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How a single busy mom lost 100 pounds with Nerd Fitness. A single mom who works long nights and has a long daily commute, found Nerd Fitness, and also happens to be one of my favorite people and one of our best success stories. Leslie was playing the Game of Life on Nightmare Difficulty with multiple time-sucking jobs, a brutal commute, and a love of fast food.

Busy Mom of Two Opens Up About the Fitness Program That Helped Her Lose Nearly 100 Lbs. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Put any kind of physical fitness time on the calendar — even if it’s just walking the dog, Bell said. More: Mom: Here’s how I lost 50 pounds and got my body back after having 2 kids. How This Busy Mom Lost 100 Pounds and Crushed a 6-Minute Plank. I practiced planking every single day for a year.

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge You Need To Try. After gaining 70 pounds during her pregnancy, Brianna Bernard’s goal was to lose the baby weight, but she ended up losing way more!Find out how this 32-year-old mom lost 107 pounds in just one. JAIME: I have struggled with my weight my entire life.

I was an overweight kid, enough so I went with my mom to Weight Watchers when I was 10. If I wasn’t trying to lose weight then I was gaining weight: I’d lose 50 – 80 lbs and then gain it all back. As someone who worked out of a home office, he spent much of his day at home on his computer, and very little time moving more and eating better. He was lost, and looking for a home to help with his weight loss journey.

Ben decided he wanted to get healthy, found Nerd Fitness, and over the next 10 months lost over 100 lbs. Total pounds lost: 56.5 “I started Weight Watchers in June 2015, and by December 2015 I had lost 30 pounds by following the plan and counting points. I was walking every day after work and taking short walks during my breaks at work. Then my dad passed away in February 2016, and my weight loss came to a stop.

Nerd Fitness: A fitness website for nerds and average Joes. Helping you lose weight, get stronger, live better. Move over Optimus Prime: have a new favorite transformer.

His name is Joe, and he has the best Nerd Fitness success story I have EVER seen. In 10 months of following Nerd Fitness, Joe has lost 128 pounds. If you are (really) overweight, out of shap.

List of related literature:

Then she fine-tuned his MyFitnessPal app and helped him set up a fitness regime.

“The Perfect Father: The True Story of Chris Watts, His All-American Family, and a Shocking Murder” by John Glatt
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After the official program, she added the WOW eating plan, and over an additional 8 weeks she lost more than six times as much weight (20 pounds versus 31⁄4) and more than twice as many inches (83⁄4 versus 41⁄4) as she had during the 8 weeks in which she was doing only the WOW workouts.

“Walk Off Weight: Burn 3 Times More Fat with This Proven Program” by Michele Stanten
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We set a twelve-week goal of 20 pounds, which was ambitious considering that she was not physically active and only needed to lose approximately 25 pounds to achieve a healthy BMI.

“The 4 Day Diet” by Ian K. Smith, M.D.
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Once she went to college, she joined a Weight Watchers group and started an exercise program.

“Mother Daughter Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
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I did it with my 17­year­old son too – he needed to slim down after football season and he lost 15 pounds [6.8 kilograms].

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
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Even so, her motivation and social support allowed her to make three workouts per week until she had finally lost 10 lbs.

“Applied Exercise Psychology: The Challenging Journey from Motivation to Adherence” by Selen Razon, Michael L. Sachs
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My first instinct was that there was nothing left to do except for her to work harder, exercise more, maybe take in fewer calories—standard weight-loss stuff.

“Shred: The Revolutionary Diet: 6 Weeks 4 Inches 2 Sizes” by Ian Smith
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The interviews were well organized, Brockman was nothing if not completely efficient, but the unremitting pattern of work and press began to take its toll, and within the first three months of playing Captain Janeway, I lost close to fifteen pounds.

“Born with Teeth: A Memoir” by Kate Mulgrew
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She read the forum posts every single day for inspiration, and successfully completed the Couch to 5k.

“Successful Employee Communications: A Practitioner's Guide to Tools, Models and Best Practice for Internal Communication” by Sue Dewhurst, Liam FitzPatrick
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She graduated from the program and left but he still ended up losing 65 pounds.

“This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight Watchers Changed the World and Me” by Marisa Meltzer
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  • I’m in the roughly 25% of people, and intermittent fasting I I fckn gained weight. My body went into starvation mode, it clung and stored every ounce of food I ate. It sucked, I just have to find what works best for me. Haven’t found it yet. But I also take meds that make you gain weight. And unfortunately I’m it them for life. I’m so fortunate and greatfull that my husband loves me for me, not what my ass looks like or I’d be in the middle of a divorce. I’ve been in the hospital and ICU more times than I can count. And let me tell you having a vent removed is not fun no not at all, waking up and not knowing your name, or the fckn yr is absolutely terrifying. Having people come in and say they are your husband and daughters, and not fckn know who they are is totally heart breaking for them. Thank God it all came back very fast, but yeah I have to keep me alive and as pain free as possible. Chronic pain and illness sucks I completely understand your pain Kristi. Much love girl XOXOXO.

  • On an unrelated not…

    When I was younger, I always wanted a tooth gap because Becky g had it and people always made it look so nice…

    Well that’s it

  • You’re such a motivation to me! Even me being 13 yrs old I’m 260 lbs and your video of your weight loss journey helps me decide I AM BEAUTIFUL I CAN GET UP AND I WILL PROVE ALL THESE HATING LIL KIDS WRONG. And for others, watch motivational videos like hers and videos that basically tells you that you CAN do anything and “I’m NOt mOtIVaTeD” cannot be your excuse every time and neither can I’m tired. Even the slightest workout is a workout and you CAN and you WILL do this, and make getting up and exercising part of your routine. I’m only in 8th grade and I make myself do this. One tip that helps me the absolute most it surround yourself with positive ppl and it makes such a difference in your attitude which helps your mindset of getting up and working out. Try and get a friend to do it with you it helps and start pushing that negativity out because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL YOU CAN DO THIS AND NOONE IS GONNA STOP YOU BECAUSE YOURE IN CONTROL NOT THE HATERS THE HATERS OPINION ARE IRRELEVANT TO YOU����

  • Another awesome video from you that helps me to keep the good work going!! C’mon girls we can do this, this month choices are our next month results. We all can do it ❤❤❤

  • Working out and eating right starts in the mind first. A good first step is to watch instructional videos like this one, or my 600 lb. life on TLC. There is good information given by Dr. Now and you’ll hear testimonials from clients that my be helpful.
    This first step will help you get through contemplating whether to exercise and choose certain foods.
    Afterwards you may decide to juice, cut portion, or whatever. You’ll proceed with walking, jogging, biking or whatever activity you like and then you will eventually increase. You will have to combat the negative self-talk or thoughts of being judged. Once you get over these type of thoughts, you will gain more momentum….IMO.

  • Wow, you have such an inspirational story! I was searching for other fitness journies (I just posted mine a few days ago), and now I’m blow away by what you’ve accomplished! I feel like so many people get stuck in the early stages of trying to find a diet or program or plan, getting frustrated when they don’t get results quickly enough or it gets difficult, and then giving up. Your story in and of itself is amazing, but you really gave so many amazing tips to help people get started and stick it out!!

  • Regarding the killer cramps, have you ever talked to your doctor about endometriosis? I suffered through horrific cramps, irregular periods and PCOS for years until I was 38 and they decided a hysterectomy was needed. Mine was an extreme case, as I had stage IV and my organs were all fused together but hearing you talk about your cramping issues has me wondering if maybe you might have something similar going on. BTW, congrats on your weight loss and lifestyle changes. You are a true inspiration.

  • Thank you so much for this, I was feeling the worst about my fitness journey today but you just motivated me to keep pushing! Patience is key

  • Please go see my recent Twitter thread regarding why I choose to do keto over a plant based lifestyle and my history with diets. If you wonder why I eat this way, please go read

  • Hello, I am wondering your current age and how your height (I remember that you said not tall, but don’t know exactly). I am a vegan, sometimes cannot do that and as vegetarian, one who I knew also tried KETO but you are talking about pasta or something more stuff, does your Dr tells you really correct ways? If a sugar problem and pasta is not good though. I am not on the any of diet but myself dislike to have tons of sugar drinks or food at this point. If you curious my age or height I can share but I am not tall and age wise not so much different as you.

  • I had gastic bypass which has required no sugwr high protein no sugar diet basically keto has charged my life my periods have became regular annd im off insuliyn im 120 pounds and have stayed faithful for 8 years

  • Went back to watch your beginning of your weightlost ����������… I sprain my ankle doing side to side on the step board ����‍♀️… Thank you janille love your weightloss journey!

  • Thanks for the links �� I had the hasfit app but didn’t even to think to look on YouTube lol and never heard of fitness blender. I love working out at home but struggle with consistency. �� keep going!

  • You can customize your macronutrient goals on myfitnesspal for free, it takes a little more fiddling but might be helpful for some people who dont want to pay for the ketodiet app:)

  • I’m so glad Keto works for you! I tried it because pcos and insulin resistance, but I had to give it up because it was too stressful for my body with adrenal fatigue and I was obsessing about food too much (something I had never experienced before). It was just too strict for me:( I switched to intermittent fasting and focusing on eating varied nutrition and I find it SO much better for me!

    Like you said, what works for us as individuals:)

  • I really need to lose 40lbs ASAP for pt, but I have gained weight and am over 200lbs. People in military make jokes about my weight. Do you have any ideas about losing it in a month? Like what kind of cardio how many times a week for how long? I am just about give up. Please help

  • Thanks Sis I needed to hear this and thank you for sharing I will try all the suggested work outs I’m over weight and will love to become healthy

  • I heard Wild Waves and instantly thought omg is she here in Washington too is this why I like her so much o.O lol You talk just like me and I tend to think maybe it is a Seattle thing. I desperately need to do keto but my biggest problem is I am so overwhelmed as is and cooking nightly is not viable for me >.< I have way too much on my plate and it ends up being like 9pm and I realize I have not eaten all day so I order food. I have PCOS as well and I don't even eat much but the weight just piles on I hate it!

  • I love you so much for these keto videos. It has really inspired me to get my shit together and start! Because I’ve been on the fence for like 5 months.

  • If anyone is watching this now, try smart water. I drank this as I started keto and didn’t get the keto flu. It has electrolytes in it.

  • I gotta say. after binge watching all your old videos, i absolutely LOVE how you’ve gotten so much more confident in yourself. It’s like an actual progression you can see through the years. I freaking love your videos the most of all so, um, don’t ever leave me, ok?

  • The last part of this video was exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve been struggling with motivation to fully start keto. You’re looking so amazing! Thank you for all the info!

  • Mine is always random. But when we went on vacation and it heard me say we were finally going to the beach and bam there it is. And then we were going camping and playing in the creek and there it is again… grrr

  • I’ve been keto for about six weeks (seeing the dietician today!), and you touch on a lot of great points!: I had a headache the first five days and was so tired, but the sixth day was like BOING BOING so much energy. I don’t crave sugars or carbs anymore, and I find when I do taste them I am underwhelmed. I fucking miss the hell out of tropical fruit though. My headaches are so much better and I just feel like I take up way less space, if that makes sense. I also found that if I don’t get my veggies in, I am not fun to be around and I have waaaay less energy.

  • !!!!! I’m crying. I love u. And makeup. I’m gonna do my first vid today please check it out it’ll be later bc I feel sick now but fr!!!!!����������❤️❤️❤️

  • I feel you girl. I get my period every time my husband and I go on holidays…. including our honeymoon….. yep our honeymoon. I’ve had my period in like 5 different countries ������

  • Its so crazy. I stared IF without even knowing it. I was 270 and notice i would get so nauseous in the morning when i ate breakfast. If i ate i usually felt so nauseous i would eventually throw up. Went to the dr and checked and everything health wise was fine. He said that i must be full from the night before and i dont have to push eating breakfast if i didnt want too. I wasnt diabetic and i was a larger girl so i could afford to skip a meal without any consequences. so i decided to cut breakfast out completely. Funny i thought this would make me gain weight from being told all my life if you “starve yourself your body holds onto fat more”. I realized i wasnt starving myself i was just skiping a meal and bringing my 100 carb diet to a 50 carb diet. (And now a 22 carb diet) I thought i would be low on energy from it but i wasnt. I literally did not change my eating habits at all (still ate junk which i do not recomend but it can kick you to eat healthier) but because i didnt eat unil about 1 or 2 pm, i didnt eat as much because not eating breakfast shrunk my stomach. I am down 50lbs off intermittent fasting alone! now i have decided im sick of eating crap and want to keep the weight off so i started keto with greens, protein and fat. The thing is since i skip breakfast im not starving in the beggining days of keto like most people (before they reach ketosis) because fasting breakfast made me less hungry anyway

    IF changed my life and i didnt even know it.

  • Period talk: My last period started on the day of the wedding I was going to. Not only that, but it started monsooning rain right as it was beginning. So like Right when I got the the place it was being held at. Which made me miss the ceremony because I was so lost and couldn’t see where I was going due to rain. Even if I did make it on time with no rain, it would be a quarter of a mile walk from the parking lot to the church in heals.

  • My body periods on important days too! In fact, I was in a horrible car accident and my body was so traumatized I stopped having periods for 2 years. My ex sister in law introduced me to a friend of hers that lived in Chicago and we started talking online and we totally hit it off. After talking on the phone, and face timing and stuff for 6 months he decided to fly out and visit me. THE DAY HE FLEW IN my period started back up after 2 years and 2 months!!! I was so effing pist… At least he was visiting for a month and not a week.

  • I agree with her 100% about the get back on the wagon and dont keep falling off, dont beat yourself up over it.. i really really like her as a person! She is super entertaining.. lol
    Love you girl!!! Keep up your great work!! I������❤❤❤��������

  • You and mom look amazing! She looks like Tamia the singer! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I look forward to looking at your content. I am where you were and it is great to see where important changes can get you.

  • This video helped me out so much, thank you Kristi. Just started keto going on a week or so now and love it. Already seeing results with no excercise. How awesome is that. Keep more of these videos coming please!!! Thank you

  • I busted our septic system with clots. End result… total hysterectomy. I feel ya. Cramps are no joke. Wish I had some advice for you, besides valume and sleep.

  • Its a struggle for me I started working out in Feb I haven’t seen any results so its depressing but watching your story is motivating

  • This Keto Fad/diet was called the Atkins diet a decade ago then it was called the South Beach Diet a few years after and now it’s keto. $$$$$$$
    At the end of the day it’s Plain and simple Low/no carbs.

  • For progress photos, I take them on SnapChat, move them to my eyes only and delete from my camera roll. My eyes only is full of progress /non progress photos (yo-yo dieting

  • I’m 4 weeks in keto and I feel irritable as a mofo, like diet and weight loss causes a stress response in my body…I’m wondering did you feel any of that?

  • So you don’t have a gallbladder, how do you eat fat and not get sick? I don’t have one either and if I even look at fat I get sick….

  • I never knew there was a name for it but I agree with intermittent fasting! When I don’t eat breakfast and just eat a larger dinner to have the same amount of food I lose more weight and feel better overall.

  • I’m currently on keto and have been so for 2.5 months. What’s your opinion on drinking the drinks that put your body into ketosis immediately? That’s what my husband and I did in the beginning and it bipasses the keto flu. It throws your body into ketosis within 3 hours & there is zero side effects. They make a lemon drink at Walmart in powder form you mix with water and it doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s like drinking lemonade. Also there is pills that do this too! Just wondering your thoughts on those methods? Side note: I FREAKIN LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. You make me feel so much better when I’m in a bad mood. ��

  • Think you for heartfelt story about your life journey my name is denisha mcfadden this is my first time ever seeing this this morning you help me I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to count on you and God to help me I was born with a hole in my heart and I’m overweight now I’m trying to do everything I can to drop some of this weight down so I can be healthy and I I stop breathing in my sleep because I’m so overweight I’m only five even and my weight is 221.6 and I have got in a car accident July 5 this year I’m going to the chiropractor right now and they are making me want work out I hurt so bad and I feel like giving up some time but I know I can’t I know it will help me out with losing weight so I keep pushing myself knowing I’m hurting thanks I know that I can’t it because you did it love denisha

  • I’m a relatively new subscriber, and I’ve been making my way through all of your videos. I don’t comment much, but I really needed to for this one. I lost 40 pounds last year, and then had an emotional thing happen right around the holidays and I just lost all of my progress. I’ve gained back about 35 of those 40 pounds over the last year, and felt incredibly discouraged about it. Watching this video gave me the motivation to restart the process, so thank you, so much. I appreciate your authenticity and honesty and your genuineness. Thanks for being you and for being open!

  • Im at lost with the intermittent fasting. Why is “ eat 5 to 7 mini meals a day “ so famous then? �� They say its the way to keep you metabolism up. I dont understand how to choose what to follow.

  • keto makes your period…um… hearty �� For real though, I’m 37 and was starting to slow down on the monthly bleeding, but2 weeks into keto I started bleeding like a friggin stuck pig. Now my periods are regular & heavy, my boobs are bigger and I enjoy the fuck out of sex with my husband. KETO CHANGES LIVES

  • Hey Hun, have you ever tried a weightloss path called the e-magnetic path? Because they have your picture on there site advertising the path. Just wanted to make sure you were aware

  • I just started watching you this week, but I have so much love and admiration for you already. You are so wonderful and this video personally is in my favorites playlist to listen over and over to when I’m struggling.

    Thank you for you!!

  • You are my inspiration! I have loved you since the first time I ever watched you when you gave your pretty little liars finale review! I just went to the supermarket and I’m starting my journey on keto and intermittent fasting… Could you please tell me that keto app that you are talking about… I want to make sure I buy the right one… Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  • Hi Kristi, I know you probably won’t see my comment anyway, but… I’m now on your 23847 keto video and started 2 weeks ago because of your experiences and couldn’t be more happy! Thanks for inspiring sis xx

  • Girl don’t apologize for talking about periods, it’s natural and human, and the world will be a better place if the dudes hear more about it too xx

  • Amazing vids!! Keep up the great work. By the way, go and search for SMZeus. c o m!!! Ever since I started using it on my main channel my videos are ranking much better!!!

  • There’s some great keto YouTube channels. Swap out /substitute your favourite carb meals for keto recipes instead so you don’t feel deprived.

  • I’m interested in this KETO,but I’m from México, I hade never even heard about this, anyone knows if there are any doctors in Tijuana, México whom could help me with this? anyone knows if this is recomended for people with intestinal issues (my husband has those problems)…?

  • I’ve just recently started dipping my toes into keto eating. my brother has Prader-Willi Syndrome (involves insatiable appetite and super slow metabolism, among other things) and he has been on a strict, keto diet for a long time, so its relatively easy for me to adjust. I find that being responsible for my food intake and taking care and attention to my meals and meal-prep is really motivating. And the food I’m making is really yummy.
    I have made my own keto crackers, pho, protein balls, and chia puddings and have been loving making mix berry smoothies with acai powder and greek yoghurt. I love that the keto lifestyle has made you feel so amazing, and i can already see how it affects my body too.
    This video has motivated me even more. I put the bloody ugly shitty tim tam down that i was about to indulge on and drank some water instead!

  • Wow!!!! Your mom is GORGEOUS! btw, I remember when your channel had 750 followers. Your channel has grown so fast. Good for you! Destiny! ������

  • Thanks mom! Im a bit older than babe so i was happy to hear that mom weight came off gradually. Its inspiration and motivation to start believing in urselft, to believe that u too can do it, stay consistent and just work and plan ahead and stick to plan. Moms is gorgeous������

  • i’m 16 and i’m trying to lose weight and i remember watching your video like 3 months after you posted it and i was so inspired but i lost the inspiration, i gave my life to god not long ago and i am working out and praying he stays by my side and helps me to find the motivation everyday! i rewatch your weight loss journey and that alone boosts my motivation. I love it and thank you! god bless x

  • Omg!!! Just heard the part about LeCroix lol!!! That’s my hubby’s favorite and I hate it!! I call it sike soda. It smells amazing and you want to think it will be sweet when it hits your mouth you are greatly disappointed. It’s like your nose and mouth are clashing ������

  • Thank you so so much for this video. Do you have any recommendations for dinner? I feel like I have breakfast, lunch, and snacks figured out but always get overwhelmed when my family makes dinner and puts out appetizers. So sorry if you answered this further on in the video, but what are some things you had for dinner while losing weight? Thank you:)

  • my cramps used to get absolutely horrible until I started birth control. now they’re not really that bad but along with the birth control came weight gain, horrible mood swings (which I never used to get when I was on my period) and insane migraines that are so bad it makes my whole body ache and I get them constantly now not even when I’m on my period it’s like all the time so I’m gonna ask my obgyn to switch to a different pill

  • Im 12 stone 4 1/4 pounds round about. I dont know what is in lbs. I hate my body and gain all my weight on the upper and lower stomach. All that area literally. I have no idea how to lose it. Ive never really properly worked out before either.
    Only thing ive ever done is an Ab workout for nearly 2 weeks. But dunno if i need to do cardio?? I dont know. Im wondering if i should ask the people around (not a personal trainer) but someone who knows what will work for me. And ask for a workout plan for a flat stomach because thats where i gain my weight.

  • Kristi thank you so much for the tip about watching YouTube videos while at the gym!! I’m so excited to try that. My workouts seem so long too.

  • I have watched a couple of your videos and Im so happy for you! I know the feeling I also lost 100lbs! I started working out in a similar way. When I would go to the gym I would only walk on the treadmill, then when i got comfortable I increase the speed to 4 then began jogging for the length of one song, then I would walk for the next. Now I can run 3-4 miles with out stopping!

    Im so shocked by what dedication and consistency can do for you! check my story out of my channel! Looking forward to more your uploads.

  • bashful to ask this, but what shade does your mom use on her hair? �� losing weight right now, always thought i might reward myself by going blonde like that

  • I’m so upset that we can’t get this palette�� any suggestions on a dupe, even if it’s a few different palettes to match up to Gemini:)

  • I had to get a surgery to stop my periods. They got so bad, after my tubal (which they’ve always been horrible) but it would last for 7 full days and I’d feel like I was in full blown labor the whole time. Been period free for 5 years and thank God!!

  • Thank you for sharing your story it has inspired me so much. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 months which is the most I’ve lost since I started putting on weight again.

  • Your Mum is absolutely stunning. You’re both beautiful ❤️ I agree, you looked gorgeous pre weight loss but now your beauty just radiates. Well done you ��

  • This is my favorite videoyou ladies said it perfectlypeople including self, are so very afraid to lose weight, because of the changes that we will go through and experience also the new person who we will become. It’s frightening and can be very challenging, but it’s so going to be worth it.. with focus and being drivenno matter what people may say.. and just be comfortable to be yourself no matter what size your goal weigh is!!��☀️��

  • Electrolytes electrolytes electrolytes!!!! I didn’t have keto flu at all!!! Measure out your potassium/magnesium/sodium.. And you will avoid keto flu!!

    Recommended intakes and how to get them are as follows!

    Sodium: 5000-7000mg spread throughout the day. This is usually best taken as broth, sole water, or simply putting some salt on the tongue and swigging down with water.

    Potassium: 1000-3500mg per day. Spinach, Broccoli, Avocado, Pork, leafy greens and ‘Lite-Salt’ are great sources of Potassium.

    Magnesium: 300-500mg per day. Avocado, Spinach are great sources of this, but it can still be difficult to get enough. Magnesium Citrate tablets are also a great option, but if you suffer from loose stool as a result, you may benefit from trying magnesium glycinate, malate or taurate.

  • This video is such a blessing for me. It’s such a coincidence…I’m currently 280 and my goal weight is 150 pounds. I will try intermittent fasting and working out and see how it goes.. Thanks so very kindly for sharing dear ❤️

  • My doctor recommended keto for me as well. I don’t have a lot to lose right this second, but I have been gaining. I am on mental health meds that make me gain weight like crazy. I have decided to wait until January to start so that I can research like crazy first. I love my chocolate though.���� Congrats on your weight loss and I am so happy you feel better. Thanks for the tips.��

  • Can you make a video about keto and your period, because I’m eating what I’m supposed to eat on the diet and I’m doing 23:1 ratio, but I’m still bloated and the scale says I gained 5 pounds. I’m just confused, but the internet says that the scale lies.

  • This may be nearly 2 months old at this point, but this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. So glad this popped up in my suggested feed. Thank you!

  • Losing weight is very hard it’s more mental than physical. I will do so good the 1st 2months after that I go back to my old habits. But I can do it and I will do it. Great Video very helpful

  • I actually enjoyed hearing your moms weight-loss journey and I liked how she said that has been her own journey. I really liked how she said she doubles on her workouts. I will definitely check out her podcast.

  • You’re so great at explaining everything thanks so much for sharing, I love ❤️ your vibe and style Keto here I come, oh and I’ve already consulted my doctor. Thanks #NewFriend

  • Periods suuuuuck. The first day of my period I get violently ill the cramps are so bad. Lately I’ve lucked out and I get a break with some periods and they aren’t as bad and I can deal. The first time I got periods cramps I passed out and nearly fell down some stairs. When I was in school I had to have my mom raise hell with the school so I could leave if I got my period in school.
    I think I’d like to try Keto! My half sister is doing it and she’s lost upwards of a hundred pounds.
    Love these looks by the way. Love your channel and well, you’ve always been such a real youtuber. ������♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Your mom is so beautiful ❤️. I’m going to read the books your mom suggested. I’m 36 and have twin boys. I relate to your mom very much. Love this video!

  • Kristy watch the beauty within video on understanding your period apparently no girl is meant to get cramp during your period your body is out of wack they tell you how to stop it and how to read your period the colour and texture of your period it’s really interesting and if it helps with your cramps well worth a watch hope it helps xoxo

  • She is beautiful for sure! I hope I look as good as her when I’m older, shoooot. Both very pretty woman. Strong genes ��.

    U resemble each other for sure, but I don’t think you two look too much alike.

  • Thank you for sharing your journey. My doctor told me today My a1c just crossed over to Pre diabetic. I was crushed but honestly not surprised. I eat like I hate myself. He suggested keto or paleo. I’ve already started making changes but I’m so nervous of failing. Please tell me I can do this!!!

  • I stalled at 230 for months. I changed my workouts and I started losing weight again. I stopped drinking soda and dropped 60# immediately #aorticmeltdown

  • I just started intermittent fasting about a month ago and it’s so irritating how much my period interferes with my eating/exercise/weight loss. I’m pretty sure I still lost weight this week but I technically weigh the same as last weekbut I usually gain 5-7lbs during my period, so I might’ve lost that much? Or I just have less water weight gain on this diet? It really messes with my motivation to not know if I’m doing enough to make progress:P

  • Thank you for uploading this. LIKE SERIOUSLY. I started my journey back in December and was getting completely comfortable going to the gym every day after class and because everything is closed it’s been difficult. Last night I was beating myself up so much. Thanks for reminding me everything will be okay. ��

  • I know this was posted months ago and you probably wont see this, but I have professional experience working at a medically supervised weight loss clinic where I was a bariactric counselor. We did a keto-BASED diet. We tweaked it and people lost more weight doing what we suggested rather than the “normal” keto diet. I would suggest reducing the fat intake and it would help you get over your slump. Also, really limit your fruit intake. Hope this helps!

  • I just tuned in to your channel. This is my second video watching �� I am 26 and weight 305 lbs (the biggest I have ever been). I feel disgusting! I am doing my research on this keto diet. You have really inspired me. Thank you

  • I need to lose weight. I’m to the point I love eating just to eat and it’s getting really unhealthy. I need to diet but I love fast food. I need to workout and get on a diet. Help I’m actually scared to do it.

  • Okay, this is for newcomers to keto and intermittent fasting. Kristi is doing great, but as a medical professional, let me add one thing here: The lowest ratio you should ever do is 16:8 (16 hour fasting window, 8 hour eating window). The reason for this is simple. Your body can only absorb so many nutrients/fluids at once. If you are eating 1 massive meal a day, you may be CONSUMING your RDI (recommended daily intake), of macros and nutrients, but you won’t be absorbing them all. Your body will use what it needs in that moment, and flush the rest. The other 22, 20, 18 hours of the day your body will enter a state of catabolism (destructive metabolism; starvation) and begin breaking down stuff you don’t want it to, like muscle tissue. Starvation never has been and never will be a positive means of losing weight and yet so many people gravitate to it. Your heart, lungs, brain, and nervous system need those nutrients,electrolytes, and yes FAT to function properly. For those of you who think you can pull off keto AND non-fat eating, you can’t…don’t even try it. Your car needs gas, and when it runs out you refill the tank. Think of fat as both gas and the motor oil that keeps your engine from locking up. If you’re burning fat, that is good, but your body still needs it so don’t keep driving yourself without changing the oil or bad things happen.

    A guideline for 16:8 fasting is this: meal at noon, meal at 4, meal at 8pm, fast until noon the next day including the eight hours you sleep. If you are an evening or night worker, have a meal at 4pm, a meal at 8pm, and your last meal at midnight, then sleep. You can fit it to your own schedule. You still need your 3 meals a day. They don’t need to be huge, but they do need to be there. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. ♥

    Sorry this was so long. I hope it’s helpful for someone who just stumbled across this video like me.

  • I’ve had my period every fucking Christmas for the last 10 years!! I have my tubes tied and I started birth control pills because my cramps were so bad! I think I’m just going to skip the inactive pills and skip my period!!Oh yeah I tried Keto and it landed me in the hospital with an electrolyte imbalance and heart arrhythmia!! I’m so stupid because I’m not overweight, I’m 5 foot 4 and 126 so I only wanted to lose 5 to 10 pounds ��I didn’t drink enough salt or replenish my electrolytes

  • Wow girl you should be proud!!��
    Found this video since I have my fitness journey up as well. I’d love is so much if you checked it out ��

  • You’re beautiful no matter what size you are!☺ Your mom’s beautiful too! I’m struggling to lose weight. My issue is giving up bad foods and overeating. But I will try to keep trying.

  • My dr also recommended keto. Thanks for the advice and tips:) I have back and sciatica probs especially in my left leg with numbing so i NEED to get going on this. I want to feel good again and not feel 90 at 43 and have a hard time getting around. I was chair bound for almost 7 years because of a medical reason and i lost alot of muscle mass because of it. So when I walk the muscles massively tighten up in my back allowing me to only stand or walk 5min max cause of the pain. And alot of weight gain came along with sitting all that time! So I have to lose weight and strengthen muscles too. #wantmylifeback ❤❤❤

  • Did you have problems with loose skin after weight loss? I always see it in others weight loss journey and I too am starting my journey but scared to need surgery after

  • Keep doing you Gurl!!! Love everything about you, you rock!!! I love all your videos and tutorials, it’s better then cable TV you keep it real.

  • I needed to see this. Praise God. I started my journey again and it’s been hard after child number 3. I lost alot through slimming world but I recently put it all back on due to medication. It was disheartening but GOD!!!! I’ve gone back to Tae Bo workouts (Billy Blanks) and my body is responding after just four days. I’m loving it again. I love fitness blender too. Thank you so much for sharing. I have around 20lbs to lose…here it goes. God bless you. You look fabulous. Much love from Birmingham, England ��

  • I just hit the 100’s 199 was on my scale lastnight its been 6 yrs thank u u r my inspiration an u have no idea hpw many lives ur touching sending u luv an light

  • Omg, I went to your your IG channel and could not believe it. I remember seeing that video of you on the treadmill on YouTube. Maam, you did that! Congratulations!!!

  • I’m just now watching all your keto videos, and truly appreciate the inclusion of the information that it helped y’alls sex drive. That’s something my boyfriend and I really struggle with, and I think a ton of people can relate. It’s not TMI at all, and I’m glad you mentioned it, because it’s just another reason I’m looking to start this diet!

  • I love keto with IF! Keto gets such a bad press because people still think meat is unhealthy I’m so bad at sticking to it though ��

    The best part of keto for me is not pooing as much, so my haemorrhoids have time to settle down �� carbs give me diarrhoea

    It’s great to have someone like you championing this because it feels like loads of youtubers are vegan lmao

  • Loveeeeeeeeee your channel….
    Very good video….
    I’m starting my IF June 1st…
    Many More Blessings…
    The Scrumptious Family
    SUBSCRIBE if you like we love fabulous new people…

  • Thankyou j I’ve been waiting on you to do an upload cause I’ve been in need of some extra motivation and this is exactly what I needed������������������

  • What did you do for muscle pain after a day or two of working out?I can barely walk ����������after my workout day.
    I’m just starting people are saying I’m working out to long,or my body will get used to it��

  • I’m only halfway through so i don’t know if you’ll mention it but i don’t wanna forget… How did you deal with soreness from workouts? Did you drink any shakes after your workouts? This last semester I tried doing hiit workouts but with classes the next day, I could barely walk because my legs hurt so badly. I’m vegetarian so I’m thinking it might’ve been a lack of protein that took me so long to heal, but college dining halls don’t give us vegetarians many options other than pizza lol

  • I went in a journey today to the Barbara’s I got lost I always felt I was going to my dad house and I peed my self because I was a little worried about my dad coz th is grazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy unspeakable your goffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and I was in a tent and I was whachting you I love you and I followed you and I was in your house I almost broke your cinema screen make a movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz