7 Satisfying Slow-Oven Soups Under 370 Calories


How to Make Healthy Slow Cooker Cabbage Soup

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Slow Cooker Turkey Soup

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WW Crockpot Meals (so easy) Low-fat

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Healthy Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

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Simple Chicken Vegetable Soup in a Slow CookerEasy Cooking

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Slow-Cooker Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

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Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

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7 Satisfying Slow-Cooker Soups Under 370 Calories 1. SLOW-COOKER CHICKEN ENCHILADA SOUP | SKINNYTASTE Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 319; Total Fat: 11g; Saturated 2. SLOW-COOKER BLACK BEAN SOUP | MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 183; Total Fat: 4g; Saturated 3. Grab a bowl of comfy, cozy soup without the guilt! Each of these low-calorie soup recipes come in at 200 calories or less per serving. Slow Cooker/Instant Pot Low-Carb French Onion Soup (Keto) Fit SlowCooker Queen cheese, ghee, bay leaf, dried thyme, pepper, beef broth, white onions and 2 more Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup. Soups, stews, and chilis are a healthy eater’s best friend.

You can fill bowls with hearty grains, fiber-rich vegetables, lean meats and then pour on a flavorful low-calorie broth. Creamy soups of puréed vegetables are a can’t-fail crowd pleaser, too—and they’re a great way to sneak in extra vegetable and fruit servings. Slow Cooker Chicken, Bacon, and Potato Soup Recipe. This chicken potato soup is perfect for ushering in fall: It’s hearty enough for the beginning of soup season, yet brothy and veggie-packed so it doesn’t feel too heavy. This recipe is ideal for a weekend, when you can check on the slow cooker after just a few hours.

Cold days call for a hot bowl of comforting — and satisfying — soup. Perfect for lunch or dinner, these recipes range from slow-cooker minestrone and split pea soup with bacon to chicken tortilla soup and roasted red pepper tomato soup, all under 500 calories. Find all your favorite Under 100 Calorie Soup Recipes, rated and reviewed for you, including Under 100 Calorie Soup Recipes such as “chicken salsa soup”, “cabbage soup” and “all-vegetable soup”. “Tuck into a satisfying bowl of creamy tomato bisque as an appetizer and you’ll consume fewer calories overall.”.

Turns out that soup is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Recent research found that the texture and consistency of the soup in your bowl might make a difference in how few calories you consume during a meal. Cozy in with these easy slow cooker soups and stews you can make any night of the week.

Because these 28 recipes will warm your soul and fill your belly on the chilliest of nights. Bitter cold temps never fail to spur serious cravings for comfort food, be it chicken pot pie, the silkiest carbonara, or a soul-soothing, cure-all soup. Counting calories? This board is for you. We’ve divided our favorite low-calorie recipes into three sections: 200-calorie recipes, 300-calorie recipes and 400-calorie recipes.

Each section contains recipes for filling and nutritious meals to serve at breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time. Take the guesswork out of your calorie-conscious diet with our favorite low-calorie.

List of related literature:

When there are so many great noncream soups, you should be able to do without them, but if you feel you must have them, use your Anything Goes calories.)

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Love cream soups but don’t love all the calories that come with them?

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This results in a low calorie dish bordering on the verge of being tasty These soups make a fine addition to the reserve cache and are also useful in bad weather.

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Most of our soups taste terrific either hot or cold, so adjust them to the seasons.

“The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity” by Donna Gates, Linda Schatz
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The soups are served hot in the winter and are enormously satisfying, but they can also be refreshing served cold in the summer.

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They should be of delicate flavour and a clean natural colour; thick soups should not be too heavy in texture.

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Soups made with water may not taste as rich as those made with stock, but they are more

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The soups are light and usually clear, simmered for a few hours to get the maximum nutrients out of the ingredients.

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Soups are ideal make-ahead meals because they scale well, are easy to make in big batches, and are the quickest thing to reheat on a

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Then, when the soup is still steaming hot, you can add fresh raw garlic, dried herbs and other delicate flavors that don’t need to go to 250°F for an hour.

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  • Id rather just tie the herbs together and drop them in instead of using a stainless steel and rubber contraption, doesnt seem safe or healthy!

  • The whole point of chicken noodle soup to get better when you’re sick is to use a whole carcass the antibodies is in the bone marrow and cartilage.

  • Im making this tomorrow. I have never put raw meat into a slow cooker before…one of my friends said the chicken could go hard and dry which I hope doesn’t happen…im hoping this will open up a whole bunch of doors for convenient cooking with less mess! thanks for sharing this recipe:)

  • Hello, I like your videos because they are clean and simple, obviously you are a highly conscientious person ��. Question, what if I wanted to do this on the instant pot? How long should I cook the chicken and veggies? Then I can switch to simmer to add and cook the noodles. Many Thanks. ����

  • This is incredible!! I’ve tried it, and it’s just too good! If you don’t have access to vegetable stock, then water is fine. I added a LITTLE bit of coconut milk to make it creamier, and it was amazing.


  • Hey there! I was wondering if I could get some help finding the name/link of the song used in this video? I know it’s licensed via Audio Network but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.. I’ve looked everywhere and it’s honestly killing me because I know I’ve heard it somewhere before… Anyone please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you and have a great day:)

  • Thanks for the thickening tip, I’m so glad there’s no flour to give this soup more body. I like to add wild rice into my turkey soups; the dark grains give a nice color contrast and added fiber.
    Yep, this one is a keeper. Thanks for sharing ��

  • Love your videos. Easy recipe and looks good. Next time try a rotisserie chicken, get all the meat torn up in the crock pot and then boil the bones for about an hour. It will give you incredible broth to go with everything. Also use fresh onions instead of onion powder and some celery.

  • Top stuff!! Annie is a lucky lil dog. Eats so well and so healthy!!
    Happy new year!! Best wishes!!Hope you keep em comin fer years to come!!

  • Next time try adding an 8 oz can of tomato sauce (basil, garlic and oregano flavored) and maybe even a can of Great Value Chili Ready Diced Tomatoes:)

  • Hi Jim, you call your chicken vegetable soup simple but it’s everything but that it looks savory delicious and loaded with flavor, if Annie can’t finish her bowl I want it lol.

  • I think Annie was proud of herself, for eating the soup, lol. Everything looked great. I truly hope you have a Blessed and Safe New Years. Btw, What is the temperature in CA today? lol.

  • Looked like undisolved broth at bottom of measuring cup. I would have scooped some liquid from pot and stirred it back in. But looks easy and delicious so definitely going to make some.

  • Looks great. If it would only get cold enough down here in Florida to start enjoying some soups and stews. Happy New Year Jim and Annie’s stretch at the end said it all ����

  • Love that Annie ate all the soup contents….put meat with anything and they will eat it. Have a good healthy better new year. Thanks for the videos that you post.

  • Not often you see a Western soup that’s thin and clear.
    Usually attributes of Asiatic soups.
    I wonder if someone tried to make Beef Pho with a slow cooker.

  • This is probably the recipe that once I have my own kitchen, I’m making this in bulk and freezing and canning it to always have on hand������I love a good tomato soup and this one just seems to have all the right stuff.

  • This will be amazing this morning in this blizzard we are having in Colorado brrrrrrr… anyone want to come make this while I stay warm and snug in bed..jk �� will probably make this after Thanksgiving is any turkey left yum

  • That soup looks so good i know Annie was sure enjoying it lol, i love your recipes because they are quick and easy, thanks for sharing Jim, and i would like to wish you a Happy New Year, God bless.

  • hey big guy nice little video and i just like to wish you a happy New Year and to your family plus annie the taste tester dog she still is cute as hell lol and i hope you bring in more good videos for 2019

  • I don’t add potatoes to mine but it sounds good. Didn’t know about the purée deal. Glad to know it. Or the heavy cream either but I’m going to it next time. I love turkey or chicken soup. The insta pot is great to make these if you want the soup sooner.

  • OMG eating this as I type, it’s delicious. Perfect for some cooked turkey leftovers I had tossed in the freezer after Christmas. I love that this is a thicker soup thanks to the puree tip and the bit of cream. 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • That looks so very good. A great recipe for my turkey leftovers. Thanks so much Racheal and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family…. Claudia

  • Hey Rachel, what a nice looking soup, neat trick blending the veggies, I guess I will be making this soup while my prime rib is roasting on Sunday. Thanks for the recipe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Why are you using chicken broth for turkey soup? I debone the turkey before cooking and use the bones to make turkey broth. Much better and easier to control salt content.

  • I’m a fan TosTinMan, but I wonder why you go against other advice and put your meat in before your vegetables? But is seems to work well.

  • You’ve done it again!!!.great recipe and excellent tip on how to thicken it!! I look for your new recipes everyday before my alert even goes off…��..

  • just in case have a good new year jim… and hope you try a air fryer for 2019 there awesome.. plus new vids hehe.. †

  • Looks so good. Think I’d blend half of the mixture as I like a pretty thick soup. Will definitely make this and have crusty bread with it ��