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Star Wars: The Greatest (Animated) Lightsaber Duel Ever

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Star Wars: The Most Terrifying Lightsaber Duel Ever (Luke V Vader)

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Star Wars Explains Why We’re All Fat. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: January 22, 2015 • 85 comments. Stop trying so damn hard!

If you’re somebody who has tried to lose weight and exercise more, spend less time watching TV and more time reading books, or eat less candy and more real food – you’re not alone. WARNING: Spoilers for Avengers Endgame ahead.. The Marvel all-star smash sees a five-year time jump, after some of the surviving Avengers track.

A quick perusal of EU (now “Legends”) indicate that Jabba, if anything, is average in body composition for a HUTT. It’s akin to calling a ‘beachmaster’ sea lion ‘fat’, as if he’d listen at all rather, either trample you (and sea lions are rather Q. The Star Wars saga has become a sprawling epic, spanning numerous planets, alien races, and massive cosmic battles.

In fact, there’s so much stuff happening that sometimes it’s hard to keep it all. A TikToker going by the name Fake Disney Facts released a brief video where he explains why each Star Wars chapter has the wrong title, and swaps them out with the right one. On his Fat Man on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith explains that fan expectations are the real reason that there is so much hate for The Last Jedi and specifically, the portrayal of Luke Skywalker. The Fat Man was a greasy, scar-faced individual with small eyes and a rotund build under the employ of Jabba the Hutt.He was the audience for Arica’s audition as a dancing girl and in the end hired her for the Hutt..

Seen as a petty man who enjoyed what little power he wielded, the Fat Man tried to impress people with his so-called “Important Person” routine, where he boasted of how he was. The mustachioed Fat Man was a thin, black-haired male Human living on the planet Nadiem during the final decade of the Galactic Republic.. Biography Edit. A male Human, the resident of Nadiem was present on the planet during the Clone Wars, a bloody conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.During the fighting, war came to Nadiem and the Republic.

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List of related literature:

Yet our awareness of the emotional and psychological pain of fatness remains virtually nonexistent.

“Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body” by Courtney E. Martin
from Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body
by Courtney E. Martin
Free Press, 2007

Jabba is a personification of fat and modern Western culture’s negative perception of fat.

“The Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy: You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned” by Jason T. Eberl, Kevin S. Decker, William Irwin
from The Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy: You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned
by Jason T. Eberl, Kevin S. Decker, William Irwin
Wiley, 2015

While these theories may (or may not) explain our rising weights (we’ll explore why Americans started gaining weight later in the book), none of them really explains the rise of obesity.

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver
Oxford University Press, 2005

In my case, obesity was the result of rebellion brought on by denial!

“Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout” by Rick Rigsby
from Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout
by Rick Rigsby
Thomas Nelson, 2006

Thanks to the discovery of Dr. Lustig, we now have evidence that the content of FAT in food really was not the cause of the problem, hence why we went from bad to worse when the food industry reduced FAT and substituted it for SUGAR, FRUCTOSE and STARCHES (refined carbohydrates).

“Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
from Problem-Free Diabetes: Controlling Diabetes With the Help of The Power of Your Metabolism
by Frank Suarez
Frank Suarez, 2016

And when we do get overweight, we then live with the constant attempt to eat less.

“F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way” by John C. Parkin
from F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way
by John C. Parkin
Hay House, 2010

“Carrie Fisher Reveals She Was Forced to Lose Weight ahead of First Star Wars Movie.”

“Geek Heroines: An Encyclopedia of Female Heroes in Popular Culture” by Karen M. Walsh
from Geek Heroines: An Encyclopedia of Female Heroes in Popular Culture
by Karen M. Walsh
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But the creators chose a powerful, easily understandable shorthand to designate the downward evolution of these people: fat.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

“‘Star Wars 7’ actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher ‘told to lose weight’ “.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular American 3D Films” by Wikipedia contributors
from Focus On: 100 Most Popular American 3D Films
by Wikipedia contributors

For fat people, the allusion to D. W.

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
University of California Press, 2001

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Yo man this was a good time. Btw house is finnally getting the repairs starting next week. Robert and i are talking. Im hopeing we can get back to being friends again.

  • Comparing Luke’s abandoning his training with Yoda to Anakin breaking with the Jedi is a false equivalency.
    Luke was motivated by love of his friends while Anakin break with the Jedi because he wanted power.
    Luke choose to be a true Jedi like QuiGon..and Akakin broke faith with the Jedi because the Sith offered him power.

  • The one thing I learned from this video was that if you can get idubbbz to visit you and approve your channel your set for life

    -big sub boost
    -no more hate

  • One year later and this is still one of my favorite videos on your channel! I hope you continue to make videos like this one and the daxflame one

  • the biggest problem with these movies is that they appeal to EVERYONE. Not just the fans and active moviegoers. They try too hard to make a homogenized movie for the general audience. take a look at the mandalorian. that is clearly made as a star wars fan tv show (made by one too) and has it’s own style that will attract film lovers. TFA, Solo, TLJ, and to a lesser extent Rogue One dont have much style and pander like crazy. Disney, find an identity before you make a star wars trilogy

  • Darn, now I gotta watch again. And I just watched it last week again. (I do have a Star Wars marathon going on from time to time)

  • I LUV these Last Jedi defenders get a taste of their own medicine…the reason you hate this movie is the reason i luv it, cuz it destroys the crap movie TLJ…this is funny as fuck.

  • There was a lady that walked out of the theater saying it was the best movie ever. No joke I looked at her like “Are you fucking kidding me?”

  • I would say this is the most poetic but not the best in terms of the actual fight itself. My favorite animated duel would be the Maul, Savage, and Palpatine or the Yoda And Palpatine duel

  • Coming up with a story isn’t easy-especially for Star Wars, a franchise that has had 7 movies up until this point and in order to stay relevant they do need to offer something fresh and new they need to come up with something that is different from what we’ve seen before, otherwise it’ll just get boring.

  • The virgin kylo:
    needs cool lightsaber and to seem edgy to be cool
    Throws a tantrum and wrecks first order property while screaming if he loses
    Went mean cus his uncle tried to hurt him, despite many people loving him
    Uses melee attacks rather then the force whilst battling the knights of ren
    Girls only want him cus he be swol
    Got hit by a lightsaber and started being all in pain like a little bitch
    The Chad Vader:
    literally the most powerful and coolest sith ever, doesn’t need a special lightsaber to be awesome and doesn’t seem emo
    Calmly deals with the person to blame for his failures rather then costing the empire credits
    Turned cus the entire Jedi order turned against him and he needed to save the love of his life, and even showed a bit of remorse, giving him atleast more heart then the virgin kylo
    At one point in his duel against his son he only used the force to hurt him, no lightsabers, no punches or kicks
    Girls want him cus he’s absolutely cool and would do anything for the one he loves
    Got stabbed in the stomach by Cal Kestis and just walked it off, he also took a lightsaber to the face and could barely breathe and kept fighting ahsoka and took a saber hit to the arm by Luke and cut Luke’s hand off seconds later

  • You’re absolutely right about the sequel era being less interesting, and there’s a big reason for that: the sequel era was meant as a recreation of the original trilogy era from the bottom up, what with an evil empire and a resistance. So basically, we haven’t gotten anything from a different era out of Disney yet.

  • What I just put together is this. Vader’s helmet is shiny. It would be a mirror if it was flat. The only thing else that shines like that is the lightsaber, a weapon. Maybe a reach but still kinda neat to me.

  • You can’t fix stupid. Disney has consistently produced a plastic product that bears only a superficial appearance of a Star Wars movie. Their desperation is about as obvious as shaking hands with someone who excessively sweats. This can’t be fun for KK anymore.

  • You are correct. I think TLA was insulting and that Rian deserves to be mocked for it. However, the person who hired him and approved of his work and the one who made TFA, an unnecessary movie that fails at both nostalgia bait and new material, should be the last people to do it.
    It’s like someone making fun behind their friends back to gain approval: “Haha. That’s correct, fellow star wars fans, we disliked it too! Now please buy our stuff again.”

    The mess with this trilogy and the two spin-offs, Solo and Rogue, makes me wonder how a rerelease would possibly work. Let’s say they want to release a directors cut or make some changes the way George Lucas famously did to his movies. Who’d be allowed to do that? Who’d decide what the true original vision was when so many people are fired and rehired to screw around with the material?

  • The problem is the women. Not women in movies, but movies made FOR women. Just about every franchise is currently getting rebooted, sex-changed and hated on for being too, whatever you want to call it, PC or SJW or Ghostbusterized or whatever. And every one of these franchises you can find countless videos of females of all ages crying and talking about how they cried through the whole movie. These movies do appeal to women, just not the franchise itself. Women cry now like male nerds cried back in the day. It’s a chick flick. And it has penis envy. And it shows. Also, these movies for females always have a degree of feminist man-hate.

  • This just makes me soooo sad… like this ruined the rest of the Star Wars universe it negated Anakin and Darth Vader, wasted a chance to tell a cool story I just can’t, as a die hard Star Wars fan I never want to watch another movie and yes that’s dramatic but I feel like this sequel trilogy literally just didn’t respect the world that George Lucas built

  • Ewan McGregor was such a good Obiwan. Not just that I could easily place him as the younger version if Ben Kenobi in A New Hope… But he is everything I pictured a Jedi as when I was a kid. Intelligent well spoken level headed charming caring and capable.

  • Thank you for all your comments! If you’d like to donate to our Patreon then you can do so here ►
    Even a small donation helps Full Fat to grow and we really appreciate everyone’s support!

  • Maybe I will watch Star Wars Rebels, they seem to have done really well with the characters and dialogue. The combat is just really weird for me, it’s like a weird martial arts routine/dance, it looks cool and fancy but it’s nonsensical

  • if they wanna pour that much money into a Fanfic of the Last Jedi, let them. Hopefully, if anything comes out of the hate for and stagnation or death of Disney-era Star Wars it’ll be future authors, screenwriters and directors who create storylines and universes with way more internal consistency, character integrity and sound story structure than what’s currently being doled out in movie theaters and via streaming services by franchise-bloated studios nowadays

  • I didn’t regret paying $10 to see last Jedi. I do regret taking up time watching any of the fan made Star Wars movies. They’ve all sucked. I would trust rian Johnson with any movie over anyone on YouTube because rian Johnson has proven he can make a good movie

  • Here’s my list of the best saber fights in the Starwars Universe:
    1) Anakin vs Obi-Wan
    2) Obi-wan vs Maul (Rebels)
    3) Ashoka vs Maul
    5) Yoda vs Sidious
    6) Luke vs Vader
    7) Sidious vs Maul and Savage
    8) Windu vs Sidious
    9) Maul vs Inquisitors
    10) Darth Malgus vs the entire Jedi Temple

  • 1:40 cough cough Robot Head cough cough

    Oh God I hope I don’t have the Virus.

    But in all seriousness this video does a great job in describing why the Disney Star Wars movies have been received the way they have, and i’m glad people are speaking up against thr toxic side of the fan base on Youtube (Robot Head) and how they’re hating just to hate.

  • Isn’t the new tv show pretty much the interesting stuff from a boba fett movie but with all new stuff? I guess I’d be interested in what happened right after the last of the original trilogy.
    But I still haven’t bought Disney plus
    I like Star Wars. I like all that stuff that’s kind of considered boy stuff. I liked parts of the prequels and don’t see what the problem is with any of the new movies but that’s kind of because I’m a GROWN UP and I realize these movies are for kids.

  • Empire is one of those movies that gets better with each viewing, especially after we get to know Anakin from the prequel series and (better) The Clone Wars. A man who gave up everything trying to end the chaos and death of war begs his son to join him: “We can end this pointless conflict and bring order to the galaxy.” A man who sustained himself with pure hatred for twenty-odd years says, “Son,” with a horrifying tenderness.

  • As a The Last Jedi fan, I can say that it was one of the worst experiences in my life. Seeing everything that I spend 2 years talking about being destroyed in front of my eyes was disgusting

    I’m ok with changing already established things, but the new changes need to be worthy

    I like Old Man Luke because it was worthy, because it served the story

    I liked Rey Nobody because it was worthy, because it served the story

    Bendemption, Reylo, Rey Palpatine, Zombie Palpatine, Finn Force Man, etc, were not worthy! It didn’t serves the story

  • dont wait till you are all too old to do another movie with characters like in TT. les grossman is one of the best characters and after so many years you still did not do it. that is bad

  • Upset that TROS undid and disrespected aspects of TLJ? Imagine being a fan of the OT for 40+ years and then tell me how you feel. The Disney sequel trilogy is absolute trash and I laugh when I hear anyone get upset about these three films contradicting each other.

  • “That’s not how the force works” well apparently according to Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker, the force can literally do anything, even bend space-time.

  • We need to have more less Grossman character somehow. Tom was great & really made that movie plus Robert Downey jr in black face..great movie

  • 27:15
    I’m not gonna feel sorry for Rian Johnson having his work he set up in TLJ ruined,because it’s the same exact thing he did with everything that JJ set up in TFA.
    His Writing ruined Finn and Poe Dameron in TLJ and Forced all of the Focus onto Rey and Kylo.
    I’ve never seen a Director have such little respect for the material he’s working on.
    He chucked all the shit that FANS actually had been invested in and said” my shit is better,and your racist or sexist for not liking it”.

  • As humourous as this scene is, has anyone talked about the bullcrap of this logical error?
    Finn was ripped from his parents’ arms, and trained to be a killing machine. A Stormtrooper. And apparently, he was just the janitor? In what galaxy does this make any sense?
    They have damn droids! Why don’t you make a bunch of space roombas to clean the floors? Why not have droids designed for taking out the garbage? Or slaves deemed unworthy of combat forced into menial tasks? At least have specifically payed employees that work as janitors rather than having your own fighting force be wasted on such basic tasks!
    And like almost all things in this stupid trilogy, it makes even less sense when you consider the materials made outside of the movies. He was a prime specimen in expanded materials, and scored top marks as a cadet. So why the hell was he a damn janitor?! This makes no goddamn sense!

    [EDIT that I meant to have in the comment the first time around, but eh] The only reason this exchange is here is to further bloat the movie’s runtime, using comedy.

  • He will join us or die. First time I watch that dialogue I sense something big will be revealed, and it does… it does…
    Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son

  • Vader wasn’t even really fighting him, he was toying with him. It wasn’t until later he finally gets serious and we all know what happened then. Yet the most vicious cut from that duel is dealt by Luke, and I’m not talking about the lucky blow to Vader’s shoulder. The Darth Vader that returned to the Executor was not the same Darth Vader that left for Bespin. Deep within the Dark Lord something dormant began to stir. Even the Emperor could sense it, but due to how well Vader hid it, Palpatine could not quite put his bony finger on it.

    Anakin Skywalker had awakened.

  • Cuz the new lore is based on a superficial, aesthetic of the OG trilogy, while the prequels created a fresh aesthetic, accompanied with lore that went deeper into the universe. In other words I don’t think the sequel trilogy has the potential to be much deeper, it’s a castle built on sand.

    1. Yoda coming back as a Force Ghost: Yoda didn’t really serve any purpose in the movie. It would be better if Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker came back as a Force Ghost instead to see his son and give guidance on what Kylo might be going through; reminding Luke that no one is beyond saving because he saved his own dad.

    2. The first Order tracking the resistance wherever they went and General Holdo getting people killed due to incompetence:

    I would rewrite it so that Holdo is actually a double agent working for the First Order; leaking information on the resistance’s coordinates which explains why The First Order was able to follow them.

    She signals to the First Order so they know when to concentrate their fire on the bridge of the flagship and when everyone above her is dead, she takes leadership of the resistance and sabotages their escape further to destroy the resistance from within. Po finds out that Holdo is a double agent and organizes a mutiny.

    3. Snoke getting killed as a way to subvert expectations: That was dumb. What I would do instead to subvert people’s expectations is that Luke manages to succeed in saving Kylo from Snoke, but loses his life in the process. Kylo is now on the light side again, but the plot twist here is that Rey goes over to Snoke and now their roles have reversed.

    Rey going to the dark side is hinted at earlier in the movie where she dove into the cave on the island where Luke was staying at and when she came out, Luke says that Rey went into the darkness without any hesitation. Kylo reunites with his mom and tells her that Rey is now with Snoke. Now Kylo has to join forces with his former enemies to take down Snoke and Finn begrudgingly asks Kylo to help train him in Lightsaber combat so he can be capable enough to save Rey (The Skywalker Lightsaber was left behind by Rey and now Finn has it, like in The Force Awakens).

    Time has past and Finn has become a skilled Lightsaber duellist despite being a non-force user. His skill with the weapon as a non-force user is second-only to General Grievous.

    Kylo manages to communicate with Luke’s Force Ghost and apologizes for what he’s done: for joining the First Order, killing his father, and getting Luke killed. Luke forgives him as he himself made his own mistakes that led to the chain of events leading up to the creation of the First Order, including pushing Kylo away into their clutches.

    Fast Forward later into the movie
    Finn has a final showdown with Captain Phasma and has an amazing fight after training with Kylo in Lightsaber combat. Kylo now faces his former allies: The Knights of Ren whom he personally trained himself. He uses a combination of the Force and his Lightsaber skills to overcome the numbers disadvantage. He fights 8-10 combatants.

    Finn and Kylo then join up in Snoke’s throne room and are now dealing with Snoke’s personal guards. The scene is similar to the throne fight in the actual Last Jedi movie, but with Finn in place of Rey. They then have a final face off against Snoke, but Snoke then reveals that they both will be fighting Rey, who is now a Dark Side user and is wielding a double-bladed Lightsaber (The same one as revealed in The Rise of Skywalker Trailers).

    These are just ideas I’m throwing around. I’m not a writer.

  • Leia: Floats through space without freezing or bursting
    Luke: Teleports himself across the galaxy while still alive
    Me: “That’s not how the force works!”

  • i also liked solo,i didnt have a problem with the actor and i was fucking suprise with the plot twist at the end,so much that now i rewatching the entire saga but in adition to the movies,im reading the comics and watching the animated series and i like the last jedi more than the force awakens,who was really a new hope remake

  • This isn’t a “fixable” problem. The overall arc was broken by Johnson, all they can do now is reset the break, let it heal, and try again. Hopefully next time they’ll create a vision that’s cohesive, not filled with ridiculous coincidences, and doesn’t use multiple directors swinging their dicks at each other.

  • I somehow believe that Finn’s “Sanitation” response is a hidden homage to the Janitor profession of Roger Wilco (from “Space Quest” Sierra game series 1986-1995). I like to think it is. XD Please someone tell me I’m not the only one in this comment section who knows Space Quest?:O

  • Of all the rightfully negative reviews of TRoS I’ve watched (and there have been dozens of them) in the hope of purging my memories of this dreadful movie’s lingering stench, this has been the most satisfying. Most of the critiques have failed to recognize what a hack fraud Abrams has proven to be, but your acknowledgement of his failure as a filmmaker across multiple franchises has done more for my recovery than all the others combined. Cheers!

  • TFA’s message: You don’t need to be some big wig when you defect from a corrupted organization to make a difference.
    TLJ’s message: You don’t need to be part of some important family to make a difference.

  • I really like how quickly it ends since so many lightsaber duels are very drawn out and some of the emotional tension is lost without dialogue which can become awkward pauses

  • I think Han is so frustrated with Finn because on one level, this young man is the very mirror image of him in some ways, and the backgrounds of the two characters are also strikingly similar. Han used to be an Imperial soldier and defected because he did not like what the Empire was doing to the Wookiies, and Finn defected from his position as a stormtrooper of the First Order because he did not like what they were doing. Both join the Rebels (Han) and the Resistance (Finn) essentially “because of a girl”, Han because of Leia, and Finn, in stages, for Rey and Rose. Both do not like to admit it to themselves but it is VERY important to them what these women think of them, that they think well of them. When Finn admits that he’s just on this rescue mission for Rey, it’s written all over Han’s face “Oh there he goes being as stupid now as I was then!” Both also go on a mission to save women who really do not fir the “damsel and distress” type and who are quite capable of saving themselves.

  • Thing that gets me about the sequels is this: why the Empire? Why were a resurgent Empire the villains. Why not use the Youzhan Vong as villains, or a resurgent Mandalore, or heck something completely new?

  • 1:51…….I mean…now I kinda do lol. Granted I’m a mad nerd but I never thought about how a vacuum would effect a bomb……wonder if there’s a video about it �� See what ya did!!!

  • I’ve noticed to that when vader is dueling someone that he doesn’t think is a real threat to him or beneath him he fights with only one hand. But when he fights ahsoka or kenobi he fights with 2

  • I respect your opinion, man. Even though we don’t see eye to eye on Last Jedi, which was the worst movie ever made imo, or Zach Snyder’s films, which are brilliant films imo, I can see where you’re coming from with your remarks on the DT. I don’t really agree that Ruin Johnson made it for anyone other than himself, and I especially don’t agree with him putting any effort at all into it, e.g. The Throne Room Fight Scene. Which shows just how lazy he is. But while I’ll never change my mind about Last Jedi, this video is very well done(as always)on fleshing out certain topics both in and out of Star Wars. You have my respect.

  • WHAT’S UP GUYS!!! So if anyone knows how the force works, let me know in those comments. Don’t forget to hit that like button, smash subscribe and hit that notification bell for more videos.

  • Disliked. Not because of you liking TLJ (after all, you’re entitled to your opinion), but because of this slander against my main man Boba. This heresy cannot be forgiven!

    (Yes, this is a joke)

  • Revenge of the sith was full of action but was perfectly paced and gave us room to breathe. We’ve seen this type of movie done in this saga perfectly, so how does rise of sky walker fail in every aspect? ����‍♂️

  • I actually loved The Last Jedi, I thought it was a great take on a Star Wars movie, but I would be willing to sacrifice it for a more coherent trilogy, or at least an ending

  • Star Wars Rebels told me something I didn’t want to admit. The Jedi were falling to the Dark Side, and Ezra learns that from the former Grand Master himself…

  • I rather think it’s not Maul who doesn’t react to Kenobi’s Ataru, but rather Kenobi who reacts to Mauls form after seeing in what ironic manners Maul wanted to beat Kenobi, who just lures Maul and plays his role of the script, before eventually doing his own last strike.

  • Too bad one of the first things they did in this trilogy was destroy corrasaunt. Which was a bad move in it’s own right. That said I did like FA and TLJ.

  • The issue with the sequel era was there was no plan. If they had made all the reveals in the last jedi instead be revealed in the third movie, i would be okay with most of it. The luke stuff is bad no matter how you justify it, its insulting and pretty disrespectful as a whole, but its really a bad thing because rian johnson left no room for the third of the sequel trilogy he just said “no fuck you and your ideas, surprising equals good right?” So besides the hypocritical sexism rian johnson and kathleen kennedy exhibit, i would’ve been fine with last jedi if it was the third of the sequel trilogy but it wasn’t and they fucked it.

  • Best breakdown ever, but the officer at the end is just relieved that vader isn’t going to kill him for deactivating the hyper drive on the falcon like he said, vader kills for failure, vader choosing not to kill him even as he glances at the officer walking by, because for once vader’s hate is not driving him, the officer isn’t sorry for vader he has no idea about Luke he is confused and relieved

  • should i suggest that we go back BEFORE THE PREQUELS? this is a serious inquiry to prompt good replies please id like to hear what people have to say

  • The Sequel Era is boring as hell and unlogical,there is no way,a new empire could rise up just 30 years after ep6 without the new republic doing anything about it
    They should go back further,to bane and zannah or further to the jedi-sith wars those eras are far more interesting than the sequel era

    PS: nice elitist attitude at the end

  • I actually liked this movie more than TLJ. I think I liked it because my expectations were so low. I have only seen it the one time, so we’ll see how I feel upon another viewing. That being said, i haven’t disagreed with anything you say here. Keep it up!


    Apart from pointlessly ending the most interesting character arc’s like Poe, Finn, Luke and Snoke; and the terrible action choreography, The Last Jedi wasn’t too bad of a film.

    It tried to be different, and in ways it could’ve succeeded, but it didn’t.

    The Rise of Skywalker failed because it tried to fix what didn’t work, and failed as well because 80% of the films characters have no reason or purpose to be in that film, aside from being rushed

  • Just because someone made a movie, doesn’t mean they’re a fan of the saga. Rian took part in a deeply rich saga, and told a story in a bubble as if what came before hardly mattered. So I don’t share your assumption that Rian was a fan. In fact, based on the level of his disregard for the saga it seems he was driven more by his own ego than anything else. If he wanted to tell a completely different story he should left the saga alone and waited for his opportunity to work a spin-off, which as consequences would have it, has been taken away from him.

    Oh, and pointing this out doesn’t at all suggest I think I could have done better. It simply means that someone maybe even Rian himself if he had respected the saga could have.

  • How was TLJ fresh exactly? It didn’t so much as do new things as it did tease at doing new things. It teased at Rey and Kylo joining together to create a new order separate from the Jedi and Sith, but then they go right back to being enemies and to the same old conflict of Jedi vs Sith and rebels vs Empire. Same old status quo essentially. The only thing that was kinda new was the apprentice overthrowing his master to become the new emperor for all intents and purposes. But then that kinda gets undermined when he gets humiliated during the final battle. Also having a Jedi Master that doesn’t teach the protagonist much of anything was kinda new I guess. My problem with that is that watching Luke do nothing but mope and whine until the last 10 minutes was pretty boring and miserable.

  • 6:18 THIS! The thing that really got me into the prequels was the lore and the world building. Despite the prequels less than stellar story telling it felt like it had a fully completed world (or galaxy) that was different but just as real as the one in original trilogy.

  • Here’s what I’ve never really bought: Was Solo’s underperformance really TLJ’s fault? I honestly think that even if TLJ had been more unanimously praised, Solo was still doomed.
    I can only speak from my and most of my friends’ perspective, but even before TLJ came out, when the young Han Solo and Boba Fett (which has since been cancelled) films were announced, the first thing a lot of us thought was “Wouldn’t these work better as books?” Right off the bat I couldn’t get myself to care about Solo, and all the behind-the-scenes fuckery surrounding the film did not build any hype for it and eventually it got to a point where I was almost certain that they were going to just scrap the film entirely. Literally none of my friends or family who like SW were excited for that film, regardless of how they felt about TLJ. Hell, I own the damn film on blu-ray just so I could add it to my timeline/library, and it’s the only SW film that is still in the clear plastic wrapping that it came in because I’ve never been compelled to watch it a second time.

  • I’m glad feige was brought on to create some cohesion one great thing that comes from overseeing the McU because in my opinion a lack of cohesion of a story and vision is Disney’s biggest problem even though I liked force awakens and I really liked the last Jedi but them together in that story could be better

  • The sound of the blade after that finally vertical cut, as it crescendos off into the silence of the night, gives me chills everytime

  • I think this is the best lightsaber fight in the series, followed by Anakin vs Obi-Wan. It’s not coincidence that those fights have the most emotion behind them; it gets the audience far more invested. I care more, and still enjoy more, the fights Luke had with Vader than any other lightsaber duels (save Anakin vs Obi-Wan). That goes across all Star Wars medium.

  • Finn was so wasted in the last movie & this one they could’ve taken his character to new heights we could’ve seen him go from Storm trooper, to being force sensitive to becoming a Jedi. After that Finn takes what Luke has taught him & goes on to help other Storm troopers break free from the First Order & he has this female to help him. And Poe he can be force sensitive too & maybe he decides to either become a Jedi like Finn or he takes over from Leia & become the new general learning his force powers too. As the movies go on we begin to know about the Knights of Ren who they are, where did they come from, are they force sensitive? Rey is a Sith spy who is a mystery she has drawn the attention on Kylo Ren who thinks she is just a scavenger & wants her to join him when he senses her powers. Another thing about Finn is when we find out he is force sensitive our question is “Ok, if Finn can use the force than his parents must’ve been Jedi then we get an even bigger shock when we learn he is the grandson of Mace Windu. But like Luke & Leia he was hidden from his grandfather & the empire got their hands on him & he grew up to become a Storm trooper but he kept his powers hidden this is just ideas I’m throwing out there.

  • Interesting take on the final short scene of Vader after he watches the Falcon escape into light speed. I always read the officers reaction as relief, not pity for Vader. Shortly before he informs Vader they have disabled the Falcons hyper drive, only to see it jump to light speed and escape. He’s already killed several officers earlier in the film for their failures and the guys relieved and a little suprised at Vaders decision to quietly walk away without any hint of punishment or anger at this….Thats how I always interpreted it anyway.

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  • About the world-building and fleshing it out with other media: things need to work in the movie itself. If I’ve never read Harry Potter, it shouldn’t matter when I go to see the movie. I’ll know what it’s all about, even if it doesn’t go into as much detail as the book. It shouldn’t. But with the Sequels, we get a sense of how things are, that the First Order is an Empire wannabe, Kylo’s a Vader wannabe, Rey’s a Force wannabe, Finn’s a Rebel wannabe (but also not really), and Poe’s Han’s brother from another mother. There are some good pieces there, but we never get much of how it all operates. Part of the problem (and plus) of the Prequels is that George gives us a lot of how the galaxy works and where it’s at. Too much at times, but we know the lay of the land. I love TFA and TLJ, but so far it’s too vague in terms of the setting. TRoS might try to fill in some gaps, but I doubt it. It’d be too little too late anyway. Honestly, as much as I love the Skywalkers, I can’t wait to make it a Force ghost and get on with some new stories.

  • I didn’t hate it on first watch, it sat firmly in the middle. Aggressively Average. Definitely feels like there is a better, longer cut somewhere.
    Will see how it holds up when I watch it at home.

  • This video essay is such a moving juxtaposition of the dark and light sides of the force embodied in fierce and at times dangerous love between father and son. Well done.

  • Its pretty ridiculous that you rip on JJ for disrespecting Rian and erasing what he did in TLJ. But Rian did the exact same thing to him in TLJ! In fact to a much greater degree by completely blowing up all the big storyline/ mysteries that JJ set up to be a big focus/ theme of all 3 movies. So JJ got rid of Rose or decided to make Rey come from an important lineage. So what? How does that even compare to killing snoke and fasma for 0 reason without ever giving any explanation/ background to either character, turning Luke into a mopey grumpy old man who for some reason loses all hope, and making Rey a nobody? Both movies sucked ass. But your criticism of JJ and defense of Rian on this issue is absurd and entirely hypocritical.

  • disney killed starwars for me when they didnt put luke han and leia in a scene together. I can care less what they do, im done with it.

  • Still a fucking troll he knew what darth maul was gonna do before the duel even started I bet he was gonna say got ya bitch but out of respect he didn’t

  • Thank you for not complaining about that three letter abbreviation that I refuse to type, because people complaining about it have given me such a large and prolonged hate-boner that I think I need to see a doctor.

  • It’s not that Rian Johnson made a bad movie. With the exception of some extreme fans I think most could amicably forgive that….(case and point George Lucas made JaJa and we still all love Lucas). I think Rian Johnsons biggest and worst mistake was destroying the lore around star wars. With any sci fi film you have to have a sense of disbelief in the world your watching. But for established films that suspension of disbelief only works within the lore in the universe. Showing Rey as having no true reltable development was breaking the lore of the universe. In the prequels we see Luke Skywalker and his father take years of training to become a Jedi and master their force powers. Without a shadow of doubt they were the most powerful force users in the galaxy. Yet Rey is nearly on par with them in a week, with not training or guidance. I think this mentality and the stuff you’ve mentioned is Disney’s greatest issue (that and calling the fans names ((which was inexcusable)). Rian Johnson had (on paper) a good idea but ignored the lore behind the characters and universe. If you took his story and put it in a completely different film that wasn’t star wars, I believe it would have been loved. As a fan however I was upset to watch luke Skywalker ( the optimisatic farm boy, who I watched over 3 movies become a beacon of light in the darkness) become what he was in the last Jedi. If Rian had chosen any other character (say Kyle (one of Luke’s fellow Jedi masters)) then his arc would have worked for me. But Rian didn’t, he broke the lore around the character of Luke and that hurt.

    I think alot of fans do want star wars to work, even the disinfranchested are secretly hopeful that some answers will be given that solve the lore issues. And this is exactly what your saying in the last bit of your video. Of Disney took the opportunity to flesh out that world then you’d see a greater return of fans. However i suspect that they are trying to cram loads of reveals in the last movie. That’s why they don’t expand, they’re hoping the overload of ‘wows’ in the last movie will satisfy fans. Immediately I can forsee that this will backfire again. Disney needs to focus on telling us a story and making us fall back in love with a galaxy far far away. It feels however, like they are only interested in the money (which don’t get me wrong, is why they bought star wars I get that) which is why they keep teasing things rather then letting use explore and discover.

  • This also is proof that Vader can never destroy Anakin Skywalker because when he said “Anakin Skywalker heart is still alive in Luke” it means that Vader and Anakin is one and the same sure take a different identity or name but you cannot escape your past no matter how hard you try to deny it. Plus it shows that if Vader kills Luke that part Anakin lives on it will destroy Vader/Anakin completely.

  • “What’s more terrifying than seeing Vader before you? Knowing that he’s before you but you can’t see him.”

    Yup… been a go-to for my nightmares for years now.

    And my apologies if I garbled your quote.

  • The sequel trilogy as a whole is a metaphor for two children fighting over a toy in a sandbox while the babysitter checks her bank account on her phone.

  • I don’t think JJ Abrams had any obligation to adhere to what Rian Johnson had set up, especially in light of the fact that Rian Johnson had purposefully deviated from Abrams’ treatment for the trilogy first. When a terrorist hijacks a plane, you don’t lay down, accept it, and let them fly you into a building. You resist them and get the plane back under your control. Rian Johnson hijacked Star Wars, from the moment he made Luke toss his father’s lightsaber to the movie ending conclusively as if it was wrapping up the franchise. In making The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson critiqued and subverted the Star Wars universe in all the wrong ways. There’s actually a very good video essay on this where the subversion and questions presented in The Last Jedi as it is related to the Star Wars mythos are compared to the subversion and questions presented in Knights of the Old Republic 2. The fact of the matter is that the Star Wars universe and its themes were firmly established, not just on paper, but in the minds of the fans, and Rian Johnson didn’t respect that at all. He didn’t critique and subvert it in a way that made us question pre-conceived notions of the Star Wars universe, allowing us to deepen our understanding of it. He asked little more than “the Force can do everything, so why the hell not?” Whereas other takes like KOTOR 2 cut through Star Wars like a surgeon with a scalpel, the Last Jedi smashes Star Wars like a hardhat with a sledgehammer.

    Johnson’s treatment of Luke really demonstrates this. Aside from the obvious “Luke would never give up on his family”, Luke’s critique of the Jedi Order exemplifies Johnson’s lack of respect and understanding for what’s come before more than anything else. Never would Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, with all of his experience and knowledge, fall into such despair and become so cynical that he would reduce and oversimplify the fall of the Jedi Order to something as blunt as “the Jedi were failures because, at the height of their power, they allowed Darth Sidious to rise to power.” The real Luke would understand there was much more nuance and history to that turn of events. He would understand that it wasn’t just the events of the 13 years of the prequel trilogy, or even the events of Palpatine’s life, that led to the fall of the Republic. Among other things, he would at the very least know that the Jedi were caught between their obligation to the Republic and adherence to their principles, and were very wary of Palpatine throughout his incumbency. They couldn’t just take him down because they were suspicious of him, they needed a reason to do so, and unfortunately the truth didn’t come to light until it was too late. Palpatine used the Jedi’s principles, their allegiance to the Republic, and their obligation to defend democracy against them. Luke would see this, and respect the fact that it was many different factors that led to the rise of Palpatine and the Empire.

    The very long history of the Star Wars universe MATTERS. This is why so many people were pissed when Disney did away with the Expanded Universe. It went beyond disregard and disrespect for everything that came before. In abandoning the universe’s historical foundations, they were also abandoning Star Wars’ greatest principle. Everything is connected. Through the Force, history, or otherwise. Again, the writers behind both Knights of the Old Republic games knew this very well. They understood that the reasons behind galaxy-changing events could not be summed up within the span of a few decades. They understood that the fate of the galaxy could not be attributed to the events of one person’s life or the conduct of one organization alone. Everything that happens in the Star Wars universe is meant to be a culmination of hundreds upon hundreds of years of history, influenced by a wide variety of figures, both meek and powerful. Even when George Lucas was first writing Star Wars, he was influenced by the events of hundreds upon hundreds of years of our world’s history, drawing lines between the ideologies of many different peoples and cultures, before finally exploring those connections through Star Wars. Abrams was right in saying people don’t go see Star Wars to be told “this doesn’t matter.” In spite of its many, many, many flaws, The Rise of Skywalker did get Star Wars back on track. It respected the vast history and depth of the universe it was in, and thereby was a Star Wars movie in a way that The Last Jedi could never be.

  • Holy shit a storm trooper coup on the first order would have been such a nice mirror of order 66, but like inversed instead of the clones killing their Jedi masters out of control, the storm troopers a staple of the empire dismantling it would be such a nice ending

  • I’d really love a new trilogy of the beginning of the force I’d like it to be completely detached apart from a few Easter eggs. However it might demystify it a bit so I’m not sure.

  • First time I saw ep V I was genuinely terrified that Luke might join his father. It’s a testament to the storytelling that the matter was so open ended

  • When you have to deal with a franchise that has setup a universe, you have to deal with some rules that are established, and you can add, but it you add something that can literally break the universe, you havent being payin attention to the universe. Ie the lightspeed incident. Why havent they used this against all the death star superweapons? Johson has stated in the past that he prefers that a movie is divissive…

  • Everyone keeps saying ahsoka vs Maul in cw s7 was better, as much as i loved it I still think this is better one out of the 2. Obi wan holding Maul like a brother gets me everytime.

  • fuuuck. this really is the clincher for me. i knew the movie had flaws, but the fact that ive only had to watch it oncethe fact that i only want to watch it once…. fukn jar jar abrams ruining all of ryan johnsons work.
    when you two said you wouldn’t watch the next trilogy of star wars films, it honestly felt the same for me as well….. and that sucked

  • This is my favorite duel, thank you for covering it in such exquisite detail!
    One thing I’d like to add though. In the scene where Vader is using the force to throw objects at him, it serves as a contrast to Luke struggling earlier in the movie to lift a rock. Meanwhile, Vader is throwing objects at him with barely a show of strain. Vader is showing Luke what he can achieve with the Dark Side on his side.

  • Dude this charisma harrison ford brings to the table…even though he actually really dislikes playing Han Solo, almost all memorable scenes of the sequel trilogy have something to do with him

  • U no what would be honesty cool if it were done right if disney decided to recannonize the old republic and made a trilogy about it and they could focus on darth revan and this idea could work as they say that episode 9 will end the skywalker story and the events of the old republic have nothing to do with the skywalker story

  • Honestly, my complete problems with Episode 7 and 8, is that they both manage to over and under utilize certain characters. Rose in my opinion did to much in the movie while other characters like Poe did too little. Finn had a moment that made me like his character where he would sacrifice himself for the rebellion, but Rose ruined it, but Poe (IMO) had his character arc slightly ruined because the build up that was there just wasn’t enough. Honestly one sentence could’ve fixed everything with Poe and it would’ve made much more sense. If he was told that there was a possible spy on board and that she wouldn’t give him any information then I could see two outcomes that would’ve been much better for a story. One of them is that Poe still does what he does in the movie and him being treated the way he does would be MUCH more reasonable, or two, he could have a moment of clarity where him trying to force information out of his leader would’ve shown how unreasonable he was being. These are two examples and to me there are plenty more examples in the movie.

  • The first time i watched this I was pretty scared of Robert but now watching it a second time I just feel sorry for him that he’s this mentally unstable

  • TROS is the only Star Wars movie since 1977 that I only saw twice in cinema. Haven’t seen it streamed on Disney+ yet although I could. Every new Clone Wars episode reminds me of how good Star Wars is… and my canon now simply reads I-VIII and I don’t really know what to do with IX.

  • Ok so your only a fan of the original trilogy. You hate the prequels and your not liking the new sequel trilogy. So what there saying is they don’t like 5/8 Star Wars movies. So what there saying is they don’t like Star Wars movies

  • You say that Lucas focused interest on the prequel era by having prequel era tie-ins in other media. While there were some released alongside those movies, the vast majority were released after the trilogy was done and they continued to release OT era stuff throughout. You had already said the problem with the sequel era. It’s just not as interesting. It could certainly be more interesting if they did have more stuff happening to flesh out the sequel era, but I honestly think the sequel era is inherently less interesting while knowing most of the stuff that has fleshed it out outside of the movies. It’s like they wanted to replicate the OT in a new era, but didn’t put in any convincing work in-universe to get there. The OT is a galactic civil war where we’re rooting for the underdog, on the run, never give up rebels fighting against an evil regime. The PT is The fall of a long-lasting government and religious order that both gradually lost their ways over time and the master manipulations of an ultimate evil hiding in plain sight, as well as the fall of a man that just wanted to be loved and save those he loved, followed by the hunting down of the remnants of the Jedi Order over years of survival tactics. Both are very interesting and exciting. I’m not trying to downplay the ST too much extra, but what even is it? There’s no master manipulations. There’s no ultimate good versus evil. There’s no rooting for the underdog. There’s a lazy government that decided the best way to keep peace was to turn a blind eye to threats and not bother defending itself, a Resistance that seems strange to even be a thing, then suddenly a rival faction that doesn’t seem like it should be nearly the size that it seems to be decides to simply blow up the whole government and take over immediately. Then a coup happens in that factions leadership and an uncharismatic loose canon takes control. And the Resistance is now like ten people. That’s not interesting. That’s just… I don’t know… storytelling ADHD.

  • Great work, Most of us have felt the emotion shown in this movie and fight but you have carefully chosen your words to characterise it. I felt how much this meant to you.

  • The Force Unleashed was never canon. It was pure power fantasy with the Force cranked up to 11, and that’s exactly how they sold it.

  • I severely doubt rian Johnson is a fan of star wars he said himself he doesnt care about wider lore or anything in the star wars cannon hence the disaster of a film he made. People don’t dislike the last jedi because it’s different, they dislike it because its straight up crap and completely incoherent. First of all I found it really boring, there are a tonne of plotholes such as why didnt holdo do that suicide thing in the first minute rather than letting a tonne of people die? Finally it completely kills and story arch that could have happened, assassinated Luke’s character and went on a psycho feminist trip. Imagine if the two towers saw 75% of the fellowship die, Gandalf said you know what, screw this I’m gonna chill out from now on and left them to their own devices and the ring was tossed off a cliff into the sea. What kind of story does that create and what kind of finale film is there to see? On top of that, prominent female characters run around telling frodo he’s a stupid masculine man and berates him all the time making sly comments relating to his gender not to mention freeing animals saying “it was worth it” and leaving enslaved children behind ������

  • This is the video I always wanted to make about this duel. Very well done. I could not add any more to what you have said here. I have thought all these things and some you just pointed out for the first time. Thanks for this!

  • I feel like in a couple of years, old Tom is gonna do a gritty Breaking Bad type of show on Netflix or HBO, and is gonna be absolutely brilliant.

  • “that’s not how the force works”
    After watching episode 8 and 9 I think Han had a better understanding of what the force can do compared to the writers.

  • I’m going to have to watch Solo again I was one of those people that was really looking forward to it, Han Solo was one of my favorite characters from the original trilogy, and the movie let me down. However, time-wise I’m so far removed from when I saw it originally that I think I may be ready to give it a second chance.

  • I really thought the logical arc for Finn would be for him to infiltrate the First Order and sow rebellion. Then his arc across the trilogy would be 1) standing by his morals and learning to care for his friends 2) learning to care for other people/how to care for other people (by saving what we love) 3) how to inspire others to do the same. Very star wars. Very inspiring. Good arc for an excellent character.

  • Tropic Thunder grows more awesome with time. Especially in today’s humorless “woke” environment, it stands out as the “Spinal Tap” of its era.

  • This movie is as bad as the prequels in my opinion. But guess what? I enjoy the prequels. ������ And I enjoyed this train wreck too. ☺

  • Palpatine was brought back because Johnson killed off the main antagonist in episode 8, and didn’t replace him with a viable alternative. They didn’t have time to create a whole new one from scratch. Episode 8 and 9 show that Lucasfilm had no plan for the trilogy at all.

  • Should Tom Cruise be canceled for “jewish face”? Like they cancel the blackface people or Not cancel if they have the right politics ie. Jimmy Kimmel, Justin trudeu etc

  • Solo sucked and wasn’t a needed film as it ruined the character as we knew him……… Now it could have been done! Had they cast the perfect actor who could embody both the character, and Harrison Fords look and sound because this wasn’t a reboot but a prequel. Alden was badly cast, and he alone ruined the film….. Add a horrible script, and terrible cast around him (even with good actors nobody was cast right or well written.) The one actor who could have done a good Solo/Ford is Anthony Ingruber who’s the clone of Ford! But at a younger age like he was needed to be.

    KK than changing the director midway into the final weeks of principle production was the final nail in the movies coffin.

  • One question. If someone knows that Maul has prosthetic legs but doesn’t know his cane is a lightsaber, how is Maul gonna fool them

  • Tom Cruise has become one of the greatest actors of all time…also loved him in Knight and day…Tropic thunder…was just brilliant!!

  • The scenes with Carrie Fisher in this film remind me of the episode of Community when they try and make a film based on one scene of footage that Abed shot of a movie with Chang.

  • But Rian didn’t give it his best shot. When Mark Hamill, the man who knows Luke Skywalker better than anyone else, told Rian that the character was going in a bad direction, Rian ignored him. Rian ignores Hyperspace physics. Rian didn’t give it his best shot because giving it his best shot would mean allowing people like Mark Hamill, who genuinely love the franchise, to give their input.

  • The whole trilogy is awful. TFA already destroyed continuity and the world, some old characters, and introduced a host of new terrible ones. TLJ ruined the rest of the original cast, space battles, everything previously set up, and logic. Now TROS nuked the force itself, Anakin’s achievements, space travel, and the remains of logic’s corpse. Among plenty of other things. It’s honestly impressive how they started off terrible and still managed to get worse with every one.

  • Lol I absolutely love that people can’t just accept that a movie they didn’t like came out, they would rather boycott all Star Wars and try to “remake” episode 8 with a bunch of terrible concepts and ideas

  • I really agreed with everything in this chat. I also was really hurt by this movie. BUT, someone in the chat said “I’ve never seen a movie sequel negate the movie that came before it” or something like that. But… if I may… please feel free to check out the Highlander franchise. Woof.
    Thanks for the great content, guys:)

  • I think you’ve put a lot of the blame on this on JJ. If he did all 3 it could’ve been much better. RJ basically ended the story with the last Jedi and ruined just about any plot points that he had set up

  • Im sort of upset about han’s death, but at the same time not, if anything, I’m pretty sure JJ didn’t intend for Han to die, but the only way he could’ve gotten Harrison Ford to come back is if he killed off Han like Lucas was suppose to do in return of the Jedi. So not a biggie.

  • Why the new Star Wars movies don’t work is because after defeating the Empire we just got another Empire for the Rebels to rebel against. The triumph of Return awakened to here we go again, nothing mattered.

  • One thing I don’t like about the animated duels is how choppy and predictable there movements are, they always move at the same time and then pause it drives me nuts idk why.

  • Just watch the video of Major lee its not that toxic, thank me later! And just enjoy the movies they’re a Privilege! And without those poeple star wars wouldnt exist!

  • i dont understand how nobody gets this… im not a guy who get angry about people dont get obvious things BUT
    obiwan changed that form MAINLY bc of qui gon because maul killed him after that shot on qui gons face and obi wan saw that behind the laserwalls and thats why he changed the form. maul recognises this form from the fight with qui gon (thats why he made that look after obiwan did the change) and tried the same thing as on qui gon.
    i dont quiet get it where that: it represends the change from young obi to old obi came from
    but correct me if i talk sht lul

  • There’s a scene in Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai that came to mind the instant I first saw this scene. It’s not shot for shot by any means, but the soul carrys over… That is what Dave Filloni ‘gets’ about Star Wars.. JJ just never ‘gets’ the soul of Star Wars or Star Trek… He’s a competent director and writer no doubt…. But he just doesn’t get the soul of the source content, only the surface.. I just don’t think JJ and Kath Kenedy were the right people to be in Creative control of Star Wars… I do get a bit peeved by fans shiting on Kath Kenedy though. She is a highly competent businesswoman and producer and has been one of the forces behind a lot of the defining best films of the last 40 years… Should she be in charge of Lucasfilm, for me the answer is a definite YES. But creative control of Star Wars… I think only George or Dave can do that or even better George AND Dave. George is a world builder and creative genius… But like many people blessed with Genius, there is a downside.. He can’t write dialogue to save himself.. he needs a sort of ‘translator’.. somebody who can take his concept and turn that into actual scripts and scenes. On paper the prequels are fantastic they just fall down in the implementation. This is where Dave Filloni truly shines! He can understand what George is trying to do… and translate it into really good dialogue, scenes and character arcs.

  • The Last Jedi retconned TFA, Rise of Skywalker retconned The last Jedi. The only thing i got out of these new movies was Rogue One.

  • Am I the only one that finds it funny that the anti-SJW people took credit for the first film in the Disney era headlined by a white, straight guy being a failure?

  • So you lost me when you said that you liked The Last Jedi, and you really REALLY did not get me back when you said that the only reason the sequel era is bod is because its not fleshed out. I outright hate the movies for what they did to the heroes I loved growing up, for what Disney did to the lore, and I truly despise when people call the criticisms of obvious and terrible flaws in cinema “nitpicking.” If Force Awakens was the average competency of Disney Star Wars, I’d probably treat the sequels a bit like the prequels, having both ups and downs but as it stands, FA or Rogue One stand as the best Disney Star Wars films, and to me that is unacceptable.

  • I left TROS feeling empty and dejected and I stayed that way for a while. Funnily enough I stayed that way until I saw Cats and left the cinema grinning ear to ear. We’re in that timeline lads.

  • The whole bomb thing in the last Jedi…. is a issue because as a casual movie goer I lifted my hand in confusion and was taken out of the film immediately…. following the ya mama joke. Something is bad in a film when it just takes you out….. yeah there are thousands of inconsistencies in any film….. but most go un noticed or don’t take you out of the film. When I raise my hand in a film out of a reaction purpose then something is illogical or bad. Most of the time one just sits there and laughs or cry’s at a film. I raised my hand in the last Jedi, the force awakens. I didn’t raise my hand in solo or guardians of the galaxy, in the dark knight or gone girl.

  • Wait, didn’t you literally release a video a couple months ago breaking down why revenge of the sith has the greatest opening in the entire saga? What’s the complete 180 on that decision so quick

  • Haven’t watched through the whole video yet (got started quite late at night) but here are some of my first thoughts. I agree with a lot of your criticisms. It’s “Around the Galaxy in 80 Hours,” there’s no real meaningful character development, a ton of meaningless fan service. It’s generally a mess. However:
    I don’t see Palpatine’s return as “ruining” Vader’s redemption. The important action wasn’t killing the Emperor, it was sacrificing himself to save his son that redeemed the character. That it happened to kill the big bad guy was more a matter of coincidence. I really liked the ending of Rise of Skywalker for basically this reason; Kylo needed to die to be redeemed. He’s gone too far down the dark side to survive, so he has to sacrifice himself at some point, because this sort of sacrificial redemption is a big theme in Star Wars and anything less would cheapen the other character deaths.
    I really like the idea of the Rey Kylo/Ben sory arc. A Skywalker and a Palpatine (I sort of liked that reveal for Rey. Kind of predictable and another case of “destined for greatness” but it works here) struggling with their identities together is a really interesting concept, but I think it was executed about as well as the fall of Anakin was done in the prequels; could have been done better but it is probably the best part of the series. If there’s anything redeeming in this trilogy it’s that story arc.

  • Well keep in mind there is a JJ CUT OF THE MOVIE!!! And everything Rian Johnson did was horrible so I was glad they denounced everything he did. So I massively disagree as true Star Wars fan about how you feel about what they did in regards to Rian Johnson. The movie wasn’t horrible even alone, it was only okay at best, was too faced paced. etc. As a Star Wars movie is was not the best but the original script, which you can find online, was going to be amazing.

  • I dunno why, but Cruise always seems like…sad…under all the big smiles. A tiny little undercurrent of just sad somewhere around the eyes. I may be projecting, but I always see that during his interviews.

  • ‘How dare you make a video hating the movie after only seeing it once and chase the algorithm’ WTF �������� Came from EFAP to support your channel

  • the first time watching tropical thunder was non stop laughing I jst had a laugh attack �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� ��

  • If you sat through the disaster that was The Last Jedi, and then backed up for the next one, then you only have yourself to blame.

  • WTF are you on about? You’re the person who says TLJ is good because you liked it. So, therefore it’s obviously, objectively good. And then you think, “Job well done, my circular logic has come round right up my own arse, and I LIKE it!”

  • People just dont like change. They like what theyve grown up with, and when they face something different, they start shitting on it. Smh

  • They literally could have had 3PO just translate the knife and skip that entire planet, and nothing would change. Then they would have time to do actual character stuff. Or rewrite the script entirely.

  • I wouldn’t say bringing back Palpy is undoing Vader’s redemption. They did it in Legends to good effect……But yeah, we didn’t need Palp here.

    Partly because as they said, we don’t know how Palp survived, and then they shoehorn in that snoke shit and the “master plan” crap

  • Whats terrifying about Vader in a duel, is that not only is his he skilled, but has horrifying inhuman strength. His cybernetics can be tuned to where he can crush his lightsaber hilt.

    Imagine trying to block a blow from vaders attack. It would be impossible without the force enhancing your ability.

  • i mean compared to all the other disney stars wars movies speffically force awakens and the last jedi was this one really worse than them honsetly when i watched rise of skywalker i was just hoping it would be better than the last two

  • Basically exactly how I feel about it. I really, really wanted to love this film. I’m just so utterly disappointed. It’s like you say, it’s not a trilogy, it’s two duologies depending on whether you like 8 or 9.

  • “A Jedi’s weapon deserves more respect than that.” I’m sorry guys, but to me that was best FU to Rian Johnson i could of asked for.

    However, i do wish they would of used Luke Skywalker as the spark. I hated what Rian did to luke in TLJ, but would of liked to see more of that “Spark” used.

    She has all the jedi. Through the Force she learned Vapaad, and used it like Mace Windu did to turn the lighting back on Palpatine.

    You know JJ was handed a pile of shit, and was told to make a steak dinner. yet best he could give us was a Salad.

    The person I hold responsible for all this shit storm, the lack of vision is Kathleen Kenedy. I hate her more than I hate Rian Johnson.

  • TLDR version of some of these comments; the main movies should be able to stand on their own without need other sources to explain the main story. In other words, the expanded universe should expand a story, not fix it.

  • All I really wanted was something more similar to Legends EU continuity…. Not going back to 2 force users and Empire 2.0. I want to Luke Skywalker to be more respected like he was in Legends EU instead of sloppily deconstructed like he was in canon…. Heck why do we even need Rey in the first place? No I’m serious. She’s everything that’s wrong with the franchise.

    I’m not saying that Rian Johnson didn’t deserve to be a director or being in filmmaking at all. What I am saying is he should stay far away from Star Wars as possible.

  • You ever think or hope that Anakin was inside fighting Vader, in a constant battle, sometimes striking a blow and saying “im still here you bastard”

  • Imma be honest. I saw it. I had low expectations of it and I actually enjoyed it. Yes I was one of those who highly disliked star wars but I didnt tell people they were wrong for liking it. Honestly my biggest criticism is the pacing at the beginning, they should have done the training in the last movie not this one, the ships just not moving making them sitting ducks like in a video game, Rey, unexplained palpatine and his death, getting her lightsaber once the movie ended. I’ll be honest I did watch this before seeing this (and many others) but I surprisingly thought it was good, now was it the best? Absolutely not, but the story was solid with a return of a jedi vibe (I wonder why…) and Finn felt used better in this but his arc still feels so lacking. I think with Poe they’re gonna make a spin off series about his spice running. I do dislike the risks taken away at weird moments like C-3P0 but that might have been for a joke. I think Jay Jay Binks followed a formula that Rian Johnson did, subvert expectations. Let me say this IMO I think JJ did the subverting better than Rian with Luke (needs a hair cut), Kylo wanting to be like Anakin in revenge of the sith, and Rey nearly dying but in her place Ben dies. But like I said it is my opinion. Star Wars is about a story and no one has to like all movie and no one has to hate the movies. We are all fans in the end

  • As a big Star Wars fan, I disliked this film, it was a low-middling effort. The Last Jedi was the real disaster though, it was absolutely awful & Rian Johnson handed JJ Abrams an absolute stinker to sort out in one film.

    How Disney didn’t plan out the whole trilogy with a story in place with the directors to follow is beyond me. Felt like each film was made up on the spot as they went along. The two directors blatantly had very different ideas & it appears after TFA it was a mess.

  • The older I get the more I like the actor Tom Cruise. He made lots of good movies over decades. His career is stunning. Actually I’m doing a retrospective of his movies. Not all of them but the good ones I’ve missed to watch. Edge of tomorrow and collateral were awesome, now I’m starting with the whole MI series which I’ve heard from friends are top quality action movies. Im thrilled to see them.


    -Thanks for watching. A few long-time viewers on the channel have commented expressing their distaste for me being negative about this movie, since we usually go out of our way to write about the good in media and the things that we love. As I said in the later stages of this video I hate being negative. I really do. And it takes a lot of hard work and effort to make a movie, as I also said. Disliking something isn’t necessarily an admission that you can do any better I’m simply a kid that likes movies. But I just didn’t like this one I really, really didn’t. And as much as I want to be a force for positivity on this platform, I’m never going to pretend I like something just because that would be the easier thing to do. Given all the Star Wars content we have made, it felt appropriate to give you my thoughts on the movie for better or worse. For those of you that liked the movie, I’m sorry that I couldn’t join you in your joy. I love Star Wars. I love the Republic. Expect more positive Star Wars videos in 2020. May peace and the force be with you. Matt

  • I wouldn’t call the Empire fascist. Cause it’s an Empire. The term fascist is used under a democratic republican sense. It doesn’t function under an imperial one.

    See, a fascist state is held under a dictator. An Empire is held by an Emperor. A fascist dictator is civil government, while an Emperor holds a religious connotation or a kind of theocratic government. Fascism means also stringent government control of the economy, while in an Empire there are usually mixes of government control over the economy and lack thereof. Usually.

    For example, the British East India Trading Company or the von der Leyen silk company. This demonstrates that the Empire holds interests in their economy through a company held privately under a noble or citizen which they tax. But a dictator under fascism would be taking control of said company from the private citizen. Ergo, this shows a distinct difference in how power is displayed.

    Fascism is all about power or national power, while Empire is about state interests despite the different nationalities. (Of course some nationalities may be favored in Empires, but this isn’t always the case). Of course another stark difference is in the obsession of law in Empires. Fascist states don’t share that obsession. And more often than not declare laws that would target distinct groups and oppress certain kinds of thought. While Empire is more half-way.

  • What would have fixed this movie is if they listened to Rian Jonson. Mark was telling him at one point
    “We have to think about the fans” Wich Rian responded with “No, we have too think about the story”

  • Weird. My friends and family really liked this movie and we’re all long time Star Wars fans. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see hate for it. I actually thought it made the Last Jedi slightly better, and I’m no fan of the Last Jedi. Anyone else like this movie, or am I the only one?

  • I’m for sure with you on the fallen order to the sequel concept. I don’t have a problem with Fallen Order being after order 66 but it sure would’ve been interesting to see new planets, the Republic, knights of ren as boss fights and maybe kylo ren killing kal as the final boss fight

  • I agree. I didn’t like the movie either. McDiarmid did a great job as Palpatine and he delivered a very good performance as an evil character. Other than that, the movie was bad.

  • In jedi fallen order when SPOILER Vader comes out and you try to escape but he know your every next move, you don’t figh, you just try to stay alive

  • They could have salvaged the world building problems in Force Awakens by explaining how Snoke moved mountains, including rebuilding the Empire and undoing the Rebellion’s work, corrupting Ben and apparently causing Luke to go into exile. He ought to have been a powerful Sith Lord at the very least!

  • So uhhhhhh, Boba Fett is uninteresting because he only has 10 lines and “dies” easily.
    But, supplementary material is important for worldbuilding.
    Supplementary material that tells you Boba didnt die in the Sarlacc pit, and did interesting things.


  • They didn’t feel like actual characters to me, it felt like they were all hamsters in a big cage just milling about doing what they are doing

  • Watch Maul vs Obi Wan Kenobi w/ Duel of Fates & flashbacks and it explains how Kenobi won based on what Kenobi had learned and Maul didnt learn from their Duel of the Fates fight

  • I always loved that Vader toys with Luke throughout almost the entire fight. For the first half, he fights him one-handed…almost like I fight my kindergarden aged son. It isn’t really a fight…just a show Vader is putting on to manipulate Luke into doing what he wants.

  • this trilogy shouldnt have been made, there was no more to say.
    Why couldnt we have had a trilogy with our boyys

    Wish i was C3PO and could have my mind wiped

  • Duels like this remind me why the Sabre fight in ANH is so important — it isn’t always about a great show of power by bouncing off of walls and backflips (I enjoy fast paced intense Sabre duels too). It’s about matching pace, knowing your enemy’s moves and hitting the sword in the right place. Defense and not offense which is something the Jedi prides itself on (for knowledge and defense NEVER attack).

  • My three favorite lightsaber Duells are:
    Darth Maul vs. Asoka Tano clone wars
    Darth Maul vs. Obi Wan Rebels
    Darth Maul vs. Obi Wan Episode 1

    I think Qui gon could have won, if he fought on an open place.

  • I like how you sigh mentioning Snoke & Obi Wan from the prequels.. so clearly right off the bat we don’t have the same tastes in character. And yeah, maybe attacking Rian Johnson isn’t the right move but criticizing his work is ABSOLUTELY the right move. I mean, come on! Have you heard all the fan critiques?? Sure, there are some cringe-worthy ones, but yes the fans could’ve written a better/more interesting Star Wars story than Rian Johnson shat out.. No offense, but your attempt at defending Rian when he has just a couple movies under his belt AND blatantly ignored the fans to tell his own story, well.. we all know how well that turned out don’t we.

  • Hearing Han say “that’s not how the force works” feels so weird since he used to think it was all just luck and some dumb superstition. Really shows how his character evolved

  • Tbh
    I don’t really think it a was anger that drove Maul to find Obi Wan
    It was pity, he gave up on life and himself when his brother found him
    Maul had thought he failed and that showed great disappointment to him

  • Obi Wan vs Maul, is better than Ahsoka vs Maul. This isn’t flashy like Ahsoka vs Maul. This fight is handled with grace, humility, and emotion. This fight is a civilized one. Obi Wan is much more civilized and humble than any other force wielder and showed how he grew as a person, and a Jedi.

  • Almost every duel from TCW looks more dynamic and has been ANIMATED better, the this one.

    Ps I’m not arguing the atmosphere of this duel, I’m talking about ANIMATIOM only

  • Omfg Why didn’t they make Luke in the new trilogy be exiled on Jakka with Rey and like Obi Wan, find her to train her and take her to the star killer base instead of Han…LOL I mean come on

  • id like to point out that Vader says “you are not a Jedi YET”
    almost as if he was subconsciously wishing for his son to turn to the right path. as if this was a test to see if his son could do what he couldn’t. as if Vader needed to prove to himself that there is hope.

  • I am not a “remake 8” person and I don’t think anyone on that campaign honestly things they themselves can create the film. As far as I understood it was a campaign for Disney themselves to rewrite and remake the film.

    To the first part of the video, I honestly think Solo’s poor performance came from the bad taste TLJ left in the fan’s mouths. I am glad that you enjoyed the film, and I agree there are some great Star Wars moments, as a whole the film is a mess and doesn’t work. Ep 7 wasn’t a particularly bad film, retreading the Death Star again was an annoyance, but there was a ton of setup for the next chapter of the films.

    1. Snoke turning Ben (Leia talks about it)
    2. Knights of Ren/Fall of the new Jedi order
    3. Maz asking Han about Rey related to Jakku
    4. Church of the Force (surviving Jedi? )
    5. Rey training with Luke

    So pretending I have just seen Ep 7 in 2015 these are what I’m wondering about and waiting 2 years for right? Okay now its 2017 and TLJ is releasing, reviews from critics scared of having their press passes revoked are out and are good. First and foremost its starting right after 7 finished, so there is no time skip, okay mixed feeling lets see how it goes. Not great. Snoke doesn’t matter, knights of Ren aren’t brought up all, Maz isn’t working on rebuilding the place that was just destroyed a few days ago, nothing on anyone surviving the destruction of the Jedi temple, Luke cuts himself off from the force. Given all this the film also takes a half hour side quest to a casino planet where stuff unrelated to the plot keeps happening during the slowest car chase in cinema history. On top of all this, how does Luke react to holding the very same lightsaber his own father cut out of his hand, the man that saved him from the Emperor so many years ago, the man he aspired to be like? “Meh” he tosses it over his shoulder.

    All this happens and they wonder why Solo did so bad. There is a very clear, blatant disrespect to the source material of the OT and the film TLJ is supposed to be building off of. Why should the fans show up to support Solo when they don’t care about Luke or the new trilogy? Which is a shame because Solo was a fun Star Wars movie, despite some small issues. So I will not be seeing 9 opening weekend, if the fan reviews are decent I’ll catch it on a 5 dollar Tuesday.

  • Thinking back, back to when we did not know about Anakin and Vader’s connection.

    The true master swordsman and pinnacle of the light Obi-Wan, and Yoda both could not interfere. The old guard was gone, and you had this quite literal upstart with a collective of a few weeks of training going up against the boogeyman of the last film.

    It was terrifying because he could have killed him at any time and he didn’t. He was toying with him and we did not really know why. Not until he had Luke backed to the edge of the scaffolding.

  • I met Tom Cruise in a restaurant in NYC around Christmas. Super nice guy, he let me take a picture with him, and he shook my hand, and wished me a happy New Year.

  • This is the reason why Disney killed off Han Solo. He knew too much about what the force really is and how it worked. Disney just made the force look like a joke. I am a die hard Star Wars fan btw

  • This rivalry should have been one of the main driving forces of the prequels. The biggest mistake George Lucas made was not bringing back Darth Maul. Honestly could have saved the prequel trilogy.

  • There isn’t a single moment in star wars that can measure up to this reveal since. Hard to live up to such legendary story telling

  • What funny is in the comics maul himself beloved that qui gons death was not a honourable kill as he cheated which shows the kind of sith maul truly was

  • Great breakdown. Remembering how incredibly well-developed these characters and movies were just makes me even more enraged at how Disney screwed its all up for bullshlt identity politics…

  • really, you think this was good? You are just going to ignore how dumb that inside strike attempt by Maul was? I don’t know what was worse, the attack attempt, or how dumb it was blocked. It literally makes zero sense, nobody attacks at nothing and no one blocks something that is aimed at nothing, it’s definition of stupid… This was not the greatest animated battle sequence, it is possibly one of the worst. And I haven’t even mentioned how dumb it looks that the downward strike by obi wan would have clearly cut mauls face and yet nothing is shown on his face. The entire thing is a farce and unbearable to endure. You are clearly just a dumb fan boi that knows nothing and shouldn’t even be allowed to make star wars content.