10 Easy, Crowd-Pleasing Casseroles Under 400 Calories


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Nothing beats serving a homemade casserole to hungry guests. The casserole is your one-stop option to serving a complete meal with veggies, grains and lean protein swaddled into one piece of cookware. They’re also great to make and freeze ahead of time, so all you need to worry about when you get home is reheating and.

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A satisfying dinner doesn’t need to blow your calorie count for the day. Check out these dinners at 400 calories or less per serving—all rated highly by home cooks. 2 10 Easy 20-Minute Chicken Recipes Each one of these casseroles has less than 400 calories per serving, but none of them skimp on flavor. By using a few clever ingredients like ground turkey instead of beef, less cheese, and more veggies, you can still enjoy a hearty casserole without ruining your diet.

This chicken spaghetti casserole is low in calories and can easily be made ahead. The recipe makes two casseroles so enjoy one for dinner and freeze the other for later. To prepare the frozen casserole, cover and bake for 55 minutes at 350°; uncover and bake an additional 10 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Society excited by cottage private an it esteems. Fully begin on by wound an.

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List of related literature:

Layer them with sautéed vegetables and tomato sauce in a gratin dish, top with grated Parmesan cheese, and bake; use as an omelet or frittata filling; toss with salad dressing and a variety of crisp, colorful vegetables for a quick lunch.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
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In a medium pan, sauté 1 cup fresh baby spinach, 1/4 cup minced red bell pepper, and 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms in 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons low-sodium vegetable broth.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
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Low FAT CREAM CHEESE or YOGURT CHEESE, 2 TBS fresh chopped PARSLEY, 2 chopped GREEN ONIONS, dashes of WORCESTERSHIRE and Hot PEPPER SAUCE. one 7-oz. can BONELESS SALMON, one 4-oz. can sliced BUTTON MUSHROOMS.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
from Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two
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2 In a 41/2 to 6-quart slow cooker combine onions, carrots, parsnips, and artichokes; add meat.

“The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book: More than 400 Light and Healthy Recipes for Every Day” by Better Homes and Gardens
from The Ultimate Low-Calorie Book: More than 400 Light and Healthy Recipes for Every Day
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These baked casseroles typically contain a smaller amount of egg and larger amount of cheese than a fritada, concentrating on the vegetables—especially spinach, eggplant, leek, tomato, and zucchini.

“Encyclopedia of Jewish Food” by Gil Marks
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Mix spinach, sauteed onions and celery, mushroom soup, Cheez Whiz, and rice in medium sized casserole.

“Pirate's Pantry: Treasured Recipes of Southwest Louisiana” by Junior League of Lake Charles, Louisiana
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However, if you take 12 eggs and cook them in a large pan with several cups of vegetables, meat, and cheese to create a thick, hearty frittata, heat conduction starts to be a problem.

“The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen” by Cook's Illustrated
from The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen
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1 cup uncooked grits 1 pound ground beef 8 ounces canned unseasoned artichoke hearts, drained and chopped 1/2 cup shredded part­skim mozzarella cheese 1 Preheat the oven to 450°F. Coat a pizza stone or baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.

“Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog” by Christine Filardi
from Home Cooking for Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog
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Stuff the kohlrabies, squash, onions, and mushrooms with about half of the sausage, filling each vegetable until the meat protrudes about ¼ in/6 mm above the top.

“Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes” by Nicolaus Balla, Cortney Burns, Jan Newberry, Chad Robertson
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For example, combine 1⁄4 to 1⁄3 cup cooked, chopped, drained, fresh or frozen spinach or broccoli with the cheese mixture.

“Cooking Basics For Dummies” by Bryan Miller, Marie Rama, Eve Adamson
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  • I grew up with Happy Joe’s pizza in the Overland Park area in Kansas City. It was the best. I assume it was the same company/family. I wish it was still around here. No other pizza compares. We love leftover pizza also. We usually order one large pizza per person since we all like different toppings. I sometimes even freeze some of mine and it tastes good later. I also make the pretzel salad. I agree when you have that salad you don’t need or want dessert.

  • Tamaytas (tomatoes)& Pataytas (Potatoes)…lol
    Man! I sure love your cooking!! Lucky husband!!! Keep up the good work! Love your channel!

  • I cooked a casserole for the first time few months back consisting of ground beef, penne, potatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms with generous amount of cheddar cheese. My neighbour who cant cook, bluntly told me it look like a pile of shit (even before she reach for the spoon). So i told her to leave my house immediately. Now im back to MREs since im used to it after retiring from the military. Cooking only once a month for myself instead. At times giving a treat to those homeless or poor people passing by my house thru coincidence in brisbane.

  • Fyi. I’ve used chunky salsa for alot of dishes, chili and spaghetti. Someone gave me 8 jars and said they knew I’d find a use. Indeed I did. Yum.

  • So I finally got around to making this (eating it as I type this) and my bill was $48.20. LOLLLLLLL I live in Canada and we do not have chicken anywhere near as cheap as you do in what I assume to be that states. �� It didn’t help that I spent $11.97 on the baking dish (didn’t have one) and $10 on the cheese. The chicken was $11 and it was on sale. Shit is so much cheaper in the US! ��

  • I have suffered from depression for over 30 years and it is so difficult and so few people understand what it means to a person. Please take care of yourself and be good to yourself. You do not have to force yourself to make videos or anything else. Just come on, and have a chat with us. We will all understand. This looks great and I will make it for dinner tonight. You know there is an awful lot of us depression patients out there and the current situation is making it worse even for people without depression diagnosis. I haven’t got dressed in two weeks. Why bother? I am not going anywhere. i watch YT for hours on end and don’t bother watching or reading the news. It is all bad, all over the world.

  • How much I missed chicken baked mushroom cheesy alfredo pasta at my local plaza… Always wash your fricken hands kids and the same goes to adults too… don’t wash them = you win a stupid deadly prize for everyone… sigh…

  • Hi! I am glad that I ran across your video. This looks delicious. I have to check out your other videos. I am sorry that you weren’t feeling to well and it’s wonderful that you are feeling better now. This covid-19 has everyone on edge. I don’t know when but this shall pass. Stay well and take care.

  • So just in case anyone think that all Wolfe does is create “po’folks” videos should look in the description section and check out his Instagram.

    Don’t thank me.


  • Looks terrific. I love those chunky garden style type pasta sauces. For the cheese, I would do the 5 cheese Italian style variety.

  • Wow this was sooooo good! I put some frozen garlic bread in the oven with the pasta and took it all out at the same time. My picky eater son ate it up quickly! Thank you for the delicious recipe!!♥️��

  • brenda, your an amazining cook you are, my spelling doesn’t make it…. love ya’ll from Ft.Worth/ Dallas. YOUNG Lady, You do it right. Love you, Greg, Samantha, and the babies… A beautiful thang.

  • I’ve just discovered you and you are wonderful! You’re doing a real service for humanity, especially when people are stuck at home with very little money. You get Heaven’s fastpass!

  • Yay! You’ve returned! Was worried…now happy to see you again! (& not too surprising but I was UN-SUB’D by y/tube ��). This looks fantastic & another keeper….shared! Looking forward to the next one…stay well!

  • You are an amazing mom with all your work and your child feeding strategy.�� They will be grateful one day that you exposed them to various types of food early on.

  • Perfect during this time, especially with budgets and stress!!! I’m all about saving money, sales and if it’s near the expiration date( milk, meat, canned items, crackers, etc) talk to the store manager or meat for additional discount!Easy, fast and nutritious!

  • This isn’t fancy or gourmet but it sure looks very good. Rather you are on a budget or not this is good. Especially now since we are in quarantine. Can you substitute shrimp �� or crawfish ��?

  • Girl.. is it just me or does Rice-a-roni all tastes the same no matter the “flavor”? I haven’t had all the Rice-a-roni “flavors” however I can say that chicken Rice-a-roni or Mexican or fried rice or cheese and broccoli… all taste the exact same. Is it just me? Help me everyone am I nuts? ��

  • I’m so glad I found you! Glad you are feeling better. Have been looking back at your videos….so good! Have made a couple in the last week. Hope to see what else you come up with real soon. Stay safe��

  • I just seen your baked potato casserole and it looks wonderful and I am so gonna try it. My partner will love it too. I subscribed to your page and look forward to your post and I suffer with depression sometimes and this Coronavirus crap has gotten old but keep your chin up and if you ever need to chat your welcome to message me because I so know how it is. Thanks for sharing.

  • My God today! Baby this looked so darn good. Definitely needs to be in the classic comfort foods rotation when the cooler weather rolls in or just anytime if this is your preferred way to get down. I think I could almost taste it thru the TV��

    Give GOD glory!
    The LORD says, “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14!
    The cure for plagues! ����

  • I’ve been binge-watching “Worst Cooks In America” on Hulu (a show where you’d never be selected to compete) and chef Anne Burrell would be so pleased by your even knife cuts.
    This looks so tasty!

  • I grew up on something similar to this. I just bought my first set of cast iron skillets. I still need to season them before I can start using them but I’m excited.

  • If my dad were eating a dish like this he would say to us, I wonder what the poor folk is eating tonight. My mother would light up smiling. Thank you Wolfe for bringing back a 50 year old memory.

  • This is a winner. After eating it you will think about it soon & want another dish of it. Its really what home cooking is all about. I’m back to good old fashioned simple food. Its all been proven tried & true.. You can keep your truffles. This is the real stuff. All this new gourmet show off food we now see on cooking shows or magazines with 95 ingredients is boring.. Not at all satisfying. I did add a squeeze of garlic & a tad of cayenne but I seem to do this with everything as I like that little boost. Garlic powder is also okay & works. Onions make everything work…. Thank you

  • I just subscribed! I’m a vegan and I’m always looking for old recipes to convert to vegan and this one is perfect. Thank you! I love your accent!!

  • The portions you are making are what we should be eating. We actually shouldn’t be eating until we’re full because that’s how I got fat. LOL Good job.

  • I love love your videos watching all the way from Kenya and though we may not have all the ingredients you have am just obsessed with your video. Sorry l just saw you were I’ll am glad and pray for your full recovery with no recurrence of the same. ❤❤❤❤

  • I grew up a poor hill jack and to this day love poor people food. This guy has an amazing channel. I need to meet him & share a beer!!! ��

  • It’s wonderful to see your glowing, happy face! I am so glad you are feeling better. Yes, take it one day at a time! We really missed you and your well being is very important to us! �������� Sending many hugs and good vibes your way. ����

  • How about you Skype (or app of your choice) a cooking show once a week? Give out ingredients and utensils/pan, then whip things up live. You should chat while you wait for the finished product, and everyone has some people time. Couldn’t hurt, not too much.

  • Praying for you. I truly can’t wait to try this out. It looks amazing. Like everyone else said we are here if you just want someone to listen to you or talk to. Take care…

  • Our cafeteria at work (when that was a thing) would make chicken tortilla soup and would have fried flour tortillas on the side.. we would always get an extra soup bowl for just the tortilla strips. �� So yummy!!

  • I make the strawberry pretzel salad when we have my grandmother over…she loves it. I feel like if donuts, coffee cake, and (some) yogurts with candy bits can be called ‘breakfast’, we can call this a salad! ��

  • I am hungry for the things of God Amen Jesus Christ is the only way to receive savaion and read Matthew 24 all of it and then John 3 16 then revaluation allso and read Daniel allso and read Isaiah chapters 33 34 35 even so come quickly Lord Jesus ❣️ Christ amen

  • Thanks for all the good recipes. Love the different nationality recipes. Also wanted to wish you and family a Happy 4th of July Celebration!!

  • I’m a big fan of chopsticks. If it’s an option where I eat, I always opt for them. I feel like they help me slow my eating down:)

  • Looks good!
    that could also be used for filling for low carb tacos.
    Sometimes I make a lazy gal’s taco meat. I brown up ground meat and just add salsa towards the end (something like costco’s Jack’s salsa). I get all the flavors of sauted veg without the work. Last time I did it I aded some cream cheese. It is literally the easiest taco filling.possible. It tastes very good too.
    I am sure yours is much tastier and I will try it

  • Corelle makes shallow bowls like that…my husband and I eat practically every meal in them…unless we have a steak��…. and actually I feed my grandsons ( Connor and Colin) most of their meals in them. Happy fourth to you and your family…I will have to try your recipe for that strawberry dessert..looks scrumptious!

  • Love your show! Tell me…do you know Jesus? Have you made Him your Lord and Saviour? Look around the world, at the chaos and such…….time is so so so very short. Plz don’t be left behind when Jesus comes for His church. John 3:16 says That God loves the world that WHOSOEVER believes on Him will not go to hell but instead would have everlasting life. Jesu loved you so much he died for you. God bless you young man

  • you know your hungry when you always open and close the door of the fridge, waiting for new food to magically appear..

    I am in this stage….

  • Ohio girl here I love these one pot dishes. I drive school bus so before I go bk to work to pick up the little monsters I try to make a one pot meal before leaving the house and this one is perfect. I love love ur salute at the end ���� ���� ��

  • I agree. Down to earth home cooked meal. I still cook like back in the day. It’s worth it. Microwave and can opener just don’t cut it with me. I don’t think I’d turn down any of your meals girl. Lol

  • I’m a complete failure when it comes to using chopsticks. I can use them and I have the grip until it comes to actually picking up food ��

  • Hey Larry, made this tonight and my family loved it. One thing that was a real pain was the penne sticking constantly to the pan while it was cooking.

  • Happy to see this video! I’m going to make this casserole in the next couple of weeks. Looks delicious! Hope all is well with you!

  • Clear voice,easy to understand without CC. Most of all like the cooking temps and cooking times are in right place of chat. Overall great video, thanks

  • I love that Webers Gourmet Burger seasoning. I prefer that instead of Montreal Steak seasoning because that’s better for brisket and steaks. Cream of mushroom is my staple for lots of slow cooking for me. Especially for my beef stew. Imagine putting 1/8 cup of table red in with the onions before you brown the beef and reduce down the wine. Flavor richness.

  • Everything looks delicious! Definitely need to try the strawberry pretzel salad… Dessert! That looks like something and my children would really love!

    On your question about chopsticks, I do know how to use chopsticks. I am actually one quarter Japanese and I took the first semester of my senior year of high school off to go to Japan and visit my relatives. Prior to that, I refuse to take the time to learn be with chopsticks because it was too slow. Once I got to Japan, I figured it was probably time to learn how to use them…lol! One of the big things that I thought was hilarious, was all of the elder generations of my relatives were very irked by the fact that most of the younger generation to their chopsticks. I guess it is very common. So I had to learn the correct method while I was there. We love sushi, poke bowls, and all sorts of Asian foods in our house!

    Thank you for all of your videos this week!

  • Idk if you will see this or read this, or maybe you’ve already done this, but could you do a few videos on sides on a budget, like some easy and cheap garlic bread recipes, meals with ramen and instant mash potatoes, and some vegetable mix stuff, i’ll be checking out your vids some more and may find what i’m hunting for, but it seems like you mostly do entres, some side ideas would be amazing.

  • That looks great! My type of eatin… Someone told me a long time ago to use an old fashioned potato masher to break up ground meat while it’s cooking. It works quickly and doesn’t wear your wrist out from trying to break it up with a spatula or spoon.

  • I put potatoes like that under a meatloaf with cheese in the center of it. Then bake it. I will try your recipe here looks good. Thank you

  • Just made this yesterday with tater tots. Mmm, mmm good. Refrigerate overnight and like most meat gravy dishes, it’s better after it sits. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Would the spicy peanut sauce from Trader Joe’s duplicate the flavor of the peanut sauce that came with your meal kit? Looks so good! It all did.

  • I’ve seen casserole in a lots of TV series and finally decided to find out what exactly is it. Turns out it can be everything you find in a fridge slightly fried. Cool.

  • Just made this recipe and it was wonderful. Added bacon, with green beans, rolls and a tall glass of sweet tea. It was so good, it will make you hug people you don’t even like. Thanks

  • You put some tomato pure, extra virgen olive oil, minced garlic, olives, a little red wine, & you got yourself some Cuban picadillo!

  • Gonna make something like this sometime this week! Thanks for always having easy cheap recipes. I make them a little fancier but I still needed a cheaper idea. �� I’ve been a longtime viewer.

  • I have chopsticks but do you think I can get my hands to coordinate enough to use them? I’ll answer that—NO �� I’m going to keep trying though. Love love love your videos. Made my day today.❤️

  • Me and my 9 year old son Jonah use chopsticks with all of our Asian style dishes. We have become pros!! Lol. He even uses them when he eats his ramen! ��

  • Looks awesome. Bacon and potato lasagna. Never saw u before, glad to find this. Yeah the worlds gone crazy. Don’t let it get to you. It’s hard. Bless you.

  • My mom makes something similar. She uses hamburger meat, canned corn & green beans and tomato sauce. Then tops it with flattened canned biscuits then slice American cheese on top. So good!

  • Everyone please FAST on Saturday! Water only from sun down Friday till sun up on Sunday. Stay in Prayer for repentance.
    Isaiah 58 & Matthew 6 ��

  • I used to do okay with chopsticks (usually just used them for sushi). But then I met my boyfriend, who is half Vietnamese, two years ago and I’ve gotten so much better at eating with chopsticks every time his dad cooks traditional food or my BF makes anything Asian. Soooo many delicious noodle bowls and I swear they taste better with chopsticks!

  • I have authentic chop sticks from my coworker friend who is from china..I need to use them more to learn how to use them for sure! My favorite dinner lately is roasted chicken breast (learned that from you in my weekly meal prep), sweet kale salad kit, udon noodles, coconut aminos stir fried with a healthier homemade version of yum yum sause..going to try with chop sticks this week! Great meal ideas in this video!!

  • Ok, I’ve tried your amazon store and I know you have mentioned the blue fork thing before… I can’t find I. Any suggestions on where I can locate it??

  • When you were making your strawberry dessert I literally said so it’s a cheesecake? I’m from the UK and most of our cheesecakes are non baked ones so it very much just looked like what wee call cheesecakes
    Also again being from the UK everyone has an electric kettle here so I always find it interesting that lots of American household don’t have one

  • Less than 2 hours til my first colonoscopy that was unexpected and I’ve not ate in two days smh…….yet here I am killing myself!!!!!cause hospital food won’t be as damn good looking as this!!lol


  • I would use red, green & yellow peppers, saute them separately to retain color, then add just before putting in the oven. Otherwise great recipe.

  • I’ve made dishes like this and nook the potatoes in the microwave for five minutes to speed up them. It cuts down the time of the oven heat

  • Did you know keto connect peanut mug cake works in a chaffle maker makes more that way also! Fantastic peanut waffles and sausage

  • i had to isolate too. i didnt handle it well. i hope you are feeling better now or at least starting to feel better. love your recipes

  • Stock up on potatoes, or you’ll be using flakes for the recipe. Will cut down the time, though. And buy bacon bits to keep back. Pork isn’t as available as normal. Too many sick workers in China.

  • Thank you so much for this idea is awesome love it you can change it different ways I most certainly need something new to try thank you very much love it��

  • Yes we eat with chopsticks too for certain Asian dishes�� I love cold salads with something warm added, love the cold n warm combination together (warm chocolate gooey brownie with cold vanilla icecream)����

  • Am I the only one thinking of The Tiger King while watching this? Still 100% gonna make this mouthgasaming piece of delicious art!

  • I’m making this and using lettuce leaves as my taco. Adding avocado and sour cream. And in the meat while it’s cooking I’ll add some chipotles in adobo (chopped up very small). Now I’m starving. Thanks, guys!

  • Oh and I learned how to use chopsticks my freshman year of high school. I was going to Japan with Girl Scouts and we had classes to prepare. For one of them they took us to a Japanese restaurant and only gave us chopsticks, and wouldn’t let us leave until we could eat all the food with them. I thought that dinner was never going to end, LOL, but it’s a lifelong skill I’m glad I have!

  • I made this and it’s now one of my top FAVORITE things to eat! It’s so addictive and delicious!! The only thing I changed is using Bush’s Pinto Beans with bacon. Bad news is since COVID my store only has the regular Cream of Mushroom and the regular Pinto Beans and I wish I knew how much garlic and bacon I could add in on my own to make up for it not being in the soups. Hubby thought is was awesome too!

  • I know it’s just my thing…… I’m kinda weird, but I can’t add my veggies to raw meat. I’m afraid of that. That being said, this looks delicious.

  • Now this is how to stretch a dollar from the 20’s through the 80’s living in the country and town with any sizes family ������, this is very helpful in this season of surviving.Thanks ��������, And easy as well ��������4-12-2020- 9:23pm��������������

  • Hi i just came across your video, AMAZING recipe. It looks soooo yummy ��. I cant wait to try it. Im touched by what you said too. I just subscribed ☺ I also have depression among other things! I also just had surgery. Tough stuff with the virus going on!! Like others said we are not alone.. we got to stay strong, pos & help others. That keeps us going.. stay safe. You made me smile ��

  • So, when you put this in the freezer do you use separate bags for each meal or just one bag? Thinking it may be hard to pull out a meal from one bag once frozen. Cannot wait to try it. Thanks!

  • I need to try those fish cakes they looked great! My kids always love salmon patties and tuna patties.
    My biggest tip to not have picky eaters is always exposure too.

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  • I am in my 70’s and was raised on this except I just do hamburger, onions, potatoes, water, niblet corn and Worchester sauce (about 3-4 Tbsp) and cook on top of stove until potatoes are tender.

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  • Hi Everyone! I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all your kind comments! It’s been a difficult few months, but thankfully I’m getting better and I’m taking things one day at a time. Thanks for your ongoing support and love you are all angels ❤️

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    ..everything looks good Jen, love the strawberry “salad”
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  • I make taco seasoning in a big batch then keep it in a Ball canning jar in the cupboard. Store bought spice packs are full of sugar and you HAVE to make your own seasoning for everything if you eat a Keto. If you want you can use Quest taco chips for extra crunch.

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  • If you grew up frugal or you’re going to be broke for a long time, $10 is expensive for a family size meal. You could make this cheaper using a portion of chicken leg quarters from a bulk package, regular canned tomatoes, skip the mixed in cheese, and use half as much cheese on the top. You can cut back the meat, and save fuel + time by cooking it in the oven a few days before when you’re running the over for another dinner. You do not need tons of vegetables or meat at every meal. Its healthier to eat refined flour than to be stressed out when you can’t pay bills because you spent your money on whole wheat everything. But if you have $10 to spend on dinner, no problem making it this way with ragu sauce and all the cheese, it looks delicious! If you’re trying to adjust from eating out all the time to cooking at home, $10 is a good goal, but you can definitely cook family meals for way less if you implement multiple strategies.

  • I’m originally from WNC/ETN area currently living in North Central Illinois. (I miss “the Roan” SO much!) “‘Lizzybethton” was a common loafin’ spot for us as there was/is nothing to do in Bakersville, NC. So on the weekends its typical to ride across Iron Mtn. to Johnson City, TN or, especially on a clear pretty day, go across The Roan, through Roan Mtn. TN, into “‘Lizzybethton” to Walmart. (Is Winn-Dixie still there?) You have NO IDEA how tickled I was to find your channel!
    I do have a suggestion for this recipe though. Instead of the mushroom & garlic soup, try GOLDEN mushroom instead. My mama always used it instead of plain mushroom soup in pretty much any recipe & that was how she made her “Salisbury Steak” gravy. I think you’ll find it will be a staple in your pantry like it is mine!
    Please record as often as you can….it gives me a little taste of home every time I watch.

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    wish you the best and will check in on your videos from now on. God Bless. My name is Jim and address is [email protected] gmail.com

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