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5 Fresh Ways to Use Pomegranates this Winter. 1. POMEGRANATE OATMEAL SNACK CUPS | MYFITNESSPAL’S FEATURED RECIPES. Naturally sweetened with ripe banana and pomegranate juice, these fiber 2. BABY KALE SALAD WITH POMEGRANATE SEEDS AND PECANS | THE ENDLESS MEAL. Great for a potluck or light lunc. For best results, pair with other winter fruits like fuji apples, citrus, and anjou pears.

Pomegranate Relish. Relish in your creativity by adding pomegranate seeds to the classic condiment. Using the winter fruit adds color to your relish and will make it better-suited to middle-eastern dishes like chicken kababs or roasted lamb. Additionally, pomegranate relish keeps well in the refrigerator, so feel to prep it the day.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, it’s fortunate that pomegranates — much like our beloved citrus — come into their prime during cold season.These 18 picture-perfect recipes are sure to give you a little immunity boost while tickling your tastebuds at the same time. Enjoy using the seeds, juice and more in everything from baked goods to gorgeous salads to hearty roasts and braises. Make simple fall and winter bruschetta by spreading a bit of goat cheese on toasted baguette slices and topping with minced red onion, minced parsley, and some pomegranate seeds.

08 of 11 Add Pomegranate Seeds to Salads. The first step in pomegranate winter care is to prune back the tree by about half in the fall, six weeks or so before the first potential frost. Use sharp shears and cut just above a set of leaves. Then move the pomegranate inside near a sunny, southern exposure window.

Even during the winter months, the pomegranate needs at least eight hours. Pomegranate, 5 Ways Whether you prefer sipping on pomegranate juice or biting into pomegranate seeds, we’ve got 5 fun ways to love this spectacular, nutrient-filled fruit. Market Watch: Pomegranates.

Fresh pomegranate juice can be used to make all natural Homemade Gumdrops! You can use fresh juice or bottled and the process is easy. You can use fresh juice or bottled and the process is easy. This is a fun project to do with kids. When kept in the refrigerator, whole pomegranates will keep for a month or more.

Pomegranate seeds should be refrigerated and used within a few days, or, if packed tightly, can be frozen for up to three months; to use, scatter directly into dishes without defrosting first. A friend recently offered me fresh pomegranates off of her overflowing tree. What a gift! Besides being packed with nutritional power (high in vitamins C, B, fiber and minerals), pomegranate seeds are just downright beautiful.

Like nature’s edible rubies, pomegranate seeds add sweet-tart flavor and gorgeous color to many dishes. Here are ten ways to use them: Sprinkle the seeds on your next green salad or use them in a Waldorf salad in place of raisins Use the juice to make a quick sauce for pork chops or pork tenderloin (See recipe below) Add the seeds to baked goods such as muffins or bread Add pomegranate juice when.

List of related literature:

Autumn versions feature apples, pomegranates, quinces, and pumpkins; dried fruits replace fresh ones during the winter.

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Technique Tip: Pomegranates from California can be found fresh in many markets in the fall and early winter.

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All of the oil-bearing tree fruits require a relatively warm climate (i.e., tropical for coconut and palm and a warm climate for olive trees).

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We make pesto from explosions of basil, pies from summer apricots, juice from fall apples, and nut butter from the almond harvest, and pomegranate juice flows all winter long.

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Conversely, the lack of winter freeze hardiness limits the potential growing areas for purely tropical fruits (banana, mango, avocado, durian, mangosteen, etc.), tropical ornamentals, and purely tropical grasses, including sugarcane.

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When the syrup is prepared and hot, put in the apricots, let them simmer until tender; then take the fruit out, and place it on dishes, then expose them to the sun, or in a warm oven to dry and harden.

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Apricots and peaches are washed with cold and hot water alternately and halved to remove the stone seeds.

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In summer you can put verjuice grapes on it and other fruits with a smaller amount of spices than in winter.

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Pomegranate is known for its winter hardiness, tolerant to moisture and high temperature stress.

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5. (of fruit, etc.) preserve: Mother is doing up some blackberries, so that we can eat them during the winter.

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  • One of my favorite breakfasts are healthy chocolate protein pancakes with a sliced banana and spinach scrambled eggs…
    One of my favorite brands are the Kodiak Protein Cakes…
    Maybe you could do a remake of that brand?
    I would recommend Chocolate or Peanut Butter

  • I did the first recipe without squash,cause I don’t like squash. Sorry! But besides that it was delicious and very helpful! And so were the other two breakfasts. Thanks! Also,a question, should the shake be drank in moderation,or okay with daily. Same question with your healthy boba and acai. Please answer.

  • I love your ideas your video’s and your intros your home is so pretty. I want to meet you at youtube fanfest whenever I would get a chance to come to Los Angeles from India you are such a inspiration. Thanks Allysia once again. You are my favourite youtuber. ❤ Filza

  • I literally rushed out to a tree nursery after watching this great video, and got myself a Pomegranate Wonderful, about 5 feet tall. Can’t wait to add it to my Mediterranean garden which is being landscaped at this very second!

  • Hey it’s great to see your efforts, making kids participative even.
    Well 75 pomegranates, Its a tough task��
    But you can use shell of pomegranate as well, it has great medicinal values.

  • My biggest concern is how much protein is in each one. I think the scramble may have the highest. All the ideas seemed interesting though

  • I’m crazy about mocha so I’ll definitely be trying the mocha shake and I can make it vegan, so I’m happy! Ps, video was posted on my bday �������� I’m taking that as a sign that I was meant to see it����

  • More low carb, high fiber recipes would be amazing for folks who have to watch their blood sugar! Thank you for including nutrition info with your recipes too. Makes it much easier to watch my limit.

  • Hey not sure if you take requests or not but I was wondering if maybe in the future you could do another dining debunked episode cause I loved your other ones! If not that’s fine just thought I’d ask.

  • All of your videos are gold. I’m not sure how you do it. I pass your name around like my eyebrow threader. Can’t live without you, Boo. <3

  • Hey Alyssia!! Do I have to pick only 1!?! ��. My mouth was watering over the Kale Scramble Toss…Yum!! Both the Bread & Shake will have to be tried too. Never thought of using Sweet Potato slices for a Bread slice swap out before, but sounds interesting. ��

    Been having a really bad flare up today of my Chronic Pain/Partial Bowel Obstruction/whatever happened during my Gallbladder Surgery in Nov 2001, but going to give sleep a try, as the Pain Meds are sorta, kinda kicking in. It never really goes away, but some days are way, way, way worse than others & today’s been one of those. ��. Which really sucked because I’ve been craving Snickerdoodles, got the stuff I need for my fave Gluten Free recipe, plus Mom’s out all day w/it being Deer Season.

    Translation: For some reason, Mom will not tell me when she’s moving around in the Kitchen & we’re both in there. Which considering I only have 20% field of vision in my right eye & 15% in my left eye, makes trying to do anything in the Kitchen at the same time as her, both dangerous and stupid!!

    Anyway, it’s not often I have everything needed for GF Baking or Cooking (Don’t ask. It’s so beyond sad & needless & frustrating that…����) & Mom out of the House at the same time & then today…GRRRRRR!!!

    Anyway….Sorry about that, but there are times I want to shake her so hard, not that it would help of course, but….Yeah. Just in case, have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for another great group of recipes. ��

  • For the mocha smoothie, could you use plain Greek yogurt instead of coconut cream or will it not have the right texture? I’m not a huge coconut fan!
    My normal breakfast smoothy is cold brew, frozen banana, Almond milk, and protein powder. Yours sounds like it could be a new regular!

  • Love the healthy plus lush flavors! Don’t want to sacrifice gorgeous and yummy taste. These are wonderful. Celebrate food and good choices. Encouraging.

  • Hi, nice to go thru this interesting video regarding Pomegranate Tree. I have one problem would like you to give me your method on how to prevent falling flowers from my tree? I have a lot of flowers in my tree but very easy to lose it.

  • ¿¿¿¿ I have a cutting… I don’t know the variety.. its about 2months old… it was shipped to me… when can I take it outside????? I plan to grow in a container….

  • Beautiful fruits. I acquired a Tunisia pomegranate with thin skin and soft edible seeds and in just six months the five foot tree already is flowering. Can’t wait to see my tree as beautiful as this one.

  • is it possible to get pomegranates to stay small in a rather small pot? I have very limited space and live in a flat but pomegranate fruit = life

  • Omg, yes… I love this, specially the mocha shake.. and two thumbs up for more low carb options.
    And yes, even near Palm Springs is chilly tonight.
    Question, for the pumpkin banana bread, older bananas should work okay?

  • My 5 minute breakfast in the morning is 2 Eggos with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Not ideal, but enough of a macro nutrient balance that I can keep going for a few hours.

  • HI Alyessia…I love your videos…and the funny little intros you put into each one. Thanks so much for all that you do and all that goes into these videos and the great meal prep ideas! They are so yummy! I also really appreciate how you give gluten and dairy free, and vegan options.

  • Best explanation video ever. Loved that you mentioned all the questions I had!!!

    We got one from a plant store that’s about 6 month old and we look forward to what you said!

  • Hi Alyssia,
    great video, thank you very much!
    For the pumpkin bread: any ideas on what to substitute for the pumpkin puree?
    We don’t have it canned where I’m living and I don’t have time to cook the pumpkin ahead:-(
    Also, do you think I could use coconut flour instead of the almond flour?

    Best to you and thanks!

  • First year or one year shoots and suckers will produce a few fruits, but these one year shoots will blossom late in the season and will therefore be smaller and more tart. Second year or two year shoots will produce more fruit, and will blossom early in the season and therefore will be larger and more sweet. I wait until the plant are producing leaves so that I can better discern which branches are dead and should be cut off.

  • Thank u for all the promise we will achieve with our tree…this is the first year we planted a tree. It is healthy and getting large…you take care and stay healthy!

  • All the ideas are just mind blowing specially the way you toasted sweet potato & that healthy mocha shake…i would love to try.

  • After you cut the Pomegranate along the ridges vertically it should separate easily. Then you smack it on the back with a wooden spoon or spatula and all the seeds will fall out.

  • Hi, great video!
    Our pomegranate is looking pale, yellow and shedding in places.
    Only flowers 1or 2 which fall off within a week. Temp has been between 20 and 30c in London. Have had it 3 years and have never pruned it. Any ideas how to make it look as healthy as yours?

  • I too looooove salads!!! I like the way you cut the romaine lettuce! I never thought to slice it into strips! Quick question… are those glass jars weck jars?

  • Thank you for showing the progress of your pomegranate tree over the course of time, and for explaining the pruning, fertilizing, and harvesting processes. I’ve got two Wonderful Pomegranate trees which were planted this spring into containers. I am unsure how old they were when we bought them, but based on your video, I am guessing that they are both about one year old at this point. This is my first year growing in a new climate, and my first year trying to grow my own pomegranates. The winds here blew the blossoms off before they could become fruits, but these are still beautiful trees and I am happy to have them. We will plant both of them in the ground this autumn, and use the containers for herbs I think. When is the best time to fertilize them? More than once per year, or just in the springtime? Thanks!

  • I LOVE THESE! I watch your videos all the time, and each time I’m inspired to create even more healthier and tastier dishes. If at all possible, one of the things my family loves is cranberry sauce, and rolls. Is there any way to still have these delisouse and indulging foods, with out all the excess fat, sugars, and calories??

  • I ate pomegranates imported from India. When I was in the States I ate American pomegranates.
    The American pomegranates is much better quality, sweetness far more delicious than Indian pomegranates. Please, Sir, tell me why the American Pomegranates are much better quality than Indian pomegranates? Even though India is taking a lot of care to produce the best pomegranates. Is it the weather? Is it the soil?

  • ALLAH-U-AKBAR!! La ilaha ilalah Mohamad rasulallah!!! alhamdu LILAHI Rabil alamin!!!Indeed you will be resurrected. They will all die and be resurrected and that lemon and pomegranate seed was a clear sign of the final hour and judgment day and know oh people that all people who are dead are in the alamun barzakh!!!!!!!

  • Since you had ‘Pomegranate tree care’ on the title, I wished you had talked about pests and diseases and treatments too. Informative video though.

  • I am in first year of growing the same tree.. The question I have is about the conventional wisdom that one should remove the first flowers to promote growth.. Did this community thinks that its valid?

  • That’s why I planted only one plant, and it has survived and thrived; so I’ve been enjoying its fruits now. I like it so much, I planted another plant this year.

  • My trees look like yours but unfortunately the variety is white seed very sour almost inedible any input do I need to mute it with a male plant or female somehow get the red juicy plant fruit

  • A technique for getting the seeds out: Cut in half, take one half and hold it upside down over a bowl to catch the seeds. Take a wooden spatula, and start to pat the skin side of the fruit until the seeds start coming out. Be careful as the juice can splatter, so i always put the bowl in my sink. (and wear an apron or don’t wear white!)

  • I just planted my first pomegranate tree today! And then I saw your video…I’m so excited and hopeful for Polly my pomegranate tree! (I name a lot of my plants:-)

  • FYI. A channel has stolen your video and has just under 100 views. I’m linking it below so you can have youtube admin. transfer the views and revenue to you. I’ve noticed a lot of this lately:)

  • Thank you for your superior effort in making this video. I love how you have recorded these trees through the years. An average individual can see how this process truly works and see them in their fruition.

  • Excellent video! We are going to plant our first pomegranate tree in the spring and this is the best video I have found on the subject.

  • Hi I love your channel and recipes and was thrilled to see the banana pumpkin bread. However when I plugged in the NET carbs of only 3 ingredients: banana 2 medium: ( 24 X 2) 48g, pumpkin puree 1 cup 14g, almond flour 2 1/2 cups 30g. That alone is 92 net carbs and 9.2 net carbs per slice. Your site mentions total carbs as 9 and fiber as 4.

  • Hello sir our fruit is good in shape as well as looking good while looking outside but under it while u open it seeds in it r not getting red colour they r in white sooo any measure to solve this….

  • I live pretty close to you. Would you sell me a cutting from your pomegranate tree? Or if you ever have a broken device, I’d be happy to help you fix it which is my specialty. Thanks for your consideration either way. I really enjoy your channel.

  • An awesome very informative knowledgeable video. Just purchased a pomegranate wonderful yesterday and can’t wait to plant outside. Thank you for the video.

  • Hey! I liked idea of toasting sweet potatoes but I want to say something: It is obvious that you are caring about eating&being health which is really nice.. but I suggest not to use aluminum foil with foods, and baking it makes the case worse actually. Of course, it is your choise:)

  • You give me a great inspiration to eat more salads. I love salads but so lazy to prep. You make things so simple and easy. I’m trying vegetarian 21 days cleansing and these will do great! Thank you.!!!

  • I never thought about toasting sweet potato! what a great idea. I would sub Treeline nut based cream cheese for the goat cheese. Yum:)

  • I live in South Texas. I never fertilize my Wonderful pomegranate, nor do I water it except when there hasn’t been rain in a long time. The largest harvest I got was 100 fruit.

  • i have.promegranates in the phillippines..it was came from here saudi arabia…its been a 1year now but till now no fruit comes…what happened some idea sir������????

  • I like Azerbaijani pomegranate, as I live in Adelaide, Australia. We have a very arid, extremely hot summer 40c + is not unusual.
    The Azerbaijani variety loves the excessive heat, when every other tree suffers. And it’s very drought tolerant… I only water once a week in summer, same as the rest of the garden.
    I grow cactus and succulents in the gardens, because everything else dies, that’s how bad it is. The winter is wet, but almost no chill hours this tree doesn’t care.
    I planted it in March 2018, at 50cm tall. Now at January 2020, it’s 2metres tall and heavy with fruit and I gave it a HEAVY pruning last winter, because it grew so fast. I think it would have topped 4 metres if I’d let it grow; just in that short time.
    We have coastal salt winds, as well, and it just doesn’t care, it loves it. I don’t feed it much, it just gets whatever is left in the watering can from other trees, but watered down. Maybe some blood and bone a light dusting once a year. Maybe twice a year I’ll put a small handful of pellet chook manure, or slow release for fruit and vegetable. I thought we wouldn’t get much fruit because I didn’t feed, but it’s got so many that we have orders from the neighbours, lol.

  • God I would LOVE to grow a pomegranate tree, or have a mini orchard in my back yard, with lemons, apples, pears, peaches, pomegranates, limes, oranges, cherries, mangoes…and other fruits too, like grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries….would save so much money and i’d get to eat fresh fruit:) what could be better?

  • I have a ‘Parfianka’ pomegranate I planted back in the summer and I can’t wait to get some fruits off it this year! It seems to me that if you have a decent layer of organic mulch around the tree that watering 2-3 times per week should be a little excessive even in the hottest, driest times of year.

  • Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I have a customer who has a pomegranate tree in her backyard that’s a mess. Your video is the best all around informative video I’ve seen in my research to “fix” her tree down here in San Diego. Again, thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Thank you so much! Seeing you put it all together helps. These look great! They may be an acquired taste for me as I am trying to lay off the processed foods a bit and eat cleaner and healthier. This is just what I need!!! Thanks again!

  • For all you people who love pomegranates but think you can’t grow them unless you live in California, I have good news. There are several places in the U.S. where pomegranates can grow. Many of the south eastern and south western states grow them. Even clear up to Tennessee and Oklahoma, and further north if you happen to live close to the Atlantic. If you live in a USDA grow zone 6 or higher, you can likely grow them, but you need to select the right varieties. Few people know this, but there are several Russian varieties of pomegranates that can tolerate temperatures as low as 0 degrees F, and you can buy them from certain nurseries online and ship them to your home.

    I live in north Georgia and I have 5 pomegranate trees. Two Wonderful varieties, a Salavatski, Phil’s Sweet, and Crimson Red. Those last three varieties are Russian. I bought them from a nursery called Edible Landscaping in Virginia. They’ve all survived two years here in Georgia and my Wonderfuls started flowering last year.

  • Should I buy a pomegranate tree from Home Depot it’s gonna be shipped so is it gonna be bare root it says it’s shipped in a gallon container should I plant it in June my zone is 7

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world. This video is excellent in providing information about pomegranate benefits of health, propitiation, varieties of pruning and successful growing. Well done on your presentation of harvest and how to share with wildlife. Terrific editing matches your cinematography with the script.