and you say you are a home chef! That batter was too dry.

  • hii!! hi from colombia!!.. i made it, but it reallyy tastes like egg. i dont know if that is becasue of the egg amount. is really necesary 8 eggs? thank u!

  • Thank You chef John.

    I would like to know the life of this drink if we refrigerate it. Will it last a few days to prepare it during summer?

  • Do you let the lemon-sugar mix sit in the fridge or just on the kitchen table? And the main difference between 2 and 12 hours? More intense taste or something else?

  • hello steve. why does my cake won’t set? Actually I made a little mistake by putting 250 whip cream instead of only 160 (for 8 inch pan). Is that the reason? but I already whip it until it set. Another guess is, is the lemon juice can cause my cake don’t set? when i add the juice, my cream become thinner. But I only put 2 lemon as u instructed. Is there any way i can fix this? pls help:(

  • Hello there,,,, I’ve tried this wooowwwwww it was soooo perfect and really delicious… you can even reduce the amount of condensed milk like to 250 to 300g it still taste really good…. you could even reduce the lemon juice yetttttt sooooooo delicious

  • Que arte deli perfecto exelent esquisito ���������������������������������������������������� buen apettit ����☺☺����������������������������������������������������genial!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Hello dear. I just ate a slice of this cake. Believe me its heavenly. I used the amounts on the video… did not do the icing to save some calories. Its delicious on its own. Thanks Rachel. ��

  • Really nice recipe and easy to understand. We have also started a new cooking channel where u can find lots of recipes. Kindly visit Naimah’s Kitchen and don’t forget to subscribe.

  • Luv this guy, utter sensation, ‘in which case your eyes and your body language might communicate this lemonade isn’t everything its meant to be…’ fantastic and every sentence he says sounds like a question, but its not annoying its actually quite pleasent to listen to…?

  • I believe this is the best lemon cake recipe that i have seen on you tube and the stay at home chef makes it look so easy i thinki will be trying this recipe

  • **HELP** Hello Mr. John! I am making this for a baby shower that I am hosting this coming Saturday afternoon. I know you can freeze these but I don’t want to freeze them. How far in advance can I make & refrigerate in order to dust with PS, cut & serve on Saturday & still look & taste “TODAY FRESH”? I am hosting so I have a lot going on this week & especially on the day of the shower. BTW, I made these for our memorial weekend family get together & they were UBER DELISH and definitely did not last long at all. Crowd pleaser for sure!! You are my favorite go to RECIPE GURU!!!! I appreciate in advance…your response!! HUGS…

  • This is perfect as I have lemons in the house. My favorite cheesecake is a chocolate one I had last month. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat any of them, but the chocolate won me over lol. Thanks Steve!!:0)

  • John, I love your whispered asides/remarks. I think you’d be quite a good friend to know. None of your humor in any of your vids is lost on moi!

  • So I tried this out a few hours ago, and the bars are absolutely amazing! My family loves it and they just finished an entire tray!

  • I really need to try this! I always make my own Lemon Ice-Tea, taking the peel an juice of a whole lemon, one or two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of black Assam tea on one liter of boiling water at let it sit for 10 minutes. Then cool. But letting sit the peels in sugar first will make it even more awesome! Another thing I like to add, are the leaves of my Plectranthus species “Australian lemon leaf”, plant and one or two capsules of green cardamom to give the iced tea an even more diverse and rich flavor. For everybody that owns this plant its really worth it!

  • I used the written recipe and the layers came out very flat…only about 1/2″ thick. In fact, the recipe calls for three 9″ pans and I used three 8″ pans. Definitely not enough batter. What gives? Are they supposed to be that skinny? The layers in the vid don’t look that skinny.

  • Made this for my birthday today, and it was a total disaster!! it was saddest lemon bar evorrr �� still delicious but it never set into a bar texture and the lemon filling even sipped under the crust while baking..can someone tell me where could’ve it gone wrong? insights are much appreciated! thanks mucho! ��

  • I would love any flavour of no bake cheese cake. There’s nothing not to like it. It’s absolutely delicious..�� Have a nice weekend Steve…

  • Hi John from Australia. Could I make these in double guantity for a large batch? I send in food to the ED dept for the night duty staff. Or should I make 2 separate batches please? Love your channel and thanks for metric������❣

  • I made this cake for Easter and let me tell you, it was a hit! �� However, I put a little more lemon juice in my frosting, but it was delicious! ���� TFS

  • This is perfect as I have lemons in the house. My favorite cheesecake is a chocolate one I had last month. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat any of them, but the chocolate won me over lol. Thanks Steve!!:0)

  • I made this but substituted half the butter with oil and it was very moist and didn’t solidify and get hard as it needs to be refrigerated.

  • Hi, Steve. That No Bake Lemon Cheesecake looks fantastic. I am amazed at how it turned out. I have a wonderful No Bake cheesecake request for you: No Bake Key Lime Cheesecake. Ali from AliCatsKitchen has a No Bake Lemon Meringue Cheesecake video on her channel you should check out, it’s really good. I have a question: what’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Mine is either Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, or Neapolitan. Have an awesome day, good buddy.