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How to Eat an Apple Properly Without Wasting a Bite

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8 Ways to Eat Apples for Breakfast APPLE PIE BREAKFAST BOWL. EASY MAKE-AHEAD APPLE CINNAMON STEEL CUT OATMEAL. VEGAN PUMPKIN APPLE MUFFINS. APPLE CINNAMON OVERNIGHT QUINOA. Apples can be eaten in more ways than just plain or in desserts. Try these 8 Great Ways To Eat Apples For Breakfast! Amber is a wife and mother who LOVES to eat her dessert first!20 Ways to Eat Apples for Breakfast Muffins, Quick Bread, and Beyond.

If you ask me, there is no better time to take out your muffin tins and loaf pans! Oats. Pairing apples and oats is always a good idea whether served up warm in a bowl or baked into wholesome breakfast Savory Dishes. Don’t.

Good roundup: Ten healthy ways to eat apples for breakfast [ ] Reply. October Fall Healthy Favorites: Lifestyle Food HealthDr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE says: October 28, 2015 at 12:01 PM [ ] These are some great ideas for healthy breakfasts that incorporate apples! [ ].

Learn new ways to eat apples for breakfast this fall with top-rated recipes. As fall produce begins making an appearance at your local market, discover new ways to add apples to your breakfast routine. From baked goods to smoothies to oatmeal — we’re here to help you add apples to your diet with these 18 apple breakfast recipes. Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the western world, and they can be used about a thousand different ways—not to mention that they’re delicious to eat out of hand! These paleo apple recipes cover baked goods like cakes and muffins, ice cream dishes, salads, stews, soups, and anything else you can think of using apples.

Oatmeal for breakfast is totally my thing. I eat a bowl of it along with a fried egg almost every single morning. It keeps me full until lunch and I just love the taste.

And now that the cold fall mornings are here I’m loving it just that much more! These are my favorite ways to make them. When I first tried this dish, I was convinced I was eating yummy apple crisp for breakfast.

I even cut down on the butter, but this hearty oatmeal remained moist and scrumptious, and so convenient when cooked overnight. —Monica Lord, Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Get Recipe. 9 / 50. Which fruit should you eat for breakfast?

Apples, lemons, strawberries, watermelon, avocado — these powerhouses contain antioxidants and. Make this chocolate-covered strawberry overnight oats recipe and eat dessert for breakfast. Well, not really, but it sure does taste like it! Well, not really, but it sure does taste like it!

These overnight oats are packed with fiber, 100% whole grain, and a healthy breakfast option all week long.

List of related literature:

Top each apple with 1 teaspoon of butter.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
Wiley, 2011

Serve each apple with 1 tablespoon sour cream and 2 tablespoons granola.

“The All New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook: Over 1,250 Of Our Best Recipes” by The Editors of Southern Living
from The All New Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook: Over 1,250 Of Our Best Recipes
by The Editors of Southern Living
TI Incorporated Books, 2017

Flip apples, reduce heat to low, and spoon filling inside, mounding excess filling over cavities; top with reserved apple caps.

“Cook's Illustrated Baking Book: Baking Demystified with 450 Foolproof Recipes from America's Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book: Baking Demystified with 450 Foolproof Recipes from America’s Most Trusted Food Magazine
by Cook’s Illustrated
America’s Test Kitchen, 2013

Put ¼ tsp of butter on top of the cinnamon in each apple.

“The Country Cooking of Ireland” by Colman Andrews, Christopher Hirsheimer, Darina Allen
from The Country Cooking of Ireland
by Colman Andrews, Christopher Hirsheimer, Darina Allen
Chronicle Books LLC, 2012

Flip apples, reduce heat to low, and spoon filling inside, mounding excess filling over cavities.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

Place 1 teaspoon butter and 1 tablespoon brown sugar into cavity of each apple.

“The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” by Susan Westmoreland
from The Good Housekeeping Cookbook
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2004

Peel off a strip of skin around the top of each apple.

“Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook” by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook
by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
Harvard Common Press, 2004

Have ready either baked firm eating apples (they can be cooked in the hot oven, if it’s on), or lightly fried slices of apple, sprinkled with cinnamon or nutmeg, and buttery mashed potato.

“Jane Grigson's Fruit Book” by Jane Grigson, Yvonne Skargon, Judith Hill, Sara Dickerman
from Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book
by Jane Grigson, Yvonne Skargon, et. al.
UNP Bison Books, 2007

Make each bite of the apple seem like the first.

“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2011

Top each apple with a half tablespoon of butter.

“Grilling For Dummies” by John Mariani, Marie Rama
from Grilling For Dummies
by John Mariani, Marie Rama
Wiley, 2009

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I have to watch the video again so I can listen ����

    So I’m back..I soak a small box of raisins overnight and use that water and a tablespoon of coconut milk to cook my oats in the next morning. Delicious and so different from when I was on keto!

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  • Unfortunately cannot eat apples, been this way since birth and over the years nothing changes, always extreme nausea and stomach upset then attempt to throw it up if I don’t take it with cider vinegar, celery or honey. So Raw honey and berries it is for me:(

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  • Hi.
    This very good information i got from this video its realy good for daily routine but my problem is in every morning i have get hungary and that’s for now iam use to have eat the yesterdays night dinner in my morning breakfast ( lunch ) in morning itself but in that iam eating 3 chapatis sabji and rice also bing i am diabetic.
    So please tell me wrong or right practice.

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  • that is indeed the best breakfast u could eat, however the eggs are not my personal choice, i prefer 100% vegan protein
    Also tefal is not healthy for cooking at all if u know their history i suggest u read about it

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  • Liked and subscribed ��can i ask whats your body type? Took note on the whole thing i hate oats but you some how make me want to try this recipe and i will… glad to see close to home vids.. respect ��

  • I’m trying my best to concentrate…
    Listen to what he’s saying and stop drooling….

  • Check your non-stick frying pan for TEFLON (polytetrafuoroehtylene) and especially PFOA. If it consists of this, get rid of it immediately!!

  • Sliced apples dipped in peanut butter is one of my fav things to eat!! I literally eat almost an apple a day and they are without a doubt one of my favorite foods. Really sad with this virus outbreak and inevitable food shortage coming that apples will eventually be absent from my life for a while… ��

  • When I was that young and buffed, women weren’t worth a darn. Now that I’m not buffed like that anymore, women worth the time of day now all of sudden want to come out of the woodwork?

    Talk about a miscarriage of justice! smh lol

  • For people looking to gain muscle mass, along with this meal I advise you to prepare this protein shake.


    2 Bananas preferably somewhat ripe to provide the sweet touch

    200 milliliters of milk or yogurt of your choice

    1 small level tablespoon of pure cocoa free of sugar and milk (do not add much because it is bitter and may taste bad)

    Ice to your liking

    A small teaspoon of cinnamon, is optional

    PS: Cinnamon is not good to consume in excess or much in people who suffer from high blood pressure “hypertension” use it in moderation.

  • Good breakfast and information, the only thing I called “bullshit” is about the bad name they give about the yolks on the eggs because I’ve been eating whole eggs all my life and sometimes I eat 12 eggs on a day and never have suffer from cholesterol so you are misinforming with that

  • It surprises me how many more apples are now being bought and consumed across
    the US since retailers recently began packaging apples in pre-sliced sections.
    It is scarey to think that US consumers are apparently either too lazy to slice
    apples themselves or they were not able to think of doing this for themselves.
    (I’m not sure which is worse.)
    I am now 70 yo but still somehow able to slice an apple all by myself!
    When I am no longer able to do this, could someone just dig a hole
    at the local cemetery and drop me in?
    Delaware County, PA

  • Regardless of cholesterol debates, eating 6-8 whole eggs a day would be about a full days worth of fat grams for most people, so just from that perspective it makes more sense to reduce the amount of egg yokes you eat

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  • I wake up at 4:15 am get ready get to the gym at 4:45 am and workout then leave at 5:45 am to go to work. Would you eat breakfast before the workout or after?

  • I am doing the official Tyler Durden routine that Brad Pitt underwent for Fight Club and I gotta say this is nearly identical! Awesome stuff

  • Dear Simeon Panda, I write to you in the name of Love, I have been listening and I am truly amazed by how hard you have worked to reach such an impressive physique. I am proud of your hard work and not jealous. However, I do have some things to say to you. Please may you be touched by Love and remember who You are. We are Protectors of Earth and are not meant to eat animal products. Because you inspire so many people, you are doing harm to Earth, Humanity and Yourself by promoting a non-vegan lifestyle. I advise you to look into your brother Dr. Nun S Amen Ra also. Observe nature… don’t take more than you need and share. We are 1 big Family, let’s take good care of ourselves, our bodies, our Planet, which means all Life Forms. Love!

  • क्या आप सुगर से परेशान हैं तमाम प्रकार की दवाएं ले चुके हैं शुगर में आराम नहीं मिल रहा है तो अब मात्र 6 खुराक में आपकी शुगर जड़ से खत्म हो जाएगी दवा के लिए संपर्क करें Dr संध्या 9598155060,whats 9415949411 (RP Sahu Social वर्कर)** YouTube channel ke liye click Karen https://youtu.be/OUNHt3jeKWM

  • Almond milk tastes gross. Use OAT milk instead. Takes care of your protein needs as well and blends right into.. oatmeal.:) You’re welcome.

  • Why dont you just eat the apple like a “average person” then just turn the left over 30% of the apple into compost for plants and such?

  • You said that the total amount of daily consumed sugars is about 30g. However only your breakfast consists of half a banana, half an apple and oats. In total you consume more than half of your daily sugars (about 7g from half a banana + 7-8g from half an apple + 1g from oats = 15g). So, if you copied (ideally) your breakfast for all meals in a day(don’t know how many meals you have), with an average of 5 meals you end up with a surplass of 15g * 5 = 75g 30g = 45g.
    My conclusion: you can’t say you eat a low sugar breakfast if it contains most of your daily sugars. (I know that fructose is “healthier” than white sugar).

  • I’m sorry but I can’t give up apple pie with the apples piled 3 or 4 slices high.
    What other kind of cake or pie for dessert could I eat, that would be healthier?

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  • Very informative video! I do enjoy eating lots of apples in all their preparatory forms! I also savor chocolates as well. But I’m not too sure if there is any nutritional value in the world of chocolates. Maybe you could come up with an idea on how chocolates can be presented in a more healthier way for us to enjoy without concern. Most on the other hand would likely agree that chocolate products and treats at random are considered as “junk” kiddie foods. Maybe you know something that I may not even fathom when it comes to chocolate. But anyway, many thanks for your thoughtful ideas and truthful concepts concerning apples and how these delicious fruits can be enjoyed in so many interesting ways!

  • Hey, thanks so much for all the hard work you put into your videos. I particularly appreciate when you include your source, e.g. when you showed the paper on vitamin C in apples. Where’s the source for what you say around 7 minutes in, that baked apples have no nutritional value? I looked online and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

  • The very best tasting apple I’ve ever had, was deep red colored. The peel tasted like cherries and was very delicious and goes good with walnuts and shredded coconuts. I’m not sure what kind it was, but I think it was a Washington. I’d like to find some more of them.

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