Stuck in the beginning line Find your gateway change


How to Reach the Center of the Euclid Galaxy Fast | No Man’s Sky Exo Mech 2020

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Minecraft 1.9 Spawning and Controlling of End Gateways

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Failure configuring windows updates reverting changes screen stuck fix

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КВпейджер (HFpager). Автор проекта отвечает на вопросы. КВшлюз.

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How To Fix Windows 10 Stuck On Welcome Screen [Tutorial]

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How to Reset your Comcast Xfinity TV Cable Box

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Find your “gateway” change. “Greatness from small beginnings.” -Sir Francis Drake Frodo, before he became the savior of Middle-Earth. If your gateway is using a VPC endpoint, in the AVAILABLE COMMANDS window, enter open-support-channel. If your gateway is not activated, provide the VPC endpoint or IP address to connect to customer support for Storage Gateway. Allow TCP port 22 so you can open a support channel to AWS.

Stuck at the starting line? Find your “gateway” change. THE IMMUNE-BOOST ROCKET! Want to live longer?

Try building a guild. 7 Tips For Parents Dealing with Fussy Eaters; EGGS FROM THE FOREST! Recent Comments Archives. November 2015; October 2015; September 2015; August 2015; July 2015; June 2015; May 2015; Categories. Uncategorized; Meta.

Step 1: First, click the Apple icon in the top left corner. From this menu, click “ System Preferences ”. Step 2: Next, click “ Network ”. Your default gateway will appear next to “ Router ”. See image below. Troubleshoot opening Power BI Desktop. 01/14/2020; 3 minutes to read; In this article. In Power BI Desktop, users who installed and are running previous versions of the Power BI On-premises data gateway can be blocked from opening Power BI Desktop, because of administrative policy restrictions that the Power BI on-premises gateway placed on named pipes on the local machine.

1) Press # Key 2) Select “Setup Menu” and press Green Enter key 3) Select “Communications” and press Green Enter key 4) Select “ComsPriority” and press Green Enter Key 5) Press Yellow Key to clear value and enter 100. 6) Press Red X Key three or four times to return to the main screen. The Azure gateway IP definition that is set on the on-premises device should match the Azure gateway IP. Step 4. Check UDR and NSGs on the gateway subnet.

Check for and remove user-defined routing (UDR) or Network Security Groups (NSGs) on the gateway subnet, and then test the result. Glaucoma Research Foundation recently elected two new members to serve on its Board of Directors: Monica L. Vetter, PhD, and Ruth D. Williams, MD. The tangy, refreshing taste comes mainly from the ginger – bursting with plenty of vitamin B complex, as well as potassium to look after your heart and blood pressure.

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List of related literature:

The default gateway answers the question “If I don’t know where it goes, where do I send it?”

“Troubleshooting Microsoft Technologies: The Ultimate Administrator's Repair Manual” by Chris Wolf
from Troubleshooting Microsoft Technologies: The Ultimate Administrator’s Repair Manual
by Chris Wolf
Addison-Wesley, 2003

which order the gateway is used.

“Windows Server 2008 Inside Out” by William Stanek
from Windows Server 2008 Inside Out
by William Stanek
Pearson Education, 2008

Switch A has a higher priority (120) than Switch B (the default 100), so it is normally the active gateway.

“CCNP Routing and Switching SWITCH 300-115 Official Cert Guide: Exam 38 Cert Guide” by David Hucaby
from CCNP Routing and Switching SWITCH 300-115 Official Cert Guide: Exam 38 Cert Guide
by David Hucaby
Pearson Education, 2014

ComputerA looks at its default gateway setting ( and then attempts to find out the MAC

“CCENT Certification All-in-One For Dummies” by Glen E. Clarke
from CCENT Certification All-in-One For Dummies
by Glen E. Clarke
Wiley, 2010

Default gateway b.

“Networking Essentials: A CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Textbook” by Jeffrey S. Beasley, Piyasat Nilkaew
from Networking Essentials: A CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Textbook
by Jeffrey S. Beasley, Piyasat Nilkaew
Pearson Education, 2018

The gateway is supposed to be closed, but it would make sense that you, the 49th, might open that gateway.

“The 49th Mystic (Beyond the Circle Book #1)” by Ted Dekker
from The 49th Mystic (Beyond the Circle Book #1)
by Ted Dekker
Baker Publishing Group, 2018

The default gateway route is only used when the switch itself initiates an exchange, e.g., a TFTP upgrade, with the client.

“CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting” by Donna L. Harrington
from CCNP Practical Studies: Troubleshooting
by Donna L. Harrington
Cisco, 2003

The 1 line is the default gateway.

“Windows 7 Resource Kit” by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt, Ed Wilson
from Windows 7 Resource Kit
by Mitch Tulloch, Tony Northrup, et. al.
Pearson Education, 2009

1 command sets the default gateway for the switch.

“CCNA Certification All-in-One For Dummies” by Silviu Angelescu
from CCNA Certification All-in-One For Dummies
by Silviu Angelescu
Wiley, 2010

David is now near the end of the gateway configuration.

“Introducing Microsoft Power BI” by Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo
from Introducing Microsoft Power BI
by Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo
Pearson Education, 2016

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  • Im getting no signal i know my dvr box is working and ive been troubleshooting for days hdmi cables ports reciever nothing every time i turn on the tv no signal please help

  • Thanks comcast for making physical factory reset buttons so obsolete that if ur having issues where no picture shows you basically have no way to reset your box

  • Программа для андроид andflmsg и моды thor или olivia. На 80-ке 2-мя ватами уверенная связь на сотни километров и на 1400 км с небольшими ошибками.

  • Прикольно) Раньше думал что у вас на фазовом методе. Про искусственное сужение полосы я писал на р.сканнере лет десять назад, даже приводил блок-схему действующей системы. А сама разработка была сделана еще в 90х на pic процессоре и ЖК экранчике, естественно без всякого смартфона, которых в то время еще не было) Легко достигалось вытащить -10..12 дБ из-под шумов, а вытаскивая до -18 дБ приходилось сильно снижать скорость обмена. Сейчас такое осуществимо на любой ардуинке, причем автономно. Ведь современные сматрфоны нещадно жрут питание, если долго висеть в ожидании сеанса радиообмена. А в походе это дефицитный ресурс, иначе придется таскать с собой солнечную батарею, велогенератор, или ветряк) Или все вместе… Тогда как полностью автономная система радиообмена может оказаться в разы экономичнее смартфонной.

  • I needed to connect my dvd/vcr
    to my roku smart tv. I could not get my cable box to come back on. Have a tech coming tomorrow. I cant get my box back on???

  • My turn on my win 10, it wouldn’t even load to the password screen, it would stay at the black screen like almost forever! I wish I could replace it

  • The very first method has worked for me.
    Thank you very much. When I changed my system font after that my pc stucked on the welcome screen and I couldn’t enter my password screen but after watching this video made my pc run again. Thanks a lot to MD Tech.

  • Seriously what the hell dude you say if your stuck on a welcome screen then you need to power restart from the screen before but obviously I’m stuck past that point and can’t do that

  • Dude you saved my life! I have a work project due tomorrow and this happened to me! Combo of safe mode and admin account fixed it!

  • Hi, I am having a problem.I can only see the welcome screen, the nouse is working fine there but there is nothing else…no sign in option,no restart option…can you please help me?

  • Sir i changed my default windows 10 font, after restart to apply the changes i got stuck on lock screen i can’t enter the sign in menu. What i should do? Plzz help…

  • Does this still work in 1.14.4? I had tried it with my second portal and it went to the end islands not my fake island. Thanks again for another awesome video.

  • my problems is that on my keyboard only the letters aren’t working like abcde…z and some other keys and even on safe mode i cant log on

  • Yo can you help me? The cursor is not even showing up and the keyboard is not working. When I go to the bios everything is working fine but when I try to enter my pc nothing’s working

  • Help me, man. I’ve tried to follow all the steps you gave, but it still doestn work. I’ve repeated to go to the safe mode 3 times within 20 minutes.

  • i can get to this screen, but my keyboard and mouse won’t work. i can’t do a troubleshoot, can’t fix it in bios, and can’t click off filter keys…anyone else have ideas?

  • Thank you so much for this! I was going mad, Wlan Svc wouldn’t start and I couldn’t connect to any network whatsoever turns out it was the default gateway bug after all. Highest marks! ��

  • Help please! so my mom’s boy has an computer and I am only allowed to play on it and not play with the settings and i cant put my pin to login! It wont let me type and they are now asleep HELPPPP

  • This is a very well structured video. So thorough; grateful for all the research and experimentation. Thank you for contributing to the community!

  • I did that my computer is still saying administrator is not a domain im confused and it say i have no wifi plus i cant sign in because im stuck on the welcome screen

  • Hey howtowith GEO. I have a question about my the same exact Xfinity box. How come there are no options to connect my audio from my bose speakers into it? I need some advice asap. I want to pull my hair out ��

  • Рад за ребят! Разрабатывают, паяют, пишут. Да, может и не к месту, может и не получится из этого великого приработка. Но не ноют, денег у чинуш не просят, берут и делают. В первую очередь для себя, для души. Реализовали идею, собрались все кто занимался проектом, тянули по 50, порадовалисьэто и есть чистой воды радиолюбительство.

  • Сделайте пожалуйста уже для HFpager
    для Windows поддержку “PTT over CAT”. Ну дичь же в наше время использовать т.н. “PTT интерфейс” когда любой современный TRX по USB подключается к компу.
    На 5:50 ляп iFSK это конечно Incremental Frequency Shift Keying, a а не Incredible Frequency Shift Keying 😉
    Что еще…
    1. Хотелось бы услышать сравнение КВ Пейджера, в плане позиционирования хотя бы, с, вот такими существующими системами коротковолновой связи для удаленных районов:
    2. Также интересно бы было сравнение, например, с чисто любительским
    Заранее благодарю.

  • Скажите пейджер работает только на кв или на 144 тоже сможет работать если подключить смарт через обычные радиостанции например? Его помехоустойчивость как раз способствует задуматься и о таком применении. И еще один вопрос, программа покупается один раз и навсегда или при замене телефона программу необходимо приобретать заново?

  • Hey @jasonplays im on xbox and it took me awhile to find that spot and I finally found it problem is someone claimed it I even turned of my internet and disabled multiplayer and it’s still claimed by someone and I can still see the entire system littered with everyone’s bases so Idk if they patched it or I’m jus being fucked for no reason………. Is there a method to find another one if those random bases kuz if so can u please post and show me how to find another wild base computer

  • Очень интересно! Спасибо за подробное описания типа модуляции и способа восстановления передаваемых данных! Автору разработки желаю успехов!

  • Соблюдать нужно только законодательство СССР никакого другого законодательства здесь нет, законы рф действуют согласно статье конституции рф 67 читайте.

  • затея очень нужная…
    а как он отличает своих от чужих? это реализовано в протоколе?
    если таких станций будет много, перестройки по частоте, по всей видимости, там нет… пока опытный экземпляр оно работает, а что потом?
    … ясно, есть ID и позывной.
    вообще идеи в стиле “сможет пользоваться даже домохозяйка” провальный по определению, домохозяйки не смогут, а тем кому действительно нужно, покажется примитивным… там же 3тья категория нужна, а значит у пользователя есть опыт радиосвязи.
    если штука для походов, корпус должен быть герметичным.

  • Обхаять все и вся, это черта многих граждан России. Но только не сделать! Откуда такое? Радиалу и Евгению спасибо за интересную и хорошую прогу. Кто ее применял, тот оценит. А спорить с теми, кто на все смотрит с презрением, нет смысла. Радиалу успехов!

  • Так и не понял. Сообщения приходят конкретному адресату? Или всем, кто на данной частоте находится? Как узнать, какое сообщение именно тебе предназначено? Или необходимо заранее частоту с адресатом обговорить?

  • Если я куплю прогу, поставлю, а потом что нибудь случится с телефоном и я куплю другой, как сохранится лицензия или она так же как все висит в облаке гугла с аккуантом?

  • I can confirm it works on Xbox One, though I already have a base in that galaxy, I also have Eissentam open aside from the original Euclid galaxy

  • Every night after I check xfinity’s list of apps, by the time I click on the Sports App (with the scores), the system always freezes up, and I hope to unplug the box and the gateway, then plug them both back in a few seconds later! This glitch has been happening with my x1 system for the past couple of years! xfinity probably rolled out their x1 system without fixing all the app glitches it was facing!

  • при том отношении в мире к аутоидентификации, когда каждое действие человека должно отслеживаться и наблюдаться в целях борьбы с экстремизмом и терроризмом, я удивляюсь, что до сих пор не запрещены все виды цифровой любительской связи. Это же возможность абсолютно анонимного управления любыми устройствами (например взрывателями, распылителями ядов или распаковкой биооружия в виде чумных блох) на огромном расстоянии.
    Щас, по идее, один человек другому рубль бесследно передать не может, а тут, хоть атомную бомбу безнаказанно взрывай…

  • Установил на смартфон эту прогу. Не обязательно брать улейму. Можно использовать любой трансивер. В итоге. Не надо покупать, за баснословные деньги, весь комплект.

  • А почему бы и не превратить эту программу в “аську”!? Причём чтобы были комнаты где несколько участников, и если некоторое время не было участника, то когда он подключался ему все сообщения приходили ( по принципу “шлюза” о котором говорили )
    Также можно добавить передачу изображений и голосовых сообщений
    Добавьте в Улейму блютуз-модуль и не нужен будет проводок, не нужно будет “приковывать” смартфон к рации, рацию можно расположить в более удобном для приёма месте, а телефон будет постоянно при себе

  • принцип кодировки аналога в цифру…. вспоминаю компьютер “спектр” принцип тот же.есть бесплатные аналоги так что прога не инновация

  • The planet had changed since you made this video 2 months ago. Sadly, yes internet is off for entire PS4, anyway the area I went to in the cordinates is a island, that is flat and nothing on it ☹️. Back to the grind of trying to get to the center

  • Очередной русский Кулибин, почти Илон Маск, решил что-то изобрести, типа открыть стартап. Только зачем? Там где нет сотовой связи, есть спутниковая и все остальное, чем пользуется человечество. Это ноухау для чего, какой в нем смысл?

  • Thank you for the interesting video. I have bought a licence for the HF pager app a while ago because it is a very interesting approach and now I am looking for other Hams for trying to use it on 40m, 20m or 80m, NVIS or longer range. Vy 73 de DL1DBY

  • Stopped watching after the first one…if you’re going to restart anyway those commands are useless, since windows does all that automagically when it restarts anyway…

  • Did a Windows update. Computer restarted and now won’t connect to Internet. It said my pin didn’t work so I entered password it also didn’t work. I went on another device and changed Microsoft password. Tried again still no Internet and cannot log in. I have no backup as computer is new. I’ve tried safe mode but it still asks me for password to refresh system. I’m computer savvy but this has me stumped. Please help

  • The solution for me was to unplug my tp link cables and plug them in again (specifically the one connecting to the router). I know this sounds so simple but it worked for me whereas all the methods in this video and plenty of others didn’t work.

  • how to check if it is fixed or not? btw i was disconnecting from my wifi so i ran the troubleshooter and there it showed me default gateway… so how to know if it is fixed or not?

  • I had this issue for 2 years, scouted whole internet for solutions: making auto ping bat files, power options, complete reinstalls, network drivers changes, different connections, changing devices, firewall exceptions, sharing internet through laptop with ethernet, setting up dns servers, static ips all of it. Nothing worked.

    It turned out to be the Eset nod 32 antivirus. Uninstalled this piece of shit and even after half a day the wifi is still on without a disconnect. Hopefully this will save neurons for other people.

  • You guys I found a solution to this problem. I´ve tried to update the adapter and IT WORKED.
    device manager network adapter right click the one you´re using and update it.
    I hope it works for you too.

  • Wow thank you so much it worked on the 4th attempt. Thank you I have been struggling for the past 3 days. Thank you very much. I am so happy.

  • Out of curiosity why would default gateway issue have anything to do with your dns settings? If your computer cannot find the default gateway dns won’t even come into play.

  • Thanks a lot, I just did the first 2 steps you mentioned and my internet is back again Thanks God, I followed an idiot on Youtube telling me to use some stupid commands on CMD to fix my internet connectivity with Omegle and he fucked it up it doesn’t wanna work again, until I used my phone and found your video, just followed the 2 first steps you did in CMD and my internet is back, you deserve 100000 Likes

  • None of these methods worked. I have a brand new windows 10 gaming laptop and as of late I’m at my wits end and want to destroy it. You can play MAYBE 1 game of call of duty and then BOOM “default gateway is unavailable”.

  • The only way I fixed this issue was to do a system restore, back in time before the problem started, and that fixed it….for now anyway

  • I will let you know if it worked but I appreciate that you seem to understand how annoying this problem is and provide several possible fixes.

  • Guys, if you’ve tried every method and you’re still getting this error, it’s most likely due to a fault with your PC’s network card.

    You will need to buy a USB WiFi adapter, you can find them on Amazon relatively cheap.

  • i have tried them all, still get Default Gateway is Not Available… help.
    i’ve already formated my pc. when i try these solutions, my internet works for 5minutes then “Default Gateway is Not Available” again

  • Gnembon, I made a spreadsheet of all the closest possible outer gateway positions by filling with a layer of end stone in the area between the outer search points and the estimated inner search points, then using all the inner gateways to generate the outer ones. One thing I noticed, the new gateways are in the closest corner of the chunk generated to the center gateway, not necessarily on a straight line between the calculation outer search point. Here is a link to the spreadsheet:

  • I followed the steps and when I entered “Safe mode” it shows “failure confi” then I waited for a couple of minutes but it just stucks there. What should I do?

  • help me friend same problem but when i thawed the computer which is the deep freeze it need to restart so when i restard it the windows is updating then im stuck so i turned it off after that it keeps showing reverting changes.

  • I also clicked on safe mode but also same message failire configuring windows updates.and i also restarted 10 times but also no change how any one can say?

  • I hope you don’t mind but, I’m telling everyone that I think it will help about your various videos. I just posted the url for for this video for someone in discord. edit: This video came at the right time to help me get to the center. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was for you to put more emphasis on not deselecting the system you’re in. When I figured that out it went like it was suppose to.

  • i went to the safe mode bunch codes loaded then the text size is bigger then it just says failure configuring windows updates Reverting changes and its been like 40 minute and its still like that

  • I did that but when I needed to put my password it said it was incorrect, but I am 100% sure that I was putting the right password, anyone can help?

  • have Jason I reset the simulation not what is going on like you must have ended up at the centre everything is broken..but I can’t find black holes and can’t see them flying about have to ask form the anomaly so can you see them..great videos

  • How would this work on diagonal portals (e.g. South East)? Would it be possible for an exit portal to spawn on a non-zero axis (e.g. 575, 29, 775)?

  • I know this is old, but does this still work in 1.13.1 and what if the end gates have been generated? Can I trim the exit gates out and regenerate based on this tutorial?

  • could Someone help me please? I just kill the dragón and then I put the endstone on those coordinates but the gateway isn’t generated where It sould. why?
    have I to put the endstone before killing the dragón?

  • I have a question. if I break the ender gateway after it generated, will it be regenerated after I will enderpearl through it again? like breaking via eggs… breaking the bedrock and the portal…

  • +gnembon_mc, on the Fullstack server, all 4 x and z axis portals have been used. Did you ever get around to mapping out all 20 gateways to establish a void perimeter. There are a few new gateways that haven’t been primed yet, but I’m not sure how to track back from the outer end islands to find the best location to use, any help would be appreciated… thx

  • On a server I play on, when exploring the end 100,000+ out, I sometimes see end gateways even though the chunks have never been loaded. Is there a way to explain this?

  • Just enter the sunrise glyph repeatedly and that spits you out 5-7 warps from the galactic core. Have a friend calibrate to you from the anomaly, and then head back through the portal and calibrate to your friend form the anomaly. no need to turn off internet or set up base computers…

  • The same thing happens when I try logging in with safe mode on, it just displays a welcome screen with a loading symbol next to it

  • None of the above solution work for me. Window 10 I tried all solution on the internet. Nothing worked. Ip release solution from other video it’s show no adapter permission available, sometimes media disconnected. Factory reset my pc. Update my network adapter, uninstall network adapter. At first it’s come for few seconds thn become unidentified network for few days but now it’s totally unidentified network. I lose my all hope. If u can help me please reply or it’s ok if u dnt. My life is end now. I quit. Ba-bye virtual world going to see really world it’s not be very easy bt i will try to survive.������

  • So I have a walkway made of ice and stained glass panes. Will I need to remove it before using this method or will they not be counted as the end islands. I would assume they won’t since there’s no endstone present however I’d like to be sure

  • Cool code digging! Mojang, that’s what you get running a positionning (same time as generating) code based on the realtime world, not closely based on the seed generation (or at least not checking with a longer offset distance from the center/gateway). But in a void based dimension, this doesn’t really cut any potential gameplay so it seems sweet!

  • I loved the video, the edit and the explanation, but unfortunately, I’m a spanish speaker and I understand almost all of the english speakers youtubers in general except you, I don’t know why xD…. Can you subtitle in english your videos or something like that please? with the subtitles I’m sure almost everyone will understand, it’s a shame that I’ll lost some of this amazing details… thanks for reading and nice video!!

  • Is it at all feasible to move the exit locations of the ‘non-axial’ portals into the void? Or would that require a lot of math and tedious building and counting…

  • I’ve just finished this for my single player survival LP, Worked a treat, 1st time.

    Excellent tutorial Gnembon, you, deserve 10x the subs you have!

  • So. In each axis. Just go to 0 and 1024 or -1024. And move to 0 and 768 or -768. You will always be able create your own custom Ender portal? Is that what I’ve come to understand or do I really misunderstand all of it? Also, does this still work in the most current Minecraft version?

  • nice, ive always wanted to build a new endermen farm but i didnt want to remove the old one, now i can even just teleport to it:D

  • Turning off multiplayer doesnt work because it still shows other peoples bases,and if i go offline,it doesn’t let me play.I am comfused.

  • DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE IT HAS BEEN PATCHED! I tried this and am now stuck between 3 planets. I CANNOT teleport anywhere I can’t even summon the Anomaly because it says “portal interference”

  • THANK YOU! I was about to stop playing, as I like to at least “finish” the main quest before moving on to another game. I have too many games that I want to knock out before Cyberpunk is released. And this game, despite it being fun, is really holding me up.

  • Gotta thank you man. After 300 hours, I left Euclid. Took me about 5 hours for hilbrand. I used the technique you showed here. But had to figure out how to find those claimable bases without coordinates. Exotic/lifeless/airless planets have a HUGE success using the commercial maps to find habitable bases. I just did calypso galaxy in 15 minutes!

    So portals to the near center work 😉

  • I went to the planet with multiplayer turned off but it was covered in bases and the base computer was claimed, I even turned my WiFi off and reloaded back on the planet and it’s still claimed

  • Hey Jason I’m on xbox and it took me awhile to find that spot and I finally found it problem is someone claimed it I even turned of my internet and disabled multiplayer and it’s still claimed by someone and I can still see the entire system littered with everyone’s bases so Idk if they patched it or I’m jus being fucked for no reason………. Is there a method to find another one if those random bases kuz if so can u please post and show me how to find another wild base computer

  • On the save I just started I was about 25 hours into the game and I happened to travel to a players base that was 3,000 LY from the center, lol. I am unable to travel to the galactic core, it will not let me with ship or freighter all fully charged hyperdrives. Even going to the system that the line goes to. I said to heck with it and finished the quest and went to Eissentam. i got into my ship and noticed I spawned only 3,100 LY from the center….lol. Still can’t travel to it. I have no idea why. Steam player here

  • If you try to do this and it doesn’t work you need to use the ANOMALY teleporter to get back to the base. No other teleporter will work!

  • Im guessing this cant be done with xbox if you just have digital download? Or is there a way to not allow access to internet for certain games?

  • So, I followed these steps and probably did something extra without realising, everytime I get to the center and spawn in my new galaxy, I’m the same distance from the core (2 jumps) and can then leave this next galaxy. Atm I’m on the 10th and could in theory repeat this. Not sure what to do or if this is normal and the idea is to then explore outwards?

  • Infinity is too big. I wish there was some sort of destination we all were aiming for, with no short cuts. So those who do it are actually rewarded. Over time, more and more people come. After a year or So, it changes.

  • I got to the very last system, next to the galactic core, but I can’t go through to the next galaxy. Is there something I’m missing?

  • The sad thing is that in my playthrough, I Haven’t found any black holes or anything. So I’ve travelled nearly 100,000 LY on my warp engines.

  • Holy Mother of God I have been searching the interweb for like an hour and your hold the right stick comment was the fix to my problem. Keep up the good work and I love you enthusiasm.

  • Great Update Jason!! Thanks. What are the three computer boards in the third row (4th, 5th, 6th columns) in the General Tab of your Exosuit?

  • im new to no mans sky, and dont want to get spoiled on the ending. if i go to the center of the galaxy, what happens to my game? does it still screw you over like it did when it first launched?

  • this is great content for achievement hunting as you can only get certain achievements by changing galaxies but also when you change galaxies from what ive heard the amount of rare items and s class spawn are decreased by 30% so the more you change galaxies the less likely you are to be able to farm or build. so in my opinion whats the point of 255 galaxies

  • The first two portals I’ve opened spawn me off an island and I fall to my death. Doesn’t seem to be very good at “searching” for a landmass to spawn a portal on…

    Unless I’m an idiot…

  • Why the fuck am I the only one who can’t select it I’ve tried everything possible and still can’t go through the core even with 6300 hyperdrive range can someone help me? This games starting to become fucking garbage again

  • Great video Jason Plays! Does the NMS community have bases near the center that can be claimed like this for the other galaxies as well? is there a list somewhere on the interwebs?

  • So I went offline on my xbox than I loaded up the game teleported to my portal base went offline in game and put in the gylpshs and the base was still claimed I’m actually so confused edit if you clear your system cache you can fix this issue

  • How does this game even work without being online….
    Looks��JUST LIKE THE BATWING��from BATMAN just a little fatty..

  • How the fuck do you play multiplayer good. Where your partner doesn’t disappear. How do you do stuff together. This shit is so crazy you Gotta be like a fucking wizard ��‍♂️ to play this game

  • I couldn’t fully turn off my internet because I play on gamepass, so I just turned off my network in the nms settings but there’s still a person who took the base… Any ideas?

    Edit: nvm I can play offline fsr

  • Я так понял, это по принципу Dial-up модема работает, микрофонный вход
    смартфона это АЦП, выход на, ушники ЦАП. Шнур покупать,
    это смешно, спаять радилюьитель сможет сам там Джек 4 контактный,
    спаенный как AUX кабель. А 4 контакный шлейф, можно из убитый наушников взять

  • Tysm for the video, was not enjoying the idea of having to go through at least 100 black holes to get to center. Just made thanks to this route. Keep up the good work.

  • when i sign into my laptop and i live my cursor, it says it’s loading and then it goes black for a split second and reloads everything
    it does that a lot of times. i cant open anything on the task bar or the start. i can open google but then the task bar reloads and flashes. please does anyone have a solution? i’ve searched everywhere for a solution and it’s driving me insane!:(

  • Спасибо большое за видео!
    Евгению спасибо за приложение.
    Радиолюбители не оценят, а вот остальные очень хорошо должны встретить данную программу.

  • Конечно же данная технология найдет своих пользователей, но лицензирование надо бы оптимизировать. У каждого человека есть смартфон и компьютер. Хотелось бы, чтобы 1 лицензия включала в себя эти две единицы. Кто пользует мобильный вариант, тот захочет и в домашних условиях использовать.

  • For thoses having trouble! If you disconnect your xbox/ps4 from the internet completely and turn off multiplayer before activating your portal you’ll be able to avoid the bellends base and any glitches.
    If you’re on Game Pass on Xbox do the above but you’ll have about 3 or 4 minutes before the game realizes your offline. Open the portal then enter the address and jump through, if you get disconnected on the otherside just press the home button then reconnect to the internet and then jump back into the game! you’ll find the base and be able to claim it. Tried and tested method!

  • Once you warp back from the anomaly could you not go to a different system or just save come online and find a place to build a base?

  • Followed the guide step by step, claim the base, warp, and then instead of the center of the galaxy, it says “get ready for disappointment.

  • I would very much like to find instructions for controlling the remaining 16 portals. I’ve just killed the enderdragon 18 times in a row (had already killed it twice at an earlier point) and I am about to start using the 4 portals you provided the guide for. One enderman farm, one wool farm and one villager breeder for trading purposes. I haven’t decided on the fourth as there is some competition for the spot as I don’t know how to allocate the remaining portals.

  • I’m there right now and I think it’s ruined, there are a few bases around and the one I can supposedly claim is invisible, but thanks anyway for the video ��