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Top 30 Bodybuilders Of All Time

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Top 30 Bodybuilders of All Time Dexter Jackson. The winningest pro in the history of the sport, Dexter Jackson has won the Arnold, the Olympia, and many Ronnie Coleman. Arguably the greatest of all time, Ronnie won eight Mr. Olympia titles and was perhaps the most Dorian Yates. Winning six Mr.

Here’s a list of the best bodybuilders of all time. The 10 Best Bodybuilders of All Time. The list of bodybuilders and figures mentioned below has been compiled from various sources around the web, such as The Top Tens & Wikipedia. These are the best bodybuilders of all time: 10. Flex Wheeler.

The 10 Greatest Bodybuilders of All-Time 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Obviously Arnold Schwarzenegger comes in at number one, as nearly everyone considers him to be 2. Ronnie Coleman. Lee Haney brought about the emphasis of size in bodybuilding when he stepped on stage in 1984. Dorian 3. Phil.

Ronnie Coleman single handedly redefined muscularity in bodybuilding by raising the bar for excellence at the 2003 Mr. Olympia contest, where a 287 pound Coleman stepped onstage and shattered the limits of possibility by bringing a look to the stage that many historians have called the greatest of all time. The 9 Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time Ronnie Coleman.

At 5’11” and around three bills in contest shape, Big Ron couldn’t possibly have used all that Chris Cormier. In the ’90s at Gold’s Gym Venice,Cormier was known as much for his strength as his physique—and that’s Franco Columbu. Top 20 Best Bodybuilders in the World of all time.

Health By Santosh September 27, 2017. The youth these days are inclined towards fitness. Zero figures and V shaped bodies have been attracting the young and old alike. But some people are passionate for body building and are ready to go extra mile to fulfill their goal of perfect body. Top 15 Biggest Bodybuilders of All Time 15 Kevin Levrone.

Levrone first got into bodybuilding at the young age of 11, because his older brothers were lifting. 14 Lou Ferrigno. Come on – no list of the biggest bodybuilders would be complete without the Incredible Hulk. Lou 13. Here are what we believe (or dare say) are the top 10 most aesthetically sound and impressive bodybuilders of all time.

First of all, let me introduce you the complete list of top 10 bodybuilders as well as all time famous celebrities in the world. One of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Coleman’s net worth is $10 million. He’s one of the richest bodybuilders, but should be further up on this list.

3. Jay Cutler. Net Worth: $30 Million. Jay Cutler is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder, and former Mr. Olympia winner. Cutler has won the Mr.

Olympia contest a total of. Top 10 Greatest Female Bodybuilders of All Time. Therefore on August 18, 1978, the female bodybuilding contest known as “The Best in the World contest” was organized. On that account, today we bring you Top 10 Greatest Female Bodybuilders of All Time who’ll blow your mind away. 10.

Denise Masino (USA) Denise Masino.

List of related literature:

Despite these different arm structures, each of these bodybuilders won impressive titles.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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52 Bodybuilders Bev Francis, Carla Dunlap, and Rachel McLish.

“Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women” by Anne Marie Balsamo, Professor of Interactive Media and Gender Studies Director of Academic Programs and Research Anne Balsamo
from Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women
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Casey Viator, Sergio Oliva, and Jay Cutler stand out as natural mesomorphs, individuals who were born to be bodybuilders.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe, Reg Park — they were just a few of the world’s top bodybuilders whom I looked up to.

“Death, Drugs, and Muscle: Surviving the Steriod Underworld” by Gregg Valentino, Nathan Jendrick
from Death, Drugs, and Muscle: Surviving the Steriod Underworld
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Most of all, there were bodybuilders posing, especially Reg Park and Steve Reeves.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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What Hoffman either failed or refused to realize was that many of these bodybuilders were quite strong.

“Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors” by Randy Roach
from Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors
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All athletes then copied the list on the first page of their workout logs.

“The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II” by Dick Hannula, Nort Thornton
from The Swim Coaching Bible Volume II
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So Cory Everson, six-time winner of the Ms. Olympia contest, promotes muscles as enhancing sex appeal.

“Feminist Interpretations of Michel Foucault” by Susan J. Hekman
from Feminist Interpretations of Michel Foucault
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Professional bodybuilder and six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates benchpressed 315 pounds on his first attempt as a teen.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
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Grimek, of course, had been the undisputed king of bodybuilders for nearly ten years, but his days were numbered.

“Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell” by John D. Fair
from Muscletown USA: Bob Hoffman and the Manly Culture of York Barbell
by John D. Fair
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999

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  • 1. Ronnie Coleman
    2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    3. Lee Haney
    4. Flex Wheeler
    5. Dorian Yates
    6. Kevin Levrone
    7. Phil Heath
    8. Jay Cutler
    9. Chris Cormier
    10. Shawn Ray

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  • Its hard to take roelly that serious when I know his grandma cooks all his meals for him then gives him a nice jerk sesh to bed too

  • I’ve seen all the videos and the best bodybuilders head to toe are big Ronnie 2003 GOAT, 2011 Phil Heath, 2009 Jay Cutler, 2000 Flex Wheeler and 1996 Dorian at German Grand Prix. Kai Greene 2012 for 6th best. This factors in size and condition. These are your top five ever regardless who is your favorite or most popular.

  • BREWSKY, I know that’s the today’s world, excusing bad with another bad. I do not care whether Arnold used drugs or not I spoke about Coleman. Arnold was operated three times already, heavy operations. He himself was saying “thanks to drugs too”. Coleman was doing at this year OLYMPIA an exhibition, this guy is a real invalid, he is an ill person!

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  • when we talk about greatest bodybuilders of all time we must mention all the great bodybuilders from the 50s until now
    so you forgot big names like lary scott sergio olivia faranco colombo serge nubret frank zane mike mentzer chris dickerson dave draper samir bannout mohamed makawi and we must not forget steve reeves and bill pearl reg park

  • Lee haney is way to low. Flex wheeler as well. I’ve always felt branch looked like crap so I wouldnt have him on my list… but it’s good overall, I know these are hard to do cause they really are just opinions. Cheers

  • Ronnie Coleman was NEVER a bodybuilder, it is a walking farmaceutic guy, who will finish his life badly. Mr. Olympia is called in the real sport branch as MR DRUG competition. All that guy are heavily ill, the illness is called chemical muscular atrophy!

  • you can say w.e u want to say but body building changed dramatically after cole show up, the worked full time and still did what he did and as for drugs even arnold used it

  • What no weight on Ruhl? He has an unusually short neck on top of being massive.
    Chances are those were off-season weights, anyway.

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  • A 20 year old Mike Tyson would knock all these body builders out cold with a single punch to the chin or temple.
    That’s without a single steroid pill or injection and perhaps even kill them.

  • Idk man you kinda realize through these videos how much steroids came into play.

    They kinda changed the way you should look and messed with people’s minds

  • This is ridiculous. Propaganda to the use of steroids. You shouldn’t post absurd videos like this with that title to influence people obtaining steroid body types

  • Estan casi todos muertos a dia de hoy,vergonzoso el culturismo,la culpa después de todo es de los jueces y autoridades.
    Que fue de los cuerpos simétricos como Steve Reeves?

  • ,बॉडी बनाओ nice…. but…. कंट्रोल उर mind because mind our soul organ…… i am soul….. not body such remember such thing…. ok….. soul is immortal but body mortal……

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger had the most simple yet alpha physique of all time. He’s the definition best bodybuilder ever. I’m glad he wasn’t a modern bodybuilder I’d hate to see his body turn into a freak gone wrong

  • I would like to know by what criteria this list was based of? Because calling the best must have Impact in sport. Jay Cutler most boring vanilla Mr. O? Phil Heath Mr. Asshole?

    Steve Reeves
    Frank McGrath
    Larry Scott
    Frank Zane
    Lee Priest

    Where are those guys?

  • Сложно назвать это эволюцией. Сейчас чистая битва массы, никаких здоровых пропорций и внешности, всё пересушено, залито, выпирающие животы, не красивые мышцы и много другого, зато размеры гигантские.

  • Anyone thinking of starting steroids. An ex-buddie, joined the army, grew on steroids, got big and agressive, left the army, now living life as a woman after having had a sex change. Work that one out!

  • How the fuck is Lou ferregno over Dorian Yates J and Phil Heath he has no mr Olympia’s and Arnold should be 4 Yates 3 lee 2 king Ron 1

  • Fucking racist….
    2&10 should be 1&2 respectively in my opinion…..
    And anold even should not be in top ten list he have fucking chiken legs even mine is better seriously

  • Bu kadar aşırı kas torbası olmanın neresi güzel marefetmi bu şahsen bu kadar freni patlamış araba gibi bir rus ruleti oynar gibi bir yasam bicimi zirvalik.çok.çılgınca…

  • I got it Arnold,Lee,Ronnie,Dorian,Lou,Phil,Jay,Frank Zane,Sergio Olivia,Franko Columbu!I mean no disrepect to all the other great bodybuilders!

  • I don’t think Arnold should be on the list, and I also don’t think he should have won 7 Mr. Olympias, although I will concede that he deserved maybe one or two of them.

  • Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, Steve Reeves, Dave Draper, Ed Corney, Robby Robinson or Boyer Coe anyone? Miss most of the “real” bodybuilders. Todays bodybuilders are so boring, in my opinion anyway. The old legends had much more interesting physics and estethic lines.

  • There is know body in bodybuilding that makes Ronnie Coleman look small! These guys you put against Ronnie are not even in Ronnie’s class or caliper. You are ridiculously delusional.

  • Biggest bodybuilding shape it’s dosent matter but truth is your shape your fit body like Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best for all the world bodybuilding shape of

  • How is dexter the best ever and he couldn’t even beat the 90s or early 2000 guys! Makes no sense how about you king him iron man award and Robbie Robinson, Thierry pastel, and Albert beckles did it same as dexter! So the video and your idea is garbage!!! CSWOL @swolachee

  • Ronnie is still the GOAT. Always will be. I didn’t know none of these people other than Floyd and most of them would have never won a mr Olympia. They were big but most didn’t have definition or conditioning. Like big Ron

  • When I saw the thumbnail: is this a god of war series character.
    Me reads the tittle: oh it’s about bodybuilders bigger than Ronnie.

    Me watching video: hey it’s about bodybuilders taller than Ronnie.

    Me waiting still waiting for that on thumbnail.

    Video ends me:where is that one on thumbnail.then realize it’s a clickbait

  • Ronnie is King followed on order by Phil, Jay, Kai, Dorian, Flex, Kevin, Ramy, Rhoden, Curry, Nasser and Ray as tbe 12 greatest in order head to toe based on HD size and condition comparisons of their best shows.

  • Total hirnverbrantest video. Es werden Profis wie Ronnie Coleman und Günther Schlierkammp mit anderen aufgrund ihrer Größe verglichen ����

  • All professional bodybuilders use steroids. Since 1959, bodybuilders were suddenly having ffmi counts way above 25 (the highest possible for natural bodybuilding, with exceptions in genetics). Arnold had 28, and was on steroids. Now most have 33 and higher.

  • 1900…oke lets wokout end take a picture 1960…oke I whant to luke like that al natrul 2020….wtf…its…crazy man he cant rob his back…..

  • For, years I have been wondering what does Hollywood,have against bodybuilding, martial arts is starting to become a joke Americans image fat is wear it is at bull don’t believe in that! It’s a conspiracy against muscles man’s one of the adventure comedy movies I could not wait to see was muscle beach party With Don Rickles a well-written script Hercules/Samson how we have Spider-Man one muscles/iron Man 1*1/2muscles / Captain America 3muscles the things 0muscles o my Lord the Hulk/will be gay in the next movie / gay people has they rights in the Lord eyes it is not right, Americans+ Solomon+Gomorrah

  • are the people here dumb saying all this guys are on steroids like don’t they know someone or at least aome of them are YouTubers who actually work out?

  • The ‘french guy” before Arnold died alone in a hotel room in Amsterdam. Benaziza is considered as the guy who consumed such quantities of drugs of different origin, that even a horse would fall down. He died in terrible pains and finally he could not breath ant more. Only his girlfriend and a US “bpodybuilder” were in the hotel room and both testified it was just horrible. So take drugs and you will have the same chance!

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  • Give them credit for their dedication, but it’s all for “show”. There is no life application for this physique like an athlete,martial artist,dancer or functional physical aptitude except lifting a car.

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  • 0:45 is what i think should be the maxed out versions of bodybuilders. More than that and you’re just weird IN MY OPINION. hate me for my comment idc

  • Craig golias. Lmfao, you should’ve showed him on stage. Golias is notorious for looking way bigger on pictures than he actually is

  • This is a joke, right? The best in history? This is just personal preference with some other names thrown in for good measure. No Ronnie, no Lee Haney, no Phil Heath and no Dorian Yates. They won 29 Olympia’s together.

  • Те парни из культуристов до 1990-х годов выглядят побрутальнее. Как то мышцы жёстче на вид. И у них нет раздутых животов как у Колемана.

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  • Oh yeah Frank Zane has the most desirable physique for us who still want to live a normal life like a living breathing Greek God statue

  • فضلا وليس أمرا تعملوا لايك وتشتركوا في قناتي وتفعلوا جرس التنبيه عشان يوصلكم فيديوهاتي. ⁦❤️⁩��

  • Great vid:) Just my personal opinion, but I feel that Flex Wheeler was way more aesthetic than Cutler. Also I feel that Dorian Yates should be included too as he was the one who ushered in the Mass Era and not forgetting Sergio Oliva. But in terms of pure symmetry my belief is that Zane was the man:)

  • Instead of Jay Cutler, the the list should have Dorian Yates since he ushered in the mass era. Frank Zane Should be #3 at least for being the most natural and aesthetic. Also, you forgot about Sergio Oliva, whose genetics alone should place him at #1 undisputed. Just my two cents though, and it’s a great list nonetheless.

  • No Sergio Oliva, no Ronnie Coleman??? hmmm…. I know bb’ing is subjective but I can’t believe Franco was in there and neither of those two.

  • All of these guys a re fat they have no definition in there muscles the 1st dude was decent but not in mr Olympia level they would not even come close

  • Флекс не когда не был уж огромным.автор что то путает.он был этетичным,но не как не огромным. И поставить его между этими двумя монстрами,вообще ошибка

  • Craig looks a lot smaller and not so well condition almost deformed on stage he has nothing on ronnie as for the rest of them yeah they were all “tall” not bigger in terms of muscle mass


  • Флекс не когда не был уж огромным.автор что то путает.он был этетичным,но не как не огромным. И поставить его между этими двумя монстрами,вообще ошибка

  • Флекс не когда не был уж огромным.автор что то путает.он был этетичным,но не как не огромным. И поставить его между этими двумя монстрами,вообще ошибка

  • I clicked just to confirm what I thought. These guys are nothing compared to Ronnie (8 times Mr Olympia!) They are taller, that’s it!�� P.s Those guys arnt even in the same league as Ronnie! Ronnie’s a different breed altogether, even comparing these guys to Ronnie is ridiculous ��

  • People from 18-19 century is physically stronger based on low tech and more jobs has to be done by hand, but y body builder seems a lot weaker ����

  • Vollgepumpt mit Steroiden??? Glaube nicht, dass jemand eine solche Muskelmasse nur durch Training aufbauen kann. Die ruinieren ihre Gesundheit für ein bisschen Ruhm und Anerkennung. Und können die sich denn noch selber den Arsch abwischen oder am Rücken kratzen???

  • No matter these Bodybuilders are higher than Mr. Coleman, but, they can never b compared to symentary, comparison or adjustment as well. It’s absolutely worthless to compare Mr. Ronnie Coleman to any other Bodybuilders.
    No matter, it’s Mr Cutler, Mr, Heath, Mr, Kai Greene, Mr Big Ramy, Mr, Winklaat and so on

  • It’s funny how Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman both broke Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Olympia record but he is still ranked above them. Wonder why that is?

    Also check what rank they put Dorian Yates and Jay Cutler. This list is NOT accurate…SORRY I DON’T AGREE.

  • How the fuck can ferrigno who has never proven himself the best in the world be placed above the 6 times mr Olympia and possibly greatest of all time Dorian Yates this is the biggest bullshit ever

  • Horrible list rename it to top contest winners of all time there’s helluva real ass bbers who aren’t even on the list like Bertil fox, victor Richards! List goes on!

  • we can’t deny that they are not best ones..I feel it’s best not to bring someone at the top and say he is best..time changes so does the’s all individual likeness. I like these guys but a few ones are left too..

  • More than 40 kg is just oil or synthol.
    However Markus could gave been an Olympian in the under 200 lbs. class. 80 kg an no gramm of oil he could have been a rival of Frank Zane or Franco, or even Labrada. A 2nd Ed Corney maybe. This would have been a realistic competition. But to beat Frank not even to think of.

  • If this list took you hours to put together and you still ended up with franco ahead of lee haney and phil ahead of jay then i seriously worry for you. All those outright bars going to your head…

  • El único cuerpo ermoso es y seguirá siendo el de estivee revees el no usaba anabólicos todo natural por eso kedo en la ystoria como el ercules perfecto y amado por las mujeres vean fotos de el

  • Darn, if you hit a certain point in training you really start to become ugly…and the skin of those people…it looks like it lost all its stretching and is a dried out cow skin. But i guess everyone has different taste.

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