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The Cosplay Hero: How Anne Lost 100 lbs. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: July 11, 2013 • 118 comments. Anne (Hearthsinger on the NF Boards) is an artist and a nerd.

She’s an actress, singer, and writer living in New York City, working as a tour guide during the daylight hours. The Cosplay Hero: How Anne Lost 100 lbs Anne’s an actress, singer, and writer living in New York City. Not too long ago, Anne was a slave to games like World of Warcraft, playing them in ever spare moment she had. She was stuck in a cycle. This 173-pound golden retriever was neglected and almost euthanized by his previous owners.

But a foster mom stepped in when the vets knew there was hope for. Also available on the NBC app. Jessica Simpson revealed that she lost an incredible amount of weight after giving birth to her daughter Birdie.”6 months.

100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales. A woman who lost more than 100 pounds on the ketogenic diet has credited her success to altering her choices and now shares her top recipes with an online following. Suzanne Ryan. Cosplay Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Costume Training Suit Uniform Blue My daughter is the one on the right with the teal and black hair—she’s 5’3” tall and just shy of 100 pounds long limbed with a 26” waist, 31” hips, and 30” chest.

Patty-Anne Wix. 5.0 out of 5 stars Anime. Reviewed in Canada. Monday 2020-06-22 1:06:01 am: Losing Weight For Cosplay | Losing Weight For Cosplay | | Fast-Fat-Burning-Medicine. A Colorado woman has participated in a nude photo shoot after getting out of an unfaithful, tumultuous marriage, conquering a debilitating illness, and losing a hundred pounds.

Right now, I’m 165 and I’ve lost over 100 pounds total on Weight Watchers and plan to lose more. My pulse/bloodpressure, recently checked, was almost perfect and I’m going to get my blood tested soon so hopefully I’m not too high in cholesterol and not pre-diabetic (family history, one of the factors of poor health and low metabolic rate). Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, took a sunset dip in the ocean during their vacation in Hawaii on Sunday.

The Oscar winner, who is currently. Anne Hathaway Pregnant Exercise For Pregnant Women Monica Bellucci Photo Pretty Pregnant Pregnant Celebrities Celebrity Bikini Celebrity Babies Celebrity Style Oscar Winners.

List of related literature:

The costumes weighed half as much as she did, and left her with a recurring problem in the small muscles between her ribs.

“Actress: A Novel” by Anne Enright
from Actress: A Novel
by Anne Enright
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Her clothing was loose and shapeless; Harleen wasn’t sure if she was carrying extra weight or just had poor muscle tone from inactivity.

“DC Comics novels Harley Quinn: Mad Love” by Paul Dini, Pat Cadigan
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Even after she had regained her strength, she still needed help with dressing and lifting.

“Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?” by Marion Meade
from Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?
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Now she wanted people to recognize her so that the crowd would like her costume and her slender, shapely figure, and she would be given the prize.

“The Petty Demon” by Fyodor Sologub
from The Petty Demon
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It is no wonder that her patients rapidly lost weight; it is amazing that more didn’t die.

“When Doctors Kill: Who, Why, and How” by Joshua A. Perper, Stephen J. Cina
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The doctors had told her to bulk up before the surgery because she could expect to lose around fifty pounds over the entire course of the surgery and radiation.

“The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life” by Alice Schroeder
from The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life
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She’d regained the weight she’d lost in the hospital, and her body felt limber and strong.

“A Murder in Time: A Novel” by Julie McElwain
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“Cosplay Is Serious Business: Gendering Material Fan Labor on Heroes of Cosplay,” Cinema Journal, 54.3: 146–154.

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This rejection of bodily needs obviously led to an extreme loss of weight and a continual state of lightheadedness that would be conducive to Irene’s own sense of flight or, more accurately, her levitation.

“Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and other Airborne Females” by Serinity Young
from Women Who Fly: Goddesses, Witches, Mystics, and other Airborne Females
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  • Thank you for the video & the list. Much appreciated. what can be used for the omega3 fatty acids, instead of fish? I’m a vegetarian. And would you plz tell me which enzymes you use? Thx.

  • I feel so bad for Rashid, like he is so passionate about teaching this guy, and helping him lose weight, but this dude is on every excuse in the book to fail, and seems like he does not give any [email protected]@ks about his own health, like for real if you do not care then do not waste Rashid’s time, he could be training somebody more worthy of his time and positive energy then this loser.

  • The moment you mentioned berry as a berry diet, I was thinking not another stupid fad diet. Though it makes sence, like most people, they want to look for some short cut,,and look and argue for some dumb fad diet.

    With the smweoght loss mentioned here with adele. Translation. Most likely she did not lose this much weight with this diet, but had her stomach stapled. How do I know, just like coach here, that diet was fake and not really doable. Sure, like coach said 1 in a billion may be able to make it work. Though also like coach said, it would be mostly muscle. Which to me means, and many seems to have a problem understanding. You can be skinny. But, you can also be very flabby. Translation less body weight does not always equate to more muscle tone when your body is eating up the muscle for the weight you are losing. This also means there is a good possibility that you can actually become fatter. How, you ask? Because your body percent fat is calculated from body fat verses lean muscle mass. Yiu you keep the same lb of body fat but lose weight in muscles means the percentage of body fat goes up to muscle relationships. Hence a fater person. Percentage wise. Yes you may lose some weight on fat, body fat. And, the pounds of fat may go down. But, again the ratio of fat to lean mass with losing muscle faster than the body fat, equates to higher body fat to muscle ration. Translation higher body fat, which is when tested means percent body fat to ration of lean body mass.

    The coch is so right. I,get so tire of hearing people saying they have read every fad diet book out there. If that is the case, they must have wall to wall books throughout their home.

    Though here is a thoughm instead of being so lazy you read tons of books and focus on actually books that all fad diet books are bases on. An actual accidemic nutrition book which actually teaches people proper nutrition. One basic accidemic book will have more great information than ever single fad diet book in the world combined. So, far less reading isrequired. Then some may argue that would be too hard. Heck a basic college book is designed for a highschool reader You know, with having to read at a highschool level for most to start college. Not only that but very likely if not just as easy to read, it may very likely be even easier to read than some fad science e books. In part because that nutrition body does not gi e you tends od pseudo science which should not make sence becauemse its fake. Or,,pseudo scientific language so to make you feel you gotten some special knowledge But, the nutrition book will be written with simple common language and will not waist your time with lots of filler so to drag out one small paragraph of information into an 100 page book.

    Exercise is also very important. Learn to exercise. Dont half ass it, and expect magic result. But, actually exercise ad a safe and appropriate level for yourself.

    After all,there is a reason why athletes look athletic. They are exercising. It’s not from some sit on your ass lazy fake fad diet. Its demon getting up and actually moving around. Amd,,not trying to do so at the lowers level so they can feel they have bragging rights to say they exercisenm But, actually exercising a a safe proper level for what their body can take. Simply challenging yourself with out killing yourself. Want to know more, then many peole who have friends who life can teach you at a hight level than you are. Even better to learn from a educated person. Maybe a certified trainer. Juat know that not all athletic trainers or certificTions are created equal. Maybe even better with one who has a degree in the subject still better one who has the education and first hand exercise experance combination together.

  • Yes I don’t know if he finished but keep going the time it’s takes is hard but the journey is amazing. Love watching Big Mike videos

  • Thank you. I’ve never been large, quite the opposite. Regardless, I’m at somewhat of a crossroads in my life. My children were taken away from me. Very close to getting them back. Your videos keep me from spiralling into a deep depression. Just like you, I’ve struggled to meet certain goals. I’m going to keep what you said about having more than one reason. That affected me more than I think I even know. So, thank you. You truly are an inspiration. Not just in weight loss, but in way of being as well.

  • First of all well done for loosing a 100 lb thats alot of weight, just wondered how tall are you?
    ive been on the keto diet for 3 weeks. plenty of broccoli and salmon, best cooked in a halogen oven with garlic powder, jerk powder as well as a pinch of salt, pepper & paprika.

  • I get that the number is a goal, but you looking better than in episode 1 & you getting strong af. It’s going to come off before you even realize. Keep pushing!

  • Some of these comments are very rough. Just remember that everyone has a different relationship with food. Just like with drugs and alcohol, most people abuse food because it takes the place of something they’re missing in real life. We don’t know what Big Mike’s inner struggles or demons are. Everyone has a CODE, and sometimes you have to unlock the code for things to finally make sense. It just bothers me when people take this attitude of: “This isn’t hard! I can do it, so you should be able to do it. All you gotta do is…” I’m sure there are things that Big Mike can do that you probably would be clueless about. Everyone has to have the right (not SAME) motivation to do better.

  • Y’all should meet up with pit and mookie. Ex strength cartel. That boy mookie lost more than 50lbs in 11 weeks getting trained by pit!!

  • I can tell that you really care about big Mike and want him to live a healthier lifestyle. My condolences on the loss of your friend.

  • Im so proud of you Big Mike for losing those pounds and enduring. All I can say is WOW! Mr Rashid I love ya man. Im inspired to get my hubby and I on this workout and much more. We wish we had you here but we might hate you afterwards (joke). Im loving this you are such a great trainer humbling, encouraging my God you are blessed and gifted.. Im so glad the God bought me to your channel. Im really really inspired. I know it is hard work. Im 52 and my hubby is 62. oh yeah theres hope. hahaha. Love you and God bless you more Mr Rashid! I will keep watching your workouts!

  • Wow, I agree eliminating sugar is perfect choice, I myself stopped sugar then discovered amazing results so I took it a little further. Now I also have taken off dairy its very harsh for the body to break down. I also eliminated meats i used to eat grass-fed meats. now that I’m plant-based you really can tell the difference in your body if your conscious enough to pick up on the sign, your body talks back to you.

  • I need my exercise to be productive beyond exercises sake. I can’t just run or lift weights. One of the best things I ever did was joining a conservation corps. Spent 2 years doing work in parks and conservation sites. It didn’t make me lose a ton of weight, but it kept me active it kept me at a point I feel comfortable.

    Now that I’m done with that I’ve been worried I’m gonna fall out of any meaningful exercise. The quarantine has not helped that. The best I’ve managed is a few miles on a treadmill, but I can’t convince myself to just run for the sake of running.

    So crazy as it may be, I play animal crossing while I run. I detatch the controllers and jog (I increase the speed as I go.) I get chores done in animal crossing and while the running isnt accomplishing a task by itself the game gives me that reward and sense that I’m getting something done.

    When I started I was running distance so 1 mile to start.

    Now I do time and I’m hitting a slightly above average mile. It’s a moment that makes me think of my worst fit time is high school where the mile run was a yearly requirement and I’d end up being there for the whole period usually clocking in around 35 minutes or more (though I did have more asthma related issues at the time). Those miles literally made me an outcast because everyone who finished the mile got the rest of the period free, so youd see the jocks go first and then everybody else filters out and then there’s me… I went to a small school so I really was one of the only people in that class who was out of shape to that degree.

    Now I’ve hauled stone for a gorge staircase, moved timber for bridges, even got trained in some seriously advanced first aid so I had to carry a person my same weight for like 20 minutes.

  • Aj is not in good condition Mike c’mon now! I’m almost hurt to hear that com out yo mouth Rashid the man has waaayyyy too much mass for boxing and on top of that he ain’t that good of a boxer!!!!

  • One of the few upsides of this quarantine is the fact that working from home enables you to make breaks from your work and do some sets of exercise in “Grease the Groove” fashion. They can be as simple as push ups / pull ups or complex as kettle bell snatches. The one thing in common is that they don’t overtax your system (one of the reasons many can’t continue their workout routines). They require some planning and discipline but are incredibly easy to adhere to (going to the bathroom? 3 push ups after finished, done).

  • I’m not appalling what shouldn’t be applauded. Real trainer stuff.

    No celebration until results. Dope!
    Get it big Mike in the same fight.

    Keep inspiring!

  • Glad you’re feeling better. I knew something was we wrong. Keep the new vids coming. ����.. also, can you list some of your supplements thanks

  • Limit calories in drinks (very little to none at all). Eat plenty of meats (non fried, non marinated), poultry, fish, eggs, avocados, low carb dairy, leafy greens, green veggies. Eat small amounts of nuts and fruit. Drink lots of water. Sleep well. Exercise 3-5 times a week for 45-minute sessions, minimum. Watch the fat melt

  • Hello Greg, compliments on a great channel. Subscribed immediately. love the sense of humor. I’m 45, from Cape Town South Africa and recently picked up the task of trying to cut some of my weight.
    yes, without your FREEEEEAAAAAKING COOKBOOK… lol
    thank you for the laughs, the info and the motivation.
    brilliant brilliant work.

  • He just need to run in that sun ☀️ baby that muscle already there Big Mike….Run 3 miles a day for a month with that sauna suite I bet that fat fall off Big Mike ������

  • The picture of me on the right was taken in March 2018 the picture on the left is current I’m 56 years old I lost 121 pounds by following my trainer’s instructions on diet and training. Big Mike can do it!

  • I admire your positivity. I’ve been watching your vape videos for years, and I appreciate all that. But what I appreciate more is your desire to help others who may have the same struggles that you have. More power to you Rip. Will be waiting for all your motivational videos. Love yah!

  • Omgosh digging the haircut �� (Had to be said)
    There’s nooo secret to Adele’s weight loss, she’d been losing weight for years…. It’s just eating less. It takes for-ever. And it’s harrrrd.

  • big love brotha! well done! Possibly one of the most inspiring and informative videos out there. Many many people fad dieting with bounce back results. Many out there pushing their product lines. Bennett has lots of contact points that include those of us trying to lose weight it is very relatable.

  • Best video by far. Good advice. I was an overweight person for a long time. I still “technically am” but it’s mostly from muscle mass. It’s easy to find motivation when your health is the issue. We love in a “body positive” society that unintentionally influences self-destruction methods of self-acceptance. Good work! Inspiring! Your new discipline can be seen in your more recent videos.

  • You’re brainwashed if you think eating fruit is unhealthy. No fruit or veggie is bad, but you do have to practice common sense and moderation.

  • I dropped 95 in a year gotta admit the feeling of being out of place in your own body was that thing about weight loss I couldn’t explain to people before. If your worried about gaining the weight back try roller blading. It burns alot of calories and is a more fun work out.

  • Who cares if someone chose to take the surgery route to lose weight? They’re still taking steps to lose weight and get healthy. If it works for them, what’s so bad about it? ��

  • I’m proud of you for sticking to what you set your mind to, especially after facing a setback and lapsing for a while. That’s the part that whips people most often.

    I dropped from 235 to 155 about a decade ago, but gained the weight back once my 30’s hit. But now that I’m trying to get back down to the weight I was when I felt the best, I know I’ve done it before, and it can be done again. Just under 220 isn’t close to my goal, but I already feel better than I did a few months prior, and I’m closer to what I want than what I was.

    Good health is a habit, and I forgot that for a while. The good news is, gaining the weight back doesn’t have to be permanent, for myself or anyone else. It sure wasn’t permanent the first time.

  • I’m genuinely curious, ben watching for years and I still support the fuck outta you no matter, do you partake in any 420/710 stuff? I wont be surprised if you do or don’t. I’m just curious. I do and I’m beginning to be more positive myself, ever so slowly but I can see a difference.

  • There’s a lot of positive comments but some of you don’t realize that mookie is trying too hard to be something he can’t be a powerlifter he will have issues with his knees the way they are been inside they can even break

  • There are people who have hormonal issues that actually lose weight more effectively adding in more calories. Calories from the different macros also have a huge effect on total body composition not just weight. This is a half truth video

  • My highest weight was 217, I couldnt take it, so I lost weight and now I’m 180 something, and still going, best thing I’ve done before

  • Dude. You gotta go organic on all your corn products. Corn is one of the highest pesticide sprayed vegetables on the market. Also the GMO factors are a concern.. Thank you for the advise, I will try some of what you’ve done, I’m sure it will help me in the long run.

  • I use to watch you back in the day but I quit vaping for a few years. I started back a week ago and said let me go see what ol rips been up to. Holy crap man, I almost didn’t recognize you. It’s the perfect time because I have to lose weight. I’m 6’4 and weigh 325lbs. I’m going to start intermittent fasting but I’d love to hear all of your health secrets. And I don’t know how you drink 2 gallons of water a day. I can barely just drink a gallon in the summer but 2 gallons? That’s crazy. Hopefully I’ll get there one day. Great video!

  • adele is a taller woman so she probably needs over 2000 calories just to maintain that big weight she was at so if she ate that low of calories for her diet she can definitely lose weight that fast.

  • 23 pounds in over 3 months…. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah either your a shit trainer or your letting mike eat whatever he wants. which is synonymous with being a shit trainer.

  • Bro MOOKIE fuck I can’t even comment bruh. That’s THAT GOOD SHIT. We all wanna see you in the 200s brotha!!! Keep that shit up man.

  • Wow, I’m really surprised to see all the judgmental comments about Big Mike. This man put his life in the public eye and now he’s being ridiculed. That’s not encouragement. No one deserve to be spoken to like that and no one knows what this man may be going through in other areas of his life. Give this man a break. Geez!!!! I know I wouldn’t want to be in his position with people constantly judging me.

  • I’m 15 and I weight 280 and I want to change my life around I want to change the way I eat the exercise mokki does and they are really inspiring

  • Oooh I hope Mike brings this back with him training someone but with a woman overweight. I would do it but I don’t live where he do lol

  • I had no idea you’ve been managing all this in your life. Happy for the changes you’ve made. Hope you keep it up and stay positive.

  • Unsubbed a while ago as I stopped vapeing. This video popped up on my feed, going to re-sub to see if these type off videos continue.

  • I feel like me and Big Mike have the same issue. Strong but endurance is nit there year. I’m probably just a tad bit ahead of him strength and endurance wise only because I smash my ProFit Elliptical workouts before I even start lifting. That fast days was a great suggest because I feel like diet is the only part I struggle with. Wife cooks too good and I love French Fries.

  • Well done Rip I also went on a 0 grams of sugar but I went one step further I also cut out all refined carbohydrates I came down from 142kgs(313lbs) to 86kgs(189lbs)

  • Gluten Free is only necessary for people who have an allergy to Gluten. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason to eat gluten free.

  • holy shit. i watched the first vid of the weight loss journey and then i watched this one. congrats man. i honestly saw an extreme change in how you look

  • Question Rip, did you manage to avoid the loose skin and if so how did you avoid it, I’ve lost 11st I’m not sure how much that is in pounds, and I’ve been left with a bit of loose skin here and there which has made it difficult for me to be, well just being honest here naked around my own wife, did you avoid the loose skin or how did you manage it.

  • so what were the 2 things you were eating? can you share the ratios you used for your granola? and what were the enzymes? Thank you!!!

  • Greg years ago a friend he was on a lifestyle change he said he never count the calories but he used to stay trim and buff is there such a thing thank you

  • Big Mike you’re doing absolutely great. And I believe you will accomplish this task of losing 100 lbs. I’m 64 yrs old (285 lbs 2016 now 269 lbs 2019) and I’ve been doing some of the training you have been doing with a few modifications due to my age, but love what you’re doing. Stay motivated, stay focus, and continue to believe in yourself. You have a very good trainer “Mike Rashid” I hope those who are watching these videos are motivated and encouraged to do the same if they want to look and feel good like Big Mike! iRideOn2-TheLegend “lets Go Big Boss Mike, NO excesses! “Be Encouraged my Brotha!:):):) Keep pusshing Him Brotha Mike Rashid!

  • This is absolutely incredible. Congratulations Mookie on your journey. Much respect to Pitbull for guiding Mookie to unlock his greatness the right way ����

  • I think after this crisis everyone needs to consider taking up a healthier lifestyle. Our immune systems don’t get the support it needs for threats like this. Stay clean everyone, eat good, and help your neighbors.

  • Great Idea! I for one would like to see you prep meals with actual product names, what supplements you take. You have a great personality and motivational energy. Thank you.

  • Out of curiosity, what was that wrap you were eating with the Feta? Turkey? Chicken? And was the wrap whole grain? Just asking, because I want to kick out the Gas Station Food that I have after work and be more conscience of my intake.

  • I lost 50# in about 6 months by just cutting the sugar. I can attest to feeling better by cutting the sugar. Congrats on the weight loss man keep up the good work!

  • Even the healthiest person in the world will die, so we have to prepare for that day. However, being healthy surely increases your life span, but everyone will die, this is a fact everyone should remember.

  • I lost 50 lbs. (still going). One of my many turning points was when I almost didn’t fit in a roller coaster at Dollywood. Two, very sweet teens told me they sometimes had trouble with that car. I didn’t believe them, but how nice were they to say it? It took both of them to close it, with one using his foot. It’s funny to me now. At the time it was mortifying.

  • OMG…Beautiful. I will try to lose weight. For every like, I will go a day without eating any junk food!! I’ll come back and keep y’all updated!!:)

  • I really think Rachel face looked more heathier at a larger weight. Im proud of her accomplishment but i think she lost too much!!!

  • Man this vid is the sheet! Seeing you push Big Mike and him stepping up has brought me up a level in my workouts. Great workout right here!

  • big mike they giving you all the knowledge and time…. dont let them down as well as yourself.. 277 to 290 isnt good to big of a leap


    Pls watch and try this video
    Finger millet dosa with black lentil curry for weight loss & diabetic cholesterol control

  • Well the bright side is, he did stay at the same weight, hopefully that talk will get Big Mike going. Like Mike said if knee hurting then he needs to do other things for cardio, etc. Take all that you have learned so far and do what you can. May want to look into a knee sleeve for support on that leg.

  • Stop it Mike! Ruiz Jr. Doesn’t beat Wilder. It’s a potentially tougher fight for Wilder but he wins. And Fury wasn’t robbed. Neither did enough to win! Nice try though! ��

  • I haven’t watched one of your videos since a long time ago and the change is astonishing. For real, congratulations! (not congratilations as in the last episode of Evangelion, I mean legit congratulations)

  • I wish so much that eventually someone would create a cookbook that allows me to eat food that taste good and still be in a calorie deficit and burn fat!

  • But as you said in one of your own videos… (paraphrase) “If the person is morbidly obese it might be a good idea to be in a 500 calorie diet”. So this diet was a feast and not so bad for her if she was dangerously obese. Thanks for your videos, they can be really helpful.

  • I lost 20 kg last year while eating chocolate every day. And other bad foods, just eating smaller portions og IT and 90 minutes walking.

  • If you eat a Big Mac then you’re probably gonna look like a Big Mac ��
    That’s why you should come to Burger King, eat like a king & feel like a King!����

  • I’ve only recently become a fan of Anime Abandon, and I’ve really been enjoying it. But as much as I love the channel, nothing is better than videos like this. Congratulations, Bennett. I know I’m over a year late, but I’m so happy for you.

  • To all the people who are losing weight or have lost weight no matter how much or how little, congratulation to you. I know how hard it can be to eat healthier and stick with it. But at least your trying. Keep going and one day you will look back and be proud of what you achieved!!!!����

  • I gained 100 pounds during my pregnancy and lost it less than a year and more. As a nurse I walked alot. When I got off I walked 1hr, stress lol so stress really didn’t eat much. I lost so much they had to put me on weight gain medicine

  • Ive lost 30+ and gained it all back and plus someIm on my journey again and Im down 7 lbsthis is now a lifestyle change and I hope I can maintain for life

  • I’m loving your videos. As a health coach in training I cannot fully agree in calories in and calories out, because of the mental health aspect that can stuck you. But everything else is so right it was a toxic diet and not sustainable. I could lead to gain the weight back with a plus and lose muscle density. Everyone was wanting to know the diet and do it, honestly, I was scared of the bad relationship with food that a lot of people would develop.

  • Big Mike sounds like my 14 year old now that that baby fat gone got that 2 pack showing now he’s the man lol naw bro we got work to do!����‍♂️

  • Cannot cheat yourself, I started at 250 now I weigh 200. I workout out everyday and always improving my nutrition and supplements. My next goal is 180, you can do it. I’ve gotten so much stronger and endurance is better. I love to lift as a woman but I started with body weight and hiit cardio.

  • I’m down 170 lbs and do keto with 0 carbs other than brassicate vegetables and onion/peppers. For me all carbs=sugar and plant protein doesn’t count as protein.

  • Thank God you were doing this because I watched some of your videos that were more recent and was thinking “oh god please don’t be cancer, oh god please don’t be cancer”. So double yay!

  • That last workout reminds me of my friend/trainer I workout with when he really pushes me. I always joke with him later telling him I’m going to name my first ulcer after him.:-D

  • Well Greg, though I don’t disagree with you, the calories in vs calories out is the way to lose weight, I did a crazy diet like that to get off the excessive amount of weight. I will say it wasn’t the healthiest way since I did 1000 calories for 2 months, I lost 27lbs in 2 months AND THEN from there now that the weight was off, I found a way to keep it off and increased my calories but ate less dense caloric foods. So though it isn’t the best, modified it is doable!

  • How the hell do you only eat 1000 calories a day and not feel starved? I cut to 1500 calories and had to add more because I was losing weight but still hungry lol.

  • 17:40 The Feels ;-; Great job man.

    19:20 I sorta like weight training.
    I’ve never been a running person myself.
    More of a swimmer given the choice and with swimming I mean being under the water and saying Blubb blubb to the fishes.

    29:42 Great video But it’d been better with a better soundtrack:P

    Losing weight is not easy. It sounds really easy, but it’s not.
    Many thinks ” Just eat less and you’ll lose the weight, easy! “, except they have no idea how hard that actually is.

    Back when I was 25 and due to some issues with family, had gotten my own apartment and my economy was poor.
    The only thing I lived on for about 6+ months was around 1-2 Pan Pizzas each day and Pepsi or Water, along wtih the occassional toast. This was around 500-1000 kcal each day ( our way to count calories, it’s roughly the same number ), and I went down more than I had ever done previously in my life. From like 120 kg to 93.5 kg. But then, one month I changed my diet to some disgusting experiments of spagethi and bam, I was right back up, even though I did not have more energy, my brain wasn’t happier or anything. That just made me feel incredibly shitty.

    That was about 5-6 years ago, give or take. And I still weigh around the same size unfortunately.
    So I still struggle. Would probably improve if I just could care about taking walks more often.
    My dream weight would be 75-85 kg But I’m also 6 ft tall.

  • Medium Mike is letting me down when he was doing so well man. I went back to gym encouraged by him thank goodness im still on the right path having lost 15kg since March 22 but i worry when i see The Mike regression as if its me down the line. Come on Mike get it together cause you CAN with that kind of strength!! Be honest with yourself my brother the FACE and BELLY tell the real story but i know you will overcome cause we saw you do it. You WILL do it again. Rashid keep helping this brother cause you help all of us.��

  • Hi Greg! Thank you for this! Can you do a video on how to lose weight if you have hashimoto’s? I just started synthroid but not sure if this will help. I know many people need t3 but most Drs won’t prescribe it. Do you know anyway to boost t3 or supplements that help with t3? Thank you!

  • Well I’ve been on a 189 Calories a day for 7 months though on 7 month I’ve started “re-feeding” for the 7th month.. and I’ve felt F-ing amazing

  • Man your reaction when you saw the scale below 200 was amazing. The highest I’ve seen the scale on my end was around 340. I’m down to 245. I can’t wait to see bellow 200 on my end.

  • Just started my weight loss journey! Anyone wanting to join me come on! I’ll be unloading frequently about my progress as well as motivation. Let’s get fit in 2019!!
    Thank you for this video, it was a motivational one!

  • I had to check the date a few times to make sure it was current footage. Its all good man. Stay strong Brother!! One meal at a time

  • Mike, I’m a nobody this year, but, shouldn’t you have substituted the squats for like leg extensions? Just to build the muscles around the knee and make it better in the long run?

  • Hi.. I need to lost 100 pounds.. It’s very difficult.. I’m from Algeria.. But don’t have money to travel to you and try to change my life ������������������

  • Coach Greg I do think that types of foods make a difference. Vitamins and minerals are real! A balanced diet high in good nutrients is better than just eating 1500 cals of steak or 1500 cals of bread and eggs. People need a full range of oils and minerals and vitamins and shit!!

    Yes you can lose weight regardless of the foods but to sustain it and stay healthy you need to not fuck up your blood sugar and organs and skin and brain!

  • Ketogenic diet lost me 6 stone(UK). And a whole heap of health issues disappeared along with it. It’s a low carb diet with your main fuel source coming from healthy fats.

  • I just love how he talks about something and then starts to be sarcastic about it: yaaay,YAY we can eat all kinds of shit and some fruit and we´re gonna loose weight as much as we want, right??!!


  • Nice vid. Nice to hear some good vibes about this. Make a vid about the healthy fats. Right now during a pandemic these healthy fats are sooo important for a healthy metabolic immune system!! keep em coming!

  • To be honest, you wasting Rashids time quit with the excuses, quit fucken around and do the shit. Ive gone from 140kg to 125kg and maintained this weight. Im 6ft 2 35yrs old. If i had the same opportunity to train with Mike Rashid you wont catch me slippin. Built Polynesian Style

  • I Will share this video with some of my friends on facebook, I hope they read this comment
    And I hope they start to follow your chanel.

  • What’s up big dog, you are a great teacher i watch all you stuff, i gotta throw this out in have 8 pit bulls tattooed on my body been breeding/training
    these monsters for 20 years ( that’s my aka also) your pretty fucking motivational!!! Keep it up.

  • You preach healthy living, yet you still vape. when will rip stop vaping? Vaping helped me get off cigs, but it allmost killed me. one dry hit and i had a lung colaps from coughing due to a dry hit.

  • These are by far my favourite group in the fitness industry. Pit and Kristin are in no way patronising to any of them like a lot of trainers come across like. They just seem like they’re real and a really good bunch of guys. And seem like they actually care. ����♥️

  • Man congrats! I understand conpletely im a cdl class A at my biggest i was 597. All i did was come local start taking kratom and drank only black coffee or water. 3 yrs later and im down to 330. Im 6’6″ that works 4 me.

  • I remembered when I first found this video. I was 325 pounds and just starting my weight loss. It was really encouraging to see your progress and it made me feel like it was possible to for me too. I’ve lost over 130 pounds since then.

  • Congrats on your 100 lbs lost goal, Mookie. I can relate with regard to the difficulty of purchasing clothing. I too can only purchase clothing at DXL. Many who are not overweight have no idea what this does to your mind set. My wife and I have been really consistent with our meals. We are having trouble getting that 30 minutes of walking or workout, daily or even 3 times a week. Keep it up, brother. My life goal weight is 250 lbs. I’m down 60 thus far.

  • Congratulations bro. That’s an amazing accomplishment, you should be very proud. I found your channel and saw the videos after you had lost weight and didn’t know you were bigger until I saw some older ones and was like “wow, he’s lost a lot of weight.”

    You’re the man, excellent content on your channel as well. I enjoy

  • I’m only 285 and I’m motivated to lose 40 pounds by Christmas eventually get 2 200 by sometime next year great work you’re really inspiring Mooky keep it up my boi ����

  • I could not lose anything with the calories in, calories out method, for the life of me after I had my first baby. I’m not a binger. I can put the fork down. You tell me how to eat, & I’ll do it for my own health and stick to it to a T. I had Pre-eclampsia, which messed w/my blood pressure & made me gain a ton of water weight. I ballooned up to 218lbs. I had gained 20lbs in two days after gaining 20lbs the week, or 2 before. I lost a lot of water weight after having my baby, but still wanted to lose 30 lbs. It messed my body up for a while. It took me 3yrs to start losing anything, and what helped was low carb. Another YouTuber, who’s a trainer, talked about seeing people who were doing what they were told w/Cals in, Cals out and nothing working. So she’d talk to other trainers, & they suggested hormonal resets and have them do low carb for a few weeks. Then go back to calories in, calories out. Doing low carb set my body in motion to kickstart it in to finally lose weight doing calories in, calories out. I was losing weight, even after I started being able to eat bread again. I seriously went searching down the internet rabbit hole looking for people who knew about women’s hormones, because my Dr’s didn’t know much either about what the heck was going on. I’m sure you understand this more, but if not (because my Drs don’t & they don’t know what causes Pre-e &) if you ever get a client who has had Pre-e, or eclampsia maybe doing low carb for a few weeks first and then Cals in/Cals out will help them too. I figured it out through trial and error before seeing anything about hormonal reset on YouTube. I was just trying anything to try to lose the weight.

  • I’m not a weight lifter or anything just someone that’s wants better, bring that to Michigan alot of us need it so we can kill the negative energy… We all start somewhere

  • Yeah I’ve been watching you guys for a little bit now. This s*** is fire.. Mook is killing it while pitt is a beast.. everytime I start my morning workout routine I usually find a couple people I can watch to help me motivate myself but I just tend to you guys every single morning and watch the videos keep it up guys.. your boy was at 365 now I’m at 215 I need to get my BMI down. Should switch it up and eat like you guys to get the best results. I’ve had great results but my food game is off I feel like I can do a lot more if the food game is on.

  • Damn Mookie you threw that 100 pound dumbbell up like nothing ����. Lot of guys in the gym never even touched the 100 pound dumbbell

  • hey guys how are you doing, okay I tried this and i got good result in 2 months it’s above what i expected. well, just CLICK HERE:

  • Only eating gluten free stuff…

    Lmao… it’s not better than any normal food..

    It’s made for people who have an allergic reaction to gluten.. it’s not healthier ���� i stopped watching after that..

  • I just weighed myself today I am 262 I been like this since I was a child started today cause I had 4 kids all c section and I never lost it and so many relationship gone down cause I have alot of weight but starting today I will lose weight I had 2 surgery on my stumach and heart problem now I’m only 27 years old

  • congradulations! you made it to the end game. please can someone put the three things here?
    also everything in this video will help the future, the only problem is we need a conductor a medium something to make it more pronounced.

    if I see those three things it might set me on the way of research for this health.

    please respond I am very sick and I want to get better, I need wisdom and knowledge.

  • No person is or are super human. Gonna be times where you slip and lose a little bit of motivation. It happens, and I’m sure Mike is more pissed at himself than his trainer for not staying on track but that’s life. I’m enjoying every video so far and have been mixing up my workout routines since watching these videos. #keepgrindingMike

  • This may sound funny but what can I eat instead of eggs or egg whites because I want to start eating clean and train properly. If you can help it would be wonderful

  • I only need to lose 15 pounds. But I would love to lose it before June when I go on vacation. I am such a picky eater and lazy person��

  • For anyone watching this who is interested in “Green” smoothies, if you have a blender such as a Vitamix or a Blendtech, they should pulverize any greens you put in there to where you don’t have to chew your smoothie like a normal blender would cause. If you ever find that drinking the smoothies just leave you more hungry, try adding Avocado, chia/hemp/or similar seeds or even nuts to help boost the calories in the shake and make it more filling. Also, if you are someone who needs a sweetened shake and can’t stand the taste of greens, try adding some fruits to the smoothie but do this in moderation as many fruits have quite a bit of sugar in them. If you have ever been interested in how a Blendtech blender or Vitamix actually blends greens and fruits, there are occasional demonstrations that you could attend or simply try a “Green” smoothie from a smoothie/juice shop as many of them use those types of blenders! I’m no expert on this and am very open to opinions, so if anyone has any good ideas for healthy smoothies or tips, please reply to the comment and let everyone know! There are also things such as peeled ginger root that you could add to the smoothies to give them a little bite as well as help the metabolism and immune system.


  • need help I was a power lifter.and found out I had, to have open heart surgeries to close a hole in my heart and some other health issues five years ago, I started at 380 got down to 323 and found out I had to have a pacemaker in Oct my goal weight Is 230 trying all I can to get there need help I have some tryriod issues but I want and need dis

  • Wow! Rookie you looking good, l now see a silver lining at the end of December, a good decision you’ve taken, lam so proud of you. Keep going,much love all the way from South Africa ������������

  • I have just started my 12 week challenge I was 312 pounds and I am currently 292.4. My goal is 220 6% body fat. Keep up the good work guys.

  • I’ve learned so much watching this transformation. Keep getting it Mike�� I started a couple months ago and the consistency in my diet is the hard part all go like 6days eating well and then screw up it’s tuff…

  • I’m on this. Starting by myself. But, truly hoping to use these informative and motivational guides, you guys have provided. Thank you and awaiting Mike fitness goals. #FANNOW4EVER

  • I got to your channel pretty “late”, so to speak, i only knew the skinny you. When I started watching older videos i even thought you were someone else lmao. Good work!

  • No update yet makes me think this story isn’t going to have a happy ending. He said he down to 250lbs by feb. 2019. Well… It’s now March 2019��

  • I was also 300 pounds to I’m starting May Thai training and now I’m melting away that shit it’s a Damn good start to my goal this really spakes to me

  • i see Adele seemingly to be losing her smile on some of her recent pics… maybe the starvation to be skinny kinda depletes her energy to be full of joy?

  • Thank you Mike. That part at the end when you spoke about accountability. Mad props. I needed that. And thanks for the discount code.:)

  • Hey Mike, I’ve been watching you for the past year. What do you suggest as far as supps for a person that is a juvenile diabetic and on dialysis?

  • You’re allowed to say whatever you want. For your other vid; You can say the n-word if it’s read, said to a friend as an endearment term, sung or not aimed at anyone random. I respect everyone and will never insult freely but will never tolerate anyone trying to force restrictions upon what can say or not if it doesn’t concern them and is said in respect or in context. Live and let live. #RipGoergesFloyd #RacismMustEnd

  • I’m just getting back to working out so please help me out. But when Mike is doing his Squats are they correct? Or should he be doing more sitting. To me its like hes bending over or forward. Am I wrong?

  • Big Mike got to dig deep! It’s hard but you can do it Mike! Even if you maybe cheat once out the week or only go to the gym 2 out of 7 days, KEEP GOING Mike! Dont stop! The next week dont cheat at all and go to the gym 4 days a week! Dont quit Big Mike! I’m pulling for you Brotha!

  • I’m just watching these videos and they’re motivating me because I want to go into the army and I been dropping weight every week but need the extra motivation. So thank you Mike Rashid and big Mike��

  • Thank you very much to share this with everyone, Sage. Really inspiring and brave, and really useful to anyone who start to think he/she needs to loose weight, especially to improve their health. And congratulations!!

  • I’m not on any diet and I’m not really a health nut, but granola is soo good and I would recommend everybody to eat some
    And cinnamon as well

  • I don’t know how you did it man. Emotional eating is killing every diet, and every ‘program’ I make. Every plan goes out the window after a while. I’ve been at this for two decades and i’m going in circles.

  • I’ve recently found your channel. I had only watched you because of your golgo 13 video and watched apocalypse zero review and other than that I hadn’t watched anything else. Your video on Jojo’s buzzard adventure came up so I checked out some of your new stuff and saw a completely different person. I thought the show was handed off to another person till I saw your, I guess, “sex character” and realized you’re the same. I’ve been struggling with my weight lately. I’m pushing past 200 and lack self control but this video has pushed to make the decision of counting my food intake and calorie intake. You, to me, are a big inspiration. You kept at it for the most part even with all the things that made you want to stop and not care. I appreciate that you shared this and hope you keep up the good work.

  • It’s easy for the guy who’s career is centered around fitness and lifting to say this to Big Mike. That’s one thing with trainers I’ve been annoyed with in the past. I’ve got a very demanding career and a family of 5. I’ve chosen to spread my time between them all in order to make over $100,000 a year and provide for my family. That being said there are NO EXCUSES not to stay eating healthy and to get an hour in everyday of some type of exercise. Keep going Big Mike I hit a slump during the holidays after 30 lb weight loss. Back on track even doing 2 a days and trying some vegetarian dishes. Respect and love keep it up y’all

  • I was waiting on these episodes and for him to not be consistent and focused blew me I know it’s hard but damn bro come on you killing don’t tell us your losing weight and you 267 show us less talking ��

  • It wasnt as drastic but i went from 245 to 200 and ive kept the weight off for 6 months. You were an amazing inspiration for that for me Sage. Thankyou so much for being an inspiration even if that wasnt your intention.

  • I lost 100 pnds without surgery its not that hard just balance your meals w portion control drink alot of water incorporate at least 20 mins of excersize its simple the only thing every time you loose a dramatic amount of weight like 100 pnds plus is the mindset and emotions and mental issues you have I lost 100 pnds and having mild eating disorder issues and obsses about scale numbers i have so much fear about gaining the weight back but ive recently have been working long and hard to overcome those issues so loosing alot of weight comes w alot of issues

  • I’m nearly 6m preg n only gained 6lbs I’m hoping to eat Only for baby n lil for myself. I won’t overdo it like those obese women. I was big to start with n during my weight loss fell preg����‍♀️ after I have the baby I’m gna do it the healthy way without pills as I’m gna be breast feeding. Need to lose 8bs

  • I know this video is 2 years old but its still super inspiring! I was always 100 pounds up until 3 years ago when I gained 50 pounds from an unhealthy lifestyle and thyroid problems. Im soon starting my own weight loss journey and its great to see success stories but also being realistic.

  • Man that stomach pop, i brought a bicycle for my cardio, I’m 6-2 and I was 330 lbs now I’m down to 275 lbs. I work construction so I usually don’t eat breakfast but lunch instead of waiting on the food truck I eat 2 packs of tuna or helps should try it big mike.. good luck!!

  • Sticking to a macro nutrientdiet, limiting myself to 1500 callories a day, I loose about a pound a week.
    In the past few years since I started working and had my vagus nerve stimulator I’ve lost a good 15 pounds. Currently sitting at 150 and was 195 at my heaviest. In 2014

  • I’ve never had issues with my weight, but as someone who also has a congenital problem being the source of a lot of pain, I truly feel for you man! Knowing this makes me appreciate your content even more.

  • Mike Rashid you give so much motivation for the Gym and LIFE I need and Wanna meet and Workout with you Great video and always ������ With everything and Everybody no sugar coating nothing.

  • I was 255lbs 30% body fat, 42.5 inch waist back in March 2019, with diet and HIIT I got down to 222lbs 22% body fat 39 inch waist by July 2019. 33 lbs in 4 months. Today im 230lbs 22% body fat 39 inch waist but I do look more lean and feel better everyday, dont give up. I dont have a trainer and I workout alone. If I can do it, so can you.

  • Youtube recommended your fist of the north star review. I liked it so I checked your channel. Are you really the same person?
    Amazing dude. Congrats on that success and keep it up(or down?).

  • You are the best. This video has inspired me more than any other video on this subject. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched your videos over the years and so this touches me on a more personal level, maybe its because you’re a handsome devil and have progressively gotten moreso with your training, maybe its because you’re a fantastic narrative artist. Whatever the reason, thank you for the inspiration.

  • I LOVE PUSHING IT IN THE GYM…. but DAMN. LOL I’m following along, I’ve been going with a trainer… and on the road to 200lbs over the next couple years. THANK YOU for posting these. I’ve been binging these as motivation. I feel like this was for me.

  • I don’t get why with all these Crash Diets you either have to drink only Green Juice or eat dry Toast with Grapefruit and Coffee. When eating only a 1000 kcal a day one could at least eat High Protein, to save more Muscle and feel less hungry.

  • i am having trouble with health maybe this video can help, because it has something that the legendary did.

    once I find out what it is, then maybe I might be able to complete my journey for this mission!

  • I followed this program as seen on this series with big Mike and lost 90lbs. Big Mike your strong man my weights were generally much lighter than yours. But I did it every day and it worked. I still have a way to go but I am much better now. Thank you guys for your inspiration.

  • RIP is right, sugar is the killer and makes you gain the weight. I eliminated bread, sugar, stopped overeating and with walks (keep your blood pumping) and tons of water, I lost a lot of weight within months. You will be surprised how you feel. It’s just like when you first started vaping and found your device and flavour that fits you….. You wonder why you even smoked in the first place.

  • Since she’s rich asf does anyone think she could of used any type of drug to help with this? I think it’s highly possible, ya never know yo

  • Tbh i just found your channel awhile ago n i seen you were big in one of your videos and then i seen one of your recent videos honestly congrats on your change man your doin great ��and your anime abandon is great.

  • Coming back from not watching in a while had to find this video to explain the change. Great job Sage. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta play catch up.

  • When I was 10, I was weighing 104 pounds. And I started gaining all that weight when I was 12 years old I went from weighing 145 all the way up to weighing 200. Then by the time I turned 14, I was already 210 pounds, then I went gaining weight and I weighed 298 by the age of 17. I was eating a lot of fried foods and I had heartburn and got sick. Then I lost weight for the first time and weighed 175 pounds. I was a skinny boy. But then when I turned 19, I started gaining weight all over again and I was getting bigger and bigger and I ate too much processed and fried foods again. Now I’m losing a little weight.

  • Bennett, I’ve periodically watched reviews and have seen your transformation. I do not struggle with excessive weight. Although I would prefer to improve myself none the less. Your progress is incredible. And I hope you’ve continued to best your problems.
    As scary as it is to produce a genuine insight to your life. I, among thousands enjoy seeing your success. I hope we will continue to see such positive content.

  • My man, i know you probably will not answer me, but i just want to show you my deep respect. ive never been as big as you (170cm high, 165 lbs), but i was always bullied and actually just hating my fat body and weak spirit.

    I get myself together after watching Batman v Superman Ban Afflecks shape just crushed my mind. If a pretty adult man can get in perfect shape, i have no excuse. So i started cardio training EVERY day (40 min), for 1 year. I made a gym for myself in old storage basement, near to working hot engines (room temperature about 35-40 C). I stopped eating and drinking any kind of sugar (which a love infinitely), start drinking only water (i am crazy for tea).

    I fought my own body, and in one year of non stop dedicated hard work i lost 30 lbs, and started to look really good, still had some fat thou.

    i just want you to know, you are a hero.

  • Ben, been watching since your short video game review days via TGWTG. Totally forgot about you around 2013-14 until now. I’m not going to lie, at first you looked weird to me without the “rest” of you, so to speak. But I’m just under 260lbs. now, started working out months back and recently cut out soda: it’s awesome to see someone I sort of admire having achieved results for doing roughly the same thing I’m trying to do, for the same reasons. Much respect.

  • I can imagine it was difficult to be so open about yourself, Sage. As I person who has had wild fluctuations in my weight due to a combination of a compulsive personality and depressive mood swings, I understand how difficult it can be to stick to a meal plan. It seems like your personality lends itself well to accomplishing a set goal like this but it can be tough to stick to a routine that involves any kind of self-denial. Anyway my point is that it is amazing to see your progress. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and being so honest about your feelings throughout. You look great. All the best, Sage. Keep up the great content!

  • Ya good. But no way you listened to obesity code bro Mr. Mike rashid. That is a fact. Watch fung videos also. Big Mike needs that. Just make commission off of it on audible selling it with affiliate link, That’s cool. Cole Robinson snake juice diet wizard gets results from fung obesity code. If you see cole snake diet wizard instagram page and see the results and watch all his videos and his playlist you will be god. Shawn baker mikila and jordon Peterson. Aajonas vonderplantiz life story biggest hero ever and Dr Blaylock. We all Makin paper. Motivation comes from results. Mike ohearn ripped never does cardio in his life. Layne Norton douchebag why diets fail. Can’t put train bad diet. See Joey gloor naked and afraid and half ton killer. What I’ve learned YouTube channel.

  • It took my friend dying of Diebetes complications at 27 years old to change my life. I am now working out 5 to 6 days a week and changed to a low carb diet. I am down 15 lbs. from 282. I plan to keep going until I reach a healthy goal. Thank you to my Beachbody support group for cheering me on. I still have a long way to go but……it can be done!!!

  • Bennett, I have so much empathy and respect for you right now. I was at about 340 pounds at my heaviest, and I had to really work to drop 100 pounds. Admittedly, a lot of it was going hungry due to being broke, but even after I got on stable footing I kept making the effort to eat less, to ignore hunger when I knew I had already eaten for the day. I’ve been watching your videos since the early days of Channel Awesome, and I’m encouraged by your growth as a producer and a person. Thanks for sharing, Sage.

  • I think there is one obvious reason why women in the entertainment business are all so slim, for the most part. They starve themselves, but no one talks about that and they are not going to. It’s just annoying to hear their twig asses say that they have big appetites and dont deprive themselves��

  • I was just thinking that stomach looks big. The good news is he is obviously a person that gains and drops quick. Goodness. 290!!!!!!!

  • Not gonna lie, this is insanely impressive. You should be proud of all you’ve managed to accomplish. Sticking to any diet takes a lot of willpower and being able to do that for so long is an achievement.

  • Damn, I thought You had cancer beause You lost so much weight (C can be a shit show) in such short time.

    Nice. I hope You can re-fill this loose skin with muscles, no need to bear scars if You have heart in right place.

  • While I was already losing weight when I watched this the first time, it did contribute to me sticking with it.
    And I can say that I share many of the experiences you had.

    But I believe the results more than make up for the hardships.

    Here’s to you, Bennett. To us. To everyone willing to improve themselfs.

    Happy new year.

  • This video encouraged me to start Keto. Since then I have lost 90 lbs. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the inspiration you gave me and I wish you continued success on your journey.

  • Honestly! The person has to want it. Personal trainer or not. Mike has to want to lose the weight. You get out what you put in. Its hard work! Thats life. You want something go get it. Three weeks he should have been in the 258 range. He took a break and we all do. Mike will do it if he wants it! Point blank.

  • I have never seen a big man work as hard as you do in the gym! Inspirational bro for real. But I got a question, did you have a set back diet wise in the last year??

  • I would love to to see more epidodes, I’m 285 6’2″ and my doctor wants me at 210. My question is should I do this type of training everyday. My knees is shot from playing sports in the past but will work through it.

  • Just want to say love you mike tell the old man I always think of him everyday actually. he must be 49 by now hes getting no younger thankyou for everything you do love you all x

  • I started this awhile back. I even fasted for a week at the beginning. And I fell off the wagon. It’s pretty hard as a trucker to keep off the sugar. Most truckstops are loaded with sugar. But… I’ve gotta get back on it.

  • I’m sure everyone’s telling you how good you look, but I think you were beautiful before and you are beautiful now. I’m happy you have achieved a healthy weight, though!