5 Lentil Pasta Dishes Really Worth Trying Tonight


Lentils Are AMAZING & Why You Should Eat Them!

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Make your own Lentil Pasta | Vegan Fitness Recipe

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Deliciously Ella | Vegan Lentil Bolognese

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Creamy ONE-POT pastas ��

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Pulse Pasta Red Lentils Spirals Amatriciana | Everyday Gourmet S8 E22

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The post 5 Lentil Pasta Dishes Worth Trying Tonight appeared first on Under Armour. (via MyFitnessPal Blog) Prev Article Next Article. Related Posts. Puff, puff, pass that cash. Doral Editor September 18, 2017.

What The Buzz Behind Functional Training Is About. Doral Editor September 1. Here are some of the best lentil recipes to try, including hearty lentil soups, stews, curries, and more. and even pasta dishes. this flavorful slow-cooker dish is full of flavor and 100%. 16 oz pkg brown rice pasta, or other whole grain pasta; 1/4 cup veggie broth ; 1 medium onion, chopped ; 2 15 oz cans fire roasted tomatoes, or ripe tomatoes, chopped ; 8-12 basil leaves, shredded ; 1 pkg Trader Joe’s steamed lentils, or 2-1/2 cups cooked lentils (1 cup dry) 1 tsp liquid aminos, or soy sauce, (Terri tweek). Barilla Penne, Red Lentil Pasta, 8.8 Ounce (Pack of 10), Red Lentil Penne Plant Based Protein Pasta | Naturally Gluten Free Pasta | Veggie Pasta | Vegan Pasta 4.3 out of 5.

The lentil pasta also holds up well in casseroles and other baked dishes. Modern Table Lentil pasta does taste great. I think the reason my crew liked the pasta is. 20 Incredible Lentil Recipes Nicole Doster Updated: Jun.

21, 2018 Whether you buy ’em red, green, brown or black, these hearty lentil recipes make the most of those itty-bitty pulses. 5 cups water. 3/4 cup lentils.

2 large cloves garlic, crushed. 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. 1 cup chopped canned plum tomatoes, with some juice. Lentils offer earthy flavor and a hearty, Bolognese-like texture.

I use French green or plain brown lentils, which retain their shape better than red or yellow lentils. Just combine marinara and lentils with whole-grain pasta. Ta da! You’ve successfully lightened-up a traditionally carb-heavy pasta dish into a well-balanced, fiber-rich dinner. Being a lentil lover, and of course a pasta lover as well, I was pretty excited to try these red lentil pastas out.

If you guys have yet to try red lentil pasta, I am highly recommending it (no, this is not a sponsored post). It’s heartier than traditional past. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bring a large pot of salted water to boil.

Cook the pasta just until al dente, according to package directions. Drain and return the pasta to the pot. Add the lentils to the pasta.

Add ½.

List of related literature:

FLUFF the quinoa and add the beans, tomatoes, almonds, garlic, ½ cup of the Parmesan, and 3 tablespoons of the oil.

“Dinner Made Simple: 35 Everyday Ingredients, 350 Easy Recipes” by The Editors of Real Simple
from Dinner Made Simple: 35 Everyday Ingredients, 350 Easy Recipes
by The Editors of Real Simple
TI Incorporated Books, 2016

4 Add the cooked quinoa or rice to the pan and mix well with the fennel and mushrooms.

“Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook For Dummies” by Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver
from Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook For Dummies
by Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver
Wiley, 2014

Add the lentils, the sauteed onion, the remaining 9 tablespoons of oil, the barley, dry soup mix, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, paprika, celery, garlic, and crushed bouillon cubes to the beans in the cooker; stir to combine.

“Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook” by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
from Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook
by Beth Hensperger, Julie Kaufmann
Harvard Common Press, 2004

Add the beans, kale, and pasta; cook until pasta is al dente and kale is tender, about 10 minutes.

“What Can I Bring?: Southern Food for Any Occasion Life Serves Up” by Elizabeth Heiskell
from What Can I Bring?: Southern Food for Any Occasion Life Serves Up
by Elizabeth Heiskell
Oxmoor House, Incorporated, 2017

LEFTOVERS: Use leftovers to make White Bean and Chard Gratin: Scrape the leftovers into a lightly oiled baking dish, sprinkle with bread crumbs and Parmesan, and drizzle on 1 or 2 tablespoons olive oil.

“Mediterranean Harvest: Vegetarian Recipes from the World's Healthiest Cuisine” by Martha Rose Shulman
from Mediterranean Harvest: Vegetarian Recipes from the World’s Healthiest Cuisine
by Martha Rose Shulman
Rodale Books, 2007

With a slotted spoon, transfer the cooked onions and garlic to the lentil mixture; stir in the spinach, cumin, coriander, lemon juice, a bit of salt and pepper, and 1 cup water.

“Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore” by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
from Cooking with the Bible: Biblical Food, Feasts, and Lore
by Anthony F. Chiffolo, Rayner W. Hesse
Greenwood Press, 2006

5 Add the chopped herbs and serve with brown rice or wholemeal noodles tossed in sunflower oil and freshly milled pepper.

“Food Preparation and Cooking: Cookery units. Student guide”
from Food Preparation and Cooking: Cookery units. Student guide
Stanley Thornes, 1996

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: For a spinach-based dish that was more satisfying than a side, we turned to convenient and tender baby spinach and added hearty chickpeas and an aromatic yogurt sauce.

“The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to Eating Well With 700 Foolproof Recipes
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2015

SERVES LENTIL SOUP Qt) INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS 1 pound steamed lentils* Combine lentils, chicken breast and chicken 1 pound cooked, diced broth and start simmering.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
by JJ Virgin
Harlequin, 2012

Add the lentils, lower the heat to medium-low and simmer until they are tender, 35 to 45 minutes.

“The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating” by Jack Bishop, Ann Stratton
from The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating
by Jack Bishop, Ann Stratton
HMH Books, 1997

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  • I always make your tomato lentil pasta and it tastes amazing! I am using red lentils and adding not cherry tomatoes but normal tomatoes. It’s such a comforting and filling recipe.

  • Game changers tipp: wash your lentils! I didn’t do this for years, but then they are not so easy on your stomach. You don’t even need a special kitchen tool. Just but then in a bowl with water and theb put the water away. The lentils won’t float

  • Tried the creamy mushroom pasta and it was heavenly! Made it for my family and they all absolutely loved it and for me personally it’s the best pasta I have ever eaten! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!

  • I’m doing the 21 day vegan challenge, and the mushroom pasta was the first purely plant based meal I think I’ve ever intentionally cooked. A brilliant start. Five stars.

  • Great recipe! I suggest you soak the lentils for at least 4 hours so you cut down cooking time and for the lentiles to be healthier. Your videos are pieces of art! ��

  • Dirty lentil joke for you my guy,
    What’s the difference between a lentil and a chickpea.
    I wouldn’t pay $100 for a lentil on my face.

  • You don’t have to cut vertically, just try it..,you will become the same cubes..(the onion is naturally sliced vertically) Thank me later ;D

    Edith for the walnuts you can easily use a mortar, it took me 3 minutes to get them “ready”

  • I made the first one, creamy mushroom pasta. Substituted red chili flakes for the red chili, add regular onion on top of the shallots, chicken broth for vegetable broth, I did not have the vegetable cubes and it turned out delicious <3 thank you so much for sharing.

  • I made today the first pasta with mushrooms, I did skip some ingredients ( sundry tomatoes, little green vagetable cubes and nutri. yeast) and it came up so tasty �� I am so proud of me hehe, thanks for this beautiful and easy recipe ��
    This is my first meal this year that actually did taste absolutely amazing ��

  • I don’t have the other flours, I tried only a few days ago with lentil flour and I got too sticky (the dough sticks to the work surface).

  • This is really impressive Francesca! I’m really grateful for this vlogmas! It’s so inspiring that you’re uploading new, delicious recipes practically everyday this month!�� Thank you, loved this girl!

  • finally thanks God (it is ancient food ) congratulations people all arround the world, finally we have something which is not claimed to be an American invention like the other billions of claims!!!

  • Just made this recipe tonight and it’s a banger!����I have to do vegan meal prep in order not to be tempted by dairy, since I’m the only vegan in the house. So happy that dead flesh is no longer appealing to me.

  • I really enjoy your video:) Can’t wait to your app also.
    Thank you for creating such beautiful and useful content and being an inspiration, Ella <3

  • If you need to cook lentils you can watch some indian cooking sources as we are one of the largest producer and consumer of lentils aka Dal.
    sorry bro did not want to ruin your video by advertising indian food but if it helps people than i guess you wont mind and the information you gave is incredible your video is great too.
    Just for the people who would like to eat lentils.

  • How did I not find your page earlier?? Thank you so much for these amazing recipes!! My hubby and I recently got married and I made one of your moong dal recipes last night! He is also Indian and loved it!!!

  • Omg that calorie count ��! Okay so I used to swear by 1200 calories when I was keto and it made me lose the weight. Now I’m up to 1500 a day but vegan but it’s been hard keeping the calories down AND getting enough protein from beans and other carbs. Definitely going to incorporate a cup of lentils everyday in some way

  • As an Italian I gave to say that i wasn’t that excited to try cooking pasta like this but today I made the first recipe and I absolutely loved it!! Don’t knock it until you try guys ��

  • I make a lentil soup/stew! I add two medium sized chopped tomatoes, half an onion sliced, smash one garlic clove and add it to the soup. Add whatever veggies you want. Sometimes I add some 99/1 ground turkey for a bite. Lentils have helped me stay on my diet �� they’re so good but sometimes I can’t stop farting after ��

  • I have no idea how I ended up on this video (random YouTube recommend), but since I’ve been on a mostly-bean diet, and have spent the last month slowly educating myself about switching my vegetarian diet to predominantly vegan, this was right up my alley. Thanks for sharing! I love your enthusiasm.:)

  • HI! Loving your videos. What brand of high quality balsamic vinegar do you recommend. I usually just buy what’s on sale or the store brand generic ones. Do tell what you are using in the video:) Thanks!

  • Amazing recipe. Ive just made the rose pasta, definitely won some points with my vegan partner XD. Just one tip, try to use Spanish tomate frito. Makes a huge difference!

  • Anyone know where to find nutritional yeast and oyster mushrooms in the US?
    Also, I only see nutritional yeast sold in “flakes.” Is it supposed to be flakes?

  • Lentils has its pros but at the end of the day but they are a carb and have pretty much the same sideffects as any carb, high glucose and if you do not believe me, test yourself before eating them and after an hour, not saying you shouldnt never eat them, but do it in moderation

  • Made kale, pasta, red lentils first time after watching your vid. Was delicious and will now be a regualr part of my diet. Thanks!

  • I´ve just made this pasta….and…it´s soo delicious, really!Ella, you are absolutely my favourite inspiration. Excellent job, thank you.

  • Just a suggestion, do you want to get a battery operated under shelf light that you stick to the cabinet or range hood or the backsplash so you can use it when filming stuff on the stove?

  • Would like to cook this great pasta!))) But unfortunately don`t understand about stock cube ((( what kind of stock cube do you use? Something like Maggi? But I don`t like Maggi stock cube(

  • Hi, Ella. I am Ina. My channel is about tasty and healthy nutrition. recipes are collected from different parts of the world.
    I really enjoy quality of content on your channel.
    I will appreciate that and looking forward for future collaboration.
    Would you want to add me to your featured channels in exchange of doing the same?

    Sincerely, Ina

  • Hi, could you just clear something up for me concerning Spinach and Kale, please?
    I’m sure I saw one of your videos, to avoid spinach and kale, but I can’t remember what the reasons were?

    Thank you

    And really enjoy your video man keep it rocking dude!

  • I just made the second recipe and IT TASTES SO GOOD I’m super excited for my mom to come back from work so I can show her my creation! Thank you so much!!!

  • Can’t wait to try quick question, do you think this will freeze well? I plan to cook up several dinners, freeze and then travel with them to a summer rental that has a very limited kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  • I Love lentils! They are my favorite beans. I eat them, at least. once a week. I mostly like lentil soup. Very informative video. Beautiful cat (elegant).

  • I think that Mic the vegan is your evil twin! especially speeded up! When i first turned your video on, i couldn’t deal with how fast you talked!! But after two strong espressos…well it seems that your talking is fine..?..that’s strange…

  • Hi Ella, firstly this looks absolutely amazing and I’m definitely going to make it but just a few questions, I buy orange lentils? And I have seen the ones you have used in my supermarket but what is the difference between these orange lentils and yours? Mine are definitely a lot smaller than the ones you use but I would like to try those bigger ones!!:) Also I love you and Austin and your recipes… Thank you so much for this quick meal (life saver) xxxxxxxxx

  • Do lentils cook well with the salt contained in the tinned tomatoes and stock? I thought we should avoid salt while cooking lentils otherwise they remain hard

  • Been trying to incorporate less meat into our meals. My fiance has been reluctant but he loves you recipes so far. Tried the first one with a few tweaks (didn’t have sundried tomatoes or spinach so added regular tomatoes with extra spices and arugula) and he loved it! Thank you so much for giving great meal ideas.

  • Hi Ella. So you are able to eat garlic and onion okay now? I remember a few years ago when
    I asked you why you didn’t use any garlic or onions in your recipes you said that they didn’t agree with you. As a huge onion and garlic lover I am SOOO pleased to see onions and garlic now used in your recipes!

  • I’m so glad that your channel was recommended to me. I’ve been on a plant based diet for over three years. And you have lots of creativity for different dishes and recipes. Thank you God bless.

  • I really love all your videos and all you collabs with Graz. I already only really eat tuna and eggs, but this makes it so easy to make the switch over to being completely plant based. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • Please people who are vegan for the animals subscribe to fundacion santuario gaia this two guys are doing so much for animals is not only about what to eat is about the animals who are suffering but is nice to know we have so much choices

  • Hi Ella, does the red pepper keep it’s texture as this cooks or does it become soft and kinda blends in with the other veg and lentils? I don’t like peppers unless they are super well cooked and the skins becomes loose but I would like to recreate this recipe without changing it, at east he first time I’m making it✌��

  • My town doesn’t sell vegan food ��

    I’m the only vegan I know here and I can’t even find a protein bar in the shops. My parents don’t like ordering online as they value supporting local businesses.

  • Quick tip: you can use vegetable broth in place of the bouillon cubes if you’d like. Just substitute the water with vegetable broth and omit the bouillon cubes that’s it! Enjoy ��

  • I bought your Instant Pot cookbook even though I’m not vegan because your recipes are awesome!!!!! It’s a beautiful book too. I can tell you put a lot of love into your cooking and your book. Love your channel too! ❤️

  • Genius way to cook pasta!! Less water waste and I’m thinking the pasta retains so much more of the flavor!!! Yummmmy recipes!! Can’t wait to try!! ����✌����

  • I like more your style for cook�� I mean I love what your boyfriend do too but I keep with you ��♥️ abrazos desde México mi muchachita preciosa ��

  • Hello I just made the dough and it was sticking badly to the rolling surface and I couldnt remove the cut strips as it was sticking to the rolling surface? Is there any troubleshooting method for this?

  • Do you then cook this fresh? Legume pastas are everywhere but it’s hard to find recipes/videos of makin it fresh!
    How does it compare cooked fresh vs dry from the box?

  • Made the creamy mushroom pasta. It is amazing. I added a bit more water because together with pasta I added broccoli. Super easy recipe and fairly quick about 20 min. So delicious. Thank you

  • Congratulations for this simple recipe! You must be the 1st on YouTube giving a gluten free recipe without special additives or readymade “brand secret” flour mixtures!
    Have u ever tried a noodle maker hand-operated machine to turn this dough into a thinner sheet? I bet it should work very easily! Some years ago I used to make noodles, lasagne sheets or spinach ravioli only with buckwheat flour or yellow lentil flour plus eggs…they were so perfect with a fish (tuna or salmon) sauce. Well I’m thinking seriously to restart fresh pasta making and experiment with your proposed ratios without eggs this time.

    I also often use my kitchen machine to grind oat/buckwheat flakes for gluten free flours, or to make a mince from water-soaked chickpeas or various beans.

  • Just finished eating this for dinner and loved it!!! I had a little accident with my pepper and put too much, but it still tastes amazing. I will definitely make this again and again��

  • Great video. I learned so many new things about lentils. Have you ever tried sprouting your lentils? I love them this way. The taste is similar to fresh or frozen peas or edamame. I love to add them to salads or wraps. They have such a fresh taste. Especially the cheap brown ones that don’t taste all that great cooked. I’ve read that you can cook them after sprouting. I haven’t tried that yet but I think that they will taste different like this. I’ve tried sprouting the red lentils but that did not work.

  • Just saw the lentil flour recipe and thought oh man I can make pasta with that! And now just came across your video for lentil pasta! You guys are awesome! ��

  • Hi, thank you for the amazing recipes! I have become obsessed with the creamy mushroom pasta and have made big batches of it twice! �� once again..thank you for the delicious recipes..

  • Thank you, I’m going to make all three of your recipes. They look so yummy!
    God Bless you and yours and stay healthy!
    Thank you husband for supervising! I enjoy your videos!

  • For the roux i dont have vegetable broth, what else can i use? Also can i replace nutritional yeast with something else? Sorry for this question. And I’m really excited to try these!!

  • You look fantastic! I’m working out again and doing smoothies in the morning with kale, fruits, seeds. Feeling great adding lentils to my diet. Thank you for a fun informative video. Can you have them every day? Just grew broccoli sprouts!

  • Believe it or not, There are some people who don’t care if the pasta was cooked separately or not. This is perfectly ok when you don’t have time or couldn’t be bothered to add more pots to wash and time to cook!

  • Hello from the U.K. again, i have just made and eaten your creamy pantry pasta tonight……..yummy. First time using tahini, made the sauce very rich.

  • Another comment from me ���� but this time I’m back to share my appreciation for your bolognese recipe!

    I have enjoyed this more than I have ever enjoyed a vegan bolognese before. I’ve had this over pasta, on the side to some mashed potato and veggies (a slightly odd combo but so yummy) and I even used it in a lasagne ��
    I am just so thankful for the simplicity of your recipes because although they do not contain 700 ingredients, like other recipes, they don’t lack in flavour whatsoever!

    Last night my youngest brother turned down dinner made by my mum (which was a meat dish) in exchange for the lasagne and he said it was the best one I’ve ever made.

    I shall recommend your recipes to everyone and they shall remain permanently in my life. Thank you again ☺️

  • If your super lazy like me, maybe try a pre-cooked tin and can be mixed with pasta sauce, cheeses, garlic and microwaved. Can cook bacon on the side or something.��

  • Not the nicest of spring days outside so nothing better than a big bowl of pasta ��I made the tomato and lentil pasta and it was awesome �� I used red lentils and tinned tomatoes �� the sliced basil �� at the end was a must ������

  • Lentils are the first protein rich plant food I fell in love with. They can be soft or hard and taske great with all sorts of spices.

    Watching this while snacking on some sprouted green lentils, yum.

  • Do you use split lentils? I ended up having to cook my whole green lentils for 1.5 hrs and so much more water. This depends on how old they are, but thought I would ask whether your lentils are split? Thanks!!

  • You know it babe!! Pasta is the best!! I could eat it for every meal! �� Lentil bolognese is the best comfort food! Your tofu ricotta looks so good, Such a beautiful bowl of pasta, ahh I want it all �� So much yumminess ❤️Love your recipe darling! Spinach all the way yay �� Thank you so much for sharing Francesca! xx

  • Thanks! The lentils from the first pasta would make a delicious, flavorful sloppy joe. I’m not vegan, but rarely eat meat. Unsure why, but these recipes look so good, hearty, flavordul, delicious and quick.

  • My girlfriend is Icelandic, and her dad and brothers big into the Viking culture and all that.

    The Viking warriors had a HUGE breakfast, boiled lentils, boiled carrots, radishes, potatoes, like all of that thrown in with what appeared to be exactly 1.2 kilo of red lentils. With some herbs that made it taste refreshing.

    Like if you were a man, you had to have that breakfast, and they used to do strength work with heavy ass sandbags(this is the ancient time), humongous shields and swords and bow and arrows.

    Like how bread and meat was the cornerstone of most European diets, root veggies and lentils were what filled up 80 percent of a Vikings plate.

    And these guys were one of the biggest strongest and longest living guys around.

    They used to hunt and eat meat as well but before battle meat was a HUGE no.

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the creamy mushroom pasta recipe. I did it today and it turned out great! Keep the recipes coming please. Love the decor, your voice, your nails are always nice too. Thank you so much!

  • Just a tip, If u want to really get the best from your bolognese i suggest to let It cook for several hours at low heat, It really changes its taste.

  • Tonight I made the Creamy Pantry Pasta for dinner!!! Added some red bell pepper, kale, and tempeh, and some liquid smoke because I didn’t have smoked paprika. Hands down one of the most delicious vegan pasta recipes I’ve ever had!! And the ingredients list is just so simple and easy. This is going to definitely be a repeat during these times, the ultimate comfort food!!!

  • Actually its the wrong way to take lentil.
    Take a pressure cooker, add 3 table spoon of refined veg oil, add 2 cloves of garlic diced fine, ginger little, add salt as needed, if u got garam masala add half teaspoon, add 50gm of lentil fry little, add water for soup, close the lid of cooker and cook until 7 8 whistle and its ready. Perfect soup. Easy to digest,tastes good. If soup is thick then add lil water and boil again

  • “Just pretend those are lentils” ��
    If I eat enough lentils (which I already do ��) will I grow ocean eyes like that myself? ��
    Great content Derek! ��

  • Hi there, I just tried all three pasta meals. All of them came out very good. Number 1 smokey pasta, number 2 bolognese, 3 pasta soup:-) Thank you so much for recipes <3

  • I suggest sprouting them. It’s easy to do and they have a super high sprouting success rate. I’ve only tried the green ones. Soak them for 2 days, but drain and replace the water after 1 day. Then rinse them once per day until they reach the size you want. At that point you can put them in a container in the fridge and they will stay alive and fresh. They don’t mind the cold and it will stop them from getting bigger. Add them to stews, smoothies or a stir fry.

  • I prepared the second one for my non-vegan family and they loved it! I also added spinach to the sauce and sprinkled everything with garlic-marinated fried tofu cubes. Delicious!!

  • Made the second pasta for myself last night at 11Pm bc I couldn’t stop thinking about it (this channel is serious food porn!!) and my husband was all i dont want to eat so late. I gave him a small amount of it and he like melted into the floor. He stopped and went dude this is fucking delicious…… I LOVE the reactions I get to your recipes! I can’t wait to try this banana bread next!

  • I’ve made the Italian bean soup and the creamy pasta so far and they are AMAZINGL! The recipe sizes are perfect too not too much or too little. Juuuust right! Can’t wait to dive into your Instapot cookbook!

  • the video says 10 minute rest but the clock in the background advanced 45 minutes. https://youtu.be/cvNs6dtfkBc?t=389 https://youtu.be/cvNs6dtfkBc?t=408

  • I just made the mushroom fusilli and it was delicious!! My husband who isn’t plant-based even enjoyed it and he doesn’t like mushrooms, spinach, or pasta haha

  • Oh my. The proportions in the American cookbook are so far off from this recipe. No wonder the 3 cups (700 gr) of lentils, two 14.5 gr tins of tomato and 2 cups of water listed from the recipe aren’t working. Luckily this video is posted to help me figure it out. I’mm add more water and keep cooking.

  • Hey you said a cup of lentils has 20 g of protein, is that cooked lentils? Because all my bags say they have 9 g/ quarter cup, that would be 36 g in a cup

  • Soaking lentils is an important part of their preparation so that anti-nutrients are deactivated and nutrition is enhanced for better absorption.

  • i tried the second recipe today and it exceeded my expectations! i didn’t have any nutritional yeast at the moment but the sauce ended up tasting so cheesy and delicious! i doubled the recipe to store in the fridge:)) thank you for the amazing recipes!! ��❤️

  • Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy this recipe. It is so delicious, so easy and truly my form of comfort food! Pasta is the best. Who else agrees? Thank you so much for watching xoxo

  • 11:55 you really do look like a brown girl from the U.K., I was shocked when I first heard your American accent (I can say this as I am a brown girl from the U.K.)

  • This was so delicious! At the end I added 1/4 tsp of baking soda to offset the acidity. This is now my go to recipe for lentil bolognese.

  • This recipe (in terms of measurements) is way better than the cookbook version, which calls for 2 whole tubes of tomato paste instead of only 2 T. and 500 g. lentils instead of 200g. (but still using same amount of tinned tomatoes.) It was enough to feed an army plus too, too thick. This is perfect.

  • Awesome recipes Nisha! Love your videos! Made the red lentil Bolognese….delicious….can’t wait to try the other two! You are an awesome cook and I am glad I found your channel. Thank you for the recipe and the tips along the way….I also love your links to all your products!

  • Made the creamy mushroom pasta with Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) instead of Mushrooms and was sooo creamy!! Also mixed in some aquafaba with the coconut milk. Delicious!

  • I just made the Bolognese, absolutely phenomenal dish! I am not a vegan either. I am only testing out new healthy dishes. Can’t wait to make the rest. It’s really making me excited about quarentine now.

  • Besides these amazing and tasty looking recipes, your personality shinesss. I don’t believe I have come across your channel before but it’s been refreshing to stumble upon it. I instantly knew Id be subscribing from the 0:30 second point because I love how you didn’t edit out all of these little bloopers. I’ve been searching for a good lentil bolognese for a while also, one that doesn’t contain mushrooms, so I’ll be 100% making this for tomorrow’s dinner! Thank you ☺️

  • I made the first recipe, it is SO GOOD!!! So brilliant to use lentils to replace the meat. It’s perfect!! The texture, the size. I absolutely loved it. Looking forward to trying the next recipe.

  • About The Official Bolognese Recipe. Bolognese originated from Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. What some people don’t realize is that Bolognese is a meat sauce – not a tomato-based marinara or tomato sauce.
    Recipe for Ragù alla Bolognese in 1891, there have been very few changes to the original list of simple ingredients: Beef, pork (pancetta or bacon), onions, carrots, celery, milk, broth, a bit of tomato paste, a little wine, salt and pepper.
    As the official Bolognese recipe below specifies, authentic Bolognese is primarily a meat sauce that contains very little tomato, and there isn’t any garlic, no oregano, no basil, no parsley, no bay leaves, no rosemary, thyme or sage, no anchovies, no fennel or star anise, no lemon zest, no cinnamon or nutmeg, no sugar, no peppers, no chili sauce or hot pepper flakes – none of the myriad ingredients that many people might use in their bolognese recipes today. A good Bolognese sauce also only takes a few hours to make
    • 10 ounces pancetta or unsmoked bacon (finely chopped)
    • 1 medium onion (4-oz), finely chopped
    • 1 large carrot (4-oz), finely chopped
    • 2 celery stalks (4-oz), finely chopped
    • 20 ounces ground beef (finely ground thin skirt, veal, or beef chuck)
    • 2 cups whole milk
    • 1 cup dry white or red wine2
    • 1 cup of beef broth
    • 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) of tomato paste
    • 2 tablespoons of cream
    • Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper
    The “official” Bolognese pasta called for by the City of Bologna is tagliatelle pasta.
    Another good pasta would be wide fettuccine, dome shaped orecchiette, or (our favorite) the wider pappardelle pasta. Selecting any of these four pastas would be an excellent compliment to this Bolognese recipe.
    When someone writes a song, gives it a name, and people know it according to its title, another person cannot say they are going to sing that song and then sing something different even if they say it is “their version” of the song for it is a false statement and a lie that insults the original author of the piece. The same is true with recipes. Call them what they are, and if you did not create and therefore name the dish, you have no right to use the name to describe something you are cooking and say it is a known dish when it is not. That is plain false representation.

  • These look really good! I’m not vegan (I don’t currently have the means to do it, and I’m too fond of chicken pho to be completely vegan), but I’m thinking when I get back to school in the fall I’m going to try to only eat vegan meals there and gradually (once I get a job) try to eat maybe all but 1 meal a week vegan. These dishes look like the kind of thing I could bring to school without it taking forever to cook.

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  • I made a few tweaks here and there and it came out delicious. A little touch of nutritional yeast and sesame seeds before serving make it even better.

  • on the note of lectins… Dr Gundry does state that lectins in lentils are destroyed when pressure cooked. so get cooking!….. lentils are awesome!

  • Vegan or not, Lentils are king. I add a ton of tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno, cayenne pepper to the green lentils. Eat that with rice and it’s fire. Top if off with sriracha if you want to add some more flavor. ultimate Poor man gains food for me.

  • Thank you! Well done again for your healthy recipes. I was a little discouraged about the maintenance of the site and the costs that this will entail.

  • I tried this one today and it is soo good! I never really liked lentils, but i thought I’d give them another chance; and I don’t regret it:)

  • Idk why everyone says nutritional yeast tastes cheesy. It tastes salty/savoury to me, but not cheesy. I’ve tried multiple brands. I like it. Just not what people say it is

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