Why You Need To Stop Dramatizing Your Fitness and well-being Goals A Plea for simple Boss Battles


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131: Why You Should Stop Dramatizing Your Fitness and Health Goals: A Plea for Easy Boss Battles…

Video taken from the channel: Optimal Living Daily

Why You Should Stop Dramatizing Your Fitness and Health Goals: A Plea for Easy Boss Battles. By Staci Ardison • Last Updated: April 11, 2016 • 28 comments. This is an article from NF Team Member Staci.

I recently decided to re-play the Legend of Zelda – the game that got me hooked on video games – and I made one big observatio. Why You Should Stop Dramatizing Your Fitness and Health Goals: A Plea for Easy Boss Battles <

Support your plea by telling them that a copy of the essay will be distributed to every 16-year old in Sweden–arguably the world’s most egalitarian country–as a Why You Should Stop Trying To “Have It All,” According To Michelle Obama Podcast. And you are full of shit re your argument because I can guarandamtee that you would be the type to call the cops if someone in front of you on the sidewalk, dropped trou and dumped a big steaming. If you need to write a blog post based on the problem-solving manner, then follow 1h4w format – How, What, Why, When, Where and but again it depends on the subject you talking about.

If you are into fitness kind of niche, you should positively try this format. Your title will eternally work better if it is healthy. P ublished towards the end of the Cold War, Thinking in Time: The Uses of History for Decision Makers by Richard E. Neustadt and Ernest R. May is a classic book worth revisiting by the current generation of military planners.

Neustadt and May use historical case studies, ranging from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Swine Flu Scare of 1976, to illustrate how a more reflective and. A razor company has launched a new campaign featuring females modeling pubic and armpit hair, as it aims to challenge the ‘summer ready’ pressure placed on women to shave during the hotter months. Books at Amazon. The Amazon.com Books homepage helps you explore Earth’s Biggest Bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Here you’ll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, Kindle.

We need to stop talking about a possible US military coup after the November election. By Jeff Schogol. 22 hours ago.

Fake news is wreaking havoc on.

List of related literature:

I wanted to raise my reaction time, and I wanted to get some good physical workouts in to help me move better in battle.

“The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 06” by Aneko Yusagi
from The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 06
by Aneko Yusagi
One Peace Books, 2016

Every subsequent boss felt like a small challenge at worst, to a cakewalk at best.

“Video Games and Well-being: Press Start” by Rachel Kowert
from Video Games and Well-being: Press Start
by Rachel Kowert
Springer International Publishing, 2019

You can delay the gratification of quitting during a tough run in the quest for better fitness.

“The Science of Self-Discipline: The Willpower, Mental Toughness, and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Achieve Your Goals” by Peter Hollins
from The Science of Self-Discipline: The Willpower, Mental Toughness, and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Achieve Your Goals
by Peter Hollins
PublishDrive, 2019

Provide plenty of opportunities for the player to regain health or power during the fight.

“Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design” by Scott Rogers
from Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design
by Scott Rogers
Wiley, 2010

The story will always be about a health challenge.

“Middle Range Theory for Nursing: Third Edition” by Mary Jane Smith, PhD, RN, Patricia R. Liehr, PhD, RN
from Middle Range Theory for Nursing: Third Edition
by Mary Jane Smith, PhD, RN, Patricia R. Liehr, PhD, RN
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

If you can avoid or defend against these attacks you shouldn’t have much trouble finishing off the boss rather easily.

“Tales of Zestiria Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
from Tales of Zestiria Strategy Guide
by GamerGuides.com
Gamer Guides, 2015

Here are a few guidelines for boss battles.

“Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish” by Lewis Pulsipher
from Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish
by Lewis Pulsipher
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2012

So the training strategies you use should cause fatigue, but they should also maximize the fitness effect.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
by Joseph F. Signorile
Human Kinetics, 2011

Our boss battle guide endeavors to make that a little easier for you, with some tips and tricks that will keep your bones unbroken and all your precious blood in your body.

“Everything you need to know about Borderlands 2” by Pham Hoang Minh
from Everything you need to know about Borderlands 2
by Pham Hoang Minh
HM’s book,

This will make the battle much more manageable, as all of the boss’ physical attacks are single target and you don’t have to deal with the possible ailments the lesser enemies bring to the table.

“Octopath Traveler Strategy Guide” by GamerGuides.com
from Octopath Traveler Strategy Guide
by GamerGuides.com
Gamer Guides, 2018

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • False equivalence. Emotion always wins the battle because it’s a battle. The guys that installed that window weren’t in a battle and presto, window installed.

  • Buenos días soy de Ecuador, me gustaria mucho que agregara más musica latina a sus coreografías,
    me encanta su manera de bailar y pienso que eso le ayudaria mas a los latinos que lo seguimos

  • Thank you for explaining how to change our emotions to allow ourselves to make better decisions. When we’re able to base our actions off of logic, we can live a more satisfying life and live full out.

  • Logic vs Emotion

    Emotion always wins over logic. However, you can use this to your advantage by substituting one
    emotion for a stronger emotion that incites the desired action.

    Example: I’m afraid of asking my boss for a raise despite logically deserving to ask. Replace fear of rejection with the excitement for growth, acting upon self-worth, be brave, etc. The point is to emotionally charge yourself in the direction of logic, but not by logic.

    Subscribe to my music channel for emotional music ��.

  • I got my BodyBoss gym a few months ago and I’ve been working out with some videos on YouTube. Are you going to release any new workouts on your website??

  • nuoc chay van huong
    cung ve 1 dong song
    canh coi ngan van la cung quy ve 1 goc
    canh vat cung biet vay
    huong chi con nguoi
    mo luan va dien luan nay da co tu may tran nam
    no lai dong dang voi youset

  • Another fucking stupid idea for companies to make money only, its called brain wash. This shit won’t do much as it is a waste of your money and it puts laziness in your mind to prevent you from real moments and to head out there and do your workout.

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  • Love is a virtue. It is a compulsion (thus it is spontaneous). It is from the heart. A virtue cannot be commanded. A compulsion and its spontaneity, cannot be commanded. Love from the heart cannot be commanded.
    Enjoined, yes, commanded, no. 
    Some argue that love is a principle and not an emotion. A principled decision can never fully be divorced from emotion because we are not robots. A principled decision is as a RESULT of the compulsion of love. Love is always a compulsio…n, otherwise what we are talking about it is purely an ethic. 
    My experience is that we do not love because love is commanded by a god that we cannot see or hear, we love because its our nature to love, when we’re free to love.

  • Emotions make you weak and blind your decisionmaking. Emotions are the reasons why there are wars and why we rather believe in stupid ancient books rather than science. Emotions are the reason humanity is destroying itself

  • How will you start developing stronger and better emotions to fight negative emotions? Need more guidance on this? Learn more with Marisa’s FREE masterclass here �� https://go.mindvalley.com/VW6KAMgG

  • How much abuse can this platform handle? Im an avid gym goer and im capable of 400 plus squat and 335 plus bench when im training well. Theres band sets on amazon up to 225 lb. Am i going to get a metal carabiner in the face if i load this thing up?

  • i was just started then i noticed my mum also following the moves behind me discreetly HAHAH

    anyways, can you do jennifer lopez’s “el anilo” or “get right”? thankss

  • Emotion is more powerful than logic, however it’s important to realise that emotions are interchangeable and don’t have to define you at any point, Take someone feeling depressed from a ‘broken heart’ after being recently dumped, and they’re now feeling completely helpless and emotionally drained, now one might say it’s going to take the dumpee a few months to recover from this emotional breakdown, that might be very true, but let’s just imagine in this same set of circumstances you’ve just won the maga millions jackpot, your emotions have now been transformed by another set of circumstances and your allegedly broken heart has now mysteriously found a way to instantly be whole again.
    An extreme example but demonstrates your emotions are interchangeable under any set of circumstances. The key is to understand that no situation has to define you as everything is subject to change and your awareness of this principle is POWER in it’s self.

  • I’ve listened to this woman before, people really like her but I personally find it quite annoying and artificial the way she talks and repeats things… am I the only one? And if you really like her could you explain why?
    and to be honest I don’t agree with what she’s saying either. YOU and your mind make the decisions, sometimes it’ll be rationally and others emotionally…

  • Only a woman would say emotion is > than Logic. Ironically she used LOGIC to explain why she thinks “emtions” overules “logic”. Stupid ass woman

  • To be honest most of the time im kinda emotionless because i let my logic domminate my emotions but in resalt i sometimes in the happiest moment’s of my life i can feel nothing

  • By far, the most effective, convenient full-body workout for all levels of ability. Resistance training improves arthritis, dementia, and prevents injury! I highly recommend this product! Well worth the money!

  • Without logic, we are blind and totally fools and idoits.
    But without emotions and feelings we are just Robots. Someone without emotions and feelings just exists but never lives.

    Left brain > right brain ❌
    Right brain > left brain ❌
    Right brain = Left brain ✅

  • Don’t listen to this lady, Logic and emotion are equally important in life.

    When your dealing with buying property use your brain and never let the deal get to your heart. You will most likely be taken advantaged of, and will pay more then what it’s worth.

    When your dealing with moral decisions such as selling and relationships think with emotion in mind. Without emotion in mind you will become hated and will been seen as a dickhead.

    Logic is a power best used with emotion in mind.

  • Does noone realize that her examples of “emotion” are actually just logical reasoning and her examples of logic are bullshit societal norms?

  • I’ve always been the total opposite. It might be because as a child I never had stability. So, when I meet someone I have the confidence to ask them to hang out but in the long run I have the fear of them not liking who I am anymore so I get less confident.:-/

  • I’d just like to say that emotion doesn’t ALWAYS win over logic. A truer expression would be USUALLY or OFTEN wins over logic.
    I’m nearly 70 and the best decisions I ever made were SENSIBLE ones. I didn’t FEEL like doing them and had to use will power to go against my feelings. I could not envisage any good feelings from these decisions but logically knew they were right.
    To keep myself from letting emotion stop me, I just kept saying to myself that all my sensible decisions turned out very well. So I trust my logic over my feelings.

  • 0:40 Bottom row in the middle. Really curious as to how you can use the bodyboss to simulate pullups especially without some sort of wall/door mount.

  • Some of her talks are great. This one misses the mark. It’s positive but she confuses beliefs/thoughts with emotions at time. This talk is more in the genre of a motivational talk and has less helpful info than some of hers others. (Elsewhere her remark “I am enough” as a thoughtful state,ent has the effect of resolving negative emotions and instituting increased self confidence..)

  • What about uncomfortable/unwanted recurring intrusive thoughts and images? Doctors call them a symptom of OCD. How do you change those? To get past the feelings/emotions they cause? Sadness, shame, guilt. How do you break this habit of the mind?

  • I’ve met people who are extremely logical almost to the point of being robotic. It seems absurd to make all our decisions with the mind without including our emotions. Everything is a balance but being a logical person can often disconnect you from feeling and only when we feel when we can enter our emotions. Don’t stop feeling because the day you stop feeling it’s the day you’re dead while living.

  • couple questions on body boss 2.0? r question is, how strong is the door anchor, it seems just like a normal strap, im worried that it may rip while pulling and be a safety hazard?

    since there are questions regarding safety with all work out equipment, such as reading the safety before using any workout program; is there an FAQ website where these common questions about safety are answered, regarding body boss 2.0?

  • Soooo love this dance so sweats on my face even i play 3x so much active ���������������������������������������� thank you guys love overall��

  • I keep making the same error in life. I get into situations which escalate because of my emotional state and not thinking rationally as a result it gets worse and I end up looking bad, being the bad and apologising for my errors but the injustice that i feel against me gets dismissed which makes me feel worse of me. How do I remain calm when in a heated regular situation and think rationally?

  • Thinking about getting one but just want to know how durable are the cables or the bands? just want to make sure the cables don’t snap after like 6 months of use??

  • Lol forget about logic?
    I trust my logic.
    You wouldn’t be human or speak that way without logic. Guys forget about feelings and all these shit stuff, be aware of what other people are programming to your brain. There is a between them and they will never agree-
    One questionhow you are able to solve challenging problems in your life when you are emotional? Emotion comes and left but logic will never leave. Use your mind wisely and never trust anyone without using logoc and facts.

  • $200 for this thing? No way. Look at what you get. You could make your own with plywood and resistance bands. Or even just the resistance bands.

  • I highly disagree. In many instances emotions will cloud the judgement of people. It is best to have a balance between logic and emotion. To be able to step back from a situation and judge wether or not you are fit in that moment to make a decision.

  • Dear Marissa
    Logic is a gift from God the eye through which man could see and kow the all wisdom and creativity of God and also survive after they were exiled from Paradise. The Grace of God that they were enjoying in Paradise was replaced by logic that was needed for a life away from the presence of God!
    The word Emotion is characterized by the Holy Fathers to reprsent “a way of life ” in Christianity, because this word also means meaning (meaning of life), expirience, feelining, logic, and mind.
    It is throught the expiriences of Saints (those who enabled thir selves to the presence of God) tht there are 2 ways in aquiring kowleledge,

    [Colossians 2-8] “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of man.”
    There are two ways by which man can acquire knowledge. The first way is known as Philosophy and is described to be begotten “a man centered way” because man has always the first word to his own understanding, his own mind, his own logic that in many times is accompanied by man’s fantasia. Man’s logic and thinking process have the first word in formulating ideas in order to express ideas, opinions or visions, or in order to further benefit mankind in medicine and science.

    The second way in acquiring knowledge needed for the Heavenly Truth for Salvation is thought Revelation by the Holy Spirit and it is known as receiving knowledge the -Christ centred way. The precondition of acquiring knowledge the Christ center way (Revelation) is that religious Life is practiced according to the Will of the Triad God as delivered for the Salvation of man 2000 years ago with 85 Holy Apostolic canons (rules).
    Cannons of the Apostles

    These Holy Apostolic Cannons that enable the presence of Lord Jesus as the “head of His Body the Church” and as a High Priest and Mediator to His Father for each and every one, ensures man’s freedom, because they were set forth to free man from his biggest tyranny that is SIN, and they are aimed to set man free from his biggest tyrant who is the devil.
    (Α Colossians 1:18) “He is the head of his body, the Church; He is the source of the body’s life”.

    The TRUTH is revealed ONLY to those who have properly prepared to receive it those who love Him by obeying His commandments and it is RECEIVED PERSON to person, meaning that the TRIAD God delivers the knowledge personally to man just like he delivered Moses the Ten Commandments. [John 14:2] “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him” Salvation means Salvation from death, and death means the Eternal separation from God.

    Colombo did not discover America
    The ancient Christian Church of the Apostles was present in America 1000 years before Colombo “discovered” her

    Understanding the Orthodox Christian Faith (the Faith of the Apostles)
    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.

    This is what Lord Jesus told St. Symeon when He became worthy to His presence in His divine Light.
    “It is me, God, Who became man for you; and behold that I have made you, as you see, and shall make you god”.
    Come home my brother
    God bless

  • https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mind-ReMapping-Redefining-Gavin-Gooden-ebook/dp/B07HQRN5V1
    Logic Vs Emotions Emotions are always stronger than logic because our emotions are the of our sense of awareness that within it has the depth understanding that shaps a logical perspective we attach to that emotion.
    However, many are mislead by what their emotions mean, other than the cultural definition of them, and therefore are used as the template that determines the perceptions we have.
    Many perceptions have been built up within our minds over many years, however, where we find that emotions are resistant to change from the logical part of our thinking, that logic has no awareness to define its strength and authority over that resistance.
    So, of course, when we challenge old habits, the awareness of those habits is far stronger than the new logic we wish to apply., because we haven’t developed an awareness for it.
    In essence, when the body resists, it is actually saying “we don’t know what you want ” or “we do not understand” and as such the body runs the old program of thought.

  • What about if your emotions are wanting you to reach out to a guy you really like, but logic shows you signs he’s just not that interested?

  • My mind: if I ask him on a date he”LL asked me to twerk (stereotypical), lol I might just be wrong about his character= I have trust issues.

  • Hello! I’m a huge follower of yours and I really look up to you! Your videos are so inspirational and it has changed my mindset and way of leading life.

  • i just found this channel and wow i’ve never smiled the entire way through a workout before EVER. the choreography is so fun and everyone has such amazing energy aaahh

  • ??? Why do you state “always” and “never”? It seems as if you’re trying to brainwash people. Sometimes logic wins. Sometimes emotion wins. You state these as fact. This doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  • How to get over a negative emotion? The experiences which I had in my past were hurtful when it came to friends! So I use my practical thinking when it comes to friends like not to get too close with them because I don’t want to get hurt again! But,this has build a wall. I’m not like how I used to be! I want to break this wall and be an open and a free person like before! It’s hard to choose between being practical and emotional.
    I would be really very great full to get a revert back!
    Thank you so much and take care��

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  • just ordered it today, looking to use this since i now have to be at work more often than at home. scozygainz doesn’t take breaks. i will leave a review on this soon.

  • People Fighting The Battle Between Logic & Emotions Daily

    1. I keep knowing the logical thing to do, but I choose the emotional stuff. So I am Inadaqute; no, you are not.
    2. Logica is Always Overcome by Emotions
    3. You see an opportunity, but the negative emotion of the potential outcome stops you in your tracks. What to do? Make the oppurtunity better emotions

    Weak Emotional Choice: “I am scared to ask my boss for a raise because I fear they will laugh me out of the office.
    STRONG EMOTIONAL CHOICE: If I go to My Boss and show the proof of my contribution to the organization and the value i create, I am confident they will agree to give me a raise in pay. (sidebar: simply writing this made me feel more empowered, wow!)

    weak emotional choice: I really want to ask that person on a date, but I am not good enough
    STRONG EMOTIONAL CHOICE: “I am lovely and amazing. What can i get from asking that person for a year? Even if it doesn’t work out, I am only precisely where i was before and have lost nothing but gain courage by being brave.

    Emotions always when & logic never wins.

    weak motional Choice: I can stand on the window seal of my apt when it’s on the first floor
    STRONG EMOTIONAL CHOICE: “”Why can i stand up her? Because Emotion Overrules Logic

    ” I can make my life phenomenal, extraordinary, and wonderful by always using emotion to defeat emotion.”

    WEAK: I fear public speaking because of what others may think of me.

    Make The Emotion Better

    STRONG EMOTIONAL CHOICE: I can speak, i have something to say, people do like me. And when i do that speech, and i connect to that audience, my life gets better and better, more focused, and relax. Now i can make more statements at work, i can lead the team, my boss loves and recognizes me.

    Now I am exciting my imagination supportive, empowered, and exciting emotional language.

    When the Battles with emotion come up, use provocative language.

    Use a stronger, better, more compelling emotions then ill get everything i want out of life.

    Exciting my imagination Not Medicating my imagination

  • Just want to point out that emotions wins over logic, but that doesn’t mean that emotion “winning” means emotion is right and logic is wrong. They actually can’t be separated, and when they work together, you act from a balanced, present, wholistic stance. It’s the logic that helps you decide to pick a better emotion, and gives you the tools to formulate how you’re going to do it. Emotion is the then the force that puts it in motion in the world. It’s not a battle… or rather it doesn’t have to be. This battles causes us the be divided against ourselves. Logic and emotion ideally work together. As one.

  • Unfortunately I think this concept only provides a light workout. On some exercises the resistance cords might have slack and folding them in half could be too difficult.

  • I just ordered this (in blue cause my boyfriend wouldnt use this if it was pink in a million years��) I’m so worried that I wasted my money. Can anyone reassure me that it was a good investment?

  • There is you(spirit,logic) & there is the brain(the tool trough which we interact with the body&the world).

    The more we practice control over our brain, the more enlighted,happy,fulfilled we are! (these levels of control over our brain are called chakras in spirituality. u have all the chakras balanced when you always do what u say…. that is it… this is how u become a buddha,an enlighted, like Jesus & Buddha himself )

    If there is a fight between you(logic) & the brain(how u feel) then the brain always wins. Because both mental & physical energy comes from the brain. (see OBS on the bottom)
    If u want to do something… get the energy from the brain. Tell ur brain what u want & make those pictures really energising, exciting! What exactly to tell ur brain?

    Avoid saying: “i have to achieve this outcome”,”i cant practice this action towards desired outcome”, “i choose this outcome as my goal”,  “I want this outcome”, “I expect this outcome to happen” 
    Instead say:  “i am enough,i dont have to achieve or do anything, What i do,i do it because i choose to”
    “I choose to take responsibility on the outcome(i choose to practice this action towards desired outcome)” notice that take responsability=take action
    “i want to practice this action towards desired outcome because i’ll love to achieve this outcome “
    “I demand myself to put this goal on my nr 1 priority”, “i choose to give myself up completely, to say no to unnecessary things &give it my absolute best”
    “I do my best & dont expect any outcome. The outcome is not for me to control. The only absolute control i have is to control my brain so it gives me energy for action.

    Everything is change, universe is change & what happens is neither good nor bad, it is nature & it happened before & it will happen again in future.
    If things go bad i go madly upset for 5 min (the 5 min rule) but i wont let it unsettle me for longer.
    Have i learned from what happened? if yes then move on bc there is no benefit staying upset.
    As a rule, we only hold on to that which moves us towarrds our goals. If it is not, we let it go.
    Have a diary of decisions. It will be easy to observe the patterns, in order to improve ur decision making. To make decisions quickly & change them very slowly if ever.
    (eg women repeatedly picking wrong men dont figure it out… but with a decision journal… it is easy to connect the dots)

    Motivation, determination, willpower, focus power… all this mental energy come from the brain
    But that is not all… cortisol hormone & other hormones required for physical energy &nutrition, glucose… all physical energy comes from brain. It decides to store it or give it to action

  • She’s using logic to change the emotion, she’s clearly reasoning. Emotion is always present, but when we apply logic, we then create a better emotion

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  • Logic is superior,it helps you solve all problems,diagnose issues,create plans,protects you in times of issues and danger,distinguishes between who is an enemy or an ally based on memories of past experiences and patterns of the individual and gets you out of an immense amount of danger.
    Emotions are the exact opposite,9/10 emotions are the cause of all your life’s issues,they cause you to be attracted to dangerous people,toxic individuals you shouldn’t allow into your life,it ruins your decision solving,pushes you to do irrational things,causes depression,drains your energy.
    I view emotions as a sort of a drug,like cocaine,they are hard to control and quit.

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