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Is Crossfit Good or Bad?

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“CrossFitters Are Wrong”. Disadvantages Of CrossFit Workouts.

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CrossFit The good, the bad and the ugly.

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CrossFit has done an incredibly good job at popularizing tough training using barbells. CrossFit is fine “Exercise” but it’s not “Training”. The undoubtedly impressive CrossFit Games athletes don’t use CrossFit programming.

There are good and bad CrossFit coaches, but the certification farm CrossFit has become often produces more bad than good. CrossFit is not Training. It is Exercise. And exercise even poorly-programmed random flailing-around in the floor for time causes progress to occur, for a while.

For the novice, CrossFit Exercise mimics the effects of Training, because it’s hard and because stress causes adaptation. Critique – The competitive nature of CrossFit makes it intimidating and dangerous. THE UGLY – People are inherently competitive. Get several competitive people doing something physical with a clock and it’ll get ugly.

CrossFit is currently experiencing a unique separation between sport. If there were to be a good, bad, and ugly scenario with CrossFit, it would go like this. The Good Overall, I believe that anything that gets people into a healthy decision to begin working out is. Uncategorized CrossFit: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sam Barber August 9, 2019 With the CrossFit Games taking place last weekend I feel it’s appropriate timing for me to put out my own opinions on the sport of CrossFit.

But for many others, CrossFit takes them to the point where CrossFit isn’t good enough anymore. For them, Exercise leads to Training, and CrossFit is merely Exercise. In other words, CrossFit has an inherent problem that it cannot seem to solve. The Ugly. Why can’t CrossFit: The Business Model solve the problem?

Because it doesn’t want to. But over the years, CrossFit has gotten its act together and matured; however, like anything, it still has its good, bad and ugly. THE GOOD. The good thing about CrossFit—no, the great thing about CrossFit is the motivation it provides to participants. The official CrossFit website suggests CrossFit as the “sport of fitness” that is based on “camaraderie, competition and the fun of sport,”.

The Good Crossfit is part of a training trend called functional training. That means that you are choosing to train your body for function rather than form. The quest is for fitness and adaptability, not for bulging biceps or rock-hard abs. This post delves into the good, the bad, and the ugly of all things CrossFit. It answers many important questions, including: What are the 3 most dangerous exercises in CrossFit gyms? What are the most common nutritional mistakes of CrossFit athletes? What do elite CrossFit athlete.

CrossFit Level 1 Certification – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly The CrossFit Open season is upon us, and this year I chose not to participate for the first time in the last four years. I am still keeping half an eye on it, and even got my 17.3 done at a friendly CrossFit Tarantula in Lecce, Italy.

List of related literature:

Roughly modeled on the CrossFit Games, the WODs are judged, and points are tallied as the competitors file through the day of WODs in heats.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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It bears more resemblance to something like CrossFit, with its emphasis on muscular endurance and full-body movements, as well as its disdain for machines.

“Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life” by Joe De Sena
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As defined by Glassman in the CrossFit Journal, CrossFit consists of “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.”

“Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong” by T.J. Murphy, Brian MacKenzie, Dean Karnazes
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CrossFit is no worse.

“The New Critical Thinking: An Empirically Informed Introduction” by Jack Lyons, Barry Ward
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CrossFit is undeniably one of the biggest trends in fitness, and it has profoundly influenced the way people train.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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If you don’t know what CrossFit is, it’s basically circuit training with a group of people who like exercising with their tops off, comparing six packs and drinking protein shakes.

“The Other Mother: A wickedly honest parenting tale for every kind of family” by Jen Brister
from The Other Mother: A wickedly honest parenting tale for every kind of family
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Ultimately, CrossFit is at its core competitive.

“Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm” by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
from Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm
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The event series begins with the CrossFit Open, where everyone (novice, amateurs, and pros, alike) competes together at their local CrossFit affiliate in an event that spans the globe.

“Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women's Sport” by Nancy Lough, Andrea N. Geurin
from Routledge Handbook of the Business of Women’s Sport
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That’s as much down to CrossFit and its ethos as it is about individual fitness.

“Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey” by Sam Briggs
from Start Your Engines: My Unstoppable CrossFit Journey
by Sam Briggs
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Pretty much every meme you have ever seen about CrossFit is spot on.

“Craveable Keto: Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Roadmap to Weight Loss and Wellness” by Kyndra D. Holley
from Craveable Keto: Your Low-Carb, High-Fat Roadmap to Weight Loss and Wellness
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  • Been invited many times by my friend to join his Crossfit community, NOPE. While CrossFit offers you a better sense of community, satisfaction and happiness since you can pull out many kind of exercises with your fellow Crossfitters, I just don’t want to risk my long term health by doing exercises which I think is done on unproper form. Slow progress with better understanding and proper execution is much better than fast progress with little understanding. The only way I can see Crossfit is a good thing is on how it motivates people to work out, just that.

  • Jerome I agree..I know friends and clients who have had tears in their shoulders and other injuries from it..I feel you have to be in good shape to train for cross fit..thank you sir for al, your knowledge..

  • Crossfit isn’t a good way to train. The injury rates are very high and if you don’t have a good level of strength and if you don’t have a good level of stamina, you really won’t be able to do it.

  • I think the concept of crossfit, that is combining workouts from all sorts of sports and stuff, is good but it’s just executed so poorly.

  • Power cleans and snatches are good to put into workouts but it isn’t exactly a high rep, touch n go kind of exercise 5-8 reps for a set is plenty and take your time between each rep, to get setup properly. Power cleans especially are a great leg workout

  • imagine risking your health the same amount as rugby players to be fit and “healthy”. Turning lifting into competition is just unnecessary and dangerous. I’ll stick to my gymnastics rings and rowing and cycling and mountain climbing and basketball and etc. Much better reward/risk ratio

  • I think crossfit as a sport is awesome. You turn up for the event and you don’t have a clue what you’ll be expected to do, 1500m run, swimming, rowing, weightlifting movements, handstand walking, pullups, dips, whatever. So you gotta be ready for anything. However a crossfit WOD as a training session, is bad. Why do I say that?
    Because you’re doing (in the case of olympic weightlifting moves) complicated movements that are more about technique than strength. Do you think an olympic lifter does 30 reps of clean & jerks? They do reps of one to 3, with their coach closely supervising them and checking their form. But if you do 30 light reps by the 15th rep you’ll be puffing and panting, but you can’t stop and take a breather cos the guy beside you is almost on the next excercise. So you push yourself on, but because you’re dying your form goes out the window, and you injure yourself. Also you might not do the same excercise for 2 weeks, or you might do the same excercise 3 days in a row, it’s totally random.
    How do the top crossfit stars train? I’d put money on it they have a structured training regime. Mondays they practice olympic lifts, followed by some strength training. Then a run in the evening. Tuesday, pullups dips and handstand walking followed by some rowing hiit in the evening. Wednesday more strength training, practice some olympic lifts but different ones than Monday, followed by some swimming in the evening. And so on through the week, each week the same thing each day. Let’s not forget their olympic coach probably has more than one client so it’s easier to book sessions the same time and days each week.
    Probably the only time they do a regular WOD is when they’re in a competition.

  • Why do people care so much? Cry about it. Crossfit makes me a better surfer and snowboarder. Its gets me out of the house and into the gym. I don’t take supplements, I don’t drink pre workout. I get in there and do the work.

  • Haha, sometimes I’m afraid to tell people I do crossfit (about 80% of the time) just because of that elitist attitude. But there are some awesome gyms that don’t have that douchie stigma.

  • In theory, crossfit is great combining the best aspects of each kind of training.
    In practice, crossfit is awful due to the rules describing how to perform each movement being so loose, people have found ways to optimize every single movement, even at the expense of the safety and sometimes life…
    All i can say is hate the game, not the players.

  • CrossFit is great for people who are already in decent shape, is looking for something extra to change their routine, and people who are not prone to injury. That was the original design basis (except for the Cross-Fit pull-up, which is f*****g useless and a joke of epic proportions). CrossFit is not good for people just starting out, people who haven’t stepped in a gym in years, and people who simply aren’t fit. E.g. if you can’t run a mile in eight minutes or under you’re wasting your time doing CrossFit. If you can’t at a minimum bench 135 lbs, squat 135 lbs, or deadlift 135 lbs, you’re wasting your time doing CrossFit. This is because there are far more efficient ways to raise your basic fitness, and you need basic fitness to perform CrossFit movements with weight amounts sufficient to make CrossFit workouts worth it. Don’t listen to these weekend CrossFit coaches who tell you otherwise. Look to the original CrossFit.

  • Here’s the answer in a short summary: cross shitters claim and to do things that in reality they cannot and act like its an achievement.
    It’s basically reinventing the wheel and then doing it wrong. To compare what cross shit does to a combination of real sports like weight lifting, it would be like taking down the net and removing the lines on a tennis court then just start smacking the ball back and forth to one another and calling it cross-tennis. It takes certain aspects of real sports and turns them to shit while calling it a new name all together.

  • Basically cross fit is EGO lifting all the time and its dog eat dog nobody gives a flying crap if you get hurt just get in the disabled line.. Its where the uneducated get a lesson on how stupid hurts

  • Thank you for your educated opinion I really appreciate it. Ppl often fail to see that bad example exist in every sport.

    I do realize that a lot of crossfiters are arrogant, but well just like they are im every sport I think… but well it is true some are over the top and act like vegans ^^. But well some just got overly defensive because of all the hate Crossfit gets, sadly most of it comes from ppl that don’t know much about crossfit. Like the kipping pull-ups are always the favorite topic of haters. But they just don’t realize that a good crossfit instructor only allows you to do kipping if you can perform some strict pull ups and they will always include strict bull ups in to the trainings every now and then. Like I do strict pull ups 3 Times a week and kipping i don’t even try them yet even though I’m doing cf quite a while now…

    Every sport has his good and bad, the point is that every sport has an other goal and depending of what someone’s goal is they should choose whatever sports is right for them.

  • Not a bad video. Rogue is a fairly crap brand but it is cheap (which is what makes it so popular). I also would like to give props to Planet Fitness. Their business model is amazing. Attract out of shape people at a low cost. They have almost all Life Fitness equipment which a crossfit gym could never afford haha. Remember, Pokemon GO was getting people outside and “exercising” as well….Not a good enough argument for crossfit.

  • I watched this clip but during the entire interview this guy doesn’t answer the question directly or have an actual conversation with Joe.

  • No one is forced2do crossfit,i do it because a normal lifting routine bores the fuk out of me&running absolutely destroys my soul.Its an extreme form of mild s&m&keeps me fit as fuk.Do it dont do it,makes no difference to me.Personally i fukin love it.

  • One of this things people like about CrossFit is they posh them self hard. The problem is ones you start doing things you were thinking you could not, you what to tell every one. Just talk to people who have run a marathon. The difference is they are doing CrossFit may times a week.

    As for bad form, just come back from a Strongman comp and holly crap! I was expecting some ones spine to pop out!

  • I’m wondering why Crossfit including the over-momentum pull-up for contest?…
    for strength training it barely has any beneficial.
    Does anyone know why? So confused about this.

  • My god the spelling on the left hand list ��‍♂️ and you expect me to listen to anything you say when you can’t even get basic grammar correct.

  • the “pullup” they teach is enough to keep me as far away as possible from it, but at least they’re promoting other real strength sports like powerlifting and weightlifting

  • Knee braces are 10.00 each at cvs
    You dont HAVE to get special shoes. Academy has something solimilar for 55.00
    Wrist wraps?.same thing..CVS..

  • I am not really sure what Firas is talking about here. CrossFit the sport, is competitive exercising with movement standards that have to be met by the athletes and enforced by the judges. Training for CrossFit is to balance training in ALL INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE sports out there. Martial Arts is an INDIVIDUAL sport, but it is a COMBAT sport, not PERFORMANCE.

    Performance Sport = Pure Physical Output (You either outperform you’re opponentin whatever you’re required to do or you don’t.)

    Combat Sport= Defeating an opponent under the rules proposed (You can walk through someone or they can give you a fight for your life and anywhere in between)

    Obviously, as a Mixed Martial Artist, you have 3 x 5 minute rounds in a typical bout. The only thing to be concerned with are combative techniques that are allowed by rules. How to attack and defend.

    As a CrossFit Athlete, you can have any broad range of tasks technically involving anything physical. (Olympic Events, Strongman, familiar exercise equipment)

  • The largest problem with crossfit is not with crossfit but with people. People are too lazy to learn proper form and too egotistical about their “WOD times” to perform them correctly. The “elitist mentality” is because people are just assholes, that shouldn’t be news to anyone. Of course, I think we can all pretty much agree that crossfit “pull-ups” and “burpees” are just bullshit.

  • I don’t think that bodybuilding vs Crossfit is an appropriate comparison. One is about aesthetics, the other fitness and functionality.

  • I’ve never gotten injured in the past 4 years that I’ve done crossfit no one really in the gym I’ve gone to has that I’ve seen the coaches really help and what helped me the most is i started slowly before starting to add more weight i mastered the movements with just the bar. It is a lot tho as in the video it is NOT easy but taking it slow will always help and also what i like the most is that its always different its not a repetitive routine

  • Crossfit is awesome but the more serious you wanna get or the more weight you want to push, your technique and recovery need to be just as good. People who get hurt skip steps or go for too much. I have lots of prior experience with hiit and all the movements and even I take it slow with the olympic stuff.

  • I’m doing crossfit now coming from bodybuilding and strength training and what I just HATE the most is that they focus on repetition even if it means you are doing it with horrible form, I’ve seen crossfitters doing pull-ups with grotesque technique praising themselves but can’t complete 12 strict pull-ups.

  • CrossFit for the masses, which is what it’s intended for is great. Go to a box exercise. It’s just frickin’ exercise. Competing is something else entirely.

  • Crossfit as a sport is an amazing concept. Athletes turn up on the day not knowing what they will be asked to do. Crossfit as system of training is stupid. I can guarantee that the top crossfitters have a structured schedule, and only do a WOD when they compete, or maybe when they visit a crossfit box as a paid exhibitor.
    Imagine an Olympic decathlete training 6 disciplines twice a week and the other 4 once a month. They wouldn’t win many medals.

  • How many of you have actually performed Crossfit and have a VALID opinion? Because it is obvious that all of you haters have never tried it yet want to hop on a bandwagon and hate on the sport.

  • I’m a crossfitter and this dude is intelligent, but he doesn’t know everything… he’s very educated on his preferred style of training, but there are others that are very educated on crossfit and know how to do it properly.

  • Okay form is not an argument.. you can literally get injured in a regular gym doing deadlifts or any exercise for that matter. So you’re saying CrossFit is only for ppl that have perfected their form and master the movements?

  • There’s a reason this video and your explanation is flawed: Arnold Schwarzenegger once said the price doesn’t matter if the gain is worth it to you. That said, I don’t do CrossFit, but I’m looking into it for story research.

  • What ever works for you. The best program or exercise in the world is the one that you will do. With all the over weight unhealthy people in the USA any thing that will get someone off of their fat ass and move is good. As a community of healthy people let learn to respect each other and leave the hating to the politicians.

  • He pointed out only 10% of cross-fit exercises. Spent 11:55 repeating himself to tell you how much pull-ups and pushups suck in cross-fit but didn’t point out the rest 90% of cross-fit. Which takes endurance, strength and perfect form. If you watch cross-fit you know this guy is just trying to make content and is not really sure what he is talking about, he has never done corss-fit.

  • I noticed that too. My teacher wanted us to do 40 sit ups in 1 min. And all it did for me was that I was getting dizzy. I’m not a fan of these short interval trainings. Better slow and proper form

  • i think crossfit is great because it’s made a lot of people start moving. Some of my closest friends led sedentary lifestyles until a year agowhen they took up crossfit. Anything that gets people off their asses and move more than they would have otherwise is good in my opinion, regardless of whether you think its good or not
    If it doesnt do it for you, cool, move on and do you. Just like with diets, people get very tribal with these things… if its not your cup of tea, great, keep it moving.
    I personally do other things and have my own goals so crossfit doesnt do it for me nor will i try it because i’d rather invest that time in my other fitness goals but i wont bash it. If it works for you and made you start exercising or start caring a little bit abt what you put in your body on a daily basis…sweet

  • Crossfit is hard.Same as life.Embrace the pain physical and mental.The human body is a tank.emplent every aspect of wieght training in your life and see what you become.Rule #1 don’t quit in anything you do.#2 work hard and stay humble.

  • I do 1 on 1 training at a powerlifting gym where I’ve known the owner for 10 years. It can get expensive but exercises like squats and dead lifts are dangerous if done wrong and you need individual attention to make sure the range of motion is there first before you even try

  • My old PE teacher in high school was a crossfit enthusiast (even left the job went to own a crossfit gym after I graduated). I will say that I wouldn’t know as much about the importance of compound lifts without him. However, once I moved into a more traditional bodybuilding style, I found that it was way less complicated and enjoyable for me. The SuperSets and stress on the cardiovascular system is just exhausting. Simply put, CrossFit is great for helping you start out in lifting, but traditional bodybuilding is best for actual gainzzzz…also just way more sustainable longterm for the average person.

  • Rich Froning addresses the early programming of crossfit. He admits that it was a circus. The programming now is way more organized and efficient.

  • Man, I was training at Jacksons Amateur MMA in ABQ (belt ranked wrestling for Amateur MMA) class and a coach who in my opinion had no business coaching was running 30 45 min HIIT as a warm up. Then when the students got together to work on learning basic wrestling technique they were so gassed they could hardly move. I was disappointed in the lack of professionalism. I think he was a cross fitter. He didn’t even pick exercises that were gross movements and most people did the exercises he chose very poorly. He was the worst coach I have ever seen. To be fair there were two coaches, and the other coach wasn’t there as often and seemed way more qualified. I wont drop any names but I hope he is not there any longer as he was going to get someone hurt.

  • Funny how nobody ever differentiates between competition (a tiny fraction of CrossFit community) amd geral fitness program. If he knows better program for an athlete and get them to the games. Put up or shut up.

    Pro CrossFit athletes making a living on these comps and sponsorships, they seek out the best coaches and trainers in the world. They’d do anyone’s program if it was the secret code to winning…

  • Face it… most people who does CrossFit are not going to compete in the games… they are actually doing it as their normal workout routine which is completely and utterly stupid because CrossFit itself is a very flawed and inadequate exercise program.

    Kipping dips, kipping pulls ups…. speed lifting…. Olympic lifting when they are fatigued…. lifting weight as a cardio workout….

    Completely stupid.

  • Simpletons will always only have simplistic views of the world, fitness is no exception. Well its retarded to train any skill after crossfit in the first place. What a load of bs zahabi brings out, disapointed in rogan for enabling disinformation.

  • Basically cross fit sucks. I ran track, and XC for a few hours and then hit the gym for a few more hours. I have CrossFit friends and they can’t keep up for shit..

  • Can someone explain the difference between crossfit and circuit classes? I had some free circuit classes at school and loved em. They started charging cause they were so filled ��

  • The traditional “CrossFit” American retards are doing is fucked up, and everyone visits snap city at least one time. The one we do at my gym though, is one that emphasizes good form. We don’t have many people (12 people in one class), and so the coach can actually watch people’s form. So yeah, hate on the retarded crossfitters, but don’t hate on the sport itself.

  • Wait a sec, so the guy who created this thing doesn’t even participate in it? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to anyone? It’s weird enough to watch someone having an epileptic seizure while dangling from a pull up bar; but then to learn it’s founder doesn’t even do it?!?

  • Crossfit theoretically sounds amazing, functional strength and cardio training revolving around Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics. In theory good in practice however it fails, I’ve met crossfitters who have proper technique and dont go full failure and are amazing athletes. If they fix crossfit I believe it can be a very good style of exercise but until then I do not recommend it ever.

  • I experimented with Crossfit for many years, as a training modality it has a lot of problems. It’s nearly impossible to incorporate periodization adequately when programming for a group setting where members come and go. Most box coaches don’t understand the concept of a de-load much less how to incorporate that in programming. I’d wager that boxes are disincentivized from programming a de-load. Technical lifts under load and fatigue lead to injury. The same can be said of gymnastics movements like high rep ring muscle ups, which have questionable benefits to begin with. I couldn’t go more than a couple of months without tweaking something and at the peak of it all my body comp was complete dog shit, walking around at 25% body fat despite doing WODS 5 to 6 times per week. I burned out and stopped Crossfit about two years ago to follow much smarter programming now and my body composition is back to what it was before I started this nonsense.

  • Crossfit is like wrong training made into a sport
    Ey i know you can do 60 pull ups but i can do like 100 swings
    Hey i also like running, lets only do like 50 meters of it

  • Im
    A bodybuilder who crossfit also. I like that crossfit involves me into succeeding and completing the workouts with a group of ppl cheering each other. U feel high from the accomplishment of the hard workout,great! But yes u do workout through fatique pharse in some pf the programs. With bodybuilding is more focussed more zen more in the zone i would say. I dont think u can be big but fit in crossfit if u dont train 6-8hours and pr the lifts all the times like the pro athletes do but u can train right and increase mass more realisticly with bodybuilding. I ��both!!!

  • A proper CrossFit regimen will result in a higher work capacity. To say that it wouldn’t help in martial arts is nonsense. I had no problem training CrossFit for an hour class or maybe even two CrossFit classes and still spare at the dojo the same day.

  • For anyone that’s writing comments about CrossFit being injury causing… the major study that came out “proving” this, just lost a major court battle for fudging and making up statistics about injuries in CrossFit and it is now going out of business because they can’t afford their mistake. I’ll attach the link with more info below, but the gist is that CrossFit isn’t anymore injury provoking than the other training techniques and sports out there, but this study has caused so many misconceptions.

  • Great video, personally I want to improve in all areas of fitness gradually and enjoy life, u would be dreading going into crossfit because it looks to extreme and ur bodywill constantly be fooked.

  • Regarding to crossfit, I have been doing to crossfit for nearly 3 years now, I have had 4 knee dislocations and none of it has been caused by crossfit. I had my 4 knee dislocations from tennis and netball before I started crossfit. My surgeon and physio recommended crossfit. I don’t where all of this is coming from where doctors are avoiding crossfit. I haven’t had a single injury this whole time. I do go to a good gym and I feel terrible that there are apparently box’s that do not promote good form. Furthermore, all sports will have members with bad form. Look at Olympic weightlifting, power lifting and body building. I know they r hard sports but I have gone to an olympics weightlifting academy, and I was the only CrossFitter there. And boy. Can I tell u. The other people who were bodybuilders, power lifters and Olympic weightlifter had the worst form. The teacher said I had an amazing form, and the best he had seen for a while for my age especially with ” pro ” weightlifters almost twice my age.

    Please stop hating on something I am sure alot of you have never done or even experienced. Alot of u are believing these unrealistic comments that r just there to put down our community. Can we not just love our sport.

  • Bad coaching and douchebag athletes are the only things wrong with CrossFit. Anything else deemed ‘wrong’ is a spoken insecurity.

  • I’m sticking to martial arts firas is right look at the woman in fighting there bodies are amazing now look at the woman who do crossfit most look like lesbians yeah no thanks in sticking to fighting

  • As I train powerlifting with some WODs, very good observations and take on CrossFit. Here are my suggestions to make it better:

    1. Less emphasis on timed workouts and high reps and instead concentrate more on technique (especially on Oly lifts). Unless one is doing competitions regularly, I don’t see a reason to go 120% on a Fran.
    2. Teach strict pullups FIRST before any kipping or butterfly pullups. A person should do 10-20 strict pullups before thinking to try kipping.
    3. Separate folks by fitness levels. Not everyone can do the same workouts/movements (personalization versus doing as a group). Workouts groups could be based on fitness levels to keep the community feel in CrossFit.
    4. More emphasis on regular progression on compound lifts like squats, deadlifts rather than doing a max session every few weeks or months. This was one reason why I shifted into powerlifting more.

    As for buying equipment like shoes or the speed rope, any hobby will have some equipment costs. I will say being a CrossFit affiliate and gyms paying affiliate fees could be done away with to lower membership costs.

  • Talking like he’s an expert on a sport he knows nothing about. Has clearly never had a session in a CF box under tuition of a CF trainer.

  • crossfit aka a Doctor’s boat and summer home source of funds. Also, I don’t need to have coffee or exchange hair tips with whomever I’m working out with.

  • Quality video right here man. You’ve inspired me to workout focusing on perfect technique and pushing myself to the limits using your progressive guides. I am definitely improving really quick.

  • Nobody goes all out everyday…. at least not the ppl I know. what r u talking about… this is kinda cringy to watch. ����‍♀️ a good box wouldn’t create high intensity workout everyday…

  • It’s not just the high injury rate; we also make fun of people for having horrible form and generally not being all that strong. The best CrossFitters are just decent weightlifters. A lot of the CrossFit coaches only get a weekend or two of training before being certified which leads to improper training as well. Additionally, the CrossFit games include very arbitrary and seemingly useless events like cycle cross. All in all, if you want to have a good balance of muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardio, just train regular HIIT, do the correct form, and maintain a good diet regiment. That will get you where you want to be without a high chance of injury.

  • I’m now doing CrossFit for 6 months and I think it’s the best option for 80% of people who go to the gym to lose weight and get fit and atleast in my experience the chance of injury is small because of the small group and knowledgeable teacher but I don’t know how other gyms are

  • If you exercise in a gym, you are in a risk of drug. if you workout in a crossfit gym, your joints will suffer from pain.

    To sum up, work out in a park. You can avoid danger from drugs and fast movements.

  • He’s exactly right. For athletes, heavy weight, lower volume and get out of the gym and work on your craft. Stretching is crucial. Strength training for explosiveness, endurance, and injury prevention by building up muscle and connective tissue.

  • a friend of mine has been doing crossfit for 4 years now, he still doesn’t look like rich froning, he’s still a skinny guy with terrible deadlift form.

  • Crossfit good or bad? Doesnt matter. Crossfit is like having to suck on weiners in order to receive free ice cream. Only crossfitters would do it

  • I have no problem with cross fitters doing their thing at a cross fit gym, but when they come to normal gym and start doing their annoying cross fit shit in the weight room it drives me nuts.

  • I’ve been in Crossfit for two years and we have great coaches who keep an eye on us while we’re working out and we’ve never had any of these catastrophic injuries shown in this video. Check your ego at the door and plug in some common sense when you work out. Have realistic goals and stop comparing yourself people much younger and more developed than you. Just do your thing and work toward your goals.

  • Crossfit is the equivalent of going to a fancy restaurant and ordering steak, potatoes, soup, salad, appetizer, soda, cake and coffee and eating it all at once.

  • Boxing/Kickboxing and Wrestling/Jiujitsu, that’s it. I do occasionally lift weights, just to see how much I can lift and increase. We do go all out (not burn us out) and drain the last bit of “oomph” we have with cardio that we have on Mondays and Wednesdays at the end of my no-gi class, but other than that we don’t role hard or anything like that.

  • Of course the form is bad but crossfit helps with everyday life amd not just in the gym. They are the most elite athletes because they can do all. I want to see big ramy run 2km and pull himself up on a rope. Bodybuilders are just strength exercises but who cares if you can bench press 200kg if you never need the movement in real life

  • Well shit… considering the west if filled with fat ass “everyone can be a winner” crybitches, and leftist governments that support the “Fat acceptance” movement… Crossfit doesn’t seem bad anymore.

  • So what do you have to say about body weight, like increase the most weight possible to do for example a front squat or a back squat or Push press.. Do you think its not going to help my preforming?

  • To be fair the old lady screaming wasn’t really CrossFit, it was more powerlifting. She was just being really annoying, so in a way I guess it was CrossFit actually. Nvm.

  • There’s only like two hanglean forms that don’t look like they’re breaking your shoulders and that one dude in the intro definitely did not do that.

  • Now i feel bad for a friend of mine that goes to this gym with his classmates and does this kind of… Workout? And always post their workout on facebook.


  • I am genuinely asking this…..what are the benifits of those kipping pull ups…….no joke intended here….out sheer curiosity only

  • My and my dad do crossfit and i love it. We go to a small place with a max of 12 people per session that way coaches can correct us on form.

  • Some clips were not even crossfit apart from that good on the founder. It’s always hard to find the next big thing that gets widespread among people who have no idea

  • Lol this dude, he hasn’t said anything. Hes talking about training vs competing two different things. No sport does the exact same thing in training as when they compete.

  • This guy doesn’t sound like he understands CrossFit. The workouts don’t have a strict structure so it’s hard to make a general statement like the one he’s making about it. Also they don’t tell you what exercises are in the games you just have to be as fit as possible to do well so his comment half way about doing something in particular to prepare for the games doesn’t make any sense

  • You’re not going to do traditional “Crossfit” when you’re a BJJ fighter…You are going to pick out exercises to further increase your performance like gymnastics. Crossfit has gymnastics, Crossfit has olympic lifting. People who are smart in Crossfit are going to practice skill-based movements and try to build strength to be better all-around. To say a BJJ fighter will hinder themselves by doing Crossfit is right if that fighter is doing cleans, snatches, and ring dips in one session. If that fighter focuses on gymnastics in a typical “Crossfit” setting, they will improve their performance. Also, if you’re training to go heavy in the “Big 3” AND you want to keep cardiovascular endurance, you’re going to focus on movements that build strength and cardio. Guess what: that can be Crossfit. It’s just the people with poor form and flashy gear that give it a bad name. Everyone can benefit from it if they have a goal to work towards.

  • At 1:11 when pavel says “what you would do is…” This is the point where there is a fork in the road of listening comprehension for basically everyone in the comment section. Some people think he is is saying this is what crossfitters actually currently do. Some people think he is saying this is what he would do to succeed at the CrossFit games. Some people don’t know what he’s saying at all. If you didn’t get the video go back to this mark and rewatch.

  • kipping pull ups look absolutely ridiculous ��‍♂️ Full Range of Motion is so damn important. Thank you for another kickass video Chris ��

  • Working out till you throw up is ok you may need too at first but when you are late into your body goals it should not be a common thing or a thing at all. The only time I think it’s ok is if you are starting doing cardio because idk about you guys but if you run hard you will puke

  • A huge majority of the people doing Crossfit aren’t training for the Games, instead, just trying to get in shape and push off the nursing home. At the core it’s about mechanics, consistency, then intensity. Nobody wants to do burpees or wallballs for 40 minutes though, no matter the training program.

  • Decent video. As with anything, there is good, bad, ugly. Crossfit is not for me, to each their own…Noticed the brief dig at Planet Fitness. All the people that hate them because they are successful, lol.

  • You’re an idiot. You can sever your spine and destroy your kidneys by just weightlifting and bodybuilding as well. In a combat situation or a situation where you need pure athletic ability, CrossFit is the way to get you there. Look at CrossFit athletes and then look at bodybuilders, who do you think can perform athletically, running, jumping, lifting and everything combined. Bodybuilders are just muscular for looks, CrossFit athletes are muscular and fit for every condition.

  • Living in socal there are more CrossFit places than Starbucks lmao. It’s really annoying that everyplace I work there is a CrossFit place blasting music and taking over entire business parking lots to do their stupid shit. I do vehicle wraps and work for a bunch of different shops and every one of them has a fuckin annoying CrossFit place next to it lol.

  • This is an interesting look into the most extreme form of crossfit, but it is also extremely and intentionally misleading. Painting the entire practice based on those who take it to an extreme is just poor research

  • as an avid crossfitter, ill say one of the biggest issues with crossfit is that anyone can be a coach. $1,000 and passing a two day class is all you need to get certified. whenever you join a crossfit gym its a roll of the dice as to how good your trainer is. ive been lucky and have always had great trainers but i see some videos where the trainers really shouldnt have their licence.

  • why is the old lady at 1:34 in this, she might be in a powerlifting meet and trying to pump herself up. Bit insulting to throw her in this video

  • I could trump most of what they moron is saying. And Ive been corssfitting for two years. And in multiple gyms I have never seen an accident that has hurt someone. Sure ive missed the box here or there but shit you can do that in the real world.

  • I just paid 250 bucks to a crossfit challenge, I haven’t started yet. I went to the meal prep class and honestly, that was the part I’ll probably only take away from it. Im not gonna do the training and I’ll just continue my gym membership after these comments.

  • You were being way to nice on crossfit in this video. All it is, is a giant fad that the vast majority of people doing it aren’t even in great shape. The exercises are huge injury risks, like Olympic movements that were designed to get heavy ass weights up for ONE rep done a MILLION times. Not beneficial for muscle growth, like kipping pullups which are fucking useless, and the people in it are like sheep who are misinformed about the science of exercise. More gyms isn’t better when the gyms out there are teaching bullshit and getting people out there to do fucked up shit and become sheep.

  • Haha, the confused comments are amusing. He’s saying to exercise at an intensity you can hold for 40 minutes.
    Competition prep is another matter, and not relevant for most people

  • Problem with crossfit is there there are way better exercise program that achieve greater results with far safer method and less damaging to your joints.

    Like calisthenics for instance…. it a better style and safer and better results…. why would anyone do crossfit when they can choose calisthenics. Even taibow or yoga is better than gayfit.

  • Ive been training Crossfit for about two years now and i literaly have no idea what people are talking about…The myths about injury, inproper reps,vommiting the crossfit mentality which means if you didn’t get injured your not doing it right…In two years ive seen one person hit their knee on a box jump never seen anyone vomit.As for proper reps in training we almost never do kipping or butterfly mostly strict pull ups unless its specified for cordination or cardio…And as for the mentality my crossfit coach literaly won’t let me do an workout if im not doing it right (preventing injury)….So idk about other boxes but the one im in is literaly oposite of what people are talking about crossfit.

  • It’s too much of the same thing.

    MMA is cardio and strength endurance heavy.

    CrossFit is essentially the same thing.

    So MMA guys strength program should be somewhat of the opposite.

  • Lotta butthurt crossfitters in this comment section. You guys clearly know nothing about flow training. There are COUNTLESS evidence-based articles that have linked CrossFit exercises to increasing a person’s risk of developing early onset Arthritis due to its extremely high impact and emphasis on the body’s stable joints and alignment. Don’t get me wrong you can get into incredible shape through CrossFit training but Firas is talking about the LONGTERM REPERCUSSIONS it has on your joints. Listen or don’t it’s your choice. But in 20 years when your loading up on Nsaid’s just to get through the day because of all the chronic pain you experience from all the inflammation in your body you’ll have NOBODY to blame but yourself

  • Thanks for explaining this to us. This was such a good breakdown on the pros and cons of crossfit that now I am more confused than I have ever been to why I want to do crossfit and why I don’t want to do crossfit. Wait a minute let think this over again. Lol

  • Clearly has no idea what crossfit is, saying adaptations can take place in a short time so no need for constantly varying the movements and intensity. When one crossfit workout can be 3 rep max deadlift then another can be 5k run then another can be an amrap he has no idea

  • I think you missed one more advantage… the group atmosphere really helps with motivation. something you don’t get at a normal gym (unless you have a group, which creates schdeuling issues)

  • Dude doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Crossfitters don’t go all out every workout. Hope he enjoys early dementia from constantly getting hit in the head all the time.

  • He is basically saying that all we have discovered about HIIT this recent years is useless because he have to sustain the training for 40 min…well you don’t need to be a researcher to take a look to the internet and read about a few papers about HIIT to put his statement in quarantine

  • I tried crossfit for a month, and it isn’t really the best for health. 2 weeks into crossfit, my shoulder started to lock up and just hurt. They treat technical movements poorly; pure disrespect on how dangerous things like CnJ and Snatch, they use these technique intensive movements as conditioning and higher reps which is obviously really bad. Watching crossfit videos where people flop around just hurts, but it is more cringe inducing when you are there watching. The weights(plates) they use are kinda sketchy in my opinion, it seems too light when you hold it.There programs aren’t really that goodmovements are all over the place with no real progression, seems like each session it is a totaly different movement. One that really fucking floats my boat isit’s so damn expensive! Like 3x times the cosy of a regular gym.

  • I mean, couldn’t the same to be said about most things? And “it’s hard” is not a reason to do it… learning Physics or Latin is hard. It may not be for you is a legit reason, but step aerobics is not for me, should that be in my top 5 why people shouldn’t do it?
    People pushing themselves beyond their capability causes injury in anything… powerlifters can get hurt pushing themselves, same as a running back trying to get an extra yard, or basketball player overreaching to slam dunk… and the same goes for crossfit… work within your scope and you would prevent those injuries.

  • Does that mean cyborg from teen titans is a crossfitter based on that one episode about how he talked about pushing himself past 100% every day before he became a cyborg

  • In fact, elite sprinters and most athletes are all about relaxation/explosiveness… Sprinters are strong as hell and explosive, but they can’t tense up in the race, and that’s what 99.9% of the CrossFitters do… Proper breathing and “overall relaxation” is what exercise should be about…

  • This dude has a fundamental lack of understanding of what crossfit is. It’s a sport, NOT a style of training. It’s like saying “show me a champion gymnast who’s also a champion in jui-jitsu”.

  • How about weightlifting bodybuilding style where you get for example Monday chest Tuesday back etc Is this any good or harm while also training mma?

  • My friend the personal trainer: we don’t care how many reps, we just want good form so you don’t hurt yourself.


  • Classic olympian weigtlifting is best to build pure strenth & explosiveness. Istvan javorel complex is one of the best routines to build

  • Who is this guy!? Crossfitters do not focus on PRs you are wrong dude like have u ever done CrossFit consistency for like 3+ years? Gawd I definitely yelled at my phone cuz this guy is a moron.

  • I’m in New Zealand and I haven’t experienced a CF box (i’ve had 4) that goes for PRs every session, most do a 8-12 week cycle focusing a bit of everything i.e. a couple lifts, body weight floor, cardio and something on the rig with a testing week at the end. Perhaps the boxes I have been to have a good head coach, a good mix of coaching experience i.e. gymnast, power-lifter and Wrestler (was a good coach) and then programming. I mean shit we do some fatiguing stuff but any ‘heavy’ strength component is usually done first then a higher intensity WOD with fairly simple movements.

  • Well it highly depends on trainer who shows how to do crossfit. I actually started traning at the beggining of the year and tbh it’s not like we are doing everything based on speed. When I wasn’t able to pull up I was said to be doing negatives from box but my negative had to take 5s to engage muscles. When we are traning with weights we also are said to do it correctly. It is usually dinamic but not always.

  • Now this is just some bullshit… First 2 points were that crossfit trainers are not paying attention and not teaching you the right technique which honestly isn’t true. Maybe in some shitty gyms but not all! 3rd crossfit doesn’t give you depression! It actually makes your life better and gives you positive energy… And now the prices are also different in every gym. Here pretty much every single gym costs 50€/month for an unlimited subscription. And talking about the techniques, everyone in any gym can do them wrong and can get injured if they haven’t got it down and perform lifts with heavy bars! These arguments you mentioned is something that can happen in every single sport out there. Have you ever even tried crossfit though? And to all these people just hating on it in the comments, you obviously have no idea what crossfit really is and all your oppinios of it comes from this guy hating on crossfit without ever even trying it….

  • Body Weight exercise CAN be easy to recover from if you do the basic movements (Squats, Pushups, Chinups, Crunch / V-up). Once you get into the advanced movements in Gymnastics / Calisthenics: Iron Cross, Hanging Leg Lift, L to V Hanging Leg Lift, Muscle ups, one arm chin ups, handstand push ups, hollow bodies, pistol squats / shotgun pistol squats, shrimps, ring work, russian dips, anything with a Tuck, or full L-Sit etc etc. THEN you have a more difficult time recovering since these movements require time, control, and focus to execute properly.

  • Nearing comptn day, athlete will perf some peaking sessions to attain brief lactic acid absorption adaptation, hoping to carry into comp day ( think that what he said)

  • I don’t understand why every time someone criticizes CrossFit he starts with the CrossFit Games. CrossFit is not the CrossFit Games. Same way, playing basketball afternoon is not training for the NBA. Also, the absolute majority of the WODs are way under 40 mins…. The CrossFit games are the top of the top of CrossFit….0.0001% of people training CrossFit get there. You want to criticize CrossFit? Fine. Go to a box, see what average people are doing there then then say whatever you want to say. Criticizing CrossFit based on the Games is ridiculous…

  • I think that Crossfit is very valuable however only in moderation and not so much for mma. Obviously in a sport you should train for specificity to acquire the skill so yea crossfit is decent just not well suited for mma.

  • I admire anyone who takes time out of their day to exercise, but when I see crosfitters it reminds me of a bunch of young vegans that don’t know how to workout and just make it up as they go.

  • Well anyone who trains crossfit knows that you do learn proper form on some stuff he said you didn’t and with 7 months of CrossFit experience I can say say form is not the problem also CrossFit is not not callisthenics, callisthenics is a part of CrossFit but if you learn it all you can’t master 1

  • Clearly he is not factoring in the PED’s they do to help recover. It’s the only way to do 6 hour a day intense workouts in training

  • I really appreciate cross fit… I used to think they had the best overall fitness and capability. Now I reckon it’s wrong to pick one thing. Some cross fit, some body weight, some hiking/cycling/swimming/paddling/sailing, some martial arts, some climbing, some yoga, some dancing and good sex:-). You know, a good life in general. The most enthusiastic and/or most autistic among us zero in on one thing, and excelling is awesome. But for the best life and the most capabilities, a mixture is surely the correct way. Thanks for these vids Joe.

  • His opinion is just his opinion. I like crossfit, I do crossfit for the last five years, but I understand what Firas is saying. Most of the crossfit people are dumb as hell, most of them kill themselves every workout and then, they get lots of injuries after some time.

  • CrossFit is totally useless. Did it 10 years ago and nothing but injuries and constant burnouts. I started Muay Thai And bjj. Got into the best shape of my life with a lot of functional strength. Firas is right. Respect for sharing, brother.

  • This video is not about crossfit… all you are saying is have good form. You can get hurt just as easily in a regular gym. A good crossfit gym will teach good form and modify movements for individual people and scale it to your needs. It may be expensive but as a 3+ year crossfiter I can personally say it is the best investment that I have EVER made. Finally, for all the people who say crossfit sucks, they either have never done it or are too cowardly to try it.

  • in my opinion these crossfit gyms is rip off, you can do all these exercises and stuff at normal commercial gym. it’s just a trend or something fancy naming, over here a cross fit gym is £65 (I’m British lol) and normal gym £14.99. That’s huge difference, all these exercises can be performed at normal gym.

  • Crossfit is like entry level Strongman with a big focus on cardio instead of strength.
    I kinda like it, but all coaches and most “Athletes” I saw preached bad form and kipping:/

  • Every Crossfit gym is different based on who the coaches are and how they program. Just like anything there are good coaches and bad coaches. Programing for strength and conditioning is unique, as it rooted in science but is also an art form.

  • So if you do crossfit you will have good endurance but no strength so yeah and every body that says that Chris only did this video to promote calisthenics is false he says he gave all the respect for each athletes

  • It’s dumb for him to put down crossfit. Not everyone is the same. I don’t even do crossfit but I have friends who do and they are animals

  • Come on. Almost all of the people in the CX-fit games are on PEDS, especially the females. That’s why it’s bad, or an indication that you can’t train like that and make gains without PEDS. You just don’t see females with gigantic eight-packs in normal athletics, even Olympic lifting.

  • I’m not trying to be a martial artist. Most are brainiacs and this is how much physical they use to offset cerebral. So. Mma guys ate not coming close to nirvana. Plus. Crossfit guys dont get kicked in the head

  • It sounds as if he’s saying crossfitters don’t train crossfit to prepare for their competition. It also sounds like crossfit itself is more of a fitness test than an actual training routine.

    What about in the military? Crossfit is somewhat popular there, unless it’s really just glorified hiit

  • I joined a CrossFit reluctantly.. it’s the only gym in my area that’s open thanks to Covid. Coming from a powerlifting/body building routine… I kinda hate it lol but it’s all I have

  • Nobody in crossfit is allowed start doing kipping pull ups. You have to be able to do 10+ strict before you progress to kipping. So it’s actually the opposite of what he is saying.

  • I ended up here and glad that I did. I have a point to make about CF but first, let me start off by saying that I wish I had seen this video way sooner. I actually “muted” you because of other channels that made you out to be a complete moron and cocky douchebag but after seeing other people’s videos about you (some of which include you), I could somewhat see through their hate and could tell that they weren’t giving the full story.

    Why this is tied to my point on CF is because I took the leap to make fitness a profession and became certified through NASM earlier this year. You were one of the main people that I followed in my quest to further my knowledge as a fitness until I was deterred away by other channels. I will say that because of your channel, I was able to spot a lot of the stuff that I saw them doing wrong. I’m already hardcore about proper form and let the other coaches know about some of the things that I saw. Their response was, “that’s normal because CF isn’t about form. It’s about the work”. I was pretty skeptical of that statement but whatever. Then I started hearing about people having injuries for a while and working through them. I ended up sustaining an injury myself and have dealt with limiting my workouts for over a month now. This was what made me disassociate myself with it altogether.

    CF is good for some people but I, personally, try to stay away from it.

  • Funny that I get the video recommended moments after I’ve signed up for a trail training in a crossfit box. Now I completely agree with you but apparently not all crossfit boxes are like that (fortunately). A colleague of mine has been training there for years now and the part that got me is that the trainers there are all physiotherapists. They don’t do the time shit and don’t just push for as many reps as possible. They enforce proper posture and a another big thing for me is that people are training together, not against each other. Well, let’s see..

    On a side note: I mainly want to get “back” into shape, didn’t do much apart from rehab after I’ve broke both my legs about a year ago and soon I’m allowed to go bouldering again. Still, I think when I start with crossfit I try to stick with it along bouldering.

  • What’s up Jerome Bro! I appreciate the time and effort you make to add new videos every time or as much as you can. Do you think Crossfit training is more rewarding physically then weights?

  • If crossfit is bad then olympic lifting should be bad too cause the box i go to, the basics are the first steps. Proper Pull ups are also done in crossfit, we just call them strict pull ups. Sorry we don’t have one handed pull ups but there’s kippy and butterfly. These are just some rules related to crossfit just like they kick the ball in soccer and throw the ball in football. people aren’t doing crossfit so they can be ripped, jacked up so they can show off at the beaches but mostly to have fun while working out and meet like minded people, hang out and have a good time. not everyone is good in all clean, jerk, snatches, squat, pull ups, burpees etc so you see different kind of crossfitters. like someone said down, “Crossfit is for anyone but not everyone is for crossfit”. Be open, try it.

  • Pavel explains right away why he doesn’t want to critique Crossfit and for sone reason Joe can’t understand it. Crossfit, by it’s nature and design, is completely opposite of what Pavel understands to be the best way to work out. Pavel says there’s no reason to critique it and change it because to make it more his style changes the very nature of what Crossfit is.

  • Judging by the narrators commentary and the specifics about how hard CrossFit is and how wanting to quit sounds like a personal experience. His negativity sounds as if he sucked at it and is justifying why he quit and why he doesn’t enjoy it. But why does he have a need to talk people out of trying it. In general it does sound like he is hating on CrossFit contrary to his claims made in the video.

  • When you talk about injuries it depends on the coach, I’m doing crossfit since 3 years I got a double hernia and crossfit helped me and i didn’t get a simple injuri since 3 years and my cardio is on point and my physics too

  • Do you now way piple do crossfit bicaseee itssss ezzzzzyyyyy its not hard no no no douing 100 pullups ow wow how did you do dath well with shit form insted of Getting 60 lb around yore weth Like a fackinggg mannnn!!!! And do strikt pull ups

  • As a CF-L1 trainer, I definitely am here to admit that CrossFit has its issues. However, saying that we “throw form out of the window” is nonsense. Trainers and coaches are actually taught to preach mechanics, consistency, then intensity. When you have the mechanics down with consistency, that’s when you even begin thinking about efficiency. Do all coaches and athletes follow that? No. But you can’t call out everyone in that aspect. And about the pull-ups, you definitely need to be able to perform strict pull ups before moving to butterfly or kipping. And no those pull-ups aren’t “stupid”, they’re different. It’s more of a gymnastics movement

  • Great critique of Crossfit. I don’t disagree with any of your points….and I train Crossfit. I appreciate the fact that you can disagree or not be a advocate of Crossfit, yet can still recognize some of the benefits or potential benefits of this form of exercise. You, also, don’t resort to any name calling not that I would get offended if you had, but, rather, it has a greater potential of having a beneficial effect on other crossfitters. Yeah, I’ve heard my fair share of ignorant, negative and elitist comments from some crossfitters that makes me shake my head in amazement. With that said, I have a certain level of pride, but that pride is not derived from being a member of training Crossfit or trashing other forms of training. It is derived from my hard work I invest into living a healthy lifestyle which means I eat well and train hard. Thanks for the post and I have subscribed to your channel.

  • I did CrossFit for a few years. There are some major problems with CrossFit. The main issue is that the workouts don’t allow athletes to properly brace and breathe during workouts that contain Olympic lifts. This caused me some serious back pain for over a year and I had to stop doing CrossFit. Funny part is, when I started focusing on core stability and breathing and bracing, no more pain. So, all you CrossFitters out there, be careful and make sure you are bracing correctly. Your coach isn’t always correct. Also, if you plan on doing CrossFit, then be sure you develop your core muscles as much as possible on your off days. CrossFit doesn’t do nearly enough core work to keep up with the demanding barbell work that is performed during WOD’s.

  • Aw, you had me going. Here I was thinking “he could be making some ok points” but then you went and did something stupid.

    You went and used “crossfits own site” as a source about how good crossfit is, of course they are going to say “we gain more muscle than body builders”. Like going on a neo nazi site to see if the Nazi’s were decent people.

    IF crossfit gave better gains than body builders, don’t you think you’d see body builders doing it? Truth is, most of them can’t do some of the movements. How are you going to see Kai Greene doing box jumps, hand stand walks or using rings for fucking anything?

    Can’t believe you used their own website as a source of how good they were, rule number one of research don’t use the website of people you’re talking about!

  • Definitely good points. I’ve been doing CrossFit for the first time the past four months 4x week, and I notice these problems. People in the gym trying to make the fastest time sometimes cutting corners; everyone does at some point. Coming from years of gymnastics and multiple other sports, I have come to like CrossFit and definitely will stick to it (even though it’s mostly lifting and cardio: there’s not much gymnastics). It’s the best option I have found for adults that want more out of a gym membership. I just take longer to finish a workout, so I know I actually worked out! The rest of the hoopla, I can take it or leave it, but it’s nice getting to know people that you workout with.

  • Crossfit is great for cardio development and gaining great functional strength. I would incorporate progression workouts on other sessions to get the best of both worlds and keep workouts fun because it’s never the same. I still love classic lifting days. Awesome video, very informative

  • Preforming compound movements and other complex exercises is great if you know what you’re doing and you shouldn’t do them quickly which is why I have a problem with crossfit

  • An old idiom from ballet is that practice doesnt make perfect, it makes PERMANENT. It’s better to do it right than to do it a lot.

  • Can’t wait for the fitness/longevity video, I’ve read alot of best life expectancy exercise is walking about 1 hour a day along with other healthy habits such as not sitting for long periods of time, healthy eating, healthy sleeping and much more.

  • I tried to do as many pushup as I can in let’s say 1 minute and actually did quite a lot. But when I put more focus in the pushup, like taking 30 secs to do 1 pushup, I just became stronger and stronger. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to workouts

  • Once I tried CrossFit and the coach only show us the movement once we needed to do as much reps as possible in a short amount of time and… I almost broke my knee

  • I can remember about 69/70. Holiday Health Spa in Costa Mesa Ca had a 20 station circut room set up. Sometimes we would go thru it 2 or 3 times

  • It seems he applies the benefit a particular exercise will have to an MMA athlete to all things. Not saying CrossFit is great but they are some “fit” fuckers in that arena & yes I understand sacrificing functionality etc for intensity is not smart

  • you shouldn’t criticise or discredit crossfit when your sport is calisthenics. It’s totally different. And quite frankly it’s very rude especially when you act like an expert on the subject matter of crossfit. This video just shows you’re insecurity on crossfit. Have all your clients switched to crossfit boxes hence you’re making look crossfit bad? I feel Bad for you if that’s the case. Do You really need to taint crossfit just to make yourself look good? Nothing is wrong with crossfit. You’re interpretation and lack of knowledge about crossfit is the problem.
    Crossfit is different from calisthenics. Don’t compare them. It’s like comparing how a dog swims in the ocean compared to a dolphin.

    JUST try to promote your calisthenics thing by focusing on the benefits and advantages of it.

  • crossfit is validation for former highschool & college athletes who graduated into a life of utter mediocrity as adults. they usually have shitty entry level jobs in careers like real estate and insurance sales.

  • I am 10 years in gyms already and ive done almost everything including Crossfit and all i have to say is that crossfit SUCKS and is one of the most overated craps i ever did, for my taste that is.

  • I would blame the referees in the actual competitions. No one has respect for you if your judges don’t even govern fairly. Every year at the “Cross shit” games there’s at least a dozen articles released the next week about cheating, scandals, incorrect form, blood doping, competitors not even getting past the first round, and so on.
    You can’t gain credibility when the standard is junior high school level.

  • The goal in training is to gain strength, become more efficient and improve your overall fittnes, therefore (in training) many crossfit athletes do strict pull ups, push ups and all of that. However the goal in competition is to win, that is why these athletes have developed new techniques to do each exercise in the fastest way posible. Because in competition what you really want is to win. I think you have completely missed the point of crossfit. These athletes are still able to do numerous strict pull ups, muscle ups and many of the other things you do.

  • Hi Chris
    I have been training in the Martial Arts all my life
    I prefer Technique over Quantity and I know when I see A Good Teacher
    Who cares about my Health and Fitness for the Future

  • This guy misrepresented the CrossFit methodology. Average CrossFit workout is 5-15 minutes. Long-form workouts are reserved for less than 20% of total workouts and generally focus on monostructural movement: running/rowing/etc.
    CrossFit emphasizes functional movement (of which this guy is a fan) performed at high intensity (primarily in short duration scenarios).

  • I want to see someone competing in crossfit sports with perfect form,not giving any f for judges comments scores etc,just want to see how crossfit world react to that.

    Sorry for bad english xd

  • To each their own, I’m three months in at my CrossFit gym and it’s more like family there everyone supports each other and the staff is super knowledgeable and is always there to support proper form and movement.. I’ve had them take weight off when my form was not there and I don’t do snatch’s or other movements that bother my shoulders.. both have torn rotator cuffs.. I wasn’t horrible when I started but definitely not in shape, I never worry about finishing first just getting In good reps and that is stressed by all the coaches there…nothing is for everyone and just like everything else there are places and people that give things bad names so don’t be afraid to get off the couch and try something new you may find something magical that changes you’re life too..!!!!

  • When you said, that people come to you and can do kipping pull ups and not a normal pull up, that depends on what CF gym you go into, in the CrossFit gym I go to the trainers always train the begginers to do normal pull ups first and after that when you can do at least 10 normal pull ups in a row then they teach you kipping pull ups

  • Estás mal, en el Crossfit en las competencias existen jueces que si haces mal un ejercicio no te lo cuentan y tienes que volverlo a hacer. Las push-ups que hiciste como hacen en CrossFit así no son como las hacemos. Infórmate antes de opinar por favor.

  • This video is totally misleading. You defined crossfit based on doing as many kipping pull ups in a certain time frame? That’s not the only thing CROSSFIT is about. What about the running, swimming, weightlifting, hand stand walks, biking, box jump, etc. crossfit WODs include many aspects of fitness combined together. To build both your strength and endurance. Take the murph workout for instance. I dare you to do a mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and another mile run. All that under an hour time cap wearing a 20 pound vest. Now that’s high intensity. Proper form and technique is a must in any sport. Not doing so causes injuries. Proper form is required in crossfit competitions. The judge will shout the hell of you “no rep” if you do it half assed. In crossfit you do workouts based on your own fitness level. Some do kipping pull ups cause they can’t do Strict pull ups Yet. Eventually they will be able to do muscles ups too.

  • For a while I have been looking for reasons why people don’t agree with Crossfit and to be honest I’m surprised how many people talk about it as if they know Crossfit, but are so ignorant of Crossfit. This video is a prime example and the other 3 of Joe i watched today as well. I can honestly say Crossfit changed my life, my wife’s life and everyone who i have known to do Crossfit has said the same thing. I think Joe should have Fraser on is show or at least do a few Crossfit classes and get involved with the Crossfit community. Too many assumptions expressed as facts.

  • A lot of the CrossFit coaches aren’t even certified. They don’t know what they’re doing. Plus the founder Greg glassman or whatever his dumb name is said that scientific research is “made up.”

  • Let Haters hate.
    POWERLIFTING, Bodybuilding, Crossfit,
    All involve lifting weights with Intensity, I’m happy whatever Fitness works for you. Spend more time Training than hating & you just might make some more gains for your chosen discipline.

  • Crossfit is actually an exercise in masochistic self-flagellation. I know that is a big word for many of you but i can assure you it is in the dictionary. They don’t call crossfit “Retard Torture” for no reason. I actually love crossfit, but that’s because I enjoy the torture aspect, and am myself a retard. But! I will say that it’s much better than going to the gym and getting your pump on bro, as it forces you to do movements you wouldn’t otherwise do. It actually is functional fitness, and if you control the weights and use proper form it’s one of the best fitness programs out there. Not everybody is going to look like this dude when working out…but that’s real life. Case in point: Rich Fronig or however you spell his name is the best crossfitter of all time, and the “mofuggha” doesn’t even do crossfit…literally the guy does like…other shit. He’s a pro though, and I think any pro (like the dude in this video) is going to look at crossfit and be like “dafuq?”. However, I think crossfit workouts are a great tool…not the end all by any means, but they can be used strategically to build fitness quickly. This is especially true for someone who needs to build up their cardio and base level of strength who has been out of the game for awhile. Combining crossfit with yoga, stretching, and whatever the hell this guy does is a great routine. Crossfit is an easy target for those who are already in shape. I used to dawg crossfitters all the time for their gay outfits and ridiculous hardcore antics…then I got fat and out of shape and actually joined a crossfit gym and I got fitter than I’d been since I was ripped and doing steroids at 19…in like 6 weeks. I ate right, supplemented correctly, and did yoga and plyometrics in addition to crossfit (also did lots of cardio playing basketball) but the crossfit provided me with a laboratory to test my fitness…much like this guy’s gym. Sorry for the big words.

  • I agree with the video. However, there are people who do cross fit and it appears to be good for them. I agree strongly that it is not the safest thing to do olympic style lifts without years of training and practice. I mean, olympic lifting is not even too similar to powerlifting. Olympic lifts are amazingly involved, and heavy attempts are not for beginners, even a well conditioned beginner.

  • have you tried it? or been to a crossfire gym before? if not or if you haven’t tried it enough (been to a good gym not just some joe-shmo gym), you have no credibility lol

  • Joe says the retard word as im brushing my sons teeth who was born with an extra chromosome on the 23rd pair?(down syndrome) in ever cell
    How poetic he looked at me and didn’t change his expression of being stoked! And he heard the word which was even more weird seeing him not give a heck. For bed time..
    was waiting ��

  • I thought this might help the next time you do a video.

    Definition of Majority
    a:  a number or percentage equaling more than half of a total. a majority of voters a two-thirds majority
    b:  the excess of a majority over the remainder of the total:  margin won by a majority of 10 votes
    c:  the greater quantity or share the majority of the time

    Good Luck on that next video.
    P.S. CrossFit? Who cares?

  • A good crossfit gym will have a begining fundamentals class that teaches forms, and after that they still scale down if they ain’t ready.. ive been doing crossfit 2 months and I still haven’t done a few different lifts. My gym also has the equipment I need and for beginners (less than a year) will not be lifting Olympic weights… and I just love crossfit! I feel amazing and I’ve gotten �� I’m a lil salty of the negative with it.

  • Great video! I did crossfit a few years back while cutting weight for wrestling. Worked great for that! Then once the season was over I figured I would stick with it. There was ZERO noticeable muscle gains. I never reached hypertrophy, never felt like anything except my legs were isolated, and things like my chest and shoulders lost quite a bit of strength compared to what I had going with a 531, 4 day split.

  • i know lets use our whole body for the exercise so we get a complete workout….when you only need one muscle group. lol. Like in the pull ups swinging like that is not helping strengthen shit. just a great way to hurt your back.

  • You didn’t mention the fact that it’s quickly becoming a cult. If your friends join, don’t expect to see them anymore, at all. Also they will do everything they can to recruit you whenever you do see them.

  • Is this a joke? Absolutely pathetic…. you know there are people out there who care about form and aren’t deterred by something just because it’s hard? Sure CrossFit isn’t for anyone who is oblivious to their form and not up for a challenge, but this video was an absolute joke because you are pointing at everyone in general and saying that they are incapable of doing hard things and doing them correctly.

  • crossfit is a health fad. just see how many people in the military run out and do it, p90x, crossfit, etc. greatest thing ever when youve never had a proper workout session, just causes more injuries, but similar gains

  • Perfect form! Makes perfect sense!:)
    That being said, I have to say the person with the (in my opinion) highest amount of energy I ever personally met was a woman doing crossfit training. We were helping a friend to move to another place, and she has so much power and endurance that everyone else, including me, was highly impressed. I was (only) doing Parkour at that time. I later learned she is actually not only practicing it but is a trainer. Wow, she was strong!!
    I think Calisthenics gives extremely strong muscles and great body shape, also enormous will power required to engage those muscles at maximum strength. Crossfit may not shape your body as well, but the endurance you get is incredible. Cool thing would be to combine the strengths of both!

  • First thing that bothers me in this video: WTF is he doing with kepping push Ups?that shit doesnt exist

    Second: CF is a kind of workout completly different from what you are doing, Im CrossFit we dont do only those things, in CrossFit we have like 5/6 sports in there, like gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting etc… And there are competitions in CF so of course you would want to BE Faster than the other guys, you wouldnt go to a 100m Run and say that their form is bad because they are doing it fast and not with form. But that doenst mean that CrossFit does not train strict Pull Ups, HSPU, all of that things that you do. In CrossFit you ALWAYS, but always star with the basics and then progress to a more efficient way, and it involves way more skill that what you think, doing a butterfly Pull up is way harder that doing a normal Pull up, not on therms of strenght but In skill, that shit is hard as fuck.
    And you saying that guys from CrossFit cant do 3 strict Pull Ups in a row, man most of those guys can do ar least 20 unbroken, and Many of them came from gymnastics and stuff like that, and we can do a lot of things in calisthenics, like hand stands, like hs walk, probably not as good as you, because you train ONLY for that, but if i would ask you to do 10 thrusters and 10 cleans you probably couldnt. If you Judge a fish from his abiliity to climb trees, he Will always BE a loser

    And third: i see a lot of guys that say that CrossFit brings you injuries, Thats ONLY because or you didnt listened to the coaches and try to do things with bad form or way more weight that you can handle, or the coaches were shitty. Im my case, i do CrossFit for like 5 years now and i never had an injurie coming from CrossFit

  • I think really depends on the gym you go to, I’ve been to gyms that have really great programming that involve proper stretching, warmup, and cooldown. I’ve also been to gyms were they flat out have no idea what they’re talking about and just profit off the brand crossfit.

  • I played rugby for 4 years (prop), more of our guys got injured doing this stupid crossfit camp vs doing drills (80% tackle drills). I hate it personally…and I tell most people to stay away because the people who get “certified” have little to no experience.

  • I read an article about crossfit when it was no more than a spot on the horizon. Years and years before it hit the mainstream. It wasn’t anything like what it has become. The idea was created by soldiers in combat zones in the middle east who had no access to equipment of any kind and wanted to workout. So they came up with programming that was centered around body weight exercisespush ups, pull ups and sit ups, mostly. These exercises were done circuit style with very little rest between sets. They named the different workouts after their friends who had fallen in battle. This is why the people in crossfit boxes name their WODs, even if most of them probably don’t know that’s why it started, and the names have changed over the 7 or 8 years since I read that article.

    I was already doing basically the same thing at the time, but not nearly the volume, and I still do these exercises as the backbone of my programming. But what crossfit has morphed into is absurd. There is no good reason to do olympic lifts that require impeccable technique with a heavy weight at a high volume, among other ludicrous examples. This is counterintuitive to what working out is supposed to be. You workout because you want to feel good, not because you’re trying to grind yourself into the ground. I say to each his own, but I don’t get it.

  • To make this video devoid of bias. Make it a competition. Can you do a video where you compete with a crossfitter under their rules? Then you do a video of them competing with you under your rules? Your problem is your dictating what the point of training should be. You want to do the most complicated exercises as a calisthenics guys, but in CrossFit… it is about reps for functional movements. Remember, when it is a sport, the goal can be very much subjective. And from what I heard with CrossFit… They do train with progression but only do kipping to compete. It’s like wrestlers and ju jitsu… In collegiate they don’t teach all the same moves as in ju jitsu bc you cant lock hands when your on top in collegiate wrestling…and the ultimate goal is to pin, not tap out your opponent. I don’t think what is right for ju jitsu is right for collegiate wrestling or vice versa… Moreso, I don’t think one is better than an other. As an aside, progression is usually in all sports. And in CrossFit, it seems to me… the training fits the goals of competition.
    -from a non-crossfitter

  • Two excellent hits here. The Elitist attitude of crossfitters and the Cult like atmosphere. That is common in roller derby as well. The only people in the world that exist/count are other derby people. Not to mention, of course, shitty form and injury. And of course, everyones’ favorite, Rhabdo.

  • Simply put incorporate journaling (you respond to what you did 2-3 weeks ago), learn how to do tapering and then peaking, which is specific to the competition. But look at the bodies of the XFitters. They HAVE to do ‘roids to be able to compete at that level. It’s super obvious that the women are doing steroids. Thus, XFit is bad. They will regret it down the road.

  • For crying out loud Joefucking do a CrossFit workout already. Bite the bullet already. And what the hell does it matter how track athletes train in relation to doing CrossFit for fitness or as a sport? This is nonsensical.

  • There is nothing bad with the idea to be efficient, CrossFit is competition and to have the best results one should be as precise while working out as possible. So during exercise one should not sacrifice quality over quantity, but when competing you should be as effective as possible. Also in competition, there are judges and they won’t accept anything done questionably.

  • Just for the sake of being balanced here is a snippet from one of the top coaches in Crossfit. Watch the whole thing if you’re feeling ambitious but 10:00 13:00 should dispel most of the misinformation and generalizations being made here in the comments.

  • “…cult-like”? Nah bro, it’s a cult. Trust me I’ve drank the cool-aid. And once Greg Glassman dies it’ll be a religion. It’s like Westboro Baptist Church; you don’t realize how crazy and stupid you are until you get out.

  • I started doing CrossFit in the Marines back 2007. It was new back then. After about 6 months of doing it I was able to drop an entire minute on my 3 mile run time. Was already running sub 18 min 3 miles. However, as time went on doing CrossFit, I accumulated a number of injuries. Being completely exhausted and then banging out 10 reps of 275300lb deadlfits, or 135lb thrusters is dangerous. My lower back and shoulder are permanently fucked from doing CrossFit.
    It’s hard to keep a proper form when your on your 5th round of 3 to 5 different exercises for time, with zero rest. I think you need to separate power lifting and high intensity interval training. Onnit has a great approach to this with their workouts. I quit doing CrossFit back in 2016 and I have focused on exactly what the guy is talking about in the video. I can tell you my overall strength and recovery from previous injuries has improved significantly. Just my 2 cents

  • You did nail that elitist shit on the head tho they act like they’re the first that discovered how to burn fat and gain muscle. And cf will NEVER be better than body building it might be more popular and more mainstream but it will never be better

  • Show me anyone who is a BJJ champ that’s also a champion strength and or endurance athlete in general, not just Crossfit my dude. That’s not Crossfit, that’s just human limitations of how many brutal sports you can ‘champion’ at once. I’m pretty sure there’s lots of people who do Crossfit and BJJ.

  • I think certain elements of CrossFit are excellent. I think it made a major contribution to resistance training by incorporating explosive power, cardio, flexibility and balance into a well rounded training regime. My principal objection is pushing inexperienced people into performing complex movements (i.e. Olympic lifts) past their point of fatigue. I’ve done those lifts for many years and they are great but once you become fatigued and your form breaks down they can become very dangerous…particularly as you begin to lift heavier weights.

  • I’ve been working out at CrossFit for 4 months and I really like it. After over 20 years of being a gym rat, runner, biker, boot camp, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Fun, Positive, Challenging  I keep growing and getting better. The people and culture really make it.

  • I have known crossfit enthusiasts who didn’t look like they exercised at all but they were frustrated that they weren’t losing weight after years. Crossfit isn’t a program, it’s like running on a hamster wheel of futility.

  • The problem is that anyone can open a CrossFit Box. I went to one where they had requirements and prerequisites to do certain lifts. The owners were Crossfit athletes as well.

  • Crossfit= functional fitness
    Crossfit is not making you look like a young God.
    And crossfit is not only pull-ups.
    CrossFit and calisthenics, you can’t compare those two.

  • I did CrossFit for a few years. There are some major problems with CrossFit. The main issue is that the workouts don’t allow athletes to properly brace and breathe during workouts that contain Olympic lifts. This caused me some serious back pain for over a year and I had to stop doing CrossFit. Funny part is, when I started focusing on core stability and breathing and bracing, no more pain. So, all you CrossFitters out there, be careful and make sure you are bracing correctly. Your coach isn’t always correct. Also, if you plan on doing CrossFit, then be sure you develop your core muscles as much as possible on your off days. CrossFit doesn’t do nearly enough core work to keep up with the demanding barbell work that is performed during WOD’s.

  • I’m confused what is wrong with doing push press and power clean? The other stuff is ridiculous but I don’t understand why those 2 are considered bad

  • I CrossFit three times a week. In the conventional gym two days a week. No injuries here, only fitness and strength and good general health. I have a great group of coaches at the CrossFit gym and I know how to choose the correct loads for my Olympic lifting movements.

    People with ego issues get injured most in a crossfit gym. These people should not be allowed to go past a certain weight with their lifts. Until their form and strength and cardiovascular capacity has increased.

    Running is the sport that produces the most injuries of all. I don’t hear anybody hating on running here.

  • I have never done crossfit, just now looking for videos: Im puzzled, if you have done this sport, how come you did not mentioned anything positive about??? It takes away credibility.

  • I’ve done CrossFit at a couple of different gyms and I have to say the workouts were fun. Now the thing with CrossFit is you have to find the right “box” for you. Some like to do more Olympic style weight lifting while others are more cardio based. Also some boxes are built more for competition so if you aren’t the most fit person you should find another place. Another issue is you really need to listen to your body when doing CrossFit and take care of yourself on the off days. You really need to focus on recovery. I didn’t and hurt myself multiple times because I thought I should just man up deal with the pain and keep training to make yourself better. After $2500 in PT and MRIs I learned the hard way if I”m to do CrossFit again I need to pay attention to my body and ignore the ego etc.

  • I‘m doing CrossFit for more than a year and this is the first time I’ve seen a kibbing push up. Furthermore we are doing far more strict pull ups than kibbing pull ups. In each session the major part is about skill and strength development. In fact, all I’ve heard in this video about CrossFit is entirely new to me.

  • Crossfit is competitive exercising. They compete at exercising the hardest. The problem I personally have with them is that they don’t accept responsibility for all of the injuries they cause people. “You, a beginner, should know your limits and not do things that will hurt you” conflicts with their general attitude of “pushing yourself as hard as you can”. It’s impersonal and irresponsible for a company of their size, especially when even healthy people are pushing themselves too hard.

    So I always steer people away from it and try to fight off the “bro’s” defending it with their ‘bro’-logic. “It’s healthy, I’m a personal trainer, don’t judge people, blah blah blah”. I view it as very dangerous. You can do much safer exercises in a safer environment away from the crazy zealots and get the kind of results you want. Crossfit is basically just one giant marketing campaign anyway and no one’s missing out on it.

  • I dont get the people that hate crossfit i do it and when people hate on it with ‘horrible form’ itrs not crossfit its some people who do it wrong

  • Two year old video and it’s still hitting the nail on the head with the elitist attitude these damn crossfit gyms have. In a sense it’s almost like a middle aged people club for people who didn’t stay in shape when they were in college or they were lazy couch potatoes.
    I’m 20yrs old and I’m in excellent shape and I have been giving crossfit a whirl again just to see if it could be beneficial to gaining some decent muscle. I have good coaches and I’ve grown a lot with form and movements in Olympic weight lifting.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of people who have some sort of macho bullshit attitude.
    Also I have struggled to gain weight and muscle yet my strength has still progressed in small increments. Is it because the majority of my lifts are high in reps and I do a lot of cardio?

  • Crossfit is great for building herniated disks, irreversible vertebrae definitions, abdominal hernias, knee injuries, wrist snapping, Quasimodo posture, rotator cuff tears and so on…. It’s the best way to do it guys