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Any of these make great travel-friendly snacks as well: Bite-size veggies like baby carrots, broccoli florets, bell pepper slices High-fiber cereal in single-serving baggies Cheese, such as string cheese or cut up some 1-ounce bites Dried fruit Fresh fruit Granola bars Instant oatmeal packets. Skip the tupperware, and pack Van’s PB&J Sandwich bars instead. Made with real peanut butter and blueberries, these snack bars taste as good as the original, and they’re totally gluten free. Road trip snacks like crunchy ranch mix, banana muffins and carrot cookie bites are easy to make, simple to pack and keep you feeling happy mile after mile.

Featuring all kinds of nuts and grains, these crunchy chia-seed-based snacks are rich in fibre and Omega-3, and super easy to bake before your big trip. Get the recipe here. 12. 2. Cereal, Granola, and Trail Mix.

Cereal without the milk is a must for airplane snacking. A small travel hack is to ask for milk, if available, on the plane if you simply can’t eat dry cereal. Homemade or store-bought granola and trail mix. Healthy and homemade travel snacks that are good both for kids, for teens, and for adults!

Things that work well on an airplane on any airline or on roadtrip with no refrigeration in the car! See more ideas about Travel snacks, Snacks, Road trip snacks. 5. Packaged Cookies Torey Walsh. While not the healthiest boating snack, Oreos and Chips Ahoy are sealed, which makes them travel-friendly. After eating your nuts or granola bar, open a package of.

I’ve divided this list of frugal real food snacks into 3 categories based on prep time: Zero Prep Snacks; Snacks Ready in 5 Minutes or Less; Make Ahead Snacks; I personally draw from the Zero Prep list most days, but I try to mix in a few of the other ideas from time to time to keep things interesting and fun for the kids. Zero Prep Real Food. 10 Quick Make-ahead Snack Ideas for Food Prep Day. Tips, Tricks, and How to’s. Healthy snacks can and should be a part of your weight loss plan and/or maintenance.

I have said this before but I try to eat 5 times a day – 3 main meals and 2 small snacks. These healthy travel snacks are a mixed bag of make-ahead treats, portable meal-prep ideas, and buy-and-go portable munchies. Plus, each of these healthy travel snack picks have been given the stamp of approval from a dietitian.

It doesn’t get much more travel-friendly.

List of related literature:

When we think of travel foods, we often think of packaged snacks: trail mix, energy bars, potato chips, crackers.

“Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables
by Anthony William
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• Healthy snacks for a long flight, such as carrots, cucumber slices, celery sticks, dry roasted almonds, cashews and chicken wraps.

“Praying Through Your Pregnancy: An Inspirational Week-by-Week Guide for Bonding with Your Baby” by Jennifer Polimino, Carolyn Warren
from Praying Through Your Pregnancy: An Inspirational Week-by-Week Guide for Bonding with Your Baby
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Dry Snacks: Fruit, cut veggies, nuts, crackers, pretzels, chips, etc. in smaller stainless steel containers or cloth snack bags

“Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too” by Beth Terry
from Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too
by Beth Terry
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Pack snacks accordingly: cheese sticks or wedges, raw vegetables, fresh fruit, trail mix, dry cereal, some healthy crisps.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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Plan ahead and pack some of your favorite nonperishable items, such as energy bars, granola bars, cereals, packets of instant breakfast mix, dried fruit, whole-grain crackers, powdered sports drinks, meal replacements, instant soups, fruit juices, and any other items that travel safely.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
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Take other portable, nonperishable foods—for example, crackers, peanut butter, raisins, small boxes of ready-to-eat cereal, single-serving cans oftuna or fruit, other dried fruit, pretzels, or plain popcorn.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

Suggestions for “good” snacks (between meals) and for “good” sweets (after meals) are given: olives, popcorn, mixed nuts, dried fruits, coconut-filled chocolate, pumpkin compote, passion fruit mousse with seeds, and so forth.

“Wheat and Rice in Disease Prevention and Health: Benefits, risks and mechanisms of whole grains in health promotion” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
from Wheat and Rice in Disease Prevention and Health: Benefits, risks and mechanisms of whole grains in health promotion
by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
Elsevier Science, 2014

Suggestions for travel foods include:

“Sink, Float, or Swim” by Jogi Rippel
from Sink, Float, or Swim
by Jogi Rippel
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Some healthy, low-fat, easily packable snacks include raisins, trail mix, nuts, energy bars (check for the low-fat, low-calorie variety), apples, bananas, and many other fruits.

“Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” by Bill Stermer
from Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
by Bill Stermer
MotorBooks International, 2002

Snack bags (also for emergency 24hr supplies) Raisins; peanuts; mixed nuts; chocolate; sandwiches, nut. sesame seed and granola bars; dried fruit; fruit bars; potato chips: boiled baby potatoes; beefjerky, a few carbohydrate bars and sweets (jelly beans and candy).

“Adventure Racing” by Jacques Marais, Lisa De Speville
from Adventure Racing
by Jacques Marais, Lisa De Speville
Human Kinetics, 2004

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  • that speaking at the end scared the crap out of me its 1am and i literally thought someone was n my house (apart from my mum and sister)

  • I’d like to try the beef jerky from Costco now! I ADOOORE the one made by a friend of my mom, so I never buy beef jerky in a grocery store. But I trust your taste buds 😉

  • None of these are good suggestions for me at all! Nut allergy and then killing the best part of a fruit (it’s juiciness) by drying in the oven for EIGHT HOURS?! I’ll stick to sandwiches.

  • Lmao when the video editor doesnt run the final check before uploading. This is what happens when ur churning videos like a factory

  • I thought it is against YouTube policy to upload videos that are to be monetized and are nothing but old content? Click baiting shit. Tired of the recycled videos. Also, none of these are road trip food, since most has to be served hot or doesn’t taste as well. WTH… I think I may unsub form Tasty tbh.

  • Love all your snack ideas and those chocolate coconut almonds are amazing and our favorite too! I live in Massachusetts and my 16 year old son and I will be going on a 2 day road trip later this month visiting all the New England capital states!

  • Idk if youre mixing your audio but if possible cut a bit of the high end of your voice…maybe try using a warmer sounding mic. Your voice is alarming but Im sure in real life its nice….it’s just the way the audio is set up

  • I never thought of using a coffemate container for snacks. But I’m also not baking fruit. With the energy used you may as well buy dried.

  • Thank you for making so many amazing healthy recipes. I watched you religiously when I was pregnant, and in my year of motherhood your recipes, ESPECIALLY meal prepping, your videos kept me motivated. Honestly I was so exhausted with a newborn that I probably would’ve just eaten bags of Cheetos. Now I make healthy snacks for my son too and he LOVES them. It makes me so happy that he gets a head start in life by being introduced to healthy alternatives instead of just snacking on gold fish and teddy grahams.

  • Going to the Smokey mountains for spring break! Hello from Chicago! Thank you for the healthy alternative snacks! Very grateful I ran into your video!

  • I have been watching a lot of packing and road trip snacks videos lately and I have noticed that in the US they use a lot of plastic or odd choices for packaging. I don’t remember it being that bad when I used to live in the US when I was a kid or teen. The noise of opening bags and chewing is slightly distracting on video. I feel the noise is amplified

  • Hey I know I dont comment often anymore, but want to say: I’m about to move. Like, in a week. (My dad is finally retiring after 30 years in the army) When I was younger, I could survive being on the road and in a hotel for a few weeks surviving off of fast food, some veggies at Cracker Barrel, chips and candy, and then some carrots, apples, and nuts. But now I fully understand my stomach, its sensitivities, and how to feed it. So I’m really trying to plan ahead for what to take on this trip. My main focus is usually fiber, since I need to really hit my goal or else stomach sensitivity, so I’ll certainly be using some of these tips along with just packing lots of nuts, fruits, and veggies like carrots and mini cucumber that are easy to pack. Thanks!!!

  • I really like your videos. Have you tried whisking an eggwhite and adding it to your granola before baking? I find it makes it crispy and you don’t need as much sweetner.

  • I live in Texas so its over 100° daily so we go tubing down this river that you stay on for about 3 hours. It’s always nice having lots of snacks especially since you can drink you get kinds hungry lol. These are great snacks that I can easily take. I don’t have kids but my husband needs to be taken care like one and i seem to be the “mom” of the group always taking drinks and snacks haha always worth it tho. Great video, really helped me out

  • My Dad would always get mad having to stop for us to pee or eat on trips! He thought since he didn’t have to pee we could all be the same! My mom would have to remind him with 3 small kids and a wife with a bladder who’s carried the weight of said kids…he needed to stop!! Lol

  • Everyone knows fast food is essential for road trips… the car needs to stink of McDonald’s fries and the vomit of that one person that got carsick.

  • I was recently introduced to Kombucha when I took a road trip to Colorado and omg I cannot get enough of it. It’s very tart though so I warn those who don’t like tart things. It’s also healthy and refreshing… it pretty much is a detox drink… well it feels like I’m on a detox when I drink it haha! Enjoy your road trips Dzung!!!

  • I AM THE PERSON WHO FREAKS OUT WHEN I HAVE NO SNACKS DURING A TRIP. No matter how short it is. Even if I don’t eat it, I NEED to have a few snacks in my bag. NEED. I feel like it’s the end of the world when I have no snacks with me, like a legit freak out. ��

  • The prosciutto and cheese snacks are seriously so delicious! Thanks for showing the pickle popcorn I was wondering about it! We like soft popcorn so we’re going to try some:)!!

  • I’m going on an overnight trip that involves surfing, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding all in one day. Can anyone suggest food ideas with as minimal plastic as possible as I’ll be camping. Any help would be appreciated:)

  • We are leaving from Oregon to Chester California starting this weekend. an 18 hr drive for a week long vacation. We usually bring beef jerky and sunflower seeds for the driver.

  • We should be heading to Disney World this summer, a 3 hour drive for us. Normally, we stop at our local gas station to fill up and get snacks for the road, but I think packing ahead will be less expensive and healthier, so I’m going to follow your advice on this trip. Our vacations alternate between cruising (no need to bring food lol) and Orlando theme park trips.

  • I used to stop by McDonald’s after I begged my parents for like two hours, and unhappily choke down squishy clementines and grapes or maybe some leftover chips from Panera bread. Fun times.

  • Just an fyi, coconut water is indeed a diuretic. So, if you’re trying to avoid all those pit stops, forgo the coconut water. 😉 I would love to try those chocolate coconut almonds though!

  • Peanut butter sandwiches have a scent that gets caught in the air vents so the smell spreads and people on the flight can be allergic so it’s very dangerous for them.

  • Nice roundup! Always looking for new snack ideas! We also always keep our Klean kanteen in the car with water! Good suggestion!

  • I’s soooo lucky to find your channel. You are so super natural, emotional and i’m enjoying almost every your video! ) Thanks you so very much )

  • I like to transport everything in boxes like this: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0777MMGZ6/ref=sspa_mw_detail_1?psc=1
    Totally safe, you can carry everything. And I got an banana-shaped box for my bananas �� it’s really easy to pack a lot of veggies and fruits.

  • We are driving from Vancouver bc to the Oregon coast this summer! So excited! Definitely stopping at trader joes when we cross the border ����

  • we are planning a trip to mammoth this summer. this will be the first trip to mammoth with our LO. I will be in the back with baby too while hubby drives. we will be getting a lot of these snacks to take with us. I LURRRRRVE beef jerky!!! ������

  • I’m going to America on 20th of June! Your video absolutely came right on time!! I’ll try some of the snacks you recommend. Enjoy your holiday!! Pls do vlog.

  • I sit in the middle seat in the middle row, and we bring an ice chest with us. I have to put my feet on top of it the entire car ride. Not fun.

  • As someone who works at Trader Joe’s I also get those Steak Jerky sticks from Costco. Ours are yummy but tiny and kinda spendy.
    Also those almond coconut chocolates are so yummy!!

  • Totally gonna try out these snacks! Won’t be flying yet but for now we’re either driving to Big Bear or to Lake Arrowhead! Totally recommend going to Big Bear! Such a lovely little village!:)

  • amazing ideas! may i suggest one day try swapping basil for mint in the pita sandwich, i hope you like itthat’s how we enjoy it in the middle east:) and with yogurt instead of hummus, lots of varieties!

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  • Tip for quenching your thirst but not having to go to the bathroom: chew or suck on ice. I also have a very tiny bladder and this little tip helps me not to stop so many times.

  • What a perfect timing, even though I’m not going to make any for our road trip, since my dad can’t eat some in the video. We are going to pack our own food for central and eastern Europe.

  • HI..I realize this is old video.. Where did you find freeze dried raspberry?? Ilove apples and mangoes but never seen berries well beside strawberries lol..

  • I love getting inspiration from these! Not a fan of ranch/mayonnaise tasting dips but I love yogurt (weird but true) so I always like finding what things to mix in greek yogurt to make it savory but still yogurt-y lol

  • Perfect for the trumpet section! Being the “Section Grandma” means I’m immediately the snack provider, these are great for band camp!:))

  • What are the proportions for the cashew muffins? I followed the link and i just didn’t see them. I saw dimensions for making paleo type baking soda, but no actual proprtions for the muffins. And i really really want to make them for my road trip!

  • Wow what could I say. ����I really want to make these snacks just for snack and movie night������������������my kids and grandkids would love these ��Thank you Allysia for sharing your fun and tasty snack ideas on the go��❤ keep on making these boxes I highly recommend to everyone��

  • Awesome! So many great ideas. I love taking snacks when traveling. Saves money and I can control what I’m eating. Thank you for sharing!

  • Perfect timing. We’re taking a mini vaca to Galena. I’m definitely going to be using some of these ideas:)) Thanks for all the creativity you put into your videos Alyssia!

  • So just found your channel and gotta say love your energy and recipes. Especially with my new life style I’m subscribing.. Thank you!

  • Psa maybe wouldn’t recommend prunes while traveling in a car/planesomewhere u don’t have easy access to poo �� v powerful laxative

  • I love your channel, been watching for a couple weeks now. Im going back to watch the awesome videos i missed. My question is where did you get the chocolate chips? I want to make some trail mix with peanut butter chips but i want a cleaner version than the normal ones in the store.

  • This was one of your best videos yet!! You’re so amazing to give us SOOO many options! I’m excited to have so many choices for the whole family. We’ve been road tripping for years and with three kids under 12, these ideas are going to save my sanity! Thank you! ❤❤

  • I wish you wouldn’t talk about “clean” and “paleo” food. You make awesome, easy, healthy food/ snacks/ meals… by referring to fad diets and “clean” food you legitimize negative eating patterns and beliefs.

  • These look great! For the muffins could I use a different nut butter? Your video on sugar several months ago was so educational and made me realise how much sugar I was eating without knowing. It inspired me to try a Keto diet. I’ve lost 6 kilos so far and my doctor is really happy with how improved my blood sugars are now. So thank you for providing such fun, creative and educational content.

  • OMG! Thank you so much! This came in at the right time. We’ll be heading on a road trip and I can’t wait to try these recipes and snack ideas. So healthy and scrumptious!
    Thanks for sharing ����❤️❤️

  • Who else just starts freaking out when there is no SNACKS LEFT then your mom or dad saids look down or in the back trunk. Then you tell them nothing you like is there and one of your parents told you to pack whatever your want but you were too lazy.

  • Hi!

    For the Greek yogurt version of the Ranch, would I just add the dill and parsley, or the other dry seasoning as well? Thank you!

    My favorite box was box 1 yummy!

    I just can’t do those Gogo squeezes, their texture is off for men

  • Fantastic idea and right on time! The hubby and I are going on a staycation and I wanted to pack healthy snacks to have on hand in the hotel room. Thank you!

  • Perfect timing! We are about to take a two day driving trip (2 days each way��) to California to see our daughter! I am totally making these boxes!!!! Thank you!

  • We are going on a road trip from Germany to Italy, a four hour drive, and I would looove to pack some of this delicious looking snacks you recommended, but… We don’t have almost any of them in Germany! So envious!

  • Dear Alyssia, loved the Cashew Coco Muffins! Had to bake them right away:) now hiding from the kitchen, otherwise they won’t last long for my family to enjoy…

  • Thanks for the both cooked or not cooled because sometimes people don’t have access to a cooler or whatever the case is. This is great so not just people who have coolers can do this Everyone can do this. THANKS!!! P.s love your editing skills

  • I could not eat most of the snacks because of the peanuts can you do one that doesn’t include so any nuts or at least some that people who are allergic to nuts can enjoy thx for reading

  • This is a cool idea and I’ve got a road trip coming up. I’m a little skeptical about the craft box though-it looks amazing but won’t the popcorn and freeze dried fruit/veg and seaweed get soft if they’re not in something airtight?

  • I love these! This is the time of year where snacks are my favorite food, lol. This will help me stay on track with my health goals.

  • I have found a good dairy free replacement for sour cream is a mixture of 2 parts mayonnaise (I use southern style) and 3 parts plain unsweetened coconut yogurt (I use So Delicious). I use this mixture to make ranch dip. Finding plain unsweetened non-dairy yogurt can be a challenge but it’s well worth it!

  • frozen grapes and yogurt
    cheese sticks
    granola bars
    oat cereals

  • The one thing that Im wondering is how she got this food passed security because the airport I go to you cant bring food with you as long as u buy it in the airport, But idk because it could be different in different airports

  • :/ here in 2020 a really good travel snack is Good Made they are so good and the kids might like them but it tastes like a rolled up granola bars

  • Sezzy! These look so delicious but I am allergic to nuts so I was wondering if you could make a video showing some good healthy snacks nut free for those of us who love being healthy but have a nut allergy!! Love you babe❤️❤️���� keep up the good work!

  • Forget healthy, and brainy! I’m having SHUUGARR! Me later: mmm.. time for dinner! Me 6 hours later: k I’m good on food, and tons of bugles!

  • I saw this video how long time ago I just want to say a lot of people have peanut allergies so you should not bring peanut butter because that’s a common allergy people have

  • So uh… I ended up hand-peeling all of the chickpeas, and although I achieved the completely useless skill of peeling chickpeas efficiently, I wasted a lot of time. I know now that I need to “massage” my chickpeas a little bit more… thoroughly. They tasted delicious and were well worth the effort, but it’s just a little tip for y’all:)

  • Easy? they seem like a lot of work plus time. I am already planing the entire vacation and then I gotta spend time in the kitchen making these. not thank you.

  • Let’s be honest. What “snacks” are these? Who would actually eat a full ass sandwich filled with a WHOLE lot of meat for a simple snacks? Who are you feeding Tasty, Monsters?

  • How are any of these foods “easy” for a roadtrip… who packs a grilled sandwich and falafel (along with the stuff that goes in the falafel sandwich) when they go on a road trip? Lmao

  • All the food down bellow looks absolutely delicious! But, personally a lot of this food can be considered messy. So it would require some preparations, but overall this all looks so good! I’m going to try this out for a picnic maybe. Especially a good sandwich. Hands down, Tasty makes some good recipes!!

  • Wait wtf i just clicked the video from recommended and tomorrow im going on a road trip i can actually make one of those things! Very nice im a eater for road trips.

  • A lot of videos I just listen to while doing other things. But, I have to stop and actually watch yours. Your visuals are so incredibly bright, fun and appetizing. Along with your happy voice and great healthy suggestions, it all makes for a lovely bite of inspiration.

  • As a Cuban, I have to say that I have literally never ever ever ever ever in my entire life seen a more accurate video of someone making a Cuban sandwich??? It’s more preferable to use a panini press but that is like???? SPOT ON.

    A tip: If you don’t have access to Cuban bread in your city (because your city is barbaric like that) and don’t wanna make your own (because making bread is a lot), try a French bread similar to the kind they have in New Orleans! You generally wanna go for a soft, fluffy, thick, white loaf, so anything like that would work:-)

  • OMG you guys are being SO MEAN to me on a Fasting Day… Those gravy stuffed biscuits are KILLING me to go in the kitchen and make them!! Thanks!!

  • I think you should do more snack boxes when spring/summer 2020 hits. This video is amazing! I’m going to be flying to Washington DC soon and definitely gonna put some of these in my bento box to snack on the flight! Thanks:)

  • Those grilled cheese roll-ups get my seal of approval.
    And I don’t want to stop at cheddar for them either, I wanna try Gruyère, mozzarella, munster, or smoked gouda, or any type of sliced cheese with this.

  • This is exactly the kind of video I need! My boyfriend and I go on a road trip from France to Sweden… I love this concept and thank you for your unexpected help!

  • Hi if you�re reading this. Please remember That YOU have what it takes, whatever it takes, to do great things today. You will rise and shine exactly the way the sun does. Wishing you an amazing DAY

  • Wait big question do you can you make for vids like this cause I am still at school and you know the no nuts thing yeah please keep making content like this

  • Sezzy I’m trying to loose weight I’ve been at it for a while now I lost some and then plateaued hard idk what I’m doing wrong any tips for like how to figure out your right macros aside from spending a million dollars for a dietician

  • I would love when you cook if you would put the recipe down in the box. I dont always have 12 minutes to watch your videos. And I love your food

  • Wait how long does the granola stay in the oven for lol. I finally decided to make this recipe a year later and preheated the oven and realized welp, this might burn knowing me without further instructions.

  • I love this video! Thank you so much for making this, such good ideas! I know this video was done 2 years ago, but could you make another one? x

  • Ok so sense I’m trying to eat healthy here are some changes I made today

    I ate a salad for lunch instead of chicken nuggets

    I ate a peanut butter covered apple instead of fruit snacks

    I drank 4 cups of water ( each cup 16 oz) instead of juice


  • For all those school kids if you want to take an apple to school let your mom cut it at home and put a rubber band around it. Then put it into a bag and take the band of at lunch so it will be fresh and not brown!!!!!!! You can thank me later

  • Wow! Looks yummy! I was inspired by this video and decided to make a video about easy healthy snacks too:) On my Rayamao A. Channel. Hope you will check it out and give some support <3

  • I usually eat hummus with sweet potato chip, but I will try hummus with carrot. Also I love apples with peanut butter.
    Last summer, my family went on a road trip from southern Cali to Portland, Or. This year, we are thinking Lake Tahoe. I hope you and the family have a fun road trip.

  • When parts of the food get stuck in your baking tray just fill it with hot water and let it rest for 30 to 40 minutes then clean it, it’s way easier haha

  • first vid of urs, 3rd healthy snack vid I watched and yet I favored and subscribed quick! Humble, down to earth, funny with some great ideas, thank u for the tips!

  • This is so helpful, I’m going to drive trough four different countries next week with my family and it’s going to last 1 and a half week. I am excited but my family is famous for being super mad when we haven’t eaten for a while. So this is great, it’s definitely going to keep our trip mad-free and fun!���� (Btw I’m from Sweden so sorry for my bad English)

  • Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about “homemade paleo snack bars” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Diyarter Benaylee Cure (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.

  • Hi what’s up moms my family is going to Great Wolf Lodge and it’s going to take a few hours so what’s next would you recommend for a few hours I’m in 11 year old kids and I have an older sister who is 16 what’s next would you recommend please reply I’m leaving tomorrow replacing oh yeah by the way I am a kid

  • I recently found your channel and am in love

    I’m actually going food shopping today to make some of these recipes
    I’m just starting my fitness journey

  • I’ve already watched this vid but I had to revisit bc I’ve been on the hunt for an oat-free granola recipe and I knew you’d be my gal! You didn’t disappoint! I’m on the way to the store to get the extra ingredients that I need. Thanks for being the healthy snack kween for girls like me! ������

  • Amazing recipes! I have a question though. I made the toffee one, but it kept sticking to the baking paper and I didn’t know what to do. Do you guys have suggestions? should I keep it cold longer? is there a way to not make it sticky? Thanks, everything else was delicious!