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Rapid Skill Acquisition (Gaming Life Lessons)

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How To Learn Any Skill 10x Faster

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Rapidly acquire new skills: THE FIRST 20 HOURS by Josh Kaufman

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How to Learn a New Skill Quickly: A 4-Step Process

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How to learn any skill rapidly, with Josh Kaufman and Ramit Sethi

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Get Your Reps In The Key to Rapid Skill Acquisition

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Rapid Skill Acquisition: How to Learn New Skills Quickly

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The Matrix Guide to Rapid Skill Acquisition Identify your desired skill. Neo learned every martial art skill in a matter of minutes by downloading it to his brain Find a mentor or teacher. Once you’ve identified your talent, it’s time to track down. Nerd Fitness: The Matrix Guide to Rapid Skill Acquisition This is the next installment in a series on The Next Web, in partnership with Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness. Guides.

Milestone Requirements Matrix The Defense Acquisition System divides acquisition programs into four (4) Acquisition Categories (ACAT): ACAT 1, ACAT 1A, ACAT 2 or ACAT 3. The table below lists the mandatory deliverables (Regulatory & Statutory) at certain milestone for each ACAT type. Regulatory (R), Continue Reading→. Work smarter, not harder. The Science of Rapid Skill Acquisition is the definitive resource to get you where you want to be in terms of a new talent, skill, or ability. You may not realize it, but each day is a set of skills and tasks that we repeat.

Each hobby and interest is also a set of skills. Rapid / Adaptive Acquisitions The Rapid Acquisition Process (RAP) provides quicker procurement for the development and fielding of highly successful competitive prototypes, experiments and demonstrations. It addresses the approach, assessment, validation, sourcing, resourcing, and fielding of operationally driven urgent needs. It Continue Reading→.

The First 20 Hours. How To Learn Anything Fast! by Josh Kaufman, #1 bestselling business author. A practitioner’s guide to rapid skill acquisition. Accelerate your learning by deconstructing complex skills, practicing the most important elements first, and removing barriers to deliberate practice.

Skill acquisition under this category involves learning the skill that can help you become a “computer guru.” There are lots of skills to acquire information technology, and this guide will help you in. Guide to WORKFORCE PLANNING TABLE OF CONTENTS Desired Results Roles and Responsibilities Workforce Planning Process 6 -STEP MATRIX S TEP 1 ASSESS THE CURRENT STATE OF WORKFORCE PLANNING S TEP 2 ANALYZE CURRENT WORKFORCE & WORKLOAD S TEP 3 IDENTIFY FUTURE WORKFORCE REQUIREMENTS & GAPS S TEP 4 DEVELOP WORKFORCE. The guide is organized as follows: Section 1: Introduces the scope and overview of the guide.

Section 2: Describes how risk informs the decisions shaping a program acquisition strategy and structure, and the most important activities to manage risk by life cycle phase. Section. Rapid Acquisition Matrix FAST (RAM-FAST) A fast gradient echo pulse sequence using a magnetization preparation pulse. See Ultrafast Gradient Echo Sequence.

List of related literature:

To determine what attitudes each players has about the major components or elements of selling, use the matrix as a guide.

“The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying the Complex Sale” by Brian Burns
from The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying the Complex Sale
by Brian Burns
Xlibris Corporation, 2009

See also Trading systems Market Wizards (Schwager) Mastering yourself steps Master Mind group Matrix, definition of The Matrix (movie) McMil/ian on Options Mean reversion Mechanical long-term and mechanical swing/day trading systems Meditation Mental rehearsal, as task of trading Mental tranquilization meditation Mind:

“Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors” by Van K. Tharp
from Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors
by Van K. Tharp
Wiley, 2013

Brad does the impossible by teaching you high-level skills that will equate to actionable strategies you can apply immediately.

“Advanced Google AdWords” by Brad Geddes
from Advanced Google AdWords
by Brad Geddes
Wiley, 2010

Finally, the complete grasp matrix is

“Springer Handbook of Robotics” by Bruno Siciliano, Oussama Khatib
from Springer Handbook of Robotics
by Bruno Siciliano, Oussama Khatib
Springer International Publishing, 2016

The fourth strategy, the “traditional approach” (Freeman, 1982), is followed by market segmentation specialists.

“Disruptive Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Disruptive Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
by Management Association, Information Resources
IGI Global, 2019

The prioritization matrix is discussed in detail in Chapter 3, and the use of this tool extends to the Improve Phase as well.

“Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement: A Lean Six Sigma Approach” by Donald Lighter
from Basics of Health Care Performance Improvement: A Lean Six Sigma Approach
by Donald Lighter
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

The GE-McKinsey matrix increases the number of these commands to nine and also adds an additional question of how to choose between the alternative commands in each box (e.g., invest or hold).

“Implanting Strategic Management” by H. Igor Ansoff, Daniel Kipley, A.O. Lewis, Roxanne Helm-Stevens, Rick Ansoff
from Implanting Strategic Management
by H. Igor Ansoff, Daniel Kipley, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Rather, he suggests the matrix can be used to make facilitators aware of the range and subtlety of options, as a self and peer assessment tool to work on strengths and weaknesses, and to devise training exercises to develop skill within particular modes and dimensions.

“The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Best Practices from the Leading Organization in Facilitation” by Sandy Schuman
from The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Best Practices from the Leading Organization in Facilitation
by Sandy Schuman
Wiley, 2012

The matrix also provides a guide to what you need to learn and from whom.

“Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data” by Herbert J.. Rubin, Herbert J. Rubin, Irene Rubin
from Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data
by Herbert J.. Rubin, Herbert J. Rubin, Irene Rubin
Sage Publications, 2005

The book contains the knowledge you need to train your internal matrix.

“The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit” by Joey Klein
from The Inner Matrix: A Guide to Transforming Your Life and Awakening Your Spirit
by Joey Klein
Balboa Press, 2014

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  • The underrated state of this video really bothers me on a personal level!
    I was just able to virtually read a whole book in under 8 minutes. Thank you very much. This video was very comprehensive and CONCISE.

  • Suggestion for video: understanding yourself and how you are perceived by others. (Example: others see you as an insipid whiner (suggest looking at your social media posts as a clue. Then look at the responses. Are you surrounding yourself with malcontents? If there are few responses: Are people avoiding you?)

  • Great video, I liked it very much. Thanks so much for your advice, all you’ve said in your video is possible to apply in my english learning. I’ll do it!

  • I have applied the same technique immersion.
    But I put 7 or 8 hrs for 2 weeks. Skills I have learned in past 2 years.
    Stocks,Poker,Personal training certification,Real estate,Swimming.

    Now ready to apply in ACTING…………………..

  • I have made a video about this topic, too! I hope you like it in addition to this amazing content here.:)

  • Hi Patrick,

    Fabulous video!
    It’s a great help. Thank you for the valuable inputs.
    I especially liked the idea of taking up one new thing every month��

    I am currently in the process of learning two new skills one language and swimming.

    Will definitely try out the steps.

    Thanks again.


  • You can’t do that because people like me and others are relying on that book, plus you’re still selling them. maybe hire someone from elance to help you out. From what I see it’s Facebook changes so far that change.i will check some more.

  • So breakdown the skill into sub skills and practice the sub skills in 20 hrs? Or all sub skills within the 20 hours? ( I think it’s the first one but just curious )

  • Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for sharing this. It makes me think about when we are kids trying out new things. We’re obsessive by necessity. We do it over and over and over until we have it down cold. Learning to ride a bike…total immersion. Every day, all day…! In reality, most kids learn to ride in a few days. Two weeks max. They still have mistakes, crashes and lessons to learn, but the essentials are learned through immersion.

    The reverse was true for me in my first and only Spanish class. Conversational Spanish with no previous grammar studies. It was all I was able to do—besides work. Everything else stopped because my goal was to just stay in the class… to survive. I did, and I got a B+, although I felt like I should have gotten a D. This took ALL of my spare time for a semester, but I did learn a great deal. I was exhausted and I had a great time.

    Kids are able to immerse themselves and that’s why they are able to learn so much so fast. Point well taken. Nice post. Thanks!

  • Hi Patrick, will you have an updates on your book. i bought it via ibooks and was wondering if you have any updates since they are a lot of changes on the internet like Facebook, etc, thanks

  • Hi Patrick how do you stay focused? Is it the same case with yoga as well? I’m trying to build more focus by practicing yoga so that I could apply the 4 steps… Any advice?

  • This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on skill acquisition.
    I’ve been working on my typing speed and things have changed a lot for me.
    From 24 words per minute, I am at 70 WPM in less than 2 months, and now I am trying to pump this up to 80 in less than 10 days.
    I’ll work for this achievement and update this thread on the 7th of May.
    If I could ask one thing from you, warrior habits, please start producing content as you did before.
    I’ve signed up for your course and would love to support your channel in every way possible.
    Thank you,
    Geetansh S.

  • Trying to grind on a number of skills.
    So far only become somewhat decent but still below my goal.
    It gets really demotivating at this point.

  • I would love to learn how to play the bass guitar! I was a drummer for 30 years, but I’ve always thought I had a “gift” for that. I bought a brand new bass about a year ago(had to order it…I’m a lefty) and turned on a YouTube video lesson and after the lesson, I felt so uncoordinated!! I put down the bass and so it sits in the corner of my office looking very cool! Yes, I’m the over thinking! I ask my self…what do I do first to start learning? What video is truly the best one to start with? This will take forever! So, the bass still sits there and I keep thinking “some day I’ll find the right teacher”. This seems to be the theme of my life. Any feedback from others? Thank you.

  • It all depends on what being ‘surprised at how good you get means.’ I don’t care how you go about learning the piano, there is no way you could be ‘astounded’ at how good you’ve become after 20 hours. Just look at all those white and black keys. You have no control over what you’re doing and won’t for some time. The same goes with the Italian example. A few verbs and a bunch of directions is negligible in the scheme of learning another language. It only impresses someone with zero knowledge.

  • Ive been trying to learn music writing for a while now, but what i think the problem is, is that everyone teaching it assumes you already have the “cognitive stage” overwidth, they seem to assume you know everything about music, you just dont know how to write it. Even the ones that say they are for complete beginners. I don’t even want to get autonomous with it (though that would be nice) all i want is basic proficiency, i want to make things that sound good, and then ill be on my way.
    4:32 im doing this because i want to have music for my games, as i want to be a game designer, and i can do basically everything else proficiently id probably be better if i practised more, but im decent at most of it. This is one thing i know ive done in terms of game design (i made an asteroids clone for my dad once as an example) so I think i definitely should apply this to music.
    6:25 ive expressed why trying to learn hasn’t worked out for me, but im still going to do that course. Maybe i can get past the cognitive stage in a way if i just copy some music i like.

  • Thanks for the awesome video Tom! I just learned to juggle, play the guitar, and solve the Rubik’s cube (each within a week) based on your tips! I even started a YouTube channel to document my progress.

  • At some point before I was disappointed on Katara being possibly the best bender at the end of the series but then seeing her slow progress and constant training that took her there she probably has the most realistic progress and result train hard and smart for long time to be the best

  • A very usefull skill I learned is to type faster with the ten finger system. Although now I am stuck at about 50-55 words per minute. Does anyone got a tipp to go from having learned the skill to a advanced person?

  • The value you add in what you do, is most-literally up there along w/the best (who do this…

    …as well). What a throwback ‘gem’, from a few yrs. ago! Thank you, Thomas, brother!


    I’ve tried to learn pumping on a half pipe for one year and it never worked and there are litarally no skaters in germany, so i had to learn from youtube videos.

    Then i joined this course on skillshare to…

    Nope, i came across another skater and copied his flow and motion on the halfpipe. It worked first try.

  • Please put crytocurrency for donate or somethinkg like that or purchase….ETN coin can help and easily transfer from mobile phone to others wallet fast….thanks a lot for your usefull video.

  • Thank you for this. I always wanted to learn new things but I don’t know how to get started. Sometimes I learn something then leave it and learn something new before I know the other ones

  • What’s your opinion on learning skill on-by-one vs multiple skills together in terms of efficiency?
    I mean, learning one skill by dedicating more time to it to a point where we get good enough that no more time investment is needed & then move to the next one.
    Learning little pieces of let’s say 2 skills everyday consistently so that everything remains fresh in memory.

  • Thanks Man
    I’ve just started a new job and learning a new skill is a must there and the problem is that theres only 1 person doing what I have to manage and also they are transferring the skill to someoneelse while they are actually doing the job is its online and needed almost urgently everyday AND I’m trying to learn a the same time without disturbing much the work flow.��

    Your explanation has helped me to understand the steps and to realize what I have to do����

  • Ramit,
    This was an awesome video, and I’m a systems thinker too, and really enjoyed it. However, I chose to watch this video specifically because it was titled “how to learn any skill rapidly”, and during the entire 5:26, there was no mention of skills development-just business system development. You might want to make the title of this video a little more accurate…something like “How to Scale and Automate Your Business”/”How to Systematize Your Work” maybe? Food for thought…

    Anyways, I’ve been a longtime reader-keep up the GREAT work!!!:D

  • Great video! Especially loved the summary content via animations.
    However, in the 1 Page summary link, I couldn’t download it. Please share it again?

  • Thomas. I found your channel couple weeks ago during my preparation to take the TOEFL exam. I’m now your fan. Congratulations for the content and for the inspiring person you’re. Thank you so much for share your knowledge. Greetings from São Paulo Brazil.

  • I love this channel! I’ve watched a lot of channels like this but you guys are the realist and give honest advice in more than just dating. Plus, you made an episode involving the best series out there. Thank you for all your hard work, interesting videos, and truthful advice:)

  • Thanks. Could be useful for the hardest subject of all (harder than Math, Algebra, physics, philosophy): programming (coz’ it’s a combination of all that and more). God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Excellent video! There are also lots of great books out there to learn how to master a skill. Some personal favorites are: Mastery by Robert Greene and The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. I recently did a summary/ review on The Talent Code if anyone wants to check that out (-:

  • #question
    How to learn a skill or behavior you rarely use? Like asking questions, presenting, focusing when distracted, thinking positive when you are down, helping when help is due,…. so classic learning does not work, since you need the context / situation to actually practice. So when the triggers appear you must remember that you want to learn and recall what you have already learned.
    Any ideas or experiences how to accomplish that?

  • What a fantastic video and insight into this book. I believe it too. I really do think you can become significantly competent in a short amount of time. I love that you are including unusual books. A classic as it might be, but I don’t need another summary on “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Thanks for keeping it interesting and fresh.

  • know how much would you really need to know to know what you need to know to be good enough at it. in other words how much do you need to know to be good at it? Know this and your half way there. 

  • In the classical model, we use the framework called the trivium. All learning starts with the grammar stage (facts, overview, terms, key ideas, survey, timelines, etc.) then moves into the dialectic (practice, imitate, begin to create your own, make mistakes, refine, discuss, etc.), and ultimately the rhetoric (teach, originate, express). It’s how we’re designed to learn. I watch kids in our classical program move back and forth through these stages. Nothing new under the sun. But you did a great job breaking it down.

  • Hi Patrick, I love your videos. You are right. I remember as I am learning on how to use Facebook marketing with a known expert. I studied their videos and took notes for 4 days straight where each video is about 2 hours. My understanding on having a clear steps to crank up my marketing effort and get results jumped within a week and I started to get 3 inquiries on the second week. 

  • It is also important to remember to take breaks, no matter what you are learning. If you have 5 hours to spend learning something, spend at least 30 minutes, in 15 minutes breaks in the middle. Research strongly suggests that we assimilate what we have learned during breaks.

    Once you have become strong in a topic, a break may just be just doing a low intensity version for a little while. But when you are starting out, you should do something quite different: take a walk if you are sedentary while studying, get a snack, converse in English with a friend, etc.

    When you return to the topic at hand you will be refreshed (to some degree) and your brain will have had some time to categorize the new information. These are actually the same thing: if you are not feeling at all refreshed, you probably need a longer break.

  • thank U so much Thomas for all these really helpful information, and there is a question that i want to ask you about,
    how you manage your emotions between what you do for your routine work and what you do as a youtuber?

  • Thank you for sharing useful tips on learning and what works for you. Your providing so much value to your viewers you really should be given more recognition.

  • Amazing as always thanks a million. Pls do same for the book ‘Make It Stick the science of learning’ by Mark McDaniel et al. Pls point out the link for me if you already did. Thanks

  • Deconstruct the skill
    Learn about each sub-skills
    Eliminate barriers to success
    Practice deliberately, track time

    Be taught by someone
    Record your practice
    Long and focused practice
    Vary the stakes when practicing
    Start now

  • Decades ago, I set myself the challenge to learn all the nations of the world.
    What helped most was
    using mnemonics to remember groups of nations.
    using visuospatial memory which is essential to pin where a nation in on a continent.

    This technique gave me surprisingly quick results.
    I then used it to learn anatomy, and non visual stuff like math, with very good results.
    I cannot seem to get it to work for learning a language though.

  • Kifach tet3alam fisa3:

    1) T5ayel desaster, ba3d exemple jem3a lazem temchi el italia w ta3ref chay 3al italien, chnowa el awlawiyét alzem tet3alameha fi a9rab wa9et

    2) Learn jist el yelezmek, practise aham mel learn, learning just bach t3ref asasiyét w kifach tsala7 a5taek,,, bach tet3alam tal3ab regbi ma tnajamch tnik 5 swaye3 ta9ra ktoba, chouf asasiyét fisa3 ba3d go practise, ba3d twali 3andek akthar question fel practise arja3 lel dars (w chouf coach or mentor bach tsara3 ta3alom )

    3) 9ad ma te5dem b jediya w tebthel akthar majehoud 9ad ma mo5ek yetawar fisa3 5asatan 4h 9bal ma tor9od

    4) 9ad ma ykounou fama small birsts w ma binhom noum 9ad ma tetmakan asra3, el noum ysara3 el ta3alom 3oulama 9alou, ya3ni trivez 15minut 8 yém, 5ir el baaaarcha men 2h lilet devoir, ki tor9od chay yetehatham belgda, 5astan ki ta9ra f 4h 9bal ma tor9od

  • Thomas would you please consider doing a video on how to be a better speaker? You mentioned you went through hours of intense sessions in the process of becoming such a good public speaker, you must have had some techniques you stuck to?


  • hi pratrick thanks for your outstanding vedeo.sir,when i start any work i keep much intrest and great efforts at starting stage but that energy and intrest will not be till the end of my work and many times puched yo failure what the reason sir please give some advice sir thanks……………..patrick sir.

  • Interested in applying this to: Coding, Gardening, Teaching English, Spanish (but I’m already B2-C1 so not sure), Cooking.

    1. Imagine Disaster
    2. Learn just enough
    3. Struggle and sleep (Maybe 20 min intense practice the night before, then 20 min the following morning.)

  • You could get good at drawing faces (and almost everything else) by doing less than one dozen exercises in the book “Drawing with the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards. Doing that would help a lot.

  • Note
    a. Intensity in practicing and Sleep is important to boost the process of learning
    b. 20 hours equal 40 minutes a day in 1 month.

    3-part blueprint to get surprisingly good at any skills in just 20 hours:

    1. Imagine a situation that would be a disaster without the skill you want to learn so you can figure out a set of sub-skills you need to work on.

    2. Learn just enough to self-correct: Spend just enough time learning the theory and more time practicing the skill. Then you have more questions/obstructions, you go back to the books/resources to find specific answers for them. In order to be more efficient, you can use coaches, mentors etc…

    3. Make a commitment to spend at least 20 hours to learn a new skill to push through the inevitable frustration at the beginning.

  • This channel is weird in a good way. The thumbnails and titles make every video seem like clickbait, but then when you watch them they are completely accurate. Also the advice and messages legitimately seem genuine and realistic. I just keep expecting for the scam to start but then the video ends.

  • i love how aang was a quicker learner of water bending and had more natural talent for it than katara but she still surpassed him. it shows that hard work and practice are worth more than natural talent alone (:

  • Hello Thomas, I really like your videos, you tell in this video that you train your working memory, can you tell me some of the exercise that you do for this?


  • If I wanna learn computer hacking, can I just grab a course on Udemy and watch every video of the course? But I start to lose interest with the course as time passes by…..what should I do?

  • Thanks for this animation! I’ve made notes and re watched his interview constantly just to remind myself what I need to focus on. This animation helped give additional reinforcement through your drawings!

  • I love your channel!!! so helpful and motivating. Thank you! can you review greatest man in Babylon, rich dad poor dad and think and grow rich

  • Great channel! Your videos coupled with your summaries are really useful to start practicing the books main concepts ASAP (Just as this book recommends). Also, they are really helpful to choose what books to fully read.
    Good job 😉

  • Good Tips
    EMOTIONAL learning is my favorite way to learn n improve my how to dos n practding them also
    Now reducing from 10k h to less or in best case to 2000 h of praktisietung

  • Absolutely great video. You’re reviewing more books than other channels I know and I consistently come back to your channel for quality content. I love that you take concise examples from the book accurately. I also love the 1 page summaries. The website is great too. So much quality I love it.

  • I hate this show. I mean I love it and it my favorite but the only thing I didn’t like is why Katara was supposedly more advanced than Aang even though he was a natural and I was happy I found a flaw and now this guy has taken that away from me. Damn this show is good

  • Whoa! I’ve seen this series more times than I can count, but I never noticed the animation error on Katara at 8:37 in this video. I double checked it against the show (Book 1, Chapter 9, The Waterbending Scroll), and indeed it is there.

  • Also I’ve heard that a study says most people cannot stay focused on a task after 30 minutes, so make sure you take short breaks if you plan to study or practice for a long period of time

  • why couldnt school be like this, if they used anime or american animation like this to help deliver lessons, it would have been so much more enjoyable an easier to pay attention.

  • Thanks for the tips.. but can we practice all of the skills that we want in one day? I mean, can our brain handle that kind of practice or is it a waste of time?? For example, I want to learn trumpret, piano and programming.(just for example).

  • Really liked the advices based on a fictional show like Avatar. These types of series and movies have a lot of wisdom and pactical knowledge. I would love to see more of this, and I would predict you guys gaining more viewers and subscribers going into this niche as well (charisma tips and breakdowns on famous fictional characters).
    Keep the awesome work. Love you guys!

  • I accidentally found this video displayed on my feed, but surprisingly it’s so insightful! Thanks for the clear and simple explanation!:D

  • I have been trying to learn the skill of sewing and been taking fabric to practice but people tell me that fabric is for people who are really good with sewing is that true?

  • Hi Patrick, i am great fan if your videos. They are concise, relevant and lately been especially useful to me on specific occasions and time. Right now, i am on brief tour of SF bay area. As you mentioned that you live here as well, I am thinking is there any way to meet and say hello there. I am here DG for couple of more days. I know it sounds crazy but anything is possible. Anyways, keep up the great work and looking forward to more….cheers!

  • Hi.Can you do a video on communication skill? I have some problem on how to be smooth and fluent during presentation. Hope you can help.

  • Whoooooa Thomas! I watch your video out of curiosity and my class on Skillshare shows up @6.58 thank you so much for taking it and….I hope you enjoyed it somehow and learned something about AE:) Wish you best of luck with anything you learn!

  • Please do Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul characters, there are so many strong and interesting yet realistic personalities to dissect. Viewership wise you will do well, as Breaking Bad is heralded as one of the greatest and most popular shows, and Better Call Saul is still on the air.

    You can do videos on Jimmy/Saul’s way with people, Chuck McGill’s insufferability and how to avoid acting, Gus Fring’s professionalism and how to command respect and strength, how to emanate a chaotic yet charismatic charm that makes people love you no matter what you do as seen in Lalo Salamanca, the list goes on.

  • Mmm, how wonderfully American. 10 steps, universal solutions or truths, and a blackness where self-awareness lays in almost all other cultures over the planet.
    Sociology, psychology, and pedagogy, unfortunately, lack the elegant fit the fundamentally blinding mentality of warped worshipping and praising greed and “success” as narrated in the very thin and narrow doctrine of social correctness and the pursuit of currency Americans and unknowing generations inherently suffer, some less than others, simply doesn’t work in steps, mysterious ways or by mass, valuable or otherwise.
    Freedom isn’t solely politics and lack of restriction to eat or be eaten (as the population of the great nation dies from starvation and third world health issues) combined with plutocracy, racism (stemming from, among other awful unreal concepts like actually having slaves long past the end of the middle and dark ages) conservative schisms and dogma which basically adhere to one thing and one thing only; Being able to accumulate greed to the point where you become culturally and subsequentially intellectually void of substantial growth and diversity of thought, outside of the “get rich or die trying” lottery you all subscribe to.
    Great or not, void of the ability to develop as a nation culturally and socially is doomed to fail. Enter Trump.

  • Does it have courses about singing/piano/djing? I really want to imitate Nick Murphy (chet faker) I’m not in a rush and I’ve been developing my deep work skills so it will be great to try that. Please if some user can respond��������

  • and forpeople who don’t want to read the whole book (the art of learning), just use storyshots. they make good summaries of great books.

  • After watching your videos on how to learn 10x faster, get 10x better results, and achieve 10x more every day, I have finally reached 100,000% efficiency! Soon I will be so powerful that not even the Avatar can stop me! Mwahahahahaha!

  • Oh my goodness, my kids are both watching Avatar right now as I’m watching this ��. I’ve never watched Avartar myself so maybe I should be joining them. Truly enjoyed this video.

  • avatar the last airbender was probably one of the poorest choices you could have picked as an example. every main character is a genius who can easily and quickly improve and go straight to the top of their fields.