There aren’t any extra lives. Get this to one count


There Are No Extra Lives When You Drink and Drive

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Game Over: Revenge of Shinobi (Genesis) (No Extra Lives Variant)

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Episode 1100 Scott Adams: Cognitive Tests Biden Would Fail, How I Plan to Take Biden Out of the Race

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Episode 1341: There Are No Extra Lives. Make This One Count by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness on Mindfulness & YOLO. Steve Kamb started exercising back in high school without really knowing what he was doing. Through high school and college, he made every training mistake known to man and got zero results. There are so many things we take for granted, but none more-so than our health, and the time we have left.

We can control one, and we have no clue about the other so make sure today is an opportunity to go to bed saying, “I lived today right.” I have two quests for you toda. Episode 1341: There Are No Extra Lives. Make This One Count by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness on Mindfulness & YOLO Steve Kamb started exercising back in high school without really knowing what he was doing.

Through high school and college, he made every training mistake known to man and got zero results. Richard knows how to make this one life count. He’s not sitting in a rocking chair waiting to die.

How to make this one moment count. Making a life count sounds overwhelming. But it’s really just a matter of making many, many moments count.

Einstein wrote, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a. 123 videos Play all No One Lives (2012) Full Movie Brightburn (2019) fullHD Movie No One Lives Red Band Trailer Duration: 2:01. @HOLLYWOOD 895,927 views.

It can be annoying to wait 30 minutes for another life in Candy Crush. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to get past the time limit without paying for add-ons. This wikiHow teaches you how to get unlimited lives on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

If you have access to a computer with Facebook, you can also use that to get one free extra life. Make Room for Baby. Joe and Kendra have a special reveal for the family.

Counting On. Season 8 · Episode 2. i. Unexpected. The little girls record an album, and Jeremy and Jinger reveal some news.

Counting On. Season 8 · Episode 3. i. Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret. One of these laws is known as the “Law Of Attraction”, or the law of “Reaping and Sowing”.

This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is. Sofia H. Loran Make money online from home extra cash more than $18k to $21k. no there’s nothing to see here). The assumption by some in the media that people will be supporters of one.

No one sat with me before my wedding and had “the talk.” The talk where your mom, or your big sis, or your shrink says: There are no simple answers, but the women I.

List of related literature:

But what if we want fewer than eight sprites, or an arbitrary combination of zero to eight sprites?

“Making Games for the Atari 2600” by Steven Hugg
from Making Games for the Atari 2600
by Steven Hugg
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016

Finally, we should display the number of lives on the screen—otherwise, the end of the game could be a bit of a shock to the player!

“The Game Maker's Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners” by Jacob Habgood, Mark Overmars
from The Game Maker’s Apprentice: Game Development for Beginners
by Jacob Habgood, Mark Overmars
Apress, 2006

And what if we ever wanted to start the game with six lives instead of five?

“Learning C# by Programming Games” by Wouter van Toll, Arjan Egges, Jeroen D. Fokker
from Learning C# by Programming Games
by Wouter van Toll, Arjan Egges, Jeroen D. Fokker
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In another, you can wish upon a star and actually have it join the scrolling wishes of other viewers; in still another, you could play a retro video game and try to rush a character who has overdosed to the hospital.

“Digital Storytelling: A Creator's Guide to Interactive Entertainment” by Carolyn Handler Miller
from Digital Storytelling: A Creator’s Guide to Interactive Entertainment
by Carolyn Handler Miller
Focal Press, 2004

What if there were thirty rooms in each level, each with a sixteen-bar sequence?

“Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design” by Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio Karen Collins, Karen Collins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.)
from Game Sound: An Introduction to the History, Theory, and Practice of Video Game Music and Sound Design
by Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio Karen Collins, Karen Collins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.)
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It asked the question: “Every second that passes in the gamers’ lives is unique and abnormal.

“Video Games and the Global South” by Phillip Penix-Tadsen
from Video Games and the Global South
by Phillip Penix-Tadsen
Carnegie Mellon University, ETC Press, 2019

If you started with ten lives, the game would be too easy.

“Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games” by Tracy Fullerton
from Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Creating Innovative Games
by Tracy Fullerton
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enough, but the game would have more replayability with extra mazes.

“Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps” by Sean McManus
from Cool Scratch Projects in easy steps
by Sean McManus
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What if the game is infinitely repeated?

“The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science” by Paul Humphreys, Anjan Chakravartty, Margaret Morrison, Andrea Woody
from The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Science
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Instead, it might make the game a bit more enjoyable if the player had a certain number of lives to play with.

“Learning XNA 4.0: Game Development for the PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7” by Aaron Reed
from Learning XNA 4.0: Game Development for the PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone 7
by Aaron Reed
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  • whoa Scott’s getting RedPilled on the Charlottesville false-flag. Check out the meme with the one guy carrying a nazi flag. (only one and photographed a million times) the Flag still has folds in it as if he just took it out of the bag. The guys was also doxxed as an FBI agent that lived in Richmond, VA, although I can’t find that info any more. But he was doxxed by antifa who thought they were exposing racists in govt and they shut up quick after they realized they were exposing a govt operation.

  • Those marchers were people that were tired of being co-opted. They also were the main people who put Trump into office, and he stabbed them in the back. Fuck Trump, and his son-in-law too.

  • I saw,early in the coverage, kids at the middle of the pack chanting “YOU will not replace us” and not till later at the front did i see the other chant, by the organizers ( “former” democrats ).

  • The Democrat Elites are the ones that choose their candidate. Because they use superdelegates. The superdelegates have been playing the same game for a very long time. Biden is the end result of that game. Time to pick a new strategy

  • Unfortunately… if Biden loses, Democrats will not conclude the day after the election that they selected the wrong candidate and consider themselves stupid for doing so. Instead they will restart a temper transom and go ballistic against the Trump win. That is the reality we are living. Partisans of the Left do not accept the result of the elections they lost and do not move on towards the next election. Instead they are full time angry activists ramming through a totalitarian iron fist for total control.

  • 1:09:00 What kind of people would march around saying stuff that will ruin the rest of their lives?
    Jct: Crisis actors protected by…

  • Newcomers to the propaganda wars now underway should keep firmly fixed in their minds the key words from MSNBC Producer Ariana Pekary’s recent resignation statement: “A very capable Senior Producer once said, “Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.” Obviously, Ariana reached the puke point peddling ‘comfort’ and dumped them. The Hoaxes being peddled are ‘comfort news’ for the readily brainwashed. Careful you don’t inadvertently join them. Powerful search engines, like google, can mine data instantly in support of any lie.

  • Charlottesville is a college town, I assumed that is where most of the tiki boys came from, the UVA campus…. cause quite frankly it was a real corny idea carrying the torches. Frat boy level stuff.

  • “I wish I could say ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time,’ but this seemed like a bad idea right from the get go.”

  • 56:00 I’m going to take Biden out.

    Jct: The demand for apology is always more powerfully made by the victim. Trump has to demand the apology. Not his supporters.

  • They weren’t proud boys. Unite the Right invited Gavin and he said no and discouraged any proud boy affiliation bc it seemed like an obvious set up. Unite the Right had a bunch of socialists (white nationalists). Not really a right wing position.

  • Please try to get back on Rogan before the Election. Big audience and plenty of time to explain the “Fine People Hoax” without being talked over or cut short for time. Please!

  • Scott try to get Trump HIMSELF to Adamantly debunk the Charlottesville Hoax. He should jump in there on TV at the convention.!!! That would rock the world in primetime

  • Iam SO GLAD you said something about Biden’s “squinting”… Biden LOOKS ANGRY when he talkstry this experiment: turn the volume off while watching Biden speakhe looks like hes about to flip his lid & is furious! Then turn back up the volume and see his angry face demanding love/unity/respect… its wildly opposite of what his face communicates.

  • The fake News also did it when Sarah Palin did not say she could see Russia from her house, she was misquoted and then used for fodder on SNL. Just read what she said and she did not just say I can see Russia from my house, she added more to that statement. The fake news did it again.

  • How can the word colored be a pejorative when the NAACP still uses it in their name?
    Also what about negro? The United Negro College Fund, much?
    There are double standards that make me laugh.

  • My issue with the statues have never been whether they stay or go, its how they get taken down. Mobs of people tearing down a statue is legitimizing violence and another step toward anarchy. Hold your protest and convince the city council or whoever is responsible for it to remove it lawfully.

  • Reciprocity? I don’t mind referring to folks of colour the way they prefer, but I’m tired of being called white, I’m many shades of red and pink! I’m so sick of peoples feelings and dealing with adults as if they are children, which most of them apparently are. Perhaps we should all grow up and abide by the old saying of stick and stones!!!!!!!!! Thoughtful video Scott!

  • How is the NAACP not considered offensive in their name, yet a young man using the word colored without malice in describing Kamala Harris (who is of mixed race) is considered offensive to the point of being fired? It is nonsensical.

  • Scott, your “friend” is not smart. Your friend is a stupid asshole. Your friend is a LIAR who knows he is lying. His Leftist ideology is based on Lies. He will never admit to his lies.

  • Disliked for legitimatizing and offering advice for a terrorist organization (blm) and for accepting “colored” is a new word we’re not allowed to say because the Left says so.

  • 10:00 I recently had an exchange with a fellow who insisted Trump was acting as a tyrant over something he was considering. I persuaded him to look up the President’s Emergency Powers to see what powers he could be claiming. I was shocked when he actually did and replied back with humble thanks for the insight. Suddenly, that was a truly impressive guy.

  • Scott should surly try Stand Up…
    He’d be so good at it. His unique humor, “under the radar” humor would make for the best entertainment…
    Watching half of the audience perplexed and confused while the other half laughing histerically, would add even more to the entertainment…
    I adore you Scott…

  • I am a person of color, Asian kamala side, and have been trying to take the fine people hoax on social media against it’s true believers. When I prove it beyond a doubt they pivot to gibberish and beating around the bush. Their TDS is so deep it can hit an oil well. Keep fighting Scott! The truth must be set free on this nation.

  • On the topic of memories merging I had to actually argue with my brother that Joe Biden was not a pow in Vietnam. He obviously confused him with John McCain. I wonder if this has happened throughout history in other areas but on a global scale?

  • You Go Scott, I’m all for you on this one. The truth has been trampled in this country for so long, so much, it makes me sick. When I see friends that believe it all, it makes me sicker. Somehow, the stupid lazy public needs a way to see some truth. Please give it all you got.

  • Trump never told anyone to drink bleach, meanwhile President Obama went to Flint, Michigan, and told everybody the water was safe to drink even demonstrating to them by drinking some himself. But it doesn’t look like he actually really drank it. check out the video for yourself.

  • I used to follow this podcast on a near daily basis. Last two weeks I have not received an email nor a suggest play from YouTube for Scott Adams? I found this podcast about 5-6 rows down in the general YouTube search. What happened? I am subscribed and have the black bell turned on. Please let me know how to notification of real coffee with Scott Adams when they get published.

  • Great discussion about the FPHoax but still no explanation offered for why neither the Trump admin nor campaign has declined to confront the smear. And we know that Fox, excepting Gutfeld, is in on it.

  • You Really Really need to get this question when hes live to Joe Biden. ” Hi I have a son named bobby hes 6 he’s a fan of yours. We been having a hard time with his math he is good at good at counting to 50 but refuses to believe people can count numbers backwards, So could you do favor and count backwards from 50 to 35 and say See people do count numbers backwards Bobby.

  • The woman in Charlottesville was not hit by the nutcase in the car.
    Her mother actually admitted, in a press conference, that she died
    of a heart attack. Although the press always shows her sweet sixteen
    photo, she was quite overweight when she had her heart attack on the
    sidewalk as the car raced by. He was legally charged of causing her
    death, but he did not hit her. The car hit many people, and they were
    hurt, but none of them died. For what it is worth.

  • YESSSSSS!!!! FINALLLYYY!!!!!!! The tiki torch carrying Neo-Nazis were actors! Why on Earth would they be chanting, “Jews will not replace us”. There is no movement to replace people with Jews so the script was written by some liberal that was clueless. It was fake!

  • Adams can just give up on his friend. I’ve gone through the same thing with a friend of mine and the truth is that they want to hate Trump, and they are willing to bend and distort and ignore reality in order to do so. It is tied directly to lower brain function lizard brain, if you will and virtually impossible to break

  • I love that saying “colored person” is bad BUT saying “person of color” is good. Shows how shallow and meaningless their ideology is. It’s all about linguistic social control.

  • scott is using the ‘Q’ technique of asking questions about Charlotte that leads you to conclude the ‘truth’ he implies in the logical-rhetorical sequence of questions he poses. When he explicitly states what it ‘could’ mean, it gels in our mind…. Is Scott, or someone equally ‘trained,’ the Q???

  • Jason Kessler who was the Unite the Right organizer was part of Occupy Wall Street and says he voted for Obama. Why if you were wanting to save some statues would you invite every white nationalist organization and neo-Nazis group in the country? That would be about the last thing you would want to do to save statues. If you want to know what the Tiki Torch thing is about look into Ukraine.

  • There may have been some Proud Boys at Charlottesville, possibly. McInnes told them that they shouldn’t attend, but he didn’t order them to stay away.

    I think the clean-cut polo shirt look WAS the Proud Boy look at the time, but they’ve gone a bit grungier, and beardier since. Is Scott claiming that they were Canadian, or British? Maybe Ukrainian?

    Also, several of the marchers were doxed, fired, deplatformed, and canceled.

  • I watched a YouTube video by American Thought Leaders about postmodernism referring to James Lindsay book Cynical Theory an investigation of “critical theory “. It’s worth checking explains the thinking of BLM and ANTIFA and why these organizations are tolerated by the left. They also talked about the infiltration of Cultural Marxists in our institutions, they called it the long march through institutions.

  • If “colored person” is so terribly more offensive than “person of color” I guess that I will just have to go back to calling them DFN’s.

  • I think Scott has forgotten that Trump was talking to Secretary for Science and Technology William Bryan when he made the disinfectant comment and that Bryan had just completed his presentation to the press on how sunlight, UV, and bleach was found to kill the virus on surfaces.
    Or maybe it was Scott’s Tweets that gave Trump the idea…who knows.

  • Papadopolous Joseph Mifsud was someone who introduced himself to Papadopolous claiming he had Russian contacts claiming to provide proof that they compromised Clinton’s emails. He didn’t, yet he was in fact a CIA asset. The Cambridge Four Steele and three UK based associates all are CIA assets.

  • It’s been fascinating to watch the Hoax persistence and cognitive dysfunction required to sustain it. There’s an analogous condition in physically stranded cattle. If a cow gets stuck in a creek or river slough, usually after drinking, and you don’t discover it struggling alone to get out for several hours, it will learn that it cannot walk and quit trying. I saw it happen multiple times on cattle farms as a kid, and there were NO RECOVERIES AND NO SURVIVORS of the condition once it had occurred. They refuse to eat or drink and will not move a leg even if suspended in a cradle and exercised for hours, daily. TDS in cattle comes to mind.

  • I watch Scott Adams every day on YouTube where I always see the video on my feed as soon as he posts it. The past couple days, I had to search for it instead. Shadow banning…?

  • About the “fine people hoax” after saying I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis, he didn’t say anything condemning the bad actors on the “other side”, did he? By Bidens logic he called Antifa fine people?

  • Trump himself has given examples of MSM possibilities for misrepresntation. The first was at the Marines Annapolis Passing Out, he knew he would have difficulty going down a ramp from his dais and so did it slowly with small steps “Fake News will say I have Motor Neurone Disease”. the second the otherday “Let me shoo away this mosquito ohh, now it will be ‘Trump is cruel to animals’.

  • “people of color”…good

    “colored people”…bad

    NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People)….still good. Somehow.

  • The Idea that we should vote for someone because they’ve had tragedies in their life is just as dumb as voting for someone based off their race or gender. He has always used that accident to make people feel sorry for him not to make change for the better. He even recently said he wouldn’t consider drunk driving a crime. I have had tragedies in my life but I don’t use them to make people feel sorry for me or as a reason they should pick me for anything.

  • Scott referring to yesterday’s periscope, I actually listen to you on 1.75 speed….. keeps my energy up since I’m trying to stick to decafe. I appreciate that you even suggested listening at 1.25

  • I agree with you, Scott, re Van Jones. I disagree with him on almost everything but he;s honest about who he is and he worked with Trump on Prison Reform and gave Trump his due for getting it done. That whole conversation on CNN about Biden’s speech being his greatest ever was forced and as phony as a three dollar bill.

  • 53:20 I wouldn’t go because I wouldn’t have the time to make my point.
    Jct: How much time does it take to say: You cut out Trump’s second statement. You lied by omission to reverse his meaning. Shouldn’t you apologize?
    Then again, I’m the Professor from the Trump Taj Mahal and know how to play my cards and theirs better. There is no defence to the demand for apology with proof of omission in hand. You should have gone. You are the best. Just have to learn to only state the cards you need. If you got the chance, you could mention he was not calling ANTIFA-NAZI fine people on both sides, had to be statue people. But that’s cherry on top of cake. I’d have relished the chance to slap their brains around in public. Take it from a professional gambler, boldness pays off.

  • I showed my sister the transcript of the “Fine People” hoax and she would not accept the truth…I watched her brain shut down and her head shake NO. She’s been hypnotized by this hoax.

  • Fine People Hoax Strategy: Donald Trump should listen to his own speech and compare it with Joe Biden´s claim live on Fox News 5 millions watching The whole world will see that Joe Biden is a LIAR.

  • Scott, as I was a Top Rope Solo Lead Climber myself, Bouldering…..when you fall to your death it’s called a Screamer.:) As you say, never a good idea. Live Fully and Embrace Every Single Day