Premium Coaching

This virtual coaching program is right for you when you are fully ready to commit to 3-months of dedicated focus on making lifestyle changes that will have an impact on your health, weight, and well-being.

Space is limited to 2 clients at a time due to the extensive hands-on commitment your coach makes to partner with you on reaching your goals.

This premium 3-month program includes:

  • Nutrition guidelines. These will be designed to fit into your lifestyle and preferences and may be an individualized version of a popular diet to a nutrition-focused, non-diet approach
  • Exercise guidelines. From beginning to seasoned athlete, you will be provided with daily and weekly exercise goals tailored to your body composition and health goals – and to your desired appearance
  • Behavior Change Worksheets and “Homework.” These will guide you through reflecting on your motivation and challenges, learning to talk back to that disruptive voice in your head, and navigating the oh-so-important mental game of making lifestyle changes that stick – because changes on the outside do not last unless you make changes on the inside too.
  • Daily contact with your coach via Voxer and Zoom (when appropriate) to check-in, work through challenges, and celebrate your many successes

Required from you:

  • A commitment to track your food intake daily and exercise 5-7 days a week
  • An open-mind about nutrition and exercise goals that may not line up with what you may have found online
  • A willingness provide time for your metabolism to repair by riding the short-term ups and downs on the scale in exchange for lasting weight change
  • A willingness to check-in with your coach every day and report on progress honestly

Now enrolling clients – please reach out using the Contact Form for more information.


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