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12 Healthy Ways to Top Popcorn. 1. Hot-Cocoa Powder 40 calories, 1.5 grams fat per 1/2 packet. 2. Ground Ginger 2 calories, 0 g fat per 1/4 teaspoon. 3. Ground Cinnamon 6 calories, 0 g fat per 1 teaspoon. 4. Coconut Shreds 29 calories, 2 g fat per tablespoon.

5. 9 Best Tips For Healthier Popcorn 1. Make popcorn on the stovetop. Air popped popcorn uses no oil, meaning it has the fewest calories. Not only can you 2. Use walnut, avocado or extra virgin olive oils.

Walnut, avocado or extra virgin olive oils are best when making 3. Manage portion sizes. A. Popcorn has gotten a bad rap, from movie theater tubs overflowing with salt and grease. But if you can resist drenching it in butter, popcorn is in fact a whole grain, boasting fiber, antioxidants, and other health benefits. Get back to the grain and lighten up your toppings for a.

Healthy Ways to Top Your Popcorn. Possibly the perfect snack, popcorn has more antioxidants than veg. Here are a dozen ways to pimp it out. 12. Turkey Bacon.

61 calories, 4 g fat per 1 thick. A whopping 3 cups of air-popped popcorn is a mighty filling whole-grain snack yet only has 92 calories, plus 19 g carbs, 3 g protein, and 4 g fiber. But have you ever eaten plain air-popped popcorn? It can be rather bland and dry.

As the saying goes, the secret’s in the sauce. For under 150 calories, you can flavor your popcorn in plenty of ways. Popcorn is an incredibly healthy snack.

However, it can be prepared in ways that are less than healthful. For example, 1 cup of air-popped popcorn has about 30 calories, 1 gram of fiber, 1 gram of protein and very little fat. Transform popcorn into Mexican cuisine with authentic flair.

Here’s how! Spritz freshly popped popcorn with cooking spray, drizzle with a little honey and then toss with lime zest, sea salt, ancho chili powder and ground cumin. Place the popcorn back on. Powerfood Popcorn Trail Mix. Follow the instructions for how to make popcorn but omit the salt.

When the popcorn is completely cooled, stir in 2 cups of dried cherries or cranberries, 1 cup of raw cacao nibs, 2 cups of whole almonds and 1 cup of unsweetened flaked coconut. Store in an airtight container. Way Too Good Toffee Chocolate Popcorn.

#7. Electric Popcorn Maker. The electric popcorn makers are similar to the Whirley pop and the stove top methods but they use electricity and have an automatic stirrer placed in the bottom to keep the kernels moving. #8. Electric Skillet.

Don’t want to turn the stove on? Break out the electric skillet to pop those kernels! I even found a video on how to make popcorn in the Electric Skillet.

1. Popcorn may be healthier than fruit and vegetables. Advertising Is popcorn healthy? The answer, not including 2. Stick with wholegrain kernels and steer clear of microwaveable varieties.

Advertising Some modern brands are 3. Cook popcorn at home for a nutritious, cheap.

List of related literature:

The best popcorn I have ever tasted is one I make with gourmet red “strawberry” popcorn kernels popped in rosemary-infused grapeseed oil and served with a nondairy, nonhydrogenated butter-like spread, with salt and optional nutritional yeast.

“The Global Guide to Animal Protection” by Andrew Linzey, Archbishop Desmond Tutu
from The Global Guide to Animal Protection
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Here are some ideas to try: ✓ Air-popped popcorn drizzled with olive oil, salt, and nutritional yeast

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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Air-popped popcorn is virtually oil free; one cup provides only 30 calories and 0.4 g of fat.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
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Popcorn with salt-free butter and herbal seasoning

“Study Guide for Lewis' Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Mariann M. Harding, Collin Bowman-Woodall, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
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‘’ Popcorn: Air-popped popcorn is a fun, low-calorie snack.

“Parrots For Dummies” by Nikki Moustaki
from Parrots For Dummies
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popcorn mentally friendly, absorbs shock well, clean (don’t use salt and butter, but you knew that), low in calories Cons: Cost, time to pop anywhere there may be varmints who like it.

“EBay For Dummies” by Marsha Collier
from EBay For Dummies
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Popcorn laden with butter and covered with salt is not a healthful snack, nor is a batch popped with the aid of oil, even if vegetable oil is used.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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Fresh, unsalted popcorn is very healthy.

“Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works” by Andrew W. Saul
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The easiest and healthiest kind to eat is saltand butter-free popcorn.

“Letitia Baldrige's New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette” by Letitia Baldrige, Denise Cavalieri Fike
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To pop popcorn on the stove, put 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and the popcorn in a saucepan.

“By Any Greens Necessary: A Revolutionary Guide for Black Women Who Want to Eat Great, Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and Look Phat” by Tracye Lynn McQuirter
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  • i just bought 2 bags of popcorn kernels to help me avoid chips. i just had them w/ sea salt, but ill try these too!! thank you for the recipes!!

  • They now have it at the movie theater I go to where it has a butter dispenser where you can do it yourself now. But they don’t have any seasonings. Probably not yet. But it doesn’t bother me. When I have popcorn at the movies, I’d just add butter. But at home, I’d add some seasonings, like the white cheddar, nacho cheddar, you Know. Depending on what I got at home.

  • I love your channel, can you.ake more with a black out screen please? To go to sleep to. You only have a few. I love this channel.

  • Such a beautiful, calm and relaxing piece of music, i listen to this every night �� it helps with my insomnia so much ��

  • OMG I LOVE THIS I have the same exact machine and the salt always sinks to the bottom of the bowl and I get so annoyed THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS I LOVE U

  • The last one is particularly not appealing and strange!���� And true nobody eats only a cup of popcorn. I know some of my Indian relatives flavour their popcorn with curry and chilli powder but never tried

  • Flavacol is the brand of popcorn seasoning used by movie theaters. You can buy it at Amazon. It’s finely powdered salt with some other flavorings. Non-dairy.

    I put my half teaspoon of Flavacol in two ounces of coconut oil in a small 2 oz clear plastic portion cup that is often used for takeout salad dressing at a salad bar. I keep these in the freezer. I put one of these along with half a cup of popcorn in my hand crank popcorn popper. Life is too short to eat styrofoam packing material popcorn.

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  • I didn’t know salt could be made into powder in the blender. I always thought it was too fine to get it to work, but am going to try this on home made french fries!

  • I invested in an air popper, and it is wonderful. I add the oil later in small doses and stir to coat. I really love stove or air popped popcorn.

  • Thank you for composing and sharing such beautiful music! I really love the nature pictures that accompany the music. Keep up the awesome work ��

  • Too bad all the movies are CGI bullshit these days-I used to be excited when I saw a new Star Trek or action movie trailer. I knew the SFX were going to be more realistic and thrilling than ever and going to a new film felt like and event. I don’t even GO to the movies anymore.

  • I got tired of going to target to buy their popcorn so I got me an air popper. Yes, it was bland so I turned to youtube. Thanks for the advice!

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  • Oil is not necessary. I make popcorn without oil in a pressure cooker all the time. My favorite seasoning is nutritional yeast, garam masala, lemon and salt ��

  • Me: watching this and wanting popcorn so bad
    My popcorn: nah, I think i’m gonna hide from you today
    Me: mom, do you know where,the popcorn is
    My mom: No I don’t keeps on watching tv
    The popcorn: you stole ma family D:

  • Great video! Did not think that oil-free popcorn at home could be an option (without airpopper)! I’ve got a couple of questions though:

    Any tips on how to prevent kernels from burning on method 3? Mine tended to burn before it popped:( some of of the kernels did not pop fully too:/

    Also, do the kernels need to be rinsed before use? Cos i was thinking, water would cause it to not pop proerly? But if i don’t, then there might be residue left from production process?


  • This is a great video, but what exactly is healthy about these recipes? I think traditional salt and oil popcorn is probably healthier (although much less interesting).

  • I did it with my air fryer. Air pop the popcorn. Before you start get a spray bottle of water. Next gather your spices. Pop your popcorn. The second it’s done spray it a little with water then quickly shake on toppings. I’m enjoying popcorn with dill and nooch. No oil no butter!!

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    You are one of the beautiful creatures of GOD… You are beautiful. Have a good day.. BE SAFE. Stay strong.. GOD bless you. Thank you so much ☺️
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  • Lol, i have seen popcorn as guilty pleasure these past weeks because i use oil on them, had no idea you can pop them without, thank you so very much for this!

  • No matter what is bringing you down, you gotta get back up and push on. Always remember that you were brought onto this beautiful planet for a reason. ��

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  • does it depend on what kernels you use?
    online it says 1 cup is 31cals
    but on my popcorn kernel bag is says 50g (1serving) is 170cals??

    is it organic popcorn kernels that you should use? because i can’t find any organic kernels nearby especially not in supermarkets

  • Nothing wrong with butter and it makes it so much tastier. People should keep in mind that popcorn has a lot of carbs, especially if you eat 7 cups, even thought there’s not much calories it does raise your triglycerides.

  • During my non-nutritarian days (SOS), I used pickle-brine as a seasoning adherent… worked well for dill-pickle flavoured popcorn.

    Nowadays like yourself though I use apple cider vinegar along with a ridiculous variety of herbs & spices… I will give your Method #3 a shot next weekend thanks Brittany!

  • These recipes are fantastic and so is your presentation!! The best I’ve seen. Thank you so much! Do you have any fruity ideas? All the best to you.

  • Buying a Rs.30 popcorn packet that lasted upto 7-8 servings…Really helped me with my midnight cravings..I pop them in microwave.Helped alot!

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  • I have trouble getting a good night’s sleep without waking up 4 to 5 times a night, thanks for creating this video that helped me a lot

  • Im loving the coconut curry and the salty sweet granola! Great ideas. I like to do onion and garlic powder with a spritz of low calorie oil, or a sprinkling of either vanilla sugar or cinnamon sugar and sometimes with desiccated coconut.

  • Wow I’ve been practicing healthy living and decided to make caramel corn yesterday. I need to fast for a couple or three days. I used a load of butter and couldn’t stop eating it. You’ve presented a healthy alternative. Thank you.

  • So much use of unneccessary plastic and paper. This company can’t have an environmental policy at all. That’s so bad. Only in the US again I guess.

  • I use an air popper; While it’s popping and the popped corn is hot, I add toppings which cause it to stick. When I eat I just push it on the corn:) Yum

  • I love this for my stress not so much sleep I already found somthing too sleep too Aarmau enternity gutair 10 hours but thanks for this ��������

  • These recipes are so creative!! My family puts salt and nutritional yeast flakes on ours������id live to try the granola popcorn!!

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  • I use the 3rd method but I make with oil, I am eating right now I added little salt and honey at end, I will try without oil next time, thnks

  • I’ve put my son to sleep to this track
    for years I throw this on & feel that sense of comfort “home” thank you for sharing your energy. To everyone reading may god bless you always ����peace love & light.Sweet dreams -San Francisco California ������

  • God bless you all.
    day one or one day, you decide.


    Whosoever reading this if u r suffering from anything, shiva will come and help you.


  • I seriously CANNOT get enough of this. You just feel weightless as you soar through these gorgeous landscapes. No fear. No death. No worldly troubles that drains the life of our societies. Please keep this up. Especially during this time. Every single second leaves me in awe and enlightenment.

  • Quit reading the comments and go to sleep we both know your sitting there reading this instead of sleeping and if you don’t sleep and or take care of your self I will fight you

  • Close your eyes and stop reading comments. Other people’s opinions might be the reason you can’t sleep. Breathe….. inhale…. exhale….. relax. When the storm has passed, the hurricane you’ve been fearing, was just a thunderstorm. It’ll get better I promise.

  • Vraiment parfait pour se détendre après une dur journée de travail… Et le soir avant de dormir un pur moment de plaisir… Merci pour cette vidéo et merveilleuse musique ����

  • For the best oil free microwave popcorn (and I’ve tried everything) I use the Lekue popcorn maker. It’s silicone, BPA free and is the best.

  • I used this for making popcorn and for roasting coffee beans◔◔> share4.photo/AirCornPopper?ζ     It was fantastic for both! I was a little worried that it would be too small, but it is absolutely perfect. Also, it has the on/off switch which many models lack.. I am very pleased!

  • I use water. In a spray bottle of water, mist it VERY lightly then add salt. If you mist it too much you will end up with soggy popcorn. You could try misting ever so lightly with that spray that is butter flavor then salt. I’ve never tried that.

  • I woke up feeling sad this morning and i had the urge to binge eat. I legit popped about a cup of popcorn kernels ( air popped cause if i can avoid using oil in anything i will) and i had it with nothing but salt and some random spices. It filled a large bowl and i ate it all in under 30 minutes. I kind of felt bad but i reminded myself that pop corn is so filling that that when i eat that much I’m going to feel stuffed until and I won’t feel hungry for the whole day��

  • One year on from using this and still am this works 100% I don’t normally comment or like videos but this is definitely worth it for whoever is reading this. This creator has changed so many lives with this and deserves nothing short of 101% love and support from us all

  • … The vinegar is a good idea… I put it in a bag with lots of powdered nutritional yeast… That’s the fine nutritional yeast not the regular… If you have the regular nutritional yeast put it in the blender until you have a powder… Clings to the popcorn very nicely and I am sure the vinegar will help with the clinging… Thanks for your recipe��

  • The girl is very sweet but she didn’t even mention the oil which is really what gives the flavor. There’s lots of videos talking about how to make movie popcorn but it never tastes the same, I’ve tried. These people all must be smoking something. I tried to get Cinemark to tell me what the use. They were highly reluctant, then I went to another part of the theater and asked someone else. They use “Odell’s” “Canola” oil. Then I realized there was a sign right on the side of the butter topping machine. It too read Odell’s except it was Odell’s “butter” topping. Then the last ingredient is Flavacol. That’s the salty orange powder.

  • they leave out the part when they bag up the unsold stuff at the end of the night, store it in the back for the rats to pick at and then dump it back under the heat lamps for the first show. movie theater managers are the lowest form of life

  • I eat them without any salt, however after using this machine I put the popped popcorns into the microwave oven for 40 seconds at full power, that way the popcorns get somewhat more crispy and easy to chew and the corns get also a little little bit of extra taste..

  • You are a Gem! I was looking for a way to flavor my pop corn without using oil to make the seasonings stick. Its crazy how many people think that oil is healthy these days. I also appreciate the different ways to pop it. You are a genius!

  • hi, this is a very helpful tip as I’ve been looking for cheap low calorie snacks but I’ve had mixed results with my microwave.
    what is the wattage of your microwave? mine is 400W and at the highest setting with the brown bag, I still get burnt smell and burnt kernels left over.

  • I wish we have kernel seasonings at Regal and AMC, even along with Cinemark. I believe Showcase still has it, but I personally am not a fan of that East coast theater chain Showcase

  • Yes, I had made salt in my ninja before I saw this…since I had run out of popcorn salt. I had an epiphany-it is just finer…why not blend it until a dust. Really works great-try different flavors!

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  • I was hoping to see the reporter burn her hand trying to close the lid. The worker didn’t warn her about it until she asked how to close it, it’s like she wanted to see her burn her hand ��

  • What happens if you use a stainless steel stockpot with a lid that has no air hole? Will it stick, can you use a wooden spoon to lift the lid? I may buy a hot air popper if it’s not too expensive. Thanks

  • It’s 3 am and I just heard something crash downstairs I’m goin down with my device so here we go ok I just walked downstairs and oh wait I just heard a knock on the door ok there is a letter it says…. “to your left” I just looked there but nothing

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  • This video was really helpful, thank you! I’ve been struggling with the stovetop method so I’m excited to try the microwave methods.

  • Pour a half cup of butter over a large bowl of popcorn, add Kosher salt to taste, spread graciously one cup of chopped pecans and 2 cup of crushed crispy bacon over the top. Finish with a coat of Parmesan powder. Shake then Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wait what? in the micro without oil… WHO KNEW?. you learn something every day.. this is my new thing today! age 44 and never knew it before

  • I’m new at hot air popcorn. I recently bought the Cuisinart shown…and had no idea I would have this problem. I’ll try using my blender to “make it work.” Thanks for the tip.

  • That secret is nothing more than season salt with fake butter flavor. You can buy a big quart size popcorn salt for $2 and it lasts a long time. The secret to the popcorn for them is that $5000 machine but you can do that at home with a $20 popcorn kettle just not as fast as their machine.