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How to Use A Foam Roller: Step-by-Step Guide By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: October 8, 2018 • 13 comments In the last few years, the foam roller has become a staple in commercial gyms. 10% of every piece of equipment in a modern fitness facility is now some type of foam roller. How to Use a Foam Roller. Locate sore/tight area of muscle; Control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area such that it’s centered above the roller; Lower body onto the foam until you reach a point of discomfort (not pain) and hold it there for 20-30 seconds; Roll.

Place your foam roller on the floor and sit in front of it with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Carefully lie back and lift your hips slightly off the floor. Slowly roll your body over the roll, pushing your torso away from your feet, using your legs to guide you. You may feel your back crack as you roll back towards your feet. How to do it: Lie on left side with the foam roller near left hip.

Cross right leg over left and rest right foot on the floor with the knee bent. Using your forearm, roll along your outer thigh. Sit on the floor and place the foam roller under your RIGHT lower leg, between the base of your calves and your Achilles. Cross your LEFT leg over your right.

Press into your hands and lift your hips off the ground to apply pressure onto the roller. Slowly walk your hands towards the foam roller to roll it up your leg. Best Foam Roller For Seniors.

For seniors, my recommendation is to get a longer foam roller as they are easier to keep in place while changing positions. They take up a bit more space but the comfort of use is worth it. If you pick a too short one, they tend to roll to the side and away from under you as you move. Foam rolling basics 1. Sit on the ˜ oor and place a foam roller underneath your legs, just above your knees. 2. Relax your feet and legs.

3. Use your hands to lift yourself up and roll back and forth from above the knees and to the beginning of your glutes. 4. Keep your torso straight and. Place the foam roller under the straight leg just above the knee joint.

In a forearm plank position, lift the body up and start to move the roller closer towards the hip. Do that 4-5 times, hold at your point of intensity, and then start to bend the knee on the same side as the foam roller into a hamstring curl position a few times. A full-color, step-by-step guide to end pain, regain range of motion, and prevent injury using the foam roller With this helpful full-color guide, you can learn how to use your foam roller to remediate muscle strain caused by everything from sitting.

Start with a 36” soft foam roller. As you roll, always engage your core, keep breathing, and try to relax. Two to three minutes on each muscle group is usually all you need, say Shane.

List of related literature:

With Full Foam Roller Place your hands on a full foam roller.

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Run the part over the smaller roller, moving a steady speed to take off an even amount.

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To apply foam using the roll-in method, follow the steps in SKILL DRILL 12-11.

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To use a foam roller, lie or sit with the belly of the muscle needing recovery on the roller and then roll back and forth on it so that the entire length of the muscle is manipulated by the pressure.

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Keeping your leg relaxed, create pressure into the roller by driving your hip toward the ground.

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By using your own body weight and a cylindrical foam roller, you can perform a self­massage.

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However, a foam roller can make a great, inexpensive tool for core stability work and balance challenges, especially in the supine and prone positions.

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I don’t have a foam roller.

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Or, if you’re like me and don’t have oodles of time to foam roll before and after a workout, you can spend ten to twenty minutes once or twice a week making sweet love to a foam roller.

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  • Best foam rolling video. I just done it my second time. Lot’s of pain. I need find the guy he advised me by the firm foamroller and do him your routine on it ��

  • I had a herniated disc a few months ago and followed your advice on one of your videos, it helped a lot. Thank you for these very helpful and informative videos.

  • I can’t stay up or sit for very long I have to lay down to ease the pain for every hour or so. when I do this I feel like there is something very loose in my mid back and when I roll it makes a noise. I have very little feeling in my hands and I numbness tingling in the hands. I can turn my head about 70 degrees right but only 45 degrees left…

  • Hey guys! I bought a foam roller but it’s a little chunkier and shorter than the one you guys are using. Did I get the wrong kind? Because it kinda hurts when I use it.

  • Tired to look for the foam roller in this video at the link its sold out…..currently having a terrible back spasm and on day 2 wonder if there is some other site or roller you recommend….I have multiple sclerosis and have these spasms often and wanna give this a try I’m tired of being in pain ��

  • yes….avoid ” the package” omg rofl you guys are great! and never thought about the “wrinkles and gray hair on the inside” thank you….good to know…..NOT but yes…you guy have relieved a lot of pain in this 61 year old old gymnast and dancer body..that fell off of too many horses…and crashed big on skies when hit by a psychotic skier…so thank you

  • Baldness is an indication of not being properly hydrated, not enough sun to the scalp, not having a plant base or pescatarian diet. For hydration filter out the water and add limes….add Celtic salt to your food for it has vital minerals…is how you fix baldness and aches on the body in addition to the rolling therapy from above…it has been working for me and I’ve added fasting to get rid of type 2.

  • What if you have both RA and Ankylosing Spondylidis? Because I hear a lot of ways to use a roller. And what you guys say… It’s for people that don’t have these types of autoimmunes…

  • Please I need your help. I can’t do this stretch on my right hip. I’ve had bursitis since I was 16 (I’m 31) but I’ve never had an orthopedist look into whether I have other issues involved. This is what I had been told for awhile though, simply, bursitis. When I try to do the same exact stretch as you, I can’t even bear weight from mid thigh to hip. I can roll on my gluteus and that feels fine
    It’s my outter hip and thigh, it’s so painful I can bear any weight what so ever on the roller in the exact way I’m being told. Could you weigh in on what is possibly wrong and how to do another less painful stretch?

  • I love this channel but I wish Brad would speak more. He is very thorough and likes to go into detail explaining why to do x,y,z and why not. It gives me a much better understanding of my own anatomy!

  • Wow, I’ve been haphazardly foam rolling at most like once a month for 2 years now and I guess I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. I’ve always had a little bit of soreness while doing it, but this just destroyed me in the best way possible, of course. I definitely got a lot to learn ��