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Here are 7 summer snacks that won’t cause bloat. 1. 3 ounces low-sodium turkey with sliced tomato Tomato slices rolled up in turkey is a light and refreshing snack. The tomato is rich in potassium and fiber, and the turkey offers a healthy protein hit. 2. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of how to prevent uncomfortable bloating.

Here are some popular low FODMAP foods that won’t cause bloating, gas, or abdominal pain, plus a few that might. 10 Frozen Treats for Summer That Won’t Bloat Your Belly Slideshow. July 7, 2017. By.

Holly Van Hare. If you’re headed to the beach, throw a couple of these sweet snacks in your cooler. shutterstock. 10 Frozen Treats for Summer That Won’t Bloat Your Belly Dairy, which is of course found in most ice creams and yogurts, is a common cause.

Dairy lactose can cause bloating, gas and stomach discomfort even if you aren’t particularly intolerant of the sugar. Eat This! Instead: Popsicle Pop Ups. They’re a ubiquitous summer staple that’s low in sugar (10 g) and calories (80-90). We also love these 10 other Frozen Desserts for Weight Loss.

Follow this 7-day plan to beat the bloat. An anti-bloat diet doesn’t have to be boring: Add 1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard on 4 to 6 ounces of salmon and top with 1. 5 foods that cause bloating — and how to avoid it Bloat is a buildup of gas in the abdomen, usually caused by digestion or swallowed air.

Here are a few things you can do to combat it. Why Some Food Causes Gas. As a general rule of thumb, gassy foods are those that contain certain types of carbohydrates, soluble fiber, or both. These substances are not fully absorbed in the small intestine and instead make their way down to the large intestine where they are set upon by gut bacteria.

The by-product of this process is gas. In order to avoid gas, try to eat foods that. Lunches That Won’t Make You Feel Bloated You want to eat healthy—but all those beans and tofu are wreaking havoc on your stomach. Instead, try these dishes; they’re free of the carbohydrates that can cause problems —but still really good for you. 13 Foods That Cause Bloating (and What to Eat Instead) Written by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN (Ice) on June 4, 2017 Bloating is when your.

Fruits high in potassium like melons, bananas, and papayas are sweet, but won’t cause bloating like candy can. Chill them in a cooler with ice for a refreshing taste!

List of related literature:

You find chapters that list the ten foods that can bloat your belly.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

Figure 1-53: Example of “food bloat” with severe gastric distension caused by overconsumption of food.

“Kirk & Bistner's Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment E-Book” by Richard B. Ford, Elisa Mazzaferro
from Kirk & Bistner’s Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment E-Book
by Richard B. Ford, Elisa Mazzaferro
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Savor Whole Nutrient-Rich Foods: Get enough nutrient-dense, potassiumrich foods to help you balance your sodium intake (it’s impossible to not get salt in your daily diet), and this will help you stave off bloat.

“The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)” by Cal Orey
from The Healing Powers of Vinegar (3rd edition)
by Cal Orey
Kensington Books, 2008

Decreasing sodium intake for a few days before an expected menstrual flow, by omitting salty foods such as potato chips, pretzels, ham, and other luncheon meats and by not adding salt to foods, may help reduce “bloated” feelings.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
from Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
by Adele Pillitteri
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010

To beat bloat try a natural diuretic drink, such as a cup of chamomile or dandelion tea, or a glass of non­fizzy water with lemon or lime.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

You might also consider seeing a nutritionist; you’d be surprised at the number of foods your body might be intolerant of—foods that might be difficult to digest, leading to bloating and skin irritations.

“Knock 'em Dead 2017: The Ultimate Job Search Guide” by Martin Yate
from Knock ’em Dead 2017: The Ultimate Job Search Guide
by Martin Yate
Adams Media, 2016

Low-fat snacks then are sprayed with minimal oil to adhere (“tack on”) salt and flavorings, and no-fat products are sprayed with water-soluble flavorings dissolved in starch or gum solutions, followed by additional drying or heating (Chapter 5).

“Snack Foods Processing” by Edmund W. Lusas, Lloyd W. Rooney
from Snack Foods Processing
by Edmund W. Lusas, Lloyd W. Rooney
CRC Press, 2001

Foods high in sodium and salted treats are eliminated, and parents and friends are advised not to bring snacks, such as potato chips or pretzels.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition
by A. Judie
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Even a small packet of sweets, barely 30g, can cause severe bloating, indigestion and diarrhoea.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
by Zoe Harcombe
Columbus Publishing Ltd,

If you get gassy and feel bloated after chewing sugar-free gum or eating sugar-free candies that are sweetened with sorbitol, you might have trouble digesting certain kinds of carbohydrate (sugar alcohols).

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • Oil pulling,yoga,vitamin C,D, sunbath for 2 hours saves u frm covid as God Jesus saved all sinners by His death n ressurrection on 3rd day. C ‘Ressurrection’ in Google..

  • Hi chloe…
    I m also going through all the same problems you mentioned in some of your videos for last 2 year like ibs, bloating, fatigue, high pulse rate, anxiety, cramps etc… i feel So unhealthy and tired all the time… i m an visual artist and a very ambitious girl… i m trying my level best to figuring it out… still not sure y these things suddenly came into my life.. but if u get any solution then plz make a video… i will be very very grateful to you…
    thank you…
    Sending you of positive vibes..��

  • I’ve been working out for a month now and i cant see progress so far tho im eating somehow clean�� until i watched your video about bloated tummy, so i think im may have bloated tummy, because i look like pregnant and I fart that smells so bad. I think its stressing me too. Pls help������

  • This happened to me after having surgery. I was so bloated and constipated afterwards with the anaesthetic, pain, lack of movement and all the pain killers I was taking. I was also nauseous all the time, it took me an hour to eat a sandwich with all the waves of nausea.

  • OH girllll lemon water is not good for your teeth. (acidic -> erosion/wear of your teeth). Use a straw or just drink it all at once and rinse out your mouth after instead of sipping it throughout the day

  • This is my diet:
    Morning-Fruits &veggies, Oatmeal, Water
    Lunch-Fruits & veggies, Sandwich, Water
    Dinner-Filipino food, Water
    Then when I workout I use your abs workout!

  • She is so messy and adorable when she eats, hahaha. And the little wiggle she did after taking a bite of the daifuku was so cute! 14:00 Ty for everything Chloe!

  • These are good exercises. I am prone to swelling in my lower legs and feet in particular, which makes me miserable while I am trying to sleep as it makes everything hurt. I “just” retain 3-5 lbs of fluid though; which is not enough for any medical people to get excited about so I am stuck suffering and dealing with the concept that things have to get much worse first, which I don’t feel like letting them do. I prefer self-help and not relying on toxic medications if possible, sorry, Western medicine.

  • Ever since I began my water diet my bloating has decreased. A lot of water…means peeing every 20 minutes��. I’m pretty sure I also lost a few pounds

  • It’s so frustrating bc I bloat when i eat raw veggies, avocados, and watermelon. Idk why but those 3 things make me bloat like crazy.

    Edited: like the specific veggie is Brocolli and cauliflower. Like I can eat carrots but that’s it. Sometimes I even get bloated from eggs.

  • Conspitsrtin occur when you not chew your food properly your stomach don’t have teeth if you not chew your food properly your food is not digest & this lead to constipation always remember your gut is a mirror of your face if your gut is not healthy & clean it’s lead to acne & other skin problems acne always cause by poor digestion ����

  • Actully i have this thing tjat my docter give me its called meta mucil you have to put 2 spoons for childern and adults you havs to mix it super fast and drink it super fast or else it would turn into slop its made up of alot of fiber iron and vitimans and more too its good for your body

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a search on google) We’ve noticed many awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • Totally late to the party but this hit home. I’m so frustrated with the bloating idk if I’m allergic to something or what it is but I feel you sister��

  • Constipation home remedy:
    Roast in low flame separately for 10 mins each:
    Fenugreek 2 /3 cup
    Cumin 1 /3 cup
    Black cumin 1/3 cup
    Carom seeds 1 /3 cup

    Switch the stove off.
    Use the hot pan (without flame) to roast:
    Flax seed 1/3 cup

    After each of above ingredient cools down, separately grind each in a small food processor. Finally mix all 5 together.

    Store in a air tight container with spoon in itself.

    Consume 1 teaspoon of this powder every night before sleep. Follow this religiously for few days for better results.

    You can thank me later. ��

    (Avoid consuming during menstruation).

  • I can’t burp either! I swear so many people who have IBS or SIBO or general stomach issues cant burp and have reflux. There must be a correlation, but I only know of one doctor in the UK who even has started to look into it ��

  • imma be honest, this video came up on my feed and i only clicked on it because i thought it said “Healthy snacks to be a snacc, Must try High..” and i was gonna be like OKK CHLOE TING 420 FRIENDLY QUEENNN but ya, ok thx for coming to my ted talk

  • You guys are lifesavers. This is the first time I’ve experienced swelling in my lower extremities. With in minutes of elevating/exercising in a lying position it started going down… bless you!

  • hey chloe! im from melbourne, australia. i was super active and fit because i was able to move a lot in cold weather. but ever since i moved to philippines, i got lazier and lazier because it was too hot to workout or exercise. i know youve visited philippines and im not sure if its just as hot in boracay as it is here, in my place. i was also really athletic. i was one of the best at my school in melbourne. now my dad calls me lazy, please help.:(

  • My Daily Routine:
    Breakfast: 10 am
    5 cheeses (my grandma makes them herself with the milk from a cow so it’s healthy and full of protein!)
    2 boiled eggs or omlette
    5 olives
    2 cups or water

    I don’t have lunch ��

    3 hours after the breakfast I workout! I am following your program!

    After the workout I eat some fruits to get the vitamins and other stuffs my body needs

    Dinner: 7 am
    Meat or Veggies with salad
    (whatever my mom cooks lol)

    Then my IF diet starts at 8 pm and it ends in the next morning around 10!

    In Fridays I can cheat once without overdosing so I can be more motivated!

  • I’ve always struggled with constipation and digestion problems and bloating because of blockage with gas and not having regular bowel movements. I’ve tried so many different fibers in food, cutting out dairy, drinking coffee as a laxative, but nothing has worked to well. I’ve always refused strong laxatives because of how harmful they are and how easy your body will become dependent on them but starting this i feel a lot more clean, refreshed and not heavy with blockage. THANK YOOOOU <3

  • Thanks for the video showing both laying down and sitting upright. I just tried it laying down and I noticed the difference right away!
    Gonna try when sitting upright during work hours!

  • when i drink water with two tablespoons of stool softener it makes my poop even harder like wHAtnow time to suffer more:D
    and i have had constipation almost my whole life (NOT STRAIGHT, IT COMES AND GOES.) my whole life i have suffered with this darn constipation.

  • does anyone else bloat the most from water??? genuinely so confused like i feel sick drinking water and i turn into a pufferfish lol

  • I am so happy that I found your channel, I feel you… I’m fructose, sorbit, histamine, lactose and gluten intolerante and finding food that tastes good, doesn’t hurt me and has the nutritions my body needs is challenging! I’m doing your workouts and will start changing my diet a bit as well (I‘m just trying to get stronger and keep my back problems at bay), so thaaaank you for all your hard work ��

  • I don’t know if I’m constipated or what…..I go to pass stool and it comes out but then feels like it’s blocked and more is up there. I’m also going less than I used to. I’m passing stool twice a day maximum

  • My 88 year old mother developed Edema 2 months ago. She has been to every single specialist and no-one can determine or get rid of her extra 20 pounds of water. She went into the hospital the 2nd time for a cellulitis infection and was on IV Lasix which helped but did not get rid of it. A total of 14 days in the hospital and she lost the ability to walk. She is just finishing 35 days in a rehab facility and is coming home almost the same way as she went in to the hospital but she can now walk with a walker.Her kidneys are working fine (she worked at a dialysis center and knows a lot about blood work). I’m at a loss of what to do. Her primary care doctor wants her to go see a Rheumatologist but I don’t understand the connection between the two. Any thoughts? What’s sad is that 2 months ago she was driving and hasn’t had a single health problem. Any feedback is welcomed!


    The main reason for constipation in most people is because they lack a fiber rich diet and instead are eating a ton of processed foods and other junk. CUT those foods out of your diet. Your chips, cookies, etc. need to be thrown in the trash and replaced with more natural occurring foods such as fruits and vegetables. We’ve been told this so many times by our parents but we never listen and then we complain about being constipated. Here’s a pro tip, if your food isn’t something you can find in nature, then you probably shouldn’t eat it.

  • I have done today and it feels a bit OK. When I get feeling OK with the exercise you have mention I will say again. God bless you.

  • thank you this is super helpful, I’ve been having similar problems but I didn’t know why, I wasn’t explaining it right to the doctors I don’t think:\ and they didn’t get it. But lately it’s been getting super bad and waking me up in the middle of the night and is so painful the only thing I can focus on is trying to breathe through it and omg so.much.gas

  • I bloat from the minute i drink anything. I also have IBS, so adding all of this fibre and acid from the lemon water causes an eruption inside my stomach so it’s not recommended for me. Eating boiled veg is terrible for me. It’s so difficult to find a balance. People ask me what i’ve done to get such a big stomach. But nobody seems to understand. Regardless of what i’m eating i bloat substantially

  • I had a slow metabolism until i tried @t. Now i am losing weight and fat very fast, this @t is magical. If you want to lose weight and fat very fast and healty, you need to try it @t. You don’t need to stick to a diet, you can eat everything you want. Just give this a chance. This increases longevity and decreases hunger. It helps with blood sugar control. Just try it @t

  • Thank you for being so transparent about bloating. I feel really self conscious about how my sticks out bc of it, so it helps to know Im not alone x

  • Omg I suffer from bloating as long as I could remember, but watching your videos and taking your advise help me so much!!!! So thank-you! I feel like I have a normal life now, and I have still doing your workout cause still I just feel good every time!❤️And I hope you feel better with your bloating too.

  • I have ibs lol so I have to avoid certain food, so it’s gluten for me otherwise I’ll bloat, vomit, have morning sickness, gag, have tension headaches, bad mood swings, puke in my mouth. It’s awful

  • I’ve been constipated since May 2020…I’ve taken laxatives 2 times this July and August and it freaking work but after I stopped taking laxatives (which is also not good if you always take them) my day is always inside that toilet! and hey I cry when they come out because it hurts so bad you’ll just say this to yourself “GIVING BIRTH IS MORE PAINFUL BUDDY”…..

  • Idc what anyone says bloating is uncomfortable and hurts really bad it hurts more than ppl think I takes me so nasea like ur gonna vomt

  • high salt does not cause water retention, it is an electrolyte imbalance that causes water retention. Getting plenty of salt is important for metabolism

  • Me: goes over to my cousins house for a visit
    Random boomer: “yOu LoOk RoUnD”
    My mind: “Y’all really don’t know the difference between an hourglass and a ball huh?��”

  • This makes so much sense….I never understood y I’m facing the same issue and this video is so helpful cuz after 7 years I understand how to take care of my stomach

  • Bloating explains why I feel fat. I’m not fat, I’m how much I’m supposed to weight according to my height, but when I looked at my belly it looks big and like if it had a lot of air.

  • that’s how I don’t understand what’s happening to me. I used to have a very regular toilet habit. But then one day I have a serious constipation problem. I thought I solved that problem that night but no. Till now I am still having a big trouble with my toilet habit. I exercise a lot, and I drink enough water, and I also eat a lot vegetables ( cuz I like eating vegetables) I went to the doctor and after the checking, he said everything is fine.
    So what’ s the problem. I’m super confused. I look myself at the mirror getting fatter day by day. sucks
    what can i do (sorry about my poor English)

  • i’ve had a gut since u was a baby.. idk what it is but i’ve literally had this gut my whole life and i’ve been trying to get rid of it

  • Hi Chloe I need help. (Sorry for writing the same comment on more of your videos) I am doing the 25 day hourglass programme. When I finish the programme, what should I do then? My goal is to have a constant workout routine. I know that there is an answer in FAQ but it doesn’t really tell us what to do… Should I constantly be doing the last 7 days, or last 5 days of the programme or should I do everything again from the start or what? What do you recommend? And what about rest days? I am confused. (Let’s say I am satisfied with my results). I am asking this because I want to have constant workout routine. It will mean a lot to me if you answer ❤

  • She is very energetic and fun to have around person.. I wish she could just put her in a ponytail or something.. it is giving me anxiety thinking she will get food on her hair..

  • I drink water with 3 slices of cucumbers to speed up my metabolism, lime or lemon for detox, helping digest and to prevent bloating and blueberries for flavor. It helps a lot and also, if you don’t drink water often this will help you because it tastes so good you’ll want to keep drinking it.

  • Also for beans, I always buy them dry and rinse them, then soak for 6+ hours then cook, this makes them so much better! No problems:)

  • I kinda wanna cry because I don’t (or barely ) eat any of the things you’ve mentioned yet my belly is still bloated af ��
    But thanks for this useful video!! You’re gorgeous Chloe ��

  • the thing is, i wanna lose weight. but if i do my breasts wont be enhancing at the same time and it’ll get smaller instead so idk if i should lose or gain weight:\

  • Really helpful video!! I had no idea those vegetables caused bloating ���� not that I ate a lot of raw vegetables anyway ���� thanks Chloe ❤️❤️ really appreciate the research you do for these videos ☺️☺️

  • I want to get into the healthy life but my family the opposite i cant wait to move out become an adult and live a healthy life finally

  • your videos are very informative and I love the fact that you care about health and not only the appearence. It really motivates me to be healthier and watching you it is a reminder that it is possible:) can you make a video about your journey to have a healthier life style?

  • I don’t know where you got the information about plants but our bodies can’t digest meat aka dead animal flesh. You can’t bash all of these plants that we are meant to eat because of our flat teeth and long digestive system. I get gluten but most civilizations were brought up on rice and beans etc.

  • Hi Chloe, If you’re having bloating/intestinal gas issues. You most likely also have liver problem BC the liver makes bile for digestion. Most of the time it’s not detected by doctors yet. Make sure to eat “Raw” ginger instead of powdered ones which will be more beneficial to killing parasites and bad bacterias in the gut. You can minced some raw ginger and ferment that with a cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of water in a glass jar for 5 days first and then take a table spoon of that twice a day. Drink a glass of water after taking that table spoon. Also incorporate flex seeds and chia seeds into your diet which will help the cells in your body to release the toxins and help the body to heal itself. Eat more raw veggies like spinach and kale.
    I hope this helps. From a Oriental medicine student.

  • Love your channel I could watch it all day! Thanks, dearie, you’ve got me hooked! I am a young 72 because like you, I’ve always been into vitamines, exercise and good cooking, but, you’ve inspired me to make some of your recipe ideas, but, lately I have had a lot of blooting too, lots of gas and in general, I thought I was alone in this struggle! I enjoy your videos and they encourage me to get back on track!! Thanks, keep up the good work!

  • My upper stomach underneath my chest bloats for no reasonNVM AS I WAS WRITING THIS I REALIZED IT MIGHT BE CUS I EAT WAY TOO FAST

  • Working a busy desk job for 8hrs everyday, where you don’t have time to get up and stretch, can really build up the fluid in my legs & ankles. These exercises has helped tremendously! I do them in the morning, and before I go to bed. The swelling has decreased dramatically. Thank you!

  • The Best Vegetables to Eat When You’re Trying to Lose Weight


    Veggies tend to be weight-loss friendly. Why? Most are low in calories — and all offer filling fiber, which helps to tide you over and decrease those urges to snack. Plus, “the water content of vegetables increases the volume of the food,” says Shahzadi Devje, RD, CDE, MSc, a certified diabetes educator in Toronto. This helps to keep you fuller for longer. But some are even better than others.

  • I usually get bloated too but then I started boiling fresh ginger tea and drank a bit of the tea diluted with water and it really helped me. Be careful not to drink to much concentrated tea because it’ll give you heartburn!

  • Love & light from a small youtuber whose also trying to loose weight����
    I’m on my weightloss journey on my channel and any support will be very appreciated

  • chloe i just want to tell you i quit karate bc of how much i hated excersise. i wanted to lose weight, so i decided to commit to your 2 week shred challenge. thanks to you, i realized how much i really do love excersise and sweating!!! i will soon get my black belt, so i want you to know, you brought a whole part of me back which i never knew existed. so thank you:)

  • Okay please someone help even though nobody’s going to see this. I feel dumb writing this; whatever. I’ve been eating 800 calories but ate like crap so I started gaining fat. I wanted to be healthier and lose that fat so I started eating more and healthier. Now that I’m eating super clean and fresh, and eating 1200 calories I’m gaining fat in my stomach still, faster then before!

    Even if someone does see this they probably won’t know. But if someone does please let me know. I’m breaking down and just thinking about giving up.

    I’m 16F, 100lb and 5’6. Please for the love of god someone help me

  • Just found your channel thanks for the info. I have to go two and a half hours to my doctor so ill try this first. Thanks again and greetings from Perth Ontario Canada.

  • Dear Bob and Brad, I have been suffering from Leg Edema for about 6 months. I have hypothyroidism as well which made me gain weight. I found working out very difficult. Still I would go ahead with it. End of the day I would have swollen legs and it was very painful. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for this video. I’m back in form. You both are a blessing to millions of people… Keep up the good work ��������

  • I really want your help I’m really skinny and every person laughs at me I never mind what other say but now it getting worst I really want gain weight and I’m vegan please help me

  • These look AMAZING! Could you please also put the micro nutrients in the comments or something? I really wanna make the yogurt parfait ������
    love you!

  • I had a slow metabolism until i tried @t. Now i am losing weight and fat very fast, this @t is magical. If you want to lose weight and fat very fast and healty, you need to try it @t. You don’t need to stick to a diet, you can eat everything you want. Just give this a chance. This increases longevity and decreases hunger. It helps with blood sugar control. Just try it @t

  • I swear I literally got constipated once every week it’s awful I’m sitting on the toilet watching this right now and it just came out �� from now on I’m gunna eat healthy bc I swear it’s what I’m eating I eat to much lol

  • My dad is having edema in ankle and it is not reducing even he keep his leg in elevated position. His BP is also in control. So could this exercise will be helpful for him? In how many days this will give good result?

  • Hey! i always watch your videos, they keep me learning about the thing that i can do to improve my health.
    I am diagnosticated with bone edema in the l4, and i cant find videos of how to treat it, can u give me some advice? or share a video to me?
    sorry for my english and thanks a lot

  • Hey Chloe!!!
    Next time you’re making meringue!

    1. Whip it a little less, she should be looking like a lip gloss. Glossy as heck & smooth ✨

    2. Then to pipe it twist the top hand on the bag as you go to push the meringue down and use your bottom hand to guide the shape, it doesn’t make your hand as tired when you pipe!!

    3. To make the baby flick on top bring always pipe parallel to the floor and flick the lil sucker diagonally and a tiny bit up!!! It all looks so yummy!!!HOPE THIS HELPS MUCH LOVE ��.

  • LoL, I just recently learned about you and I LOVE your personality. I’ve seen a few different fitness videos, and most of their videos are always so serious and perfect. Not one hair out of place! lololl I love that you show us the struggles and silliness that goes on while you’re recording. Will be trying out your 30-day flat belly challenge. <3

  • Do those probiotics smell bad? I was looking into getting the same one from the video and I saw ppl saying they stunk like sauerkraut and dog food

  • honestly every time a workout channel girl makes a normal video i think they act too like… unnatural, but you’re a really likeable person, and this video made me feel more open to doing your workouts because i get to see a bit of your personality.

  • for all the exercising Gurus out here, I have a question

    is it better to eat your last meal of the day before 7pm but you don’t feel hungry
    eat after 7pm when you feel hungry

  • to clear this up for everyone! basically just drink water, add anything like a lemon in it. eat healthy food, and take medicine to help digest. or just see a doctor to see how to stop bloating ig. ��

  • I know I’m late but thank you so much �� ❤️ I feel like I’m gonna die rn and you have given me so many helpful tips,like drinking water and eating oats,medicane and different positions,I really hope these help me,thank you so much ❤️

  • Tomorrow evening we‘ll have to go to the swimming pool with the PE class.. I‘m scared that I‘ll be super bloated and that my stomach sticks out in my bikini after eating lunch ��

  • Portuguese fan here! Tell me please, what is the name of the portuguese dish that you really like and tastes like the sardine cake? Sending lots of love <3

  • I hate being bloated I’m slim (skinny but not like bones sticking out) The middle part of my tummy be like a ball Sticking out I hate it

  • Hello sir,I am from India.my father have affected this type of swelling problem.and he have diabetic patient also.which type of tablet we used.please tell me.

  • Everyone I watch for like dieting or face mask just skin and body care use turmeric for almost everything and I tried it once and got a bad oracle migraine and threw up everywhere I put it in my eggs because I was told it’s good for you and they eggs tasted good but different and I got sick a hour later I don’t know if it was the seasoning but I’m scared to try it now

  • First step:

    Live on ur own so that h can buy ur own healthy food����

    I live with my family which is hard for me to keep my diet and eat healthy since my mom bakes a lot and makes a lot of delicious unhealthy food�� (I’m 19 btw) and as soon I move out and live in my own I’ll start eating healthy and living healthy

  • so this is what i will try and see if i debloat����
    • i will eat bananas and apples
    •will drink water w lemon juice in the morning
    •eat slower
    •do exercises to debloat
    •will drink chamomile tea before sleeping

  • To the few people reading this, have a great day and May God bless you and your parents and family during quarantine!
    Btw my dream is to get 100 any help is appreciated!

  • Everybody needs to hear this.

    You are perfect and so is you’re stomach. It’s so hard to hear about young girls that have so big body issues. And if a boy or someone you like says that you are ugly, fat or not enough. Then you are so much better that that person. You’re biggest criticizer is yourself. And remember you’re skin is not paper��������

  • I don’t know what to do I have been a healthier diet And exercise 2 times a day but I noticed after a week or 2 I stopped losing weight WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ��

  • I know this may be ‘rare’ maybe, but I get bloated in the top part of my stomach (the area where, if your a girl, your chest area). I never get bloated in the bottom area. But I don’t really mind bloating at all.

  • hi Chloe!
    I have some questions and hope you won’t mind answering my questions ���� I’ve lost 20 pounds within 2-3 months and I still want to lose another 10 pounds,, but why is it so hard for me to lose the last 10 pounds? right now I’m 49-50kgs, and my height is around 153cm,, what is my ideal weight? and why am I gained weight right after every intense workout? thankyouuu ��

  • am i tje only one who gets bloated from drinking water? or my stomach grows larger after i shower even without having eaten anything before

  • Common causes include:
    Stress, anxiety, depression
    Well that’s just great. Guess imma have constipation for the rest of my liiifffffeeeeeee

  • Hi Chloe, I was wondering could you do a week meal plan for us to follow like give ideas for food for breakfast lunch and dinner cause during not going to school I haven’t had anything to do so Im not eating as healthy it would help so much �� also love the Chocolate ❤️ I made some at home yesterday

  • Just saying bloating is completely normal. It’s just how your body digests food and if someone doesn’t ever bloat it’s because they’re not eating enough. However if it’s bloating as in it’s really uncomfortable/painful then that’s not normal

  • I feel so bad for you hope this problem never comes back and you stay happy and healthy �� and currently I am on CHLOE TING 2 WEEKS SHRED!! SUPER EXCITED I AM LIKE 3 DAYS LEFT AND I ALREADY SEE THE RESULT NOT HUGE DIFFERENCE BUT YES IT HAS DEFINITELY MOTIVATED ME TO MOVE AHEAD �� THANK YOU GIRL LOVE FORM INDIA ������

  • My leg sometimes gets numb and feels like a balloon when sleeping. This frightens me, I get up quickly and jump up and down till the feeling subsides.

  • Thing is, some of us wanna gain weight but still want a flat tummy, coz for hard gainers they literally have to eat everything, healthy or not just to gain weight. Now it’s so hard to maintain a flat tummy and be on diet coz it’s like you gonna lose all that weight with diet������.

  • i got pretty sick and i went to the doctor two days ago and he’s saying that it is most likely constipation and we were talking about stools so it was kinda embarrassing and awkward for me so i’m trying to see if i can fix this-

  • GUYS SUCK IN YOUR STOMACH!! It’s like a little exercise for your stomach and helps you lose inches in your waist and burns your tummy. I googled it 😉

  • Hey I have some laxatives called sodium picosulfate, and I cannot go to the store and purchase more. They are out of date by half a year, would it do any harm having a small dose?

  • Thx for the video. I have leaky gut. Ibs issues. I find enzyme pills don’t always work either. What are the best veggies? Even all breads:( trying to find the best bread. I had a good sensitivity test and gluten was ok.

  • I’m pretty sure I don’t have fat issues, but BLOATING issues! I always thought I was fat but now I see is actually bloating, THANK GOD…what now?

  • Do not use charcoal for internal medicine. It is not clinically proven to have any benefit, and if your having bloating and digestion issues to begin with this will not help. Charcoal strips the body from bad bacteria and good bacteria that your body needs for the digestion process. You can put probiotics in your supplement routine but it wont make up for what is lost. I have ibs and charcoal made it worse.

  • I’m so glad I’ve discovered your workout videos that lead me to this video. I also suffer from bloating like I have it everyday but without the cramps. It was not like this until I developed gallstones like four years ago. Which I had my gall bladder removed 2 years ago. But still I suffer from bloating. I have managed to live with it as if it is normal for me. But there are certain days like I feel my tummy is about to explode from too much bloating. Seeing your video makes me realize that I should see a doctor to help me with this problem. Thanks Chloe! ♥️

  • Weird question but do you guyses stool is not brown or dark brown as it supposed to? Bc mine isn’t and have been having this problem including bloating, burping too much, so much gas in forever. Burping and gas goes away from time to time though, but comes back after months or so.

  • I work in aesthetician business and my job required to stay in my feet for 8 hours a day and in the end of a day I cant walk without the pain
    I can’t wear cute shoes and feel light
    It’s very embarrassing when people asking you why your feet are swollen?
    Thank you for this video,I will definitely try to do this every day

  • Other people doing intros for damn 10 mins:
    Nah, it’s ok.
    Chloe doing intro for 50 secs:
    I’m sorry guys this getting too long.

    She’s soooo cute ��

  • When you said you can’t even burp, I felt that. I am the same and I wish I could burp on command because then I can get rid of the gas that’s making me bloat and causing me pain!

  • Yes sir hello I went to the doctor and they say I have edema I do not know what that was so I keep on looking up on YouTube but I’m hurting because I do walk a lot and I know that’s and down in so I see that you post a exercise I hope it helps me I have not did it yet the sattic nerve I feel like I’m going down everything’s having me I don’t know why I’m going through this I’m 53 years old upset the things I happened to me now thank you

  • Just seeing this video, and when you said “I can’t burp” I was like SAME! I’ve never been able to burp. I bloat so easily and my stomach feels hard and swollen and sore after eating certain foods. So it’s really comforting to hear you talk about topics like this, especially sharing personal experiences. Thank you

  • Can u help me and give me tips about how to lose love handles? I have like flat stomach but love handles bother me what can i do?����

  • For me i think the people that says “I’vͤeⷯ BeⷭEnͨ cⷭoͤNStͣiͩpͧAtⷥEdͣ fⷥoⷦR yͦeⷮArⷭS nͣOwⷯ” are just making fun of people that are ACTUALLY constipated

    If it been years you should already have surgery bruh��

  • Thank You! I was sitting at my sewing machine making 100 masks for the last few weeks and my feet/ankles started swelling…finally went away but now my toes are swelling! I hope this helps!!

  • I just want to start by telling my current situation. It’s currently 5am on a Sunday and I was keeping watch of my mother who currently suffers from cancer. She has stopped treatment due to complications and one of the biggest ones is the leg swelling. Tonight, it was intense, it was brutal from seeing her face and her legs. They almost looked like they were gonna explode. I prayed and when I got to thinking I started looking into how to reduce swelling and your video showed up first. After about an hour of exercises, with mild breaks, I can tell you this was an incredible treatment. Her legs went down to almost back to normal. I mean, it is amazing. I followed the instructions exactly as described and did as much as I could. And even though I wasn’t able to do some of the exercises, it still worked fantastic. You guys are a blessing, thanks for what you do and for doing this video. I’m eternally thankful

  • I have been doing the exercise but the upper thigh and sides are staying swelled along with my stomach. I feel something in the line of the low belly sore, is that the ports? I think i have build up and need to get rid of all in the stomach and upper body before can get the other,.. For the past 2 months I have been dealing with Stomach and ab swelling went to hospital all they would do is give m 60 mg of Lasix and nothing, I have been working on it at home, I have gained 21 lb of swelling

  • This is the best video that I have seen I have been to therapy multiple times I have lymphedema but for years no one couldn’t find a solution so this video is very helpful I don’t feel comfortable wearing sandals because of the swelling �� I don’t feel normal at times I can’t wear my normal size shoe ���� this gave me hope

  • hi chloe! I was just wondering if you’re bloated a lot, might you also pass gas a lot?? I actually pass a lot of gas from both top and bottom holes and I’m starting to think I might have some problem in my GI tract. I also get nauseous/burning stomach when I eat the certain foods ��

  • Hey everyone! I’d like to suggest something to this list. I was a real sufferer of bloating for many many years. When I moved overseas, my GI doctor suggested I take a digestive enzyme after eating to help breakdown my food more efficiently as well as help my gut absorb healthy nutrients. You’ll see an improvement within days. It helps eliminate and manage bloat. Sometimes the issue we have is that we DON’T have enough of the enzymes needed to process food in our gut, so we end up bloated.

  • Has anyone found a solution? I tried diets, food diaries, cutting out maybe intolerant foods, exercised, probiotics and prebiotics, digestive enzymes, but nothing worked. I’m so skinny but bloat after literally anything I eat or drink. My stomach doesn’t hurt but it’s hard. Like when I tap it, it sounds hollow and trapped gas. Yet I fart a lot tho.

  • I am looking more for exercises for my lypmh nodes. I had one removed from my underarm from bc. I think this will help. I’ll just need to watch this again and again until I learn how to do these specific exercises.

  • I don’t have oedema but my aunt does. I did the exercises as am recovering from hip replacements. Helped to click my knees and also my foot, I broke my calcanium over a decade ago and following my hip replacement, my foot was painful to walk on. Thought I was getting plantar fasciitis. Well anyway, following these exercises, my foot clicked and I felt great release! I had been doing my post op physio but did not have this result before!

  • Most of the time whenever there’s something funny in the video I time stamp it but the whole video was too funny for me to pick just one. ������

  • Well first up you threw me off when you started talking about shrimp the Cockroach of the sea it’s not healthy for you it has been proven is not healthy from you and also it’s not in the clean law food and scripture in Leviticus what you can’t eat to stay well and healthy and what you can’t eat that will kill you it is a known fact that those shellfish the Cockroaches of the sea have no nutritional value you might as well just be eating a dirty nasty pig order T nasty worm I think you get my drift whoever did this video giving out this false knowledge should be put in jail

  • I need some opinions: So I absolutely LOVE sweet breakfasts, I really try to keep it as healthy as possible, like lots of fruits and a sweetened Greek Skyr Joghurt. I also love to sweeten my fruits with lots of honey.. Though I really don’t know if this is as healthy as I think it is ���� Should I keep up with this habit, or should I rather change for better results? If yes, what do you recommend should I eat in the mornings?

  • I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now you are my number one when it comes to a healthy lifestyle girl thank you so much keep up the good work going to start following you on instagram now!

  • That’s awesome! I’m going to start teaching these to my patients! ������ thanks for the reminder! It’s easy to get busy and overwhelmed then forgetting to take the time for teaching and spending quality time with the patient! ��

  • these seem great during lock down my activity has dropped drastically, Ive never had issues before being very active but now only getting about 1 hour of exercise a day my ankle and foot have started to swell, Going to try this and see if it helps.

  • I know this is kinda irrelevant but you save so much money by buying lemon juice instead of lemons. It saves money and it doesn’t go off. Just a tip for you all!!!

  • These exercises are great, especially if you’re flying during the hot summer weather and your ankles swell up. This video is a keeper!��

  • I love how relatable and real your cooking videos are. I burn stuff to, I get things all over lmfao. I know what to prepare for now

  • I do a lot of abdominal exercises already, but they’ve had no effects what so ever. I’ve been to the doctors office/gp practice twice and come away with a week’s course of Flucloxacillin because the skin actually broke and became infected, there was so much fluid that either, isn’t draining as it should, or my body retains more fluid than it can evacuate. Blood tests came back with high cholesterol levels and the doctor literY” left it at that. I have a follow-up appointment next Monday to hopefully see what else can be done.

  • This could be very helpful for people with CVI, CHF, people with kidney disease, DVT and even pregnancy! Great vicdo, guys. And neither one of you attacked the other verbally! Bravo!! 😉

  • The cure for constipation is drink water all day even when youre hungry drink water even wheen u wake up at night to pee, drink water always.

  • Ok so I have been dealing with constipation the past 5 days and I’m kinda hesitant about some things maybe you guys can help me, I do take laxatives and I actually do go to the toilet and poop (not a lot) but there is that one piece that isnt coming out so my mom investigated it and to told it’s like a pimple in your bum but at the same I can’t believe cuz I kinda feel like its blocking some of my poop, can someone pls tell me who’s right?

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept appearing here on different youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost tons of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. You should not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • MAKE SURE u wait one hour before and after eating the charcoal (per my homeopathic doctor) or it is not effective. Water is okay but nothing else!

  • Please look into Lipedema, not much is mentioned about it but 11% of women have it and it causes leg edema because of fibrotic fat.

  • It’s really interesting that many people have digestive issues and bloating ruins many lives, even yours:( I have not found anything useful yet but your recipes look great thanks <3 best wishes!:)

  • My grandpa always said “eat lots of mellow greens and that should loosen up those hard brown logs” but in spite of this information, we always had problems flushing his fecals down the toilet. Last week by accident he lost his wrist watch down the toilet bowl along with a giant brown, gooey ‘responder’.

  • hey I know your’re probably not gonna see this chloe, but I really hope you could maybe make a vid and talk about how you discovered about the type and place of bacteria you have? I’m asking because I’m severally BLOATED and would really like to know more about the subject from someone experiencing something similar as me.
    Also I live is Israel, and I there are a lot of products people talk about online that I’m just not so sure we have here on the market, so..
    any ways thanks, love your content!:)))

  • I been doing this for a week a feel like I use the bathroom a lot more but for some reason I get discomfort in my legs when I do them and when I elevate my legs seeing my doctor soon. Just have fluid in my legs haven’t been diagnosed with anything yet

  • Thank you so incredibly much for your amazing videos, Chloe! I’ve been able to lose 10 kg with the help of your videos, burn fat and still stay skinny. My all time favorite video is your HIIT Cardio workout routine!!!:) I finally weigh 59 kg with a height of 176 cm, yay!

    PS: I should definitely avoid combining garlic and onions…this causes extreme bloating to me, lol. Thanks for your advice!

    PPS: I’d be very happy if you could think about an inner thigh workout…because I’m about to graduate and I know I won’t have a lot of time to workout. Thank you!!

  • WARNING!! If you take ANY medications DO NOT take activated charcoal!! It will negate your medications and they will not be effective! Also, please always do your own research before taking any supplements or medicines suggested to you online.
    Stay safe and healthy people! ♡

  • I’m desperately trying to lose weight and reduce bloating, but nothing seems to work. I’m considering ordering Burn or something, but am gonna work out too. The sad thing is that I can’t eat that much fruit anymore

  • GUYS! This is from a professional in getting constipation (since I was 3 I would get it constantly) so here is some tips.

    1. RECOGNIZE IT EARLY, I used to go without pooping for 2 months, IT WAS HELL to say the least, it feels like your toes are full of poo as well. So if you have gone past when usually poop (it’s different for everyone I know some go as late as once a week mines usually 1-2 days) you probably are constipated
    2. Eat fiber! Fiber helps with poo. It can help and prevent future constipation.
    3. Often I find that drinking water doesn’t actually HELP pushing put the turd, but it helps prevent, so I don’t honestly recommend water
    4. GET A SQUATY POTTY. They help you get in the pooping position that helps it come out easier, I swear by them a LOT
    5. LAXATIVES AND STOOL SOFTNERS DON’T WORK ON EVERYONE. I’ve tried stool softeners and laxatives EVERY TIME I’ve had constipation (more then 10 times I’ve had constipation). They have not worked.
    6. MAGNESIUM MIGHT WORK. I have used a magnesia drink with constipation and it worked pretty good!
    7. TRY VASELINE. Now this might sound really gross and stuff, but putting some Vaseline between your cheeks (you know what cheeks constipated peeps). It can help the poo slide out. I’ve tried it. But It doesn’t work EVERY time!
    8. SUPPOSITORIES I SWEAR BY EVERY TIME. if you have done everything you can try a suppository. THEY WORK IN 15-30 WAS MINUTES. Look up how to use them if you don’t know how.
    9. Somtimes, nothing will work for you, you just gotta push and scream it out. I did it just now, it hurt really bad it felt like I was giving birth to a 30 pound poo. But it came out. I RECOMMEND TAKING A BATH AFTER THIS CAUSE YOUR BUTT WILL REALLY BE SORE AND HURT! The bath often helps with the pain

    I really hope these tips might work for you and reply of they did constipated peeps! If they didn’t you can reply to that too and maybe say what DID work and I might add that too <3

  • Do you eat any of these foods? Which is your favorite? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH, Ive been struggling since this morning and now its nighttime and your firsy tip really helped me, again THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH

  • thanks a lot that was so helpful!! can you pls do a video on how to get fit and be active during school??i’m starting my second year of high school in two weeks and not sure how i am supposed to plan my workouts (i’m aiming to lose more fat cos i’m skinny fat and put on a bit of muscle but without bulking,it’s about becoming lean and toned for me)

  • Been on a diet for the past month, being mindful of how much fibre/carbs etc I’m getting. For the entirety I’ve been constipated going every 1-3 days & only partially clearing my bowels. Help!

  • guys I literally ate a bowl of cheerios, an apple and some garlic bread SO FAR and I did not bloat at all �� normally I would bloat and look at least 6 months pregnant but there is nothing… idk why but I’m so happy. I think it’s because I did drank a lot of water today and chewed food carefully and for a long time…

  • Can you recommend how often every day you should do these exercises for ankle and lower leg swelling for a DVT? I know it would not hurt to do them twice a day. But would it benefit to do these more often to get faster results?

  • “I am really sensitive to vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale…” is a nice way to say fuck these veggies, they give me really bad fucking gas. Haha

  • WATCH ��: 9 Healthiest High-Fiber Foods You Should Be Eating https://youtu.be/IZ2GCp8vFfg?list=PL_fl96m7OLQWTg82q3ImUs2xVqdBNsjwL

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  • I’m really struggling with bloating atm. I workout constantly and eat the bare minimum but nothing stops the bloating:( I really need help

  • The fruits & Greek yogurt I put in my smoothie. Watermelon, shrimp, & fish is twice wk. Avocado is taco nights(try a liver taco). Iced coffee is the best. Water is important like breathing. Why is this important to me because I’m spinal cord injury survivor & yes it is important for me to eat healthy.

  • Hello Chloe �� First of all, I absolutely love your channel ����. And I just follow you on IG too ��
    I just recovered from a bad cold so i’m wondering how long should i wait till i can start doing a workout? I usually run everyday during summer but winter in Harbin is hard for me to go out running plus the pollution makes it even harder to breath. So, i’d like to try your workout at home. I also personally love avocado but when is the best time to eat it? I also love quinoa, flax seed and chia seeds but it gets boring sometimes take turn eating them. Can you upload menu idea from them? thank you ��

  • Here a list of all those summer food:

    1# 0:28 shrimp.

    2# 1:37 cherries.

    3# 2:22 blue berries.

    4# 3:07 Greek yogurt.

    5# 4:07 avocado.

    6# 4:45 watermelon.

    7# 5:44 iced coffee.