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The WORST Fitness Advice You’ll Ever Receive. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: January 31, 2013 • 370 comments. Dear confused fitness enthusiast, I know there’s a LOT of conflicting information out there on fitness, and you want to know how to get healthy. The Best And Worst Back Pain Advice Plus-Size Exercisers Reveal The Best—And Worst—Fitness Advice They’ve Ever Gotten 12 Worst Pieces Of Medical Advice That Women Get.

This is the worst thing you can possibly do. Ignoring pain sets you up for self sabotage physically and mentally. If you start to feel a crack, stabbing or throbbing sensation stop immediately. It is VERY important to listen to your body and know when its time to let it heal. WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST.

The 13 Worst Fitness Tips We’ve Ever Heard. The 13 Worst Fitness Tips We’ve Ever Heard. By Stephanie Smith; When it comes to fitness, there’s plenty of bad advice out there. From incorrect tips about form to exercises that supposedly deliver unreal benefits, misinformation runs the gamut—and no one knows this. The Worst Fitness Advice.

Whenever it comes to calories, don’t let anyone tell you how many you’ll burn doing a certain activity or that a certain exercise burns more than another. Calorie burn is extremely individualized based on a number of different factors, meaning everyone burns calories at a different. Turns out, there’s plenty of bad advice out there.

And those who spend their days in the gym hear a lot of it. We asked top trainers to cut through the fog of misinformation and tell us the worst tips they’ve ever heard. If you’ve followed any of this advice, now’s the time to start thinking differently. 1. Heavy weights will.

Some of the worst advice out there is if a person is not in pain, then there is no benefit to the exercise being performed. “It’s normal to expect some muscle soreness when first beginning an. When I was in high school and didn’t know anything about fitness, a guy told me that you shouldn’t drink water after exercising. The weight you lose when you exercise is from sweating, so if you drink water, you’ll just gain back the weight.

I don’t think he was trolling me either, but we’ll never know. Here is a list of 15 ridiculous, and arguably worst, fitness products selling online right now: 1) The Shake Weight. This idiotic invention somehow made a name for itself through infomercials.

If you can believe it, this device has earned more than $40 million in revenue (based on a 2010 statistic) and I’m sure is still. * “Record everything. What you eat, your training habits, how you feel. You take a picture of yourself on day one, you put it on a mirror.

That’s who I’ll never be again. That’s day one. Say goodbye to him.

Behind that picture you write down your.

List of related literature:

For example, “Starting next Monday, I will work out at the gym four times each week with a trainer and drink a healthy smoothie instead of lunch, and I will continue until I weigh less than 180 pounds.”

“Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras” by Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman
from Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras
by Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman
Sounds True, 2012

In fact, the quest for fitness can easily lead to poor health.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
from The Triathlete’s Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2016

But I always use common sense and listen to my body while attempting any new fitness routine.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Years ago I began telling my clients, “That exercise is not most appropriate for your body type; this one is much better for you.”

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

That is, these articles would teach you “inconvenient truths” like you can’t get muscle definition as fast as you’d like, you can’t target just belly fat for elimination, and you’ll need more than 1250-word tips to build the body of your dreams.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

I don’t claim to be a fitness expert, but I can offer the lesson of my own experience.

“Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat” by Howard F. Lyman, Glen Merzer
from Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat
by Howard F. Lyman, Glen Merzer
Scribner, 2001

“A good tip for staying motivated and on track is to find an online source like BodySpace,” he says.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
Atria Books, 2010

“By spending a mere 20 minutes in your aerobic zone, at least every three days, you can hold onto your hard-earned fitness,” he says.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

The training advice on many of these sites is based more on personal anecdotes and handed-down folk wisdom than on exercise science.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2008

I’ve already provided the most essential guidelines to avoid injury and get the most from the good morning exercise.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

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  • of you can go to failure on every set, if you want to be able to lift the same weight for the same amount of reps on the next set you just need to rest more, thats how strength training works. you rest way longer so you can lift the same weight again. time under tension isnt a thing in strength training.
    and if you train for hypertrophy, you train with lighter weight in the first place and go for higher reps and slower tempo, which makes it less exhausting in general, even if you go to failure.

    the problem you are having is that you are trying to combine strength and hypertrophy in one set.. you want to build muscle by doing less rest and higher reps and at the same time you are talking about getting stronger on the beach.
    you cant do both at the same time

  • The worst advice I’ve ever been given was one of the first tutorials I ever watched on how to bench properly. Smart me actually looked at the comments before trying it and saw EVERYBODY saying this guy is a fucking idiot.
    The guy recommended you to do T-Bar benchpressing without even thinking about his shoulders.

  • Im not new to training but some excersizes ive never done yet for example close grip bench press so i took advice from a guy at my gym who said flair your elbows out and put your hands as very close together to isolate your triceps more. No good advice��

  • Hey Alex, I’m thinking about running un
    naturally once I stop making linear progress with your beginner program, does the volume day induce nuclei overload?

  • “when I thought Arnold was natural… when I thought protein powder was a steroid… SHIT WAS REAL TO ME” HAHAHAHAHA so funny cause its so relatable

  • I was told to focus exclusively on dick exercises. Dick pulls, dick pushes and dick stretches. And i’m making all kinds of fucking gains. All kinds.

  • Great video!
    Despite not a beginner, one thing was pretty new to me:
    Many guys still say that you should train to muscle failure to gain (more) muscles:D

  • Mental strength under duress is very useful. Sleep = hard rest. You only need around 4 hours of hard rest throughout every 24 hours.

  • Worst gym advice i was given: training muscles will increase their size.
    Which is the biggest lie ever, since muscle size is determined by testosterone levels.
    (And that’s why you, Omar, use steroids)

  • Omar you are just a steroid user, stop scamming people and be honest.
    I don’t know how people like you can sleep at night, you must be a psychopath.

  • Body dysmorphia really sucks man. I care so much about how I look now it almost makes me wish I didn’t start lifting because I really didn’t care about how I looked before

  • I cannot agree. I am 600 calories under… I workout 6 days a week resistance and an hour’s cardio…… It’s still not shifting. I track every single thing where every single thing and I am 600 calorie in deficit

  • The gym I go to is pretty small yet there are 6-8 personal trainers just strolling around everyday waiting to grab more clients. A new trainer at the gym started making small talk with me, critiqued my form, then waited until I followed through with his advice. This happened not once, but twice just a few weeks later. I’m not discrediting personal training however if I was looking for advice and wanted a personal trainer I would have asked. Now I’m just getting eyed at the gym and it’s become very uncomfortable.

  • 9 out 10 guys in my gym says heavy weigh will make my muscle ripped, stop me from getting bulk.. please someone tell me, should i follow that?

  • I put my information in for the free custom program twice over the last seven months and have not received a reply as of yet it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last try. Not sure if I did something wrong or if he’s just really busy.

  • “Stretching is for pussies!” lmao i know this old but that part had me dying! I thought stretching before a workout was common knowledge haha

  • I don’t think Isolation movements never have a place in bodybuilding. isolating individual muscles is an inefficient use of time but isolating groups I think most bodybuilders find useful.

    For me, Compound exercises are the way to go, because i have a limited time in the gym and I I need to maximize the effectiveness of the time I spend in the gym and it sounds like that is you as well. but obviously every routine involves isolating in some way throughout a routine from day to day.

    You mentioned how you don’t train to failure because you need to recover but that is the same reason why people do Isolation movements. if you train different muscle groups on different days, it allows you spend your energy on a different group while the other groups recover.

  • I wanted to go to RASP and ranger school…all the running in basic/AIT and not knowing how to run properly gave me stress fractures which resulted in compartment syndrome. hoping i can bounce back after surgery.

  • Yo man thanks for the video, I have been training and eating right for 4 months now. When I started out I was what they called “skinny fat” I have lost fat and gained a bit of muscle, my only problem is trying to lose that last bit of belly fat that just seems like it doesn’t want to go away. Any advise on what I should do please?

  • It seems like there are a lot haters on here. “Cut your hair, you look like a girl.” I’m pretty sure any girl in their right mind would find him attractive, cause I sure do.

  • Loving your videos, man. There’s alot of bullshit out there in regards to fitness advice, especially in the lifting world. It feels like just recently I’ve started getting the results I want after years of wading through an ocean of stupid cough Mike Chang cough

  • static stretching BEFORE training is a bad idea. depletes glycogen before training. do it afterwards. active stretching, is a different story. great for warm up

  • Was told to train to failure all the time, made me anxious and sick every time i worked out, because i thought hey im natural, gtta train this way to get big right?

    Also, told machines were better than free weights and squatting will make your ass too big!!

    Also told too much protein could kill you lol

    Told that crazy high reps every day would build big abs FYI I have always had visible 6 pack before I even worked out lol

  • High volume deadlifts with just 30 seconds between sets to trigger the after burn effect. Thanks for snapping my shit up, Mike Chang.

  • A lot of people need to hear things like this, myself included. I love how you’re one of the few people in the fitness community who covers all topics, not only on the fitness side of things but also the mental, which is a huge part of the game imo. Top tier content!

  • I’m a national team level Fencer and I feel like training fullbody 3 times a week doesn’t allow me to fully recover on top of training fencing, cardio. Should I drop it to fullbody 2 times a week one day intensity and another volume and improve recovery that way

  • You need to elaborate on going to failure lest your audience misunderstand the point of your argument. You should always incorporate a failure set when working time under tension. I push to failure in high repetition (12 to 15 reps) at the end of each set exercise.

  • Stretching increases range of motion and when you increase your range of motion you then have to increase your strength in that range of motion, if you don’t do this you can increase your risk of injury. So the roided up brother who told you not to stretch wasn’t entirely wrong just almost completely wrong. Do dynamic stretching before your workout and do static stretching either after or at a different time.

  • What about if you are losing weight but you don’t precieve to lose fat? Feel like fat is the same?

    False expectations? losing muscle? Too much attention to stubborn fat and not in hidden places?

  • Training to failure is something I also learned and I use it. Like If I chose I weight that I can do 10 reps with but I feel like I can continue, I just continue until I can’t lift more (never more than 15 reps though). This is something I mainly do on the last set on each excersise though. Otherwise I try to stick around 10-12 rep range, but I just don’t stop because I’ve counted to 10-12, I always continue until failure. I have no problem so far with keeping up my gas, I’m pumped as hell and I always do to failure.

    However I don’t do it on everything like squats, barbell benchpress or deadlifts. Mainly after I’m done with most of my routine and I work some isolation exercises to failure.

    It’s just I don’t feel I work as hard If I just stop after 10 reps on each set, even though I could probably do 1-2 more. I learned that it was the last couple of reps that you struggle with the most that is the most important ones.

  • Im not losing belly fat because all the gyms are closed��. And i love to eat��.
    Other than my own disaster, good content as usual Sean��
    I like to drink hot tea at night, do you recommend any good teas for sleep and possible fat burning at night?

  • The worst YT fitness advice I’ve heard, is when the Hodgetwins said gym newbies should only do compound lifts for a whole yr, before doing isolation lifts.

  • I dunno about “bad advice” per se (well maybe by that Vince dude that gets torn apart by Athlean-X) but the plethora of “90 day transformation” videos are obviously phony.

  • May disagree with me but Mindpump media advocates having a low protein day to get “resensitized” to protein. That is ridiculous IMO I just don’t see how you can build tolerance to a macronutrient. Especially one as essential as protein. You also can’t compare it to carb tolerance because that is related to obesity, diabetes and the pancreas not being able to secrete insulin as a result, NOT because you a “tolerant” to the macronutrient.

  • I just do tons of cardio the day before, day of, and day after when I want to eat big. That way I can eat 5000-6000 calories in a day and still lose fat over time. So my suggestion is build up your cardio capacity over time so you can use cardio as a tool to manage your large cheat days. Cardio is an efficient way to burn calories and is an important component to staying lean along with lifting at least 3 days a week.

  • Look at alex man, so inspirational.. ive been watching him since day one and we are just seeing this guy peak to his best version of himself

  • I was reading some research recently and it said that when you practise physical exercise, diets can be easier to maintain, at least for some people. This was not being described as a physiological process, but merely a psychological process. Therefore, yes physical exercise is not as relevant as dieting for weight loss, however, it offers psychological benefits and it should be given as much importance as dieting (unless the subject doesn’t need any psychological support for diet maintenance, which I think is rare).

  • This is true. I went to the beach and a family member told me that I look really good and took a picture of me. I looked at it and I had to agree, my physique did look better than, let’s say, a year ago. I myself have not even noticed that I’ve advanced that much. I don’t look nowhere near where I would like to, but I’m slowly but surely improving. But yeah, it gave me more confidence and assurance that I’m on a right path.

  • Rich Piana telling people to do 100 reps each arm bicep concentration curls every night before going to bed and the dumb asses who believed him lol ��

  • Bruh, 300 lbs in any exercise is not «natural»?? If you have working sets for deadlift that are below 300 lbs as a man, you are unnaturally weak. I’ve lifted for about ten years now, and even when I was at my leanest back in my army days, I would still have working sets in deadlift of about 400-450 lbs at age 19. And that wasn’t even exceptional in my squad, rather average. Seems like US SF isn’t all it is hyped up to be, when Norwegian 18 year old army privates outlift you.

  • God bless brother hear your family in the background may THE LORD BLESS THEM. BROTHER AT 39 hitting 40 soon We still learning so thank GOD for the good information on lifting properly. Honestly I keep my headphones on and my eyes straight and my prayers to the LORD. ONLY MY SMELLING SENSE WHICH IS BEYOND MY CONTROL IS USED FOR THE ATMOSPHERE. BE SAFE BRO. GRACE AND PEACE

  • Look at any Olympic Weightlifter from china, they’re all under 5’7 and 180lb, skinny but lifting 3 times their bodyweight. Although I love your channel and wanna be sf one day

  • Worst advice was from Austin dumbass uh I mean Dunham. The jawline crap. Very briefly I actually believed his jawline exercises were legit. Turns out that 1. They can cause injury and 2. My laziness saved me, because I didn’t wanna bother doing them anymore. I might be gullible sometimes, but no bs gets past my beloved 3rd eye! ����

  • I looked up on YouTube should you cut as a teen and found your vid.. you are one of the very few YouTube fitness channels that actually know wtf theyre talking about. I’m going to cut out soda and chips completely and start eating Whole Foods. Thanks man

  • Man I’ve been watching your videos for so long and I still read your channel name as OMARLSUF LOL. Keep up the good work man, you’re one of the more entertaining fitness gurus on here.

  • Gotta be the ” over training” misconception. Although it does exist what it actually is. And it’s holding back so many people. It’s like global warming.

  • I have to put this, just one of my own favourites. “Don’t put your money in protein supplements or other supplements, buy some real food instead”. I know many people think this is a great advice, but the thing is that eating a lot is really difficult and whatever supplements I might buy it’s not away from the food I buy. “Real food is better than any supplements” sure, I believe that, but whey protein is sure better than no protein at all??

  • I finally noticed some gains when I went home for coffee with the family and my dad started calling me Arnie and grandma kept giving my back rubs

  • Take notes at all.3 somatotipes:ECTOMORPH body like BRUCE LEE,MESOMORPH body like CHRISTIAN BALE and CRISTIANO RONALDO,ENDOMORPH body like BROKE LESNAR the wrestler.You all will thanks me.My slogan is get informed and inform

  • I tried to follow Lee Haney’s book 6 days a week like 3 hours a day or whatever killing herself. I didn’t realize at the time that without steroids this was a path to destruction of your body.

  • Seems like the worse the advice the more popular the Youtube channel. Worst advice is by popular “Guru” who advises trainees to bulk up by eating at least 3500-6000 calories a day. Specifically, consume 6000 calories per day including a gallon of whole milk a day until bodyfat is about 20%. This is terrible advice as you can only gain 1-2 pounds of actual muscle a month (as a beginnerthe rest is fat)! The idea that in 12 weeks you can gain up to 30 pounds of muscle is ridiculous (even on steroids)

  • Hey Bob and Brad, What’s wrong, when when you lay on your left side you get an ache/pain in your chest and when breathing, but when your sitting vertically it doesn’t hurt as bad except for a pain in the upper left of your back?
    Best wishes

  • Oh jesus, where to begin…

    Let’s try food for fitness:
    “Tuna and rice with Teflon flakes”
    “Peanut butter on a banana”
    “Two cans of tuna and Raymen noodles”

    I could go on…

  • Well, I didn’t hear the worst advice from a Youtuber, but there is a website called RDL Fitness. I read (and believed) that all you need is to squat, bench, and do a row. I personally did deadlifts along with this, but otherwise I trained minimalistically, i.e. a narrow exercise selection. That wouldn’t be so bad (I made plenty of progress), but there was also presented the idea that overhead work would always be bad for the shoulders, because impingement… Utter crap.

    Doing overhead work correctly is very healthy for the shoulders. I eventually ran into issues on the bench when I didn’t do overhead work. Just benching and rowing is not enough for shoulder health.

    By and large I have followed smart and experienced lifters on Youtube, such as Alan Thrall and Brian Alsruhe. Would you believe that years ago I was even subbed to Blaha. This was before the craziness. He did actually put out stuff that made sense a long time ago, but that was because it was copied from the classic 5×5 program I believe was started by Reg Park.

  • If you can even get pass his voice, Mr. Snake has both terrible advice and terrible presentation. I’m a pretty objective person and I try to find good in everyone’s advice but with that guy I can’t find it. My favorite one is “You can build muscle with no food” Yes that is his words. In fact if you research it further there is no science backing this up and a lot of “experts” claim that it’s unsafe.

  • Sorry but i cant remember any Real bad advice. The only thing I can think of is a really good and tristhed youtuber who is an expert in training miss out on nutrition. Im not sure if I just havent Seen it but I have ever Seen Athlean X mention calories or macros. He talk about eating “clean” is the way and doesnt say it really comes out to calories in vs out.

  • I’m subscribing I like this guy. Soon as u mentioned the leg extensions best way for a knee injury if people think their getting mass so they put more weight on. Having injured my knees training I would kno fuckin sux dude and takes months and months to get better. Cuz around the knee there’s less blood flow so very slow healing. U probably just saved someone a kneecap thnx.

  • Keto if you want to lower your insulin resistance. Get off the sugar & processed foods for sure. Eat real food. Weight resistance & just move more. Carb load when you do heavy training works for a lot of people.

  • One of the worst things I’ve heard wasn’t really advice, but it was someone saying you could be a Mr Olympia naturally.. sure a beginner might wanna hear that for motivation, but it also creates false expectations for the beginners and can demotivate them when they don’t get that big

  • All are making me confused on actually how much protein should we eat in a day on any diet to build muscles scientifically. All recommend to consume 1 g per pound of body weight. Please tell the truth about protein from diet.

  • I recently saw a video posted by one of the most popular Youtube fitness “X”-perts saying “cheat meals are killing your gains”?

    If anything, a cheat meal may cause one to GROW muscle due to a calorie surplus or carb load, but the meal itself doesn’t mean you will “kill gains.” Based on my experience (through trial and error), what kills gains is not eating enough calories in relationship to ones TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). What “kills gains” is not eating the proper macro split in getting enough protein for ones body weight in conjunction with a balanced fat and carb intake. What kills gains in not approaching muscle building according to the science of hypertrophy and other variables that effect how one does or does not build muscle. What kills gains is lack of consistency but also lack of rest.

    So many things can “kill gains” but IMO, one can eat an occasional “cheat meal” and stay well within the ability to gain muscle and even lose fat in the process. In fact, this same “X”-pert is one of the most “lean” guys in Youtube fitness, which I respect, but based on my own experience, staying this lean (below 10%) is not healthy. It compromises strength and I don’t feel as good. I often wonder if it’s really healthy to be at such a lower body fat?

  • Dr. MotivationIsraeli fitness guru:
    While you squat, overhead press and deadlift you need to inhale air when you get down and exhale when you get up.
    This advice really hurt my back.

  • Ive always been lucky i guess, i was always proud of my body till i got fat, and like you said gaining weight creeps up on you. i lost most of the weight i gained with only 15 more lbs to go, barbell training surprised me on how fast I was able to put on muscle. but i missed my boxing days when i was explosive, Im stronger than ever but boxing training had something else to it, i was able to breath better from the endurance, and my muscle weren’t big but i felt strong. so now im combing strength training with power training and boxing work. im starting to get the best of both worlds. cant wait to see how i look and feel by Christmas, and even next summer. once you feel the feeling of being in fighting shape and the feeling of being strong its like u want both.

  • Weight gain is about insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, etc. and NOT calories.
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth
    Low Thyroid Causes Weight Gain

  • This explanation really helps it’s a concept we may be aware of but just don’t totally grasp fully.. this definitely helps bring clarity to this Bigger picture (not a 24hr picture)… Enjoyed

  • There’s no such thing as a diet there’s only lifestyles. Age is no excuse I use it as motivation. When I was 20 I could bench this or run 3km in this amount of time I’m 31 now and I worked towards beating my 20 year old self and for most lifts and runs I did. It just ment getting my nutrition right and being smart. Ps I workout at 8pm. Because of work

  • Hello an hour south from Seattle, jog 5 miles a day and in shape. I use your channel a lot and it’s helpful. Just used the video on planter ligament care and rehab. Across the grain message worked well

  • I know this is late but what is a good way to cross-train. I’m in powerlifting and swimming in my school, and according to this my schedule of powerlifting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and swimming Tuesday and Thursday is bad. I want to be in the middle where I’m strong but have the ability to run a respectable mile.

  • Since the 1970’s there has an obsession with “Low Fat,” which in turn created foods that are packed full of sugar. I am NOT a proponent of “Sugar Free,” either as they usually contain basically poisons and make your body crave more calories. Mindful and educated eating helps you at least eat healthfully.

  • 5:55 pizza and mountain dew is great fuel for any distance over 30km in my not so humble opinion. My first marathon distance, I had to stop and eat a whole pizza half way. That said, if you want to eat terribly, you should be looking at 600 mi/1000 km minimum a year or you will get fat on that diet ��

  • If I weigh myself Friday, I do all my lifting early in the week. By Thursday I’m a vegetarian. I eat my steak on the days I lift. I lost 40 pounds this way.
    Monitor salt intake, eat a Banana the day before you weigh yourself. Drink plenty of water.

  • I exercise the way brad does. One intense day a week with plenty of time to recover…the rest of the days swimming basketball jogging.

  • “if you’re skinny and small you can’t get big”
    sorry but I’ve seen a really really skinny guy with 5’5 getting relatively big with huge muscles in less than 2 years. even myself I’m not that tall with 5’11 and I was really skinny fat but in 8 months I’ve gained muscle mass lost body fat and I’m still doing it and I’m not even focusing on my diet, I just quitted drinking soda. I just train increasing the weights as I can and do cardio twice a week.

  • While we’re on the subject of hurting the lower back and spine, any abdominal exercise where you lay on the floor can also be really bad unless you keep that back flat on the floor, tuck your chin if your back bothers you or keep your head down so you don’t pull on your neck, and really make sure you’re working on just the ab muscles.

  • It’s true with age it differs. In my 20’s I could eat anything and I wouldn’t gain weight. I’m 34 and I have to be a little more careful because I can easily put on weight now. I exercise a lot and I find that it’s true to exercise anytime you can. There’s different benefits to exercises at different times and people have different preferences. Personally, I enjoy mixing it up, but mostly at afternoon & night. Your videos are great and very helpful

  • Well said Sean as always it’s about looking at the long run not the short term and it takes time to gain muscle and lose fat it doesn’t happen over night be consistent and have patience!!������

  • Hahaha, Great Video, I love the way you explain how some exercises can be harmful and give alternatives. Happy new year and best wishes for 2019!

  • This is a toss up between the fake merc saying warming up does not help prevent injuries, and fictional patterns saying weightlifting makes you stupid.

  • So what your saying is that I could be tricked into thinking im not losing fat, when in reality I could be just losing it so slow I don’t even realize its going away?

  • Actually the worst piece of advice I’ve ever been given is to estrech before exercise… (if you think I’m wrong, show me scientific evidence that proves it, I’ll be glad to see it) With mobilization and coordination exercises, you are good to go

  • i had an injury scatica where athlenex told me the worse thing to do for it was actually what healed it for me. and probably doing light tricep extensions for 30-50 reps witg 15 sec rest. that injured my elboqs lol

  • I´m surprised by the second “mistake” you mentioned. Don´t fight your genetics. I´ve served for quite a few yrs and from my experience, fighting your genetics is exactly what you want to do. If you´re a skinny guy that can get a great 10k time, then run less and do more strength work. Always address your weaknesses, you´re strengths needs to be maintained or slightly improved but never go full out on the things you´re great at already.

  • not really the most accurate advice. If you are skinny you can definitely become a body builder or power lifter. Genetics will not prevent someone from gaining muscle or weight if they eat the correct amount of calories. People have variances in their metabolism but it is not usually that drastic of a difference. If you cant gain weight you are not eating enough. There are plenty examples of skinny people becoming massive.

  • I run only once every week and I only run sprints on dry land. Instead of the classic run, I decided to swim. I swim 3 times a week, in the sea all spring, summer and half of autumn, and in the winter I swim in a big city pool.I’m sorry that when I was younger I didn’t immediately replace running with swimming. I feel a lot better now when I swim, I even have better results in boxing now when I stopped running for kilometers.I think that swimming long distances is much better than running long distances, it simply destroys the body much less, and the effects are at least better when swimming. At least for me it is so

  • Family members are telling me im getting big, but I feel like im the same size! But looking back at a pic 2 years ago, I now know they weren’t just saying it. Trust the process I learned, no need to take drugs and stress about it

  • this is a reply for another comment on here, that i think sums up a lot that is either not covered, or is wrong with this video.
    TRAIN BY ENERGY SYSTEM. This video is woefully wrong when it states that “you cant be big and strong and fast as well”. that is simply not true. take a look at the dudes who specialize in the 100 meter sprint and tell me you cant be big and fast at the same time. Hypertrophy of the arms, gluts and hamstrings is absolutely essential to become fast. If you are training for a socom unit, you MUST be fast. Most SOCOM selection courses are GLYCOLYTIC in nature and you must train GLYCOLYTIC.


    Sean is right. You must eat eat eat. 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight… and use casein at night. use compound lifts like the squat and deadlift to help stress the larger muscles in you body. you can learn how to squat properly from

    Next, you need a good program. I highly recommend Jeff nichols (

    ) and stew smith’s programs. They are the real deal. Remember: the most important thing about prep is to not get injured. MOVEMENT MATTERS MOST. a strong athlete with shit form will not be a strong athlete for long.


    Now a good program will run hypertrophy, then strength, then power and speed. You want to get big? thats a great place to start! hypertrophy requires very high volume of movement acompanied by a lot of food! be carful with high volume compound lifts like the squat and deadlift. parameters for programming can be found with chad wesley smith’s you tube page: “Juggernaut training.” I highly recommend a belt squat machine for hypertrophy work if you dont want to end up with major damage to your joints. Good luck!

  • I don’t really like stretching prior to heavy working sets. I use dynamic warmup / stretching. Stretching after I feel is different and helps to facilitate growth and improve flexibility. To each their own tho.:D

  • I’m 160 lbs but 5’9 5’10. I am big boned and wanna run fast because I wanna get 300 on my PFT but literally run my fastest like sprinting a whole mile(lil bit of jogging) and I get motha fuckin 7 min and 18 sec.

  • The part about sending mixed signals, this is true… but I don’t think that is a reason NOT to aspire to get good at both cardio and strength. It takes a different mindset. Your splits are no longer weekly and you will make much slower progress. Instead, for me, I have a month split where I train for strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning. Week 1strength focused, week 2 cardio focused, week 3 strength focused and week 4 recovery. All weeks have lifting and endurance and metabolic workouts at various intensity. You have to eat healthy and take rest seriously (rest is both physical and mental) especially sleep. I’ll even take a day off from studying code if I feel worn down because using your brain is taxing. But i’m okay playing for the 3-5 year long term gains rather than get super buff in 6 months or become a fantastic runner in 1-2 year gains.

  • I need to hire a coach. I feel like might diet is on point, but I’m currently been in the same weight for the past 23 weeks for my fat loss.

  • We had a Knucklehead CO that for what i heard use to be abused when he was an LT, I guess he was trying to show that he was in control. Anyway this dumbass had us running 5 miles every single day before a deployment, needles to say we had a quite a few soldiers with knee injuries (myself included). And you know what’s the worst thing, there is IDIOTS that still support this…

  • You know after about 10 years of self-learning through reading on the internet and trying out different stuff, I can safely say this is maybe the most informative measured take on the subject. Awesome.

  • I would never bother interrupting unless the information given can be very detrimental to someone’s health. People’s bad gym advice might not be optimal, but I think on many people’s fitness journeys, they’ll figure it out if they’re serious enough. I’ve been given my fair share of bad advice, but I’ve figured it out. All I can do is share the right information on my platforms. Great video Paul

  • I will be preparing for a very strict selection in the army (french here). Very good endurance is required, as well as good strenght because the physical tests require strenght exercises (e.g. pull-ups etc.). What kind of training would you recommend? Should I emphasize more on the endurance side or on the strenght side? I agree with what you said, because every time I focused primarily on strenght I experienced poorer performances on the running field, and vice-versa. I don’t care about getting big or aesthetics, I just want to pass. I can easily gain muscle but I would say my “natural me” is more on the thin and light side.
    Thank you for your valuable experience! Hope you will respond to this.

  • #8 pec tears hurt emotionally more than physically. If you shred a tendon and don’t see doc in time, say goodbye to getting shredded. ��

  • Running everyday won’t lead to knee injuries (1 mile a day at 10 minute mile pace won’t do much). Running at a high intensity, running long distances, pushing yourself to your limit, and doing HIIT everyday will, especially of you don’t recover properly

  • So I should not run daily? I currently am in high school not part of any school activities or sports. I workout after school. I do 120 pushups 150 situps 80 squats and I run 1.5 miles on week days and 3 miles on week ends. Is this ok? I want to be in good shape on the day I graduate high school and I can be shipped out. Is this type of workout good or not so good?
    Edit by 3 miles on weekends I mean on both Saturday and Sunday I run 3 miles.
    Edit again: My muscle never are sore they are just normal.

  • Anyone training for SpecOps should follow Jeff Nichols’ programs. He is an exercise physiologist and is also a former DEVGRU operator. He has almost 20 years of experience in exercise physiology and is one of the best in the world. He weighed around 200 lbs (5’ 10”) when he went to BUDS but was still able to do around:
    160 pushups2 min
    160 sit-ups2 min
    I don’t recall his numbers on pull-ups and run times but i remember them being very fast. I was extremely impressed with them because I remember wondering how a 200 lb guy could run and swim that fast. He also said that although BUDs is the hardest selection program in the world (91%-98% attrition as of now), that is wasn’t too bad for him. He actually said he prepared so good that it was easy most of the time physically.
    He said as all the other guys were grunting and making faces, he was sitting there calm and that the worst part of BUDs was that it was boring. That was around 20 years ago. Imagine how much better his programming is now. My advice for anyone that listens is that I would watch all his videos. Most are on Stew Smiths YouTube channel. Also do all the programs, working on your weaknesses first. On his website under FAQs, there is a lot of info to get you started. Once you do these programs (1.5-2 years total) I would do Stew Smiths’ 12 weeks to BUDs. Out of all the men he used it on (40), all of them successfully completed BUDs. It’s an advanced program, so I would recommend doing Jeff’s stuff first. I found it easier to progress with Jeff’s programs than Stews, but that could just be me as I was not fit at all when I started. Wish you all the best!

  • Over 2 years working out 6 or 7 days a week. Do I look good, hell yeah! Do I look like I want? Not yet.
    Some fat dude at the beach the other say said, Nice Body…
    Would be better if it were a hot chick… But I’ll take it.

  • I played pro hockey
    I stop playing ( I won’t say why here, personal/family reasons)

    I now finaly want to get back in the game or even join special forces / recon like my best buddy.

    Dude, my ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows are fucked.

    Getting back to it but I blame it on bad work out techniques ( I was the dude at 16 benching 3 plates and squatting 4-5 plates).

    Please be serious and smart my young friends.

  • I can try the same workout in the morning that I typically do in the evenings & I can’t go as long or as fast. I don’t know what it is about me, but the only exercise I can do early before work is yoga.

  • Maybe not the worst. But, there’s something about Scooby that just doesn’t seem to add up. He supposedly helped a lot of people though. But, things got a lot easier when I stopped watching him years ago

  • Tracking and weekly average were game changers for me. Female, 52, perimenopausal hormone madness really has my daily weight all over the place over months. Seeing my own data helps me ride out the crazy.

  • Heh I’ve had the opposite experience. I always wanted to be the fast agile thin person. Finally realized heavy weights is what I’m built for.

  • Speaking of something like the 6k push-ups challenge, if I wanted to do it again, would it be better to take a break of something like a week or should I just reset the push-up count and restart from zero the day after day 30?

  • I get what this guy is saying, but to the people that are blindly following this guy’s rhetoric without reading up on it just because he was specops.. you guys are perpetuating ignorance and are part of the problem. Nothing is more incorrect than saying something like “if you’re skinny, don’t try to become a powerlifter” are you serious? discouraging pseudoscience is bound to piss people off. Also the image @ 1:24 with the “different bodytypes” like ectomorph etc, that’s been known to be untrue for years. Genetics are one thing but no one is walking around thinking doing a bunch of cardio is going to get them built like a brick shithouse. There’s a lot wrong with this video and I’m only halfway through it. @ 3:30 “This sends mixed signals to your muscles” really bruh. Lifting heavy tears your muscles and gets built back bigger if you’re consuming enough protein..all cardio does is burn calories which will only limit gains if you’re not eating enough to counteract it. Ronnie Coleman does literal hours on the treadmill a day.. he’s one of the biggest dudes on the planet. I’m done nitpicking but come on man, you could’ve made this video a lot better.

  • There’s so many bad advice on the net why don’t you ask what the BEST ADVICE people can read the comments and see what’s good..who cares what’s BAD??????

  • He is speaking about the average, normal everyday Joe, not someone in a competition or some other exception you guys have found….get the context correct. Most people do not have the time to fight nature, stress, their environment, and their body.

  • I get what you’re saying about the powerlifter portion. But no, there are plenty of people i’ve seen in the USAPL local and national comps squat bench and deadlift a fuck ton of weight comparative for their BW. I think it is extremely dumb to say skinny people can’t get huge. or skinny people can’t powerlift. I mean for fuck sake you said in your video the person who says it’s possible and the person who says it’s impossible are both right.

  • Why are you spreading misinformation like this? Did you just wake up one morning and say, “ah fuck it, I’m gonna give out dumb fitness advice”. Like what credentials do you have to make any of these claims?

  • There are so many things that are wrong that this guy said in the video. I dont even know where to begin. Dont listen to people who arent professional/qualified athletes about athletics.

  • “I would not recommend yoga to my older trainees to help with their mobility. So long as they can do a low bar squat, bench press, overhead press and deadlift that is all they need” Take a bow Jordan Feigenbaum of Barbell Medicine.

  • Look at pictures of people in concentration camps in Germany, no one was fat. Point is, bad genes just mean you need to work harder and smarter. Fat is simply energy that has been stored, too much energy input without enough energy output and you WILL get fat.

  • ” Other fitness youtuber didn’t do it so I don’t think it’s good”. Said one “expert” youtuber regarding fullbody split workout. And he also showed a video on how to workout at limited equipments gym with just him talking about it without demo cause ‘scared’ he’ll lose gains.

  • For the past four months, I’ve been running a mile in a half 5 days a week within the 10 min.
    Eventually, both of my knees where aching so bad that it was really unbearable. Turns out, it was potellerfemorel pain syndrome. For the past month I’ve been cutting back because of it with some naproxen.
    Right now my left knee is still recovering but my right is pretty much good.
    Hopefully my left recovers soon so I could get back too it except next time, I’ll learn when to take at ease.

  • Train Biceps everyday.
    Use the preacher bench as a power-lifting exercise (lift shit ton of weight at it)
    Good form bad form does not matter it is still “your mothafking set”

  • “Skinny people can’t get huge”
    Ok, right, no one’s ever successfully bulked before, it’s all a lie, either you’re born big or not.
    Just eat 3x more if you can’t gain weight.
    Seems like you simply gave up on getting strong because you wouldn’t eat enough.

  • Dude, ever heard of epigenetics? Read, please and read a lot before making statements. Your genetic makeup is not set in stone, genes and by that your chromosomes are flexible. Consciously manipulating your own gene expression is not only possible but preferable to long term health and fitness. The mistake that you made and what people make is that with limited information comes limited power. Applying limited knowledge without limits leads to failure. If I ever wanted to get into car repair, I would first live and breathe every scrap of knowledge about cars and how they work. So when you want to train, what do you do first? Stop spanking that fender with a wrench please.

  • I’m a personal trainer, so it is kind of my job to step in and help. Plus I’ve gotten used to side-stepping bad information and trying to give people good information without necessarily telling them that they are wrong… because like you said telling people they’re wrong usually doesn’t go well. You also start to recognize the people who will be open to hearing your advice, and those who won’t be. Believe it or not some people actually find it really helpful when I approach them in the gym! (I was shocked at this, since I’m the kind of person who might literally choke you if you interrupt my set.)

  • Static stretches (holding for a minute or longer) should be kept for after a workout, as they can indeed cause an injury or just reduce your power during your workout. But I agree that you should mobilise your joints and muscles before you work them with dynamic stretching (not holding the the stretch for a longer period of time).

  • As hard as it is sometimes I ignore it. For the reasons you stated exactly -they may be doing some alternative exercise or they may take it offensively. And I don’t want to be asked a question everything 5 minutes next time. Lol my gym time is my therapy ��

  • It depends, My general approach depends on how well I know the person of whom bad information is being provided. If I don’t know them, my perspective is very much the same as yours. If I do (sorta) know them and I know the information being provided is extremely detrimental, I would try to strike up a conversation later and sort of lean towards that advice. In that way I feel like I can give my thoughts on it and hopefully prevent serious issues in the future without coming off as that guy who needs to butt in to give his opinion. But it’s very much as you’ve said, everyone needs to experience it as a self journey. But I think of a Douglas Adams quote sometimes: “Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

  • #throtapunch…. What about people who give advice when they have done like, one show?! about a decade ago…. And didn’t look good…

  • If you’re enhanced 450g for protein can work your nutrition partitioning and absorption is way high on Tren or other strong anabolic’s

  • Maaaaan that was one of the best reality check, inspired, motivational, mindset-aligning, stress relieving, cortisol level lowering video’s I’ve ever seen on YouTube Fitness. By far. And I’ve watched them all. Bravo sir ����

  • Literally just yesterday a dumbass meat head at the gym was yanking the shit out of the cable rows letting the weights slam every rep. 10 minutes later dumbfuck tore his bicep had to be ambulanced outta the gym. Satisfaction right there

  • I’ve learned to keep to myself when I hear bad information or see bad form. It just causes issues unfortunately. If someone asks me directly my thoughts on something then I’m more than happy to lend a helping hand or a voice of reason.

  • Hmm. Once again Bob uses language that disgusts Brad.:) 40 minutes 4-5 x a week?? Very few people can or will stick to that, especially if they are over age 50 and/or have back or joint issues. Also, as studies have shown, once a day for 20-30 minutes 3-4 x a week or 15-20 minutes daily 7 times a week is almost as good as long as they are in their target heart range and will stick to it, along of course with a healthy diet. You probably won’t concur, but it’s what people will stick with “for life” that is better than anything else just like with how people eat or diet. It needs to be consistent and for the long term, taking into account a person’s physical conditions. Brad said “We’ve been in therapy a long time.” I can believe that.:):)

  • I agree with this about not always stepping in. Sometimes you know who to help and who not to help. Someone who is looking around, trying to find equipment, and trying to figure out the simple things like adjusting machines or racks is usually someone who would really appreciate the help. But if someone walks in with confidence and acts like they know what they’re doing but still squat with their heels lifting up from the groundthose are the people you just let learn on their own because they almost always will tell you to screw off.


  • 2:20 Tell that to David Goggins. He’s done it all. Skinny HS kid who went up to 297lbs. power lifting. He’s still huge and does Ironmans, Ultra Marathons, Badwater.

  • New viewer here. This is so true, and in the world of social media, it’s something many people (including myself) need to hear more often. Thanks, man!

  • Was literally thinking about this yesterday, I thought that I hadn’t made progress, but wore a shirt that i used to wear 8 months ago and I could barely get it on lol

  • New to working out. Just getting in the gym Monday. I’ve been watching a bunch of videos to get advice and your videos have to be the most helpful. Thank you for being on the interwebs.

  • I have lifted for two years consistently first year all I knew was how to train strength and I think that’s what got me addicted you noticed improved every workout my max went from 135-240 on bench in that year you see it every workout but my size never changed much this year 17-18 I’ve focused on volume training and it’s so different it does take 2-3 months to see change I feel like that is demotivating so my tip is to strength and form train to begin then get big the strong then big and just keep doing that is my plan

  • I think the limiting factor for most people (at least for me in the past year) has been carbs. Not enough carbs if you are following smart training programming.

  • when i’m feeling small or unimpressive, i always remember my ideal body when i first started lifting brad pitt fight club cause i blew by that years ago, and would be out of mind happy if i had my physique today way back then. and the thing is, other people were impressed with my physique when i was still novice, barely intermediary. but as i got more advanced, the only people who got more impressed were other lifters. no one else really noticed the growth, or cared. for other people it was a lot of “yeah but you already looked good.”

  • I wholeheartedly agree with all the points. In fact this video is a good argument for keeping up with my usual strategy in the gym: I’m not talking to anyone, not giving advice nor ask anybody for any. I got all the (MUCH more trustworthy) literature for that (including scientific journals).
    I’ll still keep cutting my hair on a regular basis thank you though:D

  • People forget that learning lifting is no different than learning a sport when u were growing up. It takes years of failure and success.

  • Alex you should make a video on how to find a good powerbuilding program for a novice lifter. Im trying to get the aethetics of a bodybuilder with the strength of a powerlifter. What powerbuilding program should i do?

  • People really need to understand that everything they see on social media is just a facade. The majority of these “influencers” alter their photos to try to make them as perfect as possible and more often than not are on some sort of PED. That’s why I don’t follow any of them. What’s the point if it’s going to make you feel down

  • It really hit home for me when you said about friends asking you for Advice after a the first year or two my friends started wanting to train with me and asking what I do and what’s best I’m my realising after this video what that meant thank you big son!

  • Well, some Scooby61 or something talked about how to breath during lifting and his advice was that you can breath normal like usually and you can talk at the same time how your day was etc. as you lift and I don’t know what shit was that?

  • I rarely ever comment but I have to tell you man I really appreciate videos like this. They put me on the right track and I am very grateful for what you are doing,

  • Bicase I whont to get dere faster Im not happy with my boddy jea I luck good in mousts pipes eyes but not in my buth tnx man dis well help me relax when I get exsatei

  • What I needed. I was stressing about how I can’t go gym now (covid and all that). Then, by the time gyms open up a bit, I’ll be in college. Which, in return, fucks it up too. Ironically though, it’s for Fitness.

    And am I the only one who thinks that they look different in other mirrors?

  • A good video with good info however, the speaker sounded like a dead turtle… He needs to take a public speaking course so as to learn how to motivate others…

  • Thanks man, needed this video. Even though I am doing everything right with my training and diet I feel like I am doing something wrong or things go too slow and blame my genes for it. Mainly because I’ve been training for almost 7 years now and hear all these big (natural) guys saying theyre training for only 5-8 years. I think people also subconciously raise their expectations due to social media even though they know they shouldn’t. But, I started from scratch eating only chicken and rice on rest days, training to failure every session and under eating for almost 2 years, lol. Thanks for the video!

  • focusing on strength is the best because you can actually see your strength increasing weekly or monthly basis, whereas its really hard to actually see your own muscles growing. Also by focusing on strength which is the ultimate progressive overload, you can’t go wrong if you are progressing, and if you are progressing you know you are in the right path

  • Yo Alex,I want to go plant based because whenever i eat dairy and meat my stomach don’t feel good, when I eat a lot of veggies it feels fantastic so i want to make a change in my nutrition. Can you make more videos about plant based diet?Like recipes and that stuff.. Thanks bro,you’re amazing!

  • This is not just about lifting. My philosophy is that I do the best I can and get the strongest I can with good form while in control of my diet, success is inevitable long term!

  • Genetics isn’t an excuse. A great video is by an asian man who is a marine and he had every obstacle to overcome and he did it. Watch the vid

  • Thx alex, i know that im doing everything right but theres this nagging part of me thats like questioning whether i am and stress out.

  • I totally agree! Natural trainees really have to work at efficiency because you’ve only got an hour to get the job done. Great advice Omar!

  • I am 18 and from iran
    I had and have very strong body dysmorphia because i got bullied a lot in school so i start training few years ago and build muscle and get stronger now after all those training it’s still the same i still had that shity filling about my body but alex your videos about body dysmorphia helped me so much man i always compared myself to the best of the best and that was wrong i never took my friends compliments seriously and never get better until watching your videos
    Thank you alex you changed a life of a man in other side of the earth ❤

  • There’s a difference between training ’til failure and training ’til performance failure, performance failure meaning that you can’t do any more reps with proper form, so your muscles aren’t complete dust just yet at that point. I think this type of training ’til failure can be effective, it’s certainly easy at least, you don’t have to keep track of how many reps and you don’t have to focus as much on different weights. If you really want to get as strong as possible or get as big muscles as possible, then it’s a bit more complicated, but if you just care about being fit and getting the health benefits of strength training, then training ’til failure might be for you.

  • I see lots of videos from people that have lost lost of weight, like 100+ Pounds. They Make a Video about it and say how they did it, in an attempt for views/popularity (Which we can all understand). You see, if you are overweight/Obese, and you have had years of resistance of not doing anything about it, listening to someone saying they did it by going to the gym 5 times a week, then go into Macro & Calorie counting and speaking of it as a sport, is so, so very funny. Myself losing 110+ lbs myself, it’s just the lifestyle habits that you do consistently will make up the difference. Example, going from 6 coffees a day to 2-3 (With now now sugar and less milk), Having maybe 1 ice coffee a week instead of 5, eating better quality food say so I am not hungry 15 mins later. Because when I calorie count my Breakfast lunch and Dinner, they equate to the Same but at 110 Lbs weight difference. Work on the habits, see the change happening, then go into all that technical stuff. Anyway, love your Vids!

  • I lost 55 pounds (it took a year) and didn’t do one bit of added exercise. I’m pretty active for a 53 year old woman. But I’ve learned, you cant out exercise your fork!

  • Well that is the problem you cannot get super big and strong when you take breaks to go to those type of courses. Perhaps now that you are completed those schools you can focus on the training to get big.

  • The funny thing is, is that he was actually right about the stretching ( at least static stretching ), as confirmed by a recent study.

  • 500 cals below maintenance, right… but, what is my maintenance level??? unknown number minus 500 is still an unknown number… in the end, it’s all empirical. I have been cutting for several months. I was getting smaller (expected) but starting to look runner-type (defined but small muscles, like long distance runners, not sprinters). Didn’t like it, even though I had some abs starting to show nicely (on the downside, my gluts were vanishing out of existence). I was under eating, definitely. My ‘numbers’ seemed to be balanced, reality showed it wasn’t the case. Just let the mirror speak first and have some very basic nutritional info which you apply constantly (decisive action!). Can’t really do much more than that. Numbers are pointless ‘cos they’re baseless unless you live in some bio medical facility or something. Too many factors, too many non-measurable variables and too much heterogeneity between individuals. The principles behind are still accurate, of course.

  • Alex: I’m older than you.I only knew the word jacked to mean: Get robbed or mugged!
    When did the slang definition change?
    Duh!? Mark

  • Kinda depens on how good you are on your good days and especially how bad you were on your bad days. Another little trick I use to to only promise I’ll be on a reducing diet for a certain number of weeks. Maybe 6 or 8. then be sure to only take in enough to maintain the weight. Not a waste of time since you havae to train yourself to do this for success anyhow. Keeping it off it often harder so the more times you practice this “maintaining” part the better you’ll do overall.

  • Sean! Wow.. I have followed your social media & workouts for years.. since your G+ Page!. I think 2020 has had an affect on calories in/calories out ��‍♀️… Great video! Thanks

  • Wasn’t the title about belly fat?

    Because the video seems to have no relation to that it’s just about losing fat in general.

    So I’d at least add the two most generic info items about that:

    1.) You can’t spot-reduce fat.
    2.) Before you lose belly fat, you’ll likely first lose chest fat, leg fat, back fat, chin fat, calves fat, lower arm fat, finger fat, earlobe fat… 😉

  • This isn’t from a guy on YouTube but a “tip” from a guy in my gym, I stood there doing shrugs, minding my own business, and a guy who had some Burger King-size on him came up to me and said that I should roll my shoulders way more. He started to show me, rolling his shoulders, and twitching his neck around in different directions.
    He said it was moves like that that build his traps “back in the day”.
    And I never saw him again after that day.
    I almost consider him as a legend now.

  • The fact that I see so many gym bros doing bro splits as a natural which doesn’t focus on strength progression. Drives me fucking insane. So misinformed. I believe hypertrophy work alone is useless if you’re weak or not focusing on the main compound lifts and getting stronger at them. This is why I hate T nation is more accurate.

  • You remember John Sarno’s book, Mind Over Back Pain where he theorized that a chronic pain developed due to lack of oxygen in tissues brought on by stress and tension? Well, maybe he was partly right, and the most interesting idea I have seen regarding the injury and recovery of tissues and bones in which blood flow is not that great from the start is that the same diet related processes that contribute to atherosclerosis and dementia also cut the circulation to those tissues and result in injury, arthritis and osteoporosis. The research is clear that eating animal products, oil, and salt are detrimental to blood flow and damage the endothelial cells lining the cardiovascular system which then results after years in a coronary event and other chronic illness. Good diet and exercise can improve the blood flow, and the whole plant food diet reduces the inflammation that are to blame for those issues. Therefore, those who eat a high carb diet, low fat, whole plant food diet every day like the Okinawan centenarians or the Tarahumara long distance athletes will have the best circulation and best recovery and healing. Of course there are fit people who eat meat etc, but we don’t want to be like Jim Fixx and in good shape til the day we prematurely drop dead of a heart attack or start having other issues like injuries or even cancer. There are many reasons to eat whole plant foods and avoiding cancer is one more, and there is really nothing in the CBC and other common blood tests that will tip you off til too late that you have cancer. Heart disease is our leading killer and is 100% diet related, any of the levels on lab tests your doctor says are “normal” are only OK to people in a world where normal is sick and on the way to disease. Are you really sure your lab results are good? If your tot. cholesterol is not below 150 for a significant period of time without drugs then you should consider dropping the animal product. What about your WBC? If you are not below 4 then this primary marker of inflammation can be telling you something. I wouldn’t just assume everything is fine based on the CBC and your doctor’s advice. Have you had the latest scan of your heart arteries to detect problems? I certainly hope you are very healthy and wish you the best, but the research is clear that those eating the whole plant food diet live longer and have much less chronic illness. See Dr. Michael Greger on for more homework on this subject.

  • bench press 350lbs? Wtf?

    If you get such advice to train to failure and you can press so much weight i don’t think you would be subject to such horrible advice in first place.

    Just started and only make 80-85kgs with 1-2reps, roughly my own weight.

  • I honestly dont know what im doing wrong. I do cardio i go to the gym 5 days a week and i lift my upper body is pretty goodish no fat but my belly fat is just not going away

  • OT: Which is why its so important to not just diet. Exercice will help you in your progress, like a tighter body, which will help you to stay to that diet. To be fair try see the diet as a new lifestyle. Go for a diet with normal and healthy food habits, perhaps a bit more protein 1.5 to 2 ratio. Great channel

  • Great video, Sean. Do have any idea when PureForm will be back in stock? I was hoping to get some the other day but see it’s currently out of stock.

  • Hey guys ypur videos have really helped.
    Could you do a video of a good lengthy daily stretch routine, for someone who has around half an hour to do it thanks.

  • Hello, I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. I really enjoy them a lot and watched like 10 already this week. I am always taking your advice by heart since I am joining the German federal police „Bundespolizei“ this September. Later I am aiming to join their special forces PSA or GSG 9. Therefore I am getting up everyday at 6 am (I have nothing to do since I finished my a levels this year) and going for a 10 km/6,25 mile run in around 50 minutes I achieve that. Afterwards I ride my bike again the same distance in the other direction to workout in my „local“ gym for around 1-2h. This week I got and injured foot after jogging on Monday so I couldn’t do the jogging in the morning but I still went to the gym. Thanks to this video I now can work on myself and my workouts. Thank you very much! ��

  • I think the key reason aren’t releasing fat is because they aren’t always conscious or aware of their habits.

    It’s more like a general statement than a specific achievable goal.

  • Great video Sean, you know this actually popped into my head the other day, so i’ve been keeping about 400 calories below maintenance for 6 days of the week and having one cheat day. Last weekend I went full on nuts on my cheat day. I practically ate an entire cheesecake and a cow. I went to bed that night and roughly worked out how many calories I had that day and worked out it had completely wiped out my weeks work! Anyway Im still going to have my cheat day as for me I am losing bodyfat, and it’s more of a psychological boost to me, but I am going to be a little more conscious of how many calories im taking.

  • Couting calories and Training made my life 2x better, i was looking like poop compared to eating normally now i eat a lot of food(in terms of volume) and look great

  • I never get tired at the gym now matter how ridiculously hard I go, yes I do get tired, but I fell that I can just keep going and going…

  • Hey Sean, Have you read about hypertrophy/Hyperplasia of FAT CELLs? Episode #124 of Max Lugavere’s podcast has a discussion with Dr. Benjamin Bikman.

  • oo! oo! I know this! It’s slow metabolisms gremlins. That has to be why. It can’t be because they eat more calories than they burn.

  • Just FYI I got a Vshred ad before this video. The one where he talks about eating pizza.
    Also when is that Ryan Humiston video coming out?

  • The question I have is why allot of people and commentators on You Tube Fitness so immature and hard headed. Allot of them just brag and brag about how much weight they can lift for a PR. It seems 90% of the channels anymore just ramble on and on about strength. I see way too many channels that show some young average looking person telling the public how to train, when they barely look like they train hard themselves. I find most You Tube channel are complete rubbish. Yours is a rare gem.

  • But if ur training and ur unintentionally in a slight or above maintenance wouldn’t u be building muscle thus still burn some fat or gaining muscle…seems off…some say macros don’t matter others say hormones matter…cico does seem to be too much of a simple explanation for a complex process…I don’t anyone really knows the truth to this

  • The poor diet, fighting my genetics, not cross training enough, and the never thinking I could do pull-ups were mistakes I made too. The Marine Corps managed to snap them out of me. However, you left out the biggest mistake people make ever. That is not drinking enough water. People often times rely on thirst to tell them when to drink water. If you do that, you’re not hydrated enough. Hydration is the most important factor in terms of physical fitness because the human body can go a few days without sleep and about 3 weeks without food, but can’t go very long without water. Other mistakes you left out are drinking alcohol, undertraining and sleeping too much. Although, I guess alcohol falls under the bad diet part, but you should’ve talked about it as part of that mistake. Not only is alcohol bad for pretty much every organ in the human body, but it’s also empty calories that can result in weight gain, and it interferes with protein synthesis, therefore slowing muscle recovery. It also disrupts your sleep pattern, despite the fact that most people believe it helps you sleep. While it’s important to get a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, sleeping more than nine hours a night is just as bad if not worse for you than not getting enough sleep. It increases risk of stroke and of heart disease. Undertraining is another mistake people make that prevents them from improving. While it’s important to take a couple days off from working out every once in a while, people often just train 1 day, then take a day off. You won’t improve that way because you aren’t pushing yourself enough. Tear and repair is how we get stronger. The best strategy in terms of physical fitness is to push, but don’t break yourself. Doing pull-ups and chin-ups every day as often as possible and taking 2 days off once or twice a month is how I progressed really fast.

  • Great info, as always!
    In your opinion, How can I stay in shape while treating a shoulder injury?
    At least I wouldn’t wanna gain fat.
    Thanks for your videos?

  • Anything Jason Blaha related. How he has 100k followers befuddles me. I presume its his ‘ridiculousness’ that appeals to many in a sad way.

  • Thanks Sean. Although, I am eating at surplus, I keep track of my macro and workout alot. Is it possible to stay lean while eating surplus and working out?

  • Could you do a video on muscle imbalances? And keep up the great work. In such an oversaturated industry. You manage to keep it easy to understand.