Your beliefs are wrong. Are you prepared to change


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If you stumble across information or have an experience that makes you think something you hold core to “you” might be wrong – you can either discard it at your own peril, or you can realize that you’ve opened the door to a new life and that old ‘belief’ doesn’t define you – that you can change your mind and it doesn’t make. “Your opinion is irrelevant! I’m correct! Look at this study!” Whether it’s Paleo vs Vegetarian, Stretching vs Mobility, Fat vs Carbs, Cardio vs Strength, Star Trek vs Star Wars, Superman vs Batman, Iron man vs Captain America, or Bears vs Packers. We’re all takin sides Which results us to accept certain ideas and immediately discredit.

A change of belief for such a person would obviously involve a monumental upheaval and may entail intolerable personal losses. No wonder it’s so hard to change our cherished and entrenched. Your very life depends upon your willingness to change.

Your eternity depends on what you do with God’s revealed truth, which leads to eternal life. but to be so sorry you are willing to quit doing what is wrong, and to turn around and go the other way. customs and beliefs of this world are contrary to the commands of God. What are the. Seek out that evidence, and be willing to change your belief if you find it For me, this was a game changer for an important life decision.

But it also works for smaller beliefs and judgments. Just. You have to change your point of view in order to change a core belief.

Where you shift your point of view in your mind is critically important. Certain points of view will make it easy to dissolve a core belief and others will stop the process. If you are judging the beliefs you find, or yourself for having them they become stuck. Once you do discover what your beliefs are, it’s quite possible that you will want to change a certain belief. It is often the case that a belief that you had at one time in your life is no longer helpful and is actually costing you great pain or distress.

It is possible to change these beliefs and you can in this way change your reality. Change your belief to change your life. When you believe something, it becomes true.

Our beliefs about who we are determine the choices that we make in our lives, which is why it is so important that we choose wisely. One of the biggest obstacles that hold so many people back from success in life is limiting beliefs. The powerful component that we need to consider when changing a belief is that we will need to change the corresponding emotion.

The “thought” in our mind is just a conceptual thing and our intellect might say that it should easily and quickly change. However, changing the emotions that are attached to the belief need a different approach. There are a lot of psychological terms for the fact that people don’t like to change their minds; “motivated reasoning”, “confirmation bias”, “cognitive dissonance”.But you don’t need academic.

List of related literature:

What do you mean change my beliefs?

“I Am Gifted, So Are You” by Adam Khoo, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
from I Am Gifted, So Are You
by Adam Khoo, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd
Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Private Limited, 2014

Changing beliefs may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

“You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter” by Joe Dispenza, Dr.
from You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter
by Joe Dispenza, Dr.
Hay House, 2014

I may even change because it is clear that I will gain from the change.

“The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity while Embracing Differences to Achieve Success at Work” by Laura A. Liswood
from The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity while Embracing Differences to Achieve Success at Work
by Laura A. Liswood
Wiley, 2009

How do we change beliefs?

“Unlimited Power a Black Choice” by Tony Robbins
from Unlimited Power a Black Choice
by Tony Robbins
Free Press, 2010

Why should I risk changing my beliefs?

“The Road Less Traveled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety” by M. Scott Peck
from The Road Less Traveled and Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety
by M. Scott Peck
Touchstone, 1998

I cannot change what I believe as long as I believe it!

“Until Today!: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind” by Iyanla Vanzant
from Until Today!: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind
by Iyanla Vanzant
Atria Books, 2001

How can you consider changing what you think if you believe that you are your thoughts?

“Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions” by Lori Deschene
from Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions
by Lori Deschene
Mango Media, 2017

I am ready to abandon as many of the present beliefs as are not consistent with the way things are.

“Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life” by Richard Paul, Linda Elder
from Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life
by Richard Paul, Linda Elder
Pearson Education, 2002

I am open to changing my belief, but I feel strongly about it and am unlikely to do so.

“Your Best Destiny: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be” by Wintley Phipps, James Lund
from Your Best Destiny: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be
by Wintley Phipps, James Lund
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2015

It is impossible for us to change any limiting beliefs unless we know what they are.

“Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook” by Louise Hay
from Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook
by Louise Hay
Hay House, 1995

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Everything is easy! talk about connections and synchronicity, check out the video we just posted! I mention “Easy” a few times. Wild!! This is happening lots lately!

  • I want to listen this amazing motivation videos again and again 100% times until when i got the beautiful meanings remain in my brain.

  • This documentary has given me a great piece of hope that to know there are people out there that are true and brave to themselves and others. I am a man who have lived in United Kingdom England for 12 years and all on my own. I am poor materially but hopefully rich spiritually. I never like to aquire material richness. If you super rich materially you are poor spiritually, in spiritual realm there is no explanation or excuse to why you should more than your need. Spirituality is so simple and material world is complicated and confusing place. As it’s true that you will never know God (everything) in this material world, as it is true that you will know everything in in simplest term in spiritual world.
    Choose ��money �� or
    Choose �� love �� and they come with it’s package
    Money = good life = lots of pleasure = prison.
    Love= awareness =lots of peace =freedom
    You shall choose rid pill or blue pill, choice is yours alone.
    Thanks for this documentary ��

  • Thank you, thank you thank you again! This is so far the best video! I don’t know why but this video has a really good effect on me. I close my eyes, take deep breathes and listen your beautiful voice and each time I feel so well and ready to accomplish new things. Thank you, God bless you!

  • I left UNICEF after finding out they have top tier executives wearing expensive suits and driving expensive cars. I don’t want a single penny of my donations funding nobody’s BMW.

  • I’m pregnant and my baby father died in 25th April, he got murdered and never got to see his son. I wanted to start a go fund me page but I wasnt sure if my story is worth the go fund me page?

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  • I’ve been searching everywhere for a definition of forgiveness that would fit my mindset and I found it here. At 4.00 my whole mind was changed. I don’t admonish those who crossed me of their responsibility; I still hold them accountable but I have accepted that it has happened and that it has affected me in some way and also that it is futile to wish that it could have happened any other other way. I’m now ready to get on with my life and leave all the crap behind. Breakthrough!!!

  • So am I right to say arhiests in the scientific community are not really arhiests. To say they do something like I do in thiesm to avoid religios debate where I embrace it providing them the perfect angle of observation.

    With most scientific leaders and pages this question is sensetive but usually results in the athiest running away or redirecting the debate as we both play on the same rule of 1 to 1 in the discussion.

    The Canadian 1 to 1 social grid insurance that means no voice gets beyond the discussion

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  • How exactly does this solve the problem of knowledge? How does one seek to disprove a theory with data when data must be knowledge and knowledge must be gained by disproving theories with knowledge/data? This begs the question that one has knowledge in order to gain knowledge. How was that knowledge that is used to falsify a theory gained without assuming knowledge in the first place. Eventually one has to get back to an assumption of knowledge, especially concerning the nature of reality, and cease arguing that only evidence-based knowledge through falsifiability is true knowledge.

  • This guy is full of of s**t:

    (1) The reason poverty is “stuck” at 12% is because the term ‘poverty’ is a moving target!

    (2) The reason charity giving is “stuck” at 2% is because that is what the public judge they can GIVE AWAY. If one charity spends extra advertising money to increase its share of the pie then another charity is likely to get less, the pie doesn’t get bigger because in reality there is no product being bought in exchange for the money given. So is that aggressive advertising good? No, the total net money available for all charities goes down because of the increase in those advertising expenses.

    (3) Is it ethical to use slick advertising and high pressure “chugger” tactics to manipulate the public into giving money that they can’t afford? Obviously not, but this is already happening and it is what Mr Pallotta is pleading to increase.

    (4) People should have senior charitiy jobs NOT as a life long career but as a 5 year period where they DON’T earn a market salary, then they can go forward after the role in their charity (with that charity job a big plus on their CV) into the free market to earn free market salaries. They can then give money and sit on the board dictating to the new CEO(s) of the charity if they so wish.

    (5) I’m sorry to burst his bubble but you don’t gamble with the money given to a charity because people in need depend on that money.

    This guy is EXACTLY the sort of person who shouldn’t be running a charity…
    (Edit for spacing)

  • This is a real eye opener. It’s about time society does things differently so we can get the results that the world has been patiently waiting for a long time…. end to poverty.

  • Totally not what I expected. Thought it would be about what a wasteful scam nearly all charities are. But that would require guts. This is just how to more efficiently throw money down a toilet with the failed (and everyone knows it is failed) premise that throwing money at problems is how to fix them. What next, how to fix our schools….MORE FUNDING! LOL! And the notion that non-profit execs aren’t paid well is positively insane. Again, the notion of fixing things is to SPEND MORE MONEY! Nearly all CEO’s are grossly overpaid. They are employees. That’s it. Enough with this worship of these charlatans. Why do they get paid tons of money when they ruin a company? See, identifying THAT disease we have of worshipping CEO’s is actually useful. Not feeding the disease.

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  • There is however a problem. Some philosophers agree that Popper’s Demarcation Argument is overly simplistic. Popper criticised Freud for explaining away any data that conflicted with his theories, rather than accepting that the theory had been refuted. However there are plenty of respected scientists that did not abandon their own conflicting theories, and routinely engaged in the exact same procedure as pseudo-science which has lead to important discoveries.
    For example: Newton’s predictions on planetary motions did not fit with the strange orbit of Uranus. Instead of immediately discarding Newton’s theory, as Popper’s demarcation argument would have demanded, later scientists stuck to it and thus discovered Uranus’s orbit to in fact be different due to the exertion of gravitational force from another planet that had previously not been known to exist, this planet being Neptune. Newton had been correct, despite apparently failing Popper’s test. How are we to say other forms of ‘pseudo-science’ are wrong when Popper’s argument is not wholly reliable?

  • اذا كنت ستستخدم نظرية بوبر القابلية للتكذيب خارج نطاقها وهو فحص النظريات العلمية وغير العلمية
    فإنك ستقع في المحظور
    خاصة إذا كنت ستناقش مسألة الإله
    لانه كما قال كانط أنه من الممكن إثبات وجود الإله
    واثبات عدم وجوده
    ومعنى هذا أن الادلة المستخدمة ليست مادية
    بل عقلية استنباطية.

  • Typical leftist / socialist / communist propaganda documentary about the evils of capitalism and phony global warming.

    Funny this documentary never mentions the fact that most of pollution on earth is being caused by communist china.

  • What is this black man talking about the Bible! Is the Bible �� machine!? The Bible says the love of �� is the enemity of GOD ������

  • anything would help );

  • We Sapiens are only one of many hominids that have lived on the earth, possibly not the most intelligent (ie., Boskop Man). It appears like we are headed directly to extinction because of our greed and general stupidity. Not to be overly religious but we are commanded to repent, which means turn from wrong to what is right.

  • Theistic apologists desperately need to watch this. Good things happen? Praise God! Bad things happen? Praise God! His ways are mysterious.

  • I am thankful for all the bad things that I’ve gone through. I am 21 years old and all that pain made me realize what God is. Now I know that the Universe/Consciousness/God is always with me. I am connected to my higher self and it guides me in every situation.
    Now I know who I am really.

  • Give of yourself in every situation you endeavor in life.
    So that in the end if something do happens which it usually does, you will feel good about yourself and your position in that situation be blessed everyone.

  • My girlfriend just broke up with me today. We have been together for almost 3 years. I cant stop thinking about her, i miss her so much. I havent done nothing else than cry all day.

  • Love is like something we are in others control….. So if anyone left you…. Just celebrate that pain…. Y bcz they taught a wonderful lessons of life to crack anything in this world……

  • I understand the message behind this talk, but at the same time, we have in Canada a massive charity that is currently embroiled in controversy. With its massive size and growth oriented agenda, it has put growth ahead of principles and people, engaged in illegal or near illegal activities such as bribery of foreign officials, questionable sales tactics, and pandering to corporate donors such as overlooking clients’ racist or sexist behaviors and changing programs to cater these donors.

    In other words, it is run like a growth-oriented corporation. Revenue is prioritized over the real changes done to community and people. Sale of programs of questionable quality justified in terms of charitable intent. Proceeds going to the massive compensation of executives. That is, to some people including myself, the source of skepticism toward corporatization of non profit charities.

  • Yep, pseudo-science…. like the religious climate change fanatics….where a warm day is climate change and a cold day is climate change and a day that doesn’t seem different from the previous day is climate change and wet rivers are climate change and dry rivers are climate change and coke is climate change and pepsi is climate change…… and they have absolutely no willingness to formulate refutability.

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  • You may not love someone the same way ever again but you WILL love someone else differently or even more than you possibly thought you could. Let go of the past so you dont miss out on the opportunities in the future!


    Pictures available full left arm degloving rebuilt with left thigh. Still in the healing procss.

    Hi everyone! I am asking for donations to help my family get back up, both financially and emotionally. I was in a traumatic car accident nov6. I am still in the hospital and my fiance has not worked, nor will he for a while, because we have a 3 yr old and an 8 month old with no reliable child care. I am looking at up to a year of rehab just to be able to change my daughters diapers again. We are working with the state, but they can only do so much. With christmas right around the corner, my soul just aches all over. Any type of donation or share of my story is so unbelievably appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

  • This is capitalist horseshit.

    How about you stop relegating basic human rights to charities and pass legislation that taxes the absurdly rich enough to END hunger and homelessness, and guarantee healthcare to every citizen, dismantling the bloated insurance-based system you currently use?

    Convincing the working class to run charities like a business so that it is more efficient at extracting money FROM the working class, to care for the ones among them who fell on hard times.


    Keep drinking the kool-aid, though.

  • This obviously has the reverse option of wanting to disprove something you don’t like, instead of trying to prove it. I don’t believe Freud’s theory’s have been properly considered because most people who have set out to disprove it wanting it not to be true. If you’ve seen the anime cosplay scene many women pretend to be men and pretend to er… Do unholy things to each other. I’ve also talked to men who have admitted to wondering what it would be like to have a vagina. This isn’t proof so much as a strong indication that Freud had some point that might not be universal, but at least worth considering.

  • This is why African Lives Matter but Muslims lives do not. China leaders lives do not matter… “doesn’t” any modern day Government or ideology leader that DECEIVES AND ENSLAVES others!!!!

  • I knew a woman once who ran a charity in the UK which I won’t name, she had several city centre charity shops and had alot of people volunteering to work at the shops and run around delivering furniture and collecting donations in a fleet of vans. Everyone who ran her shops were volunteers who were sometimes disabled and unable to work but the jobcentre had sent them on placements or else lose their benefits etc. Anyway, the woman drove a top of the range BMW x5 which was brand new at the time, she wore really expensive clothes, jewellery and ate at the best restaurants. She also owned a huge and I mean huge house 20 miles away from the city where the shops were and also owned a boat worth around 150k which she spent most of her weekends on cruising up and down the British water ways. I was shocked at how she was able to sustain her lifestyle and all because she ran a charity. It absolutely baffles me.

  • I dont belolieve anything we say is Wright, we are only so many billions of years old, if humanity is Wright aboit evolution wouldnt we still be primitive, do to science and all

  • The intelligence is the very creation processes within you, the digestion, the nervous systems, the cells doing their thing, like the processes of nature, whom is running it, whom is “supervising” it, no one, it has a innate intelligence present, we are a part of nature too, and that intelligence is within us as well. The fight or flight process, who runs it? All the unconscious processes, that is proof of a living intelligence within us, not the inventions of today, recent technology..IMHO:)


  • This clip is the voice of the global elite.
    Whose plan is to sweep us right off of “their” street.
    Right down to the gutter, but no stopping there.
    They’ll keep flushing till all of the drainpipes are bare.

    Don’t fall for their dogma, it’s really not sound.
    Though many deceptive half truths can be found.
    For they want it to seem that the world has agreed.
    And their despotic rule is response to a need.

    They are spending billions to market their cause.
    They push their agenda through lockdowns, and laws.
    The nations already are in their control.
    Now they want humankind to surrender its soul.

    The culprit, we’re told is carbon dioxide.
    That message is published as fact far and wide.
    But let’s be forensic and study their claim.
    And find out what’s behind their delusional game.

    CO2 is what happens when living things breath.
    And all life has been breathing since Adam and Eve.
    Every atom of oxygen gets bonded to carbon.
    And then gets re-released by the plants in the garden.

    Though the carbon and oxygen marriage may end
    They remain on good terms and may marry again.
    And together they build all the food that we eat.
    From the bitterest herb to the chocolate so sweet.

    That is why all of life that the world ever knew
    is called The Carbon Cycle, let’s give credit where due.
    We are water and carbon, and not that much else.
    All that’s left is just ash in a jar on the shelf.

    Now water can kill us we know that is true
    But yet still I crave and I drink it, don’t you?
    There are oceans of water; watch out, we might drown.
    That’s the same sort of logic this OP expounds

    CO2 is not poison, it’s not toxic waste
    It’s a gas. That allows it to move place to place.
    It’s composed of two elements, both pure and clean.
    And it gives them up freely when light shines on green.

    Yes the planet’s in danger but not from this gas
    The menace is human. Evil comes to pass.
    The globalist banksters are taking control.
    And they use paranoia to stifle your soul.

    Even now they confine you, your rights disappear
    If you think this is bad, well just wait till next year.
    FEMA is the future for those in the states.
    And all over the world the new order awaits.

  • Oh my God!! (if he exists) thank you so much for your videos, I would like to comment on every video in this course but I am too lazy! I will try my best, thank you again!! these videos are priceless and hella useful!!

  • The apostle Paul had said this long ago, ‘having food, shelter and rainment, let us therefore be content’. Godliness with contentment is the greatest gain ever! Greed was the first sin of Lucifer!

  • Perfect. Very well done. Finally got what i come here for. Fqqqn saved. Thumbs up and a comment.
    Now, please yourself rewatch this video 100000000 times until it starts to work. Try harder. Delete every other video you’ve ever made, and the first 3 minutes of this one. This truly excellent presentation and philosophical kernel becomes your clean starting point (along with exactly 3 words from Descartes, no more). Just start over here. Thanks for your work. The effort really is helpful, even accounting for the confusion of pride/arrogance/hubris/darkness/zealotry.

  • But guys lets face it
    I mean i love the truth nd i believe most of u do
    But that way of thinking will give ordinary people emotional problems dont u agree?

    But anyway not being sure about anything is so fun for me

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  • I will just add that is not planned to have poor people becoming rich, there are no projects for people become real business people, the governments spend in social help but they could create business were families could produce and participate for exportation revenues as creating fishes or other kind of products. We need to be aware that the system is corrupted and we do Have the tools to innovate with business for families so they can actually have a great income is a matter of will and planning and will benefit every body. maybe will cause envy to some rich people but that’s it.

  • Great video. Being a total free market advocate, it does not surprise me that allowing self interest in the non profit sector would produce more money. Self intwrest incentivizes innovation and better products at lower prices in the profit sector, it would only follow the same would be true for charitable enterprises. In other words, if there wasn’t invasive regulatory measures by governments in the economy in the first place, then this would already have been a reality. The existence of non profit status va profit is a product of government handling of the economy. True free markets would have naturally resulted in a profitable charity economic model

  • My brother lived in chapra india came patna and we have enjoyed very much but today he has gone chapra again and i am feeling sad but after listening this video I am feeling better this video is very helpful

  • THIS IS YOUR BROTHER Ryan lets go lets go let it go let it go leeeeets ggggoooool i will lets go humble thy self in the sight of the lord my life matters lets go the lord is my lock no ones goin to stop me iam smart iam good person God knows my heart rrrrr lets go i have a lot of work to do remember keep the sabbath holy lets pray and love God all day relax with the lord help me be the man im supposed to be for the love of the world lets goooooo

  • great documentary., and i can’t imagine the process to make this happen.

    sad to say this, but can’t denied that few rich people can sustain one country, regardless how greedy they are.

    i do think money is like a sword.
    the bigger the sword, the heavier it gets,
    the sharper it is, more dangerous it is.

    and it’s better sheathed than to be displayed.
    what will common people think when somebody parade sword with smirk?
    and what will happen if provocation expanded? war.

    but then again, sword is weapon. its a tool to defend or to attack.

    therefore, it’s save to say money as a tool.
    to get insurance of life, to save other,
    to help younger generation grows,
    or the opposite of it, depends of the holder.

    yet the irony is to see happiness as blood.
    therefore, more blood, better.
    more destruction, better.
    what a sad fact.

    however, i do believe, the holder of great power have their own problem, bigger than commoner like me.
    i just sad to value happiness based by paper and credit card, which can’t be eaten if monetary system collapse.

  • Bullshit, advertising makes us want stuff. The capitalist system and it’s incitement of consumption for economic flow and profit makes us want stuff. Poor people want stuff to survive and live without bothers, rich people want more money because they can and because they’ve been crafted from this thought. There is nothing biological about this behavior, study some history.

    “All social rules and all relations between individuals are eroded by a cash economy, avarice drags Pluto himself out of the bowels of the earth.”
    —Karl Marx


  • Ive been chasing someone for almost 6 years now, but they never, not even once, came to me. I feel like ive tried leting go at least a 100 times, but no matter how hard i try, i just cant do it. In every ither aspect in life, I focus on whats in front of me, and I succseed with it, thanks to god. But when it comes to this ONE Person im helpless, I have absolutely no controll at all.. I hope one day, i can simply JUST let go… because its tearing me apart.

  • Very inspirational video! I try to stop thinking about my past mistakes and regret but every now and then it keeps coming back and i hate my self for it… i want to be alone and just keep busy so i stop thinking about it or i try to sleep it off lol. Something is wrong with me, i know its not normal, but i cant help it. I know that my happiness is just fake happiness to show myself that i have moved on, to show people that im fine. It really messes with me on a daily basis, it has changed me, i have lost interest in things i used to find fun and exciting. I have lost the will to do things… i tell myself i dont deserve happiness and yet i still try to be. I put on a front, i stay distant from people, even family. I feel the people close to me wont understand me even if i talk about it. Its stressful and depressing. I find people who are oozing with positve energy really helps, but even then i try not to get too close to people. Maybe one day i can be strong enough to move on! Thanks for this video!

  • As a psychologist: Stop equating Psychoanalysis with Psychology, for heaven’s sake. Psychoanalysis ISN’T Psychology!
    And yes, Psychoanalysis is a pseudo-science.

  • For life to be happy and healthy, there must be a balance between material and spiritual, and this is not happening. Sad very Sad…There will be nothing left for future generations, it will be chaos as we see in Hollywood films. Fiction will once again become reality.

  • since current philosophy of science considers popper’s theory obsolete and fallacious, it would have been great to mention why his theory is implausible

  • Notes on Crash Course Philosophy Video 8: Karl Popper, Science, & Pseudoscience

    Karl Popper: born in Austria, distinguished between science and pseudoscience 

    Freud predicted childhood experiences would weigh heavily on who you grew up to be

    Popper noticed that Freud could make any data point work for his theories

    Popper saw that Einstein was predicting the future rather than using the past to predict the present

    Popper called what Freud was doing was pseudo-science. This method can prove anything basically. 

    Ancient Greek idea of scientific method: observe world with no preconceived notions

    Popper argued that everyone has preconceived notions about the world though

    Popper argued that science seeks to disconfirm theories rather than to confirm them, because it’s easy to find evidence of a theory if you are looking for it. 

    Confirmation should only count if it comes from risky predictions, that are prohibitive, or rule things out. The only good test of a theory attempts to falsify that theory. 

    Popper said irrefutable theories are not scientific, because they cannot be tested. 

    Let false beliefs go. Modern science is testable, refutable and falsifiable.

    We don’t argue with Popper because he is so right. 

    In philosophy, we use Popper’s ideas when we reason using the concepts of probability and contingency. We conclude what is most probable based on evidence and remain willing to give up these beliefs if we determine they are false based on new data.

    Popper didn’t think certainty was important. He said to remain open to acquiring new beliefs and getting rid of old ones.

    This is what we’ll do in upcoming videos. 


    Define pseudoscience and discuss how it is different from science. Who famously practiced pseudoscience according to Popper? Who was Popper? During the eclipse of 1919, Einstein sought to confirm his theory of relativity. Why is this not an example of pseudoscience? Define probability and contingency in philosophy. What should we be willing to do to false beliefs?

  • The issue with all of these is that it’s impossible to verify where the money goes due to a lack of transparency. You have to realize that nonprofit charity operates almost exclusively on FREE money. If there’s a nonprofit with overhead and poor transparency, nobody SHOULD support them. The issue isn’t the “puritan” mindset, it’s that there ARE greedy “charities” that waste money on vanity. Charity is only as effective as it is trustworthy. I’m not giving away 10% of my income when i have zero idea where it goes.

  • I’ve noticed, for whatever reason, that most of the people that fall for pseudoscience are women. I rarely see men taking chakra crystals or zodiac science seriously.
    Has anyone else made the same observation?

  • @ 2:50 “nearly a hundred years ago […] no modern philosopher has really characterized what science truly meant”… several modern philosophers have actually, before Karl Popper and around his time.

  • Greed is a natural human emotion. I hate it when people so casually use the phrase “people over profit” as if the two were mutually exclusive. How about people AND profit? There has to be a balance. When someone brings the world something they like, a new invention, process, technology, they’re providing value for the people. And yes they sometimes get rich doing it. More often than not they fail and go bankrupt. Profit is not a dirty word. I’d like someone to explain to me how we get the means to improve the lives of others without the capitalism to generate the wealth by which to do so? I’d also love for someone to explain to me where all of those developing nations that are trying to get to just a rudimentary first world economy would be without things like fossil fuels? Tell a starving village, “Yes we could bring you electricity and heat and running water, all you have to do is spend a few million for a wind farm.”

  • Is 1:43 real or an artist’s rendition? I understand that many space photos are radiotelescope images modified to look more appealing to viewers rather than deceive, but if that’s real or merely color-corrected—o m g.

  • I would rathar prefer a advertisement to found an advertisement in order to found aid organisations. Than the money would multiply twice, and all the economist colleagues of Dan in the private sector would surley approve 😉

  • Bravo dw and those who helped create and promote this “op ed” doc. Just over a year ago, out drinking and having inhaled some cannabis smoke, I had a related thought… ( ok, so maybe obviously a cannabis assisted thought )
    .. an attractive young woman appears to the television and says: it’s time to talk about Greed. Greed is a serious mental illness and it’s killing us.

  • This Mugabe ‘brother’ is full of lies and his source of wealth is questionable in my opinion. ‘Nobody is poor in the Bible? What of Lazarus, Jabez, the beggar at the gate of the temple, etc? He is even boastful about the scriptures in lies! Jesus said ‘the poor, you will always have with you’ because he knows he gave us free will to decide to share or shore up even when we see it’s hurting the next person!

  • oh I do not like this guy or is his speech. he is blaming charity woes on Puritans and capitalism in the first few minutes. I think he neglected to mention that America are biggest as the worlds biggest and first responders in disaster relief, that America has the vast majority of charities in the top 50 in the world. then he shows a pie chart that shows we are donating religiously and disapproves. look up the top 50 charities in America, with the most credentials in financial health, accountability and transparency, the majority of them ARE Christian charities who are biggest in health and human services feeding children, pulling kids out of prostitution, placing them into orphanages.

    his complaint is the inherit evils of Christian puritans and their not for profit “mediocre” charities. actually Charity navigator ranked rotary and Mathew 25 ministries the first two of the top 10 charities they are religious and not for profit they have the most credentials in terms of their financial contributions to the problems they are dedicated to solving.

    non profit capitalist charities outperforms communist for profit charities every single time in every dimension

  • All of this is Truth, yet until you go through another human adult stealing your TIME and relationships on this earth with your own children that are to be shared between parents no matter if the relationship between you and the other parent is good or bad. Then the past becomes a future that hurts and controls you whether its in your head or in the now moment. Because you are not just thinking about YOURSELF……your own flesh and blood matter. Monk or No monk. Ya cant just let go……..or?

  • When you do work that helps others, people don’t like when they are highly paid. Which is why police and military have large salaries.

  • “decent track record “?? fixing? example: horse shit was burying our cities 1890s (had international meeting to talk about) Then 10 years later came the auto, horses died and horse shiit no longer a problem. Yes, we humans are really good at fixing things. WTF is this guy talking about?? small wonder things just trend down. While he gives talks around the world. Him doing something.

  • Science, only provable through the Scientific method.
    Other than that, no astrophysicist, Astronomer, cosmologist has ever developed a viable hypothesis in the history of science EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    It is said that while the right hand gives charity the left cannot know about it. Secrecy.
    Transparency in charity shouldn’t be a problem unless there’s something to hide.
    Transparency in charity

  • This works if there was no other charity causes. That overhead that it’s CEO’s made could’ve been given to other charities. Many people tend to only donate a limited amount of their income and stop after donating so much, so there’s a potential finite amount of capital going to charities, especially if there is no tax credit, you can count out a lot of the wealthy. If more of that finite capital goes to overhead, then there really is less going to causes. Plus there is a lack of transperancy in for-profits and once you involve a marketing team, they can really skew the results of their “help”. It might work, but there are a lot of caveats to switching charities to for-profits.

  • In the scientific context, “be ready to give up your beliefs” has to be seen from a social perspective and not from an individual one. It’s science that gives up the false belief, not necessarily an individual. We know of many cases where individual scientists cling to their theories long after the evidence has overwhelmingly falsified them. One example would be Fred Hoyle, whom I met; he continued to cling to the Steady State theory long after the evidence had shown it to be untenable. Hoyle’s rationalisations to save the phenomena became more and more outlandish. But it doesn’t matter if scientist A continues to hold to his (mistaken) conviction, as long as enough other scientists reject it and seek alternatives. This highlights a vital aspect of science, namely the danger of consensus. Consensus is death to science; diversity is of the essence.

  • Dan is amazing. I’ve been saying the same thing. I get it since I come from a corporate background. Every donor and staff at every charity should watch this video.

  • Too bad, those balloons were all naively released. For what happens?? That plastic ends up back on Earth choking unsuspecting sea life.

  • so to sum up:If you admit you don’t know, your intelligence clear up and you become whole Intelligeance. intelligence don’t believe any thing,it know. believing is because of fear

  • 4:02 I know that he mentioned Santa as an example but it’s not very ilustrative. He should’ve use something that we actually believed was true at some point in history (with “evidence” and all that) but that nowadays is disproven.

  • No, I believe the way I think about charities is correct and always has been. You’re a charity, not a business. If you want to run like a business then be a business. Heck, be a business with a charitable mission. I’d certainly support such a business with my business. See if I’m going to freely donate money, I don’t want it gambled away on the off chance the charity can come out on top. Yet if you were a business with a charitable goal I couldn’t care less what is done with the money after my transaction with said company is complete.

  • From today on words i want to start a new life for sure am tired this situation to love someone who doesn’t love u anymore let me move on

  • Some good points in this video but for the most part there is a lot of superficial nonsense from people mad at the world. There are a lot of people who do not live based on the many of the stereotypes discussed in this video.

  • Finding cure for cancer is medical industry’s job. Charity job is to take care of the un-lucky one. No wonder they wasted millions.

  • If that is the case, then why are many ‘scientists’ so sure of the theory of evolution as to throw every other theory out the window?

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  • Now I want to ask my non profit to give all my contribution towards advertising, so more people can get the help they need, and the company can meet their mission’s dreams.

  • We should only have three outfits and be like OB1 Kenobi! I thought that this pandemic would teach us a lesson, but we will never ever learn ��

    BTW, the guy with all the shoes should think twice about calling himself a humanitarian, he’s a hoarder!

  • You don’t exist, I don’t exist, countries don’t exists, nationalities, currencies, identities, gods, concepts, nothing exist. Conclusion: Let’s make humans/animals & the planet healthy and happy.

  • The neuroscientist at 41:00 is totally backwards and wrong. More stuff DOESN’T make you feel good, even superficially, even for a minute. Buying stuff doesn’t make ME happy for one thing.

  • There are so many holes in the logic here. You can’t compare overhead costs when the economics of running a charity are nothing like running a business.

    Unlike business customers, charitable donors receive nothing directly in return for their donations. Charities simply collect money from donors and decide how to best use that money to benefit the cause. Therefore, the entire purpose of a charity is to maximize the impact of each dollar taken in by spending money wisely and keeping overhead costs as low as possible.

    While it’s true that charities with a larger revenue “pie” end up donating more money overall, many of the largest charities achieve this only by spending the vast majority of their money on advertising. However, studies show that the OVERALL charitable giving rate depends mainly on factors like personal income, tax incentives, and the frequency of natural disasters, NOT on the overall amount of advertising. So, even if spending millions on ads provides your charity with millions of dollars in extra revenue, that revenue almost certainly comes at the expense of other charities.

    The 6 and 7-figure salaries are completely unjustified though. While I personally admire the people who operate non-profits for good causes, these salaries are extremely excessive for just an administrative role.

  • this documentary could have benefited a lot from more time with poverty. We get a few short shots of poor people and a bizarre statement that poor people aren’t depressed unless they can see wealth. As a psychologist, he should know that study after study after study has found that money, up until the point where you have all the necessities and also a cushion in case of emergency, does, in fact, statistically, ‘buy happiness’. It’s as they said, there is a huge difference between “i need more things to live comfortably” and “I need this 75th pair of shoes” but the documentary doesn’t spend enough time there.

    Also, in terms of philosophy, you can’t really talk about how life has to be meaningful not just pleasurable and then quote Camus. Camus who specifically said not just that we have to stare death in the face, but that we have to stare complete meaninglessness in the face. The idea that happiness, and the pursuit there of is somehow antithetical to the understanding of the ephemeral or is the same thing as excessive consumerism is also weird considering what actual hedonistic philosophers thought of it. I get that that’s not how its used but you’re a professor, cmon.

  • Sooooooo…he admits that the whole concept of “charity” came from the Puritan colonizers stealing indigenous land and enslaving Africans to make that land produce wealth, but then feeling guilty about that and giving 5 cents out of every dollar of wealth they had stolen back to the people they had made “needy” with their theft, and that that hasn’t changed in 400 years, but then proposes that the solution to that problem is not to stop stealing the wealth in the first place, not to redistribute what has been stolen back to those it was stolen from, but to feel good about withholding even MORE of that money rather than turning it over to the people it’s owed to????

    Wow, just wow.

  • lol witnessing sigmund and freud? Really buddy? You think they were really the first people to think about nature vs. nurture? Uh, what exactly did they contribute to anything? Psychology was used to abuse/kill people then and still now.

  • I’m not sure why, but this entire episode made me so incredibly happy! While I’m sure I’m not the only one, I feel like I’ve come to the conclusions and thought experiments that a lot of these old philosophers did on my own. But there have been so many light bulbs going off in my head during this series!

  • Huh!!? How can the youth lead when they are already brainwashed by what the adults already told them, and they have no real experience yet of what they speak. There is a reason why adults run the world-experience. By the time the youth understands what his decisions did, it’s too late. Youth may be good for ideas, but not leadership.

  • 40% Overhead is crazy!!! Nobody should give money to a supposed “Charity” with 40% Overhead. 5% is Maximum and every Charity that wastes more than that should be shut down.

  • I kind of liked the speach, but a serious concern is that Dan propose advertisement as a solution. That actually means a transaction from aid organisations towards the private sector.

  • Yep, I saw so much false “scientific discoveries” which was simply made from nothing by their discoverer just to get some fame, which they actually don’t deserve

  • He seems way off in one point.  

    Raising Individual charitable contributions by 50%! will increase charity rev. by only 4%, and increase by all contributions by 50% will only up them 7% on total

    Non profit sources of revenue in the USA: 49% fee for service. 32% gov. grants, 9% is individual donations, 3% foundations, 1% bequests, 1% Corp. donations and 5% from other Sources

    So yeah they should be taxed. The military buys an aircraft carrier (for example the uss Geraldo Ford), they pay Huntington Ingalls for it, a public company. And they pay tax and compete with other companies.

    Doing way will all non religious non profits just makes sense. Either privatize it or nationwide it. Non profits are stupid.  No price signal or competition, no democratic direct citizen oversight. Just closed door politics awards.

    For example aids. Us gov investment spends 26 billion to combats aids not including international, the bug private drug companies spend about 80 billion a year on r and d (No just aids)

  • It hurts a lot. my past haunts me always. I love her so much but she chose to left me. it broke my heart. every night I cried and every morning she always on my mind. why? I’m asking why?:(

  • Scientist are not quite smart at all, the impossible is what you see and live in and what is around you physically, pseudoscience is how and the idea of an entity created all there is, it goes together like a glove, you’re supposed to learn about the planet and or environment you live in, the questions are like how it is so precise in creation, how can people just talk and think, have emotions etc etc, is that pseudoscience plays a roll in it all, wonders, dreams all the above that make life possible for facts…scientists learn about the universe and forget it ties together of everything including how he to had to be taught, he did not grow up or was born with a degree on philosophy or in science, so think about it the next time so supremacists try and bash down the idea of someone greater than white people lol lizards

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  • All businesses need to belong to the workers and profits shared. Individuals should not own companies unless they do all the work themselves. Contractors should be treated as employees.

  • I love the general concept of the talk but he plays fast and loose with facts and numbers. There are 1.5m nonprofits in the USA and 33m for profits. So right out of the gate, it is skewed. Also, because Facebook is created and reaches $50b in sales that does not equal a charity feeding kids reaching $50b in sales. Complete apples and oranges. I want nonprofits to succeed here, I have worked for them for 25 years. But we need to be real about trying to compete with businesses whose success is dubious at best. Businesses sometimes make decisions solely based on profit and greed. Happens all the time. Do we want that with organizations that work with the mentally disabled? We have seen how this is working in the prison system. Again, he paints a black and white picture but it is much more grey.

    And he seems to imply giving to churches is somehow not as worthy as giving directly to social services like his charities. But I will tell you that most every church I know spends a considerable amount of money and resources on social services. It is estimated that 70% of ALL social service spending comes from churches.

  • The globe is pseudoscience. Just look at the bedford level experiment and ask, did the globe proponents accept the results or try to confirm their own theories despite the results?

  • In the Torah in the story of Job there is a discussion between Satan and God. Satan argues that man “IS” just like the animals of the field. The idea that “man” is just another “animal” is very very old.

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  • Face many sadness and heartache putting trust on people with me in future. Got hurtings,dissapoinments and sadness…… NOW



  • I think this is a TED talk that everyone should see. I currently work with UpFundraising and we partner with Save the Children, No Kid Hungry, ASPCA, etc. I can’t tell you how many looks of disgust I get from people when I ask to talk to them about Save the Children. I had one guy accuse me of taking the money for myself because he had never heard of the organization. There is such a misconception about charity work and fundraising and it really, really sucks that the people who don’t have access to the stuff we do have to suffer from that.

  • God will ALWAYS FORGIVE any sin even those that we did that caused the break up when we genuinely confess &repent… But, the consequences are at God’s discretion either to bring them back or let them go for the good of both parties… Ask God for forgiveness & strength and peace to accept the consequences…

  • At 42:37 “can we have anything without taking it away from someone else?” Seemingly the whole world is clothed by modern technology; unless they choose not to be clothed…. Where is the world of 7 billion that is now unclothed? And modern devices,,,,, who did we first take them from so that we may possess them?

  • @crashcourse what happens when the scientific method is used by an entity to discover data but some of the data that were released defy physics. what then?

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  • poverty
    in Africa is fixed. beyond corruption. these poor folks r deliberately starved
    to seek aid from the west. its a money scam. well, u know how u buy food for
    the homeless because they will buy drugs with money? same thing. unless ur
    personally helping them with supplies don’t give charity. it’s corrupt.

    boycott fake

  • If we removed (non-religious) all tax deductions to non-profits In the USA? Hear me out: the worse societal performers in the US, the ones strangling the middle class are untaxed non-profits hospitals (62% of hospitals and most colleges).  

    Let’s just nationalize all these non profits and let them be gov. run.

  • There is also another issue here, which is money is not necessarily the only way to give. We can give time, we can give ideas, we can give by gifting in kind

  • Wait Popper was right? Seems like his methods, at least as explained in the video, might be useful for everyday investigation, but not for actual science. A stack of gifts doesn’t prove the existence of Santa Clause. Seeing your dad dressed up as Santa putting those gifts under a tree doesn’t disprove Santa either. I believe modern science works slightly differently… A bad example was used here… and perhaps a slightly wrong conclusion was reached. Einstein’s work predicting the solar eclipse thing is much closer to it. Having someone else try to disprove your hypothesis helps too.

  • Im a survivor of dv i posted a link of me and my disabled and a widow.if you could just take the time to share it if you cannot help.itsd be

  • This guy is wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has links to certain American foundations and lobbyists that try to push this bullshit onto our society.

    The very basics of what he says is true in that there has to be some expected over heads with a charity because the employees have to be paid well in order to keep them motivated and a certain sum of money needs to be spent raising awareness. But his second, larger, point about how non-profit organisations should be allowed to operate more like ‘for-profit’ organisations in order to channel growth is a very slippery slope and leads to non-profit organisations just turning into another business that is designed at its core to make money for its investors and actual charity work being only a secondary goal.

    Further, the way he tries to confuse the issue by saying that (paraphrasing) ‘bigger overheads results in your donations being better able to assist fundamental economic growth of the 3rd world countries while reducing material handouts’ (as economists currently consider this to be a big issue regarding charities) is also a problem because there is no relation between the two. There is a big difference between the concept of ‘spending money to build a road using local workers in a poor country vs. giving them material handouts’ as compared to ‘spending money by hiring more employees in the advertising division of your charity-organisation vs giving 3rd worlders material handouts’.

    Everything this guy says is probably designed to manipulate and confuse. It is possible he is saying it with good intentions, but it doesn’t matter because other malicious investors would take massive advantage of this system that he wants to put in place.


  • ✌ yeaaaaa it really works for me and I am going to Ansr my xam tday I am feeling so confident tnqqqq so much fearless soul ��������

  • Well as the corporate CEO sector attracts clinical psychopaths and sociopaths chasing big dollars, described as the intelligent ones who realise that they can make more money in the corporate world “legally” than in organised crime, I sense great risk to the not-fot-profit empathetic operating culture by opening the door to self interested leadership concerned with how they can get their next bonus at any cost.

    Remember the GFC? The Hayne Australian Royal Commission into banking which produced a case study of a disabled person being a target of fraudulent insurance sales? That is where profit driven risks leaves society be careful what you wish for….you are asking to attract the leadership whom is financially incentivised to make HUGE profits and “innovate” with new instruments, contracts, products and services to hit revenue goals at all costs (including to society), and it has been proven time and time against to be at others expense. You are also asking not-for-profits to expose their operations to boom-bust-cycles that business risk taking leadership exposes private enterprise and thereby our societies too the reason why people have lost their homes, lost their jobs, require mental health services from working with self interested co-workers with win at all cost mentalities. Not-for-profits exist because government taxation and it’s distribution efficacy is failing.

    Yes, the system is broken, do I think this is the answer sorry I don’t.

  • The Zimbabwe man is getting into my damn nerves,when African leaders steal from us they certainly become motivational speakers and preachers of how people in the Bible weren’t poor….why can’t you preach also the part where it says you shouldnt steal or you should share what you have with your neighbours..?total nonsense�� may the creator deal with you evil greedy vultures

  • Please, brother, I swear I need financial help, maybe it does not make a difference with you but inevitably it makes a difference with me The $ 100 you have is not equivalent to anything but it makes a difference with me, please I need your humanitarian help only The least you can do for me is pay me 100 Dollars only

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  • concerning free will in the after life, my thoughts are.

    We will have learned in our earthly experience and once we meet the Creator if He is by nature love then that love is the only way so even though we have a free will we would never want to do anything outside of the boundaries of the law of love. It will be love that will govern our hearts controlling our thoughts words and actions and if love rules then there wont be any sin.

    Love is the greatest eternal everlasting quality the highest supreme principle in all existence.

    The bible is not my grounds of understanding God but love.

    I believe God the Creator is love with in His nature therefore every thing He does is for the best long term for us.

    when we experience Gods infinite love why would we ever want to destroy our relationship with Him by committing moral wrong. It would be like saying I have the free will to kill my child but that thought would never even enter my mind because of the love I have for them.

    No one hates God for you cant hate love. we might hate a religious concept of God but not the true concept which is He is love and love only does what is best for the person loved.

    yes we are wired for love, to love love and when we are not experiencing love in its truest form then we are unsatisfied so we try to fill our emptiness with other things but when we experience God the Creator who is by nature love then our will will be swallowed up in His so we will love others as He loves us.

    Christianity is not my religion. In my understanding we all know what is morally right for the law of God is written in our consciousness its innate, and if we love others, if we value them we will not steel from them we will no murder or gossip or do anything to hurt our fellow human. love is the standard and love is what God is in His nature so to please Him we mush conduct our behaviour within the boundaries and liberties of love.

    To understand God all we have to do is study love. what would love do. so for me its not would Jesus do for I don’t follow a man but what would love do if love was personified.

  • The strange thing about greed/capitalism whatever label you want to use is it’s the mother of invention and what’s pushed us technologically to where we are and where we’ll end.

  • Thats so heartwarming please help this battle

  • Please take a look at an alternative where systems organized by knowledgable people takes the place of a President. Money Free Party Usa on YouTube. Vote for Steve Saylor, and things WILL change for the better. This video was excellent. More truth please.

  • Every wave of emotion reaches its peak before it begins to disperse. I promise the pain will begin to dissolve into the ocean of your mind

  • Hi everyone. Please consider donating to this family. They are in desperate need of medication and school supplies.

  • Interestingly none of the christian values/philoshopies made it to the list of solutions offered by this documentary. We europeans don’t know who we are anymore. We are looking for ourselves in eastern philosophies. It’s a critical point for european soul and culture.

  • Minimalists are such a liars. They talk like they are beyond greed and shit but the reality is that they merely turned all their asset into liquid asset. If they really want to get rid of all the excess things they don’t need why keep the money rather than donating to people in need?

  • Science avoids right and truth and avoids the left and wrong too, science chases the better prediction to reality. any Who declares a theory is right, and declares other’s left is just for maintaining own right is the virus to the science, not only this, is also can be the virus for non-scientist. right is also the weapon that criminal wants, also any who wants do this violence that belongs to criminal who wants this harmful weapon, the right and authority. Just like immoral criminal wants and designs nuclear bomb. Hitler declares rights, Stalin declares rights. Who did this is for creating harmful weapon, the authority that who could use it to murder and harm others then the criminal who chases the rights can filling up own selfish willing and wants. The authority is also the harmful weapon that the virus people as Hitler and Stalin wants, and science defeats authority, so this is also the reason that why science has been hated, because science will destroy their selfish dreams.

  • The problem is the idea that philanthropy is the same for everyone. It isn’t. The wealthy including businesses are supposed to give their money because that is what they have plenty of. Most people should not be asked for or expected to give money to charity. For most people care is shown by sharing the recourses they have and have to use for themselves anyway: inviting someone to your home to share its heat so they can leave their home unheated that day and then return the favour another day; swapping home-grown produce with neighbours; inviting people to dinner where company and sense of community means people don’t feel lonely and can survive on less food because they get more love. There are so many ways that people can be there fore each other, but charity has been depersonalised and made into a business. When wealthy people spend lots of money on charity dinners for fund raising, that’s fine, they would be going to dinner anyway, they’re not actually giving anything up. When the average person is asked to give the money they would have spent on going out for dinner to someone else because they are going hungry, that isn’t fair. We do need to rethink our attitudes to charity. We need to look at the fact that most charities should not be charities in the first place but are actually social injustice and that giving financially is for those who have plenty of finances.

  • Everyone is rich, dosent mean in material’s, Materialistic people are rich in material but poor and empty in the soul. People are incredibly backward in mind and are worse than the most common animal on the planet

  • Money and power does not protect anyone from sex trafficking and canibalism in the free world as it was proliferated by the various international mafias including the Trump family in America via racketeering which is payment for these crimes in various directions. This isn’t really good enough planning for the world’s children and that is what we are guided to meditate on more with our spirit guides.

    All of the world’s celebrities and diplomats know that this was going on and over the last 50 years of it surmounting to the last half of the last decade. Nothing really made them safer, exactly, but there were definitely problems protecting average children and people all over the place there’s children still kidnapped in this climate.

    As soon as you are in the public eye on twitter or as a celebrity the mafia is pretty much up your asshole and trying to harm you even further.

  • I agree, but there is a dark side of that: what if NGOs have a different agenda, if their agenda is hidden and negatively affects the world?..that would be bigger power to disrupt the worls as well, so it is not that simple…we need a system that check where the money goes, if we don’t know it, the risk to fund bad people is high….

  • An appeal to the owners of white hands, who loves to do good, so let me help me, I am a Syrian refugee in an Arab country and I have my wife and child and I am now without work and I did not get any assistance from anyone and I am registered with the Commission Can I request asylum to any other country please and can I work as a bulldozer and truck driver and rely on Myself, please help me. I have a family in need of food and a safe haven from the cold. Please help me

  • Good documentary, 3 years old but addressing the problems we have now with our inflated monetary system.
    Corona will bring the system to a stop.

  • THANK you for youre BEATIFUL message ��, very HELPFUL ��.
    Its about to ACCEPT the past mistakes and choices, past is the PAST.. Its about let GO, move ON and DONT let those narcissists destroy youre PEACE ��

  • The problem with society today is we have lost sight on what is truly valuable. Most people think that money is valuable, however, true value is only found in time spent. Money without time spent making it, holds no value what so ever. This has been proven time and again by many of our high paid athletes and lottery winners. Of the resource with the most intrinsic value, time, the most valuable of this is time spent improving another’s time.


  • We spend Money on beliefs and fears. We work to create value. Without work, we are not able to create value for our world. All that is created in our world we get to enjoy. Some create food, furniture, homes, health, and everything else we use to create comfort. If no one worked and no one shared, life would be quite difficult and mundane. With time-saving creations, we have increased time for art, leisure, and socialization. We look forward to increased innovation, more free time, and more comfort. For those who question value creation, sharing, and comfort, there is communism and socialism. We exchange freedom for care. The more we allow governments to care for the people, the more freedoms we give up. The problem is that the governments are people and no person can care for a person better than that person. We are all unique individuals and our wants and needs vary. We don’t desire more, we desire to grow as all livings things grow.

  • I have done a lot of bad things to my old friend.I have lied to them to make them accept me and I felt guilty for two years but;yesterday I just realize no matter how hard I try I can’t change my mistakes in the past so I choose to give myself a chance to be free from the past,to gain my happiness back and to give myself a chance to be a better person. IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG AND YOU FEEL LIKE WANT TO GO BACK AND CHANGE YOUR PAST ONLY THING THAT YOU CAN DO NOW IS BE A BETTER PERSON.
    I will comeback here in next 6 months to updates HOW I FEEL WITHOUT CARRY MY MISTAKES IN THE PAST AND HOW MUCH DOES IT CHANGE MY LIFE
    See ya������

  • Stop calling Freud a scientist. He did not work using the scientific method.
    After psychology started to use it and only accepted evidence-based findings (as today), his theories fell one by one.

  • There isn’t a single thing without at least 1% applicable truthfulness. Carl Popper had some valid points about the philosophy of science. Equally so, some invalid ones. An analysis focusing only on the valid parts of his philosophy, is biased. It doesn’t showcase the great amounts of scientists disputing the soundness of his conclusions, nor the now accepted silliness of his postulate that science only uses deduction. For people not studying the entirety of Poppers’ philosophy, this video essay implies we unequivocally accept the entirety of his ideas, which is not the case.

  • This is a travel to our own self. The number of views of this content gives hope that at least a few people living on earth today think logically.

  • God I wish I would’ve have known this.

    I grew up acting like my mother when I’m a boy. I didn’t have a father that saw me as not much more than a bill & he left me with no male role model majority of my childhood. I was violated by family when I was 5. From 11, I was such a loner that I had trouble making friends. Was irrationally shy, my big sister had to get me a friend, literally. I never had a real gf or one that wanted to keep me & I never was very macho or tough in a way that was attractive to women. I was the boy who girls said ew & ugh when they saw me. Not just cause I was an moderate fat, average height guy with acne. It was also the overall awkwardness of my existence that just seeped out of my pores now that I look back on it. I made every mistake you could make on the road to masculinity is my point.

    In my adult years, my love for myself failed me & I tried to kill myself. Because of my obsessive dwelling on the past failures & misunderstandings, I wanted to give up. But I pushed on because at that time, I found in my attempt that I was not very respecting of the idea of suicide. It was more like a solution for me that I thought was my only option. I kept isolating myself struggling to make connections & find love for myself to get love from others. I suffered & disappointed my family & those who rooted for me to do better.

    I didn’t though, due to more flat out stupid mistakes in my understanding being made. I lashed out on myself again in a fit of frustration. In the process I cut one of my fingers off in a relapse of my old childhood self. Suicidal behavior & self hatred forever changed my life that day. I took a major L on top of already being a big L. Again, I wanted out. I Fell back into suicidal behavior, took a test & turns out I was severely depressed just never diagnosed officially.

    Became a drug addict as a coping mechanism to help in dealing with my ego, which was forever kicking my butt about what I lacked, wasn’t doing, & didn’t have. Not to mention the screw-up on the finger. I started to agree with the women I would meet who would say to me that I should just kill myself, it’s over for me. Ever had a woman tell another woman not to bother with you? & she doesn’t even know you? That was me. We all don’t talk about guys like me too much. We’re expected to go die quietly in a corner somewhere so everyone can be relieved we’re gone.

    Then I had an aneurysm. Before then I was the same ole guy who didn’t have anything or anyone in his corner anymore. Don’t get it confused, I never hurt anybody, wasn’t a criminal, I don’t have a woman who u can find who can say I mistreated her. I never was a gang member or sold drugs, only had a serious reliance on them to help me cope with the wrong I was doing with myself.

    I was beyond self destructive over my past & it led to brain surgery. I survived obviously, but here’s the point of me saying all this. Because of this surgery, it was found that I had a tumor in my head that affected my testosterone, sex drive, brain chemistry, hormonal balance, etc. Now when I reflect on my past. I look at myself differently.

    Should I still remain the same guy with the same hatred for failing like I had? Or should I see someone I should like because it led me to learn to look at those choices & failures differently? With a sense of an understanding of why it’s something I don’t want to live with as an identity, but it’s also not something I can’t forgive when I understand fully what was happening inside me. That had me looking at things in a way that led to me failing & suffering.

    I know that we are not our past but we are judged for it. & is it really living if you’re alone & you mainly see that others believe you deserve to be alone? Should I hate myself or love myself because of this reality? Should I give up because of such a life? Or should I defend my right to exist just to see if I can become someone better then the person I am now? Even though, in doing that I may not find anyone who would support me in that, is it still worth it? Or is it all that is left? What would you all do?

  • The worst times are waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to go back to sleep cause you’re thinking about the past and what you could have done differently. But I know it is in the past now. There is nothing I can do or change about it. I am moving on but it is hard when you still have a deep love for that person. Hard times will either make you or break you and there is NO WAY I will let myself get broken. It all starts in my own head. Better days are coming just have to take it a day at a time.

  • I disagree with a lot of the things in this. For example, around 3:30 he starts talking about a disparity in how people object to people “making a lot of money” both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. I think what people object to are large amounts of compensation given as payment to individuals. This isn’t the same as wanting to allow an organization to bring in a lot of money. It’s a question of where that money goes. I also think that a lot of the people who object to high salaries in non-profits object just as much, and often more so, to high salaries in the for-profit sector. So this article seems to be making a bit of a strawman argument, because I’m not sure anyone who objects to nonprofit salaries being “too high” actually tolerates the for-profit sector salaries being as high or higher too.

    I also disagree that there is necessarily a choice between “doing well for yourself and your family” and “doing good in the world” for the “brightest minds coming out of our best universities”. The salaries paid for most jobs in the U.S. for people who perform well and get degrees at top-ranked universities, are pretty high. Like let’s use the example of an $84,000 example for the director of a hunger charity. That’s a pretty comfortable salary. I’ve never had an annual salary that high, and yet I was able to live very comfortable and amass quite a lot of investments.

    I don’t really see a valid reason that any person actually needs a salary any higher than that. Wants, maybe.

    But people’s financial motivation is higher at lower salary levels. The difference from, say $30K to $40K in salary is huge. The difference from $40K to $50K is still quite big. Once you’re at around $90K, though, the difference between that and $100K is negligible. It doesn’t affect people’s lifestyle that much. It doesn’t affect their happiness at all (there is solid research on this, happiness maxes out around $88k in 2019 dollars.) Basically, past this amount it just becomes a game of trying to get more money (and the power that comes with it.)

    And yes, I do think it’s a form of greed, whether it happens in the non-profit or for-profit sector.

    I also disagree that the people who are able to get those salaries are necessarily smarter, or better at running organizations, than people who don’t. An MBA is a great example. I’ve worked in organizations where most people had an MBA and I didn’t, and I’ve worked in organizations where no one had an MBA, and I’ve worked under people who had MBA’s and people who didn’t.

    Most people with MBA’s told me that they didn’t get much out of the content of the program, that it’s more about the MBA being a credential, and also being in their program helping them to forge connections including with classmates and graduates of the same program. Primarily, it’s a status game. It’s not about ability to run an organization effectively or perform a job effectively.

    In fact, one of my most intelligent and competent bosses, whom I greatly respect and admire, got promoted into his position without an MBA and went back for one because the organization wanted him to have one because it looked better given that he was in a management position. Similarly, I had the CEO and owner of a small firm I worked for tell me that he tried to mostly hire people with MBA’s for the sole reason of how it looked for his clients, and that the skillset was not important nor was their social network (the other big asset of an MBA) useful because his business was in a specialized niche that he was already well-connected in. He hired me, without an MBA, because I was better connected into that network than any of his existing employees.

    Basically…MBA’s mean something, but the logic presented in this video is flawed. MBA’s are a social signal and about power and status, they’re not about ability to competently run an organization the way this video seems to suggest, nor are they a proxy for intelligence or talent.

    The rest of the video I think is not as bad. I think the points about advertising and overhead are better taken. But it was hard for me to take this video seriously after the first segment, which is a shame, because I think the discussion of overhead and fundraising and advertising is more valid. I wish we could have that conversation without the off-base stuff earlier in the video.

  • “Birth of Psychology”??? Psychology formally started as an independent science with Wundt, not Freud.
    Also Psychoanalysis ISN’T EVEN PSYCHOLOGY!

    Psychology is a science, not a philosophy like Psychoanalysis. Rookie mistake!

  • ‘The Boy Fed on Nightmares’read this if you’ve had enough of your terrible past.

    A long, long time ago, there lived a small boy in a far away village. The boy loved to dream, Every night he went to bed another adventure will be awaiting him. One night as he closed his eyes to enter the land of dreams for a fascinating adventure but instead a horrible nightmare woke him up with a scream. He had the same nightmare for days now and could not fall asleep. One day, he finally decided to meet the evil witch of dreams, as he walked up the stairs that led to the wtich’s house, it was pitch black all around him; the only thing he could fell was the smoke that sorrounded him as he took the last step, his heart was thumping out of his chest; he was also covered in cold sweat, took very last bit of courage he had and asked the witch who was busy making a nightmare.

    The boy asked “,miss, can you stop giving me nightmares and instead i will do anything for you”,

    the wtich turned and stared into the boy’s eyes asking”, anyhting??”,

    “,yes, anything……..i will do anything”, the boy replied shaking in fear.

    The witch noded and handed him a purple colored potion which smelled like cabbage and told him to drink every last drop of it. The boy finished the drink and went back home wishing for a magical dream at night when he went to bed and instead an exciting adventure had replaced the terrible nightmare.

    Yeras went by and the boy became an adult. He no more had nightmares but he was never truly happy about anything. One night, blood moon had taken capture of the sky as the boy looked out the window. The witch had finally returned for what he had promised her but the boy started to shouted at her with aggression and and said that even though she had taken the nightmares away, he was never truly happy.

    The evil witch kept quite and replied”, Hurtful, painful memories,
    Memories of deep regrets,
    Memories of hurting others and being hurt, memories of being abandoned. Only those with such bad memories buried in their hearts, can become stronger, more passionate and emotionally flexible.
    So don’t forget any of it, remember it and overcome it. If you dont overcome it, you’ll always be like a kid whose soul never grows.
    the boy kept quite as tears of regret rolled down his cheeks, The witch took her wand and tapped it on the boy’s head and took the boy’s soul to be her slave for entire eternity.

    -this is from the drama ‘Its okay not to be okay’, couldn’t explained it better.

  • That blond guy they are interviewing from Skidmore Collage is a complete junkie. He is describing an extremely small segment of the population (the ultra rich). This is why I am dead seat against giving professors tenor at a post secondary institution. You end up with BS like his outlook. The guy is a complete hypocrite like he speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He might as well be working for the Koch founded The Fraser Institute. The more I listen to this guy the more misdirected this documentary goes.

  • Hum, Popper didn’t call psychology pseudoscience, he called psychoanalysis pseudoscience. And great numbers of scientists and philosophers do agree with him. Even after all these years, psychoanalysis fails on critical features:
    • Falsifiability
    • Experimental control
    • Replication (which coupled with the above, raises questions of actual testability)
    • Abductively validating hypotheses through backward chain inferences
    • Having the property of being hard to vary (i.e. not being able to change details in the theory to keep it working when falsified, since this would be ad hoc reasoning).
    That’s just too much epistemic failures for psychoanalysis theory to be a scientific theory. Therefore, it is unscientific.


  • Without production of “wealth” there is nothing to accumulate. “Wealth” is not money, though people will trade “wealth” for money. In the future, with the help of robots which are essentially lots of hands, it may be possible to produce all your wealth without the use of money.

  • Money and religion are the root to ALL the problems of the world. If we remove these two the world would be pure bliss…..People would pursue what they love, the advancements in all science and space would be astronomical and we would move forward to new heights as a species…..

  • When you head on in to your first Phil. course your instructor is going to play the role of each (given time) ‘method’ of truth,
    and then tear each of them all up to little pieces. There isn’t going to be ‘truth’ anywhere to be found.
    You’re going to more screwed-up
    when you leave,
    then when you went in;
    and you’ve just begun.
    Now you chase sanity.

  • No, you do not need to believe in something to be happy. You need to not live in a world with massive inequality. You need to be paid a living wage so that the 40 hours or more you spend away from your family actually covers your necessities and is worth the blood and sweat. The only death anxiety is “I’m going to die because of some easily treatable disease because I cannot afford insurance or care. I don’t need a “God” to be happy, I need a fair living wage.

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  • My parents are millionaires, never have i seen them genuinely happy.

    I lived in poverty for 6 years and i reflect on that period as most fulfilling. Doing low paying jobs for sometimes 16h a day made my free time and sleep so much more valuable to me.

    The people at the bottom are the foundation for the top 1% of wealthy of people. How can this go on.

  • .��Moving on is a strong word but believe me,it’s worth it and it will completely change you into a different person,a better and happy person.”Like someone brand new”

  • Your job is not to invest. It’s to help the needy. Now. Not later. We didn’t ask you to invest it. If we wanted to invest we would do so ourselves.

  • The Bible says that men’s ❤️ hearts will fail them for the things that are coming apon the whole world and are you going to be ready amen and read Matthew 24 all of it and then John 3 16 then revaluation allso and read Daniel allso and read Isaiah chapters 33 34 35 even so come quickly Lord Jesus ❣️ Christ amen

  • Yes, the bible does talk about poverty. A good example is the parable of Lazarus the rich man that did not help the poor man. His end was not well.

  • The purpose of evolution is not to become the exclusively dominant species, but to be the one which best fits into a particular part of the bioweb, not taking more than we contribute, not preying upon more than we surrender. Now, before the white locusts expanded over the rest of the world, many native peoples had achieved that ideal equilibrium, maintaining themselves and their environment. Some philosophies, such as early Christianity and Buddhism, held that you should not have so much that your brother or your neigbour went without. ‘If you have two cloaks, give one to your brother’ and all the great thinkers agree that all humans are brethren and our task is to serve, not rule over, our world. Thus, caring for the world itself is a prime duty. That’s the message in the story of Adam and Eve there are limits to our permission to exploit the natural world overstep that limit and you end up with nothing. ‘We’ are not only white people ‘we’ include people who have maintained a balance over tens of thousands of years as the Australian aboriginal peoples did, or the Indian tribes in America. Money isn’t a pre-requisite to culture to stories, music, shared customs and beliefs. To start curbing your greed don’t buy on credit, and never come home with something you didn’t leave the house meaning to buy.

  • People become rich to impress women acting and it dooms us because we loose relationships and reality.Somethong money can buy.We lose more than we gain.

  • If you hated capitalism, is it ok then to be ander communism, socialism or liberalism!? What a propogsndist thinking & sabotaging!!!

  • I appreciate this, and I don’t have any disagreement. But God is beyond proof. That is by definition. If we can prove a thing it is not God, because God is beyond proof. It’s not a circular argument, or perhaps it is, but it is true. God can’t be proven or disproven you can only accept Him on a philosophical basis, or not. They are 3000 comments here, so I’m sure that multiple people have already addressed what I have just said.

  • Help me understand, how does science advance if you’re only trying to disprove your theories? For example, if Newton was only trying to disprove his theory of gravity would he have been able to move onto his laws of motion?

  • This documentary is a bunch of lies!, it basically twist the small shards of truth that are known to the public and blames the wrong organizations for the corruption, and it doesn’t even say anything worthwhile basically just more brainwashing “wealth is bad look at all the corruption, don’t strive to be rich but also forget that there is a ton of corruption that needs to be stopped”

  • Ever since I became a classic liberal I realize that charities should be for profit. People need to stop equating profit to greediness and exploitation. Profit is what makes things work and what incentivizes people. Non-profit charities suck because they’re not for profit.

  • I said to my psychology professor that psychology was not a science and i new I was right. Psychology is a pseudoscience very affirmative. I believe popper 100% Gloria Philosophia
    (Glory to the love of knowledge)

  • Amazing TED talks..thanks for that…Our cousin need is new gardentools for his vegetable garden to support family. No internet access on location. See our Gofundme page. Thanks. Maybe a few dollars for us but a difference and a future for this family.​

  • A good documentary that makes many valid points but unfortunately makes some sweeping statements which really don’t hold up to examination.In 1945 the planet’s population was 1.75 billion. Now it’s 7 and 1/2 billion. If you examine the amount of wealth on the planet it’s increased usually since 1945 and most specifically in underdeveloped countries.Just look at what happened in China and is happening in India and has happened in South America. So it’s not really just about capitalism although capitalism has problems I agree. The root problem the biggest problem is overpopulation which is the elephant in the room no one wants to address.
    It’s also interesting to note that there was a connection made between militarism and capitalism but the fact is since 1945 the planet is the most peaceful it’s ever been as far as anthropologists can determine.
    It’s nice when you have a good subject and this was and I think much of what was said especially about the interplay of ego and greed is absolutely true. But it’s not true to say that the root of all the problems is capitalism. The fact is collectivist economies were much more corrupt than capitalism ever has been and indeed much less productive at the same time.

  • The American dream…morelike the American CON….how is that dream working out for them NOW? The piper wants to be paid…chickens coming home to roost!!!! 08/01/20