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Not only that, but we often say “yes” to things only out of obligation and end up regretting our decision. Today, we’re going to start using two important words in our life to stop doing crap we dislike, and start spending more time on the things that are TRULY important to us. Those words are “STOP” and “NO.”. Level up your life by continually learning and expressing your creativity on a regular basis. Drop me a comment below and let me know what book you’re planning to read or creative activity you’d like to pursue!

I’d love to hear about it!By combining two incredibly powerful words. Two words that empower you to see beyond the present. you need to change things up in order to grow. The power of life. Level Up synonyms.

Top synonyms for level up (other words for level up) are improve, advance and increase. What if today could be the day that two words change your life? ask for what you want, create your reality, empowerment, fear, paradigm shift, words have power Joanna Ortega. How to use these 2 simple words to elegantly manifest your dream life! If you desire to amplify your results then I highly recommend investing in my 6 Phase Visioning Meditation.

There is absolutely nothing like this on the market. It takes you through 6 exquisite phases that will create the ideal vortex for your dream reality to manifest. Today, you’re going to level up your life. If you’re anything like me, you’re big on the whole “come up with ideas” part of life and slightly lacking in the “JUST DO IT” part.

You’ve told yourself for days, weeks, months, years that you’re going to get in shape one day – enough with the excuses, procrastination, and delays. 2. Charles Swindoll on what happens in life “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Charles R. Swindoll. It is not so important what exactly happens to you in life. In most cases, you cannot change it anyways.

However, what is really important is how you think about the events in your life. A Two-Word Question That Can Change Your Life. It is a bold claim; that a two-word question can change your life.

Bold, and true. This two-word question is helpful in nearly every life situation, and I will give you some examples in a second. Amazing. Astonishing.

Astounding. Astute. Authentic. Awe-inspiring. Awesome.

Basic. Beautiful.

List of related literature:

Level Up 3: Growing stronger is life’s greatest pleasure.

“The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening” by Various
from The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening
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Peace, health, serenity, happiness, nirvana.

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Life-Giving Words 5.

“Soul Detox Participant's Guide: Clean Living in a Contaminated World” by Craig Groeschel
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To Survive, v. To outlive.

“English Synonyms Explained, in Alphabetical Order: With Copious Illustrations and Examples Drawn from the Best Writers” by George Crabb
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LIFE—for helping me achieve the

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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Using it wisely, leisure promotes, health, long life, efficiency, and happiness.

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Living, breathing,

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Life-giving words build and increase strength of character.

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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This lady… first I thought “oh gosh,not again “ but I’m completely turned around, she is so beautifully eloquent at this…S=p❎R. She’s not only excellent at explaining why saying “thank you is so important.She speaks from personal experience. I too speak from that same emotional turmoil. There nothing more unbearable than having a beautiful baby with an illness without a cure. I’m so thankful for my children. Both in past teenage years. So grateful my older brother sent me this video.Thank you,Thank You thank you ���� THANK YOU ����

  • This really resonated with me because i recently started watching Alpha Affirmations’ videos, and things that were previously difficult for me(including nofap) have become effortless. Change your self-image and Become Who You Are.

  • Guys. I know the gyms are closed but if you run to walmart or tjmaxx, you can buy weights for like $5-$10 and resistance bands too. Get a mat for 12 bucks and do some at home workout. Fitnessblender on youtube has great workouts. Remember ladies, were not making anymore excuses!!!!

  • Double thanks for this video. To God first and to the speaker.

    Sincerely thank God and the next person for all things good and bad.

    Your life will be different in the best of ways.

    Love this video

  • Thank you for teaching that gratitude is the key to power. The face of bravery that has been hard to see. I do not believe in “no cure” anymore. Also, chronic illness led me to gratitude and acceptance of contrast… and, yes, to the wisdom of Ayurveda. Thank you so much for sharing this teaching.��

  • Wow! Definitely a different way and approach to dealing through painful experiences and life’s ups and downs. I pray your son is well. Thank you for sharing your experiences in the hopes that it may help others. It has helped me ����������

  • Loved this video man and this omni game series is awesome. Thanks to you I’m 2 months free of porn and still going strong, whereas I could barely quit for a week before I started watching your videos. This is the best channel on YouTube

  • Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for everything and every experience good and challenging that has made my life j exciting Full of purpose and abundantly joyful. Thank you thank you thank you. X Veronica

  • This video is like a blessing straight from heaven! Just going trough some rough times and this is giving me the inspiration to keep going. I love the analogy of being a seed of a tree and that you are becoming more of who you are. Very grateful man!

  • Hello Mark! I have a question. I am on no-fap (hardmode). I have hit 7 months today and it feels great.
    I do want to have sex and some point and I will. I am concerned though. I have never felt this good (and masculine) in my life before. My concern is, will I be able to maintain these benefits of no-fap while having sex? I see you havent masturbated in years but do have sex, how has that been? (Sorry for the extra question) Cheers.

  • Britneyandbaby’s son has duchenne also (spelling?) Maybe you could help her feel better about his diagnoses since you have been through it! Her son is like 4 I think

  • Gratitude and thank you have all but gone in the younger generation in UK its shocking, older generation had the gratitude and moral stance it was called common courtesy nowadays its a sign of weakness sadly any way Thank you, its gratitude that brings happiness and not happiness that brings gratitude, Namaste Amen to you all,

  • Thank you for this amazing video! It speaks to all the things I’m doing right now and the fact that you dropped it on my birthday feels like it’s a sign from God even though I’m just finding it this year.

  • thank you so much for this. It really woke me up since i recently started a new job and although I’ve been received really warmly by management it has left some of my peers disgruntled by it which made feel like I had to dim my light in order to gain their acceptance. BUT NO MORE! Since at the end of the day my goals, ambitions and drive are COMPLETELY my own and they wont be there to help me get to the next level. Or even be the one to give me a good recommendation for the next job that comes my way. So yeah Im going to turn my light back up to 100 and continue being the BEST me I can!

    Thank you so much for sharing your voice and encouragement! ��������������������������������‍♀️������

  • Thank you for this video!!! I just posted a video on my channel with my goals for 2019! And being the best version in me is one of my goals.

  • wow i love this i have been sick for a long time major depressive disorder now that im on medication i find joy and im going to say thank you for all things. im going to try

  • Amazing video! You opened up my heart and helped me purged. Thank you for your bravery to share your experience on how we as mother don’t always respond as we are suppose to respond to our children. I can relate to that as a mother of 4 kids.

  • This message was exactly what I needed to hear! What an excellent presentation! I know and understand the value of gratitude but I get side tracked with the problems and stress. My body and mind are telling me to do something! I also am a professional and want to share this concept with any and all with whom I have any influence. Thank you!!

  • I’m grateful that I met Dr. Sethi and became one of her patients. I’ve followed her recommendations to the letter both food as medicine and gratitude. My physical and mental wellbeing have improved significantly as a result.

  • Great video and my summation of it to win at life:

    Constant internal positive self affirmations. Start there. (70% of our self talk is negative, change it to 100% positive).
    Law of attraction (Physics) what you imagine you create. Imagine winning at life, create goals, visualize, vision boards, etc., rehearse it daily, work hard never given up and you will succeed.

    This is a simplified version of course but that’s my take away of this video.

  • I commit to dressing with style, no more leaving the house looking like a hot mess. And it includes losing weight. All out committment ������������

  • Who’s ready for 2020 I hope everyone becomes successful and has fruitful year where all there blessings come there way and accomplish and manifest there dreams

  • I’m committed to improving my style to not only get the career I want but to express to the world the woman that I am and to show off my confidence!

  • Absolutely love and appreciate this video ���� Such great motivation for women/men of all ages, change starts within whenever you choose to ������

  • I wish I could like this video a hundred times but I’ll just simply say how amazing this video is! You expelled inspiration, assurance, and confidence! Something that everyone (including myself) needs every day to push themselves a little further than the day before. Again, thank you for this!

  • Loved this video ���� I just recently subscribed to your channel and hontyyyyyyyyy you’re the bomb. My goal is too stay consistent with eating good,working out, and just taken care of ME

  • Great video!! Bravo to you! �� ����You spoke the truth and I’m here for it! Know that you are very blessed for being so wise and insightful at this young precious age �� ����. There are people twice your age who don’t have half your wisdom! Good luck to you in all your endeavors! ��

  • Great book that deals with changing your identity: The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman. If you want to check the idea out, he’s also got a long and very interesting talk on this topic with Tom Bilyeu:
    @UniversalMan, it would be amazing if you could have a chat with this guy, maybe on your podcast. Also, I started gaming again recently… Do you think anything good can come from it, when one sets time limits and keeps them?
    Anyways, greatly appreciate your stuff, keep it up!

  • Hi I just love how you acknowledged Father God above 1st.
    You’re on the right path! Blessed New Year to you & yours! How’s your puppy…����
    For this New year I want to start preaching/ministering in church as that’s the call of God for my life! When I start of there I know God is going to do great and mighty things through me for His Kingdom & as the verse goes that my Gifts/talents shall make room for me, in Jesus name! Amen! ��

  • Thank you for this content. I have a lot of dissonance within my soul and the part about centering and healing the scars really resonated with me. Where do I find the content you referred to?

  • Hey sis i love you so much already������ I’m a new subbie���� ty so much for this video girl you are the best. Keep up the good work. I LOVE YOU SISTA!!!!!������������������

  • I am so excited to see a young female youtuber exhibiting knowledge and wisdom beyond her years������ I loved this pep talk because I needed it and I am also 20 gonna be 21 this month������ #Bahamas

  • I seriously needed to hear this! ��❤️ you have motivated me to become a better version of myself. I’ve been telling myself that 2019 is going to be my year and with the grace of God, it sure will. Thank you!! BTW I love your videos!

  • I commit to dress like a sharp professional, even though my company is quite casual, because I want people to know even though Im young and a junior analyst, I am there for the big deals! I want to continuously grow in my career, and I commit that my style will match my professional goal.

  • Oh my gosh Taylor you are so on point with everything girl! Some people may think all of this should just be common sense but it’s so especially not for those who are struggling with poverish thinking and generational cycles. Thank you so much for your encouragement you are truly an inspiration to me girl love you so much for slaying at 20 and not just for you but slaying for all of us so we know the way to get there too! Thank you like THANK YOU GIRL!! I’m going to write down my plans but a couple of things I know for sure I want to lose another 15 lbs in the next 3 months, I want a new great full-time job by the end of this month, and I need a good place of my own to move to by the end of this month so couple big things by the end of this month and at least 5 more lbs off by the first of February. I have a purpose and anointing from God too Amen! I want to fully be operating and living in my purpose this year. Oh and I want to be fully ready to be married this year. I want to be the best I can be for my future husband and future children and family and get married this year! Thank you so much bless you girl!! ����������������������

  • Im very thankful you make these videos. Im working on myself right now and I’m having some difficulties and motivation problems on some days. I use your videos to help remind myself what I’m working for. This one came at a good time�� gonna keep doing my best in this bigger game.

  • You’re the only speaker I’ve found on YT that actually feels like they KNOW what they’re saying, not just running off on tangents.

  • Thank you you’ve been such an inspiration and I know now i will accomplish my goals! Which are losing weight changing my lifestyle and loving myself, continue to accomplish my schooling for the career I want, being the best mom I could be and getting a new home away from negative people even if they are family

  • It is so good that all of your vidoes and courses are connected with each other. Just by watching them, we level up and start playing big:D
    Thank you!

  • Lauren you’re amazing! I’m committed! I’m committed put in more work to dress more stylish, so I stand out in the both my professional and personal spheres. I’m also committed to exercising and dieting so I feel better about myself. Finally, I’m committed to whatever you throw my way:)

  • I love your videos and your energy Taylor! I’ve started my goals a little early. My grandma passed in November, I started thinking about life a little different. I’ve always said I wanted to do YouTube & Model and I have been but I’ve never been super consistent, I’ve always struggled with procrastinating. At the end of November I stopped listening to music and watching TV. I’ve only been listening & watching motivational videos & I’ve been planning all of December! This year my channel & Instagram is going to grow, I’m going to be able to quit my 9-5 office job. It’s all about personal growth & consistency �� I’ve been reading a few books as well. Thank you for this video. I’m excited to keep up with all of your other motivational videos!

  • You are literally everything I look for in a YouTuber!!! If I only could be subscribed to you, I’ll be completely satisfied!!! I love you so much. Thank you for being you.

  • You literally touched my soul!! Nothing but facts ������ honestly so speechless thank you sis for the prep talk! Needed this
    This Year Is Ours �������� So excited��

  • I am committed to dressing in a way that helps me get a promotion. This means working on my style, my body by exercising regularly, and my skin. I am committed to working towards being the very best version of myself!

  • You are so right about unrealistic goals! Thank you for grinding and being an inspiration! 2018 was a painful yet beautiful growth journey, I started my channel..I’m growing becoming better..I’ve lost bonds..but it’ll be worth it!

  • I AM READY! Thanks Daymond John Powershift: Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome…POWERSHIFT AMBASSADOR by DAYMOND JOHN!

  • The talk about friends actually made me cry, you are such an inspiration and this made me see things clearer.
    I’m now realising my friends aren’t my friends for the right reasons, they don’t care that I’m trying to change myself for the better and in a healthy way.
    It will be hard, but I’ll try with every cell in my body to drop them.
    Thank you so much Taylor.

  • Taylor, everything that leaves your mouth is actual wisdom and I’m so glad you keep sharing it all! ❤
    My Main goal this year is for consistency in everything I do, specifically healthy eating, working out, and productivity.

  • Happy New Year to you as Well��
    ����God Bless u����
    Great NicE VideO As AlwayS
    Love That ThumbNail ThO
    ��Your Absolutely PrettY����
    Makeup Look Amazing������
    ����Nice PrettY Ass LipS����

  • it does work…contact Gary null for protocols he or Luann pennisi might have for m s

    I had 5 sign offs to get to give the title company before I could close on a rental…the agreed price of which amazingly covered the way too large home equity account..the realtor commission..etc I went at it with that thing you can do with your face…, ��
    and positive gratefull speaking on the requests

    tax Dept… took money orders with neat little tear could I have a receipt for my checks? we don’t give receipts… wooh…OK..brain going 1mm mph…smile..can you photocopy them for me.? sure… thanks that’s very helpful (wondering if title co would accept…) great Atty..he smoothed it w/ title co

    fire Dept…oh we need keys to all 4 doors in the Knox box..had to beg keys from a difficult resident..showed her gratitude..put keys in box..let fire official know..happened to drive buy as he checked the Knox box..he said oh, if i’d known, i’d have brought the cert with me..
    me: oh good it’s ready..him.. hold a sec i’m calling my office.. just drive there mary will come down stairs with it.. me: grateful
    (same guy who accepted my cell photos of upgraded fire extinguishers and door closers)

    bldg Dept..Eric was out when I applied.. two women in his office were so helpful with application doc. and setting appointment..window lock issue..quickly corrected..Eric zipped over to reinspect..cert given..thanks handshakes..

    dca..Dept community affairs guy made quick convenient appt..needed rear rain gutter.. application fee $135.. again paid w/mo…day or so later he called……i’m in the area i’m going to stop and reinspect… gee thanks..very helpful!….hours later.. you’re good to go! thanked him..thought if I wait for mail it could take too long…deal might break down…car..rode to dca hq Trenton…office..pleasant gent…computer..oh I see your acct..calls field guy..OK you passed…but I don’t see your fee paid… me..oh yes here is m/o guy calls again.. OK you check is cert..again grateful for taking such good care of me

    home equity bank…requested bank put block on home eq line so title can be assured I won’t draw on it simultaneously with closing..simple, right.. you lose a card or check book…bank puts a stop electronically..right? instantly right? nooooooooooooo…we have to submit a request to a termination team! hmmm…new at this great fullness s…tuff…hmmmmmmm… ok yuber..what do I fill out or what can you do? yuber is a credit to his employer..maintained excellent demeanor in a..well.. absurd situation.. customer thinking the stop was just like reporting a lost check… procedure smelling like 1890…. yuber input the request…I asked him for a timeline..title co and buyer and I wanted to close..he said 3 biz days..I checked in with him each day..finally yuber gave me the stop doc. I thanks him for helping in a difficult sitch.. reactivated a dormant savings acct with fuss at all now when I stiop in, we smile and greet..

    I guess I was in jack armstrong mode the whole time…(fictional positive attitude character from 40’s)

    Atty got after somewhat slow title co. distributing my final check..all good.. quite grateful to all getting me out of a property for which it was time to be sold..��

  • Hi Taylor excellent job on the video and I like your hair style it looks gorgeous and thanks for the motivational speach and keep doing your thang and stay motivated at what you do and your outfit looks beautiful and you are a gorgeous black young lady and keep up the great work and stay positive in everything you do and have a great day and excellent job on the video ����

  • The best, most actionable, non-click bait content. Don’t let views and likes distract from the fact that what your doing is a MASSIVE help for so many of us.

  • I’m listening to this on Sunday 8th of December 2019 and I wish i had this mentality ten years ago ☹. I’m 31 now. I want to level up in ALL areas of my life. Spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you for the advice

  • I hope everyone listens to EVERYTHING said in this video. I would also add: grow in silence. You don’t need the world knowing your every move. Unless your career is related to social media (like you) you don’t need to post things of you studying working etc. 24/7.

    I wanted to ask you how you balance everything out? In 2018 I managed to get nearly everything I wanted. As you said I planned what I wanted and disciplined myself and it’s been working out for me. However like you said I had to say no a lot. I now find myself constantly thinking: am i missing out on experiences? Shouldn’t life be more carefree rather than planned out to every detail?

    Thanks for this video happy new year��

  • I’m late to the party, but I’m committing to dressing more patically. Working in fashion, well at least I did before Ms Rona showed up, I dress trendy and cute. But I’m committed to stop wearing itchy polyester and skirts too short to climb a ladder in. They aren’t helping me live my best life.

  • I’m new sub and my New Years Resolution is…
    Not pressure myself to get a boyfriend
    tell myself that I’m beautiful everyday
    working out so I won’t have to suffer with pre diabetes
    cutting off the negative people and impacts in my life
    Bring up my grades
    Be the best me I can be

  • All I’m saying I’m waiting on part two!!!! Thank you Taylor.

    One of my goals is to change my mind set. PERIOD. How I view my self, how I view food (lol), how I view other people and how I think they’re viewing me.

    I’m working on it girl. 2019 is my year to shine.

  • I’m commited to go for it! Nu goal is to dress up more femminine. I lost 10 kilo since September as menopauze is over. I feel great. I can are my energie is back on track. Now the closet has to change. Take care from Amsterdam ❤

  • I am committed to Not wearing leggings or yoga/running pants 5 out of 7 days of the week! EXCEPT during the 30-60min of those 5 days that I’ll actually be exercising/doing yoga or jogging! (that’s also Another commitment I’m GOING TO ACCOMPLISH!)

  • I’m committed to total transformation. A healthy lifestyle including major weight loss, complete self care, an actual personal style and consistency. I’m all in. Thanks Lauren for this video.

  • You’re such a inspiration! I wanna start a healthy lifestyle and incorporate the nutrients in need daily in my diet. It’s hard to try to stay away from fast food but I’ve stubbled across your channel and you have really motivated me to keep going! So thank you for your inspiring videos keep it up❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • I sincerely hope you won’t take this as me being a “hater” but rather as constructive criticism. I’ve watched both this and the previous video in the series and they were hard to get through because you’re very incoherent and unstructured in the way you speak and present material: you use a lot of metaphores and branch out too much and it’s hard to follow.

    Second point I’d like to make which connects to both videos is that it isn’t that simple. You’ve mentioned the “dark side motivators” being picked up in the childhood by the way you were raised this is spot on! But these schemas of behavior are notoriously difficult to weed out and you basically suggeted there and suggest here a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (present, dress and act as a person you’d like to become for example) which is good but you’ve dedicated the least amount of time in the video to this concept and most to persuading the audience that this is good for them and worth doing.

    The light/dark side analogy also lacks the concept of self-criticizm which is neccessary for self-growth and improvement. Technically I could be the shittiest human to have ever walked the earth and still apply your light side principle and love and accept myself. You might say “well it goes without saying what a good/bad person is…” which if you look at the current state of our culture simply isn’t true and/or clear

    I applaud these attempts and I feel you have good intentions in mind but I’m affraid it’s not as simple. We’d LOVE it to be so that we don’t need external feedback from people to feel good but unfortunatelly we do, and it’s well documented that if you didn’t get this in your developmental years you’re going to have a rough time of it. So your suggested placebo of trying to love/accept yourself meanwhile in the outside world you get nothing but rejection might work for some, but I doubt it’s going to work for the wast majority because your brain isn’t stupid and you can’t induce placebo on purpose.

    Hope this helps both you and anyone who happens to read it. And for the record I’m not trying to be a pessimist, just ground things in reality and thruth.

  • You casually mentioned something that triggered my higher self here, and I’m sure that was just you sharing how you deal with such moments. When you’ve said that “I’m here with you, I feel your pain”, I can’t recall a time when I talked inside myself like that. I usually just recognise those moments and pull away, when I see I’m allowing myself to get taken by them. But you just taught me without even trying, to talk to myself only when I really need to in those times of recognition, that I’m painting myself in the canvas, instead of realising I’m the painter ��. Not the usual constant “mental dihorea” that happens when we happen to be euphoric or down ���� thanks Bro!! I keep both my ears on your channel, as it feels good on your frequencies ���� stay blessed

  • yes, Joel Osteen is great, but so is this interviewer, Chris. He is so genuine and real. A kind hearted man. This interviewer Chris could as well be sitting here with me and talking. He is no different in front of cameras.he is NO fake. i do appreciate Joel Osteen and love what he talks, absolutely fantastic, but I do not get it why people need to bleech their teeth for others. It´s a fashion, a trend.

  • i’m not religious.. but i say thank you lord (universe) 5 or 6 six times a day..,
    i read turia Pitt’s story… at one point she says ‘what the fire gave me’… what a breakthrough! what a magnificent attitude / mentality..

    she was thanking the creator (universe) for determination… strength.. purpose… to help others..not just a vague or meaningless statement, but a realization of a positive to be gleaned from a profound trial…

    makes me think of Dana Christmas and the boalt hall fire at Seton Hall univ.
    she ran around knocking on dorm doors shouting for students to wake up and get out… while her arms and hair was on fire…
    while her arms and hair we’re on fire… on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on fire, on fire……..

    no finer human walks the face of the Earth.. thank the creator for Dana, now mcmann…

  • God bless you and your work sir. Your MOA Series inspired me to quit porn and masturbation in early October 2019 and to quit gaming in January 2020. Incredible changes in my life have occurred since then.

  • Hope you post more videos like this one and the get in your bag one! Very inspirational, motivational and has definitely made me think a lot about myself and my lifestyle:D

  • Thank you and I wish to thank God.

    For without our Creator we would have nothing. Its easy to thankful when times are good. It is another when things are tough and painful.

    Though this speaker doesn’t profess to be a Christian, she speaks to the huge theme in the Bible from Job to David to Jesus to Paul and beyond. The Psalms sure teach us.

    “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose

    Romans 8:28

    “overflowing with thankfulness. “

    Col 2:7b

    “Offer to God the sacrifice of thanksgiving.”

    Psalms 50:14

    “I will give you thanks forever, because you have done it.”

    Psalms 52:9

    “In every circumstance of life be thankful; for this is God’s will in Christ Jesus respecting you.”

    1 Thessalonians 5:18

    This is a great reminder but instead of just saying thank you to some intimate pain you can thank God, a living person who loves you.

  • This is nothing new. The Bible says 1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. So, Instead of just speaking to your pain I suggest speaking to God about your pain since He is the one who has given you life & breath.

  • omnigame….reminds me of Brian Johnson know the game you’re playing and know how to play it well as he often says in his +1s. While Brian has great content about optimizing your life in general I appreciate how you focus on how to overcome addiction and building a more meaningful life. Thanks a lot, Mark! I’m gonna go ahead and check out your new optimism guide.

  • I am committed to taking the necessary action to reach my goals! Bam!
    My goals are to lose my midsection and to dress stylishly. I’ve gotten kinda frumpy and it’s stopping now!

  • Am I the only one that gets this dream almost every night of being stuck in an elevator that continuously goes up, even above the levels that the building has?

  • resonance is nothing but opposite word for cognitive dissonance; it gives us momentum. It is good to listen to you my friend but you could condense the information with visual presentation. good stuff. got here from your mail. good luck

  • Hey,
    I just saw one of your videos before. I didn’t dig into it because I already consider myself as a NoFap king, but the “do not go fishing” idea still stuck with me…
    This current video resonated with me because I’m almost ending my IT engineering school and I feel very disconnected with my internship, and I feel that if I was just doing stuff on my own I will probably earn less but be more engaged… Your Omni game concept is cool because that’s something you uncounciously already know but it hasn’t been put so clearly before, it’s like watching Peterson video…

  • this really rings true at the heart level, that line about destracting yourself when painful emotions come up, jealousy/feeling judged etc. and how i will do any drug just to numb out while trying to maintain a positive outlook, but finding that path less and less effective, thank you for hurting my feelings” sounds absurd, but looked at through the lens of gratitude, maybe not, i’m open to new ideas,
    I’m about to have 14 teeth pulled to have dental work done, i’m wondering if i focus on gratitude if it will work as “oxy for the soul” as opposed to focusing on pain and pain medication, which as addict, thinking the only good thing will be opiates. eye opening video and grateful to have seen it

  • Tears came as Dr. Sethi spoke of her son’s illness. I have been listening to Dr. Caroline Leaf, as well, who shares about developing a gratitude mindset. What a blessing you are Dr. Sethi! Yes, my studies are on hold ( I broke my ankle.) and it looks like I will not be able to graduate as planned. Yet, I have so MUCH to be thankful for. There is a scripture that Dr. Sethi has scientifically proven to make sense. ” In everything, give thanks…” Thank you, Dr. Sethi.

  • Loved it!! That energy sis!! That’s what I’m lookin to find this year �� and to make my “better me” routines more consistent �� yay 2k19!

  • Hi Mark. I appreciate your efforts towards making men around the world a better version of themselves. I too learn with your videos. Can I upload your podcasts series relating to SSMS and MoA on my Facebook account? Just for awareness.

  • I love your stuff man. You got me started on the journey and I finally got my youtube going as well! Thank you for all this awesome content.

  • Oh my gosh… i am SINE from South Africa. And i just……… i love you so much. This video spoke so much to me. I am literally emotional right now. Thats how it got to me. I have realised that i always talk, i talk about how i want this, how i want to ace my tests at school cause i am in the twelfth grade and its challenging so much. But right now i am on my feet. And i am about to do some action, i am going to start the journey towards my dream life and the life that God has planned for me. I am very thankful. Thank you for making this video. It inspired me so much… i love you. Your so beautiful oh my word. Like the first time i watched one of your video’s. I was just smiling cause i could not believe this much beauty. So much love������������

  • Actually, this DID resonate with me more than the cliche “I have a hole in my soul and I don’t know how to fill it” idea. Mostly I think it’s because you’re actually giving advice on HOW to fill it.

    Thanks man. Lots of good ideas here. My soul must be practically Swiss cheese at this point.

  • Its really nice idea to say thank you rather than to feel pain & think bad about us in pain.
    Thanks to teach us gratitude lesson sister.

  • Oh hi Mark.

    If I look at life as a game I can take myself out of my head and into a more third person point of view. With this perspective I’m no longer me but some character I can mold.

    Resonate stronger by breathing in and out in a slow, relaxed and diaphragmatic manner. Ever rub a singing bowl?

  • My attitude SUCKS lately and I’m sabotaging myself, I’m in a rut despite getting everything I want and having everything I need. I’ve decided THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE. I am hereby committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get out of this hole, to be a better version of myself, to have a more optimistic outlook, to confidently embrace my success and fearlessly live up to my potential.

  • I feel like this is your kind of music

  • Man, I don’t even know how, but this is just what I feel like all the time and you just put all of this into words. But what I really find hard to identify is what is actually what, what is going on. That’s what I feel like I would have to identify before I understand why it’s going on. I mean these are big questions, and I don’t know the answer to em. As you said is this my career or is it because of the financial crises that I pursue a high paying job or is it that I just don’t want to worry about money anymore or is it that I just think it’s cool to be a programmer so what is my honest true motivation to do things is it just that I want to feel secure? When my motivation is just to feel good I feel like I shouldn’t be doing what I do now. And I just don’t know the answer to these things, because it now became so inherited in my life that I pursue this carrier for 8 years or is it just that I project being unhappy onto something. I already have bad experiences with just being reasonable or just emotional or just physical and I’m scared of making a mistake by changing direction so fundamentally. How would you identify what is going on?

  • Unbelievable I am due for a heart operation soon and instead of worrying about it I can now meditate on how grateful I am to have the experience, I feel a lot better already thanks for sharing Dr Tanmeet Sethi

  • I think this series is your best work so far! I love the importance you place on emotional sensitivity in our quest to navigate life. Level-headedness and willpower are important, but they’re not the end all be all.

  • why it feels like most of people have it already figured out? like im soon 30 and i wasnt excited about anything in last 10 years except when i had a crush or played some game/sport. every hard thing that i have to do is not even hard, i just make it hard. then when i finally do that thing i feel like i made it for today and celebrate. but i know its wrong, i know im shit. i want easy solutions, easy money. i dont look people in eyes cause i feel bad. it bacame normal to me, its so disgusting when i think about it but so normal, i can imagine that it just continues next 40-50 years and i die never living

    lately i was thinking about it, i dont respect myself enough to care about myself, i wear the worst clothes that i can get by. i also know that so many people live very similar to me so it feels normal even its like living in matrix. its crazy, i have read like probably half of top recommended self dev books but it feels like im too deep in zombie mode

    then when i try to be the person i wanna be for some time it works then it stops. im all my life like this, then its a big change, why am i scared to show my real me, i dont even speak or walk how i want

  • Your content is next fucking level. You should have millions of subscribers. I think people don’t have enough mind to understand what you are preaching.

  • I’m inspired by this video thank you for sharing your story. I know this will help countless people get through life’s difficulties.

  • Truth is certain people rise to the top not only because of thier skills and mindset but also because of luck and circumstances being in the right place at the right time and ready to capitalize on a rare opportunity. Once the first opportunity is realized then it builds on itself the Paredo Principle 20% of people do 80% of the work and 20% of people have 80% of the success. Most people will never get that opportunity becasue of thier circumstances. If you never put yourself in the place for the opportunity to happen it won’t. Rogan wouldn’t be Rogan if he hadn’t been living in California and gone on that audition for his first TV show and had the luck of getting the part. Everythign else was built on that lucky break. Trememdous success can’t happen for everyone by definition. Everyone can’t be tremendous if everyone is tremendous then no one is.