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4 Meals, 4 Ingredients, 4 Dollars College Cooking (Pt. 1)

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How To Cook If You’re Single • Tasty

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EASY 1 PERSON MEAL IDEAS! | Healthy Recipes for 1 Person

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Cheap And Healthy Meals That Even A College Student Could Make

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4 Meals Anyone Can Make

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40 Easy Single-Serving Meals. by MyFitnessPal’s Recipes. December 2, 2017. 12 Comments. Share it: 4.17/5 (12) Sample rating item.

If you’re. 40 Easy Single-Serving Meals | Recipes | MyFitnessPal If you’re trying to lose weight, eating at home is the way to go. Research shows when you frequently cook at home, you not only consume fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and less fat, but you.

Cooking for one? Over 300 single serving recipes as well as small batch recipes that are developed and tested to provide everything you want but in single-serving sizes. Single serving dinner ideas, easy dessert recipes, side dishes, salads, and more. These meals for one are fresh, flavorful, easy.

Browse more than 630 recipes perfect for on-the-go singles. Find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. 40 Simple Wedding Food Ideas You Can Pull Off Without a Caterer Amanda Tarlton Updated: Feb. 21, 2019 Weddings can get expensive, so it’s important to save money where you can—like by cutting out the cost of catering. After trying a few bratwurst recipes, I’ve found this meal-in-one is ideal for camping since it grills to perfection in a heavy-duty foil bag.

Loaded with chunks of bratwurst, red potatoes, mushrooms and carrots, it’s easy to season. Looking for quick and easy one-serving recipes? Allrecipes has more than 370 trusted recipes for cooking for one, complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips.

Inspiration and Ideas Tips & Tricks Oven Baked Swai. This Swai recipe is as versatile as it is easy to make. Add your own twist tonight!

Ten easy meals for when you’re lazy, hungry, and a party of one. Start Slideshow 1 of 10. Save FB Tweet. More. Pinterest.

Email. Send Text Message Print. 4-Ingredient, 4-Minute Chicken Taco Rice Bowls The Seasoned Mom.

It only takes a few on-hand ingredients to whip up dinner. 50 Simple and Savory Single-Serving Meals March 2020 When you have a single mouth to feed, it can be tempting to grab takeout—but with these 50 scrumptious and simple recipes, you can whip up a single-serve meal in no time. Get cooking with easy dinner recipes that are perfect for evenings with family and friends.

We’ve got chicken, pasta and more from Food Network.

List of related literature:

Although these selections may sound slightly far-fetched, writing a fiveweek menu cycle with two soups, two salads, one appetizer, four entrees, two vegetables, two starches, and two desserts offered per day for thirty-five days is a task that might strain anyone’s creativity.

“Senior Living Communities: Operations Management and Marketing for Assisted Living, Congregate, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities” by Benjamin W. Pearce
from Senior Living Communities: Operations Management and Marketing for Assisted Living, Congregate, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities
by Benjamin W. Pearce
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007

More than 28% of Americans live alone and are a target for single-serving packaging.5 More than half of at-home meals include at least one semi-prepared item such as precut vegetables, precooked meat loaf, or heat-and-serve mashed potatoes.

“Williams' Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book” by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
from Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E-Book
by Eleanor Schlenker, Joyce Ann Gilbert
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Recipes for about twenty of the dishes served at these two meals are included below.

“Southern Food: At Home, on the Road, in History” by John Egerton, Ann Bleidt Egerton
from Southern Food: At Home, on the Road, in History
by John Egerton, Ann Bleidt Egerton
University of North Carolina Press, 1993

For example, the dust jacket for The Single Chef’s Cookbook (1970) read, “No one has more culinary freedom than the adventurous single chef.”30 This book included simple dishes: Pork and Bean Sandwiches, Creamed Spinach, Savory Hot Dogs, Roast Beef Hash, Basic Coleslaw, and French-Fried Beer Rings.

“Disco Divas: Women and Popular Culture in the 1970s” by Sherrie A. Inness
from Disco Divas: Women and Popular Culture in the 1970s
by Sherrie A. Inness
University of Pennsylvania Press, Incorporated, 2003

With a little bit of planning, a family of four can get by on about $28 per day ($7 each) including a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even a few snacks along the way (see the sample recipes later in this box).

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

You can definitely rotate through the forty easy meals in chapter 11, and between the Internet and books, you can go crazy with new recipes forever, but I purposely keep my food choices to a minimum.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

I had an easier time making 17 of one meal than preparing 17 completely different meals all by myself.

“Frugal Living For Dummies” by Deborah Taylor-Hough
from Frugal Living For Dummies
by Deborah Taylor-Hough
Wiley, 2011

Many of the recipes in Part 5 can be made on a large scale and saved in the fridge or freezer for the week to help with meal prep.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
Wiley, 2019

These 120 easy-to-follow recipes encompass a range of dishes—from Appetizers, Soups and Salads to Main Courses (Poultry & Game, Lamb, Beef, Fish & Seafood), Beverages and Desserts.

“Polish Heritage Cookery” by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
from Polish Heritage Cookery
by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
Hippocrene Books, 2005

All recipes that serve more than four people can be frozen for later and/or are used as leftovers later in the week, saving you prep time.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

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  • Omg thank you so much! All the channels always post batch recipes and I live alone and have no self control around baked goods so I’m always on the prowl for single serve recipes. The macros on these things are amazing, thank you so much for sharing, I’ll be definitely trying them out!

  • I’m gonna make the marble cupcake with some slight alterations and no vegan ingredients. The macros are still very similar oddly enough! 229 kcal, 25P, 35C, 3F! Gonna make this version now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hey, great video, just a heads up that you don’t have to activate baking powder with lemon juice, it’s already a combination of an acid and a base, unlike baking soda that you actually have to activate with an acid. Have a great day xx

  • Hi, Leila! Thank you for the video and recipes. They are great and look delicious! I would like to know which protein you used, since whey is not ideal. Was it My Protein soy protein isolate in chocolate and vanilla flavors? Thank you!

  • Thank you for the ideas! My bf is a trucker so I’m left alone at home for weeks and I’ve been struggling to cook for just myself… I’m definitely gonna give these a go

  • Love how creative you are with all of your recipes. You add so much the health world and i love following your accounts for inspiration! xx

  • Dang is it just on my screen or did the change the like, comment, and reply buttons nvm on my screen they changed every button weird

  • Not related to the topic of the video BUT GIRL your side profile on the thumbnail (idk if it’s considered a side profile lol) ANYWAY THE POINT IS THAT YOU ARE GORGEOUS i love u

  • Omg this is literally the best video I’ve ever watched �� you’re a genius!!! Keep the amazing vegan snacks coming girl I am here for it ❤️ xxx

  • I love this video, this is perfect for me as I love baking but am only ever cooking for myself so I hate making huge batches of things. Any chance you have the measurements for the pretzel? I really want to give it a go!

  • my mom LOVES cinnamon pretzel but the ones that are sold outside are always super unhealthy. I’ll defo give your recipe a try hehe, love all the ideas!! <3

  • But there is no american cheddar cheese in my country well there is but it is hard to find and so expensive and there is only the slice

  • For me im just embarrassed to cook in front of my family or else ik quite alot of recipes.
    If i cook in front of them i am sure im gonna mess things up

  • I’m super thankful for this video! I’ve just made a pretzel! But I’m just curious what kind of flour do you use to your recipes??

  • For the “beans on toast” recipe, not saying yours is bad, but I’d trade out the navy beans for chickpeas then throw in a heap of cumin. Mwah.

  • Here’s a meal most people can make
    1 cup plain Greek yogurt
    1 3/4 self rising flour
    Pizza sauce

    Mix the flour and yogurt in a bowl until in a ball put on a floured surface and make it into a smooth ball then set oven to 400°F and put on toppings then put the pizza in the oven for 20 mins

  • 4 Things anyone can make
    after doing 1st part:
    Everyone: The Pasta ISN’T BOILED!
    Le me: wait, they didn’t show that we have to boil the Pasta?

  • everyone who’s complaining how they can’t get or have the ingredients here’s some solutions. don’t have it at home? buy it. no way to get to a store? wait till you go and get groceries, which you have to do once in awhile. while your waiting you can ask your neighbors and your parents about chores you can do to get money so you’ll have enough to get your ingredients. stop crying about how poor you are and how you can’t get ingredients when there’s so many solutions (also i recommend searching up substitutes for ingredients you don’t have as well if your not going to the store in a long time)

  • Everyone else: who else just watches these but knows they will never make the food?

    Me: pffffft! I totally never tried these recipes just to try ��. Yes never. ��

  • I’m a child in quarantine and I was looking for lunch I can make for my self and I stumbled upon this video. I thought I could make some of these dishes…

  • To be honest I assume cereal is food and it has no cereal anyone can do just add milk then cereal
    :< geez me: I never seen these food before so I think not everyone can make

  • Since I don’t have any of the ingredients lying around, I can’t make any of this, but if I were to make something from this list, I’d make the Chicken Alfredo

  • Tasty: Meals Anyone Can Make!
    Me: Ooh sounds good!
    Realizes I’m 10 yrs old and that Tasty is LYING
    ……………………………… EXCUSE ME WHA-

  • I have something easier for lazy people boil water then put some noodles then drain then add sauce then add cheese and there u have it a lazy but good meal

  • It’s cute how they put a child to help the adult with the video but uh, are kids supposed to be eating that much cheese and spices lmao?

  • HONEY im watching these videos bc its 3am and im hungryyy im not gonna make a whole meal at 3am theres not even the ingrediants in ma frigde right now

  • Me: oooooh interesting..
    Me: put oil on the pan
    everything got on fire and got a piece of black coal
    Me: this is what call chef isn’t it?

  • “the easiest pasta to make” like bruh.. aside from microwaving ramen there’s butter noodles which the only ingredients are the two words that make it’s name ��

  • That chorizo is the best!! Made in San Marcos, TX…. Potato, egg and chorizo tacos. Or bean and chorizo tacos…. Or, however combinations you like. Yuuummm!! ����

  • Woah woah woah there… I have NEVER… Heard of reheating scrambled egg in the microwave ever resulting in something pleasant… How does a frittata differ?

  • The college student literally has more stuff than we have at home. I have one pot, one knife and one ladle at my dorm �� and also only a fork and a spoon with 1 mug

  • I don’t know if that is a female reproductive organ cutout or a bull’s head in 2:27. Honestly the kitchen is a mess, I’d go crazy cause of it

  • John 3:17. “For God did not send his son to the world that he might condemn the world; but that he might save the world through the him

  • My mom had a peach cobbler recipe she made with her room mates in college. She would take canned peaches cinnamon vanilla extract an egg vanilla cake mix sugar salt and butter in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes and then after that u take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and put it on top. She told me in total it would feed her and her 2 roommates for like $7.50-$10 at most

  • I’m dying to see more healthy meals for college students. I have my gastronomical experience and patisserie xp also but with no time to cook full meals with thicccc flavors (at least I used to not have time, now I have plenty geez).

  • oh yeah! of course I have..
    •Pizza dough•
    •BBQ sauce •
    •Sour cream•
    •Cayenne• and..
    •Tilapia fish•
    Just laying around my kitchen.. ��

  • I mean the food is yum but using a whole carton of eggs in one meal when your living on a budget? Not practical tbh. Also having pans that are oven safeid be surprised a college student has something like that. But cool video anyway. Maybe scaling down portions since they r just feeding themselves?

  • Ok, so I finally made my first Josh recipe—the peanuty pork—so we could use up some pork chops that needed to be cooked. I didn’t have high hopes I could recreate the same thing but O.M.G. It was SO GOOD!! Such a simple recipe but with nuanced flavor and crunch! I was amazed something I cooked turned out so well!

  • One of my friends asked me to teach her how to cook. I said “You just throw a bunch of shit in a pan until it looks edible.” Frittatas case in point.


  • Not super healthy. Like its not total junk food but eating some vegetables occasionally I wouldn’t call healthy. Also for the people saying this is really expensive… who can’t afford eggs and canned beans?

  • Maybe you might be that one to save the entire planet. Please Joshua, chefs and your audience watch this. There is no easy way to get it out, but through some desquising of sort. The question is though, is there any way to make it naturally in a dish so those who don’t approve can’t allow others to die because they are being controlled by opposition agendas. Someone mentioned to my wife grapefruit boiled with honey and other spices, but she cannot recall. We need enough for all America and maybe world recipe. That would be lovely. My wife watches your show. Recommended I contact you in this one. Please watch. https://youtu.be/ts7maQ0S2QI
    Thank you ladies and gents. America needs you to wake up and see. See you Josh. Make something easy but good to consume. Possibly even better is the deployment. Ty we are counting on YOU.��

  • People need to stop breaking eggs on the edge of the recipient and instead use a flat surface, less chance to have eggshells dropping in the mixture. Good vid tho.

  • ALSO clarification about the salmon one that I meant to make on-screen… Season BOTH sides then leave it on one side until it’s cooked halfway through lol I made an ambiguous edit there and it sounds like you leave it on the unseasoned side which would be no bueno

  • I tried the Mexican quinoa bowl tonight and it was soooooo good! Thank you! I also squeezed some lime juice on it which made it really good

  • Me: watches this video for ideas

    Also me: realizes I’m too lazy to go to the store to get Healthy stuff so I end up getting chipotle anywayd

  • Since my parents broke up and I’m home alone a lot (because my father has to work all the time) I always cooked too much. This is really perfect for me! Thanks for putting so much effort in this!��

  • Thanks!!! I’m in college and I love cooking (no meal plan at my school lol) and I love these ideas. So yummy and it’s hard to find easy quick recipes like this on YouTube that aren’t vegan or vegetarian I’ve noticed!

  • Nice ideas! Although I will fight about subbing Greek yogurt for sour cream because it isn’t really better for you and it DOES NOT taste the same at all. Haha It’s all dairy. One just has a little more protein XD

  • I once made a fish pot with cod fish. I cut some onion and garlic, threw it in the pan together with pieces of ciabatta bread. Then remove the bread after 2 minutes, throw in some pieces of codfish, followed by cherry tomatoes. After a little while throw in a bit of white wine and you’re done!! Major advantage: You can drink the rest of the wine yourself

  • https://www.chelseasmessyapron.com/slow-cooker-southwestern-fajita-quinoa/

    Makes way more than 1 serving of course but it is similar and more hands off than the stove top version

  • Great recipes! Quick question— Aren’t you usually supposed to drain and rinse beans that come in cans or were those packed in some type of sauce and not the thick gross “bean juice”?

  • Great recipes! Quick question— Aren’t you usually supposed to drain and rinse beans that come in cans or were those packed in some type of sauce and not the thick gross “bean juice”?

  • I was waiting for this video! It’s super helpful to have these ideas for meal prep days. I was actually craving Mexican food and now I definitely want to make the quinoa now �� Loved this!

  • I would love to see you SHOP at Goodwill, or another thrift store, instead of just donating. You may find a treasure! Love, your cousin, Susan❤️

  • I bought the ingredients for turkey chili at Trader Joe’s today and then saw this video later lol! But PLEASE make more videos like this!!

  • Me clicking on one of your video

    Me expecting a professional cook to show cheap shit that ain’t cheap

    Two guy throwing shit together that are also high and instantly remembering why I subscribed.

  • When you don’t have a Whole Foods in your country so half of these recipes are not duable for me ahahah damn that gnocci looked amazing:( other than that, great video! It gave me some ideas xx

  • All the people here saying “why is she single if she looks so pretty and fun…”, stop. Just stop. The fact that someone is in a relationship doesn’t automatically mean they’re a catch or a high quality person. Tons of people in relationships have seriously very little to offer because they don’t know how to truly BE alone. Tons of people in relationships are giving their partners crap constantly because they’re dissatisfied with themselves and their lives.

    So, being single doesn’t make someone weird, crazy or undesirable��.

  • This video helped me & you because i am now a subscriber. Im a stoner & the vibes went very awesome���� take it easy, gonna see if there’s a pt2. If not. You got limited time.. To be continued. If there is a pt2, ill comment saying sorry. ✌. Lol

  • Omgness, ty. Pls. Can u make more of these videos. Because, I hate cooking for one. But, I hv given me a change of heart! Ty. I will try.

  • Good recipes….����
    Her “being single” jokes is a lil bit dragggggg…… no offense!
    Literally connecting everything she says with being single…
    She jus keeps reminding that she’s single….why?????����‍♂️

  • Alix, if I were gay, or a man, I would date you so fast. You’re a hottie with a bottie! And you’re sweet and funny. Forgive my fangirling, Alix! I’m glad this series is happening!!!

  • Perhaps I’m carbon dating myself, but watching Alex’s vlogs is a bit like watching the sunshine care bear making a lemon meringue pie scratch. Fun to watch, love the warm shiny personality and content, but confused when she keeps mentioning she’s single. Single by choice with lots of friends is all well and fine, but single because you might be too out going or intense, maybe a little discombobulated at times….but more or less a organized chaos type personality; makes for a strange bed fellow. There is hope for us all of us single types if opposites do in fact attract.

  • The is one big ass chicken breast. Certainly not organic! I really encourage you and others to eat CLEAN food. For your health your life, just saying.

  • That’s the most dry pasta I’ve ever seen. In Italy in every restaurant from the cheap one to the fancy one you will never see plain pasta with souce over top, YOU MUST MIX THE SOUCE AND THE PASTA BEFORE PLATING IT, you don’t want dry, sticky pasta

  • Alix saying:

    “Why am I single? Why am I single? Why am I single?”
    “My future husband is lucky!”

    Is such a big mood ��

    I feel ya girly lmao ����

  • Those are awesome! I love this ideas. I make my daughter’s lunches and those will work fir school lunch as well. Btw When I was in England my brother’s girlfriend made baked potatos with tuna and sour cream on top. I don’t remember how they call it. Did you eat that while you were there? I still make it lol my toddler loves it. ��

  • I’m a Jordanian viewer from Canada! Thanks for the great recipe:) A plant based diet with daily exercise has great benefits for our physical and mental health. I’ll be making this soon!

  • Those all look great! I do like to make soup in the fall and winter and eat it for like 3 days. I like chicken noodle, minestrone, veggie, and they are cheap homemade. I also like chicken salad, salad with Olive Garden dressing, or a pita filled with veggies and some dressing. Hope you can use one of those ideas!

  • U should take the red onion from the pita u made and swirl them around in a tad bit of balsamic vinaigrette before u throw em on the pita or, nahhn is it? I bet that would ad an exceptional extra good layer of flavor to that delish meal

  • Dude. I’m watching this at 7am and I wanna run to Aldi and get the stuff to make that flat bread. That looks so dam good. I have never tried goat cheese tho even tho I Love love love all other chesses.

  • I love when u do these videos. So many many great ideas!!!! These videos very well my rivial wish wenesday in my book����Your hair looks great today too!

  • You ever got mad high then the munchies kick in so u go to 711 to buy food but starts staring at the sausages rolling on the machine waiting for it to be cook and ppl stare at u like ur crackhead

  • I’ve been wanting to try the breakfast one for sooo long and I finally tried it this morning! I thought I would fail because I’ve only made omelets a few times, but it turned out SO GOOD! �� ��

  • on the corn tortilla, I put two corn tortillas with cheese in the middle. I then nuke it in the microwave for 1 minute. I will now try your truck and cut a how in the middle and make the egg and it should be awesome too!

  • Fuck the weed jokes in the comments.. I NEEDED THIS, TY GUYS SO MUCH!! I’m 28 yrs old and have probably only cooked at total of five times my whole life! I live alone and have since I graduated high school. I get luck with the ladies but their mindset always eventually turned me off so I haven’t had a girlfriend like my brothers and ALL of my guy friends it seems who have girlfriends to teach them how to cook. So my diets been terrible for years! And living alone so long is depressing so not much motivation to cook for just me, when it’s always just me. And many other videos get all fucking complicated. Thank you so much bc I’m cooking every one of these this week during quarantine now����♥️��

  • Love and hugs from Asheboro. These meals are so great. Ella and I love getting to know you through these videos. Family ones are our favorites.

  • Pot will get you through times of no money, BETTER than money will get you through times of no pot. Or food for these two stoners. I know why they don’t have any food or money. ENJOY YOUR POT!!

  • All the weed they are smoking is killing their tastebuds, they would have more money if not for the weed… less they are growing and selling.

    Don’t do the first one, cook the pasta, then cook the ingredients separate, DO NOT BOIL your flavour items, cook them after then mix the pasta with a touch of what have you.

  • My college doesnt allow us to have a panini press. Or candles, or tacks. They seem to think you’re 5 and will burn the place down even though it’s all concrete walls and linoleum floors.

  • I am Italian
    Put pasta in already boiling and salted water and wait
    For the veggies stir fry those fuckers and add them to the cooked pasta

  • I know this is meant to be lazy stoner methods….The veggies would be better if you were sauteeing them the whole time the pasta was boiling in a pan. Throw the pasta then in the pan with a bit of pasta water before fully cooling with the sauce……mannnn……