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WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT — Westworld Scoring Competition

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Thank You – Last Week’s Contest Winners and An Exciting Announcement By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: November 25, 2010 • 6 comments I woke up this morning to find my grandmother in the kitchen reading Nerd Fitness. Take your contest winner announcement and really run with it. Congratulate the winners, thank others for participating, tweet a feature of the prize (with photos, if you can!). Really get buzz going.

A contest can provide almost endless fodder for your Twitter page. How to Announce Instagram Contest Winners. There are many ways you can do an. Thank you to the 835 teenagers who participated in the second week of our 10-week Summer Reading Contest, and congratulations to Zachary Hommel, our winner, as well as to our many runners-up and.

If you only have one winner, or you just want to stay inside Instagram, then you can announce and contact winners with a simple @mention or direct message. Create a Story announcing the end of the competition, showing the winner’s name as a @mention. Then encourage the winner to DM you for details of how to receive the prize.

Ahhh, the post-donation thank you letter. Some say donors are lucky to receive one, but I say something different. Really, receiving a thank you letter is only half of the battle. Remember, I wear multiple hats, so I’m both a fundraiser and a donor.

I’ve got 360 degree vision, which means I’ve seen it all. We are pleased to announce that you have won $1000 from our online 123 Bingo lucky draw contest. You had participated in the contest in the last week dated 9/12/2011.

In this week you have been chosen as lucky winner by our computer. For claiming your prize you can visit the company’s office at any time during the office hours in Los Angeles. Lilian L., Jun 24, 2020: Hi friends, It’s really exciting to see so many great designs from you! Firstly, I really appreciate and want to express gratitude to everyone who participated – we had an immense number of high quality entrie. Congratulation to The Winner! and Thank you for joining the contest xD Hey Friends!

I’m a 100% Family Friendly Channel, and Im Also Very Active When it Comes to My Subscribers Channel. Ms. Jane Doe is the winner of the Sky’s the Limit sales contest. I am pleased to announce that John Doe is the winner of our monthly promotion contest. The winner of ourEmployee of the Month award is Jane Doe.

We take pleasure in announcing that John Doe is the winner of this year’s Best Suggestion award. Thank you to the 1,233 teenagers who participated in the seventh week of our 10-week Summer Reading Contest, and congratulations to Elizabeth Kalyani Frost, our winner, as well as to our many.

List of related literature:

Even just a personal note thanking people for entering and for their participation can go a long way to fostering good feelings about your contest.

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Congratulations were well deserved and well received!

“Assembly” by United States Military Academy. Association of Graduates
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by United States Military Academy. Association of Graduates
Association of Graduates, United States Military Academy, 2004

I also thank other staff members of Springer Nature such as Kiran Menas Donald, Brian Halm, Hemalatha Gunasekharan and Marie Josephine for processing my submissions.

“Wind Energy for Power Generation: Meeting the Challenge of Practical Implementation” by K. R. Rao
from Wind Energy for Power Generation: Meeting the Challenge of Practical Implementation
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Contacting Winners and Sending Invoices Thank goodness!

“ Business All-in-One For Dummies” by Steve Hill, Marsha Collier, Kim Gilmour
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You should also have your own blog post about the contest.

“Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies®” by Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl
from Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies®
by Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl
Wiley, 2011

winners had done so well, we decided to give the other two prizes.

“Louis Vierne: Organist of Notre-Dame Cathedral” by Rollin Smith, various, Louis Vierne
from Louis Vierne: Organist of Notre-Dame Cathedral
by Rollin Smith, various, Louis Vierne
Pendragon Press, 1999

you’re so welcome! it was fun!!! were u really and truly surprised?

“ttyl 10th Anniversary update and reissue” by Lauren Myracle
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Proud contest winners photographed alongside their prize-winning Jell-O-mould salad, carrot medley, casserole, or dessert parfait promised women readers ease of preparation and family fun.

“Sisters Or Strangers: Immigrant, Ethnic and Racialized Women in Canadian History” by Franca Iacovetta, Frances Swyripa, Marlene Epp
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University of Toronto Press, 2004

I am especially pleased that Kaye, Cathy and Leila each were able to contribute entries.

“The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese Culture” by Sandra Buckley
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Routledge, 2009

Now, when I send out the winner’s announcement I’m going to include a small

“Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup” by Rob Walling, Mike Taber
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  • Awww I forgot about the name contest and the others sis but Lordy so much has been going on here. My hubby’s gotten sick with his bowels and being a stubborn man I like to never got him to the ER!! But anyway Im sure whoever chose the best name for this baby it will be the perfect name. I can’t wait to see the babies new outfits!! I love ur jibber jabber sweet Liz!, Love u my sweet friend Liz ❤️

  • I am so disappointed. Spitfire makes incredible products and I’ve always thought them to be honorable folks. Even if the winning score hadn’t been so incredibly inappropriate, the J.J Abrams connection of the composer should’ve been a disqualifier…just to maintain integrity. I didn’t expect to win, but I was looking forward to hearing an amazing score from the person that beat out 11,000 composers. It feels like a cruel joke to everyone that trusted Spitfire enough to pour their time and talents into this competition.

  • I understand I really understand this is psychology… Many of the entries was the same but this one is just different they got tired of listening to thousands of entries!! When they heard this one they start smiling but without dude this is a master one… Be unique is what make you shine.

  • Common, really? You guys should have said you wanted a piss take. I would expect the composer to present that to Jonathan Nolan to be laughed out of Hollywood and never heard from again. High five to the dude that won, but wow.

  • I think Paul Thomson’s video run through where he played ‘one” chord to demonstrate how to imprt the movie and then export the audio should have been top 5 at least

  • The first 5 seconds of the winners track was great but then took a sharp decline into an embarrassing joke. Spitfire has lost my respect and confidence in their product, they are the losers in this competition, not us

  • I had an awesome time making my laundry tag relic from my whitey tighties lol congratulations Everyone and congratulations to you my brother ������������

  • I think it is a bit over the top sometimes (maybe not) but the Score is totally supporting the scene. The composer knows what he is doing 100%. And to be honest, this scene is not that strong on its own. The chasing looks to slow and boring and I somehow can´t take it very seriously. It doesn´t convince me. That said, the music is actually on point.

  • I remember perfectly that in the conditions and rules of the competition, it is stated that the participants must not have any type of ties, whether close or far, with those who are part of the group of judges and anyone who is involved in what is the film industry or with spitfire audio…. I remember it very well because in its day I read the regulation carefully.
    And now, I am very outraged to see that the winner is related to one of the jury (JJ ABRAMS)

  • What a joke, I already see HBO throwing 100ds of thousands of dollars for SID music ; ) Please share what do you smoke, want go that high!: )

  • Spitfire made a bunch of money marketing westworld to their consumer base, then got 11,000 submissions of great material that cant be copyrighted from the same consumer base…. for free. Then gave first place to one of their boys who’s been in the industry for years…. BOOM. This is why I hate thinking about making money from my music, you have to become one of them and start screwing over one of us to do it.

  • At least we know that RAMIN DJAWADI would never have won this competition. I think he would be among these commentators. JJ Abrams would never choose him, for example.

    Of course, if he doesn’t know him from another project.

    Does he know? I do not think so

    Being a jury must be an almost impossible mission here. Three times

  • really disappointed to read that the winner has already ‘made it’ in the industry and has loads of connections….it should have been given to someone who has no connections or is relatively unknown/new.

  • I’m sorry I did not enter the competition. If I had known that “Goofy” was one of the criteria, I just might have stood a chance. Seriously… I can DO goofy!

  • How is it that almost everyone but the judges can see that this decision is absolutely ridiculous? You’d think professional directors and composers would have at least a small sense of taste when it comes to art. Well… obviously not; in this case anyway. You know, the Spitfire team and the judges need to read through these comments because it seems they may need some enlightenment.

  • Bold choices pay off. I played it straight with my entry but you can’t say there was no musicality in the winning entry, regardless of your disapproval of genre fuckery. From Caleb’s perspective and the context of the scene, the absurdity of the music is perfectly in keeping with the narrative of his altered mindset. Congratulations to the winner and runners up. I envy you hugely and I hope you go on to great things!

  • How is this a surprise when JJ Abrams name is attached to it? Did no one watch Lost, Cloverfield or the new Star Wars trilogy. Everything the guy touches is a clown car and this is just another prime example.

  • Judging by the amount of negative feedback coming your way, I would say it’s only fair, out of respect for your audience, to offer more transparency over the selection process. There are too many coincidences and things that don’t add up to treat it with arrogance and ignorance.

  • I consider my participation in this contest as an acceptable loss.

    I consider the choice of the Jury to be a debatable choice.

    Everything else is just a story of ego. No matter what each of us may think/feel, it will not move you forward in this industry where the pressure can sometimes be considerable.
    Absorb, and use it to keep giving it all in what you do. And if you do it just for fun, you will be even happier.

    Congratulations to the finalists, and congratulations to the winner!! Have fun with your presents!:)

  • I’m not a film/tv composer and had no interest in entering this competition but seemed like a really cool opportunity for all those that took it to heart and worked hard on it. Music is art and its always subjective but as a fan of films and TV shows and Westworld I’m confident in saying there is no way that entry would have ever made it to the final cut of this show. It would have been shot down if the idea of it had ever even been proposed. I can understand why so many people are upset I don’t think it would have been a good score for any film or TV show. I appreciate weird and different but this lost me the minute the 8-bit sounds came in. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and it just got worse as it went along. It does truly feel like a disrespect to all the composers who entered not sure I could see it any other way.

  • Well if I had known that doing a harry-potter style orchestra piece and just pasting it over the video was what it took to get a runner up then I would have saved a lot of time and effort haha what a joke! Instead I wasted my time trying to actually be creative, change genres, and match the action in the video. Silly me.

  • WTF. Even Mother Teresa would laugh in your face if she was alive. Guessing Ramin Djawadi should hide in the bushes, because this dude is the real deal.

  • I’m seeing a lot of sour grapes on here. I’m not going to comment on my own opinion of the music because I think there’s already too many opinions here, but what I think is outrageous is seeing comments from people saying that this guy is personal friends with JJ Abrams and has a relationship going back years, and hence the reason he won. Maybe I’m wrong, but from what I can see on IMDb, he was an assistant ADR editor on a movie that JJ directed 14 years ago. Nothing against JJ, but I would be really surprised if he even knew that David Kudell had worked on that movie, especially in that capacity, so many years ago.

  • But it is that nobody thought that the company had put a cake in front of the door of a school, to spread its products all the competitions are lies, I learned it long ago. Maybe I got old already.

  • I entered and was so proud of my work-I listened to a bunch of others work-so many great entries! So much talent-I want to say for so many of you-keep going forward-the results of this was wrong-but it does not reflect the talent that came forward. Also…it’s kind of scary for some when so many people could do just as good of a job or better then the hired industry people…anyway-so many of you did deserve to win….cause your amazing composers.

  • A LOT of angst in the comments. Because of that, I hope Spitfire does address some people’s “concerns” (to put politely).

    I’m going to try to give the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe out of the 11,000 entries Spitfire was able to listen to (because I too have doubts they all got a fair listen), they picked this as the winner because:

    -Genre switch into 8-bit emphasized Aaron Paul’s detachment from reality. So, the scene was being viewed through this deliberately disjointed video game perspective (creative).

    -They were focused on the creativity in this scene BY ITSELF and not concerned with “does this fit with the rest of the show? WOULD TV producers ever be put on TV and be accepted by the average viewer?”.

    -Reoccurring melody in different variations.

    -Even though the video game music might seem gimmicky to some, it was still interwoven with the better produced orchestral music (so it appears deliberate and not unwittingly fumbling with production).

    -Through this drug induced video game perspective, the Mario sound FX, immediately indicates “victory” or “disappointment” or “got a new item”, etc (technically enhances story telling).

    -Very rhythmically conscious and responsive to the motion on screen.

    -Unless there really is some nepotism going on as I see people claiming, at the end of the day, it depends on the judges’ collective tastes (beyond the loose criteria). A group of people’s subjective tastes are hard to predict let alone quantify.

  • On a positive note: I really appreciated listening to the various submissions I was lucky enough to have time to listen to. There are some seriously talented composers out there who I thought did an amazing job, many of whom I’m sure would have produced convincing themes and underscore for the whole series given the opportunity.

  • Hi… i don’t really compose music like the entries for this trailer style… so only an opinion, however, I did find the winners entry by David Kuddell was quite witty. Eg cheesy synth etc and he did combine this with the orchestral sounds so I can see how the judges thought it was a bit different. I must say though, most of these kind of trailers in films are starting to sound very similar with the same sort of orchestral sounds based on music from the past. I can’t blame the composers really.. (it is certainly a good idea to get featured )you use the sounds you have but I feel you need a more than the sounds to make great music. Just a thought. Congratulations to the composers who took time to have a go at this. Phil from Tunesmithy

  • The winner is an industry pro who has worked on a movie directed by one of the judges. People are saying their entries weren’t even watched. What a total ‘up yours’ to everyone who supports Spitfire.

  • “Is this the real life?” I did not know we had to score the new version of PIXELS… for the next competition, pls, hold my beer…. you gonna listen the best version of sonic the hedgehog

  • When the sfx track comes full of clicks and pops and you think it is some sort of control against modifying the actual sfx but apparently you could basically do whatever you wanted

  • Sorry, but listening to the runner ups was much better. This is a joke of a decision and shows a total lack of seriousness to this contest. Next time make it a dual prize. One coming from the judges and another one from spitfire users (no new users allowed).

  • I did not participate in this but i know a couple of people who did, I have listened to a dozen of entries too, this wining entry is honestly the worst of at least the dozen i have listened to, honestly I cannot stop laughing, this is hilarious ������ sorry for the people who participated, try to make 80s video games tracks, you can tell it works!

  • am I missing something surprised to see people on the vi-control forum loving this winning entry. even Christian Henson. honestly ive lost all respect for spitfire turning this into a joke. congrats the winner he was just having a laugh clearly and it paid off.

  • I feel like I misunderstood what was expected of us composers for this competition. When composing my entry I actually “took on the job” as being tasked with scoring the scene, as If I was the actual composer for the show. With that in mind, I put great consideration in making it fit the the tone of the scene, as well as follow the dynamics of the action and most importantly, always respect the space of the sound effects and ultimately the dialogue, who is undisputedly the “chief” in a sound track. Judging the results, apparently it was expected for the music to instead “steal the show” and the scene to be treated more as a music video. Considering the amount of people who seems to feel the same, I think Spitfire could have made a better job in defining the criteria.

  • As this is such a stitch up. Why not post some spoof soundtracks. I really like spitfire products and I hope they have been shafted by the judges as I find I difficult to believe they would shoot themselves like this. See what you think.!?

  • Congrats to all the winners! This was such a fun contest. I really enjoyed following the # and seeing everyone’s videos. We have some very talented relic card makers in this community!

  • I cant believe what im hear. as most of you guys said, they are at least 100 entries better in concept, quality mix and creativity. With all the hard time that our musicians community are going through, how many of you taking really serious this as cahnce to stand; and after watch other real good competitions (produce like a pro, puremix, real world for name a few) where the guys really care about it; is a shame from the sptifire to do this.

  • Where t.f. are the “enhancement of the viewing experience, adding emotion, and the ability to add to the storytelling of the clip”???

  • I’m just going to say thanks for the opportunity. I enjoyed the experience of scoring and I certainly learned a good deal. I really like the runner-up prize and while I’m disappointed I didn’t win it, I can say congratulations to those who did. I’m ever so jell, in the best possible sense.

  • Loved the contest, so many great relics, sorry brother Mike! Congrats Bobbi, enjoy the Funkin Badass Relic! Love the relic artwork Brother Funkin, keep up the great work!

  • I’m appalled!
    I listened to so many amazing tracks that enhanced the scene, more than the original even!
    But THAT is what won? Some Mario rip-off?!
    I don’t get it. That was atrocious.

  • Hey Joe it was a great contest; I saw quite a few of the submissions and enjoyed all the ones I saw. Congratulations to the winner and best wishes for continued success with your channel! Randy

  • They chose it because its out of the box, no one expected it yet it fits with the story because it represents the character’s state of mind (he’s tripping out) I’m not surprised Ramin loved it because its something he would do. Being a good composer is all about controlling people’s emotions with music, which this one clearly did. Everyone’s emotional in the comments section.

  • I am not the type of person who cowers out from a challenge except when a strategic retreat into academic indulgement is necessary (which was, among other things, my case) but i must say… well… i might just have to double practically all what is being said about this.
    I did make an atempt on it, and i am glad about the fact that even half of the score i managed to put together had great potential… just not for this challenges standards it would seem.

  • As an entrant in this contest, I would say that most of you are missing the point. One of the criteria was to be creative. The winner, David, definately used a unique approach by hinting at a video game concept. Actually, my non musician husband, when he saw the clip, suggested that I go that route for my composition but I was tied into the idea that it needed to fit the “car chase” concept. Also, Spitfire was very supportive in giving us “FREE” software libraries to work with, including the BBC Discovery series. YES, we didn’t win, but I learned a lot from this experience and had a great amount of fun creating it. Sometimes the “process” is worth more than the final outcome. I want to thank Spitfire for the opportunity. I’ve never done this before. Spitfire at least encouraged us to give it a try. That’s WORTH ALOT at a time where depression from a major pandemic is stomping all over our lives.

  • If this was a Mario movie, I’d understand the music. Yes it was creative but this just doesn’t fit! I’m not disappointed with Spitfire as they didn’t judge, I’m more disappointed with the judges. All very respectable in their fields and they chose something like this?

  • I am so thankful for the work I did because after all I was building my abilities…
    …it was for sure an emotional rollercoaster..for me…i was so overwhelmed during the process and so anxious waiting for the results..But in the end i went from hero to zero hearing the first place scoring..
    Really disappointed…not with the composer but with the marketing behind this that made me believe that they gonna hear my work and I was so hyped producing for the first time a filmscore.
    I even felt the need to buy from spitfire audio because I was so obliged for the opportunity.

    Anyways..lots of love to all of you��

  • In short, I was very anxious to watch the announcement together with my children, even though I didn’t expect to win anything, but the announcement was cold and without any emotion, disappointing in form and content. I’m glad I didn’t make any popcorn… BTW, congratulation to all entrants!

  • I have to say that I really enjoyed the winning entry. I came to the competition late and really wished I’d have had the time to enter it, but having heard the runners up and the winner, I wouldn’t have had a chance because the winning entry was a real stand-out-from-the-crowd, a real ‘face-palm’ wow-that’s-creative moment! And having watched the scene quite a few times when trying to do my own entry (in the 24 hours I had before the entry closed – no chance!), I couldn’t believe that the show takes itself too seriously anyway. Not when you have people taking a pill to ‘switch genres’ or whatever that’s all about, and slow-running electrical vehicles that are supposed to be accelerating “to 98%” but which just look out of place! So, I chuckled when I heard the 8-bit and loved the transition away from 8-bit into the more modern score, and loved the gamification of it. Well done to the winner. And to all those saying it’s nepotism: get real. Just because he’s got an IMDB entry doesn’t mean he’s worked at the top levels or that he knows JJ. Seriously? Tone it down, people!

  • Wouldn’t have been my choice of winner. Some fantastic work was submitted for this competition and from some really inspiring talent, congratulations to those who took the score seriously.

  • I’ve just watched it… I think about all the people that spent weeks pouring over every second of this clip… And it turns out that if you’d done Mario Sunshine you’d have won.
    It didn’t work at all, there was no connection to the scene. It took you out of the story completely. This would not have been accepted by the director.

  • Sure it’s not Hollywood standard score but I find that all sounds great and the composer is a very brave artist. It challenged the standard and got the prize. I could not say if this is the best entry for my own personal taste because I did not listen to all the entries, but merging 80’s computer bits (commodore64 style) into an orchestra and yet get away with it brilliantly, and winning the competition on top of that just gives me the idea that originality and creativity are still important at Spitfire. 
    Sorry if I disagree with all the complaining.:)

  • I wasn’t going to comment but reading all this harshness of the judging, let’s remember music is subjective and what about the winner? He must be like, “WHAT THE FUDGE… what did I do to bring on all these haters?”

    Congrats to the winner/runner-ups!!!


  • Not knowing the rules (I wish I had found this earlier, how did you guys hear about it?) I can only say that it was picked not because they wanted someone to score it in a way that fit with what they were doing in the show, but they wanted something original and entertaining. This is ironic and funny, and also pushes a lot of buttons.
    It’s game music, its digitized sounding (midi), it also has an underlying western flavor, and it has a bit of that hollywood movie score drama going on… so for those 4 reason I guess they picked this piece.
    Just sayin’, it was fun, funny and interesting to watch this is coming from someone who only saw/heard season 1 of westworld, and I am also a musician so I get why everyone might be upset, but I also get why they picked it because the composer broke the rules, didn’t do what everyone else was trying to do, and frankly it also seems like he didn’t care and just wrote a joke piece I guess sometimes that’s the key to success, is don’t try too hard.

    and who didn’t win pls don’t be upset! be happy that u participated and tried ur best I rlly appreciate all teh edits u made for me and do the winners u will get ur prizes soon!

  • You guys cannot be surprised that this is the outcome. These types of competitions are never worth the blood sweat and tears that you put into it. It’s OK because this is going to have a negative impact on the brand quality of Spitfire Audio. Such a shame.

  • Wow, the composition defies any type of logic when it comes to film scoring. What he said earlier about the criteria as to how they judge the contest makes the competition a fruitless endeavor. The score doesn’t move the scene along, it stops it in its track as you try to figure out why did it change to a video arcade theme ride tune? I just had to stop it. It makes me question my judgment when it comes to these types of contests. I now am at a loss for words.

  • Did they just delete my comment! Hahahahha, that will not change anything, look at the thumbs down ���� are getting higher wvery single minute

  • Spitfire: After scouring 11000 entries, here is the winner.

    *Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you*

  • First off, what happen to the “Good Luck to All” attitude or was that all for “Show”? I can understand and see why most of you didn’t place with the way you treated and disrespected @J.J.Abrams, @JonathanNolan, @LisaJoy, @RaminDjawadi, @Spitfire Audio, @Westworld, and @HBO after the winner was announced. Secondly, IT’S A COMPETITION!!!!!!! 11,000 entries had to be listen too and in the many industry relating to music, art, or film you have 15 30 seconds to make an impression or they move on to the next person or toss/delete your stuff in the trash. For example, have you heard of American Idol, X Factor, or The Voice? There are millions of people who audition and compete just to get in the top 20 and we still do not have a winner. The music/film industry is a hard, harsh, sometimes cold and have no trouble of telling you the real truth about your talents. If you can not handle this then find something else you’re good at or learn and grow to become better at your craft. Lastly, I want to congratulate you @DavidKudell, @RachelHardy, @TomRecknell,@AndrewMorganSmith, @KacperStachowiac,and @OlegTroyanosky. You guys deserve it and enjoyed listening to each of your works.

  • I thought the music leading up to the Genre switch was ok and on target. Maybe this would have worked better if the clip had been written and filmed through the perspective of not only the viewer’s, but Aaron Paul’s character’s as well… bouncing back and forth. As it is now, its only the viewer’s perspective. If it were me directing, I would arrange those ‘Aaron Paul’ perspective (through the eyes of the character) shots with a more game like sound, 8bit or whatever (cheap synthesizers/ less orchestral), like the mario game itself. Then back to a more dramatic narrative for the viewer’s perspective.. back and forth. As it sits now, the music is quite distracting, and if the composer does his/her job right, the viewer should not notice the music much at all, and simply feel the film. Just my two cents.

  • I’m of two minds of this. On the one hand, let’s be honest, this track would never actually makes it way into the show itself. On the other hand, for judges having to comb through over 10,000 action-score clones, coming across a track like this probably felt like a breath of fresh air. It is inventive and creative and certainly stood out. In that respect, I can see why they picked it.

  • I’m glad that at least there would be much going on in Spitfire HQ after all this burst of fire. Double checking with PR and marketing strategies and so. �� This proves us that even professionals can make huge and key mistakes.

    It’s time to move on and forget about Westworld, HBO, Spitfire and the winner.

    Once again thanks to everyone who took this seriously and put some good effort in it with their naive spirits.

  • The winning piece is fantastic. Totally agree. I’m fed up of big Hollywood movies soundtracks being so perfect. Music has aimed for perfection in these Times of Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and S. A & W. On Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson asked Louis Walsh (in a sarcastic tone of voice) whether Jesus listens to the music he puts into our kids heads. Walsh said, with a sickening grin…”You are joking”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Music isn’t about perfection. It’s about humans. And we are not perfect. And music becomes perfect when it touches our imperfections. How on Earth is Trent Reznor almost unheard of in England but nobody can escape Little Mix, Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles. Music isn’t as subjective as we like to belIve either. We all say “I know what I like” but it’s actually the opposite. A bit like Fake News and the “Liberal Elite media”. And people swallow that lie. Sky is well known to support the Right in politics. Rupert Murdoch is a self admitted racist. And Sky and the BBC (including the News) cover the same stories and headlines and context. So the vile BBC can’t be the “Liberal Elite” can they. But that is exactly the accusation aimed at them by so many dullards and dimwits.
    To be continued…not!

  • For all those who think this is sour grapes or whatever… No, it’s not.

    It’s about storytelling.

    Changing genres is not in narrative focus in this scene. It is not shot from Caleb’s perspective. Which is why Wagner didn’t work in the actual episode.

    If changing genres was in narrative focus and shot from Caleb’s perspective then we would see something like change of scenery. Like halucination. With Wagner, it could be cool to see Caleb tripping Westworld park style chariot chasing, with occasional flashing of real world.

    But, thus is NOT a chase scene either. Look how cars are shot. Most of the time they are static in the shot and camera follows them. Which is consistent with the dramatic question.

    The dramatic question of the scene is “Will Dolores hook Caleb on destruction and domination so he would accept to be the leader of revolution?”

    This is psychological manipulation scene. Hence, last shot is Caleb trilled by explosion and power. (Note that he was forced to be submissive before.)

    Switching music genre just because someone said “I think” (not sure) “he’s switching genres” is rookie mistake.

    The main conflict of the scene is Dolores’ plan for Caleb vs. Caleb’s learned submissiveness. (Very hard to put in music.)

    Not even shooters are source of conflict. Dolores will escape. We knew it since the ending of the season 1.

    Why show creators don’t know that?

  • There are a lot of sour grapes here… but I must ask what aspiring professional composer enters competitions and actually thinks they will win…?

  • It turned out that all the glamor they gave to this contest was completely false. This is definitely a big defamation for Spitfire Audio.

  • This was a great opportunity to bring composers across the world together, to raise awareness of some unknown but hugely talented composers that would benefit massively from some decent exposure and an honest break, and to give a lesser known composer an opportunity to have plugins they could never normally afford.

    Apart from introducing some wonderful composers to each other from across the world, this has truly been an epic failure on Spitfire’s part.
    There is so much elitism, nepotism, and an impossibility to break through about this industry, for once this could’ve been ONE thing that actually worked in the favour of someone with huge potential that was lesser known and not lucky enough to have been heard before.
    Yet again as a young, poor as sh*t, unknown composer like so many others I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the work of, this just feels like another reminder to stay out of it, stay in our bedrooms and keep on kidding ourselves.

  • Thank you Scott and everyone that made this such a great experience. Made some new friends and had a great time watching all the entries. ��

  • Everyone in the comments are mad that their knock-off Hans Zimmer score didn’t make the cut. Sorry all you lost because you all sounded exactly the same. At least Kudell’s is unique. The show is about sentient robots, the use of 8-bit is an interesting take.

  • Awesome contest!!! There were some amazing entries!!! Congrats to the winners!!! Also, I really enjoyed this video, @Funkin Mess!!! It was cool you showcased the entries!!! Have fun, enjoy collecting and keep on rocking!!! MUCH LOVE

  • Now, now I think everybody should just calm down. Listen to it again and I think you will find it has some very distinct qualities pfff-hahaha �� Couldn’t hold it back any longer ��

  • After listening through all the entries, I have to say I’m honestly disappointed in what the outcome was. When I composed for this competition, I didn’t expect to win not when I knew how many people would be putting in entries! But I can say, I honestly thought that the winning entry would be up there with Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino, especially considering Ramin was judging this. Sure, the winner is a great composer, no doubt there, and his IMDB profile more than backs that up, but this was one of the worst clips I listened to, and the music was jarring enough that I’ve I’d been watching a TV series with this kind of filmography and then this music set against it, I would have dumped it after the first episode. I am so disappointed in Spitfire and the judges for their choices I fail to see how this even meets the criteria YOU set. This is all Game Of Thrones Season Eight again good job on throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  • Wow, lots of haters! The 8-bit section is fantastic at indicating the change in state of mind of Aaron Paul’s character when he starts to look like he’s tripping out. As it carries on through it gets more serious after the explosion with the rocket launcher and then reprises the 8-bit at the very end. Very clever score, loved the bloops when the butt of the gun was hitting the ceiling of the vehicle (made me LOL). Too many closed-minded people that think movie/show scores ALWAYS have to have sounds indicative of real instruments.

  • Hey Joe, congratulations on your subs. l totally overlooked the deadline, but if you do a 200 subs contest in the next couple weeks l’m in!:-)