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Keep a sheet pan underneath your waffle iron to catch any spills. With this in mind, you can see how a waffle maker would also be great for making banana bread, carrot cake and even brownies. 6. HASH BROWNS. Hash browns and other grated root vegetables offer a wealth of waffle iron. 11 Ways You Never Thought to Use Your Waffle Iron | MyFitnessPal Back away from the Bisquick, friends, because your waffle iron can do a lot more than make waffles.

By. 52.8k members in the exercisepostures community. A Fitness Therapist and Dietician. I provide people with some amazing tips on fitness, health.

Or maybe you’re a waffle aficionado, and you do use your waffle iron often, and you can’t imagine breakfast without a crisp, golden stack doused in maple syrup. Whichever camp you fall into, I’m here to change the way you think about a waffle iron. Full disclosure: I used to live in a world in which waffle irons were strictly for waffles.

Waffle makers are intended for making waffles onlyor so you thought. Did you know that your ordinary waffle maker can actually make your life easier in more ways than just breakfast? Watch this video and you’ll never see them in the same way again!Most of us have a waffle iron somewhere in our kitchen. It’s likely stashed in the back of a cabinet with your other single-use appliances.

It sits there gathering dust, until someone requests waffles one lazy Sunday and you drag it out. Then you promptly forget about it for the next eight months (or year, or two years). Or maybe you’re a waffle aficionado, and you do use your waffle iron. 12 Surprising Things You Can Make With a Waffle Iron Julia Mullaney Updated: Aug.

14, 2018 If you’ve been using your waffle iron just for waffles, then you’re missing out!5 Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron. Comments. Start Slideshow. Like the panini press, the waffle iron tends to be one of the most under-utilized small appliances in the typical American kitchen.

But not anymore — it’s time to reclaim the waffle maker and give your hardworking stovetop a break. Stock up on an oil mister or cooking spray. If you’re only using batter in your waffle iron, you’re missing out. 11 of 31. Waffle Spaghetti Bun Apple Crisps Are a Genius Way to Use a Waffle Iro.

What you put in there is up to you. Step 1 – Make your waffle batter. There are two ways to get your waffle batter ready.

Either get a pre-made waffle mix from the supermarket or create your own. If you are using a pre-made waffle mix, go ahead to Step 2, the following instructions won’t be necessary for you.

List of related literature:

4 Haven’t we all had an experience with a waffle iron!

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Spray the waffle iron with cooking spray before making each waffle.

“The Essential Alkaline Diet Cookbook: 150 Alkaline Recipes to Bring Your Body Back to Balance” by Rockridge Press
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to use by brushing the cooking surface of the waffle iron with nonstick cooking spray and also melted butter to see which offers more visual appeal.

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For best results, don’t wash the grids of the waffle iron.

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For waffles, pour mixture into one side of a waffle iron that has been sprayed with Pam. 4.

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Close the waffle iron and cook until the waffles are crisp.

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But once my first waffle was on the iron, sending delicious spirals of steam into the air, I knew it would be worth it.

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Review the instructions that accompanied the waffle iron for additional cooking tips.

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(If your waffle iron makes 2 waffles at a time, sprinkle ½ teaspoon over each side.)

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
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Spoon the mixed batter in the usual way onto your waffle iron, preheated to the recommended temperature, and close the lid.

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  • I like how in every other video you complain on the calorie amount of many restaraunts but now suggest us to eat cookie waffles lmao

  • The Chefman Digital Volcano Waffle Maker is designed to make breakfast mess free and stress-free. Its sloped non-stick cooking plates and an intuitive LED display allows you to enjoy waffles just the way you like them. It is small enough not to take up space. Easy to clean

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  • Suggestion for you. (My wife won’t let me try this myself.) Re-heat pizza in a microwave on a piece of foil. Those “crisping sleeves”on some of our favorite microwave snacks are lined with aluminium which gets hot and crisps the treat. I want to see if this works and if so will it still work if you fold the foil to just smaller than the pizza slice? (To make sure that all reflected radiation gets absorbed by the pizza.) Also, what happens when you combine this idea with the cup of water idea?

  • I just lost 50 lbs.  I dont think salads & smoothies work in this plus most of those things have gluten  and I would spend my time pooping or yaking but I sure am jealous cuz damn it looks amazing, like I mean really AMAZING.  If I ever rebound gain I am hunting down this video:/

  • I see it’s been a month since you asked and this guy still hasn’t bothered to answer you, so I will.:) Because it’s a wetter dough, you’re fine using an electric hand mixer/beater, and if you feel like putting in the elbow grease if you don’t have one of those, you can also use a spoon. It’s too wet to do by hand it would be really sticky and messy.:)

  • Tian got me totally convinced after watching this mouth watering clip! You better be up early every morning to make breakfast for all, Tian!

  • These guys have no respect for food, and please don’t try these recipes, you will find that the things on here are sickly sweet.

    Please 5-minute crafts, start cooking real food and not junk that should’t even be a thing.

  • I have that on my medieval server, but it does look akward with stairs that goes up there, so Can you tell me is it ok to build structure to make it look preety? I planned to do somethink keep like from bottom up to bottom of structure and make top surface spawn proof.

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  • Guys, im in 1.16.2 and no zombie is intrested in picking any item i throw at them! Pls help(ik nametagging is good solution but in early game its too expensive!)��

  • Haven’t watched it yet but you can make a pizza waffle with crescent roll as the crust and pizza ingridients in the middle and it is delicious!

  • I’ve followed everything and my farm works the iron golems wil spawn but after like 10 minutes they just stop, and if I block up the villagers then later remove the block they spawn again? Can someone help

  • *Decides to make mac n cheese waffles
    *dumps Mac n Cheese into waffle iron
    * waits patiently while singing “Macaroni, Macaroni, Macaroni, Macaroni Put the cheese in the noodles and what do ya get?”
    *Mac n Cheese is ready
    *It Leaves a burned residue on iron
    *tastes mediocre
    *Waffle iron stinks and is hard to clean
    *Buys a hot dog instead
    *hot dog is terrible
    *proceds to jump of table cliff

  • I’ll just stick with trying eggs.. I don’t really want to mix flour and cocoa and sour cream and mustard and ketchup and chicken in one go.

  • I’m just curious is how does bacon and an egg and toast all cook at the same time takes longer to cook bacon than it does in an egg or toast

  • YUM! amazing, excellent! Those cheese bites look amazing! But I wouldn’t do eggs or bacon in a waffle iron, fried eggs (in butter) tastes best and bacon in the microwave! Cornbread waffles are killer too!

  • KETO CHAFFLES 1/2 of any shredded cheese & one egg. Mix and cook in the waffle maker. Add garlic, onions pepperoni makes pizza. Mozzarella cheese and egg + sweetener. Cinnamon, nuts etc. Dessert! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

  • I’m calling BS on this video! I actually own two of the waffle makers Chao. Both the Cuisinart and the Hamilton Beach are great waffle makers but none of them Ken do what you see in this video as perfectly as they seem to come out. The jump cuts and Camera Wizardry tells me that these are food stylists and not real home Cooks

  • I tolerated the stupidity of the dude on the left at the beginning, but then he got a bit racist, and now I see why I disliked him from the start.

  • I got a new waffle iron with removable plates, I just got sick and tired of trying to clean the darn thing. Now I just remove the plates, clean it off with a brush and toss it into the dishwasher, what a nice change from spending such a long time cleaning it over the sink. Amazon sells a nice one.

  • I used to make many of these meals shown here when I was in college.
    I was too lazy to use my kitchen, so all I used for everything I made was either my wafflemaker or my george foreman grill. Those two were my ONLY cooking tools for years. ��

  • My golems occasionally defy physics and stand on a 1 pixel edge on the main water platform. So besides golems floating on nothing every so often the farm works great! I might add a second zombie just to draw the golems to the lava trap, any suggested fixes are appreciated.

  • I hate nitpickers, however this illustrates a bad example of using a metal spatula against a non-stick surface. For shame, given all the kitchen tools available for this purpose!

  • Could u please share some other waffle cookie recipes too..
    And i have a question, i donot have the dough maker thing u were using, so instead of that, should i kneed the dough using hands, fold it using a spatula or whip it using an electronic whip-whisk?

  • did they really grill lettuce with the bottom? I know you are better than that
    update: After that incident, everything in the video is actually amazing