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In honor of National Cereal Day, here are 5 ways to upgrade your breakfast bowl: 1. Fill up on fiber. Fiber plays an important role not only in digestive health but in keeping you satiated and preventing large spikes in blood sugar after a meal. Upgrade: Choose cereals that provide at least 7-8 grams of fiber per serving.

For ideas, check out the 5-to-Try below. 10 Genius Ways to Upgrade Your Boring Cereal. Read full article. 1 / 10. Bake It and Break Off a Piece Take actual honey, actual nuts, and any oat O cereal (like Cheerios!), and you’ve got a.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best cereal hacks to amp up your breakfast game, from a two-second improvement to a 20-minute re-do. You’ll be seeing your favorite breakfast cereal in a whole new light. 5-Minute Multigrain Cereal Jan 3, 2008 This quick-cooking hot cereal combines the hearty flavors of fiber-rich whole grains, sweet raisins, and antioxidant-laden nuts.

By taking this minimalist dessert and giving it the maximalist treatment. From the small changes in how it’s prepared to ingredient upgrades and mix-ins, here are five ways to make a better Rice Krispies Treat. Between the rice cereal and the marshmallows, there’s zero fat in this recipe.

And as we all know, fat is where the flavor’s at. Find out how to increase flavor and save time by using cereal in entrees, snacks and desserts. Cereal isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

Find out how to increase flavor and save time by using cereal in entrees, snacks and desserts. 40 Genius Ways to Use Breakfast Cereal. Mark Hagen Updated: Mar. 03, 2020. Cereal isn’t just for breakfast.

Dress cereal up to boost its nutrients. Even the best cereal is predominantly carbohydrates, with little protein and fat. That won’t provide the nutrients your. 5 Ways to Eat Cereal Other Than Just with Milk Salad croutons, a dessert crust and more: Here are five reasons to give your bowl and spoon a rest.

Save Collection. Pancake cereal has popped up everywhere on social media, and this recipe is an easy way to upgrade it. To make mini Nutella pancakes, just mix three tablespoons of Nutella with pancake batter.

Pipe 1-inc pancakes onto a hot nonstick pan and flip once they’re cooked. Think outside the cereal box. If you’re obsessed with tiny food, you just died and went to tiny food heaven—you can make white chocolate filled Cookie Crisp sandwiches.

List of related literature:

These easy, inventive hot-cereal upgrades will give you new reasons to rise and shine.

“Dinner Made Simple: 35 Everyday Ingredients, 350 Easy Recipes” by The Editors of Real Simple
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New foods should be added one at a time; therefore parents should avoid cereal combinations when beginning a new grain.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
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To strengthen their findings, Cole and Balasubramanian conducted a second experiment in a laboratory setting with the same task: select a cereal with low sodium and high fiber.

“Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs, and Behavior” by Donald O. Case, Lisa M. Given, Jens-Erik Mai
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Add wheat germ or bran to hot cereals to get (1) more nutrients per serving, and (2) a stronger flavor which COntrastS with the bland taste of most of these items.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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Parents should add new foods one at a time; therefore parents should avoid cereal combinations when beginning a new grain.

“Wong's Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson
from Wong’s Nursing Care of Infants and Children E-Book
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I’ve made a few tweaks to the original recipe on the back of the cereal box to maximize the crunch and goo factor.

“Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible” by Erin Gardner
from Procrastibaking: 100 Recipes for Getting Nothing Done in the Most Delicious Way Possible
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Can there be any type of cereal not already found in the many current offerings?

“Lateral Marketing: New Techniques for Finding Breakthrough Ideas” by Philip Kotler, Fernando Trías De Bes
from Lateral Marketing: New Techniques for Finding Breakthrough Ideas
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2.1.2 Cereal yields Cereal yields changed very little during the first half of the twentieth century, but have more than trebled since.

“Cereals Processing Technology” by Gavin Owens
from Cereals Processing Technology
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The strategy of cereal manufacturers has been to build powerful brands that generate consumer insistence.

“The Food Industry Wars: Marketing Triumphs and Blunders” by Ronald D. Michman, Edward M. Mazze
from The Food Industry Wars: Marketing Triumphs and Blunders
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For adding nutritional value, a nut-like flavor, and pudding-like smoothness to cooked cereals, start with 1 tsp.

“10 Essential Herbs: Everyone's Handbook To Health” by Lalitha Thomas
from 10 Essential Herbs: Everyone’s Handbook To Health
by Lalitha Thomas
One World Press, 2012

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Cereal dispenser is actually horrible… i had one before… it smooshes the cereal when going through and it will get stuck with certain ones but also it goes stale much more quickly if it was just in the box..

  • Best way to do it:
    Eat your cereal till the milk has become flavoured by the cereal
    Then scoop the remaining cereal without the milk and eat it then sip the milk. ��

  • It’s sad that they use soo much eggs and dairy, which aren’t good for the environment at all, while this channel is really health and environment conscious…

  • The problem with the Mix Master method is you would probably end up eating more than a bowl of cereal!  

    How about this way (my preferred method): Pour a glass or so of milk. Pour a bowl of cereal. After each spoonful or so of cereal, drink some milk. This is a good way to ration both milk and cereal. This also works with water really well if you don’t like or can’t drink cow’s milk and don’t care for milk alternatives like soy, almond etc.

  • Wow… This was the stupidest video I’ve seen in a long time. Had curiosity about it thinking maybe u were gonna add something other than Milk, maybe mix up that cereal with different items or ingredients or something bizarre but fun like putting cereal into sweet yogurt or something. But then I watch this and… My God man, u had to have been stupid bored to make this… This into an actual video… A stupid teaching video at that.

  • Here’s what I do:
    Put milk in fridge then pour cereal and milk in bowl and wait for cereal to soak a bit then when I bite into it it’s still a bit crunchy but cold and refreshing

  • I generally like the format of your reviews, but I have a hard time watching because it seems like you are frowning all the time. I wish you would relax your face… Not a huge deal, but even when you’re saying positive things, you’re frowning

  • I despise that transition/announcement screen. It’s horrible and makes this feel like all those shoddy robot voiced top lists. It’s the only thing I’ve ever not liked about your videos.

  • I want to know why always we do a recipe and then it is not looking prefect like others and we are doing the same things they do ������.

  • When my dietician asks me why I ate so much cereal I’ll be sure to send her your video telling us to keep adding more dry cereal. ������

  • The dispenser looks like the ones I’ve seen in the past from the hotel’s breakfast bar. Edit: for those Bag clips my mom found a set of them at a flea-market several years ago and oh boy they have been super useful.

  • Technically you are wrong. Your video is about how to prepare cereal for eating and there IS on wrong way to prepare it. It is edible right out of the box. Your use of the word wrong is also wrong;

    wrongDictionary result for wrong




    not correct or true; incorrect.

    “that is the wrong answer”

    synonyms: incorrect, mistaken, in error, erroneous, inaccurate, not accurate, inexact, not exact, imprecise, invalid, untrue, false, fallacious, wide of the mark, off target; More


    unjust, dishonest, or immoral.

    “they were wrong to take the law into their own hands”

    synonyms: illegal, against the law, unlawful, illicit, indictable, lawless, lawbreaking, criminal, delinquent, felonious, dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt; More



    in an unsuitable or undesirable manner or direction.

    “what am I doing wrong?”



    an unjust, dishonest, or immoral action.

    “I have done you a great wrong”

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    act unjustly or dishonestly toward.

    “please forgive me these things and the people I have wronged”

    I myself like both soggy and crunchy, and the states in between. You are just a crunch snob.

  • I seriously live off cereal, pretty much eat it more then any other thing. I Usually just put a small amount of cereal in my bowl with a little bit of milk. Then I just keep adding fresh dry cereal as I eat. Pretty much same concept as the one in this by. My husband always hears me adding more and more cereal making him think I just had 10 bowls of cereal.

  • 1. Pour milk into bowl
    2. Sprinkle on some cereal
    3. Add more milk and more cereal
    4. Throw it all away, because in the morning you need a good, healthy meal with proteins and lots of vitamins, not some shitty dessert which is basically a sugar.

    you`re welcome

  • 0:54
    White chocolate is not that white?? They must have used glue or something because white chocolate is more of a lightish creamy yellow, especially when melted. Wth lolll

  • Hey, great job. I have a request, can you please add the degree conversion in centigrades for those who live outside the US? �������� Thanks!

  • Hey guys i just started a vegan channel and it would make my whole day if you guys went and checked out my vids�� i used this channel as inspo for my own acc

  • This isn’t my problem every time I eat the good hoops cereal lucky charms oh ya daddy yum yum they cut my mouth to shreds and when I chew the milk comes pouring out my mouth

  • Happy to see your wonderful recipe. I wish I could have some. Keep it up my friend.I enjoyed your video. Hope I will See you in my videos u like. watched fully

  • Crunch Cup might work better if the user has a trigger to control how much milk or cereal to dispense because a lack thereof might make you ‘react’ to possible choking in your mouth.

    You end up ‘tipping’ the entire cup down to slide the content into your mouth, but it can fall at such a pace which can catch you off guard.

  • I have those “Magic Sticks”; I bought them at the California State Fair one year. There’s also an industrial-size that I put over my bag of bird seeds and it’s got a handle so I can just lift it up. Anyway, I knew by looking at your bag and the stick you were planning on using that it wouldn’t be big enough and I always err on the side of slightly bigger when I’m fitting sticks for bags. But if it needs to fit inside a box, then I can see how you would go one smaller. I never used mine for bags inside boxes, only bags that were by themselves.

    Oh, and I also have that cereal and milk cup with the bottom part to keep the milk cold. I took that with me when I had college classes but I noticed I wasn’t able to have as much milk as I would have liked. I was glad to have a spoon available as well, so I wasn’t worried about what it looked like, just that I was able to use it. I wish I’d thought to use it for salad and dressing or salad and ham and cheese that I would keep cold until I’m ready to mix it together and eat it. Who says you have to limit that thing to just cereal and milk? Just make sure you pack a fork.

    I’m not sure I’d really care for the Crunch Cup unless I was eating grape nuts, in which case it might be useful.

    I really like that dispenser, if I can find room in my (already cluttered) place, I may get one for cereal and one for my dog food and treats.

  • First Pour the milk then add cereal
    This way you will always get crunchy cereal
    But if you like soggy cereal
    Pour cereal first then milk

    Let’s end the “cereal first or milk first” debate…

  • I’m sorry butI REALLY hate watching you eat. You make the weirdest facial expressions and move around like you’re having a seizure every time.

  • Thanks for this great video. Actually I love this channel especially videos of meditation. Thanks goodful for everything. It’s the best channel ever ������������������

  • The cereal dispenser looks like a gumball machine. Many people will purchase it for it’s nostalgic appearance but I would rather pour cereal into a large bowl and be done with it rather than rotate the plastic handle for a small portioned amount. The only item I would consider purchasing are the bag clips.

  • I just slide out the cereal bags and throw away the boxes. It saves cabinet space, and I can see how much I have left at a glance. Also, try store brands. Big savings!

  • * them making cocoa puff waffles *
    Me: oh that sounds good!
    * puts buttercream on top *
    Me: oh? Weird combo but okay sure!
    * puts another waffle & more buttercream *
    Me: oh so a waffle cake?
    * puts ANOTHER waffle along with more buttercream *
    Me: uhh… isn’t that too sweet?
    * mOrE wAfFlEs aNd cREaM *
    Me: O_O

  • oh no next is gonna be ”your walking wrong” ” your typing wrong” ”your pouring cereal in first pour in the milk first” me: I POUR IN THE MILK FIRST YOU IDIOT

  • At the beginning of the video

    3 seconds later

    Me: Im impatient but im gonna watch this for emma and mini pancakes


    runs into the kitchen
    Me: Wait what video was it again i watched too much emma’s goodies videos

  • This video didn’t push me to buy any of the products, but it did push me to head to Sprouts buying more cereal than I had in months due to cravings ����‍♂️��

  • good vidoe bro but you look at a alot of alpha m. vidoes,do not mean it in a bad way tho.. because you are doing something similar to him but keep up the good work.

  • I feel like the best one was the cup one with cereal and milk, i can see my self eating cereal while doing other stuff like papers or something

  • Hey Jose! How’s your original grain watch? I’m planning to buy that same watch or mvmt voyager sterling… which one should i get? Both looks beautiful..

  • hey! do you think g-shock watches are stylish? i am rocking one everyday and its comfortable looks great and i find it helpful all the time. but i want your honest opinion.

  • The thing about the separating mug thing is that you can always switch the milk and the cereal so you have more milk. Unless the cereal compartment isn’t sealed so that would suck

  • I’m not ugly I just don’t care what I wear usually I just wear jeans some skate shoes and a tee shirt. I have been told alot that I would look good if I dressed better and recently I’ve been working on it I noticed girls come talk to me now this stuff works pretty well for me maybe not some y’all ugly dudes but ik it can definitely help

  • So I actually got one of those Cereal Cup On The Go things because at my work our fridge is opened and closed alot during the day and its not very good to begin with. like it keeps it at like 56-60% MAYBE. But that with the Cereal Cup thing? perfect. lasts all day and keeps it to be actually cold.

  • Cereal dispenser is a cool idea, but you can get containers at a dollar store and just pour the cereal out from one of those. total cost 5 bucks.

  • Plug keep your cereal fresh. I think. I don’t have one but I like that one and the bag locks. Not so much the other 3 well may be the on the go milk bowl for my Grandbabies if running late to daycare in the morning and they going to miss breakfast bam no food left. I got it.

  • You need to do a video about how, in the 90s, you could take the electric spark generating buttons out of ovens (the ignition buttons for gas ovens), and use them on arcade machines to get free credits. Yes it really worked, yes everyone at school got in to loads of trouble!
    Also, I’ll subscribe when I watch a video of yours that’s half as funny as you think it is.

  • I find it kind of sketchy that this video has 300,000 views and posted one day ago and yet I am still in one of the first hundred you get 30% off my first order way to go Wendover Productions you are a scam

  • My mouth is watering! This looks so TASTY! Nice job on the work. By the way my favorite cereal is Cinnamon toast crunch I grew up eating it����

  • Can you do a Froot Loops and Fruity Pebbles cereal themed video? I would be really glad cause those are my favourite cereals �� PLEAASSSSEEE

  • Ok…I tried this with a normal spoon and..they taste good but flipping them was a Nightmare and they don’t look as even as yours ��

  • YOUR THE BEST AT BAKING����❤XD IM SO HAPPY IM ALSO EARLY Btw legend says that if you say a youtuber’s name 3 times you get pinned hope it works
    Emma’s Goodies
    Emma’s Goodies
    Emma’s Goodies

  • I am watching this while on a diet just to have some inspiration because I like to push myself and make things harder I don’t know why but yea

  • Me wanted cereal, sends my dad to the store for milk. I tell him it’s for the best cake ever

    This was 3 years ago, and dad came back from getting milk today

  • hello I just wanted to ask you a question have you ever did a review on those toothbrushes that looks like you a set of teeth that you just squirt toothpaste on and then stick it in your mouth and it said walk around for 5 minutes and do whatever in the morning and then after 5 minutes it’s doneI would love to see a review on those I can’t remember the name of them though thank you so much you have a great show and I watch and I love that your sense of humor to it is great and Bailey is a wonderful dog. Keep up the good work.

  • I remember some people I know were emptying public phones from their quarters using a similar technique. It didn’t take too long for phone companies to modify their equipment so that became impossible to get back any quarter other than the one you inserted yourself. It would still allow for free calls though.

  • LOL
    Guess I’m the only one ever to use a dail-phone too?

    Still usin a button one from time to time, as Beth has a landline still…with a fax as well, I rarely use.

    But still, anyone who hav use one of the dail phones out here…u know, those rly old ones were u had to dail the numbers on a mechanic dailing box, that charged up and so made the different tones needed to dail a number?

    My grandma had one of these…so were I used it a few times, to call home or a friend.

    Also was a quater line, so when free, u had to reserve the line fur the outgoing dail process, by holding down a button befur dailin in, literally, the destination number.

  • Like, you also need to explain that long distance calls used to cost money and be a thing. Now you can literally call anywhere in the US for nothing other than the basic monthly charge.

  • As a delinquent teen in the 90s I discovered you could jump two separate phone lines, dial *69 to hear last number that called, then press 1 to dial these numbers. Then you would listen to: “NO you called me” “Umm, nooo, YOU CALLED ME!”

  • James, I know your name is James but when my husband and I saw your YouTube name we thought it said Franklin reviews. So when you post we are stuck saying “YAY FRANKLIN POSTED SOMETHING!” Even though we know your name is James. We love you and your content. Keep doing you man.

  • No the tones weren’t recorded on the phone and played back. They didn’t have the technology back then. The tones on the phone were generated by the phone.

  • I have a working 1929 Bell South Rotary Dial phone still on my wall. I wouldn’t have a landline if it wasn’t for the fact I have free landline service for life. What really surprises me is my analog rotary dial still works to make and receive calls. I honestly don’t use my home phone for any reason other than to show off my phone and the more frequent spam caller.

  • turns subtitles on
    On top of that, many modern landmine phones don’t even actually use landmines at all.

    thank u for the Information

  • dem party and mccain type play good bad cop games destroy iraq to syria but blame russia for everything, 2008 was rigged= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mrJRHwbVG8

  • Thats so mean! Isn’t he one of those actors that chose not to act anymore….. it has nothing to do with people’s opinions. Like he had kids and shit, and just wanted to raise them.

  • “if you are one of the 15 viewers who have ever touched a push button telephone” me a teenager who has a family who still receives calls on it and sometimes calls other people too:

  • To be honest i heard the best way to temporarily kill AT&T is to have an entire nation call a phone number but thats just a theory

  • I get a cup of milk instead of a bowl, add a handful of cereal, wait a couple seconds, & scoop it out. The cereal doesn’t stay in the milk long enough to get soggy but does absorb some of the milk.

  • Very interesting video
    Thanks for doing that but I felt the jokes were a little bit too many, forced and distracting than the usual

  • Ok my parents are just gonna let me eat sugar for breakfast great way to incourage healthy diets for kids most of its cake stuff chocolate and sprinkles lol ��

  • Sorry bud. Love your reviews but can’t stand the swoosh graphics between products. You don’t need to add “fancy schmansy”, your reviews were great as they were.

  • there is an Arabian dessert is a sort of sweet dumplings filled with cream and nuts. it can be described as folded pancakes.
    its name is “Qatayef” u can searche for and try it, hope u like it

  • Emma I have tried so many pancakes recipe and they all failed but I decided to try your recipe and it really I am making them right now and it is my 10nth time making these love you ������

  • Dan you didn’t quite get there with this tip. How about pouring milk in first and then pouring cereal on top of the milk. Even better, put milk in a cup and cereal in another cup, a spoonful of cereal dipped in milk and into your mouth. That will give the greatest bite evrytime.

  • I poor the milk first, this way I know my portion of milk, and I add just enough cereal for a mix of soft and crunchy and add a little more cereal as I go maintaining perfect ratio to the end.

  • Disagree that a grey or blue suit is most formal, surely black is? But more importantly, a tie makes the suit formal more than the colour you pick.

  • I love pancakes, but everytime i tried to make them, i always failed. Even though i watch a lot of videos on how to make pancakes but i always messed up lol howww

  • I love your baking style Emma it’s so easy and helpful for me. I’m a new Youtuber, hope you will pinned my message to help me. ❤️��

  • This is great if your build is just like his… It alienates most who are older or larger (and not “fat”, but just a bigger build)

  • I’d love to upgrade my style easily… but the problem is, I’m a very odd body size and shape, it’s one of the hardest things trying to find nice clothes that fit correctly, any tips?

  • You wear gray and navy suits to funerals? Bro if you gonna have only one suit then is best to vo with black since is acceptable in all occasions.

  • Thank you for the videos. I would like to request that you do a video on color combinations, like how do you match your clothes. Thanks again

  • Ok so let me get this straight, you pour milk into the cereal but want the cereal dry. That’s just going into a bathtub with a computer and getting mad when the computer breaks.

  • Crunch cup reminds me of when I was a kid filling my mouth with cereal and then drinking milk out of glass while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

  • The cereal on the go one would kinda be good for any drink and food combo put pop or juice in the bottom and chips or things like that in the top

  • love the videos and tips.. Where did the grey suit in this vid come from.. Just bought a Grand Frank on your recommendation
    Keep up the great work.

  • witht he cereal on the go, its unrealistic to carry that by itself without some refrigeration at work, most people would put it in a lunchbox which would help insulate that cols and could even keep other items cold

  • those magic bag sealers ive had those for years back in 2014 i remember of thinking a something simmilar to those and i simply cut 10 straws in half and boom

  • He’s right for most part, but he’s wrong about a suit. If you have only one suit, always go for a black one. Black is the formal suit for every occasion including job interviews, cocktail parties, business meetings, etc. Also, his pants are little too short and he’s not wearing any socks which is a huge no no when wearing suits.