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5 Easy Diabetics Breakfast Recipes to Lower Blood Sugar Level

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5 Lower-Sugar Breakfast Options. It’s easy to experience a sugar crash after breakfast. Between the coffee, banana, bagel and other quick fixes we grab in the morning, it’s easy to eat more carbs and less of.

Low-Sugar Breakfast Recipes: Pancakes, Waffles and Muffins. Mini Carrot Cake Pancakes with Vanilla Greek Yogurt Frosting via Cleverful Living with Holley Grainger. Raspberry Buckwheat Pancakes via Baby Led Feeding. Gluten-Free Praline Pecan Protein Pancakes.

5 Lower-Sugar Breakfast Options It’s easy to experience a sugar crash after breakfast. Between the coffee, banana, bagel and other quick fixes we grab in the morning, it’s easy to eat more carbs and less of the fat and protein that balance the meal. Adding low-fat milk or yogurt to your breakfast is another way to keep it healthy and relatively low on sugar. Substitute low-fat milk in your whole grain or low-sugar cereal instead of whole or 2.

Low Carb/Low Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Cake Eating Evolved sweetener, coconut flour, baking powder, non dairy milk, cinnamon and 8 more Low-Sugar Low-Carb Banana Ricotta Mousse The Spruce chopped walnuts, mashed banana, ricotta cheese, liquid stevia and 5. The Best Lower-Sugar Cereals. These healthy and tasty cereals are all low in added sugar, making them great choices for a better morning meal. 4 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas. 10 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Type 2 Diabetes.

Make breakfast a no-brainer. These simple ideas will help keep your blood sugar steady and get you on with your day in no time. 5 Brilliant Breakfast Hacks 7 Ways to Win at Breakfast The Best Berry Breakfast Smoothie (Video) 7 Recipes to Make Your Morning a Little Sweeter. Suggest a correction. More: Recipes Food Taste brunch Breakfast.

Newsletter Sign Up. The best recipes, kitchen tips and genius food facts. Low-Sugar Breakfast Ideas With Under 30 Grams Skip the Midmorning Sugar Crash and Eat 1 of These 30+ Low-Sugar Breakfasts. June 25, 2018 by Jenny Sugar. 17.4K Shares View On One Page.

Five low-sugar breakfasts ready in 10 minutes or less (PLUS how eating less sugar in the morning could change your life) Sugar-laden cereals can affect your mood levels for the whole day.

List of related literature:

For breakfast I might have oatmeal with sucralose and cream and three eggs.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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If you are like most Americans, you are used to a breakfast that is a high-carbohydrate meal including some sort of cereal (oatmeal, boxed cereal with milk, bagel, sweet roll, buttered toast, pancakes, waffles.), with coffee and fruit juice.

“The Paleo Diet Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes for Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages” by Nell Stephenson, Loren Cordain
from The Paleo Diet Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes for Paleo Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Snacks, and Beverages
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Sprinkle some daily on your choice of breakfast foods, or simply mix into yogurt with fresh fruit and some grated almonds on top; or have 1) poached egg on whole grain toast; 2) muesli, whole grain or granola cereal with apple juice or vanilla soy milk; 3) buckwheat or whole grain pancakes with apple

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
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An oatmeal, almond, blueberry square is a great breakfast choice if you often find yourself short on time during the week or if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to eat a lot in the morning.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
from Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
by Meri Reffetto
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Sprinkle some daily on breakfast foods, or mix into yogurt with fresh fruit; or have 1) poached egg on whole grain toast; 2) muesli, whole grain or granola cereal with apple juice or vanilla rice milk; 3) buckwheat or whole grain pancakes with apple juice or molasses.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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Or take breakfast to work: a container of cereal and banana, with an individual serving of milk; instant oatmeal, dried apricots and blueberries mixed with nonfat dry milk (add hot water to finish it off); a container of yogurt topped with fresh or frozen (thawed) strawberries; or Swiss and tomato in a pitta.

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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A fiber-rich cereal, low-fat dairy milk and banana home-prepared breakfast Swap the doughnut and coffee breakfast to a homemade breakfast of fiber-rich cereal with low-fat dairy milk and a small banana and the nutrient profile changes.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
from Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking
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Hearty yet light buckwheat gives you the sustenance to get you through the morning without that blood sugar crash ofen associated with refined flour pancakes, and mashed banana adds natural sweetness and keeps your pancakes moist and light.

“The Doctor's Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance” by Travis Stork, Leda Scheintaub
from The Doctor’s Diet Cookbook: Tasty Meals for a Lifetime of Vibrant Health and Weight Loss Maintenance
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For example: 1 egg (protein) with oatmeal (carbohydrate) sweetened with a teaspoon of almond butter (good fat), toast with extra-virgin olive oil drizzled on it, and ground flaxseed sprinkled on a sweet potato.

“Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living” by Ben Lerner
from Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living
by Ben Lerner
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The combinations of food I suggest for breakfast are balanced between proteins, carbohydrates and fats, following the 3x1 DIET, which are intended to reach a HORMONAL BALANCE and thus, effective diabetes control.

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

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  • I love overnight oats. I use 40g oats and pot of fat free natural yogurt and frozen fruit. I start layers with some yogurt in kilner jar then oats followed by fruit. I do a couple of layers and top with few berries. Leave in fridge overnight and the frozen fruit melts into the yogurt and oats. First time my husband spotted these in the fridge he asked me ‘who’s the trifle for’ as that’s the consistency they come out! X ps you can also use Greek yoghurt slightly thinned down with a dash of milk

  • You could add some berries and some seeds to your oatmeal you don’t have to add refined sugar. It tastes okay plain if you’re reasonably hungry.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on talking about this popular fat burn method.

  • Sorry, dude our bodies run on glucose. Why don’t we look at the micronutrient per calorie density of foods and try to eat low calorie and high micronutrient. Why don’t we look at how hormonally favorable foods are and how slowly they’re absorbed? How are you lumping berries in with cold breakfast cereal? What about some quinoa or steel cut oats? Or melon. Or citrus? Or beans and greens? Or, fuck it, why not a salad with fruit for breakfast? How about a head of lettuce. Or how about a head of green leaf lettuce, blended with a couple oranges, and a handful of raw cashews?

  • Honey, fruit, potatoes, oats, bread (even the whole grain type) healthy ready mix pancake (processed no doubt)?! These things can’t be eaten by most diabetics?! Don’t make these recipes if you’re diabetic! So many carbs and sugars which diabetics just can’t process properly! ‘Diabetes Zone’ this information is so irresponsible!

  • These videos with these musics are awful! Cant really concentrate! And if I wanted to read something I would buy a book or google it… If I go to youtube means I wanna listen, not read…

  • perhaps you havent heard of the on going cholesterol problem in the country…My Cousin Vinny lol…Doc can you OR do you have a vid on skim milk vs Whole milk?

  • Thank you for your advice and suggestions. I hope everybody as honest as you and Dr. Berg who genuinely try to help people with their health issues as well as to stay health. Could you please tell me what are the cause of sleep paralysis which is a terrify experience and how to cure it!!!God bless You

  • Berries are absorbed over 4 hours. Agree that the concentrated sweeteners and refined grains are absorbed over minutes. Don’t animal foods spike IGF-1 insulin like growth factor 1? Aren’t diabetics at significantly increased risk of heart disease? Don’t excessive levels of insulin or IGF-1 promote cancer? Is he really lumping berries in with refined grains because their calories come from carbohydrates? What about their antioxidant load or phytochemical anti cancer properties? What in the hell is wrong with melon, or citrus, or berries? They’re very low glycemic index foods. Why have you not mentioned beans? Or greens?

  • In Europe when I was young they ate cheese or a sauage and that good german bread. But we are talking very SMALL portions. Their food was fresh. Locally produced. Back then.
    Usually also a small piece of fruit. Some had a bit of milk. But not normally unless a child.
    Mostly they did NOT eat our style of adulterated foods.
    No chemicals. None at all.

  • You can still eat these foods as long as they are portioned for every meal you are allotted 15g of a starch, which does include potatoes, bread, etc. as long as you portioning out these foods the way the should be for a diabetic diet you are fine.

  • Iam so new at this. Not sure if I have diabetes, but my right outside leg sting with pain, and burn. something is wrong. Iam trying to lose weight and change my eating. Can u help.. could I have Neuralgia Paresthetica

  • I eat kippers with eggs. Or sometimes sardines.
    Love bacon and eggs too. But fish (kippers) and eggs are great!!
    Fruit, oranges, Apples or peaches. Or water melon.
    Avocados if I can find any good ones.
    My pancakes are mostly thinly
    Cooked, egg rolled up.
    I use a tablespoon or two of flour in the egg mixture to keep it together. Sometimes, not necessary.
    And a 1/2 teaspoon of vanillia extract.
    Butter and molasses or maple syurp, is good with it, for me.
    But “no sugar” jelly, jam would also be good.
    There are so many alternatives out there. It’s a wonderful delicious world!!!

  • This was sooo helpful!!! I always end up with such a sugary smoothie while trying to stay healthy, this will really change my smoothie lifestyle lol ��

  • “Cancer” is caused by sugar, fructose, fungus, yeasts, molds,toxic diets,pesticides, dairy, hormones,” prions “, virus in meat,chlorinated water,, high oxalate crystals, high uric acid,, Stress, UV radiation exposure, G5 towers, electric magnetic radiation-damaged, heated fats, fried foods, high protein diets, processed food, refine carbohydrates.

    “Eat a low “”lectin”” ” low “oxalate” ” diet “…no spinach, no wheat!.no bread, no pasta!

    American cuisine is poison, cosmic UV radiation exposure (sun), mercury in Fish.

    If you keep you blood sugar below 85 and you eat organic plant base diet you will never get Cancer.

    Coffee (caffeine ) makes the liver to release sugar to the blood and this causes ” insulin” surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain!
    you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug > ( caffeine )

    Liver Detoxification –. L-Ornithine is truly special, because it helps your body eliminate extra nitrogen amonia from high protein diets and other types of waste. 

    The liver hates fat, fried food, heated damaged fats, sugar, fructose, chemicals,pesticides -> Detox!
    I LOVE chromium GTF by NOW. I have been using this for years. I’d been having a lot of difficulty with low blood sugarwith hand tremors & a foggy head. When I take this supplement daily, I feel steady all day even if I’m late eating a meal. appetite control & sugar cravings along with eating lower carbs. help keep my blood sugar in line.

    Coffee (caffeine ) makes the liver to release sugar to the blood and this causes ” insulin” surge to be released by the pancreas..the result is hunger and weight gain! coffee stimulates the liver and the pancreas to release insulin…..( weight gain)
    you want to lose weight? no coffee, no tea….no caffeine!….coffee and teas are a drug > ( caffeine )

  • That’s what I like about my Vitamix, I can throw lettuce or cucumber or some tomatoes in a smoothie and as long as I don’t put too much in no one can tell!

  • Nuking the strawberries for a few seconds in the microwave to ripen and/or crushing them will release the juices, making it sweeter. Mmm. Great video.

  • You don’t seem like a 7-eleven girl BUT!..��If you happen to pass one they have a Fabulous organic cold pressed juice with only 6g sugar that is SO good ���� and Tastes super sweet. It’s called “Clean and Green”. It has kale, cucumber, apple, spinach, mint, celery, lime and parsley. It’s a really tasty combination. Thought I’d Share! ������

  • This is the worst recipes I have seen for diabetics, they will definitely up your a1c out of whack. I hope people don’t make this apple thing at 21 gram of sugar sheesh

  • What if I’m taking medication in the morning, should I skip breakfast as well and still take the medication? This includes Metformin. Thanks.

  • V v best and informative. Please mention few more Best food for breakfast so we can select the most we like to have and skip the worst food.

  • I don’t believe that some raw rolled outs in yogurt is worse than pancakes or waffles with syrup or agave. I’d eat Trader Joe’s whole grain pancakes everyday, but don’t because of my blood sugar.

  • Low carb and ketogenic diets are good for diabetics. Read about them. Learn which fruits and vegetables have loads of starch and sugar and high glycemic index.Have good fats and good proteins. Avoid high carb and high glycemic index foods ie foods which raise insulin level. Some people avoid all grains and gluten

  • Eggs significantly increase my LDL cholesterol. When on a vegan diet, my LDL is normal, after 3 months of consuming 3 eggs a day, my LDL was 166..

  • Looking for something that’s different and what I have on hand which was the second and last smoothie.
    I have a fav. Any green spinach or watercress, strawberries, 1/2 banana, juice of a orange. 1/4 to 1/2 of avocado, Walnuts. Splash lime juice.May need a little water. I like my fruit frozen. I don’t really measure, I make a single serving. Not necessarily that low in sugar.

  • I thought steel cut oatmeal is good and was wondering why my glucose count has been high even with intermittent fasting. Wow been doing it wrong.

  • My buddy advised this “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) for my weight and diabetic issues. I had been following firm exercise and also diet regime. I was able to decrease 35 points from my blood glucose levels after a day on the diet routine. Right after 4 days, I lost Sixty points from my blood sugar levels. It`s been effective for me personally. I am so pleased that I was able to stabilize my blood sugar..

  • Hello and thank you for making this channel! I have learn so much and I am grateful! Is there any protein powder that is affordable that you may recommend. I have a thyroid issue and need to gain weight.
    Tia ��������

  • Animal foods might show some benefit if we compare them to refined grains. But both of these choices look miserable when we compare them to vegetables, fruit, and beans. Why not actually chose health. Fight cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes all at the same time. Bacon, eggs, and steak? But berries are bad? Come on!

  • One of the few GP that understands what works. I also add sausage on my breakfast rotation. I am one of the lucky ones, in that strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and Cantaloupe, have no to minimal impact on my blood sugar.

  • I have a friend who eats eggs every day and he is doing great, where do these doctors come from???? Support the doctor and all their foods and you will gain weight and die!!!

  • This guy doesn’t look healthy now he’s not going to look healthy later, for sure if he’s eating what he’s recommending. Instead of arguing that animal foods are healthy because refined grains and concentrated sweeteners are not healthy, why not try veggies, beans, and fruit? A couple ounces of nuts and seeds a day. Get low calories and high micronutrients: phytochemicals and antioxidants. This guy is a joke. Ask him for some references to medical or nutritional journal articles and read them. Try contrasting anything Joel Fuhrman says and look up his references. Aren’t saturated fats widely agreed to be the biggest promoter of high blood cholesterol? How can bacon and steak, which are loaded in saturated fat they’re mostly calories from fat and most of the fat calories are saturated not cause heart disease?

  • I do skip. Breakfast because I just don’t like taste of eggs no matter how they are prepared. Yoghurt, cottage cheese products makes my stomach upset.

  • I think all this recipe is good, for people who have or having issue with low sugar also known as hypoglycemia. If you are already a diabetic. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS RECIPE. It will for sure send your sugar to the roof.
    One way to figure out especially if you are recently diagnose with DM type 1 or 2. Is make a journal on what you eat and see what food reacts to your body. Then adjust your diet accordingly. For example me. I check my sugar 2 hour after a large meal, ( usually lunch is my largest meal) if I eat 1 piece of bread with chicken salad. That 1 piece of bread sends my sugar almost 200. My body reacts to carbs like is running out of business. So in my opinion make a journal of what you eat and test your sugar twice a day 1 fasting or at waking up and 2nd 2 hours after your large meal of the day, and figure out what you can eat and what you can avoid or eat less of it.

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  • Where the heck did you graduated, how da fuck do you recommend people with diabetes to eat bananas, oats, cereal doesn’t matter the milk cereal is cereal all those contain gluten, almidón its more sugar in the system. People please don’t trust someone is pretending giving you an advice wich is totally wrong. Don’t listen to me, look for yourself.

  • I usually mix frozen berries, water, one tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt and one tablespoon of honey, but these recipes look amazing, definitely gonna try them:)

  • Bacon and eggs is this guy even serious? Sure refined grains are crap. But that doesn’t mean animal foods are healthful. Carbohydrates aren’t bad, per se. What about beans? Right resistant starch not even broken down by enzymes fermented lower down. Absorbed over hours. Is he actually going to say berries are bad now? When you eat beans, greens, onions, and mushrooms regularly you create a beneficial biome for bacteria that then deal with your mango and oatmeal lowering their glycemic index it’s called the second meal effect. Berries are also absorbed super slowly. But do we really believe that bacon and eggs and steak are healthful? They are high calorie, and very low micronutrient they do not contain any phytochemicals or antioxidants. They do contain plenty of cholesterol and plenty of saturated fat and they’re great if you want heart disease or cancer.

  • I loved these Rachel! I really enjoyed collaborating with you on this video. I must try overnight oats instead of porridge. My lot would also love scrambled eggs and beans on toast. Great ideas xxx

  • I would not eat these suggestions, they are loaded with sugars and carbs and that is exactly what a diabetic needs to avoid! Maybe this video should be called top 5 diabetic coma recepies…

  • Thanks my doctor is always telling me that banana is not the best but I can tell you that banana is my best favourite fruit on this earth, l used to even 10 or more banana without a problem but now l only have 1 banana a day and it feels like a torture for sure but my doctor is doing what is best for me with sugar levels of over 25 to 30 which is very high.

  • I’m told that eggs are a particularly bad choice for diabetics. Like when the egg board tries to justify eating eggs, the first thing they do is exclude diabetics from their studies. Aren’t diabetics twice as likely to die in a given period if they eat eggs?

  • Hello I would like to share how we lost weight in a week I leave the link in case you are interested, totally free https://many.link/sanvent83

  • I’m a type 2 diabetic. For breakfast every morning I eat scrambled eggs, bacon, and a slice of whole wheat toast. Before I cook my scrambled eggs I also add a dash of turmeric, a dash of cayenne pepper, and a dash of dried chives. And I drink decaf organic coffee,

  • I’ve been looking for more smoothie recipes, at first I was sad about the kiwi one, because I’m allergic but I’ve just learned that if I blanch them first the enzyme I’m allergic to will disappearso I’m trying that. One question could I use these for breakfast or wouldn’t they be enough?

  • Aesthetics!!! I wanna own all your glass, jars and baking materials. Hahaha. More power and hope to see some more healthy recipes!! <3


  • @emmett garnham what is wrong with potatoes??? i thought you were a allowed 3oz. of potato for a 15g carb serving when roasted that is.

  • I’m diabetic and have a high cholesterol. I have had 6 cardiac catheterizations and have 9 stents. I don’t think I can follow what you’re saying is a good breakfast.

  • If you want to shed weight, it is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine. They’ll make it easier to get the shape you need.

  • I am diabetic, this is the absolute truth!
    Get away from carbs. 50 grams of cereal harm more than 500 grams of meat. Thank you doctor!

  • However, oats are complex carbohydrates, and that means that your body has to work hard to break it down to convert it into calories. That also means that you will be burning glucose, sitting at your computer. So is true for bacon.

  • Hey doc.. You should reach out to sugarMDs… He’s an endo on YouTube.. Recommending 60 carbs per meal and to keep it consistent so that you don’t go low… (instead of just suggesting to use less insulin when you don’t eat carbs)

  • I’d love to know if this is also ok if you have a heart condition. I had a major heart attack last March…I now have a Pacemaker, 2 stents and defibrillator. Knowing how important it is to exercise, I have been walking an hour a day, 5 days a week and doing resistance training every other day since my surgery. About 2 weeks ago I was on my walk and got very dizzy, then sweating profusely, had trouble swallowing and my skin was cold and clammy…my Wife said my skin ( normally tan ) was almost gray. I went to the ER where I was told that I had had Heat Stroke…and that Heat Stroke was brought about by Diabetes. I had never been diagnosed with Diabetes…I told the Nurse this…turns out they had done blood work LAST JUNE and at that time my A1C was 7.4…I was NEVER told! The day I had to go to the ER, it was 9.3! Anyway, while in the hospital I was told I needed a “Low Carb ” diet. When I replied “Oh, like Atkins!” You’d have thought I had said the “Doughnut Diet”. I was then LIED to ( because I have done Atkins successfully several times ) and told Atkins and Keto were ZERO Carb Diets…I KNOW they’re not! When I told the Dr. that Atkins is 20 grams of carbs a day for the first week or two, then you start adding carbs. I was then told it wasn’t “heart Healthy” to which I responded ” It really depends on what you eat…you don’t have to eat high fat, and you can ACTUALLY eat high fat with heart disease…depending on if it’s good or bad fat you’re eating! Anyway, I stopped fighting and acted as if she was right. I was also told Intermittent Fasting was out….they were WRONG on ALL counts! When I got home from the Hospital I was using their diet which allowed me 45 gms of carbs for 2 meals, 60 gms. for 1 meal and 2 snacks of 15 gms., I was told to make sure to eat every 3 or 4 hours. I was also prescribed Jardiance & Metformin ( I had no intention of taking them ). My blood sugar was 474 when I left the hospital. During most of that week, my Blood sugar ranged from the high of 474 to a low of 352….I did not see a “gradual” decline as you would expect…it would spike or drop within those parameters. Well, for most of the next week I kept with it with no change…that was this week…then this past Tuesday, I ate breakfast around 11 am, a friend of mine came to visit and we lost track of time, played some Guitar…etc. Next thing I know ( not because I’d gotten hungry or felt bad…but because he’d left ) it’s past 9 pm and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast! I decided to check my Blood Sugar level…it was 202! The LOWEST it had been since leaving the Hospital! The next morning it was at 220 ( I guess because I did eat late ) my Dr.s office called to confirm an appointment for Blood work the next day, I told them what happened and they of course credited “their” diet. Anyway, in addition after getting the blood work labs back…they called to tell me my Kidneys were fine and my Electrolytes were still not normal but better. They then asked how my Sugar was and I informed them that recently it was ranging between 238 and 202. At which point the Dr.’s assistant said “Oh, the Jardiance and Metformin MUST be working!” I told her I hadn’t taken them and that I would discuss it with the Dr. at my Tuesday appointment. Anyway, I’d like your advice on striking a dieting balance….because of the Heart Disease, I have to watch Sodium and because of the Diabetes, I have to watch Carbs…what’s my best options?

  • That’s how I got fat, eating all those “good heart healthy” things. The years of low life everything, including oatmeal and skim milk. Eating oatmeal and skim milk as a night snack because I was starving! Rice cakes and plain “heart healthy” cereal. Here I am starting keto and feeling so satisfied.

  • Thanks so much for suggesting the zucchini in place of bananas. I have pcos and am really trying to dial back my sugar and carbs. I love the banana flavor in my smoothie so I put in some banana extract with the zucchini and lots of ice. So glad I saw this video-thanks for sharing!

  • Sorry if you have already commented on this concern but where can I buy the same freezer bags please?, PS thanks for sharing 7.30.2020

  • Doctor: I so so so appreciate your good advice. Thank You. I follow YOU and listen to my body. I don’t eat meat possibly rarely if it is home grown grass fed (steak?) the rest is normal. Eggs and Greek Yogurt for sure! Thanks gain. I’ll keep watching.

  • Hi friends! I hope you enjoy these low sugar smoothies and don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! Details are in the video description. Come join our private FB group as well and you can post a photo of your favorite smoothie recipe.:) xo Lisa

  • Here’s a suggestion for reducing sugar: use green bananas. They have less sugar than ripe bananas. Also, I suggest using frozen spinach over raw, it’s healthier. And use frozen fruits. It will also make your smoothie frosty. Which is great on a summer day. Also, I don’t know why people use so many vegetables. You can get the same vitamins and minerals in spinach that come in beets, carrots, cucumbers or any green leaf, but in larger amounts. So just use spinach. 1-2 cups per serving is perfect. Simpler. Also, did you know a cup of beans has the 25% more protein as a cup of powder protein? Not to mention the beans have a lot of fiber to keep you satiated. You seem to have a lot of ingredients when you can just use a few for similar results. And instead of having processed whey protein, eat a bowl of kidney beans or chili beans or navy beans for your daily protein. More natural.

  • I was once told by a Professor of Nutrition from the Surrey University in the UK, to avoid pork products because the pork fat is one of the difficult animal fats for the human digestive system to break down……….. which is a shame because bacon is a hard thing to resist!

  • Hi. Love your channel. I have a dumb question. Instead of adding almond butter or cashew butter, couldn’t I just add a handful of raw almonds or raw cashews? I always have those on hand. My Bullet RX is powerful and blends thru everything. BTW. I had a Vita-mixer and after just 2 years the engine smoked and burned out. Nice that Cost Co has a great return policy. The motor on the Bullet is 1700Watts. Very powerful.

  • Hey doctor I recently had my 1.3years child being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The dietician and the diabetes educator informed us that he will need carbs in order to facilitate his growth, brain etc. what is your advice on this as I am not sure if this can be tailored to infants also. Please let me know ASAP

  • The vanilla coconut whey protein powder you have on there that is also low sugar they said they don’t know when or if they will be selling it again. Is there any other alternatives that has the same tastes, low sugar or no sugar that tastes good?

  • I’ve watched a few of these videos and I’m saying this now! I never ever ever want to be diabetic! I’m pre right now, so whatever it takes because this isn’t it,,, damn fructose! Damn sugar! I don’t want it ‼️‼️‼️ I’ve never liked banana �� but I will miss cornbread ��

  • I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for more than 40 years & I can honestly say that I’ve never heard such rubbish in all my life! Every human body need carbohydrate to survive. If a diabetic does not consume carbohydrate at meal time, they can not inject they’re insulin. If they do, they are heading straight for a serious hypoglycemic attack! (seriously low blood glucose) As for bacon & steak being in the top 5 list…all meats are carcanagenic! A glass of “healthy” fresh orange juice will spike a diabetics blood glucose higher & fast than a breakfast servung of wheat, oatmeal or museli! The basic rule is..if your sugars go up..bring it back down with your insulin & there is no problem!
    But I gotta ask..is Doc Berry here related to Hally Berry, the actress & the female who claims her type two diabetes changed in to type one diabetes? lol

  • Hello Ken. I normally take my meds in the morning with breakfast. If I skip breakfast should I wait til lunch time to take my meds?

  • Lisa,
    I appreciate how much knowledge you have about food handling and preservation, as well as the reasons behind every step in the cooking process. Not knowing your background, I would think you have a masters in molecular biology or chemistry!

  • Great idea! Really always new video! Everything looks delicious, I love your videos! Thanks for sharing, Have a wonderful weekend����

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to put together this informative and well-designed presentation on smoothies. Your demonstrations are very clear and easy to follow. I have an allergy to bananas (a tragedy of the highest order, given how wonderful banana bread is), and this is the first time I have seen alternatives to banana that actually result in a high-quality end product.

  • These all look amazing! So glad I found your channel!! For the green smoothie I normally add some ginger as well as some apple cider vinegar to mine. ��♥️

  • Have a hearty breakfast, smaller lunch and give supper to your enemies. The reason breakfast should be the hearties is because that is the fuel that get your throughout day and is burned up through activity. Skip supper because it’s at the end of the day when you are far less active and what you eat is not going to get burned up.

  • Tell the good news about Stevia, and steel-cut oats are excellent for diabetes. The better if sweetened with Stevia, if one wants.

  • One thing that I like to do to sweeten smoothies but keep them healthy is add some honey. It’s SO INCREDIBLY good for you and also SO INCREDIBLY good. Even if you don’t like honey by itself, it’s good in smoothies because it sweetens things but also blends in with the rest of the flavors. ����

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) We have noticed several amazing things about this popular weight loss methods.

  • I applaud the use of Flax. I personally think it should be in EVERY smoothie that everyone makes because of its awesome health powers. I did a quick video about it if anyone’s curious.

  • Could I just use store bought frozen zucchini and cauliflower? Don’t have the time to blanch, ice, and individually freeze all that.

  • so no cereals of any type, eggs and…bacon, steak…ham? sausage? lol if I give up all cereals theres go to be a huge hole to fill in my breakfast diet..lol

  • I hear many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss methods?

  • I hope you’re joking about the good and bad foods? Because I know that the more fibre in your food the slower the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Steak is a red meat that is really bad for diabetics and bacon is bad for you as well due to all the unhealthy fats that helps out with one becoming diabetic.

  • you said oatmeal is no good. but online it says different. if packaged kind is loaded with sugar but just oatmeal its self is good

  • You are the best, the best!!!!
    I learned so much, I suffer of psoriasis for four decades, so I really know what means to have and suffer of autoimmune disease��
    Amazing videos! I am lucky to find you��
    Health is all we need!

  • Good morning
    I love your videos �� Question? I am type 2 and was told to always eat a protein along with a carb. Like oatmeal should not be eaten alone because it will spike the blood sugar. What is your thoughts on this?