10 Healthy Food Choices Swaps That Are Not Worth Your Time And Effort


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Whether a self-proclaimed health junkie or kitchen newbie, you’re likely familiar with the ever-popular food substitution trend. Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt; use almond milk instead of full-fat dairy milk; try turkey bacon instead of beef! Sound familiar? As health becomes more of a hot topic, food swaps grow in popularity.

10 ‘healthy’ food swaps that aren’t actually better for you. Courtney Leiva Oct 25, 2018, 9:20 AM. facebook; twitter; reddit; linkedin; WhatsApp/span> Shutterstock Some ‘healthy’ foods. Shutterstock.

In an eye-opening poll commissioned by The New York Times, when Americans and nutritionists were asked whether a certain food was healthy, 70 percent of Americans considered granola to be healthy, but less than 30 percent of nutritionists did.The likely reason? Granola is a basically just sugar-coated cereal. And many brands rack up the. Spuds aren’t the only veggie worthy of turning into a batch of fries. Try one of the many varieties of squash, carrots, parsnips, turnips, zucchini or asparagus. “Season them with different herbs and spices and bake them in the oven or air fryer for a healthier alternative,” Michalczyk says.

20 Healthy Snacking Swaps to Make Next Time You’re Hungry Research shows that individuals ate 41% more calories worth of nuts when eating the both aren’t ideal and can wreak havoc on your. Here’s why: Unlike butter, which contains saturated fat, avocados add a dose of healthy fat while still adding creaminess to a recipe. Avocados are also lower in cholesterol and high in potassium. Here’s how: The next time you’re baking, swap out avocado for butter, such as in the avocado-based granola bars above. 10.

If you make some simple food swaps, you can reduce your calories, and eat healthier without sacrificing taste or serving size. When you cook at home (or even if you dine out), you can choose these 15 food swaps to maintain a healthy weight without dieting. Switch This Food For That Food: 1. Sour cream for 0% Greek yogurt. 10 Healthy Food Swaps Experts Say Could Change Your Life Amy Glander Updated: Mar. 20, 2019 The next time you hit the supermarket, keep these slimmed-down substitutions in mind.

We say it all the time: it’s the smallest changes that reap the biggest rewards. From implementing a new cleansing technique like dry brushing or nasal irrigation, Share the post “Upgrade Your Groceries: 10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make Things Easier” comment (4) From our friends. And by keeping healthy food swaps around, we set ourselves up for nutritional success. That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice flavor.

Some of these healthy swaps are even more delicious and flavorful than what they’re replacing! It also doesn’t mean you need to eliminate certain foods from your diet altogether.

List of related literature:

Further, the recipe calls for additional vegetables and herbs (not included in the ingredients list), thus increasing the cost of the meal: “I used 2 medium carrots, 1 cucumber, 6 lettuce leaves, green onions, basil, cilantro, and avocado but use whatever you have hanging around.”

“Critical Perspectives on Veganism” by Jodey Castricano, Rasmus R. Simonsen
from Critical Perspectives on Veganism
by Jodey Castricano, Rasmus R. Simonsen
Springer International Publishing, 2016

What about swapping out a less-healthy fat for a healthier one in your dressing?

“Mom Energy” by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
from Mom Energy
by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler
Hay House, 2011

In an effort to help those who still wanted to do some cooking but found it too time-consuming, my last three books were designed for quick, healthful, fromscratch meals: Keep It Simple, 20-Minute Menus, and Eating Well Is the Best Revenge.

“The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook” by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
from The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook
by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
Simon & Schuster, 2008

Accelerated dinner option: Any stir-fried entrée with meat (protein), sauce (fat), and vegetables (carb), including nuts (fat), such as cashew chicken, or beef and broccoli or Szechuan shrimp.

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
from The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
Rodale Books, 2013

Use these tips as a guide as to how you can approach fussy eating in your house but remember that this list is by no way exhaustive or prescriptive.

“My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family” by Ciara Attwell
from My Fussy Eater: from the UK’s number 1 food blog a real mum’s 100 easy everyday recipes for the whole family
by Ciara Attwell
Blink Publishing, 2018

And don’t forget the takeaway aisle, where you can pick up a roast chicken to go (a healthy choice once you’ve removed the skin, added that ten-second salad, a microwave-baked potato, and quick-cooked frozen vegetables).

“What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

I hope that these simple swaps and recipe suggestions help ease your transition to a low-carb lifestyle.

“Craveable Keto: Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Roadmap to Weight Loss and Wellness” by Kyndra D. Holley
from Craveable Keto: Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Roadmap to Weight Loss and Wellness
by Kyndra D. Holley
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Reading food ingredients lists carefully may take time and prolong your trips to the grocery store, but if you care about your health, it’s well worth the time and effort.

“Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health” by Vani Hari
from Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health
by Vani Hari
Hay House, 2019

This list is here so you can make informed decisions about what foods may prevent you from experiencing the health that you deserve.

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2020

Once you have reintroduced all foods previously eliminated and know which ones are triggers, you can avoid those and substitute healthier choices.

“Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor's Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin” by Trevor Cates
from Clean Skin from Within: The Spa Doctor’s Two-Week Program to Glowing, Naturally Youthful Skin
by Trevor Cates
Fair Winds Press, 2017

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I really really love your videos @whitneysimmons.. I got all my work out programs from your videos here in youtube and IG.. I hope you will be able to read my comment ☺ love you ����������

  • I could never give up potato chips tho �� those pop chips are not the same… but still delicious. I’ll swap it once in a while ��

  • 8:52 Her: “They are packed with so many unnessesary ingredients and sugar.”
    Smoothie on the table: “No sugar added”
    Me: uhmmmm����

  • I think your heart is in the right place for this video, but the intro to the potato chips part threw me off. “If I catch you with potato chips” didn’t sit right with me. We can indulge in “bad” foods in moderation once in a while, if it helps prevent us from going on a crazy binge later from over-restriction! That comment just rubbed me the wrong way a bit

  • Not gonna lie, I took a break fr watching my usual fitness/health YouTube channels ever since I got down in the dumps about my knee surgery/recovery. My knee is still not 100%, but I’m here to say I’m back & have ONLY been watching Whit!! I’m so here for these NUTRITIONAL, uplifting vids. I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself and letting the lbs. creep on. Thanks, Whit, for reigniting my fitness flame��

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    Vous devenez maître de “votre perte de poids”
    Voici le lien: http://go.7269746131z2ec746f70636f616368.1.1tpe.net

  • Why would you want a vaccine for a virus that only has a death rate of 0.26 or 0.006 for under 65,s? A vaccine will kill way more than that! I’m guessing your NIH funding and fauci has a lot to do with it. The flu vaccine only works 20-40% of the time at best but increases the risk of catching covid by 36%. And has a death rate of 0.6! Flu jab kills more than covid and nearly everyone who died of covid had a flu jab! The way your taught by big pharma is vaccine,s and tablets and now surveillance it’s pathetic! You haven’t even purified the virus but you talk about tests and vaccines when you don’t know what your looking for. What a waste of time!

  • No. Zucchini noodles cannot replace real noodles. And there is no reason to not eat noodles. When you feel like you can’t eat these things you don’t have to avoid them you simply have to get your shit together.

  • Wish I was one of those people that could like nutritional yeast. It looks so good on video but for me it tastes/smells like fish food. Love all your other swap options though and your personality!! You just gained a new subscriber:)

  • I watched your first food swaps video and the yogurt ranch is the ONLY ranch I use now I AM obsessed!!!!
    Will definitely be trying these out:)

  • Can you imagine the illegal cookie and soda trades if junk food was heavily taxed haha grammas who make baked goods would be the new drug lords! But seriously I think it’s better to change people from the inside out not the other way around. Educate people on how to eat healthy and the benefits they will receive then healthy food will be in greater demand driving the supply to increase allowing for the potential of lower prices, and innovation. Coercing people by raising prices on junk food would make people mad because they wouldn’t understand why the gov is doing this, so they would look for ways to circumvent the system.

  • Such great alternatives! I use to buy the low carb tortillas bc I didn’t know they made an almond flour version. Now I gotta to grab those! Also, the chip bags!!! I had no idea those were made out of popcorn! Adding that to my list too!

  • I’m a biomedical engineer and have been following the legitimacy of the virus since the beginning. I’ve found that the virus has NOT been proven to exist, because it has never been isolated. If you were to read the scientific publications that claimed to isolate the virus you will find that to be true as well. The authors of the papers have even admitted this. That should be of a red flag for everyone, because isolating a microorganism is absolutely necessary to AT LEAST prove that it exists.

    When I became suspicious, I decided to personally review the papers myself and found they’re all the same. All they’ve really done is taken some respiratory tract samples, cultured that on some vero cells (monkey kidneys), and then did some genetic sequencing as an “isolation” technique. That is deceptive & misleading.

    For TRUE isolation to be achieved; fluid samples would need to be taken from patients and then filtered out to let viral sized particles pass thru for collection, followed by density gradient centrifugation to further separate (ISOLATE) the virus from any remaining microorganisms & substances – None of them have done that!

    Also (because I hear this a lot), “Sequencing” is NOT an isolation technique. It strictly serves to analyze & determine the unique genome structure (base blueprint) of the virus, OR rebuild the genome structure (like they claim to do in vaccine viruses for example).

    To be clear: Before ANY legitimate sequence mapping can occur, the whole virus needs to be purified (Isolated), so it can be properly Analyzed TO DETERMINE what its’ physical structure and full genome sequence looks like.

    But since they haven’t actually isolated it, they rely on Computer Modeling Software to piece together a relatively long THEORETICAL genome sequence from a few small fragments of whatever they’re claiming to be a virus. And yes, the “tests” being used to diagnose someone with covid-19 are based on the same faulty science. Out of curiosity I checked the product sheets from several test manufacturer’s, and found they all say “for research use only. not for diagnostic use”. For example (pg. 5): https://altona-diagnostics.com/files/public/Content%20Homepage/-%2002%20RealStar/INS%20-%20RUO%20-%20EN/RealStar%20SARS-CoV-2%20RT-PCR%20Kit%201.0_WEB_RUO_G-EN-S01.pdf

    Combine that with arguably the most important fact is that there are NO experimental studies whatsoever that demonstrate this “virus” causes ANY disease. It’s good to be skeptical, but ask yourself how the “Health Officials” can make these claims that have us in a pandemic without any evidence to support viral causation. At best, I would call of of this Fraud.

    To say the virus must exist because people have gotten sick is circular reasoning. It’s like saying presents under the tree means Santa Claus must be real. As we know, that’s not really evidence in itself. Understanding & Perspective is Everything in making sense of the world and seeing through the smoke & mirrors… There are other reasons some people have gotten sick & died, but that’s a topic for another day (post is already long).

    We need to question everything. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

  • I don’t intentionally swap out food but I sometimes intentionally cut down like don’t finish up a bag of chips in one seating but spread it out to a few days. Still a firm believer of moderation.

  • My problem is that exercise never makes me feel good after I do it. I always just want to shower and take a nap. Since quarantine, I’ve been walking 45 minutes a day and doing floor hiit videos but I don’t feel good after. Any suggestions? My diet is very clean and Whole Foods based.

  • Whitney is the best for healthy swaps,but these ARE EXPENSIVE OH MY GAD �� I’m a student living in a residence how the hell can I live an healthy lifestyle when I have 60$ per week for food��

  • Hey Girl!! Omg goodness girl i needed this video! My weakness is soda or sweet juices and hot cheetos esp with nacho cheese. I try not to eat oats bc i get the flow going n get lazy. Am I the only one here with that issue? I love spaghetti squash its so versatile�� Thank you for all your awesome videos I always look forward to watching them.

  • The virus is transmitted via news broadcasts, making its way into the brain. Once it takes hold, symptoms include irrational fears, distrust of friends and neighbors, hyper vigilant cleansing, and an overwhelming urge to surrender personal rights and freedoms. Individuals with more empty space between their ears are at higher risk.

  • lotus stem is a great alternative to chips! roast it with some spices and a little bit of salt (cause that stem’s bland) and you’re good to go! in India, they are popular as Makhanas

  • Those people who are saying antigen or antibody test will be useful

    They should know these tests have 50% sensitivity
    And till the time they detect the infection
    The person will be able to detect by his own symptoms
    So making antigen / antibody tests are no game changer

    Low cost RT PCR can be a game changer

  • Girl… you should try the Mountain Dew kickstart in the mango, pineapple, orange flavor! SO GOOD and low in sugar and calories, plus caffeine!!! I mean, I’m not saying it’s a health food, but dang— it gets me through the week and I don’t feel gross.

  • What If you eat alot of macadamian and other nuts??A cookie Is 200 calories or soo?,but when I eat macadamian nuts i eat at least 800 calories worth… 2 oz of nuts is not much but I guess 3 oz. of macadamians is better then 3 cookies full of carbs

  • It’d be awesome to see a budget friendly food swaps! Some of these are a little unrealistic when you’re trying to ball on a budget ����

  • It would have been more useful if the presentation on herd immunity had modeled the situation on board the Diamond Princess where there were two populations 1) the crew with average age 33 and not susceptible to a high level of infection due to well operating innate T cell responses and 2) the passengers with an average age of 65 that according to the experts made them all susceptible to infection due to a declining innate immunity and comorbidites with age. In the event, “herd immunity” was established at a 20% infection rate of which 46% were asymptomatic and a fatality rate of 0.36% close to that of a normal flu. This suggests that 80% of the population were able to resist the virus through an innate T cell response.

    These data are supported by those from New York where “herd immunity” appears to have been established at infections rates per borough between 15% and 35%, depending on factors like exposure through work, ethnicity and metabolic impairment like low vitamin D3 level, diabetes and obesity the latter explaining some of the differences between States. So the calculations and graphs shown need to allow for the susceptible population based on these factors and appears to be in the rage 10% to 40%, with an average of 20% required to achieve herd immunity when combined with the 80% T cell response. On this basis, masks, lock down play minor roles, as has been shown in Sweden where none of these except sensible social distancing and limits on crowd size have occurred and yet the epidemic is now contained.

  • One thing Dr. Mina failed to mention is that testing every day with these cheap tests, would stop transmission by asymptomatic individuals. Considering that a large percentage of the infected are asymptomatic, this could have significant benefit. With out current testing strategy, the asymptomatic individuals are almost never tested, so they can be prolific spreaders.

  • Lol you saying not to fall for those “Better Oats” oatmeal packaging, when I just bought the same box yesterday at target ������. WHY didn’t I watch this video sooner!!!

  • I love how refreshing, informative, and exciting your content is!! Thank you for being so positive about food and how healthy it can be.�� You are a wonderful role model not only for myself, but my son and daughter!

  • I’m so proud of myself, I always said I eat pretty healthy and these are a lot of things I have at home! ��☺️ Also making smoothies at home saves you $ too ��☺️.

  • 0:28 is totally wrong swap. Cinnamon is spicy. like pepper… Not sweet. Cinnamon taste dessert like cinnamon roll or pie uses a little cinnamon powder and pour a lot of sugar.

  • “What can be done to add more produce to the American plate?”

    Change the law so you can buy 20 apples for 10 dollar, but only 4 donuts

  • when she said add lemon to carbonated water for natural sweetnesshoney, i gotta ask, have you ever had lemon? thats got NO sweetness the F??

  • I turned this on right after I ate some of my kids chicken nuggets and then had a handful of cheese its…
    Where do you get the candies? also the chips? Trader Joes is pretty far from me

  • Totally off topic but for reals are you lips seriously that smooth? What’s your routine? What brand is this? I need all the answers?

  • I was just distracted by how pretty you are the whole video �� but yes, thanks for the tips. I too am now obsessed with spaghetti squash. I actually dont feel cheated if I skip on the pasta and opt for the spaghetti squash and I’m a pasta lover.

  • I’m looking for research about the percentage of people who contract the virus but aren’t found by a test. I hear Trevor say the number of infected people is 6 times the number of positive tests. Where’s evidence for that? (Looking at the epidemic curves in the US and worldwide I estimate 25 times positive tests btw.)

  • coconut oil is actually unhealthy due to the high concentration of beta glycosidic bonds and presence of unstaurated fats, stick to extra virgin baby <3

  • LOVE how you constantly say “candy isn’t a bad thing” “cheese isn’t a bad thing” etc. You’re such a realist about food and what the average person eats in a day. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to eat healthy 24/7. Thank you for being so honest and coming from a place purely to help people <3

  • Parmesan has probiotics, olive oil cleans out your liver, wheat grains (aka noodles) are essential for energy amongst other things. Some of these I wouldn’t necessarily “swap” but maybe also incorporate. Add some zucchini noodles TO your wheat pasta, sprinkle some Parmesan on your cheese. Being afraid of foods like breads, pastas and certain dairy products not only can cause dangerous deficiencies but can actually predispose young adults and teens to eating disorders. All food groups are essential in some way so don’t cut everything out just be wise and experiment:)

  • Thank you for the precious information! I’m trying to loose some weight! Check my health related videos in my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQNLipYYAV4C2q82u9dXmA/

  • Healthy food is subjective. As long u feel good about what u eat, that’s healthy for the individual. I could eat rice but in small moderation, I could consider that healthy as well. Sometimes all u need to do is just cut down rather than swap out. Moderation and balance is key to healthy eating.

  • I stopped eating dry fruits since I found out how much extra sugar they add, now when I want something sweet I just eat fresh fruit

  • Could the prevalence of of immunity in FL and AZ be higher than in the 20s% since the chance of asymptomatic spread is higher vs symptomatic spread with the use of masks?

  • Mix orange flavored sparkling water with orange juice for a Fanta spin-off �� you can do it with any juice and it is amazing. Just make sure to get juices without any added sugars.

  • why did you compare donuts and apple? there is no meaning calorie beetween this two
    colorie can be use in physics, but not to compare a fruit with a total industrial and chemical thing call donut

  • Really, Michael Mina is the true hero of our time: gorgeous, he will save the world with his rapid tests. Plus, he has the coolest zoom background ever!

  • Could you try to make a video that also takes CO2-emmissions into consideration?
    I like some of your ideas but I cannot do that by watching regional ��

  • they need to put cancer warning labels on diet coke and other diet drinks. Because aspartame cause many problems, and cancer is one of them! Or maybe we should stop allowing food and drink companies to make products that make us sick ���� in a perfect world I guess. ��

  • Make your own hummus! Don’t use the store bought stuff, because it has way to many fat, if you make it yourself, it’s so much more healthy.

  • Not everyone is lactose intolerant or allergic to milk or vegan so the milk stuff isn’t that unhealthy but cheese and ice cream is cheese has a lot of salt in it so too much cheese effects your heart ice cream has a lot of sugar but they have ice cream with no sugar added

  • 1:37 or just pull what I do and juice your own fruit and add only gelatin and boom. Fruit gummies. Same thing can be done with veggies and I’ve historically tricked my niece who hates anything green to eat broccoli, zucchini, etc by hiding it in gummies or brownies or just making it more appealing

  • Grains is very sugary you should it by yourself usually selfmade is more heallthier if you don’t add lots of sugar or salt or stuff like that…

  • We, Sinopharm Group is a state-owned medical supplier since 2018.

    We are authorized by the Chinese Government to offer medical supplies like masks, surgical gowns, COVID-19 testing kits at affordable prices.

    I would like to introduce to you our N95 masks.

    Product Name: N95 Medical Protective Face Mask

    Specification: 5 ply

    Certificates: SGSwith99.9%BFE, FDA, GB 19083-2010

    Package: 5 Pieces/Bag, 200Bags/Carton

    Dimension of Carton: 500*420*340mm

    G.W. of Carton: 10.5Kg

    [email protected] gmail.com


    thank you

  • If you’re buying food that’s organic or name brand stuff, it’s going to be expensive. You can get frozen fruits and veggies, healthier generic products, and canned veg, and I have a feeling that that’s not as expensive unless you live in a place where you have absolutely no access to foods like that or cheaper grocery stores. You don’t have to shop at high end grocery stores.

  • Well fellas, chat automatically closed. I was going to reply to Altsky: I cannot make mods, all I can probably do is come up with some concepts for the people with talent to put into action”.

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  • I’d be curious to know to what effect compliance (or lack thereof), has on Michael’s plan for rapid, cheap testing. Does such a plan only work if everybody uses such tests, or some majority percentage of people? At what point, assuming there may be such a point, would such a plan fail because of lack of compliance?

  • You really want to lose weight and keep it off. Stop eating out. Eat organic. Stop buying processed food. Stop drinking milk, yogart and butter. Buy grass fed and finished butter. Grass fed and finished beef. Buy organic veggies they are not sprayed with Monsanto Weed Killer. Organic fruit. But cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. No other processed oils that clog arteries. Buy einkorn flour no processed flour. All my craving stopped no more depression no more breakouts. No more hard bowel movements. I never felt better in my life. I was not trying to lose weight but slowly started losing excess body fat as a by product of eating right now i do not miss eating out at all. And the food has so much flavor. Hamburger tasts like hamburger. Veg have flavor. Fruit is sweet. Stop buying food that is made to kill you off early. Diets do not work. This is a life style that works. No tying of stomach. Walnuts.

  • since i was a kid, i always have eaten baked food instead of fried. Trust me, i tried both and tastes the same, or maybe just for me because i’m used to

  • Governments want to monitor the disease and it would lose that ability if people were doing their own testing. Furthermore, Contract Tracing isn’t possible with home testing. Nevertheless, I think monitoring and Contact Tracing have to take a back seat to the huge benefits of home testing. The objective is to defeat the virus.

  • There are many countries that already beat the virus. The US has behaved like a petulant spoiled child and is suffering the consequences. America does not have to re-invent the wheel, it needs to do what the people who beat the virus did, Yankee see, Yankee do.

  • I love boiled eggs so I have it for breakfast. And I loveee oatmeal so I eat it everyday for dinner. I don’t add sugar. Just honey and some nuts and I think its perfect for losing weight. Thank you for this awesome video.

  • Thank you for the precious information! I’m trying to loose some weight! Check my health related videos in my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQNLipYYAV4C2q82u9dXmA/

  • Imma go bake some cookies, but instead of adding the cup of sugar i’ll use a cup of cinnamon! Thank you for the amazing substitution idea!

  • It’s not just the cost. If I go to McDonald’s and spend £1 I get a hamburger with £0.11 to spare. Ready made, boom.

    I’m tired, I come home from a long days work and get back to my healthy vegetables all needing to be prepped and people are exhausted and don’t have the energy.

    Meal plan? aka spend hours of your hard earned Sunday over a chopping board and hot stove.

    We need like healthy little pots of like potatoes and vegetables that are cheap, in fully recyclable cardboard tubs that can be frozen. People will only be healthy if they don’t have to sacrifice a tonne of convenience to get there.

  • For fruit water, I keep the just lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange packets in my purse and gym bag. So good! And it’s just crystallized fruit juice.

  • I’m going to say Naked smoothies aren’t bad for you. There is no added sugar in the drink. The sugar that you see listed is natural sugar from the fruit. Even in the ingredients list, no sugar is listed.

  • I like to make nicecream instead of buying regular ice cream in the house but if I’m out In sometimes treat myself with regular ice cream, but I love homemade frozen banana ice cream its healthy delicious and cheap

  • I love almond milk. Sounds strange but I poured some orange juice in a glass of almond milk and it was pretty good. Kinda like the taste of orange sherbert.

  • Thank you so much, I find these videos extremely useful. I get really stressed out because I feel like if you are eating healthy, there isn’t much delicious options. This has definitely proved that wrong. I now will be buying these things.��

  • Checks local grocery store, apples are 40 cents…. Checks strawberry price, a 16 ounce container of strawberries is $1.73… Maybe they are taking prices from a NY Whole Foods.

  • The only reason my parents buy me super expensive apples is because they believe this “An ApPLe A dAy, KeEpS tHe DoCtOr AwAy!”
    But now since I know the price ( $2 ). It ain’t worth it!

  • Lovely video!
    What do you think about the grape seed oil to cook? I’ve heard it is also as good as the avocado oil.

  • My swap suggestion! Instead of regular coffee swap out for dandelion tea “coffee”. My favorite brand is teeccino bc it is so flavorful and delicious. It also doesn’t contain caffeine, a stimulant that can cause a whole load of problems in your gut. Dandelion is extremely good for your gut and your body will thank you!

  • The second guy mumbles the word ‘masks’ in the middle of his spiel surely he knows there is no evidence relating masks to Covid 19. The only randomised control trials involving masks and respiratory disease show that masks harbour moisture, mucus, bacteria and viruses.

  • Great video, could you make a video on healthy homemade snacks to bring to school, work or even on holidays. I have made a few of your snacks and they taste great.Thank you.

  • Thanks to this channel I’ve actually already made a few of these changes. I’ve also replaced all my condiments with various mustards and hot sauces. Saves quite a lot of calories on sandwiches and the like

  • Hooray for Dr. Mina. He has the key to waiting out the arduous months before we have wide distribution of a decent vaccine. The New York Times ran a great opinion piece supporting the Rapid Testing strategy and it is fantastic to see UCSF coming on board with the push to get wider public support. Now if we can only get Washington to listen up…someone has to say this: get.out.the.freaking.vote. Write letters. OK YT biomed community, can somebody post the best links to those template letters to send our Members of Congress?

  • Diets are garbage and are not sustainable. There will be a time where you’ll no longer be able to sustain it, and instead you’ll eat much more and achieve the opposite of what’s expected. Instead, go for a lifestyle that allows you to eat well, and actually enjoy what you’re eating. Have the occasional junk food once a month. You know, something like that.

  • Great presentation. Enjoyed all three. However, was very disheartened when the moderator said that this approach would not have as much interest if there was a two day turn around with the PCR testing. He just doesn’t get it. The tests complement one another and serve different purposes.

  • We could ban hfcs like European countries, tax companies who sell unhealthy fast food, and make convenience food healthier, as it is really hard to be healthy even if you try because during a busy week you need convenience, and your local burger joint is less expensive than your local salad one. We need to create a world where health and nutrition are a priorities

  • Umm. From the get-go I already question your information if you think 5 medium sized apples costs $10? Literally bought a 5lb bag of Gala apples for $8 yesterday.

  • Except they picked the most expensive healthy food and the cheapest unhealthy food. Beans, rice, cabbage, squash, potatoes, greens, in season produce, grown at home produce, frozen vegetables, foraged produce and nuts, wild game and fish. Yes, it takes effort but what is your health worth?

  • Watch this! https://youtu.be/Af5RutG0g5U and you’ll get it. Anybody ought to get it. Most people would jump on it no matter what they believe if it gets the bars open sooner! lol

  • So… you want to tax… anything unhealthy? Thank god this is only an American problem then… 1 donut where i am costs 2 dollars, with the same 2 dollars you can make a full homemade spaghetti sauce with pasta, and still have enough to buy 3-5 apples…

  • According to the official statistics, South Africa has turned into one of the greatest epicenters of Covid-19 in the world. Since the beginning of April to the 12th July, the cumulative number of infections in South Africa has doubled about every 14 days. On 12 July 2020, 264,184 cumulative cases have been recorded, slightly more than double the 131,800 on 28 June, 14 days before. South Africa was firmly on track to record half a million cumulative infections by 25 July. Community spread appeared unstoppable. At that rate of increase, 1 million would have been infected by 8 August, 2 million by 22 August, 4 million by 5 September, 8 million by 19 September, 16 million by 3 October and some 32 million by 17 October 2020. That would represent 53% of the population of over 59 million people. The daily number of new infections should then have dropped off steeply. On that trend, over the first two weeks of October, between one and two million new infections were likely to occur daily.

    However, on 13 July, the number of new cases dropped significantly by about 1,440, or about 11%. The day before, the 12 July 2020, sales of alcoholic beverages were prohibited in South Africa, creating a false impression that the ban was the cause of the drop in numbers. However, this is false, because the normal lag period between the introduction of a new, effective measure and its effect was completely absent, clearly identifying it as fake. This trend of a reduction of new cases continued daily and appeared to become progressively stronger. The result was that, today, 17 August, the official cumulative number of cases in South Africa stands at 589,886, instead of about 2.11 million, had the ‘trend’ of doubling every 13 or 14 days continued. There is no rational reason for a ban on liquor sales to cause such a sudden, steep drop in new cases, hence the conclusion is that, over the three-and-a-half months before 12 July, the numbers have been manipulated up, as were the numbers on recoveries. Death numbers, on the other hand, were manipulated down: https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/national/2020-07-29-excess-deaths-soar-to-more-than-four-times-official-covid-19-toll-mrc-data-shows/.

    The question is, why have the number of cases been manipulated up?

    Early this year, South Africa applied for an IMF loan of US$4.3 billion at a very low interest rate. On 27 July, the IMF publicly announced that the loan was granted https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2020/07/27/pr20271-south-africa-imf-executive-board-approves-us-billion-emergency-support-covid-19-pandemic. Most likely, South Africa was informed of the grant earlier than the public announcement, perhaps around 12 July? Clearly, the numbers in South Africa have been manipulated up to impress on the IMF an urgent need for funds to fight the epidemic in the country. Most of the funds are likely to land in the pockets of corrupt people in positions of power and their family.

    A further question is, what is the real motive for the ban on liquor sales?

    The answer is that the ban on liquor sales will most likely drive many liquor stores out of business. The liquor trade is seen as lucrative, easy business. White owners of such businesses are exempt on a racial basis of financial assitance to weather the covid storm, including the IMF funds. Many of these businesses are likely to be bought up at bargain prices by black politicians, their family members https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-07-31-ace-magashules-sons-each-bag-a-free-state-covid-19-contract/amp/?_twitter_impression=true, and other black business people, perhaps using some of the IMF funds paid for other contracts where contract prices have been loaded https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/covid-19-sahrc-set-to-probe-gauteng-health-spending-amid-corruption-claims-20200730

    And https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2020-07-30-province-to-disclose-ppe-procurement-details-to-avoid-corruption/

    And https://mg.co.za/coronavirus-essentials/2020-08-06-the-ppe-scandal-that-the-treasury-hasnt-touched/

    Fraud and corruption assume many a guise. The South African government is rotten through from top to bottom and doing the population a grave disservice by spreading false information to serve the aims of people in power to enrich themselves. Never miss the opportunities a good crisis offers, they say.

  • Re: rapid testing and the FDA.
    The analogy would be blood pressure for example: it doesn’t mean you will get a stroke, but it is treatable. We do have many biomarkers that are actionable. We can pull away from calling it a COVID-19 test and instead calling it a safe-to-leave-home test. There are many people who have undiagnosed hypertension for years without getting adverse effects. The parallel here is that if your test is positive it doesn’t mean you will transmit the virus, but you want to be careful, and it’s time limited.

  • Meanwhile in egypt
    for 1 dollar i get 3Kilo (6..6Pounds) of apples
    or 4Kilos (8.8Pounds) of tomatoes
    6 dollars can get you 15-ish kilograms(33Pounds) of potatoes if you buy them directly from the farmer.

  • Because to Americans only good looking polished fruits are healthy. Lemme say something you know why some fruits are never touched in fields by any insect or animals PESTICIDES & POISON People. If a fruit isn’t bitten or has no deformation It’s more likely polished & poisoned.
    -Son Of a Farmer

  • Of course, interesting but focused basically on only 1 of our 5 current issues, the disease Covid 19, caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The things which you don’t really address are the other 4:Effects on children & their education, caused by the response to Covid 19. Effects on the work, lives & wellbeing of people, caused by the response to Covid 19. Effects on our culture, caused by the response to Covid 19. Effects to other patients, caused by our response to Covid 19.

  • Obey.
    Do as told.
    Hush, the Teleprompter gods are speaking.
    Take in there non stop driving in of the Plandemic.
    “Breaking! Spike in leaves falling somewhere on earth due to [insert a
    covid narrative].”

    “Cases spike” “cases surge” cases cases cases. Illness and mortality is
    too low, in response to pump the Plandemic its all about the “cases”.

    Summerization of the news for this year. Ahhhhh! COVID-19! A group
    here… Ahhh! covid “cases” spike. A group there… Ahhh!!! covid
    “cases” surge. The goal in this phase of the Plandemic is “cases”.
    News will not assert that those that showed freedom became sick or
    tested positive. News will just plant that seed into your mind. End of

    Ignore decades of CDC statistics.
    Worship your covid stricken celebrities..

    Interesting videos about media and the agenda.








  • So glad I found your channel I’m trying to lose weight and eat better but I don’t know anything about nutrition so I’m glad to have some kind of idea now about what i should be eating.

  • “with ten dollars, you can buy 10 donuts. Or five apples.”

    Me, a European: WHAT THE ACTUAL F-

    I want one dollar donuts too ��

    but then I am also thankful that for 8,46 Euro (=10 dollar) I can buy a kilogram of apples, potentially more. If I take dunkin donuts prices you can get 4 donuts and have some change left.

  • I don’t understand the boiled vs fried egg one. They are the same amount of calories and they are just cooked differently. I don’t use butter when I fry eggs so it doesn’t add any extra stuff to the egg. I think fried eggs are better for me too because they are bigger, and if I eat something with large volume I won’t want to eat more later.

  • I have a problem… I love vitamin water but not infused water for me the flavors not strong enough even if I leave it for a few hours any one have any tips?

  • I bought 2 organic apples at my loval grocery store for about $2. If I went with the not organic it would be even cheaper. Oh and when its apple season (late august through october) theyre EVEN CHEAPER.

  • add some lemon juice to the avocado smush, it keeps it fresh longer, prevents it from going brown and adds a nice sour note to the taste

  • Where are these people buying their super expensive apples and donuts? An apple is $0.50 and a donut is about the same. I’ve never paid $2 for an apple.

  • I’m all for healthy swaps, but I don’t think we should encourage strong language like suggesting someone never eat chips. It is totally ok to eat regular chips once in a while! Extreme restriction (even if you’re swapping to something else) is still a dangerous mindset.

  • why does everyone assume apples cost $2 in nyc not every store is gonna charge you that much it literally depends on the store because yes we too have 30 cent apples here

  • Transmission Rate Studies And Not Vaccine Experiments Are the National Priority

    About the mechanism and efficiency of contagious transmission, there seems to be a need for direct transmissions studies, since the current data is too thin to continue to justify many of the burdensome and often counterproductive public health interventions.

    A direct transmission study is, for example, two or more young (age 21 to 30) healthy volunteers sharing a confined air space for 15 minutes to 6 hours time, one of the volunteers being PCR positive, but absent signs and symptoms, e.g. asymptomatic. Study design should probably include preand postexposure quarantine and monitoring throughout, such as blood work and imaging, screening for alphacoronaviurs IgG, etc.

    In parallel designs, protective equipment studies and preand postexposure prophylaxis regimens can be incorporated, as well as the ‘head-to-head’ comparison of PCR and serology labs from different venues and the rapid saliva diagnostics now entering the market. Somebody also needs to do PCR testing on N95 masks from asymptomatic and symptomatic volunteers, as well as virus cultures thereof.

    Taken together, the logistics of direct transmission studies are simple enough to be completed within a time frame of two months with a minimum n=250,000 as an international effort.

    In the bio-medical-social ethical analysis, given the extremely low prevalence of COVID illnesses among the under 30 yr. age group, such transmission studies are both long-overdue and bear a safety margin far superior to any vaccine experiments.

    From a national security prospective, investigating transmission and establishing rapid point-of-care and home testing takes precedence by far compared to yet ADDITIONAL attempts to manufacture inoculations for protection from coronaviruses.

    In the absence of standardized protocols demonstrated to safely measure transmission rate by both pulmonary and oral routes with circulating strains, the testing of experimental vaccines MUST be put in abeyance.

    Fortunately, the straightforward logistics of controlled transmission rate studies allows for amassing definitive data well before vaccine testing is scheduled to begin. Protocols for transmission rate study must be readily available for any following phase of vaccine experiments to fulfill the ethical, the scientific, and the national security optimal requirements.

    Furthermore, safe and well-established transmission study protocols for circulating strains can and must PRECEDE vaccine experiments, which do not provide any relevant transmission data within bio-medical-social relevant time frames, and only serve to introduce additional and wild parameters while exponentially magnifying both the time frame and costs, not to mention inhibiting the recruitment of volunteers.

    Of course, at first glance, the ethics of direct transmission studies may appear problematic, given some of the diabolically wild ‘medical’ precedents throughout history.

    Today, the advent of sophisticated laboratory methods together with rapid communications combined with international transparency enables a paradigm shift for investigative epidemiology and vaccine testing.

    In conclusion, both direct transmission studies and development of rapid tests are a national security imperative and both take precedence over the vaccine arm of R&D, with neither precluding but rather informing the other.

    Peter Ross, PhD, MD
    16 August 2020

  • Sounds like dealing with a threshold that can be maintained but if people maintain a level of protection e.g. masks the spikes will be less severe but there will still be spikes due to increased activity

  • Hi Liv! Do you have a healthy alternative for a pizza crust but not using cauliflower? Cauliflower is harsh on my stomach. Using Almond Flour would be great ����

  • While I enjoyed the video and agree with the sentiment of taxing junk food and using that money to subsidize healthy food, I disagree with the premise that healthy food is actually more expensive than junk food. Per calorie, yes sure, but per pound, no. Per liter, no. It is the weight and volume of the food that fills you up, not the calories, and we don’t need to consume as many calories as we do, so we should not be using a per-calorie metric to base this statement off of.

  • I know potato chips are awful and I make my own at home sometimes with zucchini or sweet potatoes. But while pregnant you’d have to pry cool ranch Doritos out of my cold dead hands

  • Assuming for a minute that these rapid tests eventually get produced and distributed, I’m still concerned about the American public’s willingness to surrender their “freedoms” and take these tests every day for the greater good. They’ve already proven they won’t do that with masks.

  • DO NOT LOCK DOWN! TREAT New Covid with HCQ, Azithromycin & Zinc. Award winning French virologist Dr. Didier Raoult has successfully Treated over 4,000 patients. Why don’t we treat immediately on positive test?

  • A major problem is processing the test. Beginning in 2010, in the US every privately owned laboratory in my county closed. They were not chosen as providers for the new healthcare insurance plans. Most insurance plans that I am aware of provide reimbursement only for either Quest or LabCorp. Specimens must be gathered and transported to the labs for processing. The laboratories typically are open Monday through Friday during the day. Specimens delivered on Friday afternoon are not processed until Monday. Now, about the local department of health. 15-20+ years ago our local health department provided a pediatric and adult medical clinic and a dental unit. They also actively offered immunization, hepatitis, TB, HIV & STD testing and reporting. Those services are no longer provided. Each health department appears to determine what services they will offer.

  • Healthy food is not expensive. Unhealthy food is just cheap. Convenience is a factor, too. Blaming prices for bad eating habits is very simplistic.

  • Watching this while eating cheap rice with vegetable curry made from fresh green leaf n river fish…living in a poor third world country:D

  • why are all the comments so rude on this video? no food is gonna be perfectly healthy, she’s literally giving suggestions on how to have healthIER options for the foods you like. not all of them may apply to you but chill they are alternatives smh.

    21.96 million
    TOTAL COVID-19 ������������ WORLDWIDE
    13.82 million
    % ������������ �������������� ������������ ���� ����������
    773,523 ÷ 21,960,000 ×100 = 3.52

    % ������������ �������������� ����������
    �������������������� ���� �� ������������n
    773,523 ÷ 7,000,000,000 × 100 = 0.01 %

    (1 Billion = 1,000,000,000 )
    Full Global Tracker | U.S. Tracker
    Where U.S. coronavirus cases are on the rise
    Data as of August 18, 2020 4:04 AM (GMT)
    Source: Reuters research WORLDWIDE

  • Another benefit for rapid tests would be in high risk individuals, say 70+ with co-morbidities, a positive test could trigger them to immediately contact their doctor then get immediate eary treatment with anti virals to reduce the severity of disease course.

  • these I actually haven’t seen before, it’s nice how it’s not completely just swapping out snacks into fruit or veggies like in the other videos

  • Fun Fact: Moderate caloric restriction has been shown to be healthier for you.

    So buy few apples and eat few apples versus buying for calories. You have higher nutrient density, lower body weight, better physiology. Even if you’re feeding a family, it’s better that they get one apple versus three donuts.

    And if you’re worried about that comparison, go buy lentils and rice. They have more calories and protein per dollar than buying meat.

  • Variations on this Nazi Science is a switch, but it is 2020 after all. New ways of attacking the global psyop propaganda is also fairly interesting. Just talk fast and break things, namely reason and logic can be mangled but speed is paramount.

  • Stevia gives me and my family really bad migraines but we are trying to consume less sugar. Does anyone know of good water flavorings that are sugar AND stevia free?

  • If I’m eating fried egg it means I want fried eggs… Not poached… Give me better substitute… If I want cheese then cheese not yeast… Majonaisse for avocado lol

  • Trump Playbook.. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/07/13/china-us-brought-covid19-to-china-during-army-games-hid-disease-in-us-as-influenza/

  • When you have community spread, as in all of the states covered in the second, epidemiology talk (very encouraging), testing is useless. Perhaps memory T cell testing would be very helpful, as a number of recent publications have shown. Florida has the additional “burden” of a high population of elderly, and since >90% of deaths are age 60 or older, that should be an important factor in modeling.
    Sweden was much reviled for their “herd immunity” approach (no lockdowns, no masks), but now their daily death rate is one of the lowest in Western Europe. They (like most Western countries) badly mishandled their nursing homes, resulting in the bulk of their deaths. Theoretically, the best approach is to lock down and protect the vulnerable (easier said than done with a super-infectious virus like SARS-COV2), and leave the young and healthy to handle covid-19 and develop at least partial immunity (if they don’t already have it from common cold coronaviruses).
    As Hawaii and Alaska, and all Asian countries have done, locking down their borders which allows testing, tracking and quarantining of the trickle of infections that get in and their contacts, was a much better approach, although they will be dependent on vaccines or better pharmaceuticals without the immunity (and deaths) that occurred over most of Western Europe and the North East US, and is occurring in Florida, Texas and California (the three most populous states) at present.
    Recommended: the short read from June by immunologist Beda M Stadler in medium.com /@vernunftundrichtigkeit/coronavirus-why-everyone-was-wrong-fce6db5ba809

  • What do you think and how do you feel about hemp milk? Also, love this video idea! I think it’s the best place to start when starting a new healthy diet/lifestyle. Jumping in is so difficult because when you feel deprived it’s a lot easier to give in to junk food.

  • Even for those who want to eat healthy, picking the right diet can be tricky.

    Watch our video on the ketogenic diet, the latest fad in eating healthy: http://bit.ly/2DNkjZh

  • In the last video it was stated that kids don’t get COVID 19 because they do not have ACE2 receptors. Since then I have found most other experts still say that kids do get it and spread it and do harbour the virus. Why this descrepancy? Is it because it is said there are two other receptors that Covid binds to also?

  • The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Dr Fauci has not been honest with us.

    According to the latest immunological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) is about 0.1% to 0.3% and thus in the range of a severe influenza (flu).
    For people at high risk or high exposure (including health care workers), early or prophylactic treatment is essential to prevent progression of the disease.

    This alone should be reason to remove Dr. Fauci https://fort-russ.com/2020/04/breaking-kennedy-exposes-dr-faucis-role-in-creating-highly-infectious-mutant-strain-of-coronavirus/

    Dr. Fauci has significant and deep conflicts of interest with Big Pharma that has a singular aim: Force medical mandates e.g. vaccines upon all.

    DR FAUCI KNEW IN 2005 chloroquine was a powerful drug against Corona virus.
    More details on Dr. Fauci knowing chloroquine worked back in 2005

    Corona virus / Covid-19
    FACTS out side of American politics and out of CDC control https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/
    facts are here.

    In the current situation purposely driven by fearmongering and fake science, Dr. Fauci, his allies – Big Pharma, Gates Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Chan-Zuckerberg, WHO, CDC – the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) & main stream media will profit enormously, both politically and economically.

    Sign the petition to #FireFauci
    And here


  • The death rate is dropping and the infectious rate is climbing, as always happens with every single flu/corona type pandemic. This is causes by two fundamental biological factors, first, antigenic shift (mutation) which always weakens a viruses virulence and invariably strengthen the infectiousness level. Second by natural antibody T-Cell immunization (herd immunity) which attacks, then deciphers and transcribes the viral RNA and memorizes and stores the genetic information within our own bone marrow for future recall. When under attack again from the same pathogen our immune systems understand exactly how to combat that particular microbial invader and will snuff it usually before we even know. This is how it’s been happening for as long as viruses and humans have co-existed together and is well understood empirical science in the immunological/ epidemiological world for almost a century, at least until now when the politics, the media, and the science has sadly become indistinguishably the same thing and the internet is fueling the irrational mass hysteria.

  • You should of made the nuts vegan cookies
    And you should of made the raw fruits to homemade fruit juice (ok raw fruits are healthy,but I don’t always eat it raw)
    I think you should of made lean meat to alternative meats like mushroom
    You should of made boiled eggs to alternative eggs like tofu
    Sugar can be comsumed,in moderation
    Lastly,salt is very important to our body but too much is bad for you
    Please do your research next time

  • Everyone is focused on looking for ways to change the prices of itemswe could force companies to pay people an actual living wage… where the choice then can truly be more about health rather than getting enough calories to survive with what little money you have

  • Amazing 5 gee resembles covertID 150% and surrounding the cells are called exosomes that when freq. pulsed will cause the same symptoms so I am sure you are a troll but I cannot prove that so speak for yourself! I will never make myself sick by breathing in my own co2 the mask bs that even dr fugazi said himself that a mask is useless especially from radiation and towers emitting microwve and at hundreds of times stronger using much smaller waves that with no consent they lied and were secretly installing rev/trans boxes every few houses and can raise the power at will from a computer system and especially with smrt meters! Now you’re sneaking in co 2 or carbon dioxide by masks by rituals and even using logos and custom made masks.Pathetic! But being we are lost souls considered dead using all CAPS NAME or dog Latin as USinc/fmr America! The documents are null and void especially evil! I don’t represent any corporate fiction and I am only a creation of the Heavenly Father and I live by his Law not Colour of law! People Start doing your research and It is so obvious! This wasn’t even thought about when the patented hivAidsVirusOr2018 patents for what is being used as a catalyst! Amazing how they knew about the covertID long ago and gates said “ The public didn’t want to take this have parties on July 4 but this time they will take it seriously’ So he already warned the people he has created a worse plandemic! Gates and Rocaflla have a eugenics program in Cold Spring Harbor, LI as well as England and probably many other countries!

  • Bruh. Tf she got yams in her fruit bowl in the background lmao. And that butternut squash just vibin there in the background too lol. Great video though!

  • Interestingly the concept of public health as a solution was introduced. I have not heard of any country capable of testing 100% pop let alone daily testing of any number of individuals.

  • The host refers to people as Trumpers. A true professional would not throw insults at people. As if someone that supports the president can’t/doesn’t follow rules and would harm others. This is shameful. It’s unsurprising that the country is divided and Covid is uncontrolled. I am not a Trump supporter so there is no need for hate replies.

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  • Vox just confirms how out of touch mainstream Liberals are with the plight of the majority of Americans. It’s hard to see the hoards from behind the high, shiny gates of Silicon Valley, Manhattan, Portland, etc.

  • and the real news


  • What about swapping out nuts? My stomach cant digest nuts but I know theres a lot of health benefits. What can you use to swap it out??

  • Some people in these comments don’t understand. Time and education also account for the high obesity rate in America (I’m saying this an obese teen who is currently on a weight lost plan) Not everyone has time to exercise and not everyone has education about nutrition. Some people like my parents work two jobs to provide for their families and can not afford to go on a jog when they could be getting another $ 8:50 in that same hour. Some people also have no education about nutrition as most their parents were also poor and couldn’t afford healthy foods all the time. At my nearest store one banana cost 59 cents. One small bag of chips cost 35 cents. A one packet of ramen cost 50 cents. The average low income person would choose ramen. It’s cheaper AND more filling. Plus I could buy some more and feed my family. That is the mindset of low income people cheaper is best.

  • ALSO! Quest chips (very low carb) are SO good! Low carb, low fat, high protein, low calories.. but watch the sodium. But they taste SO good and are not terrible for you.

  • Healthy food swap is the Belvita Cocoa breakfast biscuits if u have a chocolate craving. They are low in calories and have WAY less sugar that chocolate. Also have a lot more nuteirals like grains and fibres making them a perfect swap!

  • I hate how healthy alteratives are usually like twice the price:( I want to snack smart but unless I’m snacking on pure fruit it’s usually more expensive!

  • The virus is here to stay, just like the common cold, influenza, coxsackie, varicella, etc.etc.etc.
    So lets be realistic, deal with this new [ manufactured] virus now that its here instead of trying to outrun its potential infection. [ Frankly,If the so-called ‘concerned’ medical scientific cabal really looked to the well being of humanity they wouldn’t have or continue to be involved in gain of function pathogenic experimentation! The ruse is up check Dr.Judy Mikovits PhD book exposing this in ‘Plague of Corruption’. Truly depraved, unethical individuals engaged in pure evil. ]

    The return to schools and businesses does not have to be hyped up to such a fearful event.
    We can have kids checked for their vitamin D levels and supplemented if necessary. Offer all families multivitamin supplements including extra zinc and quercetin.

    Use Dr.Vladmir ‘Zev’ Zelenko’s preventive protocol for vulnerable family members. This infection does not have to be as intimidating as all the hype being generated if Zelenko’s well tested and effective protocol is used many countries already using this including Israel who are quite frankly a very smart people who don’t take any BS!

  • World health Organization: Time line by 2 different doctors. The WHO needs to be held accountable https://youtu.be/fxhZ2Z-Y4ls
    Reference books from past Corona Virus: https://youtu.be/LOHtpFATzlI

    Who is Director General Tedros? A politician not a medical Doctor? With very close ties to China. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/breaking-who-director-general-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-was-reportedly-ranking-member-of-terrorist-organization-and-china-puppet/

    How China influenced this.

    CDC time line, Dr Fauci knew chloroquine worked in 2005

    facts are here.

    When they suppressed the news about HCQ in March, I figured out that there was something fishy about this disease. They had a cure and nobody needed to die anymore. I thought everything was over then.

    The facts are clear HCQ works it saves lives, Main stream media the CDC, FDA and The WHO need to be charged for crimes against humanity. They helped spread the virus early, they blocked known treatments and supported trials they knew were fake. NY,NJ and California sent known Covid patients into nursing homes. Millions lost jobs, lost there homes for a virus that 99.7% live with out a vaccine.
    Testing early saves lives.

  • Great presentation, Dr Mina! Too bad FDA is guestioning ID-now rapid test. Would be nice to use it for PAT’s before elective procedures. I’d like to know the progress of FDA approving it for preoperative screening. We screen patients 4-5 days before with PCR tests but have no idea if they are real time asymptomatic negative when they come for surgery…

  • It would have been useful if the talk on herd immunity had a discussion of the model by Gomes that is described in the paper titled “Individual variation in susceptibility or exposure to SARS-CoV-2 lowers the herd immunity threshold”. The discussion after the talk touched on this issue but made no reference to this recent paper by Gomes.

  • Instead of using white tortillas u can use brown wholewheat ones! They are still really delicious and don’t make you feel like your missing out on anything! I sometimes have it with lettuce shredded chicken and some mayo. 7 year old me loved this combo!

  • Mina is very smart, no doubt, but he (and most other PhD’s) have the same problem that PCR has. VERY detailed, very accurate, takes too long. He needs to start with the Cliff Notes version, and then back up all the bullet points with detail for those willing to hang around. Also, he shouldn’t keep referring to the lower sensitivity as a lack or deficiency in the rapid tests. If you made a rapid test with the same hyper-sensitivity of PCR it would become just as useless for the proposed purpose of controlling spread by identifying ONLY contagious people. I know he’s right about all of this (because I have the attention span to listen) but the idea needs some USA marketing help to reach more people.

  • Our Governor of Ohio took the Quidel test before he was to meet with the POTUS. Positive result. A few hours later he took the PCR test at Ohio STate Medical Center and result was negative. 3 days later another negative. So we were told the Quidel gave a false positive but I’m hearing it’s rare to have false positives. No one has adequately explained what would cause a false positive so we in Ohio are extremely skeptical at this point about any test.

  • Only a doc who never sees CoVid up close and personal would say that steroids are not game changing… and his questions suggest a ‘close it till doomsday ‘ bias… I don’t think he actually sees CoVid patients. His comment in closing to Dr. Mina suggests he still doesn’t get it?! And the next guy…in a town 1500 hundred miles from the border, the uptick was entirely Hispanic; all vitamin D deficient, nomadic, living in extended families, and not understanding the Spanish translation of quarantine. Why the fuck will no one talk about this?

  • Young adults struggle to remember to take a birth control pill or bring a condom. And these things protect THEM. How in the world would they consistently take a home test that protects OTHERS? A vaccine for them is far more practical, and can be required for participation at work, school, etc. Hospitals require staff to get a flu vaccine and show documentation of it, or wear a mask all season long. This can be used universally as a requirement for entrance in many situations.

  • More about cheap rapid testing including sample letters to governors and congress to help make this happen: https://www.rapidtests.org/

  • I have a bad sweet tooth aswell. Sometimes I wish I didn’t lol.
    But lately I’ve been trying out healthier varieties of the sweet stuff I like, so far so good! I recently discovered brownies made with just fruit and nuts, and omg they taste amazing ����
    I’m loving all the healthy varieties, you can definitely find a healthy version of any junk food these days, there’s literally no excuse.

  • Oh, yes. Tax the only food that low-income families can afford. Why not hike up their rent while you’re at it or charge them $600 for a routine check-up? Oh wait, that’s already happening.

    The main problem as to why low-income families can’t improve their lifestyle is that they can’t afford to. Housing is through the roof and medical bills are ridiculously high, even with health insurance. What makes you think they can afford to eat healthy? If they could, they would. Plus, corporations prey on this desperation for wanting cheap food that will fill them up, even if it’s all unhealthy food.

  • We have an idiocracy, you need to convince the prime idiot or nothing will happen.
    Better try to get some common sense European country to start it up.

  • For those interested, we have a 5-minute video highlight/summary of Dr. Michael Mina’s ideas about COVID-19 testing (from an interview we did with him) posted to our channel

  • My HERO, Dr. Michael Mina! (Watch from 5:58 to 38:47 minutes into the video.)

    Doing an expensive COVID-19 RT-PCR test after testing positive with a low cost, rapid results home COVID-19 antibody test does not buy you much more information as the government’s policy is not to release Ct values with the RT-PCR test results.

    Also, if these cheap, rapid-result antibody tests were used only for 1 month by a great majority of the population, the prevalence of the SARS-Cov2 virus would be greatly reduced, so testing could then be reduced to once a week there after in order to help spot localized outbreaks which would then be managed by a repeat of that daily testing procedures. This would help reduce cost as we don’t need to test everyone when the new case load gets down to <100 per week nationwide. To track outbreaks, people who test positive should be told to call or report their case online along with address information so the public health authorities can track new outbreaks (rather than waiting for hospital new case counts).