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Fresh Farmers Market Vs. Store-Bought Ingredients: Apple Pie • Tasty

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Healthy Grocery Haul | Farmers Market Haul

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Come to the Farmers Market with Me & Healthy Snack Recipe | by Erin Elizabeth

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35 Must-Try Farmers Market Recipes highlighing delicious summer produce! Healthy, easy recipes including many vegan options! a fast and healthy farmers market-inspired dinner highlighting fresh juicy summer peaches. Can be made with breast or thigh meat. 2017 at 11. 35 Quick-and-Easy Dessert Recipes Serve up no-fuss homemade desserts with our quick recipes for both warm and cold sweet treats.

Find easy recipes for crisps, bar cookies, cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and more. Read More. If you make farmers market crepes please snap a photo and share on instagram using hashtag #rainbowdelicious and tag me @rainbowdelicious, I’d love to see how it turns out!Subscribe below to get weekly recipe inspiration delivered to your inbox. *This recipe is from 2014 and this post has been updated and reposted for summer recipe inspiration!

The semi soft version of the farmer’s cheese works wonders for this recipes and can be easily find in all grocery stores. For this recipe you will need an 8inch/20cm non stick skillet or omelet pan. You can serve them warm or at room temperature.

If you want them warm, keep the over preheated at less then 200F. Submitted by: MARIUSCOSMOS. Maybe I should have called this my “Summer Farmers Market Pasta.” It’s full of the vegetables I brought home from the farmers market on Saturday. Like many of my recipes, it can be altered based on what you’ve got on hand. This recipe is a delicious blend of cheese, Egg Beaters,& fresh veggies.

It is low in calories, low fat, and it fits most diet requirements. It tastes creamy and is rich in flavor. For those of you who can’t eat bread, you can serve this with Micasa corn tortillas.

Two corn tortillas =70 calories. Submitted by: MS_MAYZEE. With only 168 calories per serving, this healthier, homemade version has fewer than half the calories — and 11 times less sodium — than Taco Bell’s Veggie Power Menu Bowl. Even if you double the recipe for a more substantial meal, you’re.

4. Have a Flexible List. A shopping list is a great tool to make sure you’re buying what you’ll need for the week ahead. But the items offered at your local farmers market vary from week to week, based on quantity and availability, weather conditions and other produce-growing factors. These delicious low-calorie chicken recipes are the perfect way to have an amazing meal without straying from a diet. Coming in at 300 calories or less per serving, serve one of these chicken recipes with a side salad, whole grain or veggie for a fully balanced meal.

The semi soft version of the farmer’s cheese works wonders for this recipes and can be easily find in all grocery stores. For this recipe you will need an 8inch/20cm non stick skillet or omelet pan. You can serve them warm or at room temperature.

If you want them warm, keep the over preheated at less then 200F. Submitted by: MARIUSCOSMOS.

List of related literature:

In addition, many of the recipes in the book, which came from my “Plain and Simple” column in the New York Times, are so quick and so easy they would be perfect for a family supper.

“The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook” by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
from The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook
by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
Simon & Schuster, 2008

A few of these are popular from my blog and some are new, but they are all good go-to options for making mealtime easy for me and, of course, for you.

“The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less” by Brandi Doming
from The Vegan 8: 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes Made with 8 Ingredients Or Less
by Brandi Doming
Time Incorporated Books, 2018

Here are 101 incredibly fast and easy recipes for each season—404 in all.

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
from Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less
by Mark Bittman
Simon & Schuster, 2009

These are minimalist recipes, just like the rest of the recipes in this book—quick and easy to make with ingredients you probably already have on hand or can easily pick up at the market.

“The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
from The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life
by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
Atria Books, 2010

Please scale the recipes up or down to suit your needs, remembering to increase or decrease the quantities of the ingredients in the shopping lists accordingly.

“Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight” by Maria Emmerich
from Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking: Meal Plans and Time Saving Paleo Recipes to Inspire Health and Shed Weight
by Maria Emmerich
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

None of the recipes I include in this book require more than basic cooking skills.

“Living Vegetarian For Dummies” by Suzanne Havala Hobbs
from Living Vegetarian For Dummies
by Suzanne Havala Hobbs
Wiley, 2009

In the end I chose some 650 recipes, all of them tested and many of them firm favourites, and added many variations.

“The Complete South African Cookbook” by Magdaleen van Wyk
from The Complete South African Cookbook
by Magdaleen van Wyk
Penguin Random House South Africa, 2018

About half of these recipes are pulled directly from their books —but the other half are only to be found here!

“Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days” by Dr. Mike Dow
from Heal Your Drained Brain: Naturally Relieve Anxiety, Combat Insomnia, and Balance Your Brain in Just 14 Days
by Dr. Mike Dow
Hay House, 2018

Many of these recipes require only the most basic equipment—a knife and a cutting board.

“Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets
by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
Book Publishing Company, 2011

We have included this list as a helpful tool for meal planning when you’re using recipes in this book.

“Loving Yourself to Great Health” by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
from Loving Yourself to Great Health
by Louise Hay, Ahlea Khadro, Heather Dane
Hay House, 2014

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  • Please rinse your veg. The farmer may use non-spray or organic farming methods, but the neighbors my not. Also, the past few food out breaks we have had have been tainted vegetables. Wild boars sharting all over the spinach (the last one I remember was celery), add easily spreads because we aren’t cleaning it well or not cooking it. Yes there is a difference between a local grower and conventional, it’s just better to be safe than sorry…

  • oh my goodness I just spat out my drink from laughing…. “If you don’t want your fruits and vegetables to go bad in the fridge you eat them before they go bad” so simple

  • DIRT IS IMPORTANT. Wooo! My husband and I eat pinches of dirt during the summer (definitely pure with no pesticides!!!!) and he requested a book for Christmas called The Dirt Cure. Washing veggies too well has disadvantges depending on where they are from. ����

  • I love �� your channel. I also watch your sister and family but your totally different which makes you very interesting. In a nice way my lovely �� xxx

  • Why is everyone hating this video. This was made to see the differences of homemade or store bought apple ��pie��. It was not made to say that store bought pie �� is bad

  • I’m not sure if you’re trying to be vegan or not but whey protein is definitely not vegan it’s a dairy derivative! It’s basically a waste product from the milk industry that they use to make profits on.

  • Also,I am still purchasing Driscolls berries weekly/plastic as well as Trader Joes stuff.I do haul at the farmers market but do berries store bought.

  • Hi, love your videos and FARMERS MARKETS!

    Question: have you found a zero-waste way to “paper towel” your greens/herbs? I have also always kept them fresh with this trick but am trying to not buy/use paper towels! Let me now if you have any ideas

  • If you clean with vinegar based home made cleaners, you can use the peels leftover from your juiced oranges to scent the vinegar before you clean with it! You just let the peels soak for a few hours/a day in the vinegar before mixing it with your next product (soap, water, etc) and it cuts the vinegar smell from the cleaning product and can act as a degreaser! Not sure if the vinegar soaked peels will negatively affect the compost tho.

  • This would have been so much better and more accurate if you made the same exact pie with the same shape but just swapped out the ingredients where one was local, one was not.

  • This video really resonated with me I love prep videos. Thank you! I ordered one of Anthony William’s books now. And, I made the broth (I adapted it a bit but pretty close to yours & his) and it was super tasty. I made double batch and served up 64oz mason jars to 2 friends who were both sick, and they liked it too. I’ve have been drinking a cup in the morning as an addition to my “dont get sick this winter” prevention routine haha. I froze extra (in ice cube trays, then transferred to a freezer compartment) for when I am feeling a little sluggish or a tickle… then I have some ready to go! In short, thanks Hannah, this video was awesome!

  • Just to be clear, I want to like this video but, from where I live, making pies that are “locally sourced” is impossible. The climate in our country cannot sustain the growth of apple trees. We heavily rely on importing foreign goods when the local market demands it but can’t supply it. What if I want apple pie but can’t eat it because I made a rule to myself that what I consume has to be locally grown?

  • Not everything needs to be “locally sourced and freshly pulled from your asshole” to be good a lot of farmers markets lie about where they get their stuff

  • Literally loved watching your video!love your personality and I totally think your channel is amazing!!:) i have a channel too if you want check it out(:

  • I’m really working on meal prep and making sure I eat everything I buy too, but I also have like, no money. I’m talking I have like $40 left until the 20th to buy food/toilet paper/household items. So I can’t spend 12$ on oranges and I feel like I’m not able to eat healthy or eat ENOUGH and it sucks. I’ve been vegan for years so what I do it is relatively okay, but ya know. I feel like I’m constantly at a deficit. Why don’t teachers get paid more:(

  • Place your kale, cilantro, collards, parsley, ect.. in a glass jar or bottle, like you would flowers in a vase, add h2o and cover them with a plastic bag, place in fridge, they keep PERFECTLY!!

  • What do you think about intermittent fasting? Could you address this in your next video or, if you’ve already spoken about it before, direct me to that please! Thanks:)

  • Aww I thought Merle would show us a vegan apple pie since she was here. Also I have a big tub of maltodextrin, to make powdered nuttela, peanut butter and olive oil for gastronomi cuisines.

  • SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THIS VIDEO BECAUSE HANNAHS MY FAV AND IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF MORE VEGAN FOOD IDEAS…. also its 1am and my neighbors are probably concerned (if your neighbors scream at 1am just assume it’s because of hannah’s amazing videos)

  • Good tip about the orange juice. You should totally watch the Adam Ruins Everything about orange juice… You’ll never buy store bought again!

  • I actually didn’t like apple pie from the first time I tried it which was years ago but this is really making me crave apple pie now…. brb, I’m getting hungry

  • This is the worst way to advertise environmentalism. You can advertise it, but there’s a line between that and shoving it down people’s throats. Her tone made it seem like she was dimming it down.

    The really fake “reactions” don’t help. They’re both still apple pie. One may not be as good as the other, but if you like apple pie you wouldn’t hate the other one.

    Oh, and the cookware change, different crust formation, and obvious filling difference.

    Advocation done wrong just does the opposite.

  • THIS VIDEO MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!!! I started working markets about 2 years ago now. It completely changed my life. My health improved tremendously! Not only because I started to eat more veggies overall, but also for eating SEASONALLY!! All vendors are food crazy so you get great ideas for new dishes to cook. Made lots of amazing connections with people. Plus vendors will recognize you as a ‘regular’ and over time will give you better deals. Long story short, I eat 100% organic on a shoe string budget. Happy wallet but most importantly happy body.:)

  • recently started getting a vegetable box and i thought to myself i need to prep all of this so i defiantly eat it. Like simple washing my potatoes and carrots so i dont have to take the time to when i need a nibble. Such good advice and a bit of inspiration too THAAAANKS! x

  • Hannah, making veggies a convenient food is what I’ve been trying to do lately. I live in Argentina (transgenic soy’s home) and organic food is not easy to find. We don’t have organic canned food in supermarkets either. But many people fight against transgenic agricultural mega crops and stand up against agrochemical national laws.
    Please, do more of these videos (and tips)!!!
    Love youuuuuu

  • I am so glad I found this channel. Finally there’s a fitness channel that isn’t vegetarian and has recipes with various kinds of meat (it’s only taken me six months to find this).

  • If you are storing greens in a reusable bag, instead of putting wet paper towel in there, try just wetting the whole bag and storing them in there while it’s damp. It does the same thing, and it prevents you from using paper towel in those situations!!

  • How do you eat so many greens everyday? Did you just work it in slowly? I am trying to be more focused on my health. I have a hard time eating greens every day and sometimes they go bad before I eat them all.

  • This video is so relevant to me because my mom just joined a csa so we have to do vegetable prep every week and are not doing a very good job. It just takes so much time.

  • Love the idea for kale!! I cook with it at least 2-3 times a week but it’s always a pain to de-stem it and all that right before. I live in Boston so our farmers markets are almost totally leafy greens and root veggies right now!

  • i live in nc and my dad grows tons of greens (collards, kale, bok choy, turnip, mustard, etc) and because some of those can take a while to cook, i wash the dirt off, chop em, and blanch em for about 30 seconds in an ice bath. then i dry them off a little and throw them in a container in the freezer. they cook so much more quickly in stir frys and soups after they’re already prepped! ❤️

  • I went to the farmers market all summer and fall but there’s no markets in the winter since i live in Minnesota �� Veggies always taste so much better from the market������������

  • What brand of juicer did you use for the oranges?? I’m looking for one because my wrists are really starting to hate me for constantly juicing oranges by hand

  • Jesus Christ loves you girly and I know people say that sage is supposed to remove evil spirits but it’s an open door for evil spirits. The only way evil spirits will be removed and to prevent anything evil or “negative energy” is through Jesus Christ alone and what He did on the cross which is the blood of Jesus Christ! Please keep this in mind and Have a blessed day! You’re beautiful and love your videos!

  • We buy as many apples and fruit as possible from a farm nearby. Like 10 min drive plus grow as much food as possible on our balconies. Locally sourced isn’t that more expensive per say. And I know what’s in season.

  • This video along with many other of your videos give me Major Tia Blanco vibes and it’s insane because I am obsessed with you both ������

  • Great, now I feel like an asshole for going to the goddamn store because I’m trying to live on college budget and not spend 1000+ dollars on food

  • this is probably really weird but i stumbled upon your videos a little while ago and i am in love with your life. It is literally the life i will strive to have in college. going to ucsb has been my dream forever and your videos just make me want to go even more.so thankyou!

  • Since the second I saw your “Oreo Workout ChallengeHow to Burn off one Oreo”, I was hooked. I want to get started so badly on my journey of eating and feeling healthy. I definitely want to start with my meals but do I need to have an eBook in order to purchase the Guiltless Fitness Guide or can I download it through my laptop or phone? Please let me know, thank you (:

  • THANK YOU for thinking of Max before you got to the market. I am SO so SO tired of seeing dogs at fairs and parades that are obviously in distress, or too hot, or their paw pads are burning on the asphalt. I am not afraid to go up to them and tell them about it either �� You are SUCH GOOD pet owners!! ��

  • Hi Erin! I just found your channel maybe a month ago and I have binge watched all of your fashion videos:) I live in Finland so I’m so glad I found a Youtuber from a colder climate with style I absolutely love! <3

  • Oh my goodness… 17degC is freezing here in South Africa. I had to laugh at you… (getting warmer). It’s all relative though. Loved your market outing and loved your shoes too xo

  • It’s nice that you took us with you to a local market, i like seeing how things in other countries are,here in Greece the markets look different than what i saw in your video!your new haircut is very nice☺

  • Thanks for sharing your Farmer market outing. Max is so beautiful. Have made the snack balls. For a twist instead of chocolate chips; try dried cranberries; I love the coconut added when I have it.

  • Loved watching your trip to the market! Thanks for the healthy recipe too…Looking forward to trying it. Not only are our birthdays the same, but we also both have German Shepherds. They’re great dogs. Max is such a cutie:-)

  • Of course the homemade pie would win, since it’s freshly baked. In order to have a fair comparison, a homemade pie with local and non-local ingredients should have been compared.

  • Hannah I love you so much! Thank you for making this meal prep video! I’d love to see more!! I love how healthy you eat, and your diet is extremely similar to mine! I love my local farmers market. �� Also, side note, my boyfriend who I live with is not a veggie. Sooo if you’re interested I’d love to see more videos related to that?? More recipes he loves, how you cope together etc. I’ve listened to your podcast on the topic, but I’d love to see you guys together making a video maybe?! Anyway, love you so much and your videos and your family! ☺️❤️��

  • Love farmers markets. =)
    I’m pretty sure the cucumbers are a mini variety of English cucumbers. Not pickling cucumbers. Still delicious. ��

  • You should totally check out the St.Lawrence market they gave amazing selection and in the summer months there’s a phenomenal farmers market outside!!

  • I wish my town had a good farmers market. They do it midweek, at like 7am (no biggie) but it is not attainable for more than half our population. Luckily a lot of farmers not farm from us actually sell their produce to the grocery store I use, so I’m still getting nice local stuff

  • I love radishes! I wish I had a bunch of them as fresh as yours!
    Those cucumbers are a little big for pickles. You want to buy pickling cucumbers to make pickles.
    Your niece is beautiful!! We have a new baby grandson too. ������ He was born on May 22!
    Thanks for the video!

  • Love, love, love! The Farmer’s Market haul, and those cheeks on baby Diana look scrumptious! Congratulations on the birth of your new niece! Blessings to you all!

  • Congratulations! Baby Diana is a beautiful blessing! I love wandering around farmer’s markets. The fresh produce and baked goods are the best. There is nothing more delicious than a pie made from scratch with fresh ingredients.:)

  • I love watching your videos, ����you’re one of my favourite YouTubers to follow. I’m so happy you brought out of cookbook! ������How can I get my hands on one, I live in Australia ��

  • First of all, you would not say you hate whatever your friend is giving to you, you wouldn’t want to make them feel bad about it, so i’m immediately thinking whatever they said is just scripted as fck.

  • I always cut up the veggies I want to use for my veggiesoup beforehand and then freeze it, so there is really no excuse to eat a good warming veggiesoup, just put it boiling water with some veggie stock and boom it’s done!

  • Hi!! Do you have a video with a recipe to your heavy metal detox smoothie? Also, I’ve been reading about iodine supplementing for vegans, do you just eat sea veggies for that? Thank you!!

  • I don’t get it. Is the « store bought » pie MADE from store bought ingredients or she just bought an apple pie at a supermarket? In any case this taste testing was really biased, I am a bit disappointed in Merle too because she is vegan but she’s promoting animal ingredients.

  • I know that’s not a vegan recipe. I’m curious though, can vegans eat apples? Or are they too concerned with all the tree farts killing the planet?

  • This is so so helpful! I was just at the farmer’s market today and it was hard to decide what to get because I wasn’t sure what kind of meals I wanted to make. Next week I’ll be on top of my game!

  • I feel like she use a lot of energy and doesn’t eat that much carbs or protein with that diet I would be like 100 pounds I am 120 pound and to keep my weight I have to eat so much,,

  • I am so glad a found you. Tip: Cilantro mix in a blender w/ tomato, onion, garlic and ACVperfect for dressing as well as for marinating meats. Also, use it to cook brown rice. Let me know what you think.

  • Just because you don’t know what something is or how to pronounce it does NOT mean it’s bad for you! I still think this is an interesting experiment.

  • Does everyone know that not all farmers markets are over priced???? Most of them are either equally the same or even less. Calm down people ��

  • legally cage free and free roaming don’t have to mean what you’re saying and it’s not a guarantee that those animals are happy, freely walking around in huge spaces of pastures or even grass. and though i’m a huge locavore i’m well aware that what you said about store apples is wrong lol, they’re not 6 months to a year old.

  • I was totally looking for myself in this video! Craft bar at Landsdowne have all day happy hour on Sunday’s for food and drinks if you happen to go to market and fancy a bite/drink pre or post!

  • What about sustainability. The amount of energy and resources used to produce the ingredients?
    Edit: continuing…. and pasture raise cows. Yes that’s nice but it’s likely you need to clear out land just to raise them. everyone’s so dismissive over sustainability, price and accessibility. And yet how does that benefit the world.? Cows produce methane. The amount of land used to create each ingredient is apparently meaningless. Not only that but what if you live in an area where you must get store bought and not locally sourced due to living conditions? Am I negative? I dunno the whole thing seems biased towards locally sourced. (The term local is so vague. Like natural)

  • Love you Hannah, I learn so much from you❣️… And I know that I know a thing or two howeverrrr;), you remind me that there’s so much more that makes my wellness journey easier, healthier and fun!!! Blessings Banana Hannah��

  • This reminds me of my high school social experiment about fruit loops where I had someone try red and blue fruit loops and tell me if they tasted a difference. I figured they wouldn’t taste a difference (because they’re the same flavor) so I put kool aid powder on the blue one, and yup they said they tasted different and the WHOLE class was amazed

  • It’s heartening to see how people are becoming more conscious about locally sourced,organic, fresh,seasonal, naturally grown food items all around the world. Its a win win for the consumers, farmers and environment as well

  • I like a lot of Tasty’s videos. But by far this one was my least favorite. It was bias. I am really disappointed. I wish it showed them make both, making that side by side comparison so it can prove their point. But this was clear which one they did their precautions and love with. Well, time to go watch some of their other videos.

  • We only have a farmers market once a month BUT I’m taking the whole family to help carry it all. Like you say make huge amounts of soup and juices �� etc. I know it’s a couple of days hard work but again freeze it and always eat well. Thanks Hannah xxx so pleased I found your channel. I’m getting a little too excited ������������

  • Could you please make a beginners guide to composting with your best tips and tricks!!! I need advice I’m starting to compost for the first time in, and I live in an apartment with a potted garden

  • Hey Katie! and all that like to cook and prep. Good Cutlery makes a HUGE difference. Everyone should really check out CUTCO products. They have forever guarantees and will even sharpen (&replace if needed) forever!

  • Locally grown is ethically better to buy but this video seemed painfully scripted. Might make someone who might have actually wanted to try it think that it’s all BS. Could hurt the locally grown cause. Just be honest. Pie is gonna be good. Its pie!

  • Sooo, loved this but I would like to clarify: I am a small scale organic farmer and you for sure need to wash my veggies. The soil contains stuff out of my control, for example: poop. Deer, rabbits and the like, not to mention stray dogs all leave poop around from time to time and it can have potentially fatal bacteria in it. I don’t use any pesticides at all but you should not eat the produce without washing it. That being said, you definitely are better off than with non organic crud:)

  • THANK U PERFECT TIMING I WAS JUST GETTING ANNOYED WITH MY VEGGIES… Lol more like annoyed with myself because im not using them quickly enough/not caring for them properly… Thank uuuu

  • This was too scripted, even the “locally sourced” pie looked better than the other pie. This was way too biased, if this is a series its a definite cancel, its just going to be the same results over and over again.

  • Actually you should try oat milk because not only does it taste better than almond milk but it is good for the ocean and the environment ��������

  • Fresh?? Hardly! To make my apple pie…
    First I wake up the cow (she loves to sleep in). We milk her and immediately make fresh butter.
    To make the crust I go through our wheat fields and individually pick out the grains and then mill them myself. I ask our chickens for a couple eggs….(make sure the egg hasn’t been fertilized…cuz that’s a whole new type of pie)…..I then harvest our sugar cane real quick for some super fresh…uh…sugar. I do run into trouble with ingredients like baking powder but did end up finding some sort of white powder in our sons room and it totally did the trick…people said the pie made them happy and carefree. Gotta love when you take a bite of something and it takes you away..
    Oh and we get a lot of sugar questions and we always answer the same….As far as white and brown sugar…we think all sugar colors are beautiful.
    The rest of the ingredients are self explanatory: lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger….you know…all those things grow in our back yard in North Texas!
    Who needs market fresh or store bought ingredients when you can harvest your own cinnamon right?


    1. For all the lovelies out there who have a difficult time understanding sarcasm and all it’s glory…..the above steps are 100% true
    2. I actually wrote this to see how long it takes my wife to wonder why her YouTube notifications are going nuts. Hey babe…..might not leave your phone out in the open…you never know who might stumble across it and notice what video you were watching. Never know who could pick it up and pretend to be you. Just sayin. (Oh And please let me know if this long message annoys people and you get a bunch of comments saying you have too much time in your hands)
    You are welcome! I’m nice like that.
    You know you love me….I’m awesome.

  • The apples in the LS pie weren’t completely cooked. They said the apples were crunchy. If they cooked the pie longer, it wouldn’t have been nearly as tall as it was.

  • I know this is an old video, but I would love to see an updated video of things you buy at the grocery store, how you use them, etc. I love your channel!

  • Thanks for sharing this video it’s given me so
    Much to consider for what to buy. Can’t wait to get more healthy foods.. thanks Katie ❤️��

  • Farmer’s Market vs Store Brought

    Everyone should have expected them to be like “lol wtf is this storebrought trash its not even goooood but Wow! These locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients are DELICIOUS! I definitely prefer this over the other garbage!”

  • Thank you very much! Your the best! I love your workouts! I’m 237 lbs your motivating me to lose 45 lbs! Finally someone I’ve tried it all. I can’t express my gratitude to you and all your videos. I’m going to watch all of them! Thank you so so much!

  • This was very helpful even being 4 years ago, but one question: I thought bell peppers and other peppers were not good to eat with Hypo? Is there any truth to that? I saw it in another video in the 5 years I have been learning about my diagnosis. Or is it that they just have to be cooked a certain way like the others that are hard to digest for us?

  • This is so cool, love your ideas, Hannah! I usually pre-wash my lettuce and kale or spinach that I bought (unfortunately in the supermarket and not at a local farmers’ market because we don’t have one close by), already cut it as ready to eat and put it into tupperware. As I am making my meals during the week, I always try to add at least a hand full of those greens. I got this idea from Bonny Rebecca, she has shown in in a video once:)

    Lots of love from Scotland to California!

  • I’m so glad I came across your page! I’m loving your warm and vibrant energy and these recipes are looking so good! Making me want to go buy some greens! Now to just kick that sweet and carb tooth! Perhaps I will go look for that PMS tea. Ha!

  • Aint it really obvious which one is the store bought Pie, i mean come on the tray with the store bought one Pie ist still on the table and you can see that the farmers market pie has no crimp.

  • Also tea of “Hierbabuena” or Mint plus Cinnamon is great for cramps. Tastes terrible but works like a charm. Learned that in Mexico.

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