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7 Delicious Ways to Use Apple Cider. 1. CIDER-BRAISED CHICKEN AND MUSHROOMS | MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES. Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 341; Total Fat: 20.3g; Saturated Fat: 0g 2. CHAI SLOW-COOKER PULLED PORK | THE ROASTED ROOT.

Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 475; Total Fat: 9g; Saturated. 6. Apple Cider Float. Floats are not just for root beer.

Top off a half ginger ale, half cider drink with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’ll have a frothy confection that you’ll want to marry. 7. Iced Tea with Cider, Mint and Honey. Apple cider removes some of the bitterness of black tea. Although delicious, not all apple cider is the safest. Find out what you should be looking for when purchasing your next container.

Unpasteurized cider can harbor potentially harmful bacteria. Rub apple cider vinegar onto your hands and feet to relieve the tired muscles. 24. Brighten Your Dish.

Apple cider vinegar brings out a dish’s flavors in the same way as table salt — but without the extra sodium. Sprinkle it on savory dishes; it’s great on both cooked and raw vegetables and grains. 25.

Use It as a Fabric Softener. That bottle of apple cider vinegar in your kitchen cabinet is capable of so much more than adding flavor to a salad. Read on for 7 surprising home remedies that incorporate your new favorite secret weapon. Plus, get more new uses for everyday items and other healthy hacks by downloading the Dr. Oz app. More: 101 Clever Ways to Use Apple Cider.

Apple cider vinegar uses include cleaning, washing hair, preserving food and improving skin function. It can also be used in all sorts of recipes, including salad dressings, soups, sauces, hot. The Best Way to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar.

Should you wish to add apple cider vinegar to your diet, it couldn’t be easier. Believe it or not, there are a great many benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. You’ll also find that a homemade apple cider vinegar drink recipe is easy to make. 20 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Apple Cider This Fall 20 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Apple Cider This Fall.

By Julie Stewart Save FB Tweet. More. View All Start Slideshow. Don’t just sip this seasonal drink! Add these fall recipes to your repertoire to make apple cider the star of your next healthy snack or meal.

3. Apple Cider. Add eight to ten apples to a large pot and completely cover with water. Add cinnamon, sugar and your choice of spices to the water. Boil uncovered for about an hour while stirring occasionally.

Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for a couple more hours. Use a fine mesh and/or cheesecloth to strain the mixture and then refrigerate. 2 tsp apple cider vinegar; 4 c apple cider; 1 c dark rum; 2 tbsp maple syrup; 1/2 of an orange, sliced; 1 tsp cloves; 2 cinnamon sticks; Put together the acv, syrup cloves and cinnamon sticks in a large saucepan on medium heat stirring continuously.

When warm, mix in the apple cider.

List of related literature:

Substitute apple cider for chicken broth and 1 large Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored, and cut into ³∕­inch wedges, for one of the onions, and increase salt added to onions to ¹∕ teaspoon.

“Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America?s Most Trusted Food Magazine
by Cook’s Illustrated
America’s Test Kitchen, 2011

Pour the apple cider around and over the apples, and sprinkle the remaining 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon over the top.

“Mastering the Grill: The Owner's Manual for Outdoor Cooking” by Andrew Schloss, David Joachim, Alison Miksch
from Mastering the Grill: The Owner’s Manual for Outdoor Cooking
by Andrew Schloss, David Joachim, Alison Miksch
Chronicle Books LLC, 2010

b To make your own boiled cider, pour 7 cups fresh preservative-free apple cider into a large nonreactive saucepan or medium-large soup pot.

“Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie” by Ken Haedrich
from Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie
by Ken Haedrich
Harvard Common Press, 2011

We tried using unsweetened apple juice in recipes for pork chops and glazed ham that call for cider.

“The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book: The Game-Changing Guide That Teaches You How to Cook Meat and Poultry with 425 Bulletproof Recipes” by Cook's Illustrated
from The Cook’s Illustrated Meat Book: The Game-Changing Guide That Teaches You How to Cook Meat and Poultry with 425 Bulletproof Recipes
by Cook’s Illustrated
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

Add the apple cider, cider vinegar, and bourbon.

“SOUL: A Chef's Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes” by Richards, Todd
from SOUL: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes
by Richards, Todd
Oxmoor House, Incorporated, 2018

The directions that follow will help you make and store apple cider safely.

“Backyard Homesteading: A Back-to-Basics Guide to Self-Sufficiency” by David Toht
from Backyard Homesteading: A Back-to-Basics Guide to Self-Sufficiency
by David Toht
Fox Chapel Publishing, 2011

Mix the oats, apple, almond milk, apple cider, vinegar, vanilla, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl or a 1-quart container.

“7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine” by JJ Smith
from 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine
by JJ Smith
Simon & Schuster, 2019

Boiled cider was also reconstituted to make fresh apple juice in the wintertime.

“Classic Home Desserts: A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes” by Richard Sax
from Classic Home Desserts: A Treasury of Heirloom and Contemporary Recipes
by Richard Sax
HMH Books, 2010

Stir ¼ cup raspberries into apple mixture along with reduced cider in step 3.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

cider with lemon juice in step 2.

“Cook's Illustrated Baking Book: Baking Demystified with 450 Foolproof Recipes from America's Most Trusted Food Magazine” by Cook's Illustrated
from Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book: Baking Demystified with 450 Foolproof Recipes from America’s Most Trusted Food Magazine
by Cook’s Illustrated
America’s Test Kitchen, 2013

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  • I dunno. Why do I always feel so good when I get back on it again. Just a little bit in some water in the mornings. I also think it’s a good face cleanser. I have a store bought men’s cleanser and did a comparison once. Pretty much no dirt on the Q-tip compared to the vinegar

  • Cider it’s fermented apple juice. And you didn’t ferment it. So that’s IS NOT cider. Just apple juice with some addons and sweeteners.

  • Unfiltered ACV is very good for you.Actually any fermented food is good for you! I take it whenever I crave chocolate and it works! I drink every morning before breakfast one glas of water and one table spoon of bio, unfiltered vinigar. I lost weight as well.

  • I take 1 tbsp in the morning and about 45 mins before I go to bed.
    I rinse my mouth out with ph9 water after taking it to avoid affecting tooth enamel..

  • Highly disagree; I just tried it for 20 days and I have lost 8 pounds so far. Moreover, there is a guy at my work who is 52 and has been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for 10 years. He runs 15 to 18 miles a day for morning workout and swears by this stuff to curve appetite. Overall, its good information about other application for AppleCider Vinegar.

  • I’m taking this in tablet form. And i can feel the good effects of it, my main goal is weight loss and to stop bloating. Sure heplted with bloating.

  • To all the simple minded individuals that are under the impression that this recipe only yields two glasses of apple cider you are sadly mistaken, I made this recipe myself and can assure you, that when done right, you can yield a few gallons off of this recipe plus you can make apple sauce from the left over apples it’s a win, win situation I actually have so much apple cider now, that I’m going to need to give some away to my family.

  • Its not just the acid stupid, its the good bacteria in the mother other acv is not raw and don’t have the mother This vid is a lie the reason the is no science behind it is cuz they don’t want u healthy idiot they got pills for that!

  • I think it just makes u less hungry. U get hungry. U drink it. Gross. Not hungry. Body doesn’t want the gross so you stop getting hungry. You eat less. U lose weight.

  • I used a tablespoon of acv in water with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. I also added a splash of strawberry lemonade just to get it down because it was so bitter and harsh. Tasted a lot better but probably doesnt work as well with the sugary lemonade I’m sure?��

  • My favorite ACV beverage recipe,
    2 Tbsp of ACV with “mother”
    A squirt of lime juice
    1-2 oz of unsweetend cranberry juice
    20 oz (approximately) of water

  • Clueless…waste of time watching..Apple cider vinegar has amazing health benefits..Any moron knows you don’t brush your teeth with it.. This guy is clueless

  • Hello, all useful and excellent videos.
    I have question how many aweeks or amonths is drinkable?
    i wait your answer. Thenk you ��

  • Anyone know what to substitute the orange with? Some of us are allergic to orange. Would another citrus like limes and lemons work?

  • Awesome job! Trying to transition to a healthy lifestyle is so hard sometimes, but this is such a simple way to incorporate a big impact with a small step. This video was so helpful with ANY question I have ever had about ACV. We at Breaking Barriers are always looking to improve our own lifestyles, and this will definitely help!

  • looking around for a cider receipy and came across yours. What sold me was your personality and fun attitude. I have literally two full trees of apples to do wish me luck and looking forward to drinking this as well. p.s. your nice to see too. keep up the u.t.

  • Girl you are awesome,I made the apple cider,but best of all you are so encouraging and funny.I loved every minute of this video.

  • I have been using apple cider vinigar for 5 months now,my penis shrunk from 7 inch 2 a button size in the shower,about an inch, my wife left me, 2 months ago i was begining to get worried,since ive stopped using it a month ago my penis has gone back too its normal length after a diet of almond milk and bananas,now i feel like a man again and feel realy great,!!!��������������������

  • I want to know, when taking ACV, do you have to shake it so the mother is mixed so it is included when you drink it? Or just leave the mother at the bottom? Thank you.

  • A third of a pound IS significant. Appeals to authority (e.g. “Dr McDonald”) don’t count, rookie. And there is much more support for its use in weight loss than some of the counter-claims you’ve made. Seems you had a conclusion in mind and confirmation bias kicked in. Sad!

  • Obviously unaware (or chooses to ignore) the myriad (corroborating ) research out there about AVC benefits but at least I can agree it does not taste good!

  • I’ve been doing for a few weeks now, it took me about a week to get use to the taste but i don’t notice it now. I have it with water, fresh ginger, squeezed lemon and a teaspoon of greens organic powder. I make up a big jug which goes into 3 x 600ml bottles which i drink until midday when i eat. Have lost weight but i exercise and have reduced my food intake

  • Anyone who has lost weight on acv, did you change anything else? Exercise more than usual? Count calories? Cut carbs? Be honest, I sincerely want to know.

  • I’M REALLY MAD WITH YOU TASTEMADE! Why did you downloaded the rest of this!! I was in love with this. I should have illegally downloaded this when i could.

  • I just find it’s easiest to just take ACV as a shot. Also I fast 14 hours a day. I’ve lost about 15 LBS with daily exercise and eating less. In about a week and a half. I’m a big guy so I’m sure this may hit a curve eventually and even out.

  • Hey there! Wanna loose weight fast and easy? Try this 2 week weight loss program that will give you 100% results! https://www.digistore24.com/redir/310757/Achieng/

  • I wanted to fully understand how and why ACV has become what seems like a miracle cure so I looked into the studies and I talk through them in this video PLUS I share how I drink ACV. How do you feel about Apple Cider Vinegar?

  • Wow absolutely love your video and have subscribed. Sharing health is wealth. I too am a apple cider vinegar lover. I’m fairly new at sipping on it, so as you stated 1 tbsp is good enough for me. I have it 4 days a week n make it warm like a tea at night, maybe an hour or so before bed. I use a 1/2cup of water, 1tbsp Bragg’s �� apple cider vinegar and raw honey, 1/2 fresh squeezed �� that I strain of course so I don’t have seeds floating around. Heat it up for a min I add a sprinkle of cinnamon. I have colorful straw I sip out of�� I feel full and have loss weight and feel more energized. As you stated moderation is the key. I have to check out the salad dressing recipes. Ty again for this video

  • What a delightful video I’ll be using my Magic Bullet flat blade for cutting up that nutmeg the smell of fresh ground or grated nutmeg is Elysium!

  • Can’t boil whole spices for that long, they start releasing bitterness, bad move Tastemade. Save yourselves all the fuzz and just get some $4 martinelli apple juice (the best) and boil it along with the spices and apple peels for 20 min. Add your booze (bourbon is preferred) and serve warm while listening to that beautiful song. Use the peeled apples for pie and save me a slice.

  • Don’t wait for it to become vinegar. It’s much nicer when it’s still cider and if you drink four pints before lunch you won’t wake up til next morning.




    SO…..NO RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!




  • Millennials are dumb. ACV has been used for a thousand years. Medical company’s would never allow and easy fix like ACV to come out as beneficial.

  • I am feeling creative and this looks like an affordable treat I can put my heart into… with some vanilla ice cream too… Shopping List ��

  • “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

    People with depression please don’t drink Apple Cider Vinegar, because acetic acid is one of the body fluids, it never leaves your body. If you have depression it impacts your ability to come out of depression as it has direct impact on your blood sugar levels. God only knows how I came out of depression, I had to bear lot of pain to get rid of Apple Cider Vinegar from my body.


  • Hello! So when do you drink this? Morning? Night time? How many days? How much times a day? Lol. So much questions, but I cant wait to try this!

  • Why are almost all of the other thirsty for videos gone? I was looking for a certain one and thought I was going crazy. Did something happen between them and tastemade?

  • Its great on hair plus in face wash.
    It is a different acid to ordinary Vinegar.
    Dilute in water for Candida itch and just gently wash the Private area.

  • Nice Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried Tarbbatigan Noiseout Device Tip (do a google search)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for kissing goodbye to the itching pain of your scabies without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate at last got astronomical success with it.

  • Correct massage for every ACV user i used ACV few months now i have so many health problems. Can’t cure. Only control the symptoms. Bad luck nothing to do.

  • What are your thoughts on taking apple cider vinegar with the mother supplements? I have a hard time drinking the liquid. Are they as effective?

  • Tried the recipe this weekend after apple picking. Easy to make and tastes good. Interesting taste, maybe a few too many tart apples. I’m not usually a fan of store bought cider, but did like your recipe. Thanks!

  • Try goli gummies, they’re much more healthy and enjoyable than acv. They even have more benefits. I saved money when I purchased my goli gummies, code THAT1993CHICK.

  • For the love of all that is good in this world: SCIENCE IS NOT ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE. There are some people that lose weight eating chocolate. Does that mean that chocolate is a weight loss food? No. If drinking ACV works for you, as it works for me, go for it… but please do not deny the lack of scientific evidence in its efficacy for all humans. Or even most humans. Denying science is never the way to go…look at all the mess we’re in right now.

  • It was proven in studies to burn fat deposits from the liver and do many other positive things, I will never trust anything said by this channel anymore..

  • with the mother simply means that it still has the biological culture that turned the apple cier into vinegar this means youre geting more of the good bacteria that helps withyour gut biome, aka the bacteria that live in your stomach and intestines and what not

  • This video doesn’t even mention that people who have damage hair can use acv which closes the cuticle of your hair. Also, among the African American community, ACV is use as a clarify shampoo.

  • your video sounds and is really dumb the benefits of cider vinager exist, I have got sick several times from flu and food poisoning and got better with 0 meds, and by only drinking water with vinegar and that’s it.
    why don’t you just learn how to talk like a real man?

  • I had this urge to watch that breakfast scene on princess and the frog and this popped out of the recommended section. Omg you guys,, YouTube reads minds now.

  • hey everyone i found the most amazing methode to lose weight in 2020
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    i will send you a weight loss methode with no pills or toxic products
    And i promise you will thank me after you try it:)

  • This was terrible, I’ve seen highschool projects with a better presentation lol. Apple cider vinegar helps with inflammation and cuts the toxins out of your body when you eat dairy, meat, alcohol or GMO snacks. All these foods cause your body to flare up with pain when recovering from an injury or illness

  • I just took a shot glass of ACV for first time this morning, it taste horrible but if it helps with my diet I’ll take it every day,, I’ll report back in 2 weeks

  • comes to pick wrong many of them are supported by a large groups of studies numerous studies of the same subject proving the same thing over and over again. The problem is they’ve never been clinically studied by medical professionals and and on top of that it’s not a chemical so it’s hard to control the dosages I mean vinegar is a natural creation so it’s naturally varies. most of what is in this video is not supported by the current studies that have been done surrounding the use of various types of vinegar. When you make a videowhere you disagree with the masses you’re probably f**** wrong

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  • O MA GAWD!!! I just drank a glass of this but instead of apple slices I put slices of orange on top with a cinnamon stick that was in the slow cooker DELICIOUS I followed the recipe to a T. I did, instead, add 1/2 cup of organic maple syrup and organic coconut sugar by Bob’s Red Mill (Forgot the vanilla). I’m on my second batch because my kids are going to devour it when they get home! This is officially apart of my life long recipe book! Thanks soooo much for sharing!!!! ( Also going to experiment with the cider on my slow cooker baby back ribs) �� ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Just found your videos. Thank you for creating them, I’ve been learning a lot and enjoying watching them. I have 2 questions�� Are all apple cider vinegar created equal? And if yes why does it seem like everyone only suggest Braggs. What should I be looking for when purchasing apple cider vinegar? Thank you again

  • But it works and we all know what we are taught in school is lies. we also know how research and testing is done to reflect the narrative.such as Vaccines are good for you. Vaccines rid the earth of pollo. Lies all lies.
    Vinegar cures without side effects and does not cost an arm and leg.

  • There is a research on it on pubmed (on rats AND humans), and I can see that it works on my apetite. Good enough for me:) I love how modern science (pharma) tries to discredit any natural remedies. So happy that people finally wake up..

  • I myself insert the entire neck of the bottle directly into my anus and do a handstand for 30 seconds directly when I get out of bed in the mornings. I’ve never felt better in my life!

  • In the experiment, were they doing exercise as well as taking apple cider vinegar? cus obvi just drinking apple cider isint gonna make you loose weight but eating health exercise on top of apple cider is gonna help a lot youll see a diff if you eat healthy and exercice without apple cider

  • I started taking 2 tablespoons of ACV for almost 2months now. One in the morning just upon waking & another just before going to bed (dilluted in a glass of lukewarm water). I noticed that I started to sleep like a baby since. Like really deep sleep for about 8-12hrs. I never experienced this before. In fact I have been suffering from insomnia most of the time but not until I started taking ACV. It really works on me plus it helped me a lot with my digestion. I dot not feel bloated anymore & my bowel movement had really improved drastically. I highly recommend for you guys to try this as well. I assure you. You will start to feel better 100%.����

  • idk what this dude is talking about drinking apple cider vinegar actually helps you lose weight ive done this for a year and lost 103 pounds

  • Please bring these videos back! I love everything about them. They’re so calming. The music, the camerawork, and of course it makes me wanna make these drinks!

  • Great video! I had started taking apple cider vinegar over a month ago and I have been reading up on it. This video has encouraged me to continue taking apple cider vinegar and even mix it with a few more stuff like ginger, lime juice and honey.

  • Is it bad to add apple cider vinegar with my powder dietary supplement drink? I just bought skinny greens by SkinnyFit and I just thought about mixing the apple cider vinegar into my morning drink. Any info or recommendations would be appreciated:)

  • I tried topping this with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream and let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve had an apple cider float:D.


  • first of all you are too over zealous, second of all, it is a common knowledge that a black man cant be a medical doctor, a chef, and run a weight lose clinic all at once, that for you is a fact. liar!

  • Hello, Why only lemons, is Orange Juice 100 percent. a NO NO?, they are both Acidic, Have a good 4th. be safe. a Vet. that like your Information.

  • Hey it’s my first time seeing your blog, you covered everything I could think of on this video other than one thing, is there any research regarding depletion of bone density with prolonged consumption of ACV?

  • I love this video but I’m a little confused, how is there any alcohol content in this cider if it’s not left to ferment at all? Shouldn’t it be left for like a week afterwards?

  • Not one mention about it’s gut health benefits or the benefits of the apples, which have lots of nutrients and have prebiotics. If you purchase the raw unfiltered with the mother, its fermented…which has probiotics!

  • Little evidence?
    How do you know what results people are getting? Obviously the anecdotal testimonies spanning hundreds of years must have come from somewhere. Does a thing or result only happen when their is a scientist to observe it and say, “yes, that just happened”. Perhaps the results people are getting from its use might have a voice in the conversation. The use of apple is simply to improve the taste, I’m thinking, and make the fragrance better and more appetizing.
    Another point is that Glucosimine was laughed at as a fairy tale remedy to heal arthritis now they found that it is certainly true. The problem is that the healing comes from prolonged use as the body takes a long time to re-manufacturer this element into the building blocks the body uses to repair arthritis. The impatience of the Pharmaceutical labs to promote their own expensive products and therapies leave their research half-done and poorly administered. Herb companies are little better as they over-blow their claims and replace natural active ingredients with brown rice and filler. They are not monitored by any Government agencies like other food products and medicines.

  • Apple Cider vinegar and molasses racists ya its black and water clean water no PH WATER THAT WAS WILLIS MEDACINE ONLY NOBODY ELSR NEED PH WATER OK

  • Wow it actually feels amazing getting the residue out of your hair and it’s shiny, it only smells for a little bit because it neutralizes. It feels amazing in your body after and before a meal… it’s very cleansing and you can feel it when you take a crap..����.. maybe you should try it because you’re kinda full of it..

  • We are doing an apple week in our 4K classroom this week. On Monday, my students drank apple cider (some for the first time). The question came up today, “How is apple cider made.” Your video is a perfect quick explanation for my four year-olds. Thanks!

  • Whether I agree with you or not, you produced a nice, comprehensive, video. Drinking 20-30 grams of ACV has had a positive effect on my cognitive thinking. Its as if the cobwebs have been cleared away and my thinking is much clearer. Much deeper. My concentration is better, and i’m all of a sudden remembering things I had forgotten. God bless you and your channel.☺������

  • Thirsty for was one of the best series on the whole Youtube! The music and attention to detail was spectacular! So enjoyable.. Very sad that they are privatised now… Such a shame!

  • I have been drinking ACV for ever and I didnt lose weight neither did it curb my hunger yearning. I have never had high BP or other ailments, so I dont know about that but it hasnt reduced my bloating ������

  • Why did Tastemade remove all but four of their Thirst For series???

    Edit: apparently they’re only available if you purchase a subscription to them on their website. I’ve been a subscriber on youtube for over 5 years, but I think it’s time to take my leave.

  • Cappuccino MCT I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? https://tinyurl.com/y6hvjoey It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • thanks i hv 2 opperations.does it works for that opp stomarch..iwant to try this tommorow at nyt..i really want to remove this stomarch

  • If you are a fan or ACV and believe in its benefits, there are gummy versions. CiderScene gave their Goli Gummy Review recently. https://www.ciderscene.com/blog/cider-posts/goli-apple-cider-vinegar-gummies/

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  • My God I’m heartbroken. Please please can we see these masterpieces of vintage vinyl cultured music with perfect detail & cinematography. I was looking for the Thai tea one only to find almost all these gems are private listed. Please please bring them back!???

  • Since they annoyingly don’t link the recipe anywhere, I wrote it down along with instructions, in case anyone actually wants to make these


    Apple cider 1 ½ cups

    1 cup lukewarm water

    Sugar ¼ cup

    0.25 OZ package active dry yeast

    2 eggs

    1 ½ teaspoon Salt

    2 teaspoons Apple pie spice

    1 cup evaporated Milk

    ¼ cup melted butter

    7 Cups bread flour

    Oil for frying

    Powdered Sugar Topping

    2 tablespoons apple pie spice

    1 cup powdered sugar


    2 cups apple cider

    ½ cup brown sugar]¼ cup heavy cream.

    ¼ cup cubed butter

    ¼ teaspoon salt

    Powdered Sugar Topping

    Mix together powdered sugar and apple pie spice and set aside.


    Add apple cider to a frying pan and bring to a simmer before adding in brown sugar, stirring until dissolved.

    Add in heavy cream and stir til combined

    Add in cubed butter and salt, stir.

    Cover until ready to serve.


    Simmer apple cider on stove, then remove and allow to cool.

    Combine warm water, sugar, and yeast, stir and set aside.

    Add apple cider to large bowl with eggs, salt, 2 teaspoons of apple pie spice, evaporated milk, and butter. Whisk briefly and then add yeasted water.

    Add in half bread flour, fold together, and then add the rest.

    Knead dough on a floured surface.

    Let dough rise for two hours.

    Once dough has doubled in size, roll out on a floured surface into a 12×12 inch rectangle, then cut into even squares with a pizza cutter.

    Bring oil to 350 degrees in a large pot.

    Add in dough squares, flipping when golden brown on one side.

    Once fully cooked, place on a wire rack to cool and dry.

    Place on a plate and sift desired amount of powdered sugar topping on top.

    Serve with sauce on the side for dipping.

  • thank you.
    This is by far the most intelligent & factually accurate video ive viewed on this topic, youve provided information along with great encouragement! Im going to begin today and ill inform you regarding my progress

  • Hey,I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? https://tinyurl.com/y44o3kqv It looks like a great program to help people lose weight.I was just looking for some options befor I made my decision.By the way, I love the contene you have been posting Iately!

  • Love the video, the directions are easy to follow and your calm manner is such a pleasure. I was looking for a video to make apple cider, but I noticed that there is no fermentation in your method? DO you ferment it after cooking? Otherwise you just have apple juice?

  • I use the Lucy’s Lemon juice available on Amazon, instead of pricey lemons. I also now use Fairchilds ACV with the mother, as Bragg’s has increased in cost. I think Fairchilds is stronger than Bragg’s, as it just tastes awful. The lemon juice doesn’t help. I mix it with Dr. Schulz® superfood powder, and a scoop of Superbeets® powder. The beets are blackberry flavored, which helps some. Mix them all up, and get it over with in one shot.

  • I’m SO glad I found this! Ive been wanting to make AC but only saw videos of how its made in factories. Thanks Hun!! And btw youre so cute and fun!

  • Hey so I’m about two weeks into a diet and exercise plan, I’m working out lots and counting calories I’m 27, I work out everyday for an hour, I work 40 hours a week I’m 5’11 and I weigh 214lbs my goal is 160. I just started taking acv today with Lemon juice at 2 table spoons a day. I will update with results in a month for y’all to see if this actually works. Now I am dieting and working out so I’m hoping this boosts my progress that’s been steady so far (down from 220 about two weeks ago). Thanks.

  • Let me tell you acv in the long run is dangerous. Even diluted it made the contents of my stomach acid too acidic. Thankfully it didn’t get to the point of damaging the walls or lining of my stomach but it definitely could have. Be careful!

  • But that’s not an apple cider �� ��
    Aren’t you supposed to ferment the apples to get a bubbly cider??? Your recipe looks to me like an delicious apple tea. Anyway, nice video.

  • We made this today, following the directions to the T. The apple cider flavor was overpowered by the cloves. They were so strong, we were tempted to throw out the entire batch. We ended up mixing it with store bought cider. The next time we will leave out the Cloves.

  • I’ve looked up multiple recipes and they all called for water. I was going to use apple juice until I saw this recipe. I trust my girl!

  • <3 I enjoyed watching. You're very enthusiastic. Hehe
    I bought all my ingredients and decided to watch apple cider videos. I’ll give it a try. Thank youuu

  • Can someone please be truthful about acv. Why is there so many videos telling us the benefits. I often wonder if Bragg pays them to promote the product. I really appreciate a genuine answers please. If it’s so true, I will try it with no more questions.

  • Science Insider, a subsidiary of Business Insider, probably partly owned by some pharmaceutical company. yea i’m going to believe what you’re preaching ��

  • Where is the written recipe? It would be nice to at least link to a written version to make things easier when we shop for the ingredients.��

  • My only complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be anything that says how much cider is made, maybe add it into the description if not the video.

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  • Learn to use a fruit knife, and you will never have to peel a orange again, as you will be able to slice the skin off, similar to how you cut your apples, just at a curved angle.. Also you americans are so misleading.. Traditional historic apple cider, was an alcholic beverage, and we in fact produce it with a lager beer levels of alchohol at around 4.6-5.6%
    What americans and apperantly also canadians refer to as Apple cider, is in fact apple juice with pulp.

  • What time is best for drink it, because I getup early in the morning at 5and 5:30, I am taking With lukewarm water. Is it right or wrong?

  • I loved your f video! i like how you just go straight to the point; clear and nice instruction and not much extra talking. Plus I absolutely love the way to talk! So funny hahaha

  • Hey what’s up I just want to know what’s the best type of apple cider vinegar you can use the organic cook another coconut vinegar oil are there other type of organic vinegar oil that’s good for the body

  • Hi, I’m planning to make this for Thanksgiving this year and was wondering if the stove top version is any different from the slow cook? Thank you!

  • Im bout to make me some of that… in my kalen voice.. lol im subbing just bc of your attitude and voice, divaaaa. Dont stop, girl! You brighten peoples day up…guaranteed lol

  • Ok, point 1 about all vinegars being the same because they all derive from alcohol/ethanol, therefore different vinegars would have the exact same effects. I don’t buy that. Anyone with a bit of experience of drinking alcohol will know that, inexplicably, alcoholic drinks from different ingredients produce different effects on the brain. They all share the ethanol component but cider will make you drunk in a different way to beer, to wine, to a cocktail etc. So I am prepared to believe that vinegars from different sources could have different effects.

  • My experience with Apple cider vinegar is that it absolutely destroys my sugar cravings which is a GREAT benefit for me! Always have it diluted with a slice of lemon to help with its bitter taste

  • Personally, I don’t even add water cause it just makes the experience longer and I like to get it over with, and it really does help me not be hungry and I haven’t got any new zits

  • I used acv with the mother, along with biotin, and clean eating, working out. I lost 35lbs in three months.
    The taste is a donkey kick to the mouth though.
    I took a shot, with cayenne pepper, and turmeric. So gross. Soooooo gross.
    Now I’m doing it again this time though I’m doing a tablespoon with water, still taking b vitamins but I’m not working out the same way and my diet isn’t as strict. XD I’m not looking for major weight loss this time so we’ll see how it goes.

  • what a ridiculous radio there are hundreds of studies that have been done regarding apple cider vinegar pickle juice red wine vinegar white vinegar. the common theme in all of them is that the acetic acid in the vinegar has benefits and weight loss and insulin absorption being the two most important. to imply otherwise when there’s hundreds of studies out there the Japanese did a very large human study. They supplied 15 mL drinks to one group 30ml drinks to another group and a placebo drink to the third.as you might expect the placebo group continue to gain weight the 15 Mel group lost weight at 30 ml group lost even more weight. there have been numerous other studies concerning insulin absorption or lowering insulin resistance. There have been numerous other studies about how the probiotics from the mother might slow food absorption.

    Your video is shit

  • I have been drinking the vinegar diet for a month and have lost 12 lbs. My question is. My 11 year old granddaughter wants to do the vinegar and honey diet, would this be safe for her to do?

  • Ashame how so called “science people” are not informed at all. They memorize and regurgitate just like a kid at college.
    Studies with results should be real science. Not reading other “science mainstream lies” isn’t science. Seems like any science nowadays needs to be questioned. Half of it is pseudo

  • I knew as soon as I watched this video the comments would be totally derogatory!!! Great comments people!!! ACV is awesome, isn’t it!!!

  • yay! So excited to find this! I just ran out of my mulling spices blend, and I have a fridge full of those annoying tiny crab apples! lol perfect for our gathering tonight!!

  • Well maybe it didn’t help them loose weight because of the food they were eating you have to still watch your food intake ACV isn’t going to make miracles. Right or wrong?

  • how many times should I drink it per day? and would it still benefit me if my acv is not labeled “with the mother”? and are there any side effects?