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Win a Free Copy of The Rebel Fitness Guide! By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: August 16, 2010 • 62 comments. Next week, I plan on officially releasing the Rebel Fitness Guide to the world (cue the fireworks). Back on July 26th, I made a beta-version of the guide available for only 72 hours. Even More Testimonials from Rebel Fitness Guide fans.

Here are a few more testimonials from the first group of rebels that have been using the Rebel Fitness Guide for the past five weeks. Yes, these are actual people with actual fingers who actually typed me these messages after actually reading and using the Rebel Fitness Guid. 514 Henderson St, Eureka CA.

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I rejoined ww in January. Freestyle is not working for me. Only 3lbs lost in 2 mos. Glad I found itrackbites and after listening to you I know now which plan to follow. I did weight watchers over 30 years ago when it was the exchange program. When weight watchers made changes i could not wrap my mind around the new program changes. I will now cancel my membership with ww. I joined itrackbites a couple of days ago. I believe I can succeed in my weight loss journey now.

  • New sub here! Switched over to ITB and quit WW. I’ve done ITB before and have always loved the app. Considering the pp plan. Thanks for all the great info!����������

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  • Awesome explanation. I love PointsPlus and I am so grateful for the new updated ITrackBites app….I’m upgrading to Pro right now. Thanks Brianna you inspire me.

  • Help!! Can anyone help me figure out how to get water out my Step? I was using it outside, left it out in rain for a couple days, and now it’s half full of water. There are two tiny holes on underneath, but barely any water will come out. TIA!

  • Omg found this gem and Girl you killed me!! Loved it THANK YOU!!! Trying to burn that extra butter I’ve gained during quarantine ��

  • I have had 2 surgeries on my ankle this year because I tore the ligaments completely in half. Is this something I could do to get back into exercising on a regular basis? I don’t have full motion in my ankle anymore.

  • When I do that combination I feel my core really engaged…my breathe really engaged �� your foot exploding when doing front KT made me laugh ���� thank u sweetheart ��❣️��

  • Thank you for this video. It is very helpful. I’m giving I Track Bites Pro a try, and so far I really like it. I needed someone to show me the things you have shown in this video. I’ve also joined the Facebook group. Thanks!

  • I have a knee that doesn’t bend at all after surgeries(was hoping to find something since the pools are closed because of COVID) any ideas for a workout? My right leg only gets a 32 degree bend ��

  • New to this kind of workout the steps, and wow! I feel my body working. I think I don’t need any other step routine. Found my favorite.

  • I think they changed their plan names a little. I haven’t been on the app for a while and then noticed it said my plan was now Carb Consious and not Bites Plus anymore. It was confusing to me and has me wondering if it is the same plan. I’m sure it is, but it won’t be easy for new people coming from WW to know which plan they need to follow for the older plans now.

  • I love this workout! Thank you!! It is the only thing I’ve found that I like to do at home and get my heartrate up enough.:-))))

  • I should start with P90X3 couse of time. It’s mi third week, Just start modify my diet. I beed to loose 15lbs to bring down belly and to stato more healty

  • OMG allways hm, uuuh, aaahhh! STFU and do teaching! That is not a motivation to me! And do you know, Stepaerobic works on the music in count and not by the way with music?????

  • This is the best step workout video I have found on YouTube! I was pouring sweat afterwards —definitely my new go to morning workout! ♥️

  • I also lost a lot on the PP plan, then they switched to smartpoints and it all fell apart for me. I also tried WW flex, but it’s not my cuppa. I’m so happy I can begin again on the plan that worked for me!! Thanks for this video!

  • I’ve started P90X seven times, completed it twice. The most important tip, above all, is commitment. Without commitment, you’ll never be able to adhere to the 3 great tips in this video.

  • This is a good work out ms. Puzzle 2 day in a row u kick my ass i feel the Soreness on my Lake n hamstrings if im walking like a penguin is a good pain Kudos to you❤

  • Love this step workout! It kicks my butt but in a good way. The killer one for me is the jumping jacks then the jump to the step. Gets me every time!

  • I have gone to settings to select Bites plus however the plans are not listed. I see only Better Balance, keeping keto,sugar smart, what am i missing?

  • Hey guys. Here are the timestamps to all the chapters of this guide:
    1:00 Starting a new save.

    1:49 Tactics & shortlists.

    3:47 Youth, training, and staff.

    5:03 Scouting and transfers.

    6:51 Team talks and morale.

    7:37 Winter transfer window.

    9:31 Game day and team selection.

    11:40 Summer management.

    13:46 What’s next?

  • overall this is a good video for people who are new to the game. I like how you get to the point without beating around the bush. There are a few criticisms i can think of.

    1) I advise against looking at other peoples tactics and looking at the golden boy list. If you know a player off the top of your head e.g Greenwood then i think thats fine where as if its someone you never heard of i think thats cheating. Also tactics evolve over time so just using one you got from the internet isnt helpful plus, some tactics exploit the mechanics of the game. Best way to learn a new tactic is to watch a full match or comprehensive highlight and see what your team is doing. For me I played my two centre backs as BPD and they would punt the ball up majority of the time. I get thats the role but i didn’t expect them to do it majority of the time. I then changed them to be NCB and i had the third best defensive record in my league.

    2) When it comes to transfers i find that if you pay 1/3 of the asking price up front and 2/3 of it in instalments, the offer will be accepted without having to include other bonuses e.g sell on fee. Also if you want to manage a team for short term, it is best to offer 50% of profit of next sale when negotiating. This allows you to buy the player for a much cheaper price.

    3) It is best to have a data analyst and a scout always analyse the next opposition.

    4) I find that when placing an advert for a staff job, I dont get the best available options. An example is i placed an advert for physiotherapy role and the best person who applied for the job had a rating of 15. I then searched for unemplyed physiotherapy and saw that there were 8 people who all had a rating of 20.

    I think your next video should be about player roles and the importance of traits but explain them to a person who is new. Overall it is a good video and i hope you make more football manager videos.

  • I DO NOT like the new version at allll. The other version was nice and simple. All I want to do is track my food. This new version has too much unnecessary stuff on it.

  • I’ve seen some step workouts that said they were basic but they were not. I’ve seen some that were simply too basic. I like one. It’s both challenging and basic (easy). I had no idea what an L-step was until tou broke it down for me. I get a good workout but not at the expense of too much. I loved it! Covid-19 bought me here.

  • Brought myself a step board and risers as I needed to add to my new found running routine! So whilst I’m working from home at Lunchtime I have started to do your workout before I eat! Going to do it everyday until I can complete it without stopping! Then I’ll raise the level and continue on and also try another one of your routines! Dripping with sweat, thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this video! I just cancelled by monthly pass and switched to iTrackBites.The meetings for me weren’t what I was looking for I feel I get more support and info from wonderful you tube videos (like yours) and many others

  • Omgeeeeee today was my first time ever doing step I absolutely loved it. Within 5 minutes I had worked up a drenching sweat. Will definitely be doing it again. Not ready to go back to the gym so you are a Godsend.

  • I just started all over again after a nine year absence. Since this Corona virus outbreak I’ve been confined to home workouts and now I can 100% focus. Day 1 chest and back with ab ripper. I want to PUKE. Nothing but room for improvement now!

  • My second week in p90x it’s damn hard….. I’m 250lbs and this blows…. Rome wasn’t built in one dAy!!!!!! All I’m doing is modifying until I get better.

  • i just so happen to come across this video looking to get back in shape! I love this workout. im going to keep doing this step routine until im ready to move on to the harder ones

  • I’m 39 started at 240 Lbs after 2 full rounds of X and 3/4 of the way through 1st round of X3 then starting the elite block of X3 then on to X or X2 not sure yet new weight after 8 months 185. I had to up my food intake for better grains it’s really hard to eat over 2000 calories when they are clean it wants me at 2500 I just can’t eat that much no matter how hard I try

  • This comment might be a little late but I thought I would share my story for others. Hopefully you guys find some useful tips or it answers some questions of yours. Back in 2012 I was about to graduate from high school, over weight most of high school and just had enough. I did p90x and stuck with and was consistent. I followed the meal plan pretty spot on but substituted certain snacks that fit my day better such as adding nuts or a protein bar for when i was at school or at work. Another thing I did early on that I felt helped me greatly was I did the first week with no ab ripper X and then after that I included it. This gave my body enough time to catch up and get used to the main workouts before adding on more.

    At 5’10 I went from 240 pounds to around 190 in roughly 3 months.(Results obviously vary and it was hard to keep all the weight off after taking a break from p90x so plan accordingly and don’t stop being active when you start seeing results) Staying consistent with workouts and nutrition is key and also training around your specific needs helps as well. Don’t be afraid to repeat the first cycle again before moving onto the second if you feel like you’re behind. I used this strategy to help become proficient and comfortable with the exercises before moving on and it really exploded my progress towards the end of the 90 days. Hope this helps some of you, any questions, let me know.

  • I did p90x back in 2011, and just started up again 1 month ago (I’m in week 4). I love it, it’s harder this time though as I’m considerably more overweight and obviously older now. I may try insanity or p90x 2 or 3 one day as well. I’m at 235 lbs now, and started at 235 (still in the muscle gain phase I believe).

  • Thank you for bringing up modifying! I somehow triggered a flare up of carpal tunnel syndrome while doing pushups and tricep dips in the original insanity. Ever since then my fingers and hand are numb, tingling, sore, and aching all the time now. I continue to do the workouts but I don’t go into the push up position anymore since I’m still healing. Instead I’ll pick up the dumbbells and do some deadlifts into overhead press during that time. Modification is the key! Or, at least substituting it with something I can do! Thanks for your videos!

  • I only have a couple days left of p90x after trial and error of restarting for almost 8 years! So it took a while to not rely on motivation!����Will post results this week!���� #NeverGiveUp

  • P90x is 15-16years old and is still the most complete and comprehensive home workout programme around. It demands consistency in nutrition, tracking workouts, etc. And you will be rewarded from it too. I’m finishing a round of H&C week 3 of 8 then P90x, X2, X3 and an ultimate hybrid. Can’t get enough vitamin TH.

  • Dude!! Top notch advice ���� I’ve been meaning to post some videos myself but I have a legit reason! I’m in Beachbody Classic and I’m getting ready! Not to mention I follow all of your tips, that’s why I am seeing results! Amazing video Bob, hope more people really listen to you because it’s the harsh truth but it’s the only way to sustain results and feel amazing! ��

  • Really connected with this podcastmy husband, who is coderedding right along-side me, is also a coach and we’ve already had conversations about concession stands and eating timesthis was great!! Thank you!

  • Just found your videos on WW went to itracks seems it is a little different in weight program I believe I choose Carb Conscious now for Points Plus is that correct? I am so excited to start points plus again yay Hugs Debbie

  • Hi there. After watching your video I downloaded the iTrackBitesbites app and payed for the pro version. The problem is it is showing smart at the top of the page. And not all of the points calculations are the same as my points plus calculator. I can not find anywhere that allows me to Chan the bites program. I am in Canada, do you know if maybe the app is different here? It is saying I am on the sugar smart program…

  • 10 lbs lost already in just 1 short month so far after seeing this video and rediscovering WW PP (the only diet that ever worked for me) reborn in the form of iTrackBites!

  • It’s been 3 weeks with this workout daily. I have begun listening to my body and eating mindfully as I wanted to use this time in quarantine to improve my health. Definitely wasn’t easy to finish the whole video in the beginning but it motivated me to push my self everyday.
    I cannot thank you enough for posting this video, you’ve been my anchor ❤️ Love from India!

  • Congrats on your previous weight loss! I am curious have you been able to keep the weight off over the last few years? Thanks! I just heard about this app, and am going to try it out!

  • i downloaded the app and it doesn’t have those option under weight loss plan? It has a bunch of other things like, sugar smart, conquer cravingd, carb conscious…etc. Are the others option on the paid version?

  • Do you know which plan in iTrackBites bites is smart points and which is points plus? What is the difference and which is better? All I know is freestyle is not for me. Not sure if points plus or smart points is better though.

  • Fabio wiso hast du dieses video vor über einem jahr gedreht nämlich noch vor winterberg als elias ins krankenhaus muste ( auf den autogramm karten war das vorschaubild zu sehen)

  • I liked freestyle, but girl that is because it was too free…ya know? I lost 100 lb on pp and must return… I didn’t like itrack and got the other one because it was nicer… will check it out Again! My concerns are getting accurate points (without a lot of user add in’s the pollute the database), updates points for new products, and the ability to track between devices (and without paying double, as is possible with WW). Fingers crossed…

  • Im also part of the isolating team.. (NOT)..Training outside the stadium benches…Girl i hope u still kik A����…U are the inspiration..I just found u..Thank you Beautiful Woman

  • I don’t think I realized that ITB changed the app so shortly before I started really following you and decided to switch to using it to track PointsPlus. I think I downloaded ITB at one point before that (I was probably looking to try classic since I got down to my smallest then), but I disliked it. I’m pretty sure I the upgraded app ended up being a factor in me deciding to switch to PointsPlus (because I don’t think I would’ve put up with the old version).

  • Oh my goodness…..I thought I was going to die after this 20 minute workout. I got through it all but whoa!!! =} Thanks for this.

  • ok this seems like a good deal but when I went into the recipe builder I couldnt figure out how to put the directions for a recipe. Is there no place to them and if not why not?

  • So i just finished Insanity 63 days, should I take a week off before going another round of Insanity or P90X? And at 5’5 I’m about171 lbs, should I continue to lose weight with Insanity or try to build muscle with P90X?

  • I love this move! I can only do it at a slow pace but I am getting better at it:-). By the way, I think you have some hyper-active 8 supplements to boost your energy level:D!!

  • Coming over from simply jeana. And subscribed.:) I too have itrackbites pro and worth every penny. LOVE their new layout. So user friendly. Sub renew for itrackbites later this month and will be purchasing it again.:)

  • Once upon a time I was going to be a professional bodybuilder… I would recommend doing both… Also, what a lot of people failed to mention is you won’t really notice a difference for about six weeks so, don’t give up before six weeks… Try your best do it as much as you can if not quality to quantity if not quantity to quality is much is you can do it for a longer period of time… Do it until you notice a difference… I would be totally abstinent from any fattening food I would eat 100% all non-fat lightly steamed vegetables salads water freshly squeezed vegetable juice… You don’t necessarily have to do it for 90 days or two months… To keep up with it stay up with it don’t kill yourself give it some time do it a reasonable amount of time beyond the two months to 90 days keep going with it for a couple of years… Maybe not that hard all the time, definitely not that hard all the time but keep up with it… Don’t work out your forearms because your forearms will get a work out from biceps and Back… Then do chest shoulders triceps… Do you legs and your calves… Don’t kill yourself just do it… Non-fattening vegan… And you will look great… You don’t have to do a lot of sit ups just do a little sit ups a couple a few times a week… You don’t need to do a lot of sit ups but… You need to lower your body fat so you can see your abs!

  • I learned about ITrackbites from a previous video of your’s. I got the app and I like it. I do love the over haul that they did with the app. Thanks for sharing.

  • i did p90x 2011, nd thats the program that made my abs, i ever dream off! best exercise workout out there! now im fat 2020 coz i stops, i know i can becoz i did it already guys trust the process this is it for u promise

  • Great video. I think you explained it better than stepping into and reading. Been using it for a long while but you are so helpful.

  • I just realized that the low carb bread Im using… was scanning at 2 slices for 3 points plus… since seeing this I ran it through the calculator and it came up 2 points for two slices. ( when manually doubling the nutritional’s. Im guessing go by the actual calculator… is that what your doing??

  • I’ve been saying that WW is missing out by not showing micros/macros. Some people are diabetic, need to watch sodium, etc. I know alot of people double tracking (MFP and WW) and that is too much for me!

  • I got ITrackBites after listening to your videosI love itcurious I saw something about green dot daysI haven’t figured that out yet..

  • This is a great video. I’ve been wondering how iTrackBites worked and wanted more details which you have provided!! Thanks so much!��

  • I completed insanity and p90x back in 2014 and went from 255 to 170 I was in the best shape of my life that was the first time I actually was in decent shape now I fell back off and gained my weight back and some more 285 currently and I’m struggling extremely hard to get back to where I was it’s extremely depressing and frustrating but I’m gonna try and give it another go for the 50th time hopefully this time it works and I can make it a lifestyle change

  • You are the Bomb! I also love the new upgrade but didn’t know about the macro tracker, which I love��. Thank you so much for making this video. It is an awesome video and covers everything, I love this app������. pS. And yes The Plus version of ITrackBites bites is totally worth getting! I love it!

  • WW is really missing a huge opportunity by not allowing members to follow plans that work for us.
    Classic girl here!
    Love you Itrackbites!!!! I’m grateful! I’m a pro too!