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Stop Lying: How Painful Realizations Can Unlock a Healthier Life. By Taylor Share • Last Updated: May 19, My biggest excuse for not investing in my health and fitness was that I was in a place in my life where thought I needed to focus on my career. I couldn’t go to the gym because I needed to prove my value by spending more time at the. Stop Lying: How Painful Realizations Can Unlock a Healthier Life By Taylor Share • Last Updated: May 19, 2016 • 42 comments This is a post from NF Wordsmith Taylor.

Stop Lying: How Painful Realizations Can Unlock a Healthier Life (Nerd Fitness) – An awesome story about a journey that shows what happens when you take responsibility for your own health. How to Become a Millionaire: The Ultimate Guide ( Bigger Pockets ) – That’s a pretty lofty title, but after I read it I now realize that it deserves to. After that life-changing December evening, I started to research. I read countless books, took courses, and attended seminars. I needed to know what caused the constant fear and how to stop it.

I had always perceived fear as a menacing, painful, and crippling hostile force. A life-sucking alien parasite. An uncontrollable beast. If your pain levels permit, you can move from the supine hooklying position into a gentle spinal twist.   Instructions. Start in supine position without bent knees. Take both knees a little ways to one side—generally, this is away from the painful side—and test to see if you can tolerate it.

Stay only for a few seconds and bring your. But, the fact of the matter is this: your teenager is human and sometimes humans make mistakes in their attempts to move forward in life. When you take the time to understand why your child is lying, or what they are trying to accomplish by lying, you can begin to. Keeping your mind on your smoke-free future and the health and lifestyle benefits which will come with quitting permanently is an important motivator.

Cravings go away and there is a better life after smoking for those who persist and quit for good. Not only will you live longer, you can also lead a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. Lies are a little fortress; inside them you can feel safe and powerful.

Through your little fortress of lies you try to run your life and manipulate others. But the fortress needs walls, so you build some. These are the justifications for your lies. You know, like you are doing this to protect someone you love, to keep them from feeling pain.

We cover over 300+ conditions and wellbeing interests, so you can treat your health holistically. Connect with people like you People visit our platform everyday to connect with others who are going through similar health challenges. Lying about either of these issues reveals an area of my life in which I am intentionally trying to cut out my wife. She is the most important person in my life.

Cutting her out can only be done for negative reasons. Lies of Communication: My wife should be aware of every form of communication available to me. I should never have a secret email.

List of related literature:

But being honest with yourself is a necessary part of changing your ways of thinking about your health.

“It's Not All in Your Head: How Worrying about Your Health Could Be Making You Sick-and What You Can Do about It” by Gordon J. G. Asmundson, Steven Taylor
from It’s Not All in Your Head: How Worrying about Your Health Could Be Making You Sick-and What You Can Do about It
by Gordon J. G. Asmundson, Steven Taylor
Guilford Publications, 2005

But healing from the pain of telling the truth is not nearly as hard as dealing with the hurt that comes with lying.

“Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise” by Cora Jakes-Coleman
from Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise
by Cora Jakes-Coleman

Since lying may have been a lifelong way of coping, we must accept that learning to tell the truth may involve hard work.

“NLT Life Recovery Bible, Second Edition” by Stephen Arterburn, David Stoop
from NLT Life Recovery Bible, Second Edition
by Stephen Arterburn, David Stoop
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2017

When Lying Hurts the Liar We will address two kinds of maladaptive deception here: malingering and excessive emotional dissemblance.

“Lying and Deception in Everyday Life” by Michael Lewis, Carolyn Saarni
from Lying and Deception in Everyday Life
by Michael Lewis, Carolyn Saarni
Guilford Publications, 1993

But not everybody can do this because many of us need the lie in order to live.

“The Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker
from The Denial of Death
by Ernest Becker
Free Press, 1997

And don’t mask unhealthy choices with optimism when you know they’re not right, or let emotional cravings and temporary comfort inspire you to venture for more pain.

“Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness” by Vex King
from Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
by Vex King
Hay House, 2018

And I have to refuse to believe the lies I’ve told myself for so long, that I really feel fine the way I am and that change is impossible.

“Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips, and Other Parts” by Ayana Byrd, Akiba Solomon
from Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips, and Other Parts
by Ayana Byrd, Akiba Solomon
Penguin Publishing Group, 2005

And there were these things called affirmations, and she said that if you say them over again, you can change thought patterns that can make your health worse, while the new thought patterns made you better.

“Heal Your Mind” by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
from Heal Your Mind
by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
Hay House, 2016

But the truth is you can control your mental activities and your behaviors to a degree you never believed possible before.

“Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement” by Tony Robbins, the Author
from Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement
by Tony Robbins, the Author
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

And the lies you tell yourself every day are killing you as well.

“The Lies We Believe” by Dr. Chris Thurman
from The Lies We Believe
by Dr. Chris Thurman
Thomas Nelson, 2003

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • My old friend caught me picking my nose at school. She is now my bully and she always texts me “hi nose picker” We are going to school in 1 week and we have ALL of the same classes. I’m afraid that she will tell everyone and then people wont like me anymore. Im trying to figure out how to deny it. I’ll update in a few weeks about how school went

  • Best s*** I heard so far. I started out listen to this to figure out other but honestly this helps me more than anything.. we are all honest liar’s.. TIME TO FIX ME.

  • She’s says in modern English essentially the same thing the Buddha said 2500 years ago. It’s also largely what the Stoics and the Taoists came up with at about the same time, although I think the Buddhist managed to leave clearer instructions. And all this time later we’re still making ourselves miserable. Even when you know, it’s not easy to stop. A lifetime of bad habits and all that, but it’s worth the effort.

  • Το να βλέπεις τον σύντροφό σου ή τη γνώση ότι ο σύντροφός σου εξαπατά μπορεί να είναι καρδιακός πόνος και είναι ακόμη χειρότερο όταν έχεις υποψίες αλλά δεν είσαι σίγουρος. Ξέρω πώς αισθάνεται επειδή ήμουν σε αυτήν την ακριβή κατάσταση έως ότου ήρθα σε επαφή με το @martin_stien_ στο Instagram ότι αυτός ο τύπος είναι ιδιοφυΐα, μου χάραξε τον σύζυγό μου και μου έδωσε όλους τους κωδικούς πρόσβασης και την απόδειξη ότι κοιμόταν με ένα κορίτσι μισή ηλικία και ξοδεύουμε όλες τις εξοικονομήσεις μας σε αυτήν

  • personally I really tried looking into compulsive lying because it made me paranoid, it coursed a lot of self hatethat I couldn’t express so I would come up with narratives to justify being upset and getting the support I wanted and I couldn’t hold my relationships. It started very young and it was very much sympathy based where I played victim. After research I related a lot to munchausen syndrome because I would often fake trauma of both physical and emotional nature and yes make up stories to paint myself in a more positive light. The crazy thing is even in adulthood where my life is probably more interesting then the average persons purely because I’m impulsive I still feel the need to elaborate and I pray, research, keep logs in my phone of lies I’ve told and even came forward on social media like instaI have to actively think about my conduct all the time to NOT lie. I would say I started from as young as 8 and being transparent I think it comes from a need of attention, validation and being incredibly critical of yourself. I will achieve something and I will often take it away from myself so even when I do something amazing its not enough I need to elaborate on it. Or I will do something wrong and I will remember it and continue to replay it years after.

  • I was a compulsive liar until I got into my first adult relationship and was really confronted my self worth. I believe mine started because I was lied to so much by my parents that I carried the same habit. I was also physically abused and my parents would always say I was over exaggerating by calling them hitting me abuse. Anywho I came to realize that I lied everyday over serious things and super small things and hated the idea of lying to my partner. So, I’ve been really trying to stop lying even if exaggerating a story would make it more interesting. I’ve been really trying to tell the truth, but I must admit, it’s hard.

  • My fiancé lied to me for 6 months that his mother killed herself, went to her funeral and saw her dead body. Now he said he lied about going to her funeral and she’s alive living in Tennessee but that he wasn’t lying about there being a funeral. I’ve caught him multiple times lying about so many things that don’t need to be lied about. Nothing makes sense and he will apologize about it but continue to tell lies. I’m so done and tired of it. Our relationship has became so unhealthy because I can no longer trust him at all


  • Demolishing the historicity of Jesus

    A Bible book = compendium of folk tales and fables!

    recounted orally for generations by primitive tribes from the stone age.

    This is the Old Testament.

    The new Testes is hearsay as these gospels were written by the faithful

    not by objective historians of that particular time.

    There are no gods..!

    Keep Lies of gods away from children..!

    Forcing religious beliefs onto children is a form of child abuse,

    which scars their ability to reason

    and also limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner.

    ”…exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children’s differentiation between reality and fiction,.”””

  • Is there anyone for whom knowing the truth hurts equally?
    Like I know I m self deceiving myself and I know the truth about myself too but either choices r equally painful and not fulfilling… For now atleast..

  • The bottom line with liars that they are a disasters on their self and others coze a liar speak lies and do manipulation, see their mental system isnt familiar to truth and honesty taste and their brains cant detect honesty vibs thus hardly recognise it so they always in self or others doupt no matter how truth you show them or given to them and that is stress not a relationship. Liars are stress and life waisters sources smarts cut them off, hahaha they’re like that shewawa dogs that circulating around their self trying to bite their own tales.�� they a need help not a relationship.

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  • I love this woman, so much. I’ve never heard a song of hers before, making this the first time for me. Only watched her in an interview and she seemed lovely. I like her! She’s like one of the cutest people ������

  • This video is particularly important in the current environment where we, as the white community, are having to see through our own self-deception and accept our privilege.

  • I was about to move on to the next talk when she mentioned; “I always believed that everybody would leave me”. I watched until the end. Good talk.

  • I know it’s not easy to come here for this video…it’s been a 3month by applying law of attraction….and finally I got this video…. thank you universe…sending lots of love..��..

  • I’ve been slowly working on myself instead of blaming other for my actions.
    Its hard to look at yourself and change poor habits and behavior but, hard times have really had me look at myself and why I act a certain way.

  • I always making up stories that I have illness to seek attention and sympathy of people. I lied to my past relationship i have heart disease and to my bestfriend. And now im lying that i have a cancer. I dont want it but i cant stop it. Im lying for 5yrs

  • Funny how u got these fake Christian on the radio preaching but saying 666 or 696 or 3-6 there not of God these worship the beast and blesmosmy my God..may the wrath of God come upon them.

  • Every pathological liar I have ever confronted or called out. got irate and angry as if I was the one who wronged them. By telling the truth

  • That lady is hot! If u see this comment let me know if you are single. My name is Jacob if u reply to this text I’ll send u my email or phone number.

  • Ok, I think I work with a pathological liar. she’s about 22 and she weighs about 110lbs.
    Last week at work she came up to me and told me she really got in to it with another driver. She said at first they were cutting each other off in traffic, it escalated to them throwing bottles at each other’s cars while driving, he told her to pull over so she pulled into a parking lot, the guy follows her and get out of his vehicle and approaches hers. He’s screaming at her to get out of her vehicle he still doesn’t know who’s in the vehicle because it’s dark out and her windows are tented.
    She said the man was huge, but she got out of her car anyway and threw a punch at the guy. Once he realized she was a girl he just cussed her out and left.
    ( At this point I was believed her story.until she toldcame up with another account this week for me.)
    Again at work, she approaches me and we start chit chatting about this and that, no biggie just everyday stuff. Then outa nowhere she tells me her mom used to be a prostitute but that she’s dead now from negligence on the part of the mom’s boyfriend and an upper respiratory infection.
    I told her I was sorry and how tough that must have been.
    She then tells me her mom had HIV,and she basically had to raise brother. (At this point I guess I’m still believing her.)
    She said that she could do anything she wanted and wouldn’t get arrested by the cops because they had all been recipients of her mother’s “services.” And if she got into trouble with the law, her mom could use her services against the cops.
    (At this point I’m seriously questioning what I’m being told for two reasons. First if her mom’s dead how could she blackmail the cops and second, this story’s gettin’ strange.)
    The next thing she tells me is the thing which not only causes me to flat out not believe her but makes me decide to never speak to her again.
    She then tells me her parents belonged to the Aryan brotherhood and that as a kid she would go to the pig pin at her parents friends house and pulverize any left over human bones.
    At this point I realize her whole life is a lie and I never wanna speak to her again. True story. BTW

  • Let’s just really be honest here. If she truly believed what she said she would have killed herself. Defense mechanisms exists for a reason. Lying and self deception is essential for survival as a human being.

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  • A lot of liars are refusing to take accountability for their impacts for their lies. Even if there is a reason for be lying, we all have a responsibility to not cause negative consequences for others. When we lie to others, we take away other people’s ability to respond to the truth, it disempowers them.

  • True that indeed all of the world aogeny is due to self deception and fakery that became a trend, people cant handle any truth,lolz i feel relieved to know know that even that became a privilege for exclusive personas or even take a benefit of it.i fed my self honesty and it never disappointed me,and Lamo when isaw what their selves do to them these fakers,losers & self upusers.
    P.s: i think you have to get them stunned to comprehend such deep usefull speech.��
    P.s:2; any emothions that exists and built over a night is definitely is a key to a disasteral relationships, real bond tales time to grow and even felt and even great deal of courage /trust so a person get to open up to be venerable. The real truth is evetybody is such an amaizing actor and would study you to do anything to convince you that thry are the best and everything you ever wanted when it come to what in your pocket or what you got so i steal it from a made in China emotions card dont read in my device.��

  • Even though i’m young i just can’t seem to stop lying and ik it would get me in trouble and i don’t want that it’s just like an addiction and i want to stop because when you lie your trying to run away from problems but problems always come after you and i hate myself fo always lying I don’t think my family believes me anymorebut I seriously want and need to stop.

  • It hurts me to lie to the people I love but I can’t help it it’s just terrible and I hate myself for it and I don’t know why, i live in a very “difficult” Household and my fear response is fawn so I think it started because I have to lie to stay in the shadows and not be Pointed out and it’s so frustrating because I lie even when I dont need to and it hurts

  • Frequency of GodS??? you can have only One communication Channel at a given Frequency. Just like you cant have two Radio Station using the same frequency. Therefore this is Frequency of A GOD not plural gods.

  • Almighty GOD maker of heaven and earth and beyond we thank you for your power of you’re creation there is no other god like you you’re the boss weather people like it or not you’re real in the end every knee will bow too you for all that we have done I REPENT and turn too you sweet lover of my soul and maker of all things help us in Jesus name smen

  • dear Universe,
    please keep my doggie safe when she dies, she has terminal cancer on her spine, and she will be passing away in a couple days now, I had her since I was 10 years old, she means so much for me, I won’t be selfish and ask you to keep her alive and make her suffer, but please.. please keep her warm and safe where ever she’ll end up, blessed be.

  • So I was on discord, right. And I voice called a person called emma and I said ‘Why can’t you visit me at my house?’ and she said something like ‘I got to look after my 3 year old brother called Timmy and my mom needs me to also tidy up his cute toys. I was confused and asked if she is lying but she just said no. I knew she was lying so I went to her house instead and she had no siblings. XD

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  • Bright side— a liar’s speech is always simple
    Also bright side— a liar always uses complicated words
    Me— im not a part of the conversation so why am I stressing my brain out��


  • I am 19 year old, and i dont remember when i started, i think almost all my life time, i cant even start a new or clean, this pandemic situation was the best for me, cant go out, cant tell lies, right? How can i live like that?! I am ashamed of my self.

  • Greetings. Yee Thee who be of GODLY BEING 369 Hz Manifest abundance
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    brief explanation of energy centers of you as the SPIRIT (link: THE
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  • I’d say maybe 30% of this was good. But to sum up an entire speech with an oxymoron wasn’t brave, it was just dancing around a target without hitting bullseye. For anyone who wants the true conclusion to this speech… The final answer is to be honest. Not kind of honest, but truly honest in everything we do. She made it seem unattainable which demonstrates the knowledge she obtained from college, a place where people pay money to become wise. God alone is perfect, if we have a source, concept, of 100% true perfection, we too can obtain it, even if we fall short, we know where the bullseye exists. Thanks for trying I enjoyed it, but again, our goal isn’t to be “honest liars” (oxymoron), but rather to be honest. True strength, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Truth. “When we can truly be honest with other people, then we can be truly honest with ourselves, and finally find the truth, about God and Love, because God is love and Love is sacrifice, to attain Love you must sacrifice your secrets.” -T.B. Jesus gave his life, so that we may attain perfection, even if we come up short, we know where the center lies, no pun intended.

  • I’ve done everything in my life up to today to try to get people to like me. I told two people closest to me how I honestly felt about them. There’s a price to pay but it doesn’t compare to the price I paid in being fake. It’s s lonely walk.

  • I used to have it and then I had a girlfriend for a few years that would always point it out and I managed to break the habit and now I noticed that my mom does it alot. When she’s talking on the phone with relatives she’ll tell people stories that she heard from someone else as if it was herself and when I tell her she just laughs like I said something hillarious and tells me I’m crazy ��‍♂️

  • I only tend to lie like this because i always try to please my girlfriend. Im usually afraid of getting a negative response with my honest response that i end up having the tendency to slightly turn it into a lie to please the person. If it doenst work and or they dont beleive me/like the answer then i admit i was lying and say the truth. Its a form of defense mechanism to prevent any argument. This stems from my childhood. people never like my honest response, so i change the story a little to make it seem more pleasing for them.

  • can i blend this audio with my own affirmation (my own voice) for my personal use? will it give results? pls reply me… i wont use this for commercial purpose.

  • I’m Korean. First of all, I really like her songs. Also, her confident self-confidence is really cool. If you come to Korea someday, I would like to see you.

  • i lie allot and now my conscience is getting me. i wanna change. but idk if i should tell the people i lied to that i lied to them and if i need to explain to them why i lied to them. this vid really helps allot

  • Is it possible for a four year old girl to be pulled aside from her siblings and told that she has a different Daddy than the others and that’s why she has jet black hair, would that cause a permanent filling of being less than the others? I ask her if she was born out of wedlock and she denied it, but the story came from way back about the time that she was four. Some twenty years earlier. She seems to be frenetic and narcissistic also.

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  • hello Kati! I have a friend who claims he has schizophrenia and takes a high dose of ritalin. he tells me stories about himself that I question. it seems any time i tell him something about myself he says he has done the same as me! or knows EVERYONE i talk about. I’m trying to figure out the right way to approach him about it but dont want to cause an episode or anything bad. can you please send me a message to advise me how to connect with him?
    Thank you
    Rob Beynon

  • we all tell lies to ourselves to convince ourselves that the life we are living is right for us. but deep down, don’t we all have doubts? don’t we all wish we can go back in time and live through certain choices again? since we don’t have that power, we can only look into ourselves in the present moment and ask ourselves: are you really happy with the life you are living now? do you really believe in the dreams and passions you proclaim to others? even if you did lie to yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a good path. most of us need at least a bit of self-deception to get through life. the important thing is to realize how you truly feel and what you actually want in this moment, so that you can finally feel grounded and apply yourself whole-heartedly to whatever you’re pursuing, be it a relationship, career, etc. (just some thoughts based on my own experience)

  • Dear universe (me)I’m attracting my acer nitro 5 i7 GTX 1660ti
    A happy and a joyful relationship with my love nancy ��❤️��������

  • Here’s another tip: Whenever you ask someone something and they answer and to get the truth say, “lier lier pants on fire you are a big big lier”. If he laughs he lied if he doesn’t laugh he is telling the truth.

  • i have a long distance gf who’s depressed and i feel like she’s a pathological liar but when i confront she never comes clean. instead she plays victim and threatens to kill her self

  • I’ve had this problem my whole life. Until recently, I used apps like Yik Yak or Swifle, where I’m anonymous, to make up all sorts of stories. It was an excelent way for me to cope. But since most of these apps have been taken down I’m beggining to tell lies to other people again.

  • My friend won’t even admit apoun confrontation. She has told us she had a twin that was homeschooled who died in a four wheeler crash when they where 8, she claimed she was raped by her sister’s boyfriend and that she was a part of sex trafficking. I eventually figured out they where all lies and she continued to deny it until I went and asked her mom about everything. She told me none of that was true and we haven’t talked since. What do you think could of been wrong with her? Is she a liar or a narcissist or what. She does thing purley for sympathy.

  • What do you call somebody who lies chronically to avoid confrontation? To the point that their fear of confrontation causes them to imagine a confrontation will happen when it actually wouldn’t have, but because they lied, that’s becomes the reason for confrontation? And then this whole thing becomes a cycle?

  • I knew a guy like this growing up. We all knew it, but no one said anything to him. So anyone afraid to tell people you do this, they may already know.

  • i’m currently in a relationship with someone who i believe has this and i’m at the point where i don’t know what he says is the truth or not. when i call him out on it he admits to it and he says that he’ll stop lying but i still feel like he’s lying to me. if anyone has any advice on how to handle this please let me know.

  • I struggled with it awhile ago, but I’ve gotten a lot better with it, thank goodness. I grew up in so many different households, my dad had depression and was suicidal, and the rest of my family mentally abused me to the point where I hated myself and everything I did. I’ve started to learn to love myself as well, but its still hard.

  • Before I listen to your answer I already know, they are what almost everyone does today and it’s pathetic and why I am usually single, no such thing as white lies Bo excuse you have makes a difference or justifies it, lying is for cowards and gold digging leechs.

  • i don’t lie often, but i have 5 or 6 fake stories that i tell to many people. some are made up some are other people’s stories. they are always very terrible terrible lies. simply because i want people to think i’m cool, and interesting and damaged.

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  • The Universe is with me! My Angels are helping me manifest anything I want to the musical instruments I want to “ The One “ Love of my life 611 + 611 = 1222

  • I broke through with this video within a minute on 150ug of LSD and.2g of weed (by accident too, it was on the spur of the moment). It was a DMT-tier trip that lasted 4-6 hours (14 in total). The experience was 100% spiritual (eastern) in nature I’ve never felt or experienced anything like it whatsoever before. It was terrifying though, like I was 50% lucid 50% ‘there’ as opposed to being 100% ‘there’ for 10 mins on DMT, I think I saw some Hindu deities also. It started with the video swirling way more intensely then it did, then faces appeared swirling around and then colours started and shapes started dancing like until I was completely out of it and then the trip started…

    Where can I find more information about this???

  • The first incident of me lying for no reason was when I was in kindergarten. I made up a really big lie for no reason that my mom was in a hospital. They called my parents and my parents were very confused as to why I would say that. Now I have lots of issues with lying. I feel like I’m always just going to be a terrible person. I don’t know how to fix this.

  • My sister is a pathological liar, unfortunately for her she has lived with my parents all her life,who are Narcissistic, which we know contributes to such behaviours.
    For years I was a fool until a time came for me to discover their true nature’s.
    I’d say they belong together as only they can tolerate each other.
    I’m so glad to be out of there,I went through hell.

  • To all of the people in the comment section claiming to be compulsive liars…how do we know you’re telling the truth now? ��������

  • this brings me back to when times were different. This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better…

  • Bright side: a liar useless confusing wording
    Me: remembering that time I farted at my friends house and pretend like it is not me keep in mind my sister was there
    My sis when we’re home: I know you farted at your friends house
    Me: was it really that obvious?
    Her: yes you literally try to blame it on me
    Me: knowing if it’s obvious the next time I come to my friends house it’s going to be pretty weird

  • Why do liars gaslight? What’s the point. Some think they are so clever that they think they will never get taught. Some that refuse to be manipulated by a compulsive liar catch on very fast to it too.

  • I lie to my partner a lot. I lie about stupid little things but this leads my partner to think I could be lying about the bigger things. I don’t know what’s caused this but its a problem that needs fixing. That’s what bought me here today.

  • I tell lies a lot. I’m not sure why. I was abused as a child. I have a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder so I presumed this may be something to do with this but I’m 23 now so thought I would grow out of it. I lie without thinking about it then afterwards will ask myself why, because I know I had no reason to. I know I’m funny and could entertain people without lying but I just don’t have anything else to talk about because my life is miserable. Everyone knows I do it but no one says anything to me about it they just kind of go along. No matter how much I try not to lie I just do. It’s like there’s no conscience there when I do it. It all just comes out and then I feel stupid after because everyone will know that it’s lies, people aren’t stupid.
    I really need some help, this is ruining my life

  • Growing up with my mom, she always believed the lies/stories she would tell people as she was saying them. It was crazy. Idk. My mama has always blown my mind��

  • What if the person won’t Admit to the lies a lot if the time??? and/or get mad and look at you like your the problem, in denial,on deference or just lie on top of lying??? And only when the person is put in a Circumstance that the lie/ lies become damaging to their Objective or Simply “ back into a corner “ to the truth They reluctantly “may” tell truth??? What type of person is this????

  • What happens when they never admit that they are lying. I know a
    person who lies 90 percent of the time. They will tell a lie and when I confront them about the lie they just told, they will accuse me of telling the lie that just came out of their own mouth not more than 30 seconds ago. I honestly don’t know what to think about this person. It has to be some type of mental illness.

  • It could be abig business the U.S can ousoucr like companies to make people take test and tell them the risk and benefits of marriage. Explain about apartment and then knowing your social security

    A spouse can be really dangerous

  • My dad is narcissist and my mom is always dependent on men to financially support her. I grew up in the middle of all that and it messed me up for sure. I’ve lied out of spite, for attention, to make people like me because I’m so much “alike” them, or to make myself seem awesome, or like someone I’m really not. I always make myself look like I’m this no bullshit person and I am in a since, but I would make it extreme to make people take me seriously. It’s because I don’t think I’m lovable enough just the way I am. Or that people will think I’m stupid or not enough. Since that’s all my dad ever taught me..

  • I’m a compulsive liar and I’m 16. I think it first started when i was 7. I won’t mean to lie it just happens and then once I realise I’ve lied people start asking questions and i can’t back out so i start adding and adding to the story and I do it every day and I dont know how to stop. I hate myself for it. But I’m too scared to tell anyone because i know that people will never trust a word I say ever again.

  • What a bizarre thing to say, that psychotherapy is a relationship that exists solely to benefit the patient. The therapist makes their money off that relationship as well, they provide a service and patient pays for it, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.The speaker lost all credibility when she said that.

  • I suffer with compulsive lying. I never wanna do it and I lie about serious serious things that could get me involved with authorities. I do it when I don’t want too. I tend to lie to my significant other more than anyone and it really makes me want to kill myself at times. He’s so amazing and I know he senses I’m lying but I refuse to admit it. He says my stories are so.. far fetched. My self esteem triggers this so much and needing attention. I haven’t owned up and I don’t have the guts to own up. He will hate me for life… I just want someone to understand how much it hurts that I even do this to anyone ��

  • It was the 1980’s & she was a teenage girl who struggled due to multiple rape. No one wanted to believe her truth, so she stopped seeing it as a virtue. Plus, in her own words “the worst thing that can ever happen to someone was done to me & I survived. What discipline do they have left to scare me with now?”

  • It’s sad I have a friend like this. What makes me even sad and I don’t think I even know who he really is. I love him so much but I can’t take the lies anymore.

  • My father is a pathological liar. He has been lying to my face my entire life. Whenever I called him out on his lying, he would insist it was true and create more lies to cover for his previous lies.

    My father gaslighting me was a constant regular thing. He would always feel justified in his behavior. Gaslighting is emotional abuse so my father has been emotionally abusing me my entire life. I became severely depressed and my father continued to gaslight me constantly anyway. My father felt bad that I was severely depressed but he couldn’t figure out how I became severely depressed. He’ll never stop lying to me and gaslighting me. He’ll never admit to lying to me and gaslighting me. His narcissistic ego won’t allow him to take responsibility for his actions because he always wants to be completely blameless.

    I cut all communication with my father a year ago. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my depression became less severe and I was less stressed out and had less anxiety. I honestly hate my father for what he did to me and I’m not ashamed to say it.

  • Bravo! You are the very first practitioner in 40 years that I have heard say out loud that you wanted to find the root of the root of the root. Exactly! The comorbidities, being treated, does not solve the problem itself. The problem will continue to progress until insanity or death. Then, the patient is blamed. Thank you for your work. XOXO

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  • Is it possible that a compulsive liar doesn’t put himself in a good light like being a hero but rather victimize himself. A friend of mine tells stories that just seem so unreal that Idk what to believe anymore… E.g. He portrays his first parents as people who despise him but I met them and they’re super nice and fun and he says it’s all show, also that he remembers having a different last name as a kid and not knowing if his dad is really his dad, tells me that his grandparents chased them with a gun… Like wth it doesn’t add up anymore. He shows zero initiative to get a student job and be independent and from what he tells me it’s like ”everyone’s against me and my truth is THE truth”

  • the me has die inside of me and there is no me
    there is no me left in me now me+god(universe)=one…..( ������ its deep very deep)

  • My friend Calum Bradley is a compulsive liar. It started off small before his lies gradually become more and more complex. I’m really worried about him

  • So, guys, have you ever had to lie about something big?

    Wanna stop your child from lying? Click here

  • I suspected my wife of cheating on me but I never had any proof. This went on for months, I didn’t know what to do. i was so paranoid and decided to find a solution, i saw a recommendation about a private investigator and decided to contact him. I explained the situation about my wife to him and he said he was going to help me.I gave him all the informations he required and afterwards i received all my wife’s phones Text messages and calls, I was hurt when i saw a picture of my wife and her lover. I feel so bad about infidelity. but i am glad Mr james was able to help me get all this information, you can contact him through Gmail: Worldcyberhackers (WhatsApp: +12678773020)

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  • I’m very self aware and I know I do it because my mom judged me for every single thing about me and kids in my class would tease me for things that are actually absolutely normal so I feel desperately uncomfortable with the truth that I just outright lie and I don’t feel bad either because I remember all the people that did me wrong and just think everyone is an asshole and if they knew the truth they’d treat me bad so I might as well be the first to do them wrong. Generally I’m just done with people mixed with feeling self conscious and lying is just the product of it all. Nothing more nothing less

  • I truly am sorry i can not be there with you
    unfortunately your communities have been filled with toxic and abusive people who have destroyed good peoples mental health and paths
    i love your message
    I love your direction
    i wish you nothing but the best in cleaning up the messes that have been made in your communities and across the world
    be safe
    be vigilant

  • Dear Universe and/or higher beings,

    I wish to become a clinical psychologist. I know I am young, naive maybe. However I believe I was born to help. I know in myself that I was born to work in a hospital to help those who seek help. Those who need support in their lives. I was born to go into psychology. I wish to do great things. To help. I believe i can do this. Please give me the leg up I may need. I promise to help and do good. I wish for everyone to be equal. For love to reign over. I can do this. I will. So, universe and/or higher beings, take this note as a letter of asking for help. My manifesting.

    Thank you for every single good thing that has ever come into my life. I understand that each bad thing helps me grow. That each bad thing is a lesson to be learnt. I accept that. I am ready to learn. I am ready to move on from my past hurt and trauma. I am ready.

    Thank you for listening to my manifesting.

    — Daisy

    Saturday 8th of August 2020, United Kingdom. 4:36AM.

  • I’m obviously a compulsive liar based off my actions. I just don’t know how to stop and how to shake off that awful feeling of grief after being caught, for me It’s been going on for well over a month now. wait, that was a lie. Is this just how you feel or is this more serious. I don’t want to say I have depression of anxiety yet but I’m having some tendencies. Does this come and go?
    I genuinely don’t know. Please, anyone. Tell me what’s happening, I’m scared.

  • When it comes to pathological or compulsive liars. I think that in some social settings, people or the general public praise or reward a degree of being of a certain financial or celebrity status, certain standard, position, or certain expectation that society may want that they may not have achieved in their own lives and they want the same attention. Examples would be lying about being a cop or doctor. Because Cops are rewarded as heroes in TV shows. Another Example would be Lying about being a NAVY Seal because of the popular hero stories told from the news media or Movies that create that pedestal culture. People lie about being a celebrity or connection with celebrities in order to elevated their own low self esteem. Some people lie because they want to see if people will actually believe what they say. I always find easier to tell the truth because it never changes and 99 percent of the time can be validated by dates, times, and other people. Liars always forget key fundamentals in their stories that they don’t realize the listener just picked up on. Basically, it is always hard to tell an accurate story about a subject you never did or know no accurate details about. I served in the US Army, so when I see stolen valor videos, it amazes me how these people will lie to your face because they think you don’t know or never served.

  • To me it seems like we all adopt bad behaviors as a way of dealing with being uncomfortable……stealing…playing the victim…drugs…drinking…gambling etc… They all temporarily sooth our pain or anxiety even if only for a few seconds… Then it becomes out of control

  • The mother of my son has it real bad. In fact, I call her on it but man, she is so extreme. She has become a good actor and knows how to manipulate people. She has the poker face while she lies and it just makes me shake my head to what extreme she goes into just to lie.

  • To whoever reads this: You are beautiful. You are smart. You are worthy. You are incredible. You matter. You rock�� Ps. small youtuber here��

  • A nearby family prescribed SMITH to me when I had issues with my PARTNER, he began acting suspicious and was on his telephone at odd hours and continually acting odd. I reached Hacker SMITH on +14242569930 (whatsapp or sms) and he remotely hacked into his gadget allowing me all out access to his gadget without him knowing. I was shook and overpowered that I could peruse his writings, see pictures, messages what not. This programmer is pass on the best I’ve procured. Get in touch with him on email: [email protected] and I prescribe him to everybody perusing this post.? Or then again WHATSAPP on

  • Im not diagnosed but me and a couple people i know think i have paranoid personality disorder and this video kind of confirmed that this was i guess a sidedish of sorts, idk why i started it though:/

  • i’m manifesting my future career. it’s all i ever ask for. the dream career i want. i have found though, that this sound causes me to dissociate a lot, thinking my hands aren’t mine anymore, being confused where i was, my throat randomly being sore then being fine the next moment and short small head aches. i’m not sure what this means but i will assume the universe heard me.

    To write it down:

    I manifest to become the clinical/medical psychologist i want to become.

    i will become a clinical psychologist.

    clinical psychology is my path and career.

    i will get the required grades for this.

    i WILL do this.

  • hi thanks for making this video, this is quite helping me to relieve:) now im dealing with a friend who told me so many lies.. the newest lie she told me, i knew it the best what’s the fact but she keep telling me another lies to cover her lies before.. i don’t know if i could frankly say if she is lying.. I don’t have no heart to do that, i guess:( and i think, she is quite narcissistic.. she likes to show off everything and compete with me.. like about boys, money, beauty and so on.. hm maybe she didn’t get enough of affection from her parents and she has some siblings… well guys i don’t even want to compete anything though.. just for what? sometimes she makes me exhausted and dizzy… what i have to do:’)

  • My recovery of depression anxiety alchohol and drugs was first telling my therapist why I took them and how I was feeling that made me depressed and so on. As soon as I was honest my sessions became amazing today I live a life of hope faith and courage. I liked how she said all her ex boyfriends she blamed them it was there fault not being honest saying look at myself first. Self pity isnt gonna work to recover from what ever your issue is. If your listening guys the only way to recovery is honesty. Even with anyone you meet in life not just loved ones. I look at why I first lied in my life and because a normality. Again wasnt honest so lied outta fear. That’s why if your suffering at this level of fear or guilt plz go get help now before your too old or just too late. Dont ever be embarrassed ok.

  • May God, The Almighty healing hand touch your precious baby, I am going to pray for your son until he came out for you. What is he’s name??�������� Jesus, my Lord I put this little boy and his mother in your care to get your mercy and love Lord. Please Lord I know you can, please help them please please Lord��������������������

  • In this period I feel helpless because I can’t help my parents and I feel like a weight… I’m manifesting money and a healthy life for them and everyone who reads this comment!

  • I wish to make it as a conscious rap artist and song writer. Also to put my family and myself in a better position financially so we all can be stress free and no longer working! God bless you all and be safe, much love. ✊��

  • Compulsive lying is different to pathological lying. There’s already a tonne of negative stigma around people who struggle with compulsive lying, people with tourrettes and ocd aren’t treated as if they were evil. It often comes from trauma or attention deficit disorder or autism. Sometimes your information can be really irresponsible.

  • They really don’t know when I hate this “lady”. She’s a disgusting person. How can you dare to sexualize people?

    It’s just my opinion ����‍♀️

  • I wish you all love, peace, good health and abundance. Please know that you are special, you are loved and the universe is sending you infinite blessings right now. Everything you want is already yours ✨��

  • Do yourself a favor, please. While listening to this, open another tab and play Meditative Mind’s 963> Akashic Records. Both together seem to be much more than either on it’s own. Powerful. Love to ALL in ALL.

  • I did have an out of body experience and felt like I got hit with a brick in my chest when my astral self realigned with my body then I fell BACK asleep and I was tormented by a demon. I’m gonna put together a video of what just happened to me.

  • I’ve been really depressed and I just wanna be something more the good I wanna be great I lost my family my friends I’m only 19 years old and I live in a shelter and I pray I pray that I’ll find a way out but I feel like god is never there music is the only way I feel at peace I’m always listening to music so I took the time into making music and this started when I was 5 and threw the time people said I’m never gonna be anything and my life keeps crashing down when ever I try to bring it back up I need everyone’s positivity and positive energy because I feel like I have no one����god bless everyone

  • Dear lovely powerful universe, I hope got happiness here with my sisters, & brother, with benefits of seeing my father I love so much, I feel in my heart & soul that thsi is the place for me, this is my home god & you had done this for me, hearing my cries, my pain, leading me here to my happy place. Thank you, I trust in you ❤️. & my Heavenly Father!

  • I’m seeing this in 2020 after about seven years of pathological lying. I can’t stop crying while watching this, because she made a point I was very afraid that it would be misunderstood…that we only do it because we feel as if our life isn’t glamorous enough. I’ve lied about so many gruesome things, but to prove that I meant no harm, I would always involve people who people don’t know to avoid the truth coming out. I feel really guilty about this and didn’t even know that many people actually do this too. And the worst part is, I’m afraid that I’m starting to believe myself. And no one has actually caught me which in a way keeps me going and LORD KNOWS I want to stop before I get caught.

  • Allmighty Father in Heaven Loving Compassionate All pervading Omnipotent God open the sky for me and all directions for my benefits and destroy my enemies and those contending with my life without that this affects me and let me see their end without this causes me harm from the safest and best place and bring me and my family to that safest and best place and make of the place and time the safest and best place and prevent that the interferences and pushes of my contenders affect my life and destroy them while they want to destroy me and let your action into them be so strong that they crumble and make that this does not affect me, being me all needed blessings in perfect timing and do all needed miracles for my life and for my beloved ones and protect us mightfully turning all negative into positive and preventing more evil in my life, Amen

  • I have a compulsive liar lying next me and he is still lying and is not admitting that he is a pathological liar. His name is Ahmad. He is only 12 but he is a very big and strong liar. I’m worried about him because this of his can ruin his whole life. He is a stubborn, rude, and a very disrespectful boy. Can you please tell me how to get rid of such a pathological liar from my life?!!

  • My favourite part is when he takes the phone out of the dude hand like “WTF” and you find out that he is watching Lizzo ASMR. Cracks me up every time

  • I was a fan of Lizzo earlier but now I am a whole damn air conditioner!!!������❤️ Her confidence is contagious… Isn’t it?? ����✌️

  • I have a friend who I’m beginning to wonder if she is one, she’s constantly worried I’m a liar and fact-checks me even tho I’ve never lied to her. She said her mom wants her to get a hearing surgery that could possibly make her face half paralyzed and I was looking cuz it sounded fake (I could be wrong) but it doesn’t seem real. She is obsessed with me admitting I’m a bad person or a liar and I’m beginning to wonder why

  • I realized recently that I am a compulsive liar, and started searching for this topic like”why some people simply lie..” and I found this video…any one else like me?

  • I lie so much now that I can’t help myself. I started to lie just so I can fit-in at first, and because my life is not interesting.
    But now I don’t know how to stop it.

  • If you are reading this it is a strong sign from the universe telling u that ur manifestations are already done! The universe wants u to know that it is unfolding ur manifestations the most when u are extremely grateful for all u already have.
    I am grateful u read this comment.
    May peace and light be with u kind soul ��
    The whole universe is right behind you

  • Some men “self identify” as women, and women as men. Do you consider this to be self deception? One of the more interesting Ted talks that I have heard recently.

  • Ben bu frekansı çok seviyorum meditasyon yaparken dinliyorum ama içimde endişe oluşuyor. kötü bir şey olucak diye korkuyorum. Her gün dinleyen var mı ve sizi nasıl etkiliyor?

  • I love this frequency and listen when I meditate but I feel like something bad will happen. Do you listen every day, what kind of effects do you listen

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  • Would this behavior include those who constantly make and break promises, or perhaps IMPLIED promises to get your hopes up that they have absolutely NO intentions of following through with? People who profess to be your friend and agree to do something for you,. or even suggest it and then they welsh out on you and let you down? People like that are a dime a hundred in this day and age.

  • Perfect Manifestation Methods:
    1. Activate Creator energies before you sleep. Root lock and think about money coming in. Visualize.
    2. H2O method we are mostly water. We attract what we are. Before you sleep, hold water with eyes closed and do mantras. Then drink the water.
    3. Pillow technique take a note and hold it, feel it in your heart. Speak money, affirmations. Bring to Third Eye. Eyes closed. Put it under your pillow.
    Set it and forget it! Detach from the outcome. Manifestation Accomplished!

  • Pooooollllppooooooòoooooooooojj7m7ki, lol


  • I’m a foster mom, and have been caring for a 10 yr old boy and 11 year old girl for the past 7 months. We are seriously struggling with this. I am trying to build up my trust in them, but continue catching them lying about EVERYTHING big or small. I am a registered Behavior Technician, but this is so beyond me. I would love some more tips about Cognitive Behavior Therapy to hopefully help with this issue.

  • I’ve always told wonderful fantasy stories since i was a kid, reality was boring and full of rules, it became an habit as soon as i found out that others believed me and enjoyed it even if it wasn’t the truth, i became better and better at laying because it helped me to get out of high emotional situations, i lied to people because i didn’t want to hurt their feelings but ended up the opposite so one day i realized that thanks to one of my friend but now that I’m trying to stop people always remind me they can’t believe me… It hurts, I don’t know what to do

  • I’m a parent struggling with a teenager who lies to a ridiculous level every single day, when confronted he never admits it is a lie. Is this now bordering onto delusion? The effects of his lies have caused endless disruption to our family. Not only can we not believe a word he says but we live in fear constantly of what issue he will create next. It’s becoming tiresome listening to the constant tirade of bs every time he talks. He has been diagnosed as Asperger’s and ADHD. Because if his lies he has few friends, we cannot go out anywhere as a family as he constantly lies about being neglected to anyone who will listen, but with a very spoiled brat attitude of if he doesn’t get something he wants he will scream child abuse but hold us with the threat of hurting himself if we do not comply with his requests, if you call his bluff and he does hurt himself he will then tell everyone that we as parents did that to him. My relationship with my son has become so fragmented over the last two years I’ve reached the point I am considering the options of residential professional care for him. He will manipulate people, he will destroy property, he will break the law with no remorse or accept any responsibility for what he has done. When he lies it all seems to circulate around being a victim. He’s been neglected, he’s been abused, he needs sympathy for a fictional relative dying, to the extremes of making up stories of being taken against his will to another country none of these have ever happened and so I’m totally clueless as to a: why he does this, b: what he gets out of it and most importantly c: how to stop it before it completely destroys this family.

  • My only problem with this speaker is she equates “therapy” and God. Typical leftist progressive intelligensia BS. However, unlike most career academics, she was honest with herself at this time in her life. Kudos.

  • The title: foolproof
    Me: well, then our English teacher is bad because she said spelling of foolproof wrong lol she told us it is full proof

  • It’s not just about being honest with urself. Most people in my experance get threatened by your honesty. The most typical polarised one atm being Veganism. When I learned the massive enviromental foot print off meat and dairy I changed. It was uncomfotable as an enviromentalist to aknowledge my role, that I was part of the problem. But since I have. Its other people who get triggered by my self honesty. If I share my reasons they think I’m judging theirs. Honest is threatening not just to ourselves but others too. It never ends

  • I’m so glad I’ve found your podcast! I continue to learn better way to take care of my body. I’m active 52, female and so many doctors don’t see ME. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And bring the education to the public so we know what to ask for from our doctors. ������