The 42 Best Body Weight Exercises (Exercise ANYWHERE )


100 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do ANYWHERE!! (zero equipment required)

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5 Dynamic BOdy weight Exercises (Full Body) #1) WALKING JACKS: #2) JUMPING JACKS: #3) STAR JACKS: #4) BURPEES: #5) BURPEES WITH PULL-UP. The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises: The Ultimate Guide for Working Out Anywhere! March 17, 2020 by Admin. Reading Time: 9 minutes. Here are the 42 best bodyweight exercises you can do to build.

Home News Articles The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises (Work out ANYWHERE!) The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises (Work out ANYWHERE!) Debby April 19, 2020 Leave a Comment. Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Google+ Pinterest. Here are the 42 best bodyweight exercises you can do to build. Home News Articles The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises (Work out ANYWHERE!) The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises (Work out ANYWHERE!) Tim Sumer April 11, 2020 Leave a Comment. Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook Google+ Pinterest.

Here are the 42 best bodyweight exercises you can do to. This workout combines well with bodyweight option A, so if you want to integrate them both into a training week, perform A first, rest a day, and then perform B. (You can also add in option C, coming up next.) Option C. Combining exercises whenever possible helps you work more muscles in the same amount of time. 8 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere—No Equipment Required Feb 27, 2019 SrdjanPav Getty Images.

When you think about working out, “Bodyweight exercises are suitable for any. How to Use These Bodyweight Exercises. Fluger suggests two options: 1. Pick two or three exercises to string together into a quick, do-anywhere bodyweight workout. This approach works best if you’re tight on time or want to supplement your existing routine with some extra strength work.

50 Exercises for a Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS — Written by Laura Schwecherl on December 17, 2014 Full body. Keep these 53 handy moves in your at-home arsenal to work up a sweat anytime, anywhere. There are some effective bodyweight exercises for biceps and your entire upper body, as well as moves for.

How it works: These best bodyweight exercises are divided into body parts: core, arms, back, legs, glutes, and total body. You have two options: For a cardio-based workout, pick one move from each category and perform them as a circuit, doing one set of each exercise and taking 1 minute of rest after each.

List of related literature:

Most of these exercises are quite common and can be found there.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

These are my favourite exercises.

“Memory Mind & Body” by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
from Memory Mind & Body
by Biswaroop Roy Chowdhary
Diamond Pocket Books (P) Limited,

These exercises should be staples of every strength enthusiast’s routine.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
by Bret Contreras
Human Kinetics, 2013

There are no alternatives to these exercises.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

These are exercises that can be done for very high reps and that are just as easy to do in a hotel when you are traveling as when you are home or at the gym.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

These five exercises are the best ofthe best.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

You can do most of the exercises in any order.

“DITA for Print” by Leigh W. White
from DITA for Print
by Leigh W. White
XML Press, 2017

These exercises can all be incorporated into the end of the workout.

“The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body” by Ori Hofmekler
from The Warrior Diet: Switch on Your Biological Powerhouse for High Energy, Explosive Strength, and a Leaner, Harder Body
by Ori Hofmekler
North Atlantic Books, 2007

If one does them properly these are probably the best exercises for one’s active knowledge too.

“The Art and Science of Learning Languages” by Amorey Gethin, Erik V. Gunnemark
from The Art and Science of Learning Languages
by Amorey Gethin, Erik V. Gunnemark
Intellect, Limited, 1997

These exercises can be done anywhere, anytime.

“Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
from Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice
by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002

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  • Can we all just get a like/shout-out to the person behind the camera…providing great angles and helping out with these awesome vids!

  • Thank you too man your on my team future life style your motivation and other change my life,but precedent and determination must be. Man that punch in the camera man that’s a badly punch in the Face

  • I have never seen a trainer i respect so much! He practices what he teaches has access to many free workouts so you know he’s not all about just getting your money but actually helping you get in the best shape of your life. I just signed up for the pro version after doing some of his free workouts for a few months I have never felt so good in my life.

  • I want to say that your pace and especially the words that you use are perfect to understand what your are saying despite I am not an english native, thanks for that! And also, your routines have helped me to lose about 4 pounds during the quarentine in my country, so thanks again! Greetings from Chile (y)

  • Just discovered your videos. You are so strong, love all the challenging moves! That airborne lunge….whaaat??? Will have to really work up to that. Great explanations.

  • Wow! Amazing and so well explained. Thank you for explaining how to get to do those exercises. I do not currently have the strength and mobility do do some of them so I will surely give it a try It is so rewarding to be able to do a movement we could not do before it is like being a kid a gain. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this workout and your precious tips!
    I often do airborne lunges and paired with pistol squats, it’s a good alternative to weighted square when gyms are closed! I used to do Turkish bridge but I gave up this exercise and I didn’t remember anymore this movement exist!

  • Hi ChisHeria I am A 7yeas old boy from Thailand and I have doing and following
    your YouTube videos for 3 months and some time’s I repeated some of your videos. I love to exercise.��������

  • I have a little question, my family father and uncles are suffering from knee roughness and it is inheritance, I’m at 24 but I have medium paunch and planning to these excercises to lose weight but I’m worried to do it, is it safe to these excercises?

  • Awesome exercises.pls tell some body wt exercises for lowerbody as i have postural problem with left leg and cant put too much pressure on it but love to pick up wts.How can i compensate for it.

  • Hey There, I wanted to say Thank You!! Your videos/channel is just Awesome. I happen across your YouTube channel a little while back and was thrilled I did… after watching just one of the videos. Your fitness knowledge was/is impressive and I really like the detailed explanations you give in all the videos. After following along with your videos, I personally felt a big Improvement in my overall physical health. l have been very happy to share your YouTube Videos/Channel with a lot of people I know and they definitely appreciated it.
    Thanks again,
    You Totally Rock. ����

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  • I’ve been lifting for 8 years and unfortunately i have no strength, stamina, strong core, reaction or even flexibility…
    Only the shape of a bodybuilder with heavy useless muscles… especially the fact that my gym offers TONS of machines that replace free weights so I’ve been training with no free weights also

    I wish if you could make a workout routine eBook with the main goal of building muscle and sculpting your body but combining Calisthenics to make sure you have it all.

    Enjoy watching your channel keep up the videos we support you all the way from Kuwait!

  • To save time
    1. Push ups 2. Planks 3. Squats 4. Leg raises 5. Burpees 6. Pike push ups 7. Glute bridges 8. Supermans 9. Ankle taps. 10. Clap push ups
    (Not in order) Like to get this up

  • That is SO FREAKIN GOOD! I feel more masculine just for watching it! XD
    On a side note, i am really happy for this compilation. You made SO MANY exercises, it was difficult to keep record of them, even having the videos. You guys can be as good as calisthenic specific channels when you do bodyweight videos, that’s impressive!

  • Dam bruh you got me all zoned in with you. I was like….YEAH, I totally agree with ya about planks, he’s right, I think planks are SOOO important. IN THE ZONE RIGHT? And then, you threw in Mike…… “Spinal”. Laughed hard…. lost all focus… I had to stop and comment just to get back on task. I’m just getting started, haven’t worked out in YEARS. Thank you for the vids, great channel, I’m in, subscribed and watching. Okay, back to the video. Keep’em coming.

  • @Redefining Strength: I have a query. In your demo video of ‘Airborne lunge’, the knee of your leg/foot on the ground tracks in front of that foot (in fact a few inches). Is that normal/okay/desirable? I thought/was told that is a big no-no.
    I think this is partially due to the fact that you lean a bit too forward. A related question is: Is this okay (i.e. lean forward to balance while not caring too much about forward knee tracking), or should we try & stay as upright as possible? I sorta thought the latter might be better for long term knee health…
    What is your take on this?
    Thanks for another great video!

  • You’re an exercise genius! I’m a cyclist and usually ride between 150-200 kms each week. During self isolation, I’m not allowed out cycling so I’ve been running and walking more, BUT I’ve been including a lot of your exercises to do at home. My gosh, I’m getting amazing muscle definition! Some much so that when we’re allowed out again, I’m going make sure I continue with your ideas. I can’t thank you enough ������ You are an amazing YouTuber ������

  • They exercises he waz doing are not that hard i am doing full planche pushups, look them up they are way harder then triple clap pushups.

  • Hi, thanks for the workup. You clapped your hands’ forty-four ( 44) times. That last parts were sixteen ( 16). I counted twenty-eight before the last parts, twenty-eight plus sixteen is forty-four.

  • Happy New Year to you and yours, sir. Been hanging out with you for a few months now, working every day. Seeing results and feeling great. Thank you!

    I like your style exercising is good like you say to get up in the morning and get yourself straight get your body the correct way you want it I like the way you put that I like the way you handle your business you got me doing it thank you very much have a nice day God bless you

  • I tried to make my own diet, but it didn’t work. I went to NextLevelDiet and let them create diet plan for me. I am delighted with the result

  • The airborne lunge and no 3 i usually do it in TRX class, your version is more challenging. No 4 is my favorite,thank you for the video ����

  • I just love and adore your videos and tips and tweaks and rehab info! And I’m loving the new look and format of your videos too. I’ve started sharing your videos with one of my daughters to help her improve her muscle strength as she progresses through her volleyball skills. You are such a fantastic role model!! Thank you for sharing this invaluable info. I’m beyond appreciative and love sharing your channel.

  • question: I struggle so much to try to do multiple rounds. I get gassed out just from finishing the first round and can’t find myself to do it again after some time. So I’ve been doing the rounds throughout different times of the day. Does that have any positive effect or progress at all? I sure hope so.

  • I don’t workout at the gym at all. I Workout at home or the park. Can you make some lower impact workout vids? I’m recovering from a sciatic nerve injury and I have a knee thats been giving me issues, so I can’t do most of the exercises I used to do, like jogging, burpees, deadlift, squats etc.

  • Really nice video but how should these exercises be putted in a week to not get exhausted? If someone can help me or where can i learn how to plan a workout programm

  • It starts out like, ok coo…I can do that. Then by the middle of the vid it’s like ummm nah…by the end I just accepted the fact he’s the real life Steve Rogers

  • Great mix of exercises I find I can get more depth with the airborne lunges holding onto a TRX. I like that you have included two workouts incorporating all the exercises in this vid.

    COMPOUND WORKOUT Using body weight(push up based)
    To improve
    1.Muscle mass
    2.fat burning
    3.cardio vascular endurance
    4.Muscular endurance
    Youtube channel name
    ‘Bfit calicut’
    Assistant professor of physical education
    Government Arts&Science College,

  • Hey guys and gals! Wrote everything up with some bonus tips in this article too if you need another reference

  • Excellent. I like the exercises, the way and depth to which you explain them, and the multiple camera angles. If I could give one tip, it would be to include a graphic at the end or beginning with the list of exercises and your suggested workout plans for them. Perhaps a label on screen for each exercise when you’re demonstrating them might help too, for people like me who’ll rewatch the video while trying the workout and skip through parts.

    I really like your channel, it’s one of the few I’ve subscribed to. Hope you grow your audience and keep putting out high quality content!

  • Amazing video guys! Lots of work went into this one and its a topic that i think about a lot when im away with no access to a gym.

    Thanks guys and keep it up

  • I just had a surgery 2 months ago, and was thinking to start my workouts again. But my gym membership was over and i was hesitant to renew it. There comes this video, filling me up with enthusiasm to start with bodyweight first. Thanks guys for always motivating me and bringing some humour in fitness… Thanks!

  • Great Vid guys. All the muscle groups are sollicitated.Very inspiring with all the variations. Thanks for taking the time to make things awesome.

  • Your channel is amazing!!! It’s so empowering to see strong AF women posting these super thorough, challenging videos and really emphasizing proper form. I’ll be binging these vids for sure!

  • Hey everyone! Been wanting to put together a compilation video from our “bodyweight series” for a while now and finally got the chance. Hope you enjoy, these are some of our favorite exercises you can perform anywhere. The last one is a particular favorite. 😉 STAY BUFF. -Hudson

  • I really appreciate bullyjuice right now its been a tough time for me and these workouts are really helping me get through. Thanks bro

  • Great video and clear explanations. Thanks. How many repeats for each exercise? If I work out the abs, how many at a time and how many times should I repeat the same exercise? Thanks in advance

  • Abs: Hanging leg raises or Dragon Flags
    Chest: Dips/Pushups
    Shoulders: Pike/Handstand Pushups
    Triceps: same as above
    Back: Pull Ups
    Biceps: Chin Ups
    Glutes: Bridges
    Calves: Calf Raises
    Quads: Pistol Squats
    Hamstrings: Nordic Curl
    Neck: Neck bridges but I’d say do some bodyweight neck curls until Neck is strong enough to do the bridges

  • Real Talk, This Looks like Kung Fu!
    Alot of these exercises are in Shaolin Kung Fu Conditioning….. These exercises are beautiful like a ballet or a dance.

  • Hopefully you are already in the combos, keep improving.
    Mine in particular has used superior technics but is basically the same that your singular training.
    is all a dance not a demonstration so don’t repeat and progress

  • I woke up this morning thinking I need some bodyweight exercises before I get ready for work [I started home gym-ing doing HIIT spinning bike Tuesday, Thursday] this is perfect! many thanks from a Buff grrrl in training:-)

  • You look great, but I must add for all those with weak knees or knee injuries, the first exercise is deadly, stay away from it if you don’t want any further damage.

  • i have a question about weight lifting -i read an article and in that article the author wrote that when lifting weights its good to understand proportions and how much each body part should lift
    according to your own weight.
    so the question here is does anyone know anything else about this topic?
    how do we know how to make our body symmetrical using weights?

    im not talking about the “1 rep max” -i understand that a little bit the author wrote that leg presses should be maximum 1.5 to 2 times your own body weight
    then he wrote that biceps should press 65% your body weight-and then he wrote that the abs should be 35% your body weight.
    he had a list and he wrote each body part and what that bodybuilder should be aspiring towards and how symmetrical the body should be.

    so does anybody know what kind of weight lifting this is?
    does anybody have any information or web address to help people understand how much they should be lifting according to their age and weight?
    the article was in a bodybuilding magazine and i just cant find it anymore.

  • Huge fan BullyJuice, but for anybody interested in training.

    My name is Kaisan and I’m a trainer and fitness entrepreneur. I own an upcoming business named Kay Fitness where I train people personally and online in the tri state area. I’m looking for more online clients to get fit for summer 2020 so if you know anybody who needs a trainer let them know about me. Go follow me @kay.fitnesslife on instagram to see what I do weekly as a trainer. If you’re interested dm me or email me at [email protected] for prices.

  • What an amazing channel for fitness. One of the best.. You are as good or even better than athleanx.. Thank you for putting all that knowledge out there.. I am really benefitting with glute activation to recover from a knee injury and shoulder posture..!! thank you..!!!

  • Hahaha You’re so cute…”when you lunge back, you only want to touch your knee to the ground”…ummm for sure my behind is going to be the thing touching the ground if I try and balance with that one! Yikes!! haha

  • Men I arrive so freaking late but btw I counted 42claps plus the 2claps you did before the exercises. I don’t know if that Jones count but in total they’re 44 claps

  • Hey Chris, first I wanna say keep up the great work and thanks for inspiring so many people. So here’s the thing, I’ve been working out for a while now and I have been going especially hard during this break that we have at home. Even throughout all my body weight and weight training I haven’t seen any improvement in my upper body. I would really really appreciate it if you made an upper body workout that only consists of dumbbells because that’s all I’ve got at home. Or could you even make a video talking about the mistakes that people make that is stopping their muscles from growing. I would really appreciate this because I have been trying to improve my physique for a while now but nothing seems to whorl. Much love ❤️

  • I been trying to figure out a personal routine where I can put on head phones, and workout without depending workout dvds. Thanks for the tips!

  • Ugh my problem is that I’m weak as hell. The last time I was able to handle my own weight I was 135…I’m now 206. I start and then cant keep up with certain ones because of my knees too…its very frustrating so I stick to weight lyfting but days I dont feel like going to the gym I would like to do body weight exercises…����

  • what should i do,, I’m 13 weight 180 have a big belly hangs down to my private / should i do CUT OR BULK / OR LEAN BULK??/should i cut down my 2000cal to 1800?or pump it up to 2200?/ I’m 5:3 i want to be more fit. please respond.//
    and should i do weights or cardio or both.

  • Olá, gosto bastante das suas aulas e dicas. Pena que não posso fazer esses exercícios por que tenho problema no meu joelho, no menisco��

  • Hey Buff Dudes I always get a bit nautious when I’m working out. Any experiencie with that or a fellow buff dude? It’s demotivating and it’s hard to focus as wel.

  • Hey, love the content you produce but I’ve a question about the row for the push ups. I know you are trying to show exercises without equipment but you don’t have any resistance like you do on the pushing section. All I can see is you lifting the arm so you’re in a 3 point plank and therefore working the core. Squeezing the shoulder blades to engage the upper back might be good for posture and mobility but I can’t see how that would make you any stronger.

  • Burpees are good but in second day of doing it I get headache. What’s up with that can anyone help me with that. Is it bad that it gives me headache

  • Hello, new subscriber. Just looking at your channel as want to start more bodyweight focused training. Noticed however that you don’t have an ankle injury tutorial in your playlists. I am now 3 months past complete rupture of Atfl and partial tear of cfl. Still sore but definite progress. Haven’t been able to see physio in 5 weeks due to isolation. Anyway taking thing slow but if you did have one please could you post the link? Thank you

  • Hey great tips as always but I am flat footed and despite great shoes I still have balance challenge with airborne lunge or pistol lunge how to go around that? Waiting to hear from ya. Love

  • Serious problem, everytime i do star jumps and any “bouncing” exercises, my balls get in the way and feels uncomfortable/painful and that decreases my performance badly, any advice from you professional guys?

  • i would love more follow along videos of entire routines to complement these! the few you have i have been watching over and over and over.

  • Tried this routine for first time, and I eventually did 4 rounds with perfect form and i didnt do more cause I have a leg with some muscular problems and dont want to get it worse, I gotta say Im fine doing cardio Im good at it and have fun doing it, bit the way Chris does it and speaks to you makes it super easy, Thanks Chris for motivation

  • I really liked the video and tried it this morning. What I particularly like is your detailed explanations, and alternatives. I am older, but active & exercise regularly. I and found this workout extremely difficult, especially the air lunges which I could not perform.

    I feel as though this video is for younger, more advanced people.
    Look forward to other vids.

    Thank you

  • Got this weeks training log which references last week when I was yet subscribed. Any way to resend the previous weeks driveway CrossFit details?

  • You guys are so funny. Really help kill the stereotypes that only stuck up douchebags love fitness and being in shape, you stay humble when most would be show offs and put others down, but you do the opposite. I lost 50lbs, built guns and lessened the symptoms of a heart disease and reversed a dangerously high blood pressure because of you guys. You really help change lives for the better

  • Hi this is a message to those skeptical about whether calisthenics can make them as big as they want. I will prove with this post the exact scientific pathways that guarantees calisthenics can get you as strong or big as you ever wanna be

    Even exercises like dips and pull ups TO FAILURE will always be enough to gain maximum strength and muscle that they can gain in the upper body, and you don’t need anything more than those two moves alone to keep getting bigger and stronger forever.

    So why is that…

    Well it’s because our muscle tissues have a limit to how much weight they can lift, and that’s why they get bigger as we get stronger… Because a certain amount of muscle tissue can only produce a certain amount of force, so to meet the demand it has to add more muscle tissue, that’s what we call hypertrophy.

    THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A LIMIT TO OUR RELATIVE STRENGTH. You will never see any human being overhead pressing 5-6 times their bodyweight, or even deadlift….

    This is why the 1200lbs deadlift world record belongs to a man who was 400+ pounds during the lift.

    Your body has limits to how much it can lift relative to its bodyweight. That’s why the heavier we have to lift the bigger we must get, the more muscle tissue has to be grown.

    So how does calisthenics fit into all this….

    Well, like how we have a limit to how much we can lift maximally, we also have a limit to how many times can we press or pull our own bodyweight from a certain angle…

    Because when you think about it, the more pull ups you can do, the lighter your bodyweight is to you, you couldn’t have done so many reps if it wasn’t already light for you.

    But if your bodyweight is getting lighter for you as you are increasing your pull ups max, it actually means your max strength is going up. The more pull ups you can do nonstop before failure, the higher your maximum pull up strength…

    But again, for the strength to keep going up, the body has to add more and more and more muscle tissue. Otherwise the strength simply can’t be going up with the same amount of muscle tissue available.

    So once someone reaches a 100 straight perfect dips and 50 perfect pull ups and 100atg squats, it’s adviced to everyone to bulk up to a heavier weight while maintaining those max numbers or increasing them max numbers. So you add the pounds to your body. You add 30lbs to your body, but still if your max reps with those moves are the same….

    It only means that you added MOSTLY muscle tissue, to your body, otherwise you couldn’t possibly have maintained those same max reps or increased them.

    This is why you see guys in prisons who are 250-300lbs who can do 100 dips and 50 pull ups before failure and they are jacked.

    Ofcourse they are jacked, anyone who is capable of doing 50 strict pull ups before failure at a bodyweight of 250lbs, HAS TO BE JACKED, why? Cuz they are moving a shitload of weight for a shitload of reps.

    Let’s make it clearer to all of you. If you can do 100 perfect dips, 50 perfect pull ups, 200atg squats…. Non stop, no more than a second between reps…


    So now how to bulk? Focus on adding 2lbs each week. You bulk as fast as you can do long as you can still do 100 dips, 50 pull ups and 200squats, the moment you can no longer do that, even if you are shy by even one rep from meeting those demands…

    You stop bulking and stay that weight, until you can do those numbers again…. Then again start bulking.

    So if you are bulking 2lbs a week, chances are 60-75 percent of that will be muscle, otherwise you can’t keep doing the same reps per set before failure.

    Even seen a 300lbs guy crank out 200 dips and 100 pull ups nonstop? Neither have I, and why is that? Because then he would be the most jacked man on planet earth. It’s fucking impossible, or borderline impossible.

    Because anyone who can do a fuckton of push ups and pull ups, is muscular, and the heavier he is THE MORE JACKED HE IS.

    So this was just for push ups and pull ups and squats?

    But what if you are doing deep handstand push ups, one arm pull ups and pistols each arm and each leg?

    What if you could do 100 deep handstand push up, 50 one arm pull up each arm and 100 pistol squats each leg?

    And what if? You kept bulking to a heavier and heavier weight, while keeping your max reps the same? The heavier you are the more jacked you are, again already explained this…

  • so far i am nearly done with phase 1 from your bodyweight program! i am really enjoying it, but maan its hard to get 15 reps in each circuit. your reps are getting decreased by the time your doing your third circuit:-) but i love the challenge.

  • Son: “Daddy! mum just got me this new toy truck!”
    Dad: looks at boy
    Dad: snatches toy truck and laughs maniacally
    Son: dad….
    Dad: Slaps his abs and starts doing push ups with knee tucks

  • I watch a lot of videos and I will tell you this. One thing I like about this video is you cut straight to it the title is exactly what you put out not a bunch of bullchit talking. My only complaint is this probably actually too many exercises lol. I wish you could narrow it down to a top 10 so I know exactly what I’ve got to do when I start working out instead of picking… like in other words put together a full body plan maybe even 10 is too many I don’t know. I mean I’m sure I could figure it out but I’m lazy LOL

  • 44 claps. One exercise that isolates just the hamstrings and core is, with soles of feet against the wall and back to the wall, lean forward slowly while keeping the soles of your feet against the wall. Hold it when you can’t go down any further. Amazing burn in your hamstrings and core.

  • Nice. Feeds the vestibular system novel stimulus, challenges proprioception, and stabilizer muscles. Well done and thanks for putting it up.

  • I love to watch and learn from your videos. Is there any chance you have a video of a dumbbell workout for beginners? I feel like I need a refresher, back to basics video. Thanks for your time!

  • LOL.. That front lever move was cut short on purpose.
    Cuz he could not hold it more then 1sec ��
    The guy is strong for sure.
    But front lever takes a whole other type of beast.

  • Thank you for giving us this work out and an opportunity to learn and grow. I am high performance athlete and with the current quarantine at feel at times like I run out of creative options to stay in shape and you give me just that and a challenge.
    Thank you Cori! Happy Easter ��

  • Listen I wanna look jacked up like this. Tell the truth how many years how many days per week and how clean you eating! Lastly tell the truth it’s fucking genetics innit!

  • It’s a shame of me type of people who just satisfied in 2 or 3 of exercise je showed us and said that’s enough you will be He-Man with 1 month

  • The effort you guys put in your videos is really great to see! Why do it all in a boring looking room when you can do it in the middle of the street with people staring with a “wtf?!” look on their face!

  • Good advice, Bully!! I’ll have to incorporate this into my workout!!


  • Is the airborne lunge essentially the same as the shrimp squat? I hold my ankle with my same side hand but otherwise looks the same.

  • Thanks to you, I no longer place my hands under my glutes when I lower the legs for lower abs workout �� Don’t you think that turkish bridge is the same movement as “wild thing” in yoga? Stay safe Cori!

  • I’ve had to get creative with my workouts during this lockdown, but I’m still training 7 days/week. If you want to know what those workouts look like, you can sign up for my weekly Training Log email here (it’s free):

  • About 50% of those would result in a faceplant for me. Luckily i know my limits. Sofa get ups, fridge lunge, beer curl, bed lower downs, pillow crunch, chair sits etc

  • what is a good diet for having fast mile times and also being able to do alot of pushups? Im 26 and have decided to join the military (before i get too old lol) but im horribly out of shape and i know you have to be good at those things.

  • I saw the beginning I was like ok this seems manageable and then he starts doing these workouts that are all level 1000, I’m like yeah, not even happening anytime this life time lol

  • What kind of footwear do you recommend for these types of exercises? My shoes aren’t awkward for movements requiring this kind of balancing.

  • These are nice. I will use some of these tomorrow. I have been trying not to eat too much junk food. STRUGGGLING ����Although, I am adhering to safety guidelines, I can tell you, I miss the gym. I also re read my physical therapy Rx. So, I’m performing those exercises at home. Glutes and hammies, I was already doing, added quads. Until things open up again. Self care. However, I am getting in 45 minutes 3x week. Thanks for the continued motivation.

  • 44 Claps, impressive. But even more impressive is the variety of pushups you can do!
    Thanks for the content. Entertaining as always ����

  • Your videos always get me hyped to run, especially after my season got canceled and I lost a lot of my motivation. Keep up the good content and I counted 44 claps.