6 Easy Taco Recipes Under 400 Calories



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3 HEALTHY DINNER RECIPES! Easy Dinner Ideas: Ramen, Vegan Tacos & More!

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6 Easy Taco Recipes Under 400 Calories 1. MARINATED MUSHROOM + SWEET POTATO TACOS | MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES. Portobello mushrooms and sweet potatoes make for a 2. SIMPLE FISH TACOS WITH CORN & TOMATO SALSA | MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES. Making your own corn and tomato salsa is easier.

Ancho Chili Beef Tacos, 171 calories, 3 Freestyle SmartPoints® These quick and easy beef tacos are made with a homemade spicy taco seasoning and lean ground beef.Make them as tacos and then serve any leftover beef in quesadillas, burritos, or taco salads. Cajun Shrimp Kabobs, 179 calories, 1 Freestyle SmartPoints® Not only is shrimp extremely quick and easy to cook, its zero points!Shredded Beef Burrito Filling.

Make your next office party a taco bar or burrito bar! Set out the beef in the slow cooker on warm, along with tortillas, bowls of. Here’s a list of 10 crowd-pleasing casseroles to try, all under 400 calories per serving. SAVORY CASSEROLES. 1. One-Pot Taco Casserole | Fit Foodie Finds Prepare delicious tacos the mess-free way because with this taco casserole you only need one pot.

Yup, you heard that right!Making these 50 skinny dinner recipes under 400 calories a part of your evenings for the next 30 days will help you do just that. You won’t need to put in any additional effort at all!

We’ve done the work for you! These skinny dinners under 400 calories just might change your life. 50 Skinny Dinner Recipes Under 400 Calories.

It can be hard to count your calories all day long, and it’s discouraging to learn that your earlier meals may not have left a whole lot of wiggle room for your dinner. Luckily, we have 40 recipes that will all make for delicious, filling family meals under 400 calories per serving! 1. Cheesy Twice-Baked Potatoes and Broccoli Casserol. These healthy meals under 400 calories make meal planning a breeze. Browse our complete collection of low calorie recipes on Cooking Light.

It’s easy to keep track of what you eat when you build a strong portfolio of delicious low-calorie meals. 6. Easy Enchilada Noodle Bake: Easy? We like the sound of that! And with a combined prep and cook time of under 30 minutes, you will too! Plus, each delicious serving is under 400 calories, so this recipe is definitely a winner!

Click here to get the ingredient list. 7. There’s never a bad time to focus on eating more vegetables — whether you want to go completely meatless or not. These recipes highlight various veggie-conscious ingredients ranging from lentils to tofu to chickpeas for a healthy balance of protein, fiber and other beneficial nutrients — all at 400 calories or less.

Capping your meals at 400 calories? Lucky for you we’ve got plenty of tasty low-cal options so you won’t go hungry!

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Cover and chill the remaining 8 8-inch flour tortillas 8 ounces lean ground beef 1 cup chopped onion (1 large) 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 15-ounce can black beans or pinto beans, rinsed and drained 1⁄2 cup salsa 2 teaspoons chili powder Several dashes bottled hot pepper sauce 3⁄4 cup shredded

“The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book: More than 400 Light and Healthy Recipes for Every Day” by Better Homes and Gardens
from The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book: More than 400 Light and Healthy Recipes for Every Day
by Better Homes and Gardens
HMH Books, 2012

Serves 4| This is my basic breakfast burrito recipe.

“The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes” by Lindsay Nixon
from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
by Lindsay Nixon
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2011

Here’s one more: Spread 3 to 4 tablespoons of fat-free refried beans over a tortilla.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

4 small flour tortillas 4 teaspoons (1⁄2 stick) butter, at room temperature 1 cup shredded cheese (cheddar, queso quesadilla, Oaxaca) 1⁄4 cup thinly sliced scallions 1 batch Bacon-Cotija Guacamole (page 55) Preheat the oven to 350°F. Lay the tortillas on a baking sheet.

“Absolutely Avocados: 80 Amazing Avocado Recipes for Every Meal of the Day” by Gaby Dalkin
from Absolutely Avocados: 80 Amazing Avocado Recipes for Every Meal of the Day
by Gaby Dalkin
HMH Books, 2013

Top each tortilla with 3 tablespoons cheese, 1 hot dog, and 1 tablespoon salsa.

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
from The America’s Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America’s Most Trusted Test Kitchen
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2012

One of my favorites is sausage, peppers, and onions wrapped in my low-carb tortillas (you can even eat this without the tortilla).

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
from 15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben’s SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health
by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2017

Here’s Liesl’s easy taco spice seasoning recipe (makes about 1⅔ cups).

“The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan: Discover the Joy of Spending Less, Sharing More, and Living Generously” by Liesl Clark, Rebecca Rockefeller
from The Buy Nothing, Get Everything Plan: Discover the Joy of Spending Less, Sharing More, and Living Generously
by Liesl Clark, Rebecca Rockefeller
Atria Books, 2020

2 beef tacos with lettuce and sour cream each on a small corn tortilla 2⁄ 3 cup of rice with chorizo sausage 12 oz Margarita 1.

“Endocrine Secrets E-Book” by Michael T. McDermott
from Endocrine Secrets E-Book
by Michael T. McDermott
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Top each tortilla with 1 tablespoon sour cream, 21/2 tablespoons pico de gallo, and 2 tablespoons cheese; roll up.

“The Modern Family Cookbook” by Modern Family
from The Modern Family Cookbook
by Modern Family
Time Incorporated Books, 2015

Consider a Taco Bell Fiesta Taco Salad with Beef: 780 calories and 42 grams of fat.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

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  • If you are a newbie keto doer read this
    Even if keto pizzas are low carb and even if they have 0 carbs and sugar you should know that it is still possible to stop your fat loss or even make you gain weight.the reason is because it is easy to over eat due to the calories.i messed up once since my low carb pizza had 260 calories per slice and i ate it whole which is 8-9 slices in one meal.
    So yeah this is something you should have in mind

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