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Mario Kart 8 Fire Hopping Tutorial & Explanation

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The Mario Kart Guide to Momentum Understand the power of momentum. Imagine you are Bowser in Mario Kart. Due to your gigantic size, you have a very fast Collect those coins. What you eat will account for 80-90 percent of your success or failure.

Our Mario Kart Tour guide will help novices and experts alike get to grips with Nintendo’s latest mobile game. It plays much like Mario Kart on Wii, 3DS, and Switch, so if you’ve played one of. Yet, for those harboring delusions of grandeur, here are a few advanced Mario Kart 8 tips to boost your odds of entering the winner’s circle. RELATED: Nintendo Switch: Most Anticipated Games Of 2020. The most obvious technique to perfect is the pervasive rocket boost, a staple of the Mario Kart series.

It allows racers to start things to. Mario Kart Tour is the first ever release from the Mario Kart Series of a mobile game (iOs/Android). This game features light and exciting playability, as well as features of the series that long time fans will be familiar with.

Exciting Stages Based On Various World Locations. In Mario Kart Tour, you can enjoy various scenes from real-world. For Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, GameFAQs has 36 guides and walkthroughs. Learn more about Mario Kart Tour’s combos and how you can use them to increase your points with this guide!

Know how to time combos, do Kart tricks, and more! GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch expands upon its Wii U predecessor, adding new characters, unlocking almost everything from the start and revamping Battle Mode. In Polygon’s guide, we’ll. Get your in-game registration card to play Mario Kart Tour! You can get this card by linking your Nintendo Account in the game. A Nintendo Account is required to play Mario Kart Tour.

Information for Parents/Guardians. movie. Tweets by mariokarttourEN. Official Twitter Account. movie. Mario and friends once again jump into the seat of their go-kart machines for the first Wii installment of this popular franchise. Franchises: Mario Genres: Action, Racing.

The track has three main bends that are best dealt with by using drift to get across them as fast as possible to maintain momentum, another handy trick is to use mushroom power-ups.

List of related literature:

“Study Confirms ‘Mario Kart’ Really Does Make You a Better Driver.”

“Violence in Popular Culture: American and Global Perspectives” by Laura L. Finley
from Violence in Popular Culture: American and Global Perspectives
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These simple, consistent controls, coupled with the very predictable physics (accurate for a Mario world), allow players to make good guesses about what will happen should they try something.

“Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy” by James Paul Gee
from Good Video Games + Good Learning: Collected Essays on Video Games, Learning, and Literacy
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Mario has to run to build up the momentum to clear the pit and land on the platform, but instead of stopping there he needs to immediately jump again in order to make the second pit without losing the momentum that will let him cross it.

“Rise of the Videogame Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, and People Like You Are Taking Back an Art Form” by Anna Anthropy
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However, one thing is missing: the kart itself.

“Electronics Projects For Dummies” by Earl Boysen, Nancy C. Muir
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The luigi kart assasions.

“Mario Titles” by By Wikipedians
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Also, speed up the countersteer for cars with less caster by throwing the steering wheel, making it spin faster so you can catch the drift quicker.

“Calvin Wan's Drifting Performance Handbook” by Calvin Wan
from Calvin Wan’s Drifting Performance Handbook
by Calvin Wan
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In Mario Kart Wii, the distribution of helpful items adapts to the player’s race position so that weaker players will receive better items and vice versa.

“Serious Games and Edutainment Applications: Volume II” by Minhua Ma, Andreas Oikonomou
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The Mario Kart track curves, and we tilt the wheel to the

“Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games” by Kevin Schut, Quentin Schultze
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I would start one way, Luigi would start another, at the same moment-the result would be a standstill, wouldn’t it?

“Pudd'nhead Wilson: Those Extraordinary Twins ; The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg” by Mark Twain, R. D. Gooder
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Cart B moves to the left, gradually speeding up.

“Matter and Interactions” by Ruth W. Chabay, Bruce A. Sherwood
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  • Does anyone know how the NPCs in battle mode are able to use items right at the beginning while my cube I got at the same time is still deciding what item it wants to pick? ��

  • I swear, one moment I’m in like 3rd or 2nd place. Then I’m hit by something once and everything falls apart, so I’m then stuck in 12th-8th for the rest of the race.

  • Ok.


    Two: how do you get to top speed fast

    Three: none of these tricks work on the CHEATING AND SNIPING COMPUTER PLAYERS

  • It’s basically mkwii that you can’t see the people’s items so you don’t when you see a shock in play or anyone’s items! Interesting!

  • accent is annoying anc contrived, the “snaps” are lame and the drumroll section was crap. and these techs are basically in the instruction manual.

  • No mention of slipstreaming the player in front while holding onto a projectile? No mention of boosting through a blue shell? Also the starting boost is only useful for time trial, as in an actual race the drivers who take the lead first usually get hit early on. This video is not very useful to new players actually trying to up their game. You don’t even seem like a serious player, judging from this video alone.

  • Before i watch this video, i always pee and poo in pool and other kid always make fun.Now i now how to drift and i do not pe in pol.! Thank s captain astronut.

  • Uhm…what about fire hopping? I mean, everybody knows it so it’s not secret anymore but I think fire hopping is a very easy technique so every noob can practice it.

  • Boost start a SECRET DRIVING TECHNIQUE???? What kind of clickbait is your video title!?! Most of your “secret techniques” are in the help of the game!

  • Your title is wrong. You showed us WHERE to do not, not a single tip on HOW. Nor did you explain too much on anything about how it works, why it works, where it was discovered, etc. Total click bait.

  • No one ever says this but if your caught in a bad drift are super sharp turn u can drift and hold b plus direction to do a super turn that is practically doing donuts lol.

  • I honestly would like to know how to anticipate shocks as I always smuggle a star and I end up getting shocked because of bad timing.

  • Honestly, a lot of this sh1t is useful in 150. Like the let go of A and hop tech sounds great for just general play. Like, you need to know this in order to not get bodied on the Neo Bowser City s-turns when you’re using mushrooms; ima try this

  • I’m still confused in what the difference between drift cancel and drift brake is. At first glance, they seem to do about the same thing around sharp corners.

  • You see I grew up having bike races with my friends so to distract them I’d let go of my bike and ride with no hands and they’d just daze off so I’d get the lead… you can’t really do that in Mario kart

  • this is the thing that requires “skill”? its just hopping left and right!, whats the hard part in it?!, and dont even tell me “everyone can do it, so its not cheating”, it doesnt matter if everyone can do it, YOURE RUINING THE GAME, mario kart is a perfectly balanced to be 50% skill and %50 luck, by doing this EXPLOIT you are ruining the mario kart experience, mk is not suposed to be competitive, it was made to have fun. its not a surprise everyone is using the morton/blue falcon combo, youre taking it seriously when its not supposed to be.


  • So….. I know all of this before watching… so knowing this “technique’s” your considered a pro… weird how some things so simple calls u a pro

  • I used to play mario kart ds on my brothers 3ds and then I got a ds from my friend for $30 cheap I know. And when I used it my hands cramped HARD

  • so nobody complains about the numerous techniques in smash melee but mk8 having one techniques is just too outrageous.

    When you go down right to the core goal of any multiplayer game, the aim is to Win, no matter if its considered casual or competitive, and if your given the opportunity to make the getting the win more achievable then I feel that’s fine.
    I think it comes down to how game breaking the “exploit” is. But really fire hopping is not the worst thing ever it doesn’t automatically make you win or give you such a huge advantage that people who don’t use it are just fucked, it gives you that slight edge where you can get up one more place if you use it.

    and in my opinion the game would feel slightly basic if it wasn’t in this game.

    But hay they removed it in Deluxe so all the complainers are probably having a field day with it and in a sense, that’s great, they can have fun with it but for me that just gives me another reason to not get deluxe.

    Hopefully I have made my point clear and if anyone wants to discuss it in more detail I’m all ears.


  • Here’s some actual advanced techniques:

    1. Soft drift holding the left stick at 60 degrees from the horizontal axis in either left or right will charge a mini-turbo at the fastest speed whilst not turning at a sharp angle

    2. Alignment Hop tapping the drift button will allow you to hop and redirect your Kart quickly to the left or right, especially useful for controlling mini-turbos

    3. Mushroom Dodge You can use a mushroom to dodge a blue shell by using the mushroom right before the explosion happens (as the blue shell moves towards the floor)

    4. Ramp drift this is a simple one but many people overlook it. Just hold drift off a ramp instead of tricking to drive easier around tight corners after ramps (especially useful in 200cc)

    5. Respawn Dodge deliberately falling off the map before a blue shell hits will make the blue shell explode off the track and you will not get hit. Respawning is faster than being hit. This can also be used to dodge shocks but this only really happens by accident

  • The best wheels:the rollers

    The best karts/bikes: biddybuggy and mr scooty

    The best kite (in my opinion):anything like the hylian kite

    Best characters:Heavyweight characters

  • Comet + Metal Mario + Rollers is serving me extremely well at the moment. Being able to take corners in a different line helps you separate from the pack early in the race because you often don’t have to worry about getting bumped. Getting to first place quickly makes staying there a whole lot easier, and using metal characters strikes a nice balance between handling and speed that works great against really good players online.

  • This is really late lol, but I just started getting into this game because my friend keeps bragging about how good his time trial records are and I want to beat them. I think this will help a lot thanks

  • I knew about the last one but I didn’t know braking was even a thing until 8 when I got 200cc. It says “braking is crucial” and I was like braking ain’t even a thing. Well, now I brake in double dash as well and I’ve never smoked so many of my friends

  • This is amazing! Truly showed me how little I know about the game. Just by switching character and kart, and gently applying the brakes, went from third place to first (with three starts) in the first attempt.
    Thanks thanks thanks!

  • I’ve been using lemmy-biddy buggy-roller-cloud glider, and it has 5.75 on miniturbo and acceleration, then a 5.5 handling in ground, air, and anti-grav, and then a 5 in water, and it is really good, it’s faster then a lot of other builds with really low speed, so yeah speed is useless

  • So practically your a noob for using heavys with fire hopping i fire hop only because im using lightweights kid your pathetic seriously heavies are for noobs like you

  • If you keep falling off the stage because you can’t control the turbo boost, get a vehicle and wheel combination that maximizes your traction. This may seem slower, but higher traction actually decreases the amount of drifting needed to get a boost, so it makes up for the speed you give up.

  • I think you should have made a bit more nuanced choices for the tiers. Instead of merely going by raw stats for all the vehicles that share them, I think you should have allowed classes to also have a part it in. Karts have wider turns, bikes have better cornering, inside bikes are even more specialized than the previous, and ATVs are better to resist sliding.

  • Of all the time trials I see, people use morton… And you are for fire hopping. Everyone who does fire hopping uses morton… Coincidence or reason?

  • My main question is why do you need to turn while hopping? Isn’t this based on boost ground/air time, so hopping prolons the boost time because you’re touching the ground less? Surely you would save some time hopping straight forward if it was possible. I’ve tried firehopping every now and then for 2 days now. I obviously haven’t learned it yet, but my problem is I lose control immediately. I almost always slam into the walls on the sides.
    Should I turn then hop, or hop and turn in mid-air for best control?
    I look forward to get better at this technique since I think it’s a brilliant addition to the meta game mechanics

  • This is a fantastic set up tips. I’ve been playing this game for years and only recently decided to explore the competitive scene so this is really helpful!

  • ah thanks for this! i was able to get gold trophy’s on all the grand prix cups but never three stars on each, this is really helpful!!

  • people are the worst. finding exploits to games and then using them against people online is a)unethical b)unfair c)cheap and d)pathetic. I’ll stick to playing this game for fun and with friends, and btw, I’ll beat ur candy ass any day without using any exploits.

  • Before the video I use the landship thing the rollers and then the paper glider with inkling lmao
    Edit: okay so I used to use the biddybuggy and still do just a little less

  • Why do these things need to exist?? I HATE IT. Snaking in DS, Wheeling in Wii, B Dasher/Red Monster combo in 7, and Fire Hopping in 8. Can Nintendo make a game like Double Dash, with no stupid techniques that make online casual play basically not a thing.

  • Well, so much for Mario Kart 8 focusing on balance…:-\
    People exploiting glitches such as “fire-hopping” is why I’m discouraged from ever taking part in online racing when given a chance.

  • I hate fire-hopping, it’s really really unfair…

    And fire hoppers can be so annoying…

    “fire hopping iz a tekneek”

    “u suk if u dun firehop”


  • glad i wasn’t the only one who thought IGN made that name up when i saw it ; p “frogging”! riiight….IGN is like the after-school specials, hard copy edition of video game reporting.  

  • Simple.
    Don’t Drift as Often on Really Curvy Angles
    Try Bounce to change your direction when it comes to spaces like that
    This is just Part Advice for 200cc without the Smart Steering.
    I Have Gotten All Time Trials/Grand Prix Done. (50cc to 200cc)
    ALSO… DON’T SPAM MUSHROOMS. ITS A WASTE. (seriously, i see that alot. it doesnt help)


  • My favourite character is Toad. What the fuck are yall doing with your lives?

    My driver feels no remorse for bombarding you with shells, bananas and bombs. All racers will perish if they’re in front of me.

  • The character and kart and tire layout I use is Bowser, Bone Rattler, and Monster. I hope those are good for set to use in Mario kart 8:/? And can you tell me why they didn’t add king boo to Mario kart 8?

  • You know what is funny how some players online pass trought the grass without itmes and still they go without problems… cheaters

  • This vid made my day! Only started playing Kart Tour for Android today but I always drifted in MK Double Dash. Straight lines…drift…corners…drift. Always Drift!

  • I’m reasonably certain a video game tip video has never made me literally LOL this many times. Hats off to you good sir for good showmanship in addition to good instruction.

  • Thanks for watching! Here’s some additional information if you’re interested:
    Wario and Dry Bowser have a better traction stat (+0.25) than Bowser, Morton, and Heavy Mii. However those 2 lose 0.25 towards their weight stat.
    Standard Bike is considered by many top players to be the most viable vehicle. It has the same stats as the Wild Wiggler, but has a much smaller hitbox. This doesn’t necessarily mean the Wild Wiggler is unviable though.
    It’s not mandatory to use the combinations I mentioned in the video! I mentioned these combos because they are used the most by top players right now. Vehicles like the biddybuggy, an inward drifting bike like the Comet, or even a smaller weight class like the Metals can be used online and you can still do fine.

    See you next year

  • Remember that smaller wheels will make your turns tighter and give you better control when turning and drifting, that’s why you see speed runners on time trial will use them

  • Why would I ever drift when I can just drive full speed the whole time? That’s why this game sucks or am I not getting something?

  • I hate firehopping it’s pretty much cheating
    you’ll always have those 3 fire hoppers at the front in world wides and then the ‘casual’ players that’s why I don’t play MK8 online anymore

  • Here’s what I’m aware of:
    Highest Tiers:
    Super Mario Kart: DK Jr.
    64: Yoshi
    GBA: Peach
    DD!!: Toadette
    DS: R.O.B
    Wii: Funky
    7: I really don’t know.:P
    8: Morten

  • You know, I race people with 10,000 VR who don’t fire-hop or demon slide at all. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be a conformist to do well in this game.

  • so sneaking out reborn in a slightly Nerf version. Also I’ve been playing Mario kart DS and good God in comparison this game is extremely hi def.

  • It’s so fun to race online and see some players place first consistently because their constant hopping allows them to pull ahead even in straightaways and even if they take worse racing lines than a non-hopper does.

  • When I play this online and I run into a fire hopper if he dont get hit by a item there’s no way for me to catch up “I mainly use sport bike with tanooki mario with crimson slim and Hylian kite”. So im forced to use a kart sometimes which is pretty lame. 200cc it don’t really matter but when I just want to chill and get some races in it becomes annoying.

  • should be looked at so the game gets balanced again. that was the point of MK8 was a balanced game. not where some can and others can’t. needs fixed.

  • What about soft drifting in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? It wasn’t removed, and the soft drifting angle is approximately 70 degrees in Deluxe.

  • I’ve been watching Mario Kart videos for a year or two, especially TWD98, who does a lot of 200cc videos. It never occurred to me that this is why, when I finally got MK 8 Dx 11 days ago, when I moved on to 200 after completing (3 stars each cup, of course) through 150cc after roughly 5 days (hour or two each day playing, including multiplayer with my family), I had few problems with 200cc. Yoshi circuit took a bit of learning, and I’m still not wuite consistent at the 2nd/3rd rainbow road corners, along with that Neo Bowser City one, but that’s with having no clue about the hopping method. I’m certainly no expert, but I suppose watching a lot of 200cc videos made it so I’m only OCCASIONALLY a wallflower. There really is a benefit to watching this stuff.

    Granted I can barely do the double cut on Ribbon Road consistently on 150cc so maybe I do suck

  • In 200cc if you have a golden mushroom and you’re going on a turn you can just use a bunch of hops to get around the corner faster and again for 200cc sometimes when there’s a turn after the ramp you can just drift off the ramp so you’ll be ready for the next turn and in this Mario Kart you actually charge you drift in midair.

  • I have used brake drifting, item smuggling, turn hopping, and I am still unlucky as heck and keep getting RNG’d to death during a 3 star run.

    Anymore advice for perfect runs?
    edit: particularly the Egg Cup, I’m finding that one the most difficult, by far.

  • What about air cutting? No one talked about the air cutting.. if u don’t know what I mean it’s simple in Mario Kart actually in every Mario Kart game it’s when u are evenly behind someone then this air dives u pass ppl everytime u been passed or passing an opponent. It’s tricky but plz try it out! Oh and last is when it’s activated it takes a while before u began air cutting pass them.

  • For a long time my favorite was the circuit special. It may not be top for your nascar-esque speedruns, but it has is finer qualities and is well polished.

  • I have one question-

    What controller do you use?

    I play on WiiU and the buttons are more softer to press and the switch ones hurt my fingers a lot.

    Should I invest in a pro controller for the switch?

  • Lenny/Mr Scooty/Roller/Super Glider

    This is the perfect set. The handling and acceleration is absolutely amazing, but the speed falls behind. However, that wont matter in the long run as it’s 200cc, speeding things up.

  • I hate 200cc. It’s just way too fast. The game originally only came with 150cc on the Wii U and 200cc was added later with an Update, so the tracks are just not made for driving so fast.

  • takes a deep breath
    Blugh…..I struggle so much with 200cc, and I get so damn mad that I can’t enjoy the game anymore.
    Thanks for this vid. I think it’ll be a big help.

  • Is there a way to do the tight corner hopping with auto accelerate turned on? My hand cramps up when I hold A for too long. Is there a way to utilize brakes for the same effect?

  • I love casual players. They’re too lazy to learn a skill implemented in the game for a specific purpose and deem it “unfair” because they’re not good enough to pull it off

  • On the controller I use (wii remote+nunchuk) the break button is the same as the drift/hop button. So when I go to break in a drift the drift goes away completely. I’m pretty new to mk8 on the wiiu and any help would be appreciated.

    -thanks ��

  • I got a switch and this game for my 7 yr old kid. I’ve been playing for about a month and did not know how to drift. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get 3 frickin stars in the 150cc races. And no I’m not going to teach my kid how to drift. Lol. I kid. I will after a while.

  • Thanks for the tips but I already know I can’t do this stuff,I don’t know anything about break drifting.Tried it,and failed massively

  • I have 25000 VR which isn’t even close to 99999 VR but I feel like I have a say. Here is my opinion in 2020
    Group 1 Mr. Scooty and biddybuggy. Most ppl will agree these are the best. Not by a huge margin tho. Some ppl think mach is better than flame
    Group 2 and 3 IMO are interchangeable
    Group 2 Wild wiggler and standard bike. Flame rider and silver have same stats but they have bigger hurtboxes so they aren’t used as much as the other 2
    Group 3 Yoshi and Comet. Underrated bikes lowkey top 5 for sure. Teddy and cat cruiser have same stats but the drifting style of the bikes give it an edge

    These are the gatekeepers
    Group 1 streetle and landship
    Group 2 pipeframe, city tripper and varmint
    This is based on 150cc and my opinion

  • After ploughing over 80 hours into the game, we have compiled our own essential tips list, we hope you enjoy

  • Your weight classes are inaccurate and you can use a mushroom to dodge a blue shell, which any Mario Kart veteran would know. Also, you didn’t mention break-drifting or any of the secret stats.

  • with the begining race speed boost you go faster and farther if you super boost (hold down a for half a second as soon as 3 shows up then hold as the 2 fades

  • This video has gotten a lot of popularity lately, so I just want to address a few things that are often brought up in the comments. First of all, yes I said “Asstributes” it is both unfortunate and hilarious. Also, when I am referring to the biddybuggy as the best kart, I’m not saying that there is no reason to use the others, it just has the best stats for the most situations. I am also not saying that speed isn’t important, I am saying that you get more speed from having a good mini turbo stat, than you do from having a good speed stat. I do say that characters are all preference in this video, and there are reasons to pick heavy or light characters, but I’m going to save that for another video. Thank you so much for giving this video over 50k views!

  • a good combo i use most of the time

    CHARACTER: Bowser

    KART: Mach 8

    WHEELS: Slim/Crimson Slim

    GLIDER: Gold Glider

    SPEED: 5.0


    WEIGHT: 5.0

    HANDLING: 2.5

    TRACTION: 2.0

    MINI TURBO: 4.0

    it has good speed and mini turbo

  • OK so these are the driving technique, what about jump boost? I actually know jump boost by accident on Mario Kart 7, not Mario Kart Wii…

  • I myself am a mario kart wii expert, who ranked top 10 worldwide, and am just now learning newer mario kart games.
    Thanks for the advice, mate.

  • I really need these tips, cause I suck. I wonder how the experts practice this. Do they grind every stage in single player forever until they know it inside out?

  • when he shows the stats why dosent he say ” and tarction or grip if u live outsied usa “…..i mean its like america dosent care about the world outside of them..

  • I think with the best combination for a kart needs a heavy weight character to give these combos more speed making it even more overpowering but not game breaking.

  • Fire hopping in mario kart was like wavedashing in super smash bros melee. It wasn’t intended, but extremely complex and was use in competitive play, but was removed. But unlike wavedashing, fire hopping wasn’t in any other game.

  • My usual class setup (needs DLC)

    Feather/light weight I use lemmy
    Blue falcon (DLC)
    Slick tires
    And hylian kite (DLC) it works for me at least xD ����

  • Can you unlock racers on any difficulty? How tough is the 150cc mode compared to other Mario Kart games? This may affect whether or not I buy the game.

  • It’s funny how fire hopping is mostly used by good players, who could easily win a race without such exploits while most people complaining about fire hopping (at least from what I’ve expirienced) are “noobs”.
    Fire hopping is a technique, every person, who owns a copy of MK8 can use it (it’s not like you have to buy a cheat device even though many people consider fire hopping to be equal to “cheating), they just have to practice a little. So I don’t see why so many people have problems with this “bug” or whatever it is. 

    I’m not all that good when it comes to Mario Kart and even I was able to do basic fire hopping after practicing for an hour or two. But it still requires skill and knowledge of the different race tracks if you want to win a race. It’s not like fire hopping is a guaranteed victory or something like that.

  • Can I give a “Pro Tip” to these game hosts? PLEASE PLEASE slow down!! You talk like you’re trying to win the Kentucky Derby or the Triple Crown or at least catch up to the ice cream truck! rofl But I had to keep backing up the video over and over at 0:20 trying to figure out what the heck you were saying! You’re speaking so fast that even your CADENCE is off on certain words and phrases which makes it even harder to understand. Please slow down a bit and enunciate. Remember what the purpose of the video is… to get the message to your audience. You can’t get the message out if you don’t clearly convey it. =)

  • For those who search for the Master Cycle Zero: It belongs to the group with the Tanooki and Clown Kart, B-Tier. Thank me later:)

  • Saying that mini turbo is the most important in the game is highly subjective tbh… because others might think it isn’t the most important like myself. If you’re racing in 200cc then honestly speed is something you shouldn’t prioritize because of how hard it is to control when already driving hella fast… so mini turbo can mostly hurt you in the race than help you

  • The best kart combos are definitely with Heavyweights and 2 accel. I run Heavyweight/Blue Falcon/Slims. Running with a below Cruiser char is just a waste of stats.

  • Is there a way to make sure you don’t rage if you are on 150 cc lightning cup on rainbow road and get hit by a blue shell right in front of the finish line?

  • I recently bought mario kart and im almost an adult ik im sad it’s okay anyways this is what i wanted to learn how to ALWAYS drift not just at turns this was so helpful

  • Great video, but I have one question: why is the morton/dry bowser/wario/bowser-blue falcon-slick combo no longer used and has been replaced with the combinations you mentioned? Just out of curiosity.

  • Some things of note for learning FH technique:
    1) Hops need to be fast. My mistake when I tried it at first I was not hopping fast enough to make a difference
    2) Hop bonus is easily lost by failing to correctly stabilize the direction at the end of the line. This was a major block for me as I made this mistake and didn’t see any improvement

  • I’d like to thank you for trashing the MKW fanboy argument “MKDX is pure luck and RNG, MKW requires strategy and skill fdzdefgbezdvf fezdfv”

  • This was really great thanks!

    Also feel like anyone watching this that is actually called Clare who isn’t your friend got a real shock at the end XD

  • I don’t know how some people can get a 3 star ranking on every Cup on 200cc it’s completely nuts we have such great gamers in the world it’s nuts

  • As someone who doesn’t own MK8DX, can someone explain why the Blue Falcon is no longer the most used/common vehicle? And why exactly are the mini tires so much more common in MK8DX than MK8?