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Some Issues that seriously need to stop.

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Movies That Seriously Damaged Actors’ Bodies

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Situations in life can get in the way of our goals, self-esteem, and personal well-being. Truthfully, success is a subjective term, and everyone will disagree over what constitutes being successful. Here are a list of guidelines, however, of some things to stop doing if you want to be or feel successful.

1. Stop. Know what to stop doing, and think about what to start doing. This post isn’t meant to be a drag.

But to inspire you to think about what as men we really do need to stop doing. Once you’ve started cutting out some “fat” in life, keep moving forward with what you know you’re doing right. Here are some quick tips to live by when you want to stop taking yourself so seriously: Have a goal for each day. This gives you something to look forward to.

Begin each day with gratitude. Start taking that time seriously and you’ll start to take your own career more seriously as well. Of course, you’re not going to want an extensive project, but you can use it to get organized: Plan your next morning or work on helpful small tasks that would otherwise get overlooked (like cleaning your desk or updating your to-do. Enjoyed the read. Here’s a slightly different outside of the review for folks in leadership positions.

When I led a business whose strategy was to ‘do less’better’ we emphasized things we should stop doing. It worked particularly well in focusing the company on the tasks that really mattered. 25. Stop acting like guys should do all the work. “I don’t really like it when a girl thinks that guys should do all the work, drive every time to her, always buy her shit, always make her feel better but not really get it in return. I’m not made of money and I get low so sometimes maybe we could split a bill or she could pay.

Stop doing. If you stop doing something, it means you discontinue or cease the action, for example: I stopped playing tennis because my arm was hurting. I stopped smoking 5 years ago and I feel so much healthier now.

We’ll have to stop shopping when we run out of money. Combining stop to do and stop doing. It is. To be successful and outperform at work there are many things you can be doing today that can get you closer to your next promotion and big raise — but there’s also a few things you can stop.

You will only lose yourself by trying to be someone you’re not, so make the choice to love yourself today. If you stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to relax into your individuality, you will start to have a more open, loving perspective about life, and just enjoy the ride while you can. Stop trying to please everyone. It’s literally (literally) impossible to please everyone, so don’t even start.

If you’re being a nice person and doing your personal best as much as you can, that’s pretty much all that you can do.

List of related literature:

If you want me to stop, I will, but can I askjust a couple questions?

“Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Second Edition: The Process and Practice of Mindful Change” by Steven C. Hayes, Kirk D. Strosahl, Kelly G. Wilson
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But I can’t say I’ll stop, because you know I’m trying to.

“Jackson Pollock: Interviews, Articles, and Reviews” by Pepe Karmel, Jackson Pollock, Kirk Varnedoe, Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)
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I try not to but it’s hard for me to stop.

“Carte Blanche: The New James Bond Novel” by Jeffery Deaver
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I’ll stop when I feel like it.

“Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy” by David Sheff
from Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy
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I’ve been doing it so long I can’t figure out how to stop.

“The Protean Self: Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation” by Robert Jay Lifton
from The Protean Self: Human Resilience in an Age of Fragmentation
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I tried to stop, but it was out of control, and I gave myself over to it.

“Autobiography of a Face” by Lucy Grealy
from Autobiography of a Face
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Stop what?

“After We Collided” by Anna Todd
from After We Collided
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Why should I stop?

“Dozakhnama: Conversation in Hell” by Rabisankar Bal
from Dozakhnama: Conversation in Hell
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I think now I actually do know how to stop, but the thing is, I don’t choose to.

“Neil Simon's Memoirs” by Neil Simon
from Neil Simon’s Memoirs
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But I’ll stop if you want me to.

“Portrait Of The Artist As An Old Man” by Joseph Heller
from Portrait Of The Artist As An Old Man
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  • i agree with you that people should stop teasing you on popeyes, personally popeyes is the best chicken i ever had and i probably love it as much as you do but, if you guys wont tease me about it then why tease him im a random person than none of you know so i guarantee none of you would tease me about popeyes and master milton is a person too just someone that everyone knows, so you should not tease someone if you wont tease other people with the same thing.

  • The interviewer who said she was like a Commander of Fabulous knew just how to interact with Brie without getting stung. Wise person. Patient person. Brie is a difficult personality type and therefore must be handled just right to have a more pleasant interaction

  • Flat sarcasm doesn’t usually come across as serious, just mean spirited. Goofy sarcasm comes across as just wanting everyone to laugh and get along. but flat sarcasm looks like you’re so far beyond the other person that you don’t care if they like your jokes.

  • Your channel is great at explanations even for an Autistic person like me. No book or article or teacher has come as far as helping me understand gestures, tones, and expressions like you have.

  • In America, NEVER try to be clever with words. If you want to be a sarcastic smart arse, get your butt to Britain, we understand and appreciate sarcasm, sardonic remarks, cynicism and irony! Especially in Scotland see Peter Capaldi in ‘The Thick of It’.

  • I hope people don’t instantly dislike the person but would rather dislike the responses and corresponding awkwardness or palpable negativity they generate. I haven’t seen enough interviews with Brie Larson to know if she is prone to these errors of charisma and, hence, unlikeable, or if she simply had a couple of bad interviews.

  • I won’t judge her. Her personality might be dislikable but at least she’s true to herself! Not saying others are faking, but that maybe that’s just her, and it’s okay.

  • Tom hardy is blabbering about in his early forties? Stallone is what? 72? Hes jacked like a mf. Mickey Rourke in his sixties? Also training like a beast. Dolph lundgren the same, the list goes on…

  • So proud of you, Anna! A little side note after this video was wrapped, Anna stayed back and picked all of the pieces of confetti up off of the floor. Not only does this kid play a mean guitar and piano, sing, and write but she is also mindful and kind. I could not be more proud! <3

  • Hermoso, quisiera saber el porqué del sonido al pasar las páginas, desde ya que entiendo que hace a la lectura, a manipular un libro, a poder dárselo a los niños y que ellos lo hagan…pero ¿no es exagerado? Gracias, Fantástica las elecciones de cada libro!!! Thanks

  • I’m English and I am mad with the sarcasm recommendation �� All I do is flat sarcasm that’s the funny part of sarcasm because it’s like you’re being completely serious but you’re obviously not being serious

  • Brie is behaving like this because she’s a feminist, and feminists are toxic. Feminism was hijacked by Marxists and is now designed to make women unlikable by men in order to reduce the chances of relationships (not that Hollywood celebs ever needed help in ruining their own relationships). Destroying society is done via breaking down the family (commanded in the Commie Manifesto).
    So now most feminists think they’re independent and strong, and their highest aspiration seems to be wanting to be as masculine as possible, because masculine men are the worst? I dunno. It doesn’t make sense to me, but then again I’m a man and can think for myself.

  • I think Brie used to have a fairly good head on her shoulders when she first started her career (as evidenced in her previous interviews) but at some point she started feeling entitled and surrounded herself with entitled young feminists who helped bolster this kind of extreme egotism. She became a narcissist by surrounding herself with enabling narcissistic people. Narcissistic people constantly think the world is out to get them and are very paranoid and sensitive. They do not handle attacks to the ego well, it is very touchy for them. They have a very low sense of self esteem if any at all, and they make up for it by creating a false external character and overcompensating said external character to onlookers. They can become very nasty when things do not go their way or when people learn that the person they thought they knew was never real. I was raised by a narcissistic parent and her behavior is indicative of strong narcissistic tendencies. Take someone like that, and give them a prominent position in Hollywood and you get this (or worse). Hollywood is an industry built on power dynamics and sexual abuse toward ALL sexes and especially young children. Most people with a brain have noticed that she is especially malignant towards men, particularly white men because that is rewarded in her social circles and the vast majority of the industry. Her entitlement is getting rewarded which encourages her to not make rational and educated decisions that a fully grown adult should choose to make. She knowingly and blissfully sits with her entitlement and her own actions fall directly on her shoulders. Aside from the psychological analysis of Brie, I never found her acting work or music particularly moving, and seeing the person she has become, I have no desire to support her career in any way.

  • Note I’m betting others have made a similar comments. Let’s not forget: WE ARE NOT THERE, and WE DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE. I think these are excellent rhetorical exercises, but probably it’s a good idea to leave psychoanalysis on the bench. Thank you, uI received good reinforcement of a lesson I haven’t quite absorbed I have to include that deliberate “hey, I’m being ironic” tell or things get weird. People think I’m serious and it’s caused trouble. The author mentioned cultural differences around the world anybody feeling the East Coast/West Coast shift the way I do? Could be more Yankee vs. Not-a-Yankee. I have moved around a lot! Or, I simply may not know how to socialize, lol. When blame is mine, I will accept it.

  • One of my sisters does has a tendency to randomly put you down for example i was talking about a guy i had met that knew our older brother so I said “he knows Justin actually ” and my sister scoffs lightly then in a condescending tone says “uh everybody says they know Justin. ” with an eye roll, to me that is really rude to say but before I could say something she acted like nothing happened and went back to being sweet. I have a hard time understanding people who can be rude one second and nice the next. Does anyone else know someone like this or is it a personality quirk? Or a sign of something else?

  • Great actors don’t get enough credit for creating character. Not only hours and hours on set, as well as the gym, they take courses on whatever sort of part their character is portraying whether a federal agent to professional athlete to a lawyer etc. They earn their money.

  • If someone doesn’t like you tough, if they get in your way that’s another story, don’t ever be above pettiness you’ll regret it in the end. Destroy everyone who doesn’t get you what you want no matter how insignificant or insane your desire if you want the last fuckin slice take the fuckin slice or let em regret beating you to it. Because everything is about getting what you want, they don’t care about you if they choose to not understand that

  • Ugh cringe! You know when your a kid and you get bullied and so you try to act like it doesn’t bother you so you just play along and you make fun of your self. There is nothing wrong with it but once you start doing it to the extreme it’s just so cringe ugh. Also nobody is trying to attack you don’t need to be so serious.

  • 8:02 But Chris is correct here. She is just not the strongest.

    If we are talking about pure physical strength, it is the Hulk.
    If it is the most powerful we mean, it is Scarlet Witch.

    It is not for no reason the Captain Marvel comic keeps getting canceled, oops! I mean “re-launched”. People just do not like her.

  • you compared a woman to a lot of men. praise doesn’t come to us freely lol. ESPECIALLY in movie genres where women are not taken seriously. You can google multiple discussions on how toxic the superhero fan base is to women. Brie could be the picture of perfect charisma and she would still be attacked some how. Her defensiveness is likely learned based on experiences, if other actresses’ comments are allowed to be considered. This take needs more nuance because as is? It’s deaf to the reality of women in Hollywood.

  • First we have Shazam the true captin marvel, then we have A-list captin marvel or comic captin marvel, then we have F captin marvel, the one who rapped the captin marvel name

  • i thought her interviews with Craig Ferguson were awesome… i think her early Marvel stuff was standard issue, but then the trolls decide to have a go at her, and i suspect she was hit with a “you’re prettier when you smile” or a talking to like the narrator here is doing… and decided to push back, to be herself… i think she should be herself, and guys trying to insist she alter behaviour to satisfy men in the audience should be ignored…

  • Here’s a secret:
    Wario was originally created as Nazi propaganda trying to depict Jewish people as greedy garlic-lovers.

    Here’s another secret: That is a lie.

  • In addition to Wario Land 1-4 and Wario World, there was also Wario Land: Shake It on the Wii, Wario: Master of Disguise on the DS, and some Wario Land game on the Virtual Boy.

  • 0:31
    Simon’s main channel: 8.34m subs
    JJ’s 2nd channel: 8m subs
    Simon’s main channel: 8.69m subs
    JJ’s 2nd channel: 9.71m subs

  • Me seeing her first song and making her my favorite singer Me older seeing her new song and listening to it and falling in love her music

  • Oh man. Health is such a gift. Never trade it. Once it’s lost, the last decades of your Life are ruined and you learn the answer to the question: „Was it all worth it?“.

  • If she’s still in Captail Marvel 2 i’m signing a petition to GET HER OUT OF THE ROLE because she is TOO DULL to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t waste your money on it!!!!!

  • Master I know you didn’t ask for friend request but I want to see you on Toontown but like 5-6 in Minnie’s melody land kooky grove I want to give it a shot tomorrow read this comment

  • Wow what a whole bunch of idiots who don’t appreciate having a healthy body to begin with.
    All this damage to poor actors’ bodies…. all self-inflicted…. geniuses!!!

  • I get why Brie thought to “focus” on herself tho. She’s literally stuck between two of the guys that have been around since Phase 1 and she was heading the first female-led MCU movie. There was a lot of pressure on her to “represent” and “stand up”

  • People out here acting like these actors don’t take steroids. If someone had to get big for a roll in less than a year there going to take steroids and high dosages of it which will lead to horrible side effects when you cycle off

  • LMFAO Well, at least the dude gets that you need to go OVER THE TOP so Americans get it’s sarcasm. You need to pull faces, make big gestures, change your tone or Americans can’t distinguish jokes from normal conversations.
    Case in point: cuts to Deadpool & Iron Man (literally live action *cartoons*) to illustrate the level of idiocy she should go for ��������
    Charisma for 2. grade. At best.

  • I’m outraged and triggered…a bunch of cis white male actors on this list! What about 50 cent? hmm? looper is racist! And what about all the women in hollywood that constantly have to keep a slender form if they even want the chance at getting a leading role??!! HMM?! Not one mention of them! Misogyny! Racism! Sexism! Victims! Save the Blacks! Uplift the women! We must fight for our women and minorities!

    Now i’m going to have my indentured servant make me a ham sandwich and make one of my girlfriends give me a blowjob.

  • Don’t feel bad for these celebrities folks. No matter how method they may seem… it’s all for “the money “….. otherwise they would have done it for the art only.

  • That’s Chris Hems worth natural physique (skinny). For roles like Thor he uses steroids to gain muscle rapidly. A month after stopping the steroids after fiming, the body simply reverts back to what it was. This is also how Tom Hardy gains muscle and slims down again rapidly.

  • Me:wow medanna voice is ama…
    anna:just stop!
    Me:wow this song is underr…
    anna:just stop!
    Me:well i have new favorite so..
    anna:just stop!
    Me:ok just stop saying stop meda..
    anna:just stop!

  • Hello!! thank you very very much, this book is so funny, The person who’s written it is a genious, and you are a very very good storyteller, I just love your Youtube channel.I don’t know how you can do this but the books you read are always amazing, I mean you always choose funny stories. Sorry if I made many mistakes,I am not good at writing. Byebyeeee

  • If you count him as an actor, in Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix, Daniels stunt double was paralysed from the waist down

  • Albert soup Can play piano bc he was an Singer in Denmark but he stopped bc he felt Like he Got hate bc he made an weird song then ppl hated the song

  • I’m surprised you guys didn’t segue from Bale in The Machinist to Bale in Batman Begins, since he bulked up for that immediately after.

  • what about Robert Di Nero for more than one movie. Raging Bull weight gain would be a good example. Also Linda Hamilton for getting so little and muscley for Terminator? Demi Moore for G.I. Jane? All this work caused them pain, damage or psychological issues.

  • love the song but please don’t make fun of trigger warnings like that! it makes it a joke and hurts people who actually have triggers <3

  • Who wants to listen to new and cool music subscribe! On my channel you will find a lot of music every day!���� ����

  • Brie appears to be a textbook insecure person. I’m sure she’s been shouldering a lot of criticism (especially lately) and it takes its toll… but you just have to own it, roll with it and make it your own. If not, it will eat you up from the inside out. She needs to swallow her pride.

  • She was posibly abused that would explain her defensiveness to all men
    And she is not being sarcastic u should know dat at least no mind readong abilities needed

  • I have videos that are related to that topic. I’m sorry you’re upset, but I really needed to get this point across. I didn’t want to make this video, but it seems that nobody wanted to read my bulletins, so it came to this. There are also a ton of videos like that on other channels, and I like being original and not repeating what others have already said.

  • Your the only Toontown vlogger i can really ” trust ” now, Well, I can still trust Frizzy, but he cancelled his membership, but he’s still a good guy.