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VEIL OF MAYA Winter Is Coming Soon

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Game of Thrones S7 Official Soundtrack | Winter Is Here Ramin Djawadi | WaterTower

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Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 10 Clip: Winter is Here (HBO)

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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming Orchestral Music

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Game of Thrones Music & North Ambience | Winterfell House Stark Theme

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The CGI trailer for Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

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The Winter Is Coming Workout. This workout was created by Nerd Fitness Team Member and Master of the Fitness Universe, Jim Bathurst. With zombie skeletons pounding at your door, you know what really makes me feel safe?

Redundancy! If the wall doesn’t hold, the creatures have to go through metal bars. Today we give you the Winter is Coming Workout. In case of emergency, break the glass and do this workout instead of skipping the day entirely. Do Season 1 to warm up, and then complete any season 3x through for your workout.

If you are really ready to defend Westeros, try “binging” every season, doing the whole thing straight through. Winter is coming, which means it may get tougher and tougher to get your morning workout in at the gym. Fortunately, keeping up the habit of an active lifestyle when the temperatures drop has never been easier.

Read on to find out how to incorporate more movement into the cold days and nights ahead. Crunch During Commercials. WINTER TRAIL RUN WORKOUT This is a simple workout. Choose a 3, 5 or 10km distance, pick a scenic route then go and run it.

If you can, get out into the hills and countryside and enjoy the fresh cold air. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. WINTER IS COMING: Cold-Weather Workout Essentials For Every Man. Insider Picks. Nov 10, 2014, 21:32 IST.

After a long day at work, no one wants to. The temperature is dropping and your motivation to go to the gym is going down with it. Kristin McGee of Health understands it’s easier to hide under your cozy layers than brave the cold to. Cross country skiing is the highest calorie burning olympic sport.

Harvard researchers estimated a 185-pound racer would burn 355 calories during 30 minutes of cross-country skiing. It is a great aerobic activity that will increase your heart’s ability to supply your body with oxygen. “When people who live in Washington, D.C., go on vacation to Florida in the winter, it’s harder for them to exercise because they’re not used to the heat,” says Richard Cotton, PhD, an exercise. Winter is coming time to pack on mass with our four-move chest blaster. This 2-Move, 15-Minute Workout Builds Stronger Abs.

This 20-Minute Dumbbell AMRAP Burns Body Fat Fast.

List of related literature:

These workouts may be easier to arrange in winter, when sweating may be reduced in the cold weather.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
Oxford University Press, USA, 2011

Nearly every day I dressed in my multi-layered winter wardrobe and headed for the trails, and this year it happens that such an aerobic, full-body workout was a perfect fitness program for pre-tour conditioning.

“Far and Away: A Prize Every Time” by Neil Peart
from Far and Away: A Prize Every Time
by Neil Peart
Ecw Press, 2011

Cold-weather clothing and winter terrain (e.g., snow and slush) increase caloric expenditure during exercise or other activity.

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

So do your muscles during these winter sessions.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
VeloPress, 2012

summer heat or winter cold sidetrack your walking workout!

“Walk Off Weight: Burn 3 Times More Fat with This Proven Program” by Michele Stanten
from Walk Off Weight: Burn 3 Times More Fat with This Proven Program
by Michele Stanten
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2011

This is why a good winter training program is important; it’s difficult to make progress from year to year if your fitness goes backward for 3 months over the winter.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

Weight training, jogging and swimming will all keep your fitness up over winter, too.

“The Girl Outdoors: The Wild Girl’s Guide to Adventure, Travel and Wellbeing” by Sian Anna Lewis
from The Girl Outdoors: The Wild Girl’s Guide to Adventure, Travel and Wellbeing
by Sian Anna Lewis
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018

In winter, you want warm foods to fuel your workouts.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

When exercising in the cold, the two factors to consider are frostbite and hypothermia.

“Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness” by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
from Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness
by Wener W.K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger
Cengage Learning, 2015

Winter triathlons take place on snow and ice and feature cross­country skiing, mountain biking, and running.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing” by Linda E. Swayne, Mark Dodds
from Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing
by Linda E. Swayne, Mark Dodds
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Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Cuándo vi el cielo, pensé, que raro era, pero cuando lo vi, escuchando ésto, todo cambio:v Se volvió dark, se volvió oscuro, pero una oscuridad iluminada, de poder y pasión, así llegó ésta canción al corazón de Veil Of Maya<3.

  • this game is a complete waste of time. frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe this farce of a product. whales have taken over, so if you are f2p just expect to get zeroed on a daily basis. just go play dota2 or something fun. this game will just piss you off and be a waste of time and money.

  • Game of Thrones Winter is Coming: the “officially licensed” PC browser game. trailer is pretty damn Geode!
    put down some agreement if you have agreement heavy handed gentleman

  • Oh how I wish I could experience winter like in the video. I live in southern Louisiana and its just hot as balls and muggy like 70% of the year. Winter here can be a joke. I can’t wait to move somewheres where I can experience the seasons. Watch as spring turns to summer and summer into fall and fall into winter. I love everything about the cold. I would definitely be a northman. <3

  • This game is garbage I’m lvl 51 and 20M Power when the developers decided to sponsor other players to destroy the rest of the alliances to force us to spend money to protect the kingdom.

    Suddenly people gor 100.000$ worth of upgrades and QUADRIPLICATED accounts (which the game said is illegal) and killed most ppl on the server.

    Might sound exciting, but it’s crap.

    I played it for 2 months.

  • I like how this trailer is the ad on it’s own trailer. xD Btw first time I ever heard the Game of Thrones theme, I legit thought it was a Zelda ad RIP me

  • Whoever makes this game: you should be so ashamed of yourself. Such a desperate cashgrab. Game is a complete moneyspending fuckfest trash, and whoever decided to sell you the rights to make this game should be fired immediatelly.

  • There is so much stolen copyrighted shit in your ad videos, like what the actual fuck. Ghoul sounds from warcraft/WoW, clicking sound from Heroes of Might And Magic 3… Just stop.
    I can understand when some random ad from play store can get away with using Mount And Blade footage, but this? Pathetic

  • If it was open world game, I would use the every way to kill Jon and than restart from checkpoint and try another way. Smashing his head, raping him to death and etc

  • I just got a trailer for the game that I clicked to watch the trailer for before the trailer of the game that I clicked to watch the trailer for….

  • Even tho we hear this very tune in the very first episode of season 1, I trully felt it when I saw the Hodor episode…. I cried so hard, I’m not even ashamed!

  • Dove, I’ve developed an interest in you that has broadened. It is no longer sufficient for me to count your feathers, I am now curious about some of your branches. There is no ill judgement in me, it is more of figuring out your context. It is not enough that I know your favorite beverage or color, I will to know more. Perhaps I should abstain. The last thing I want to do is to squander the progress we have built. It is not a spirit of jealousy that moves me to such investigation, it is quite the opposite. There is a need to examine your experiential DNA. Look upon it in this way, you have no shame over it, neither do I. It is a matter devoid of pride or prejudice. I can not say it is completely objective because you are more than a neutral study to me. You have gained my favor animating the better parts of me. If I limit my scope of you, it may limit the horizon I see in you. If you find that I approach your past, it is not a move of suspicion, rather it is a act of completion. There are things I want to unlock about you. My only fear is appearing to do it in a tawdry way. There is nothing about you that I want to hide from or turn away, past or present. It’s all about informing myself about you. Let’s continue to deal kindly with each other. I must retire from the night that is already well spent. Sweet dreams Dove.

  • they still use the tagline ‘Winter is Coming’ as if it’s something to look out for, the ‘Long Night’ lasted one night so this game is pointless

  • Olá, pessoal! Terminei o meu primeiro livro, e está disponível em: por apenas R$25,05.

    Marcos é um mestiço, que vive em um pequeno vilarejo, e em busca de vingança contra uma bruxa que amaldiçoou sua terra e matou seu irmão, o jovem é levado a outro mundo por uma magia muito antiga. E ao chegar em um mundo élfico, um espirito sábio lhe concede a missão de proteger uma princesa, e levá-la às Terras esquecidas, no entanto, Valrian, um mago muito poderoso, fará de tudo para impedir isso, em meio a muitos desafios eles tentarão chegar ao destino, onde a espada carmesim estará à sua espera. Assim,
    começar sua vingança contra a bruxa, e trilhar o caminho da serpente.

  • Don’t listen to this in December. You’ll freeze to death if you don’t die of sadness first. I’m listening in August and I’m cold to the core.

  • This makes me miss people that are not real, makes me want to go places that don’t exist, makes me feel like i lived as someone who doesn’t exist in a place that doesn’t exist

  • Part of how I wanted Game of Thrones to end in the TV series is like this:

    It’s the siege of Winterfell and the White Daenerys Walkers have descended in mass. It seems like all hope is lost, the Night King and all his many undead men have breached the walls and decimated the forces defending what land they have left. Daenerys has landed with Drogon to aid Jon and his last contingent of men holding the line outside of the walls. As the soldiers quickly begin to fall and the circle grows smaller, only held in size by Drogon, Daenerys dismounts her dragon so he may survive the encounter and deny the Night King another potential undead dragon.

    Frantic fighting continues, and the circle lessens in size even still, until it is but Jon, Daenerys and a handful if at all of men left outside. The undead stop in their tracks, Jon stands ready still with Daenerys, the only two left alive, wiping the sweat from his brow with his wrist, still gripping Longclaw.

    The undead shuffle aside to make a path, with the Night King at the end of it. He walks, almost looking smug, if it were possible. As he nears the two left alive, he draws his sword, an unspoken challenge of single combat towards Jon. They begin to fight and although Jon is leagues above nearly all living swordsmen, the Night King fights almost effortlessly against the exhausted young wolf.

    Jon is thrown to the ground, and the Night King stops. Daenerys runs to Jon’s side and helps him up. They look deeply into each other’s eyes, hope fading. Jon looks down to Longclaw and his mind flickers, exhausted. Out of the corner of his eye, Jon notices the Night King ready his weapon again, awaiting Jon to return to the fight.

    Again, his mind flickers, before he takes up Longclaw and plunges it through Daenerys heart with a tear rolling down his cheek. Daenerys lets out a sharp breath, as blood drips off of the end of Longclaw. Time stands still, Jon and Daenerys still locked in each other’s gaze. Before long, Jon strengthens his footing, and pulls the sword from his love’s heart and as he does so, the blade sparks into flame.

    Azor Ahai.

    Then they start fighting again and obviously Jon wins and it’s not Arya who does it, OBVIOUSLY.

    (I know this might be ass to a lot of you but I always thought it was a cooler idea than something for the sake of a stupid twist. I remember coming up with this idea when I watched the final season so I may have misremembered parts of it that would make it make sense, I.E Jon knowing to kill Dany to become Azor Ahai etc. Put Bran in the blender too that’d be cool, and make Jon king. )

  • S8 may have been a massacre of the best show on TV, but at least we can find solace in the previous seasons. After all, its the journey that matters, not the destination. The North Remembers and we remember the North…

  • if I play it I’ll obviously go with Jaime destroy House Stark give the north to remaining members of House Bolton or House Umber. Behead the dragons, Destroy the dothraki and unsullied. And make the largest Lannister army

  • Ned Stark
    Robb Stark
    Cathelyn Stark
    Rickon Stark
    Lyanna Stark
    Benjen Stark
    Sansa Stark
    Ariya Stark
    Brandon Stark
    Theon Grejoy
    Jon Snow

    They are love Of GOT. North Remembers, Winter is Coming.. and the shit Of GOT are Joffrey, Ramsey and Tywin Lannistar..

  • Now try changing the ending of GOT.
    Rest of the seasons Daenrys the most intelligent rising inspiring leader. Season 8 just a jealous insecure girl who went crazy.

  • Never kill a bear’s puppy, never attack a Kraken, never betray a lion, but you’d prefer be doing those 3 things before giving a wolf a reason for vengeance.

  • the starks where the best house. all about honor and family. they just wanted to be left alone in the north with their family:(.

  • Do you guys ever wonder how D&D feel about the ending now? Do they regret it? I mean, the got fired from Star Wars which to my understanding was a factor in rushing to finish GoT. It’s crazy to think of what could have been. Just imagine your own ending to the show.

  • This show was an amazing journey, with an awful end… but anyway still makes me feel nostalgic because of all those years that we were waiting season after season

  • Its incredible, absolutely devastating, that they could create something so powerful, a fake world, full of fake characters, with such meaningful existence, and yet, fuck it all up so bad, and so much to the point, people will no longer remember the legacy or genius that GoT provided, but the memes that was created instead.

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  • Алёшка Емельянов

    Полночье в коньячном притоне,

    в котором бордово, тепло.

    Пришпилена блеском пилона,

    как бабочка прям под стекло,

    И в разных ролях пребывает,

    к себе разнородно маня:

    то песням, то мне подпевает,

    то тихнет, покорность храня,

    то в платье с раскрасом касатки,

    то рыбкой лоснится к крюкам,

    то будто нагая русалка

    у ног своего моряка,

    то шест ветряка оплетая,

    кружит лопастями, свежа,

    аж хмелем, мечтой налитая

    кружится лицо иль душа.

    Легко пробуждает развратность,

    то чуткость, то жалость к себе,

    опять демонстрируя страстность,

    дозволенность, лёгкость в цене.

    И я доверяюсь объятьям,

    приникнув к неюной груди,

    друг друга сменяющим платьям,

    платя за соблазн и труды.

    Уста дев так алы вампиры.

    За ними, за шторы влеком.

    Лишь солнце разгонит нас с пира.

    А впрочем, рассвет далеко…

  • Als ob all das real wäre. Ich fühle mich, als sei dies ein Teil von mir! Und dieser Teil möchte wieder dorthin.
    Der Norden vergißt nie –

  • Yea, thats cool your picking up scrap riffs from 2007, When are we going to see a remake of “All Things Set Aside” song, not album? I believe i seen many people comment on that but haven’t heard much about it. I know you did a lot of remakes of songs from that album.

  • You may think this music is cold and gloomy, but it is the last bastion of feeling. Warm people forget that cold people are people too, they only know oblivion much better. The wolf does not know about good smells and bad smells, he knows about strong smells and weak smells, and so it happens with people who appreciate this music. The pain it transmits can be misunderstood and rejected, and that makes us feel lonely, but eventually you understand that it is part of life, you begin to accept it and enjoy it, and it’s in that moment when we begin to value our pack

  • Dark wings, dark words. Lo, Winterfell was never the same after Theon-Turncloak’s treachery. Bran and Rickon were practically babes, yet the ever voracious ever rapacious Kraken rose against the very family who took him in and burned them like so much pitch. We mourn the loss of Winterfell’s heirs, yet we rejoice, for the Kraken’s time is nigh, for Stannis, wielder of Light Bringer, reincarnation of Azora Ahai, and the bastard of Bolton come at you from all sides. And once they’ve smote you at all your grasping tentacles, they shall turn their swords upon each other. The North remembers, The North never forgets, and once Lady-Stoneheart has exacted her cold fury upon the treacherous Frays, she shall return to us as the queen in the north.

  • I remember when Ned was holding Lyana’s baby and the scene transited from the baby’s face to Jon’s face and this theme started playing. I remember myself having goosebumps, absolutely shocked to know that Jon is a Targaryen, my eyes wide open, and my mind unable to fathom all that in that instant. Despite the ending and poorly written final season, Game of Thrones is one of the greatest shows in television history. And this theme is my favorite.

  • Today it’s been 15 days since I opened a complaint about a failure in the game, you know what happens, they don’t answer me, they keep saying that they will respond and nothing, think about a shit team working on this game, this game sucks, it sucks I do not recommend it to anyone, waste time, do not spend money on the game, they do not value the players, it is total disrespect, shame, rubbish, I never recommend it.

  • re-thinking all this chemistry is here for a reason. so many crazy parallels to jon/ned and sansa/caitlyn. and these moments fly off the screen

  • This scene is the reason why I started watching GoT: to see the beginning of the winter… And here, it was filmed so beautiful, so touching, so meaningful, with Stark theme, which will always symbolize family, when Ned Stark is remembered by his children…

    While I still have 7th season to watch, the 6th season is now my favorite. And to my opinion, the best.

  • Feel like doing more? I’ve been pining for some original music inspired from the story. Not to say that Ramin Djawadi’s music or covers and remixes of his music aren’t bad (of which there are many), but is it too much to ask for something fresh now and then?

  • This is just great. An excellent tribute to a truly great book and TV series, and I feel it’s better than the music written for the show. I love it, violin and all (to the uninformed, that’s a reference to a conversation thread about this music on an internet bulletin board). You’re a blazing ball of talent, Graham.

  • This scene is a perfect example of why Game of Thrones is no longer Game of Thrones but instead just some really bad fan fiction garbage.

    what is this obsession with calling Ned a fool??? Why did Ned trust Littlefinger? Cat told him to. Why did Ned believe Lysa’s letter? Because Cat told him too. Go back and watch S1 again….Ned never trusted LF until Cat cosigned him. Ned immediately called Bullshit on Lysa’s letter, until Cat convinced him otherwise. Ned was directly attacked in KL because Cat foolishly took Tyrion hostage for a crime he didn’t commit.

    And I’m not trying to blame everything on Cat either (even though she’s severely flawed and even compared to Cersei by Jamie himself)…but this “Ned’s the biggest fool in GoT campaign” is fucking blasphemy. Of course, HBO’s idea of feminism is just man bashing, but still….this is bad.

  • I always loved that smile Jon does once Sansa tells him that winter is here. It’s like after all they been through, just hearing about something they’ve been told about since their childhood is finally come. Even though it’s technically a natural disaster for their world, it’s like a once in a lifetime holiday to them at this point.

  • the way Sansa said ‘Winter is here’…:'(:'(:'(:'(
    I wish winter was as great as we had anticipated..
    A year has passed since the finale and I am still feeling the same pain..
    We deserved a better ending to a show that had marked our lives for more than a decade!!

  • No one uses meme arrows unless they really really have an I.Q less than that of a shovel.

    Parkway Drive is the fucking shit. I would murder you if you told that to my face.

  • This song is easily one of the best veil of maya has out out, the progressions and melodies are too perfect! It makes me feel amazing listening to it

  • The Walking dead is so much better than this show. The level of skill displayed in both the writing and acting in TWD is unmatched. GoT couldn’t even hold a candle to TWD.

    Said literally no one… EVER!

  • winter is here allright it snowed in vegas.this tv show last season is the same year when this polar vortex came ice wall was hint that trump is going be president building a wall. Tv movies leave hints out there pay attention too them winter is here

  • Why they didn’t combine everything together (the storylines I mean). Night king, Cersei, and so on. I wish everything would be more connected and not just: ok here is Battle of Winterfell, done. now Cersei, done, Deanerys, done. The end. IMO it would feel so much better if those things were in intertwined. Anyone else felt this way?

  • When winter comes for war,
    You shall hear no Lions roar.
    When winter forces you to yield,
    No Stags shall graze upon the field.
    When winter creeps upon you from the shadows,
    No Roses shall bloom from the meadows.
    When winter wreaks havoc on the land,
    You can bet there’ll be no Snakes in the sand.
    When winter brings to life all it finds grim,
    The Krakens will freeze where they swim.
    When winter sets and the land begins to shiver,
    The Flayed Man will start to rot and wither.
    When winter fights to the last sliver,
    No more Trouts shall swim in the river.
    When winter ravages and all despair,
    No Falcons shall fly high in the air.
    When winter shows you
    what happens when snow falls,
    not even dragons breath
    shall warm you in your halls.
    When winter comes
    with all it’s might,
    only the Wolves
    shall howl in the night!

  • Sansa and Jon shared some beautiful scenes in season 6,7. I loved to watch them as a family together and taking back winterfell. I loved when Jon smiled, we have rarely see starks smile in GOT. But this scene when Jon and Sansa smiled and the stark theme playing is so strangely sad!

  • I think this is the best ever English drama series I’ve watch in entire of my life, all characters are very well developed, everyone got their own stories.

  • How sad Jaime left to fight for living against dead, the moment he left kingslanding the snow from sky touch his hand and he looked very keen, i can’t believe the man whom i hated most in GOT now tha man to whom i loved to watch keep going.

  • This scene, when they show snow falling down to the Kongs Landing and this musiv, they remind of of everything that happened through this show, from the very beggining, from the first episode of Game of Thrones, so much happened since then, so many characters died and so many things the survived characters have been through

  • Herkes meralden gelmiş kimsenin diziden haberi yok cahiller topluluğu bide diyorlar akp gitti Meral geldi fln çok komiksiniz cahil aveller

  • Anybdy has the right music sheet for this one please? or can do a turtorial for this? i will be very grateful.thanks in advance! So beautiful, besides seems so simple and easy to learn

  • When I hear this, I always thought of all the times that has happened in the series. And seeing this go down hill is such a tragedy

  • They should have swapped the last two bosses, Cerci second to last, and the Night King battle in King’s Landing. More bittersweet. A dead Winterfell would’ve been creepy as hell.

    Truth is, I wrote an alternate ending and it was rejected.

  • I am not sure D&D even realize what they had at their hands with this show. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is unbelievably painful that season 7 and 8 were rushed. It’s like Da Vinci finishing mona lisa with a pencil. Whatever they are going to do in the future, it cannot possibly be as important as GoT. This show was a global phenomenon…

  • This melody as I’m watching Jon cradles Dany….uughhhh it hurts!!! It truly does…. because we all know Jon and Danny deserved better… both had to die! Or both live! If they wanted Bran on the throne and not Dany or Jon…they could’ve both died at the long night as heroes! Or live…Jon taking Dany beyond the wall! When all is spring again! NOT THIS SHITTY ASs ENDING HBO ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!!

  • While this song is being played, all I can imagine as a flash back on my mind is: Frodo suffering to bring back the ring in Modor…… Thanos beating Tony Stark…. Captain America saying “Oh God” at the very end of Infinity War…. Batman loosing his crush in the bomb explosion part…. Thor loosing his mother… Sansa wayching her dead being executed… Ect ect

  • “Kosher guest. I and She. You said Gd. Her son scientific stain”. Me. end Angel of Death cheating (The phone call with the psychiatrist.
    (Write from end to beginning)

  • Guys i wonder were this genre is going, i mean, ive been listening to all this wave of music genres since 2000, and it has never changed a lot you know, just more bands doing the same thing some better guitarist some have better bassist so its like a challenge who plays the most complete set but its the same thing, i dont say this music sucks or anything, in fact i love this music and i grew up listening to it, but now its been 15 years of this new wave of metal and screamo not saying this band is a screamo band
    and i dont see bands really innovating or anything, its just a recycle of things other bands have made, mixed with the skills of each band members so it gets a different sound, its cool i mean i really like veil of maya and i think this song-s album is awesome, dont get me wrong, but i wonder if there is going to be like any new band that is like a new really big metal hit, like something really new, in metal. Will that happen again? or can we consider metal genre is a bit stuck?

  • If the TV series by D&D can make people love and hate westeros to this extent, I can only imagine what each one of them would feel if they happen to read the entire ASoIaF series.
    May be each one can imagine Winterfell, Harenhall, Storm’s End, King’s Landing, The Witty Halfman, Tywin, The White wolf, The Dragon Queen, Barristan The Bold in his armor and too many other rich characters commensurate to the powers of one’s own imagination. And each one of these imaginations will dwarf the greatness of the TV series entirely.
    Movies and TV series have their own limitations unlike our powers of self imagination. They will always be that poor cousins of books from which they are made.

  • One thing for sure that jon realised that Sansa is not just his little sister. She is far more smarter than a girl who made dresses for herself and her brother. Everything she said about Ramsay is true
    She fed Ramsay to the dogs. She wanted to defeat him so badly that she caught him by surprise with the vale forces

    She didn’t tell him about the vale. Maybe for so many reason.

    She had her own plans to defeat the Boltons.
    She didn’t know how Jon would react about using the littlefinger help. He would probably first hit littlefinger for selling sansa to the Boltons.

    Jon never asked to Sansa about why she didn’t tell him about the vale
    because there is no point to get into past rather than we should trust each other completely.
    He is probably the most generous and kindest person that’s why we all love Jon snow

  • Just hope they can make game of thrones animation with good story ending, where dany did his dream: being queen rule seven kindom and end tirani

  • If Sansa would hide that truth to Robb about the Vale, Robb would be angry while Jon patiently told her that we need to trust each other. Jon is probably the kindest person.

  • bmth is doin there thing, i know ur real hipster and stuff and too cool for anything that’s successful, but i think they’re good. parkway drive got there name from the street of the house they used to practice and play shows at all the time, Parkway Dr. pretty legit name IMO

  • Bring me the horizon.. I like them yes but they are a bit pussy guys.. not the music. just them.. asking alexandria.. they used to be more pussy than they are now.. still dont mind them.. pwd.. they are fucking good,aussie and not pussy! watch a documentary and youll get what i mean.. veil of maya, periphery etc. they are different music overall.. different influences and such.. dont you dare compare anything like pwd to them or them to pwd.. they are smarteryes but pwd is still one of my fav

  • haha i started an argument with a comment i didnt even type! yes parkway drive arnt pussies and they are less pussies then bmth but AA tbh are rich fucks who get everything they wonted so theyre the worst…

  • Dude. Asking alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon are gays!! Parkway drive have good metalcore… Oli sykes and Danny Wornshop ARE PUSSIES!!