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6 Easy Kid Friendly Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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Healthy, kid-friendly lunch ideas

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15 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas [Infographic] by Elle Penner, MPH, RD. August 13, 2015. 36 Comments. Share it: 5/5 (1) Sample rating item.

Just in time for the kids to head back to school, here is a guide with 15 healthy, kid-friendly lunch ideas for a nutritious start to the school year! Tags Kid-friendly Lunch lunch idea. Just in time for the kids to head back to school, here is a guide with 15 fresh and healthy snack ideas to help your family plan ahead, snack smarter, and save money! For more inspiration check out our 15 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas. These kid-friendly lunch recipes are perfect for summer days.

We take classic kid menu dishes like quesadillas and pizza and add a healthy twist with tons of fresh veggies. Your kids will love the meal and you’ll get to sneak in nutritious ingredients without them noticing. Recipes like Cream Cheese & Veggie Roll-Up and Toaster Oven Quesadillas are delicious, filling and quick to make. SHOP The Healthy Kid-Friendly Lunch Ideas Post HERE: Collared Dinosaur Shirt // Green Boys Shorts // Bentgo Lunchbox // Safe + Fair Allergy Free Snacks (use code WELLLOVED10 for 10% off) Can anyone else find it hard to believe that we are already talking about back to school? Where did the summer go?!

13 Healthy, Easy Lunch Ideas For Kids. We promise they won’t hate them. By Sienna Livermore. May 28, 2020 Jonathan Boulton.

Here’s the trick to healthy eating for kids: get them involved in the. Kid-Friendly Lunch Healthy. Photo By: Renee Comet ©2015, Television Food Network, G.P.

Lunchbox Ideas from Food Network Chefs 5 Photos. 20 Kid-Friendly (and Healthy. Kid-Friendly Recipes Lunch Ideas for Kids Healthy (But Fun!) Lunches for Kids Mix things up with a few of our favorite healthy, tasty lunch ideas that the kids will actually look forward to. 15 of 22 Soba Noodle Salad with Chicken and Scallions.

Kids have their own ideas about what makes a great lunch, which can be a challenge for parents who want them to eat healthy. If you’re looking for nutritious ideas that children will actually finish, try recipes that are sure to win approval from the short set. Kid-friendly pasta salad is perfect for those days when your kid can’t eat another wrap or sandwich.

There you go! More than 100 kids school lunch ideas to inspire you to make lunch more than just another meal. These healthy lunch ideas. Without further ado, these are our best healthy lunch ideas for kids and adults.

1 of 52. 15 of 52. View All. 250 calories. Layer up and refrigerate as many jars as you need—just add hot water at the office.

If sending this kid-friendly soup to school in a lunch bo.

List of related literature:

Parents can be directed to www.choosemyplate.org for healthy lunch ideas.

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In the second survey, approximately two-thirds of NSLP menus offered two fruit and vegetable choices, and more than 25 percent included five or more fruit and vegetable choices (USDA, 2001b).

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FIGURE 12.8 Building a healthy tray School lunches are designed to meet needs as well as teach children healthy eating patterns.

“Visualizing Nutrition: Everyday Choices” by Mary B. Grosvenor, Lori A. Smolin
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As I planned meals for my family, I worked to provide “five a day” fruits and veggies, often relying on canned fruits because of our busy schedule.

“Keto Living Day by Day: An Inspirational Guide to the Ketogenic Diet, with 130 Deceptively Simple Recipes” by Kristie Sullivan, Andreas Eenfeldt MD
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V. NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF HEALTHY CHILDREN A. Dietary Allowances for Carbohydrates and Protein (Table 21.3) B. Fat Requirements (Table 21.4) C. Vitamin Requirements (Tables 21.5 and 21.6) 1.

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A meal that is way too much for one eleven-year-old may be way too little for another, but school lunch menus are reviewed and judged based on averages.

“Free for All: Fixing School Food in America” by Janet Poppendieck
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The USDA has created a program called Fruits & Vegetables Galore: Helping Kids Eat More to help school food-service teams create healthier lunches.

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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Many of these children preferred canned pineapple, peaches, and blackberries over fresh fruit, which many of them had never seen.4 One healthy option for school children was the Oslo or health meal (see Chapter 2).

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A U.S. General Accountability Office report found that dietary fat accounted for 34 percent of calories in the lunches served in the NSLP during the 1998–1999 school year.

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I really would encourage you to just treat these headings as a guide only and to pick and choose recipes based on how you and your family eat.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
from My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family
by Ciara Attwell
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • im 14 but love packing my own bento style lunches. how mom like is that… i like to back broasted potatoes and cook rice then mix it together and throw some diced carrots in while the rice is cooking. then add some soy sauce to it. for the sides i pack a fortune cookie, a juicebox, a fruit then a kind bar for a snack. its taste like my favorite mongolian bbq dish

  • My sis-in-law is thinking of making her daughter’s lunch instead of allowing her to eat school lunches. I’m going to share this video with her so she can get some ideas. She prefers to eat very healthy. Thanks.

  • Hi hope all is well. U dnt kno me but if you don’t mind giving my video a thumbs I’d appreciate it so ������ pls and thanx in advance! much https://youtu.be/Q54Ay2Cl910

  • The scientifically based use of these superfoods date back to the era of Prophet Muhammad along with other historical uses of plant products. Prescription of a large number of herbal foods such as dates, pomegranate, olives, figs, grapes, and black seeds was successfully proposed by him.

  • Wow that’s great. I’m gonna use them right away. Hopefully, they like it. I think this pancake is really good idea.
    Thank you always.

  • He did say to “take it (his recommendations) with a grain of salt”. Plus he’s only talking school lunches. He did not say they shouldn’t drink milk. I think his advice was helpful. I want to reduce the amount of sugar and gluten in my kids body. Does it mean I’m not going to pack some sweets occasionally, in moderation…nah. ��

  • Love, love these healthy and delicious plate dinner, lunch etc. Nice one Domestic Geek always bringing new and updated ideas, one love and nuff respect lady ��������������️����������������������

  • Hey gorgeous Domestic Geek, can you give us some fruit salad variation ideas and how to keep the salad fresh longest!! Plzzzz thanx������������������

  • Made this pancakes today, the flavor are good, what I didn’t like is that they wasn’t fluffier enough but that is my preference. Next time I will add more oat and baking powder.⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • U are such a good cook, the first vid I saw is the iced tea and in the first minute I realized how good you are so I subscribed and now I’m ADDICTED

    Keep it up

  • These recipes r definitely not kid friendly. They brought out something so dangerous to a child and worse if a parent gives it to the child. It could make them scream in agony. How could they even think broccoli was ok to put in this. I am disappointed.

  • Oh I am so going to make those banana pancakes. Blow my mind with only 3 ingredients!!! Love your ideas as always. So colourful, healthy, appetising, easy!!:)

  • In India today is teachers day, celebrated to thank teachers for all the knowledge they provide to us as a mark of respect, And I thank you for such a high quality education and teaching thru this medium Thank you very much for all the knowledge!

  • Great ideas. Thank you! Only downside is not many will be able to do the trail mix because so many schools are a nut free environment.

  • The man deserves his props! He’s one of the ones at the forefront Of the movement to topple the dogma of the healthcare industrial complex

  • I love this. Omg. My son is starting Kindergarten today. I am trying really hard to feed my kids healthy meals. But with a full time job and school, it’s hard to find time to cook. These meal prep videos are a life saver in my family. I just felt like expressing my gratitude. #Your lovely fan:-)

  • Stop complaining about Liquid Nitrogen you could just get Dippin Dots if you don’t want to cook with Liquid Nitrogen. If you don’t have Dippin Dots anywhere you could just eat some ice cream.

  • Thomas, we expect you to promote better products than CaliFlour’s foods which use commercial cheese to make their crusts. You are allowing to be sponsored by companies who you know are selling unhealthy products. You shouldn’t stoop to such level to promote any product for money.

  • What the heck brocolli, man? Why do you have to throw green stuff on their food? Some may reject the whole meal. We should try to insert things on their diet separately. Worse than not eating veggies is not eating at all.

  • on the liquid nitrogen one, if you look at the shots of the final results, the strawberry & chocolate ones are the exact same picture just with the color changed & the two white colored ones are the exact same shot just with the color changed as well.

  • This is more like “terrible fatty and highly processed meat, eggs, and cheese to really develop your child’s palate to crave salty and sugary foods then later on tell them they are too fat” friendly foods.

  • I would eat all of these… but the only thing my little sister likes is cucumbers, chicken fingers, hot Cheetos, pink lemonade, and Pepsi….. you can only live off of so many hot Cheetos per day (she eats like 2 bags per day)

  • This is a good idea, neat little boxes. I make my kids lunches but they get a sandwich, fruit and either carrots or pirates booty. We don’t stray from the sandwiches. Usually they want ham and cheese or turkey and cheese. Edamame is a great idea they love it!!

  • how to kill your kids 101:
    Feed them liquid nitrogen dippin’ dots, or pour some chili powder in their mac n’ cheese.

    (this is a joke don’t hurt me:3 )

  • My friends son was 100lbs at age 4. He lost only 20lbs at age 5. I bet if his mom did this for him everyday for the whole school year the child would weigh even less. My son is 6 weighing in about 47lbs and is 4ft 5in. So I know my son has a fast metabolism. Other children aren’t as fortunate.

  • Ahh yes, liquid nitrogen. Brings back the memories of when my parents use to break people’s kneecaps and slice their organs then serve it to me. Delicious.

  • Although I haven’t had time to prepare lunch in years, I love this sort of thing. I think we’re attracted to a delicious, beautiful, prepared, healthy meal as a great discouragement to grabbing what’s available out there.

  • I’m an adult with no kids, but I am going to start doing this for lunch. The sushi themed box especially caught my eye. Thanks so much for this video!

  • Mom:If you won’t eat what I cook then make your own dinner!
    Child:ok!”Pulls out liquid nitrogen”
    Mom:………..Where did you even get that at?
    Child:Can’t tell 😉

  • My kid friendly recipe is vErY complex.
    First boil some water.
    Then add some instant noodle seasoning
    Then add noodles
    Then add a rock and cover the thing to break down the noodles
    Throw the noodless in sewer water and eat the rock

  • Some of the food items you put into the lunchboxes such as the meatballs and egg bites are not hot when eaten how does that work? Your kids are good with eating cold or room temperature of meatballs?

  • AWESOME! Thanks for doing a video geared to helping us get our kids early on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Great ideas and info. Maybe you can add a line or two in your regular videos on how it applies to kids. Keep them coming. Thanks

  • I’m just going to honest here. My kids would never eat this. When they looked at other kids lunches and what was packed in theirs they would be trading for chips, chocolate pudding or someone’s pbj sandwich made with moist soft white bread.

  • I’m concerned about my daughter who is 11.
    Her blood results came back and she has an inflamed liver and high cholesterol. She also needs to drop about 25 lbs. Can you please post a video on how I can help her lose weight and regulate the issue with her liver and cholesterol.Thank you

  • Folks, please stop rinsing pasta with cold water; put the sauce on the pasta, stir it & then let it cool. Sauce will not cling to pasta properly if you rinse it with water.

  • Hey there, first off just want to say I am loving your videos. Thank you so much from this mom of two! 😉 I was wondering were you found the covered sunflower seeds?

  • Hi I just want to ask is it always good to swap white rice/ pasta for brown? I always eat brown bread but should I eat everything brown? Thanks!

  • Thank you for ideas that do not include nuts! So many do, and my son is allergic. He also thinks he hates veggies, eggs, and every other week, oranges lol! And having a very very low income, I am often challenged to find ways to provide variety in one pan, pot, or skillet where I can hide said veggies and send revamped leftovers for lunch. Making your turkey muffins soon!

  • Oh cmon.. no one has time to make this.. a peanut butter sandwich, an orange, maybe a protein bar or something.
    That’s my lunch lol. Great ideas though! Any tips, they would be appreciated, thanks

  • I love how these lunch boxes look and i’m sure they are tasty (and healthy!). Bur growing up asian my mom usually just take left overs from dinner and pack me a one-container lunch which beats every one of my friends’ lunch. Probably I will end up doing the same for my kids. Asian food ftw lol.

  • So Cool! I guess you could use hummus on the outer layer of your turkey and roll them up in brown rice just to make them really look like sushi. Kids are picky, but love color. I guess I could combine like nuts into the mix just for a protein like fiber source. My child is very picky.

  • Why does everything look so good but they add 9282828181 things i do not like

    Which is:cheese, some sauces,RAW MEAt, tomatoes, vegetables and stuff like skskksksksskk

  • I love these lunch ideas! I’m always trying to find new ways to pack for the kids lunches. I love how you clean out the lunch box, I always wipe it even when I don’t see anything just in case. I liked seeing if he ate everything and wow he seems like a great eater. He ate a lot of his lunches.

  • I struggle coming up with ideas for lunch, I’ve got a picky eater. he is starting school this year. I’ll be making these for him they seem amazing❤

  • As a person who never cooks, the more detail the better. I watch this and can follow along but always ask “do I add oil to this step? What’s the temperature at (low kid high)?”. Keep up the good work but try to be as specific as possible for the slow cookers like me!

  • How did I miss all these videos? omg wth? I was just thinking “what happened to Clean and Delicious?” and there are a ton of vids here

  • I really thank you for this. I have asked so many keto youtubers for this but they did not come through. You did and I thank you. My son has ADHD and I have been trying to make lunches for him not to loose weight but a low carb and high fat. Everyone is making lunch videos for adults.

  • Nobody probably cares but when I saw the liquid nitrogen a memory came flooding back.

    Basically my dad came home one day with a giant bag. It had liquid nitrogen in it. He put it in a bowl with hot water or something. It started to make this like vapor. Then he put colored light on it and it was magical to me as a child.

    Anyway, that was my story time. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi I just came across your channel and subscribed. Thank you for being an inspiration. I too am a 40 yr old mom with 2 elementary kiddos (8, 10). I have a lunch and snack buffet table that I organize all snacks, Tupperware etc. I have taught my girls to make their own lunches. Once they are done they bring me their lunch box for approval. They love it cause they are proud to eat what they have made themselves. My motto is, “teach them to be independent, not only to help them but take the stress off yourself with all we do as mothers”.

  • not a mom, but i pack my 8 y/o sister’s lunch everyday! since i am veg i tend to pack her vegetarian too, which is usually carrots, apples, baby cucumbers, and hummus/cucumber sandwiches. then i usually do a little chocolate or other treat!

  • Omg!!!! YES!!!! I have so been doing this!!! I do not let my kiddos eat school lunch full of poor quality ingredients in the school lunches. But it’s a task. I use garbanzo pasta for spaghetti and make my own Mac & cheese….with organic ingredientsslight changes….so THANK YOU FOR THIS VIEDO, I got great new ideas!!!

  • I just found your channel and I just subbed I love kid lunch ideas I also watch bunches of lunches I just started buying containers and all the cute cookie cutters then I realized she sales a kit lol
    I just found out an aldi opened in my area so I excited to see what I find
    I use to love the puffs but the aldi I use to go to is far away

  • Thank you for this video. I just started KETO and you are my go to reference. As a busy mom of a middle schooler, I want to make better choices for my daughters lunchbox.

  • Where did you get your baby’s lunch bag and water bottle from? My little boy is obsessed with toy story I’m hoping it’s a store I can order from here in the UK! Great video pretty mama ❤️

  • Awesome ideas!!! I only have to pack for 2 days. But next year she starts kindergarten need lots of idea picky eater here also!!!

  • I was told my kids eat weird because they like vegetables and salads and soups….they dont really eat canned veggies very often we ate that all the time as kids….

  • I’m sending myself with these options for work tomorrow lol I made some trail mix right now luckily I had all the nuts u mentioned thank u ��

  • Hello Mr. Thomas. I enjoy your educational videos, thank you for all of your help. I’ve noticed lately that in some of your thumbnails, you’re starting to look kinda cocky and arrogant… like in the thumbnail for this video. We all know that you’re a very handsome super buff guy… and I know that you feel really good about your appearance which is Amazing! Especially because you are helping others to change their bodies for the better as well. I really think you’re a super cool guy. I just want to remind you of how important it is to embrace humility, and resist arrogance. When we take on arrogance, it actually detracts from our attractiveness. I have NEVER seen an arrogant person who I wasn’t repulsed by… no matter how physically attractive they were. Arrogance is ugly… no matter who’s wearing it. Other ppl thinking that you’re a big deal, doesn’t make it true. You Know who you are… nobody is a big deal. Just be humble, and keep doing what you’re doing and try to remain humble. I know it’s gotta be challenging to remain humble considering the fact that you look like a god (lol)… but it’s still Very important for your happiness. So please work on that. God bless you Mr. Thomas

  • I am a Grammy work part time and I definitely will use these ideas for lunches to take with me in the car. I am always starved when I leave work at noon and would drive through fast food!!, No no! Thank you so much!

  • For a drink idea, I make my 3 year old ” juice tea”, just brewing a big pitcher of some of the fruit teas like strawberry Orange zinger, hibiscus flavor or other and add stevia to it once brewed. He was loves it!

  • Apples are available all year.
    Strawberries are available only during the summer, maybe May+Summer.
    You can’t replace apples with strawberries.

  • Awesome video. I started doing this with my kids. But no nuts. Nuts are not allowed school policy. Many kids are allergic to nuts.

  • im almost 12 and im bored of all my meals that i make, like sandwiches, cereal or just unhealthier things, so i found this and its so easy and i have every ingredient u have, i gotta try this in the morning thank you!!

  • I think it just comes down to balance with kids. Offer the whole fruits and veggies and meats, ect. But I always think back to a girl I knew in high school whose parents were very strict with her diet at home. She was very fit, it was just how they ate. Well any time at school she would scarf candy, chips, cokes. At friend’s houses she would binge til she was sick. So I just never want to completely restrict a child on food. Again, it’s about balance and education on how foods work.

  • Parents: nut free trail mix options:
    Coconut chips flaxseed crackers
    Parmesan crisps pork rinds
    Sunflower seeds garlic chips
    Pumpkin seeds
    Unsweetened craisins

    Use egg whites to adhere flax seed, chia seeds and salt to the rest when warming up.

  • These kids meal prep lunches look great. My children are older (they now have children themselves). However I think I would like all of these. I am going to give them a try.��

  • I did the green wrap recipe for my 3 yo yesterday and she loved❣️ doing the protein pancakes this morning ���� thank you thank you

  • Why have I NEVER thought of using the back of the spoon from the start to spread something? I have always scooped it out then used the back.

    Mind. Blown.

  • Hey I noticed you have the contigo black lid water cup. Not sure if you saw the news but they have been recalled due to it being a choking hazard. I love all your lunch ideas!! Thank you for sharing!

  • i ate 4 to 8 pieces of bread a day as a kid and am suffering from leaky gut, in the netherlands all we eat is bread:S. Should removing gluten help me? Can you introduce it later?

  • I’m Italian and here there are not lunch, but just snecks ��
    Unless, I like to watch this type of video, because it’s corius to understand a different culture!

  • I swap out yogurt for sour cream…put 1/2 cup blueberries and 1/4 sour cream and mix together! Tastes fabulous…sometimes I add a little stevia sweetened jam. Not making lunches for kids anymore…but packing a lunch for hubby for work.

  • You heard me! Thank you I struggle with this and my kids do to because I try not to put crackers and chips in there lunches. Everyone thinks Goldfish are healthy but not with all the preservatives and it has no nutritional value. Not to mention trying to tell my Dad that the amount of grains he eats is causing his digestive issue�� I get “but I need the fiber, it’s healthy”

  • Loved the ideas. My only concern would be the tortilla pin wheels becoming soggy from the fruit balls. Perhaps wrap the pin wheels. Thank you.

  • Thomas, new studies are in about the results of keto, how would you respond? They debunk it.



  • Great suggestions, I’m definitely going to check out the cauliflower crust. But can’t send any trail mix or nut products, our school (most schools)prohibits it due to nut allergies:(

  • Swap:
    Strawberries over apples
    Cottage cheese over yogurt
    Cauliflower crust over bread
    Stevia sweetened drink over juices
    Healthy homemade trail mix (macadamia, peceans, almonds, pumpkin or sun flower seeds, [100% dark baking chocolate, melt + stevia freeze, break up], freeze dried strawberries/blueberries, salt, stevia) instead of mixes with M&Ms etc

  • Hello Thomas Delauer,

    You have by far the best videos. I have recently been trying one thing and started noticing my body shrinking without my weight reducing. I started mixing my protein powder and coffee in my blender. i have been doing it for two weeks now. I notice that my love handles went down and body looks fitter. can you please help me understand the relationship between coffee and protein.


  • As an MD I have some misgivings about this video. Kids need to avoid chemicals and hormones most of all and I worry about the califlour stuff seeing to use regular cheese. Carbs are fine as long as they are not overly processed. We mostly do gluten free in our home and rarely honest juice boxes and occasional sweets and my kids are super skinny and energetic. My super active 7yo would fade away without carbs lol.

    You also forgot the option of using a thermos for a hot lunch. My son loves his leftover meat and veggies for lunch!

    It would be nice to have a video focused on the safety of artificial sweeteners for kids. I use them to limit sugar but sometimes worry about long term effects

  • Hi there. I have been on the keto for about 2 months and I love your channel. Do you maybe have any advice on dairy alternatives? I am not allergic to dairy but my body struggles with cheese and milk and cream.

  • I got told off for giving my kid a home made trail mix. Nuts are banned from school…due to allergies. It’s an absolute disgrace. All the kids in the classes have sweets or cereal bars full to the brim with sugar…

  • Videos are great. But I can’t fully buy in to the no carbs for kids thing. There is likely a reason they are so strongly predisposed to crave carbs. At their stage of development, i believe some healthy carbs will be well utilized in conjunction with balanced macros and micros.

  • I have a couple of really ripe bananas on the kitchen counter…see pancakes in my future. Also love roll-ups with deli meat or tuna/chicken salad (skip the cream cheese, lay down a layer of lettuce leaves, add salad, and roll). Pasta salads are a “given” here, in the summer. I like your version.

  • I’m not doing keto since I don’t have the discipline or monetary income to support it, but I still watch these videos for ideas. Bread for an occasional sandwich is perfectly fine if you aren’t being strict. Just get the good bread. Not that white bread crap and don’t have tons of sandwiches. If your not doing keto and just want to eat healthy, good quality bread is perfectly fine.

  • I have teenager who not so picky,slightly picky.I make tricolor sandwiche squares,cheese quesadilla triangles,paired with colorful salad and fruits, one or two snacks (nut free ) water,sometimes I run out of all ideas,I try to pack as healthy as possible.I love your ideas,the lunch box is pretty cool,thank you for sharing your ideas.

  • Thomas, before my daughter started kindergarten we kept her on a low sugar low carb eating program. My wife started working more and making my daughter’s lunch became less convenient. Long story short, between kindergarten and the beginning of second grade school lunch,imo, has led to her much of her weight gain. School food sucks.

  • Super Super video and if only I only knew this when I pair were small. Great advice for people with kids going to school. Thanks Thomas.

  • My kids love bread Hawaiian bread oatmeal bread they love what other healthy choices to replace it? I love bread too but I can say no

  • Great ideas, thanks! A small suggestion, maybe consider filming the lunch packings with brighter lighting?
    Your son eats so well, veggies and all. ��

  • That’s good stuff for those family folk.:)
    I got a few exercise strategy stimulating questions for ya Tom. You got me thinking a while back about some of these energy substrate processes I’ve self studied in the past. It’s been a while & I’ve studied a wide diversity of subjects since, so I do sometimes get a little misplaced, absent minded or lost in materials.
    Question 1) When using Fats for ATP in a Caloric Deficit, what’s your advice on minimizing strain fatigue without outsourcing therapy? I ask because I believe I’ve noticed less vigor/vitality without a ton of carbs, or that essential replenishment needed. It’s either that or I did to much LIEE (Low Intensity Endurance Exercise) for mobilization on a rest day. To be specific two 20-25m walks post meal as opposed to two 10m. But I also endure a “Cumulative” from running a crafty little HIIT which I know/proves itself to be a performance accelerant.

    Questions 2) Is about Pyruvate for an endurance supplement. Does this impede natural glucose utilization, hence slow fat burning? & which is a better recommendation for endurance, Mag Taurate or Pyruvate (Pineapple Magic) or perhaps both in conjunction?
    I’m going to be studying aerobic capacity boosting, possibly today & tomorrow. Looks to environmental & VO2 related, not really substrate. But back to my 1st question, creating more vital comfort or strengthening in a deficit phase would be most accommodating at this phase. I don’t want to really get into “the massage dilemma” with cost & stimulation. Not everyone lives on an island or spaceship full of beautiful Amazonian Women. The days of Odysseus are no longer in my opinion Tom. I’ve searched for The Vanessa Williams Harem of my Heart & found not, brother… All that being said it’d be good for you to watch the clip of Odysseus Vs The Cyclops. Keep it in mind that not all Cyclops are bad as seen in Krull, but us men must ready a fire for the brain munching Grendels of the universe. As for Angelina Jolie, the fires of Troglodyte Jesus will burn her away to Purity! Lol ;P Epic, I know..

  • To all the parents stating that schools don’t allow nuts… why would you let a school tell you what healthy foods your child can’t have? The school my daughter goes to has this rule. Guess what I give her nuts all the time and nobody is checking her lunch and handing out citations for walnuts.

  • Love ur videos:)
    My oldest son really likes salads so he often takes a salad and some sort of fruit, otherwise we will do sandwiches on wheat sandwich thins, fruit, cheese+crackers, nuts, I try to keep it simple…. The ideas u gave in this video are great I’ll have to try them out when school starts up again

  • Thomas: Thank you for this! I started Keto and IF almost 4 month ago, I’ve lost 47 lbs.
    I’m the only one that cooks in my household so when I diet so do my kids and wife (atleast for dinner).
    Can you please do a video on whether or not it is bad to constantly go in and out of ketosis? I’ve reached my goal then had a few cheat days and then went back on Keto. Is it bad to do that often?

  • I know you are not plant based (vegan) nor a vegetarian but I love your themed boxes in this video and honestly adults could eat this too. If you ever have the time to make some plant based or vegan bento boxes, that would be awesome.

  • Hint has started making juice boxes! My kids love the cherry one. It took a few weeks of cutting out juice before they thought Hint tasted good but now they think they’re getting a treat when I give them slightly flavored water lol

  • Great video! Educate kids as soon as they’re old enough to understand why sugar is bad and why eating whole natural foods is better. And how to read labels if you do buy packaged snacks. Keep it simple: less ingredients is better, how much sugar is in it…Then hopefully they make better decisions when they’re not with us and when they’re old enough to buy their own food.:)