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Sweet Potato Nutrition: Ridiculously Awesome Reasons Why You Should Eat Sweet Potato Every Day

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The Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet Potatoes are very healthy and can be eaten for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or dessert. 16 Ways To Eat Sweet Potatoes For Every Meal A sweet potato a day keeps the doctor away. Samantha Schiller.

This article is for all the sweet potato lovers of the world. If your dining hall doesn’t serve sweet. This article is for all the sweet potato lovers of the world. If your dining hall doesn’t serve sweet potatoes, you aren’t out of luck.

These recipes are. Sweet Potato Recipes: 23 Healthy Ways to Eat Sweet Potato Armed with these sweet potato recipes you’ll have a bevy of ideas to choose from when you have a supply you need to get rid of. From savory to sweet and everything in between, there’s something for every. Sweet potato recipes help us keep dinner easy. For this 15-minute meal, steam a batch of potatoes in advance.

Then, top them with whatever taco. Preheat grill to high.Cut a sweet potato into 1⁄2-inch-thick disks.Lay them on grill, spray with cooking spray and season with salt and pepper; grill 2 minutes per. Here, five ways to transform a sweet potato from the side dish into the main event.

Roast ‘em twice Twice-roasted potatoes get the best of both worlds: crisp. Sweet potatoes and I didn’t use to get along. I thought they were too sweet, too associated with gummy Thanksgiving gratins. And then one day I was served a roasted sweet potato and when I dug in, reluctantly, I found it was a revelation. It yielded up crisp skin, and tender orange flesh that melted in my mouth.

I ate every scrap and was suddenly converted to a sweet potato. You can cultivate lots of bad habits over a lifetime, but eating sweet potatoes every day isn’t among them. Packed with nutrients such as beta-carotene, potassium and fiber, sweet. Thai Sweet Potato Curry Recipe: https: Learn More About Healthy Meal Plans!

5 Meals I Eat Every Week (Vegan) Duration: 19:11. The potato is a starchy favorite that often gets a bad rep when it comes to making your list of “healthy foods.”See, spuds are often cooked in a way that does more harm than good to your diet, but when they’re not being fried or doused in large amounts of cheese and bacon, potatoes are indeed good for you—and that’s what our potato.

List of related literature:

Even there I didn’t like them all that much, making them only once with mini-marshmallows, because Joy said that’s what we were supposed to eat on Thanksgiving.

“Dreams of Joy” by Lisa See
from Dreams of Joy
by Lisa See
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Use these tips as a guide as to how you can approach fussy eating in your house but remember that this list is by no way exhaustive or prescriptive.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
from My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family
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 The diet should be balanced by including all six tastes sweet, sour, salty, pungent (spices), bitter and astringent in at least one meal per day.

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
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3.Sugar-free diet Recipes.

“Australian national bibliography: 1961-1971” by National Library of Australia
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Omit sugar and lemon wedge in step 4.

“The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook: Revolutionary Techniques. Groundbreaking Recipes.” by America's Test Kitchen
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  • Dan in Louisiana a family brought purple sweet potatoes from Africa when they came to the states in the 1800’s and they are divine.

  • I corporate sweetpotatoes in my diet. I consume them at night time and i feel light.. i want to lost weight.. im. Gonna update you after 2 weeks:)

  • Just simply from partaking in this diet my results have been exceptional. I would recommend this diet “sowo hope site” (Google it) to anyone to try it. The results seem to come so fast. I additionally know another person who lost 12 pounds.

  • Just curious, would it be more beneficial to only partially cook them so not to cook away the nutrients? It seems to be fact that raw vegetables are far better than if you cook them. Depending on the size of the potato, I typically microwave the sweet potato for about 3-5 minutes. Thanks

  • I always use ground turkey or chicken in my chili and add sweet potato… so good! And that sweet potato breakfast “toast” looks so Good!! Thanks for another awesome video!! ����

  • I cook my sweet potatoes in my kamado grill wash and put on the grill for 45 minutes 350 degrees add a steak of choice at 800 degrees

  • Potato is not a super food man, Liver is a super food. You will get more vitamin A from liver than any other food. A sweet potato is not good by itself, you need bacon grease or butter along with salt to make it tasty. Now go eat some [email protected] liver and get back to me, cheers!

  • My mom tells me that I ate so much sweet potato as a baby that my pediatrician told her I was turning orange. �� I still love it to this day! Been stirring mashed sweet potato into my oatmeal lately, with a little maple syrup and some walnuts on top, and it’s reminiscent of sweet potato pie.

  • I really have not always been a fan of sweet potatoes. Sometimes I do like them and sometimes I don’t. I love sweet potato mash though. I will say though that all these sweet potato recipes do look really good! I would def try them. Sweet potato toast sounds really good. I like the eggs, guacamole, and salsa topping. Great breakfast idea! I could cook the sweet potato the night before and just warm up in my toaster oven the next morning! Great gluten free recipe as well!! Sweet potato in chili sounds like it may be good. I’d try it.

  • I love making sweet potato hummus, just bake peel then mash and add tahini sauce and you’re set!
    I also love to eat them for breakfast! Cut it in half and bake them until soft, about 25-30 mins, then beat an egg in another cup, cut open the potato and pour the egg mixture into the cut part of the potato, bake another 20 mins, then add siracha on top and some parsley, simply amazing!
    Also stuffing baked garbanzo beans into a sweet potato for another meal is delicious with a great lemon-hummus sauce…I eat sweet potatoes every day so I have many recipes. Don’t get me started on the pancakes…..

  • I nuke my sweet potatoes in the microwave 5 minutes each side after rinsing and poking holes. After letting it cool, I either it like a hot dog, skin and all or cut it open and top it with PB2 peanut butter, sprinkle ground cinnamon or half an avocado. I wish they’d come in bags like regular potatoes.

  • My favorite episodes are with Dan, he has such a great delivery. Really enjoy learning when it’s made fun & interesting. Great job again Dan��

  • I live in Northern Ontario and now that it is January we are freezing here, just watching your recipes have warmed me up.
    I love sweet potatoes and
    cant wait to try them all.
    They look delicious.

  • I looked at the website, and I just want to say that I would happily pay for an app that integrated with the website so that I could sync my recipes and shopping lists with the meal planning. Really in need of a good one because PepperPlate is just too buggy, and your website’s system looks perfect!

  • My mom puts sweet potato in her veggie chili. At first I thought it was weird and too sweet, but it’s grown on me. Can’t deny its nutritional value too.:)

  • “Vitamin” A is toxic. Carotenoids are broken down into retinol in the body (the “ol” signifies that it is an alcohol) and then are broken down by the liver into retinoic acid. You know, Accutane, the acne medication with all the debilitating side effects. You know, the same retinoic acid used for skin peels and chemotherapy.

    Look up the work of Grant Genereux and see the benefits of a zero vitamin A diet for five years. Potatoes are good, just buy the white ones.

  • My only complaint is that I can never decide what to make first. Haha!! Thank you for putting your time and energy into these recipes. Congrats on the little one!

  • This is my kind of favorite video. Loaded with info as if it was a sweet potato. LOL. Great job man. One video and I am already a follower. Subscribed.

  • less than 7 minutes in a pressure cooker! =D preserves energy to save the planet and preserves nutrients due to shorter cooking time also super convenient to get them ready by the time I set the table

  • I don’t deep fry my sweet potato chips. I place them on a baking tray, near the top of the oven, at about 200 C. Sprinkle with a little oil, and dried thyme. 20 minutes or so later, delicious chips. Surely, healthier than cooking in all that oil.

  • I love them too! In my local grocery they have them cut up already, I nice bag size for.99. Is there a difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Thanks love your channel!

  • I usually removed the skin, slice them and just boil them with water. I drink the water finish them all. Nothing else added. unlike kidney beans and green beans I add minimal amount of sugar.

  • Im about 98% sure sweet potatos are not even in the same family as regular potatos. Regular potatos are in the nightshade family, sweet potatos are a ipomoea, like morning glory…

  • Sweet potato toast has worked for me in the toaster, but I’m really bad at making an even slice, and the toaster is pretty unforgiving of that. And it needs to be a pretty thin slice, which I’m also not great at doing haha. So the oven’s a better bet for me.

  • Do you think you could do the chili in a crockpot? Maybe just brown the meat before hand? Or would it not cook everything good enough?

  • Holy shmoly, had no idea that the yams sold at the grocers are actually sweet potatoes and they are priced differently at my grocery store. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Been watching older videos without realizing it, because I noticed in this one you’re bigger than I’m used to seeing you and yup, new video lol

  • i like to slice them, 1/4 in thick then boil ’em for 20 mins and then i pop ’em into the dehydrater or oven just to remove some of the water for about 10 mins I love “em

  • Really? You tease us with a recipe, then tell us we have to pay for it?

    No. I hav3 subscribed to ATK, CC, MS, all of them. Print and online. It’s not worth it.

  • Can you look into beans I’m trying to sprout have you ever done Irdiology?? Check out Dr Morse!
    info can be like a volley ball tossed in the air over a net blocked and smashed I introduced you to my son but he was already watching and learning!!! Thanks for your hard work

  • I like to make fries out of sweet potatoes by cutting them and baking them for 30mins. I drizzle olive oil on them then add cinnamon and a few other seasonings. I only enjoy eating them as fries.

  • Lol when you had to Google to describe the taste. Love that you give some to Coco? Pumpkin is good for cats too. Make brownies using sweet potato, oats and chocolate. It is delicious and nutritious

  • Recipe is suddenly behind a paywall? What gives? I love Dan and his recipes, especially the sweet potato fries. I’ve been using the recipe since this video came out!! Now I suddenly can’t access it. I understand you guys need to get paid for the content you produce, but bait and switching viewers by suddenly throwing recipes behind a paywall months later isn’t the way to do it. Monetize your videos with ads, I’m fine with watching ads so you can get your coin, I revisit these videos over and over again, but the paywall thing really sucks. This doesn’t motivate me to purchase a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, it motivates me to not use your recipes further so I don’t become dependent on something that will suddenly become unavailable behind a paywall. Please reconsider your strategy.
    I know you probably will never see this, and if you do, you’ll probably just say “lol just one person, who cares girl BYE” but MAN I was a really, really big fan. It’s not about $1it’s about the principal of a really shitty bait and switch and you being intentionally vague about the recipe throughout this video to drive people to your website with a recipe from 2014 that you’ve had open that entire time that you were going to intentionally stick in a walled garden a few months after releasing this video. I feel stupid, I feel tricked by you! I recommended you and your recipes to so many people. I even included your material in a presentation I gave to a room full of Master Gardeners where I empathically recommended your content as a fantastic resource for upping your game as a home cook. I feel embarrassed thinking that a lot of those recipes I’ve passed on to my friends and folks I know they probably can’t even use now.
    There is a GOOD REASON why other cooking publications like Serious Eats have not used this monetization strategy and I suggest you look into why. Dan, what you’re doing really sucks. Please reconsider. I’d rather you monetize with ads than do this. It’s disingenuous. Perhaps I’m really misunderstanding something hereI hope so. I only write this much because I enjoyed your content so much and genuinely hope for a better change in direction in the future from you guys. Until then, good bye.

  • Bake mine and cut it in half then put marshmallows on it while it’s still hot so they’re half melted, then put cinnamon and its the perfect desert.

  • I’m mostly vegan, I have skillet sweet potatoes, jasmine rice, grilled onions, spinach, mushrooms ��, some form of protein like legumes

  • I boil with skin on, and peel, mash, put sugar butter, vanilla extract, nutmeg, an put in microwave. Delicious. Wrap paper towel around sweet potato, aluminum foil, and put in freezer bags and freeze. Thaw in refrigerator, and make the same mash.

  • love the recips with sweet patato. I also made an account on healthymealplan.com but I live in europe (Belgium) wich makes it harder to use cause of the different measuring system.

  • Since amylases are most active at 140F-170F, would slow cooking sweet potatoes at around 160F-165F produce a very sweet, minimally starchy result? Is this even necessary, or does roasting produce the most satisfactory result?

  • 1:55 Hey there, because you are posting on an international channel, YouTube in this case, you should use ISO standard units and not imperial units. Minimum requirement is subtexts with ISO standard units. Out of courtesy to the international audience of course.

  • Love sweet potatoes they are the best. However looking for new ideas to prepare them. Now the Chili sounds very inviting I will give it a try. Thank great video!

  • I cook in microoven for seven minutes and ready to serve. I loved it because I’m from village from Bangladesh. My mom used to feed us and used to cook in wood fire.

  • I usually bake and eat 7 Organic sweet potato’s a day peeled then mashed with 5 heaping spoonfuls of creamy organic peanut butter & top it with raw unfiltered wildflower honey! freeze it for a few hours the enjoy:) actually really good ��

  • wherever you’ve used reg potatoes put sweet tatoes. In a pot roast, in vege soups etc. luv em. Whipped sweet tatoes with cream and spices

  • I am lazy, so I like using the toaster. You may have to toast it a couple times to cook it all the way, but it has been pretty quick for me in the past. I like that there are less dishes to wash by using the toaster too.

  • Love sweet potatoes but I cook mine the old fashion way, in the oven for an hour and half to two hours with no foil wrap at 350. This allows the skin to separate from the “meat” of the potato. I add unsalted butter and I’m done. ��

  • There is a lot of cooking-related content I like on YT, but this is one of the few shows that I really love. Apart from Kenji/Serious Eats and Good Eats, there is almost no touching upon the science in cooking, which is a shame. So this is really appreciated.

  • I enjoy sweet potatos by
    Boiling them first then slicing them up and pouring raw natural honey on them then i sprinkle cinnamon then lastly i add raw natural oatmeal (not the squished up 1 minute oatemeal, the whole grain raw oatmeal) its delicious ��

  • A couple comments… First the nutritional numbers in your chart are for raw sweet potato. On the copy of this chart I found on Wikipedia, footnote “G” states this. Additionally, vitamin A is fat soluble, meaning, you need a fat (butter, olive oil, etc.) with the sweet potato so that the body can more efficiently assimilate the vitamin A.

  • Try rubbing the skin with olive oil or avocado oil before baking I’m sure you’ll like it I do this all the time with my sweet potatoes. And white baking potatoes

  • roasted in the oven for 25 minutes with avocado oil, garlic, parsley, sriracha, and turmeric and then spread guac on top. so. so. so. good. ����

  • Can’t wait to try the sweet potato toast and the sweet potato turkey chili. Those both sound yummy. I’ve never had curry and I don’t like cilantro so not sure about the first one. Have to admit that since joining ww I have been absent from your channel. I was surprised when I watched this video and saw you. Congrats!

  • Why everytime I tell people I eat tons of Potatoes and Brown Rice and lost 140 pounds all they ever say is I’m going to get diabetes being vegan and eating all the carbs I eat should I be worried? It gets draining hearing it

  • Where I’m from, we stir fry the leaves for a side dish. We also cook the leaves in some coconut milk with curry powder, ginger, and some salt n pepper for a savory topping over some rice.

  • Toaster works really well! Need about three rounds on the highest level. I freeze mine, then put in the toaster for another one to two rounds when I’m ready to eat.

  • My favorite is still mashed baked with butter/olive oil, garlic and coriander. Just love them that way. 😉 That said, I’m going to try out Dan’s twist on sweet potato fries. Never had good ones, but those look delish. Thanks!

  • sheesh all these flirts for Dan…all I have is a science question: How far in advance can I par boil the sweet potatoes? I’d like to prep them, then add them to corn starch slurry LATER to fry for dinner? Thanks for your help….(Dan, my panther wants to know if your panther dates?)

  • If i simmer the chili for 2hrs should i drop the sweet potatoes in later after it has been simmering for a while so they don’t get mushy/ fall apart after 2hours?

  • I just throw 4 or 5 sweet potatoes in a crock pot for 4 hours on low…add carrots or beets or anything else you want to eat in the next couple days…makes it easy and I don’t have to worry about being there to turn off the heat…

  • Hi I like this serie very much. Thanks. We know that cocos oil/fat is good for you but what about cocos milk/cream? I have read different opinions. Can you talk about cocos milk/cream. Thank you

  • Ha! The black cat. He needs a chef hat. Black cats are very very intelligent. Mine knocks on the door when he wants in. He hangs on the door knob.

  • Went to the Korean store today and found some really cool purple sweet potatoes. Also there were a lot of rices, grains and beans in bulk that seemed pretty inexpensive.

  • I love sweet potato soup super easy super quick to make and so yummy and it makes enough for the rest of the week so I can have it at least once a day so yummy ��

  • I’ve never even seen a purple sweet potato before. I’ve only ever eaten the Japanese, Garnet & Jewel. I’ve eaten a purple potato before, but for some reason it tasted perfumey. I really enjoy these series.

  • My friends laughing at me as I’m always taking sweet potatoes and carry cooked ones in my bag when I was young. Now I’m 47 and I’m laughing ☺️ at them now coz I don’t look like their age. It’s true, they’re good for the skin,makes you feel healthier and maintains sharpness����

  • Sweet potatoes are a basic staple for every week,and I’m eating it at lest twice per week.
    I don’t always follow anyone’s recipes completely because I can’t eat some things,but I’m going to try the potatoes curry dish and the potato toast. They all look yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  • side tangent on the asian sweet potatoes don’t throw them out if they sprout! it’s very hard to get them to grow actual sweet potatoes, but plant them and the stems of the upper plant can be eaten and are very tasty tossed in oil and garlic.:)

  • I made the chili with some ground beef and it is deeeelicious! I do have a question though… The recipe calls for some lime. Do I squeeze some of it on the chili?

  • Try wrapping them in tin foil before baking. It stops them from drying out or throw them on the grill (in tin foil) makes them extra delicious too.

  • In Africa, we don’t have vitamin A deficiency.. We have abundant sources vitamin A like potatoes, plantains, avocado but mainly palm oil… So please reconsider what you said

  • I started eating sweet potatoes back in May 2019 and I lost 73 lbs. I just eat 1 sweet potato at lunch and that’s all. Nothing else. I eat every hours. I do not start eating till I am hungry. I just came off a 8 hour fast of sleeping. Protein to start, sweet potato at lunch and than dinner. Four hours apart 1200 calories a day. My A1c was 5.7. I count my count my calories on myfitnesspal.com and I write in the journal how I feel.

  • I have been following her healthy meal plan for a week or so, and surprisingly my husband reduced 600g. I love her cooking style and all the flavor we get. The chicken with white beans dish is my favorite. �� please do keep posting more healthy recipes.

  • Have you ever tried making fries with white fleshed sweet potatoes? They are much better, in my opinion, and they get ultra crispy!

  • oh my God I went to go get some purple sweet potatoes today and I mentioned to the guy at the till that I was so glad that they had them and I said yams by an accident and then I corrected myself to say I should have said sweet potatoes and he got into a heated debate with me. He goes, “no, actually they are yams”, and I’m like, “no there inaccurately marketed as yams, but they are not”. ugh.

  • Great video. I am a big fan of sweet potatoes, the ultimate traditional health food. Eggs on the other hand are not a super food because they depend on animal slavery/abuse and theft to exist in your kitchen. Swap out the egg with mushrooms. People should check out the amino-acid profiles of edible fungi. Most mushrooms should be cooked for nutritional benefit and safety for human consumption. Apart from supplying all the necessary amino-acids, mushrooms also confer well-documented medicinal benefits.

  • I really love your website and using it since the announcement:) but sometimes the servings numbers get me confused:D i get only four portions out of a 6 portion recipe and two portions out of a four portion recipe… am i eating too much? or are your portions just very small?:)

  • Sweet potatoes are great but no scientist uses the term ‘superfood’ because it isn’t a scientific word with quantifiable requirements.

  • felt too dizzy to prep a proper breakfast after oversleeping on an empty stomach. i have a $2 bag of orange insides with red skin in a thumb thickness months in the freezer, just placed 6 small ones on a plate for 6 minutes, skinned, plant buttered, seasoned salted, and placed for another minute, my torso ache, backpain, and discomfort lifted in a minute, was too uncomfortable and hungry to realized i was hungry and malnourished, recognize it and remember to feed urself slowly and gently. fixed my bad start to being normal again. My dad’s childhood provincial friend across the street neighbor from 2nd grade who never needed anything from my dad had this crop growing on his property and was always self reliant as long as he knew him.

  • I absolutely hate to cook. It is one of the biggest stressors in my life. Watching your channel and how you prep foods calms my mind and has helped me venture out and try new things! Also, realizing I can do it! Thank you ❤️❤️

  • I like to cut them up into fries. I baked them as is (no oil) and then make a dipping sauce out of Cashew butter that tastes like ranch but 1000 times better. I eat that several times a week. Can’t get enough!!!

  • Such nice recipes! As a. Dutch I don’t really luke sweet potatoes( dont know why but hete we are just not a fan) but I want ti use them more often so certainly gonna try these delicious recipes!

  • I should do more with them but I just microwave them for 5 mins then eat it plain, pretty good as is. Skin on with the ends and bad bits removed


  • I made the Sweet Potato fries this way. OMG! They were so good! It’s a few more steps but, WORTH IT! They really do come out great!

  • I have tried your recipes and they’re yummy you inspire me to make good quality food for my family. I also see your belly is gone. I wish you would say something about the baby. Congratulations Mama

  • I’m from the Caribbean and purple sweet potato are my favorite. I don’t like the other varieties. I bake them in the oven no butter or cinnamon. Goes well with baked salmon and baked garlic infused asparagus.

  • you should try the culinary school practice of having a container full of spoons. If you are adding ingredients to a recipe, throw the tasting spoon in the sink and take a clean one for each taste. I think you are awesome!!

  • I know the best cooking method to retain optimal nutrients is to boil but I am addicted to baking them, I put coconut oil on them so the ton of paprika I dump on them sticks and I throw some spanish paprika or smoked on there too, sometimes cayenne, I love Cayenne, its crazy how good paprika goes with them.

  • This is a great food to prepare ahead and have on hand for assembling meals. Just leave a pile of them in the Crockpot on low for 6+ hours with a 1/2 c of water. Slice, sprinkle with Maldon sea salt, serve.

  • What about carrots? Are they as good for you as sweet potatoes? And you didn’t mention the type of cinnamon you use. I’ve heard Ceylon cinnamon is better for you.

  • I used to do sweet potato that worked in the toaster, just takes a bit longer and got to make sure you turn it. Deffo quicker than baking though!

  • Hi Dan,
    Thanks so much for explaining the science behind cooking!
    I have a question: Why does meringue weep? Is it the sugar absorbing moisture out of the air? Is it because the meringue isn’t cooked properly? How can I prevent the weeping?
    Ok, that’s more than one question, but they are linked to one concept.:)

  • I steam my sweet potatos..cut them in cubes..add lil bit of rock salt and sqeeze half a lemon…its yum ��
    Ps: i just had sweet potatos ����

  • omg.. Sweet potatoes… LOVE them! And.. sweet potato fries? COME ON! The absolute best! I have, on many occasions, had a big plate of them and nothing else for my dinner.. save a special sauce.. ok..not all that special.. just some mayo and a splash of ketchup…. maybe 85 / 15 ratio? I don’t really measure.. just go by color… OHHH… craving them now!: ]

  • I ate sweet potatoes for a week. 4kg a day and I felt great.

    This stuff is really amazing. Only.. It doesn’t have a lot of fat. Other than that, you could potentially live off of it��

    Really great food.