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10 Delicious Mexican Classics Under 500 Calories 1. CHICKEN & BLACK BEAN TOSTADAS | MYFITNESSPAL’S RECIPES Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 310; Total Fat: 11g; 2. VEGETARIAN HUEVOS RANCHEROS | DIETITIAN DEBBIE Nutrition (per serving): Calories: 230; Total Fat: 6g; Saturated Fat: 3. BELL PEPPER. 10 Delicious Mexican Classics Under 500 Calories | MyFitnessPal From tacos to enchiladas, Mexican food is a crowd-pleaser any day of the week — and any meal. Watching your caloric intake doesn’t mean giving up your favorite recipes.

These delicious meals—including pizza, pasta, tacos and more—come in at 500 calories or less per serving so you can indulge guilt-free. The classic sizzling fajita platter found in Mexican restaurants across the globe is a cinch to replicate in your own kitchen. Fajitas can be made with almost any protein, but this recipe uses steak while still remaining miraculously under 500 calories. Dump-and-Bake Chicken Fajita Quinoa: This Mexican-inspired one-pot dish is loaded with protein, veggies and whole grains—but not calories.

Image via The Seasoned Mom 23. Dump-and-Bake Butter Chicken and Rice: Based on a classic Indian butter chicken dish, this super simple yet scrumptious casserole requires virtually zero attention. 10 Skinny Casseroles That Are Actually Delicious. 10 Skinny Casseroles That Are Actually Delicious. Mexican Middle Eastern Skinny Pasta Recipes under 500 Calories; Skinny Tacos to Satisfy Your Tex-Mex Cravings; 11 of 11 View All.

Replay gallery. This one is also not quite under 500 calories, but that’s because we calculated nutrition info by doubling portion size recommendations. 536 calories 82. 23 Low-Carb Dinners Under 500 Calories That Actually Look Good AF. Carbs are delicious.

But if you’re trying to limit them, you may want to do it at dinner. Mexican Tuna Salad With Avocado. Fiber: A serving of beans provides 7 to 9 grams of fiber. That’s a hefty amount, especially if you’re working toward getting the recommended daily amount of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men, per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Mexican Chicken Chili.

Calories per serving: 254. Corn and black beans give this satisfying chili Mexican flair the whole family will love. Adjust the cayenne if you have small children or are looking for a little less zip. —Stephanie Rabbitt-Schappache.

List of related literature:

1 teaspoon finely grated lime peel Crushed red pepper flakes, if desired 1 Serving (2 Tacos): Calories 190; Total Fat 9g (Saturated % cup salted peanuts or cashews Fat 2g, Trans Fat 2g); Cholesterol 95mg, Sodium 400mg,

“Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today” by Betty Crocker
from Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today
by Betty Crocker
HMH Books, 2011

In large bowl, mix shredded chicken, tomatoes and jalapeño chiles with their liquid, sour cream, Each serving: About 445 calories, 29g protein, 38g carbohydrate, and chili powder.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
from Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques
by Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books, 2008

The chunky fresh salsa on the previous page is essentially a classic Mexican concoction known as pico de gallo.

“How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos” by Mark Bittman
from How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food-With 1,000 Photos
by Mark Bittman
HMH Books, 2012

Made with fresh tomatillos and jalapeños, 2 tablespoons is just 10 calories, however, there are 280 mg ofsodium so more isn’t necessarily better in this case.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
Rodale Books, 2013

These are considered the most nutritious of all the tortilla varieties.

“The Forest of the Lacandon Maya: An Ethnobotanical Guide” by Suzanne Cook
from The Forest of the Lacandon Maya: An Ethnobotanical Guide
by Suzanne Cook
Springer US, 2016

Mouthwatering, but not waistfriendly at 600 calories per serving (that’s two small enchiladas without sides).

“From Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat......Only Better” by Joy Bauer
from From Junk Food to Joy Food: All the Foods You Love to Eat……Only Better
by Joy Bauer
Hay House, 2016

To my surprise, they were fruity and mild, whereas the same chile called perón or manzano in the states of Mexico and Michoacán—and even those I have tried in Jalapa, Veracruz—are searingly hot.

“Oaxaca Al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy” by Diana Kennedy
from Oaxaca Al Gusto: An Infinite Gastronomy
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Quality Control in Frozen Vegetables 405 Domingo Martinez,Romero, Salvador Castillo, and Daniel Valero

“Handbook of Frozen Foods” by Y. H. Hui, Isabel Guerrero Legarretta, Miang Hoong Lim, K.D. Murrell, Wai-Kit Nip
from Handbook of Frozen Foods
by Y. H. Hui, Isabel Guerrero Legarretta, et. al.
CRC Press, 2004

Ejemplos de una porción de 1 onza son 1 onza de carne magra, ave, o pescado, cocidos; 1/4 de taza de frijoles secos cocidos o 1 huevo, 1 cucharada de mantequilla de maní o de almendra o 1/4 de taza de fruta seca o semillas.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
from Griffith’s Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult
by Stephen W. Moore
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

(Concord Picante), Chile Con Soul (Concord Picante), Para Todos (Concord Picante), and Soul Sauce: Memories of Cal Tjader (Concord Picante) are among more recent winners by Sanchez.

“Jazz For Dummies” by Dirk Sutro
from Jazz For Dummies
by Dirk Sutro
Wiley, 2006

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  • I am not diabetic but having a family history of diabetes I absolutely loved this video and would 100% pick up this book! Love the science behind it!

  • 1. Healthly does not mean low calorie, nor does low fat means its healthly
    2. Nice job with not putting the total macros, and putting fat, further perpetuating the idea fat is bad( yes, believe it or not, all the info you put is taken in). Fat is needed for joint health and test levels in men.
    3. Chicken and steak DO NOT,from said nutrition info, have the same macros, i would very much choose chicken for the boosted protein i get per serving. Again, LOW CALORIE DOESNT MEAN HEALTHY.
    4. Videos like this is why i still see 23 year old amercian girls going crazy over various food fads, and end up having ED. Thank god for your Disclaimer, cuz god knows you need it.

  • Hey everyone thanks for clicking to watch this delicious food challenge video!! I’ve done many burrito, taco, enchilada, etc… Mexican food challenges, but none with this level of variety which was so awesome!! Thanks to my friend Dan Kennedy for meeting up with me to try the challenge as well. For everyone interested, here is the link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfsa1dc1Jbzw5nib6jx_pdQ

  • I get the kid’s meal tacos. It includes a small portion of chips. I also get a small side order of queso. I eat half of the chips and queso and save the rest. It is high in sodium but cutting down on the portion helps me.

  • I dont like when you use complicated ingridients, I hope you made a future video about Low calorie chocolate beberages but with simpler ingridients like cocoa or similar

  • sorry but whack! if i wanted that meal itd be better to make at home. You go to restaurants to eat good! at the expense of high calories! lol and lots of generalized info here

  • I work at chipotle and eat it about 4-5 times a week. To keep the sodium down you can ask for plain brown rice and plain tomatoes which both have no salt! It’s a great way to help.

  • Most days I’ll make an americano with a touch of cinnamon and honey. If I’m feeling wild, I’ll do a coconut milk latte+cinnamon+honey

  • Look at the size of that monster in the red at 06.04! Fuck me he is the size of Pennsylvania!!!!!!!! No wonder USA is the most obese country in the world

  • You should not eat a low fat or low salt diet. You are promoting some lies from the medical establishment. And no I’m not attacking you. I’m just correcting some wrong info you’re providing. You only need to avoid bad fats, but should eat healthy fats. And your body needs salt and you shouldn’t avoid salt.

  • Than you for the marshmellows recipe, but I would liked to have a substitute for the mushrooms chocolate, not all us are from US or can afford to buy it. At least I think the orange one I can try to recreate ��

  • What if you get the burrito with chicken, veggies, lettuce and cheese? I eat that at home everyday (from the grocery store). My sodium level is fine. Plus, I follow that One Meal A Day eating habit.

  • Ahh, I wish I had your vegan marshmallow recipe yesterday to put on the sweet potato casserole. Peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite!

  • I ordered a burrito today, but it’ll last me two meals (those things are HUGE), and I try to keep my overall sodium intake low at home.

  • I fully believe you can watch this video and once you step foot into Chipotle you’re still loading it up because it basically costs the same and a full sized meal is better for your money’s worth that will keep you full for a longer period of time. If you need to worry about sodium and carbs don’t eat fast food to begin with stock pile on stuff from the grocery store to portion meals yourself

  • That’s soooo cute…the dessert….’how do you eat this?’. Love it. LOVE Mexican food! You…Randy…have a ton of true friends who have a ton of respect for you…admirable qualities!!Congrats on the time and the vid. Love your #2 fan.

  • No wonder that dressing tastes so good. I don’t really worry about calculating macros anymore. My stomach is so small these days I find it better to get higher fat items and skip the starch. Since I also use salsas as dressing I just use a little of it anyway because it gives a great tang. And yeah, one bowl is ALWAYS two meals for me and I usually wind up throwing out part of it.

  • Really disappointed that all the recipes are made using the mushrooms packet thingies. I mean I get one, or maybe two since it’s a sponsored video, but all of them?

  • Love, love, love this video! I wanted to experiment more with iced coffee and next thing I know you come up with a video for it. Like you read my Mind!

  • My order:
    Brown & White Rice
    Black & Pinto Beans
    Fajita Veggies
    Tomatillo Red Salsa
    Corn Salsa
    Sour Cream

    And a root beer:P

    okay ik i am such a pig ��

  • These sound delicious. I have seen this product on Flav City with Bobby Parrish on YouTube and Instagram. I’d like to see you do something with him one day. Thanks for sharing. ❤ you!

  • I’ve never had iced coffee before but they all look so good. Sounds like a great company. I would definitely order from them. Hope you’re having a good day Alyssia!!

  • As someone who orders kids meals all the time at Chipotle (for my kids), it’s not like ordering a regular meal. You only get choice of rice, choice of beans, and choice of meat (or guac as sub for meat). Three specific options, and some places are stricter then others. However this video has me willing to try…I mean when I order tacos, I’m only able to eat 2 anyway.

  • chipotle is my favorite restaurant but I heard negative things about getting sick and stomach problems
    I am googling it that’s how I found this video.
    Is that still true?

  • Ha! I knew it. I learned years ago that the tortilla is hands down the worst thing to get at Chipotle if you are trying to control calorie intake. Of course I can’t eat a whole one anyway. Occasionally I will treat myself to the burrito and it is two meals which helps.

  • I work at chipotle and for the kids meal you only get three sides any additional sides will me.90 cents added for each extra side so its better to just get 2 single tacos

  • ᶤ get a Barito bowl with brown rice, steak/chicken, lettuce, tomatoes (sometimes ) guacamole(once in the blue moon ) and sour cream.

  • It’s reallyyy helpful you include info about sodium! I have a condition that stops me from over consuming on sodium so I really appreciate this ��

  • Unpopular opinion but most homemade Guac with minimal effort taste better than chipotle guac. At home you can appropriately spice and season it unlike the bland mush they serve. Also Qdoba’s diablo Queso > Chipotle.

  • For all those complaining-Four Sigmatic products DO NOT taste like mushrooms. They are adding specific mushroom products that may have specific health benefits. I subscribe to their chai latte and I love it.

    But I never even considered combining it with the cacao mix! Thanks for the idea!

  • I don’t like ads that look like videos �� I understand you need money to come in, but I cannot make any of these hot chocolates because I don’t want to buy this stuff. Clickbait.

  • Not to take from your guys thunder, but I wonder if there’s any brutally honest competitive food eaters out there? �� Like aww man that dinner tasted like prison food, definitely won’t be coming back here. Bring the cook out so I can insult him further ��

  • I LOVE Your mugs and straws etc. I love using tinned coconut cream. Chai is Indian ����. True Cinnamon is from Sri Lanka ���� (Ceylon Cinnamon)

  • It’s been 6 years that I seen this guy continuing his journey to be top best eaters in the world keep up the great work Randy and may your goals live on!

  • I have many family members that are diabetic. My grandfather died of a massive heart attack that was most certainly link to his diabetes, but also all the crap he was eating. My family has suffered from this disease. Physically and emotionally over and over and over again. Thank you so much for bringing the facts and truth to this disease. Thank you for spreading wholesome truth!

  • Cinnamon is my favorite sweetener for drinks like this! It’s not coffee (since I drink a lot less coffee now) but I make a milky tea with soy milk, cinnamon, cloves and a dash of nutmeg. I just boil all the ingredients in the milk and then let it sit. You can add this sweet tea to coffee as creamer too. It reminds me of hot cocoa and adding chocolate wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Hmmm ��

  • That food looks like shit, I’m Mexican and that shit looks like taco bell rejects. Come to east LA to get the most authentic Mexican food in the USA. Pennsylvania?Really? Give me a break!

  • Yeah for people who don’t know and I don’t blame people for not knowing the killer Kennedy or whatever his name is that’s a dude who can compete neck and neck with Molly Schuyler.

    Classy of him to stay in the same lane as Randy

  • I always get a bowl (without the rice) that includes: black beans, chicken, pico, lettuce, a little shredded cheese and corn. ��������

  • My go-to ‘cleaned up’ hot cocoa recipe is almond milk, cocoa powder, truvia & chocolate protein powder! It does take a but of whisking, but tasty & a good hit of protein!
    I also often add cinnamon & cayenne for the Mexican chocolate flavor!!

  • From a non native speaker… could you please slow down a teeny bit? �� I have no problem understanding you, actually your enunciation is perfect. But you are like a race driver at Formula 1. When you are at sentence nr. 3 I am still processing the first sentence. ������ Love your videos anyway. ��

  • One thing I noticed about between American cooking videos and korean/japanese cooking videos is that Americans talk a lot before and in between making the foods where the others just start making the food immediately. I’m not complaining I just think its funny �� ��

  • Moe’s is my absolute favorite place! I can get a 10-inch burrito with steak, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled green peppers, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream for just 427 calories! It also has 29 grams of protein! 670 milligrams of sodium, which I personally don’t think is too bad as I only drink water – and a lot of it.
    Thank you for this eye-opening video!

  • …I am pretty chill. I like to warm io chocolate milk and call that hit chocolate. Ha.
    Maybe that witho ne of these packets and whip for an indulgence.

  • Dear lord…not everything is about calories. If something is tasty and nutritious, eat it. Simple as that. You can choose sour cream, cheese, guac etc. as sides, and use as much as is necessary for you. That bowl has a lot of food, and is v. filling, so you can even split it into two meals. She’s more concerned about the carbs in salsa than the ones in cinnamon rolls lol…

  • I find this genuinely interesting. Currently my morning coffee is just a routine that tastes meh, but whatever. It would be neat to try switching it up so that I’m getting more than just caffeine.

  • What are the benefits of Four Sigmatic?
    Is it similar to a meal replacement or just a drink to keep you from feeling hungry.
    I love your videos

  • The chicken is healthier actually because its lower in calories but has 32 grams protien to only 21 for the steak. Dont let the calories fool you, if you look at the break down they give there and u understand what ur reading you will realise that if you add up all the marco ingredients(carbs, fats, proteins) that portion for some odd reason is bigger for the chicken than the other dishes( could be a mistake on the website). So yes it’s more calories but those calories come mainly from protien and the portion size is much bigger, In the end the chicken is still the leaner choice and healthier for overall muscle development if that’s what ur after.

  • I cannot bend on the salad vinaigrette; it is sooo good. �� Glad to know about the burrito tortilla, though. �� That is not worth 300 calories!

  • I’m more of a soda person, Alyssia, but your coffee makes me want to drink coffee. What’s your best tip for making no bake cinnamon cheesecake? I love you so much, sweetie. Keep rocking that red hair.

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    Don’t forget to hit that Bell Icon to receive a notification every time we upload new videos:)

    -Team Glamrs

  • I didn’t know about Four Sigmatic. I’m supposed to be on Whole30 per my physician’s recommendation, so the 10 Mushroom Blend and mushroom coffees were a big help. Whole30 creamer is nasty with regular coffee, but with mushroom coffee it’s not bad at all! So…thanks.

  • Yo-yo Randy congratulations �������� to you & your teammate you both did an amazing �� job and awesome �� work eating all that food �� and only doing it in 15.30 you guy’s kicked some a** on getting that great �� big WIN!����❤️��������������������������������������❄️��❄️��❄️❄️❄️��������������������❤️������������������������������❤️❤️������❤️������❤️❤️❤️������������������

  • I also think the best thing about chipotle is even if I’m getting a 1000 calorie bowl (which checking it out now, I only do about 700 calories) I NEVER eat a whole bowl at once. That usually my lunch/dinner. You get a hell of a lot of food at chipotle for the price, and it’s usually a meal and a half or two.

  • u lost me at adding mushrooms to cocoa-i understand the video is sponsored by the mushroom company but yuck! I wouldve liked seeing some cocoa made WITHOUT mushrooms.

  • My Favorite Chipotle Meal: 3 Tacos
    (No Guacamole, I don’t really like Guacamole)
    Crispy Corn Tortillas
    Brown Rice
    Pinto Beans
    Fajita Veggies
    Romaine Lettuce
    Sour Cream
    Tomatillo Green Chili Salsa

    ^Nutrition For This Meal:
    Calories: 690
    Total Fat: 25.5 g
    Saturated Fat: 9 g
    Cholesterol: 40 mg
    Sodium: 840 mg
    Total Carbs: 98 g
    Dietary Fiber: 15 g
    Sugar: 7 g
    Protein: 18 g

  • That meal looks delicious. And Killer Kennedy it’s a real pretty good eater too. I can eat all that food too (but along 15 days lol).

  • My husband’s chipotle order is probably close to 3000 calories— white rice, double chicken, queen, green salsa, sour cream and cheese.

  • The salad dressing is so delicious!!! I’ll get it with my bowl every once in a while as a treat and I never use all of it so I don’t think that’s terrible ��

  • Healthy hot chocolate? Say what?))
    Firstly, I love all the sponsored episodesthey are very interesting and thoughtful
    Secondlynow I wish to try every single mix! Wish one day they will be sold in Russia too!

  • Whoa whoa whoa!!!! You!! Were in N.O.??? Where was I?? I live only 90 miles from there…..(kicks herself). I’ll check it out…almost done watching this vid.

  • Chipotle employee here! The vinagarette is made with rice bran oil, honey, red wine vinegar, Adobo, salt and water! Seasoned with black pepper and oregano

  • For folks looking for immediate obvious results from taking mushrooms, this product might not be for you. The mushrooms effects come over time with consistent consumption and even then its not a large difference.

  • Thanks for this lol I drink HC all year at least the last year.Since going to BMT in Texas and coming home I get cold more easily than before so it’s so nice and comforting at the end of the day too. I even put HC into my coffee lmbo we all did in basic training it made a world of difference. <3

  • I wish it could be actually made.
    I cannot get my hands on the product and don’t want to use such stuff.
    Please don’t trick me again ��

  • can we just get everything in our bowl then split it with a friend? i do that and it ends up having less calories than the bowl she made

  • Your chocolate looks beautiful, just like you, Alyssia. You have the sweetest voice. What’s your best tip for making marshmallow cream?