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However, one 2016 study links eating one or two meals a day to a reduction in BMI, and some people have great results turning OMAD into a lifelong commitment. The OMAD diet, however, takes this to the extreme. OMAD stands for One Meal a Day; the idea is to fast for 23 hours straight and then consume one large meal in a 60-minute window. Lately OMAD has. The “one meal a day” diet (also known as OMAD), as the name implies, means that you eat once a day and only once a day.

Proponents of the OMAD diet claim that it can lead to weight loss, naturall. Eating one meal a day (OMAD) is a pretty effective strategy for losing fat, improving metabolic health, and promoting autophagy. It’s the longest form of intermittent fasting that doesn’t exceed 24 hours. Usually, on OMAD, you eat all of your day’s calories within 1-2 hours.

What is the OMAD diet? Eating one meal a day is a form of intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. Intermittent fasting is usually when you would eat in an 8-hour window, say 12 pm to 8 pm and fast for the other 16 hours (including sleep).

People in the know of this approach would refer to the split as the 16:8 fast. OMAD simply stands for “one meal a day.” As the name implies, it is a type of diet where you just have a single meal each day. The idea behind this diet is that even a single large meal has less calories than you would eat in small meals throughout the day. You can eat whatever you want, and you don’t have to track what you are eating. Even with swimming an hour almost every day, and eating salads for the main part of my meals, it is still hard for me to lose weight.

Also, when we lose fat cells, the cells can refill with water (how AWFUL is that!), so even though we have lost fat, we now have the same weight in water until the cells decide to empty out the water. The OMAD diet is a popular eating pattern that involves eating just one meal per day. This may sound appealing to some, as the diet focuses solely on when you eat rather than what or how much you should consume. Eating only one meal a day for fat loss is going to help you lose a ton of weight fast without losing muscle.

Fasting throughout the entire day will put you into quite good ketosis, which helps to mobilize your own body fat Eating only one meal a day confines your feeding window, which helps you to feel more satiated from less food. If you’re thinking about eating one meal a day for weight loss, going for all-you-can-eat sushi or crushing an entire pizza during your one meal is probably not a good idea. The OMAD diet doesn’t give you the green light to just eat whatever you want. You still have to be smart and strategic about it.

OMAD Keto – The Perfect Combination.

List of related literature:

Once this ratio is part of meal planning, the patient can gradually reduce portions as they gradually increase activity levels to achieve healthy weight loss.

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One meal a day, or OMAD as it will be referred to for the remainder of this book, is my preferred way to practice intermittent fasting.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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On the low-carb diet, they chose to eat one-third fewer calories a day than when they ate normally, leading to an average weight loss of31⁄2 pounds and an average drop in blood insulin levels of23 percent.

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As on the 5:2 diet, 500 to 600 calories are permitted on each fasting day, but because fasting is done every other day rather than twice per week, it’s a slightly more intense regimen than the 5:2 diet.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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This group achieved a 66% reduction in calories consumed after the evening meal, 70% reduction in nocturnal ingestions, and a 2.2 kg weight loss among overweight and obese participants.

“The Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Clinical Handbook” by Carlos M. Grilo, James E. Mitchell
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Those that have been done suggest that, in the short term, those who habitually eat only three meals per day do have difficulty fully compensating for additional snacks added to their diet and may gain weight in the short term, but regular snack-ers compensate, mainly by reducing the amount of other snacks.

“Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use” by Steve T. Beckett
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These starvation diets call for people to reduce food intake to about 1,200 calories per day from the usual 2,000 to 2,500 consumed on a weight maintenance diet.

“The Bible Diet: 40 Days to Cleanliness” by Rosemary Sue Ellis
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Another potentially promising strategy is to establish a long-term meal-replacement concept, which substitutes 1 or 2 meals daily by balanced formula diets of reduced calorie content, as recently demonstrated in a 4-year clinical study in nondiabetic obese subjects (41).

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The findings of this study make it clear that an athlete’s eating pattern will default to her usual practice (e.g., two or three meals a day, with the largest meal at the end of the day) unless a new pattern becomes the accepted standard.

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Watch for recent weight loss of over 10 lb, 10% under healthy weight, not eating for more than 3 days, ½ normal eating for greater than 5 days, and body mass index (BMI) ofless than 20, or other reasons why the client may be malnourished, and refer to a dietitian for a complete nutritional assessment.

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  • Lol you just have to eat High protein and low carb foods. Cut the carbs. Working out while doing this will speed up the process. Keto diet gents.

  • bro. come one.

    “i go to chipotle and just have a borrito with no cheese or sour creme”

    ^that’s like 1000 kcal MAX, probably less.

    i get the borito, and chips, and whatever i woant. that’s still sub 2000 kcal.

    cant ber tellingme you’re only eating 1000 kcal a day. you’d be starvging. grehlin would be firing at max and you’d go crazy.

  • I’m on my second week and so far I’ve put 2 lbs on! The fast is actually pretty easy but it’s worrying I can’t lose any weight. Hopefully I haven’t fucked my metabolism or hormones up.

  • Been doing IF but have put on a lot of weight during the pandemic. Gonna give OMAD a shot. My dad does it and has lost a lot of weight as a result.

  • Easy to go over 4,000 calories in one sitting?! hahaha I feel like that’s 2500 for a female (comparable) and there is no way unless I’m eating cake ��

  • when you ask for blood tes, make sure to ask the complete ldl fat version, not the evaluation! this way you ll have result test not a mathematical evaluation from their latest algorithm! And remember, sugar glycate ldl! And you do not want this to happen!

  • My advice is “listen to your body”
    Try the omad for let’s say 15 days or more,if you are not dropping weight then do 2mad

  • Started back omad again day 3… Put 3 stone on I’ve lockdown omg craving so bad and tired I know it will get easier have had success with omad before, just had just to go back in to it.

  • I can’t believe u r d same guy in the pic in which u had chubby cheeks… U like amazing n none would believe u r d guy in d pic.. u r super ripped n m ur fan

  • This is a HORRIBLE video! I came here to find the best foods to eat on OMAD and you ramble for 10 minutes that it doesn’t really matter? Seriously!? Yes it matters! If I’m only eating once a day it better be a nutrition packed meal! Yes a calorie deficit will make you loose weight but without good food you’ll be unhealthy. Dude you seriously should not be giving advice on diet. What a waste of my time.

  • I started omad a week ago after seeing your video. It is quite tough but I am more happier bcoz I lost 4 kgs in a week surprisingly. I must say I followed 1 hour workout along with omad. It did great magic on my weight loss. Gonna put forward forever. Can’t thank you enough. All the way from India.

  • Use all these tips, and they work awesome. Most important to me, eating cleaning…I cannot eat just one serving of any junk food! I dont even open that door, and the cravings are manageable. Water, water, water also gets me through.

  • I have been doing omad for the last 9 days and I lost about 15 pounds but I’m stuck fluctuating between 264 and 265 everyday. I’m only consuming 800 to a thousand calories a day… can anyone help me and maybe explain why it is that I can’t drop below 264?

  • Warrior diet is really good too:). I personally use this so i can get my preworkout and a shake in around 4 pm. Then i train around 6pm and have my proper meal around 8. It’s good if you cant get all your protein in one go, but not too wide of a window where its easy to over eat (like 16:8 is)

  • I am 400 lbs and 6’8in tall. I am disabled and have a complete sedentary lifestyle because I cant walk. A dietitian said if I ate 2,500 cal or less I would lose weight
    I was eating one meal 1000 cal and could not lose Weight. I found by eating more several times a day helped me lose weight. After drinking keto boost 4 190 calorie drinks every 2 hours per day I am burning weight off. OMAD does not work for me!

  • i cant found a single video or a statement something about how many god damn calories you need to eat on omad to lose weight but staying healthy i meen goshhh ived been searching on the internet cant find nothing

    i think its about 1900 calories but not sure can you help plz?????????

    im 5 foot 10 180 pounds 31 years old moderate active

  • As expert, I’m sure Fenoboci Diet Plan can be great way to lost tons of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  • Been on OMAD for 2 weeks now. Lost about 17.6lbs(8kg). Even got stronger. I was stuck at 195kg in deadlift. I now just hit 205kg.
    Note that I eat around dinner time. And I workout just before that.

  • Very nice video! Lots of straight forward advice. I agree, with your info on hunger. It’s not going to go away. I’m trying to train myself to think of it as the feeling that weight is coming off…. which it is!

  • I don’t understand how you get to 3000 calories a day with just a chipotle burrito, especially when you omit the cheese and sour cream.

  • hey i had a specific question:OMAD is awesome i lost a lot of weight around 33kg or 73lbs but after 3 months or so the weight loss stagnated i tried decreasing my calories going KETO and i count my micro-nutrients and increasing my workout intensity but that lead to too much weakness.

  • I have been fasting 20 hours a day now for 6 months, so I eat only between 5pm-9pm. AND I now eat at least 50% less than what I used to, and I was never a big eater and have more 3x more energy and mental focus than I have ever had. I’ve learned through actual experience that you really don’t need that much food to thrive and be healthy. It takes 3+ months to properly adjust but the results are so worth it!!

  • I eat Omad and I haven’t lost any weight at all……. I just naturally eat omad. I’ve always been that way but since I’ve had kids I haven’t lost any of the weight… used to be 110 now I’m 144 and haven’t lost a single pound wtffffff do I do now

  • So does using the F Word add anything of substance to your video?
    Answer No it does not. You come across as an *arrogant uneducated Jackass. Clean up your potty mouth.

  • Does it mean no snacking absolutely one meal a day and what is the best time for that meal. I would like to know the how not all the reasons why please!

  • I really liked OMAD for my ADD. Fasting through my work day did wonders for my focus (I’m an engineer, so focus is pretty important, lol) But eating a big meal after work was not great for digestion, health, or my waistline so I’m back to the reasonable meals and avoiding sugar.

  • I’m doing OMAD along with working out (lifting and walking a mile) 6 days a week. I’ve lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks but I can’t really see it yet because I’m still at 218 pounds and most of it is fat.

  • Hi I been 16 hour fasting for 12 days one MEAL n a gallon of water n haven’t seen any results��so by seeing n hearing your video the trick is I have to automatically skip breakfast n lunch every day instead counting 16 hours? Plz let me know so I can change it around course rite my eating hours are everywhere just one meal thank you Excellent video I joined yur channel��❤

  • I’ve been doing OMAD 3 days a week and 16:8 the other 4 days for 2 years now. There are not enough words to describe how fasting changed my life, not only did my physical health improve dramatically but my mental equity as well..

  • At 61 years old I can say after 16 months it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but you do have to address all the possible pitfalls that you mentioned. I did and that was that. I can go 23 hours plus without jonesing for food all the time and when it finally is time to eat, good, nutritious, simple food tastes mighty interesting.
    Very thoughtful and judicious job of explaining this way of eating. Thanks for the video. Subscribed.

  • I’m not interested in cookie cutter programs, then again I am more independent than the average person. You need to check out Jack Kruse. Anywhere from 1-3 meals is fine. It has to do more with fat and glucose metabolism along with how sedentary, aerobic or anaerobic you are. For some people that workout and need more calories, digestion can be quite impaired and the body can only digest so much protein at a given rate even in addition to fermented foods and supplemental enzymes. One meal a day works well for weight loss, but as for muscle protein synthesis and trying to gain weight, it is subpar. This lifestyle approach is working well for you, and as for another well known proprietor Kinobody, it’s a simple formula to work with fasting, and IIFYM. Jack Kruse will teach you more than you have learned from anyone in the fitness community.

  • I love omad I love that feeling of sharpness and wityness that I never had due to the bloatedness before. Only problem I have is some times I can skip the meal simply due to no appitatie is this normal? And what could I do about that?

  • Hi John, do you drink juice or maybe a smoothie during the day before your one meal? I do have a smoothie for breakfast as a “cheat” while I get used to an omad kind of life. Technically it’s not eating because you drink it. Maybe I’m a 1.5mad person?

  • What do you think about ‘detoxication’ practices? I am really interested in the most advanced body.. hacks(?) and I got OMAD from you for example. I get most of my things from Alex Becker or Bioneer, as they have quite the quirky knowledge that I like. I believe it can give us a clear mind, focus, you are sick less, workout better etc. Thoughts?

  • Been eating only one meal a day naturally for years simply because I only get hungry once every 24 hours and not to lose weight. And yet I’ve actually gained weight. Imagine my surprise finding all these people toting this as a viable “diet” for losing weight but I do it every day and yet here I am, fat as ever. IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Maybe at first, yeah, if you normally eat more than once a day until your body gets used to it but you will NEVER be able to eat more than once a day again without gaining a TON of weight. Learn from me and don’t do this. The only way I can now lose weight is to not eat at all for days at a time and maybe lose 1 lb. I’m actually very jealous of people who get to eat 3 meals a day and maintain weight like its healthy to eat more than once or something ��

  • I think the easiest thing to do is to skip one day all together. That way if you fast one whole day of the week you create a 2000-3000cal deficit that week.

  • I already commented on the video it self, but I feel like I should comment it here: Your high school videos were freaking fire. I don’t know… something about it just opened the closed doors of my mind to realize what is possible is we push not at 100% but at freaking 200%. And it wasn’t empty motivation either and that is quite a rare sight to find! So thanks Jon!

  • I am doing omad from 10 days but no change many diets are very difficult on my body I really want to loose 6kgs for my job pls help me out

  • I have read an interesting point on eating a larger meal earlier in the day, in that this can make an individual more likely to be active due to the energy intake, and therefore expend more energy by the end of the day.

  • He is partially right I have eaten junk food during omad and lost weight and still stayed healthy and about weight regain I have not regained until the 2-3 months after COVID but I am slowly regaining that’s because I am doing nothing after the COVID

  • I am doing one meal per day, but with 2 hour windows or sometime 3 h, but I am still maintaining what I eat although not very strick, eat more veggies, and fruits, less carbs more protein, so the good is, I don’t have prob with digestion with I face when I try keto. I always feel uncomfortable if I have problem with “poo” not enough carb and fruit not good for my body. So far this is my best diet

  • I totally understand you about enjoying 1 nice sized meal! I used to think eating more smaller meals throughout the day was better but I was never satisfied! I was always thinking about my next meal despite the fact I was eating a good amount of calories. Now I eat 1 meal a day, at 4pm. A decent size none but still much less calories than the total of eating small 6 meals a day and I’m feeling much more satisfied. I feel like I’m not restricted. I get to actually enjoy a good amount of food. Not a tiny snack every few hours.

  • I lost 15lbs in two weeks of OMAD. The first 3 days is hard, but I feel that the body adapts to it. My cheat 2 days in a week are with IF 16/8.

  • I initially started out watching the channel of the man you mention, even I knew something didn’t sound correct so moved over to Ivor Cummins and Jason Fung to name 2 and also read extensively on the subject.
    There are 2 or 3 ‘nutritionists’ who have channels who are dangerous with their advice.
    I initially tried a traditional weight loss plan but as we know they do not work long term (this has been known for over 100 yrs) so I started IF / OMAD, cut out all the ‘killers’ from a normal Western diet. I have lost the weight that I wanted to and feel great.

  • Good tips. I hate counting calories and using scales for certain foods that don’t have labels, but I found if it’s just for one meal a day it’s a lot easier. I read in Arnold Schwarzenegger book it’s good to do similar to what you’re saying if you save up calories and eat more on other days it keeps your metabolism ramped up from the high calorie days. So if you have 3,000 calorie maintenance and on your diet calories are having 2,000 a day have 1,400 for two days then on the 3rd day have 3,400 for a net of 2,000 a day. Once you plateau then decrease the calories to say 1800 a day or increase activity.

  • I’ve been doing OMAD for over a year now. I have lost 20 Kgs and otherwise feel fine. However, I have noticed that I have recently been developing a slowly developing bald patch on my head and I am also having persistent pain in my knees. I have met with a doctor and I am being tested for deficiencies. What do you think about this? I have been eating healthy with a lot of fats and lower carbs as well.

  • So far I’ve lost almost 30+ pounds on OMAD. I’m gonna be honest it has not gotten easier for me, but so far I’ve gotten pretty far. I also started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar along with the diet, has helped to some extent. Right now I’m just struggling with losing more weight and it seems Ive plateud.

  • It’s not omad that is giving you the results it’s the TRT or whatever other steroids or drugs you are on! Not trolling i just see through your bullshit mate!

  • Might be beneficial to get rid of the stubborn fat for short periods, not very easy to maintain in the long run in our daily lives imo specially if its late at night can reduce sleep quality etc,, 16: 8 schedule or maybe the warrior diet seems personally more attainable.

  • Why do you keep talking about calories? One doesn’t lose weight by reducing the calorific intake, one loses it by reducing carbohydrate intake dramatically: this lowers plasma insulin levels: insulin promotes fat storage, and hyperinsulinaemia is rampant in the western world (so called prediabetes).

  • What about the people who eat 4000 cals of whatever they want and still have perfect health? I seen this guy eat a 2000 calorie pizza with fruity pebbles and marshmellows on top of cheese, beef, and mushrooms.

  • I’ve never been a breakfast person, I can’t eat just after waking up that’s hurt my body.
    I’ve been doing OMAD for 1 year now and I see so much effect about, less starving and lose belly fat, doing sport with is the right choice I’ve made!
    My first meal is about 16 pm and this is fine for me, I don’t need to eat before going to a run. This routine suits to me very good!
    Thanks for your videos!

  • eating trash food to fit all your needed calories in one meal is stupid. The benefist of fasting are gone since you eat trash carcinogenic food

  • Yes l started OMAD because of health reasons and l do workout… I have an intense Wieght training program and l was not loosing Wieght and Fat as l should… So now l doing OMAD… 1 week now

  • I lost 35kgs in 90days with 2000cals diet n 6hrs of cardio a day mainly 3hrs of swimming 1hrs slow jogging n 2hrs of playing football so n i never steped into Gym in my life n i did omad with with 180g protein n 80g fats n veggies means zero carbs….. N I’m telling you this omad is not sustainable for a normal day person who does 5 to 9 etc

  • But it gives you high cholesterol!
    I work out eat healthy and never had problems with my tests when I ate 3 meals a day.
    After getting my tests results, my pcp told me I have high cholesterol something I’ve never had a problem with��

  • I’m on day 6 of OMAD….and love it. Pounds are melting off. However, I made the mistake of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and man….I would be Augusta too and literally drink the lake of Chocolate and all of the Wonka Bars. I’m not strong enough to see Rot like (Pizza, Sushi, In & Out) and not “Crave” it. Sticking to Chicken and Broccoli…lol

  • I wake up at 4 a.m. work till about 3:30 and then go to gym should I be working out/lifting fasted or eat something small then eat full meal after?

  • I ve been doing omad last 3 months (early January early April) and still going strong. I work out daily, and I ve never done a “cheat meal” cause I don’t crave junk shit. I eat only 1 type hole foods, and i don’t even crave refined carbs. I eat mostly meat and veggies combined with either eggs or tuna as i m serious about nourishment and protein intake.
    My suggestions to people would be:
    half a teaspoon of high quality salt daily (chug it down with plenty of water), which will eliminate a few problems including unnecessary sugar cravings.
    -Coffee when u are hungry but u still have a few hours before breaking omad.
    -Green tea is a good alternative to coffee, and u can drink up to 5 times/day (just don’t add sugar or anything else in it). It will help reduce hunger.
    -Train in the morning, within 2 hours after waking up. It helps u boost ur Mood, and gets u started to make healthy plans for the day (increasing ur chances of sticking to the omad plan)
    -Consider 1 cheat meal per week (not cheat day), if u feel the need to boost ur confidence on continuing the “diet”.
    -finally, consider having 0 refined carb days (rice, pasta etc), and stay away from “healthy”: suggestions like protein bars, fruit juice (yes even that is not good, alternatively eat ur fruits) any kind of bread (both dark and white are evenly bad) etc.

  • You really think it is the lack of teaching that make people eat junk? why do I like italian sausage hot dog! Because it does not taste like eating an oak tree leaf

  • I’m obese and am starting the Intermittent fasting,OMAD.People are telling me that my body will go into starvation mode.Even my Lymphedema Therapist said this.What can I tell them?(with all the extra weight i’m carrying,starvation mode occurring sounds ridiculous to me)

  • It would be hard to get 50 grams of fiber in a few hours. And remember that big holiday dinner? And we fell asleep afterwards? That’s basically OMAD. Or in essence, it’s basically Iftar during Ramadan….and after 30 days, the end is welcomed. There’s no way OMAD could be a long-term solution for anything.

  • Yes doing omad right now 2 pm to 3 or 4:00pm surprisingly fine until about noon,then I really have to occupy my mind til time to eat,seems to be getting easier even my family is getting use to me being on omad.

  • I understand the thermogenesis research. But what about someone like me who works night shift? I get up at 5:45pm. Work 7p-7a. And then am usually in bed by 11am. Does the morning to night thing switch up for me? Am I asking this correctly? Lol

  • I have been doing Omad for more than a year, the good thing in OMAD that I can enjoy having simple carbs and there is no restricted food as long as I watch the calories, I have my meal at night and do my work out in the early morning on an empty stomach.

  • Great video as usual.

    I generally can’t do OMAD because eating late or skipping a meal causes acidity to me.

    I have a question though. Are the effects of eating late associated with our sleep cycle or actual day and night cycle irrespective of when we get up? I get my sleep cycle messed up quite often and stay late up at night sleeping at 9 or 10 am in the morning. So my first meal is around 7-8 pm when my sleep cycle is messed up. Would that meal won’t use as many calories as a meal in the day time or is it dependent relatively to my sleep cycle?

    P.S. Love the alter ego humour. Would like to see more of such, maybe even a sketch with different characters!

    Thank you doc:)

  • But can you really get enough protein on OMAD? Can the body absorb the amount you need in just one go? I’ve been taught that the body can only absorb 25-35 grams of protein per meal. That’s not enough.

  • Hey I really need to know if what I am doing in terms of OMAD is right. I hope you will read the full comment and then answer my question.
    1. I drink a cup of Indian tea in the morning.
    2. Between 10am-11am a fruit/assortment of fruits or fruit juice.
    3. The one and only full meal of the day between 1pm-2pm
    4. another cup of Indian tea in the evening (between 5pm-6pm)
    5. A glass of soy milk between 9pm-9:30pm (Regular milk gives me gas)
    Is this diet a good one or does OMAD mean 1 meal strictly; that is, do I need to cut out the tea and the milk? and I sometimes end up eating a cracker or 2 (not more) with the tea or the milk…. is that fine?
    Edit: Also subscribing…. because your content is so helpful! Much love from India.

  • Why do you use a bot on LinkedIn, always asking the same question? I love the content you produce, but that is obviously a bot. Did u gain anything from it? Did u get new connections? And is it ethically correct to do it? Do you care about using a bot?
    I’m a programmer myself too, and i understand automation is fkin cool, i get it. But coming from a channel called “bulldog mindset”, shouldn’t you be the one posting instead of a bot?
    At least give the bot a few more sentences to write, the poor thing has like 10 phrases lol
    Maybe LinkedIn isn’t worth it anymore for someone like you, maybe. But, if that’s the case, why do you still use a bot? Maybe you forgot to disable it.
    Look man, i don’t know, I’m just curious.

    Keep up the good work, love your videos. Been watching you for more than 5 years now.
    Love from Portugal ^^

  • I have a question can I workout in the afternoon from 12 to 1pm and eat at 8pm. I am not not even having a protein shake after workout. Need advice

  • I go upstairs and sit in the bath for 3 hours… then bed. Can’t sit in front of my tv rn because of past habits. I get out at 10 pm and lay in bed. Been falling asleep before midnight since I started this routine. So I avoid the fridge and go to bed earlier�� down 25 pounds so far!

  • I do not now what I did wrong but my body went into starvation mode after years tinkering with my diet and trying to lose weight. I will feel cold even on a warm day. Maybe the problem is that I went in and out diets? Oh well. John, so what is your advice on avoiding starvation mode when doing this? While it may be misunderstood by many, it is a real thing.

  • My experience w omad and plateaus was that occasionally if I ate more calories than my usual, it would push me back into weight loss. Or if I skipped a day of walking.

  • I see those transitions! I’m impressed with the video editing!

    But on a more serious note Once again, the take home point is QUALITY (with a splash of timing). In terms of the number of meals you eat per day, there doesnt seem to be an optimal number for everyone.

    However, what and when you eat are really crucial.

    So if one meal a day is good for you, awesome! Just make sure you’re eating high-quality whole plant foods, ideally not at midnight ��.

  • been doing this for 15 years and i eat whatever the hell i want for my meal. i dont waste time counting crap that makes no sense. Depending on my day is how much i eat and my body tell me what i need to eat. The mind and body are touch with each other and will tell whats best. I eat my meal near the end of the day cause it make my lazy so i can relax after meals.

  • Been doing OMAD since January 1, 2020. Dropped 80lbs, got a light six pack. Started with keto, then IF, then did 3 prolonged 7 day fasts! There is no such thing as a breakfast, lunch and dinner! That’s just something made up so clinics and hospitals can make money! Doctors are all full of shit! The medical field is a business and they need to keep there lights up!

  • When it comes to OMAD, common sense and logic are the most important part of the diet. Eat whatever you want but in a normal BALANCED form. If you just scarf down sweets and processed junk for one meal then of course you won’t get good results long term. Follow the food pyramid for reference.

    Get your healthy vegetables, fruits, carbs, proteins, and fats in first before you have a sweet dessert. Stuff yourself with the foods your body needs before you eat the junk foods you want. Don’t overcomplicate a simple balanced meal unless you have specific goals.

  • Have been doing OMAD for about 4 months now and lost about 30 pounds(of fat). The beggining process was tough. But my body has now become accustomed to one meal a day. I will sometimes eat a second meal if I need the extra protien for building muscle but most of the time its just one meal a day. Recommended to anyone trying to loose weight. Building muscle is another story, not that you can’t as John has said. But in terms of loosing weight, this diet(or lifestyle change) is recommended.

  • It’s easy to get the calories..5 eggs, steak,chicken maybe salmon veggies and what really makes it easy to go calorie surplus to gain muscle mass is 2 ounces macadamian nuts,ounce of pumpkin seeds,1 ounce of Brazil nuts,some chia seeds and hemp seeds that’s should be like 3k calories

  • I have been following the research of Dr. Satchin Panda, and I completely agree with front loading the calories. Even though I don’t practice OMAD, just front loading the calories seems to have measurable effects in energy level and weight loss, at least in my case.

  • I’ve tried them all-all diet and fasting plans. While being a Buddhist monk I was OMAD for years, the only meal eaten and finished by 1:00 PM. Nothing by mouth after that except water. The calories at that 1 meal were so huge I never lost weight. Sri Lanka monastic food is full of oil. And even without any animal products whatsoever-no weight loss. Of course sitting in meditation for 17 hours a day didn’t bring any exercise. After I left the monastery I tried every diet and fasting program available. EVERY ONE, including the PKD 95% animal fat terror. So after years of trial AND ERROR (mostly error!) I have finally found what works FOR ME. It is ADF. On eating days I eat healthy, no processed, no junk foods organic WFPB but add a little small species fish (lower mercury content) and an occasional pastured chicken egg and very very little extra virgin organic olive oil. No other animal products, no milk, etc. I’m 67 years young, in perfect health, no meds, no issues. All blood work is perfect, low cholesterol, AM fasting glucose always below 70, high testosterone levels with a corresponding very active fun sex life with my spouse who tries to keep up when 30 years younger than I.:-) etc. etc. I exercise daily, quite rigorously. Weight is maintained easily. I’m 6′ at 155 lean muscle pounds, muscled and lean body fat. This is my anecdotal experience and it works beautifully for me. When I do my twice a year check up with my AMA MD she listens to heart and chest, asks a few questions, may take some blood, may not and then takes out her pad and pen and asks, ” So what do you have for me today?” She then jots down my newest health and nutritional research with great interest. I have recommended her to your YouTube site, etc. I admire and appreciate your work Gil.

  • I work long days like wake up 530 am and get home 630-7pm. I go to bed around 10pm If I do my workout at 630 pm and get done around 8, is 8pm too late to eat my one meal? So basically is it too late to eat the OMAD 1 hours before bed? Assuming I have no issues sleeping I didn’t know if there was a downfall you know of for eating your one meal too close to sleeping.

  • I love that you covered the circadium rhythm. I was listening to Dr Greger on Rich Rolls podcast talking about the same thing intermittent fasting in the morning vs evening. I eat breakfast and lunch personally ��

  • I did and my stamina level raised super high and combined with semen retention. And i didnt have hunger problems and i apreciated my food verry much. And my sleep was also good.

  • I think age is a consideration, too. There is a channel where the young woman did fantastic on OMAD [ But she is young. I am not. It might be difficult for me at 71 to do this. I might be able to do intermittent fasting on a 16/8 schedule. I’ve already cut out processed sugar out of my diet and feel better having done that. There is a lot to consider and if we saw food as fuel for the body it might help with making better choices as to what to eat.

  • I couldn’t believe I finally break my weight plateau. I was 70kg for 3 weeks after losing 5kg of keto diet then I started doing OMAD 2 days ago and I’m now 69.2kg. I’m gonna weigh myself after a week and hoping to see better results ♥️ I love OMAD ❣️

  • Dang it! This OMAD thing sounds like a free pass to an all-you-eat daily. I coudn’t. I’ll stick to my 16:8 and occasional pé na jaca de fim de semana.:P

  • Another great and informative video Dr.Gil. OMAD simplifies the act of fueling our body but doesn’t take into account our daily activities, such as exercise. The “math” in our organism is so much complex. I’ll be waiting for the next video. Thank you for sharing this data and your view of it.

  • 3 weeks of doing OMAD plus 45 minutes of weightlifting & 30 minutes cardio (5x a week) and here’s my progress:
    Starting Weight: 102kg
    Current Weight: 96kg
    Starting Waistline: 107cm
    Current Waistline: 101cm

  • I eat 1 kg of chiken to the hoven or 1/2 of a complete chiken with out skin and with vegetables I eat the same every day I get enought proteins, kalories and with the multi vitamines suplement and omega 3 I am ready to go. Is the best diet for getting shreded I rarely take carbs some times I throw in some potatoes.

  • Hey, check this out… ����

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  • Do you have to eat 80 grams of protein on OMAD and do you need to eat all the calories you are required to eat according to calory calculators

  • People that are not fat usually do not have fat glycation issue with sugar! But if you are overweight? Don’t do sugar. While on that weight loss!

  • Thank you very much for this info. Is there any reason why you can’t do this earlier in the day say from 12:00-1:00PM? I just don’t sleep well eating even after 4PM.

  • Can you make a video on what your meal looks like when you eat or maybe for women only or something just dealing with the foods that you eat and how it looks

  • Definitely too difficult for me to follow on long term. But will work towards early dinner and avoiding night snack. Useful and entertaining video.

  • My question about OMAD is concerning weight loss. Do I need to have a calorie deficit to lose weight or just by fasting for 23h will be enough? When not fasting, I usually follow a low carb diet, but with some ‘scapes’.

  • I tried OMAD and gained 5 pounds. It was my fault. I ate dinner and ate anything I wanted as much as I wanted and didn’t count the calories. I had No idea how much I was eating calorie intake wise so I gained weight. I am now trying again and clean eating. I also downloaded a calorie app. Today My one meal was fish steamed veggies, and a small glass of red wine. It was 750 calories. Ive had more water than I care for. If this doesn’t work than I give up! ���� I need to drop 30 pounds shit has gotten real!!!

  • I lost 20 lbs doing OMAD then started working at a bar where everyone feeds me and gained it all back. Now I’m struggling to get back to it. I just want to eat all day. ��

  • Now you ve done it! You spoke about the elephant in the room! When! Most do not mention this, but eating 3 meal worth of food before sleep? not a good idea, oh y’a i tried it! No matter how you slice it! Your body go colder at night so that liquid fat? Just became jello! Good luck digesting! You want to eat your food about 2 hour before max thermal value of human body is reached

  • as with any diet its about calories in vs calories out.if you over eat with healthy food you will gain weight and if you eat twinkies at a calorie deficit you will lose weight.

    as with any diet calories in cs calories out.

  • I cook at home and have a really hard time eating my required calorie count. I am worried I will make this worse rather than better but I could just not eat another bite.:(

  • what do you think about this program that I’m plannig to do:
    #breafast: one apple and a cup of coffe.
    #2pm eat a banana and hit the gym
    #3pm eat a meal after workout
    #7pm eat another meal and fast until the the next breakfast
    is this diet plan healthy and good to build muscles

  • Has omad benifits been proven?

    How long do you do this for?
    Is it for life?

    How can you ease into this without being hungry?

    What’s the best time to have one meal? Does it need to be the same time everyday? So when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day is that all bs?

    What should the one meal consist of to get total nutrition?

    What drinks can you have through out the day?


  • First of all, thanks a lot for all the fantastic information and well reasoned advice. After watching your videos on lowering cholesterol, I followed your advice and did a very low fat plant based diet for ten days that dramatically brought down my cholesterol from total of 263 to 170 in just 10 days! (LDL came down to a much healthier 78). So thanks again. I do have some feedback on the presentation though it would help if you could keep the humor less patronizing. I think that most if not all of the viewers can follow the “science” and nuance. After all it is being expressed in regular English and not some difficult math equations.

  • I did this on my own during a workmans comp deal I was going through at about 43 years old, it was easier for me because I was alone and what I would do is have no food in the house until 5PM everyday which I would go to Publix in Florida and buy my dinner with fruit usually but sometimes even package of oreos once in a while, just a balanced healthy meal that would fill me up and in a very short time I went from a healthy 230# to around 200#, the complements I got from just about everyone but mainly women, I didn’t lose muscle as I am a muscular person to begin with who lifts weights most of my life. The old school and most current day trainers will have us believe oh my god you will lose your muscle and go into starvation mode, it isn’t true, now if you look around the net you will see others who have had great results from this also, try it the hardest part is at the beginning getting used to and finding ways to not eat, use coffee or whatever, after a short while it’s not even hard and you will save a bunch of cash on food, drink a lot of water of course and they say it’s great for longevity also because the same food that fuels us also breaks down our cells.

  • Love this channel.

    One question though, because that diet induced thermogenesis process got me thinking: So imagine you are in a hypothetical situation were you need to conserve as much any energy as possible, because you don’t have access to nearlly enough calories. So to try and avoid entering a state of caloric deficit, would it be beneficial then to eat dinner instead of breakfast to use those calories more “efficiently? Because as you said in the video, it apparently makes a difference in energy expenditure whether you eat at night or in the morning.

  • Please make a video detailing what exactly you eat. Maybe throughout the span of one week. You say you eat about 3000 calories in one meal. I cannot wrap my head around it!

  • I have struggled with weight, emotional eating and going on a spiral after one cheat mealin recent months I found that coffee( french roast nescafe) helps suppress my hunger and keeps me awake through the day.

  • I eat an apple and a small bow of cereal with milk every morning to get something into my stomach to drink my cofee, cause i heared that drinking cofee or tea on an empty stomach is not good. And then i dont eat until 7pm. Is the small portion i take in the morning affecting my pseudo 1 meal a day method and should i completly cut it out and leave cofee in the morning? And is it good to combine the whim hof method with the 1 meal a day method?

  • Started eating once a day two years ago because of the type of work I do. Didn’t know the benefits until later. Thanks for posting.

  • I am fencing at least 3 hours from 17.00 to 21.00 most of the time. When should I eat? Also is coffee or tea considered a meal and what about a banana? It helps eating a banana during my work out. Thanks for the advice

  • The conundrum is the term ‘eating healthy’. The devil is in the details, as they say.
    Think about this. Farming is only 10,000 years old. ALL of the food that is recommended for ‘optimal’ health has only been used by homo sapiens during this time period, and worse yet, none of that food was actually growing in the wild or widely used during the evolutionary process of becoming human.
    The wild versions have been modified over the eons by people. The banana? Man made. The original banana was not very edible so humans never ate them.
    So, ask yourself what food DID people of 100,000 years ago actually eat?
    No farmers…. no farming….no crops to harvest….not much greenery around in the winter. This is the problem with ‘nutrition made simple’…’s just not so simple, nor is is so scientifically so correct. Our ability to adapt plays a big role, but if you want ‘optimal’, think think about your evolutionary past.
    The foods emerging humans ate while evolving into modern humans are clearly not the foods modern humans are eating or recommended by the ‘experts’.
    The closer you can eat according to your evolved digestive system, the more ‘optimal’ your health will be. Prove that theory wrong. Here’s a hint. Greenery is not part of the process…..and, I’ll take a wild guess, that not only did ancient people NOT eat 3 square/day, or even OMAD…..most likely went… days between meals.
    And yet, homo sapiens conquered the globe.

  • Can I say this: one thing Sten Ekberg said (quietly as always) which hit the spot (maybe because I’m an ex-marathon athlete) it will hurt. Just like in the gymn, when you really work out, that muscle will hurt, so too with the strategies to change your metabolism. It will hurt. This is not horrible, it means the change is happening. No pain no gain. I know it sounds pat, but I remember this in the gymn and in the pool, training for hours, yeh it hurts. If it’s not hurting, like duh nothing going on here. So I try to remember that when I am hungry it’s on purpose. Celebrate!

  • I started the omad diet sept, 8th at 220lbs its now october 22nd and I’m at 183lbs im actually surprised at how much how fast I’ve lost the weight.

  • Or….we can stop demonizing fat and shunning it for ‘lean steaks’ and ‘lean chicken breasts’ and actually eat good fats and meat high in fats. You will have no problems meeting your caloric requirements by upping your fats (they are 5 more calories per gram than protein and carbs), plus it keeps you satiated. When you are eating so many carbs, your blood sugar and insulin will be raised, your hunger hormones will be raging and you will be dying fasting for a 22-23 hour period. I finished my one meal at 3:30pm yesterday. It has been 19 hours since I have eaten and there are no hunger pangs whatsoever. My meal was chicken wings, raw veggies, cheddar cheese, a mixture of nuts and seeds and a coffee with coconut oil, butter and MCT oil in it. Probably about 1500 calories. I could barely finish it.

  • what are your thoughts on coffee in the morning and or fatty coffee in the morning and then the main meal at night that’s what I’ve been working on just curious what do you think it wouldn’t disrupt the growth hormone and healing of the body or have no effect

  • John, how would something like “reverse dieting” (where you slowly add calories back or reduce cardio to boost metabolism without gaining weight) fit in with OMAD or with the large amounts of cardio you do? With a reduced metabolism it’s harder to create caloric deficits. What’s your stance?

  • Good to see you crediting Martin.
    I think he was THE guy whom started the the ‘fasting’ craze (historically though people lived that way) when everyone was blindly following what bodybuilders in magazines say about doing 6 meals a day.

  • Good tips. Another two I like drink a lot of water. Especially to flush out toxins. Last one vary calories per day. Keeps your metabolism higher as well. If your goal is 2k then have 5 days at 1700 so you can have one day at 3500. My lowest bf was 7%.

  • I always find doing yoga regularly alters my appetite and what I desire food wise. I don’t have to think about. The consciousness is inside me, not outside.

  • In my opinion, one should not follow OMAD if weight loss is their only goal. One should follow a sustainable diet and make it their lifestyle.
    Usually people with a higher goal of spirituality in their life follow OMAD

  • What is your opinion about carnivore diet? I was on ketogenic diet and omad for about 1.5 year, but recently switched to carnivore omad and I feel better. Sorry for my English

  • Cool! I fast for about 18 hours per day and 2 meals 60 or 70% solid food the rest is protein powder my last meal is around 4 pm i workout at 5.30

  • I’ve been eating OMAD for about 3 weeks now. I’ve already lost 12 pounds! I usually eat anywhere from 12pm-3pm and it honestly isn’t even that difficult for me. Well it was, in the beginning. But these past few days I’ve really gotten into the groove and it has become remarkably easy. To anyone reading this comment considering trying the OMAD diet… just remember WATER WATER WATER. You should be drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. EX: I weigh 240lbs… therefore I should aim to drink at least 120oz of water per day. Water also helps me keep fuller for a longer period of time.

  • I been doing it for 3 months and lost 42 pounds I just eat lunch and I eat what ever I want and I run about a mile a day around 7pm omad works great

  • Does anyone get really sleepy after eating their first meal? Also, is there any way to avoid it or does your body just get used to it? For me, it feels like I just entered a food coma for like 2 hours.

  • I can’t do OMAD, it makes me feel like crap not eating all day, so I just eat moderately and eat smaller portions, this way I still have good energy

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  • Every tip is �� No bull �� all bull ��
    Btw It needs a high level of patience and motivation to pull off OMAD. I have been doing it for almost 2 months now and have lost almost 7 kilograms of fat. I enjoy my meal and eat guilt free as much as I can. OMAD is MAGIC.

  • Try to stay busy also. I found that when I do one meal a day or fast for 3 days my mind is not thinking about eating it’s thinking about whatever I’m working on whether that be practicing my instruments or doing my school work.

  • I think this is a great idea if you want to loose weight but still be able to eat some of the foods you enjoy like speghetti, pizza, burritos and not in small portions. I’ve lost 4 lbs in 3 days eating all that stuff. First two days were 2 huge burritos but I am keeping things healthier than I would normally. I used cottage cheese in the burrito instead of sour cream for the protein and didn’t really notice a difference.

  • fam I started doing the same! I eat @6Pm and about 700 to 1100 cal and 1 gallon of water. Now I’m trying to lose 120 lb in 6 months can it be possible following this routine all the way.

  • if you are truly doing OMAD, eating in less than a 4 hour window you will absolutely lose weight without fail. It usually takes the body around 90 days to adjust.

  • sweet potato, rice, not very good for someone who is pre, or diabetic! Don’t only give advice to normal people! So many people have a metabolisim disorder now a days, you should take this in consideration man!!

  • I’ll be ok then, because I sleep hella late lol.
    Afternoon one meal is better for me. I think it’s important to also take into account your own typical craving schedule for better success.

  • So very frustrated with 2 years 20 pounds overweight. Started omad about 6 days ago and have lost 9 pounds…so pure and simple! Feel better and healthier… Im going for my ideal weight…im 68 if i stop then it will all come back so this is long-term. One caveat i have more discipline with food than alcohol….one dragon at a time but im very happy…i find it easier than IF approach.

  • I did 2MAD (WFPB) to kickstart my weight loss journey and it helped me a lot (of course this is just a personal feeling, but not thinking about food after your lunch because there will be no dinner was actually helping me make the transition). If you’re eating the same breakfast every morning then it as simple as OMAD.

  • Would i be able to absorb all 160-200g of plant protein if i ate it in one meal? Theoretically… Im not actually going to do OMAD �� Im just curious because I lift weights and ultra run & usually eat 2-3 meals with 30-60g protein in each one, and Menno Henselmenn put up some info displaying that protein absorption is limited if youre smashing in a load in one go (and by absorption i mean being used for muscle protein synthesis specifically, obviously the calories are absorbed)

  • Also eating one meal a day allows your body to heal instead of spending all its time digesting. Extended fasting (greater than 16hrs) was proven to kick start regeneration in the body.

  • I have been struggling with all kinds of eating disorders my whole life. I am hoping that keto omad will do the trick staying under 400 kcal let’s see DAY 1 here we go getting my life back ��

  • I was dealing with alot of flatulence eating regularly. Milk was becoming a problem. So I would get gassy and always had bloating problems. Started OMAD, second week. I realized my Bloating is gone my flatulence is gone, to test it I’ve eaten some stuff to guarantee I’m going to blow up the room….. and nothing. Is it just me? My stomach seems at peace no matter what I put in it.

  • Wow fuk me. I’m one week in and down 4.8kg or 9 pounds. Of course I’m taking walks keeping my steps up over 14,000 daily and a bit of short bursts of tae bo and other cardio videos on here. But 4.8kg in one week no idea if it’s fat or muscle that I’m losing but something is disappearing.

  • You’re getting most things wrong.

    OMAD increases your every levels and gives you a lot less depending in sleep. I sleep for only 3 hours and am super energetic when I am awake.
    But you need yo plan your diet meticulously.

  • Why do so many video bloggers go on pointless preambles telling us what they ”intend” to talk about? Just do it.
    I’ve already switched off to make this comment and now I’m going to post this message and then I’m going to award a thumbs down, but before I do that, I’m just gonna write some more bullshit you don’t need to read just to annoy the fuck out of you and ram my point home….SEE WHAT I MEAN? JUST FUCKING GET TO THE POINT IMMEDIATELY. No frills no bullshit no hot fucking air JUST FUCKING DO IT.

  • I was always under the opinion that the metabolism works best if one is to eat small amounts of healthy all day long. I naturally eat once a day and have been trying to “munch-healthy”… Do you believe the once a day is better?

  • I did 900kcal OMAD each day for 3 weeks and I gained weight. I dont know wtf. I was below 20g carbs too and no processed food except some salad dressing.

  • Dear Gil!
    Iam rly interested about a video which explain what happening if you eat (much) at night before you sleep. What happening with your metabolic/digestion system.:D
    Btw one question. do you like chemistry? I rly love these nutrition contents..and i folow a ton of youtubers like you. Iam working in IT position, but maybe i should try to go back to school and study as dietetics technician. I started to learn chemistry but tbh..its a little bit boring.D:

  • Watching in 2020. I tried OMAD this week and have already lost 4-5 pounds. Currently drinking water and coffee during the day to keep me satiated until dinner time, which is around 5-6 pm. Dinner consists of whole based foods, non-processed. I typically shoot for all my macros in that one meal carbs, protein and healthy fats. It has also helped with late night snacking.

  • i used to think that i’d seriously jsut devour EVERYTHING once night time comes along to eat, but honestly, i enjoy my food more than before, i don’t inhale my food like i used to, and the fact that i dont’ feel restricted makes me love this so much.

  • do you have to eat in same time fram everyday? for example if my eating window is usually 7-8pm but on one day it ends up being 5-6pm for example does that matter?

  • Thank you. other people practicing omad would say calories wont matter and eat anything you want. But thats just dumb, what if you ate 6 plates of cake for your one meal ofcourse you’ll get fat. In weight loss calories is still king, big advantage of omad is like what you said, your one meal can be combined so it appears bigger and satisfying. If my tdee is 2000 would you suggest a 500 cal deficit? Or a smaller cut? Just started 2 days ago. Thanks.

  • but eating closer to bedtime is discouraged by many of the doyens who I read religiously and for good reason: to encourage weight loss you don’t go to bed on a FULL OMAD stomach they say. PLUS they say to help fight insomnia they tell you to give yourself 3 hours or so before bedtime. I eat superclean and the cravings are still there, though not for junk food, certainly. ‘They’ are DeLauer and Sten Ekberg, specifically.
    Also his idea of ‘filler’ here is problematic if you don’t want to go over 5% or even 20% carbs.

  • If you do this diet for weight loss, and then when you wana quit this diet after, will you gain weight back when you eat 3 meals a day?

  • What did we take away from this video?
    Eat different things for different goals, no examples hereof
    Some people can eat some things, some cant.


  • If I eat one meal o per day I’ll collapse.

    But I did that when i was 14 years old with out to know this.

    Just I was fat boy and a girl told me that I am fat and I stoped to eat i wanted to eat once per day.

  • I am doing omad for a week and even worked in a 33 hour fast and 2 days after I was up on the scale which I am so sad about because I’m trying so hard but I also have PCOS and I’m still not losing in a deficit… Frustrating ��

  • I’m 66 yo male and been omad 22/2 for 18 months. HFLC and zero alcohol. My only exercise is a brisk walk 4km daily. I spent 15 years weight training decades ago and was pleasantly surprised to see some muscular definition reappear but the health benefits and energy were the best.

  • So I am not crazy? I have been doing this for over 8 years straight, last 2 years at 5pm everyday. I had to do this for personal reasons, I don’t work out at all, but I am staying fit per say. Thank you for telling me I am not goofy for this practice

  • Exactly the video I needed starting on OMAD �� black coffee has been my saviour so far and a big glass of water usually helps any hunger pangs. Mind over matter. I want to be slim more than I want cheesecake ��

  • Yeaaa I bee doin it my body hard now not soft daawg. My body hard now. Super strength. Now I fight better. Watch my fights ooommmaaad

  • Your skin looks insanely soft and moisturized. Just glowing and tanned and beautiful lol. Are you using special products or you just have nice skin? I’m a woman and I’m asking because I want my skin to look like yours.

  • I know for sure that you can reverse type 2 diabetes because I did it and I was eating 3 meals a day…but I cut out completely all refined sugar and in one year I was off of all meds and never have been back. It can be done but you have to be committed.

  • Hey John really great content. In the upcoming videos for OMAD I think it would be neat if you could get into the scientific research on this topic as well as the positive/negative affects on health. Would be much appreciated.
    Keep up the good work.

  • I fast until 7pm, sometimes 8pm. I usually don’t notice because I’m busy working. The first 3 weeks was terrible. Now I’m used to it.

  • Filmed in the torrid climate (and brutal humidity) of the American South (during peak of summer) which explains the profuse sweating:)

  • I eat my OMAD at 6:00 pm which is fine 4 days of the week, but the other 3 days I work 12 hour shifts from 7 pm 7 am and it is much harder. Pushing through it though as I want to eat dinner with my family and don’t want to eat while at work. But yea, it’s a struggle.

  • Are there any simple 1500 calorie meals I can prepare before leaving to work or is this something i should prep for the night before?

    Love your videos and i would appreciate any advice and information.


  • About the suger cravings, I never thought of it that way. In the morning I almost feel nauseous thinking of eating sugary sweet foods but find myself craving them later in the day.

  • Yo John I recently started OMAD and after about 2 weeks noticed some thinning in the front of my hairline. Dyou think it’s related or just a coincidence? Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Does having a fast vs slow metabolism determine how effective this is? And how balanced the hormones are? I notice when I do omad (or even 16:8 fasting) I get major anxiety, I feel sluggish, and my hair falls out more rapidly. Whereas if I fast 12 hours then eat 4 meals a day that are eaten every 2-4 hours I feel like my metabolism is working optimally and I have more energy.

  • I’m a very slim dude, find it hard to gain weight/ mass, desperately want to gain muscle mass, is this likely to work for someone like me?

  • Been in OMAD for 3weeks. I eat normal meal. 1rice and a chicken or what so ever. Sunday is cheat day (16:8). Thrice a week workout/cardio. I only lose 0.5 kg. Is that normal? I’m getting slow progress.

  • Don’t eat OMAD if you can’t eat the same normal dinner you’d eat on 3 meals if you can’t do that it’s better to eat 3 meals if you know you can’t control yourself when the eating window starts….for me I’m so hungry I eat everything in sight in 1 hour:'(

  • I always wondered how people like me, who need to eat a lot, can eat a huge amount of food in just one hour. I could! I know I’m able. But I’m sure that there are not many people like me. The downside is that there would no physical time to chew my food properly and to enjoy it.

  • I think that a plant based diet is calorically more dilute and with sports and a job where I never sit down, no way José. 5 meals a day much better, I cannot put all that food in 1 go.

  • im on omad. 1 12 inchsubway sandwich = 2 pounds weight loss every day. starting at 227, 6’0 man. ive done this before from 227 before got to 206 then went back to junk. then to 205 then back to junk. now im going all the way to my goal 175!

  • Liked your suggestion to just eat the portion tht you would normally eat during tht particular meal say dinner…. or lunch…whtever. Tht portion can b incresed
    a little bit but one shld not try to sqeeze in the other two meals in th third one…. otherwise there will not b an effective calorie deficit fr people trying to lose weight…. those trying to maintain can have it all as thy lik….. th only issue tht l hv wth this is controlling hunger nd not devouring food especially after working out…. how should we tackle that?

  • Omad isn’t new. Most people all over the world have been doing it for literally 6,000,000 years before we were even modern day humans. It just wasn’t called omad. Eating more than once a day is very new. The word “lunch” was only introduced into the English language 150 years ago. Just saying, it’s not new, just newly named. Great video also.

  • I started yesterday….I’m doing it because I want to lose a lot of weight I’m about 23 stone…I’ve tried a lot of different diets but they’ve never worked so I’m hoping to stick with this for a while and lose it… yesterday I had a chicken salad wrap,a chicken Tikka naan and a cup of blueberries

  • Havent watched yet, never seen the guy before, might be good content we’ll see. That said, interesting choice of channel title and moto considering Bulldogs are complete selective breeding failures ��

  • I started doing IF about 7 weeks ago and slowly went from 16:8 to OMAD 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been losing weight the past 2 weeks… So how do I know how much calorie I need a day when I’m on OMAD, if I’m looking to lose weight?

  • This is my second day of 3 day omad and my meal plan is only 3 boiled egg 300 grams cucumber and spinach’s total calorie intake 220 a day only. Kind of hard but I’m surviving and still not tempted to stop. My 2 months intermittent fasting helps me to get into the tough diet. I’m in it now just so exited to the results after next day after tomorrow. Thanks for your tips hmwaa

  • i went to this video thinking oh another self promoting video but i was wrong. immediately liked the video on tip no. 1. I like all of the tips and to be honest ive already doing that i just needed someone to justify it lol:)

    PS: I just noticed that its like youre breathing heavily every sentences? maybe its just me.

  • Just started OMAD and I love it. I’ve tried so many diets and nothing seemed to work, even keto. Takes some adjustment but after 3 days it feels effortless. There are so many benefits, physical and mental. It’s worth a try!

  • Yes! Lets’s hope for Gil to do a TED talk. I envisage Gil taking 20 minutes and in that time taking the 5 biggest current nutritional confusions and one by one deconstructing them with hard double blind science studies. For example he could take these current paradigms and dismantle their faults with pure, double blind studies: 1. The 3 most popular and dangerous weight loss diet fads 2. The carnivore eating plan. (Frank Tufano, Shawn Baker and so many others) 3. The all fat (PKD, Dr. Zsophia Clemens)) eating plan 4. The excessive protein eating plan ( Dr. Ted Naiman) and 5. Excessive sodium intake (Dr. Jason Fung and others). What a great talk that would be!

  • I read lots of superb reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets (search on google) can help you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has any one tried using this popular fat loss system?

  • Started omad 2 weeks ago and people are actually starting to notice the weight drop. For one hour in every 24 hour period I will eat whatever I want, but always include fruit and vegetables. Water water water! The results are quick. Self control…..self control!

  • holy hell eating chicken and broccoli on omad, that’s going to be hard to balance, it is like 100 cal to 100 g of chicken breast, I usually go with pork and veal, or just beef.

    if you need inspiration, I have recipes, on my nonprofit, free website, it is not an advertisement, it is just a side project, a place to store my recipes, and whatever.��

  • How many calories are we aiming for with one meal per day? I don’t think I could eat the “recommended daily calories” in one sitting, without eating unhealthy.

  • huh omad does way more than just skipping 2 more meals not interested in this video the language is not for me check out omad revolution folks

  • Did the 16/8 fasting and just ate chicken and veggies. Lost 60 lbs and stuck at 200lbs. Need to lose some belly fat and around 20lbs, almost done with my first week of omad, wish me luck ����

  • am doing Omad and HIT workouts and weight trainings now for 5 to 7weeks. at the start I lost a lot from 88kgs and now Am @83kg but I have stoped lossing weight. been 83kg to 81kgs for 4weeks. how do start lossing again

  • Pretty simple. The organs and muscle meat of the ruminants. Fowl eggs and fish eggs. Raw dairy. All these cover all your nutritional needs.

  • Hi please help:
    Can I drink my dymatize protein shake after my workout early morning while I’m on OMAD???? If NO then an alternate solution please.
    I’m confused. Reply appreciated.

  • I started doing 20/4 IF (keto) but I really struggle getting above 1k calories from what I’d normally eat. Then I add a bunch of mayo and I’m barely at 1.5k! You’re saying I should eat cheesecake?

  • Don’t understand your reasoning… Well of coarse if I eat junk food we all can eat 10,000 calories…but eating healthy is a different story… I’m suppose to eat 1800 calories which is my daily BMR… and I could barely eat 1200 calories and i feel i’m about to pop… please explain….???? What am I doing wrong….trying to do OMAD….

  • my reason for omad, I’m extremely depressed, suicidal, and i don’t want to get fat again, after losing literally half my bodyweight in 6 months thanks to extreme omad. food just stresses me out, So only having to focus and one meal, and having all the benefits that that brings, is amazing.

    oh yeah and the financial incentive also helps, I only use between $55.58 and $224.13 on food a month.
    my routine is usually, at 1730 I eat 1600 to 1700 calories, and about once every 3-4 days i have a cheat day, because I have lost between 1.5-2 KG.

    my ideal 64, lowest 62, and sin-weight 66,6.

  • Is OMAD recommended for teenagers? I’m 15 years old and my “frame” hasn’t stopped growing in terms of width and a little bit of height and I do work out. So should I?

  • I like this channel alot, I have been here for well over a year, close to 2 maybe, but Thomas DeLauer breaks omad down into the real science of it on his channel.

  • Hello John, great video as always! I was try this one out but im afraid of
    pass out while lifting weights, it was almost happen to me. Im also feel very bad when im not eat for such a long time, my heart start beaten very fast, i have an headache, im very stressed and im not able to focus, how can i deal with that?

  • You kind of mentioned it, but I’d recommend planning your days out so that you stay busy. Also plan your meals out so that you have something to look forward to. It helps my cravings when I know what I’m eating when I get home. Almost a type of excitement. Great video

  • I just started omad three days.I weigh about 203,how many calories do u recommend for me to lose weight and body fat.I been eating about 1500 calories in one sitting and I’m not feeling that hungry,is that good or should I drop calories lower to lose weight easier?Thanks…I enjoy ur videos

  • The reason why i stopped IF or OMAD is because it increases the chances of having gallstones,so i want you to make a video discussing about this topic.