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DIRECTIONS Heat oven to 400*. Mix together the first 7 ingredients in a small bowl. Heat skillet over med.-high heat until hot. Add oil; heat until hot.

Rub chops generously with seasoning mixture. Add seasoned pork to hot oil; cook 2 minutes or until brown on one side. (Ten minutes is about the amount of time it takes for pork chops of this size to reach 145 F.) 12.

When the chops are done, remove the pan from the oven. Take the chop off the pan and rest it on a cutting board or plate for at least 3 minutes before devouring. So easy and versatile, pork chops can be prepared in many ways: breaded, stuffed, pan fried, baked, and grilled.

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a classic pan-fried pork chop dish in three easy steps. You’ll discover which cut of pork makes the best pork chops. Heat a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat until hot and just beginning to smoke. Add the pork chops and cook for 1 minute on each side — they. The time in the oven varies by the thickness, the amount of searing, and the exact oven temperature.

Also, a bone-in chop may take a few minutes longer. The 1-inch thick chops I suggest will take 8-10 minutes to get to 145°-150°internal temperature. If you do 3/4 inch thick, it.

Salt and pepper both sides of the pork chops. Combine the flour and some cayenne, salt and black pepper. Dredge each side of the pork chops in the flour. High-heat frying sears them to a golden brown; and a moderately hot oven (400 degrees F) bakes the pork chops gently enough to keep them from drying out. This “sear.

You could also make them in an air fryer. To make a complete pork chop sheet pan dinner, toss some diced root vegetables with a bit of olive oil and roast them on a lightly oiled sheet pan for about 20 to 25 minutes. Transfer the seared pork chops to the sheet pan and continue to roast until the pork is done and the vegetables are tender.

Rub the chops on all sides with 1 tablespoon of oil. In a small bowl, combine garlic powder, paprika, salt and black pepper. Rub the seasoning mixture on all sides of each pork chop. Place a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat and add the olive oil. The meat will sear and sizzle as soon as it touches the pan.

Return the pan to the oven. Cook 3 minutes, then flip the pork chops. Bake the pork chops until cooked through (140° to.

List of related literature:

Start cooking the chops 15 min Season with salt and pepper and sauté the pork chops in a straight-sided sauté pan with the butter and a small amount of oil.

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To cook the pork chops, preheat oven to 400°F. Preheat a large cast-iron pan over medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon of oil for 3 minutes.

“Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity: 125+ Low Carb Recipes That Actually Taste Good” by Bobby & Dessi Parrish
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In nonstick 12-inch skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat; add pork chops and cook about 8 minutes, until golden brown on both sides and pork just loses its pink color throughout.

“Good Housekeeping Step-by-step Cookbook: More Than 1,000 Recipes, 1,800 Photographs, 500 Techniques” by Susan Westmoreland
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Carefully flip chops, reduce heat to medium-low, and continue to cook until golden brown and crisp on second side and pork registers 145 degrees, about 5 minutes.

“Cook It in Cast Iron: Kitchen-Tested Recipes for the One Pan That Does It All” by Cook's Country
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Add a half cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and return the pork chops to the pan; cover and continue simmering for another six minutes or so, until the pork is cooked to desired doneness (add a little more juice, or some water or white wine, if necessary).

“Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less” by Mark Bittman
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WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS In the abstract, recipes for smothered pork chops sound utterly appealing: Generously season and sear pork chops, remove them from the skillet, fry lots of onions in the fat, then return the chops to the skillet to braise in the flavorful, oniony liquid.

“The Cook's Illustrated Meat Book: The Game-Changing Guide That Teaches You How to Cook Meat and Poultry with 425 Bulletproof Recipes” by Cook's Illustrated
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Add chops and cook until golden and crisp on both sides and center of chops registers 140 degrees, 4 to 10 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking.

“The America's Test Kitchen Quick Family Cookbook: A Faster, Smarter Way to Cook Everything from America's Most Trusted Test Kitchen” by America's Test Kitchen
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Return chops to skillet, browned side up, and add glaze mixture; cook over medium heat until chops register 145 degrees, 5 to 8 minutes.

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Place in a pan with some water; when about half done, place around it some large apples; when done, place your pork on a dish, with the apples round it; put flour and water on your pan, flour browned, some thyme and sage; boil, strain through a very small colander over your pork and apples.

“Housekeeping in Old Virginia” by Marion Cabell Tyree
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Once hot, add 2 tablespoons of the oil then 2 pork chops to each skillet and cook until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side.

“MasterChef: The Ultimate Cookbook” by The Contestants and Judges of MasterChef
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  • Made this tonight followed exactly how he made his and when I tell you it was Delicious
    Follow the recipe and your can’t go wrong I completed it with a side of Jazmine rice

  • “Alright. Pan on. Heat up. Olive oil in. Slice peppers. Some salt. Pepper. Red wine vinegar. In. Pork chop on. Hot pan. Cook. Season. Eat. Fucking Delicious”.

  • I can’t not make my pork chops overdone. Every time, dosn’t matter how I cook them. They come out stringy and nasty. What am I doing wrong?

  • I wonder how often his smoke detector goes of. I’m sure fire departments everywhere advise against draining grease and oil onto lit oven burners.

  • You did a good job of not letting us knowe the temperature, not knowing the ingredients, not knowing anything. Thanks for nothing.

  • Can the garlic thyme butter leftover in the pan be used for anything else? Just curious because it seems like there could be a secondary use… I think just because it smells so good ��

  • Im a professional cook and i watch ur show for the first time and u are quite the chef. I love the PAN SEARED PORK with the green onion, pinot grigio wine. It looked so good upon completion and when u took a bite and sip that sauce, ur little dance inspired me. I went and purchased 4 chops and my lover made love to me so good after dinner, that i had to let u know. I’m a fan and have subscribe to ur channel. Keep up the good work. Bon Appetite from Chef D’Monty.

  • I did this tonight…had to subsitute thyme with rosemary cuz I was out. It was a hit! Those peppers and onions were so delicious with the pork. Happy tummy’s tonight.��

  • First time I made these sweet and sour peppers.. I used one whole pepper and made it.. I made them with Pork Tenderloin and placed 3, half inch tenderloin cuts on a bed of jasmine rice.. then topped with the peppers… and WOW is was awesome.. everyone wanted seconds but I didn’t make enough….lol tonight I will:) Thank you Mr. Ramsay… Sir this was a treat for my family and I… thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us…. best wishes to you and yours from me and mine….

  • Thank you so much for teaching me how to cook for any occasion, Chef Ramsey. Without you, I’d be out of this world �� not knowing how to cook something simple and fast.

  • I don’t have a meat thermometer so I always tend to overcook it cause I get paranoid it’s raw still and ends up coming
    out dry as hell lol

  • Made the pan fried pork chops tonight! Awesome. Gordon I LOVE the way you simplify recipes. The flavor is always there without all the work. You make cooking ( which I Looove) look easy…Thank you MUCH ����

  • I keep messing up. I have tried 3 times with different thickness. Each time its dry inside but I literally follow it to a T. Do I turn heat to medium once I have it seared and then cook or do I keep it at medium high heat

  • I appreciate these pan seared videos you are presenting. Many of us have an easier time doing this on a pan rather than a grill on a regular basis, though it’d be tough to do the cowboy dance in a small kitchen. Thanks again for this great video!!

    P.S. Can you let us know the video editing software you use? The production quality is “SUPERB”!!!!

  • I tried to do it as quickly as he did, after 15 seconds I ran out of olive oil and a fire extinguisher, thank you Gordon for your extremely informative video ��

  • After watching this, mine tasted like a T-Bone steak if not better. I used oil, salt, pepper like he did, then I use butter, chives, and garlic powder at the last 1 minute cooking time and based it. It was damn good! Oh! I did add a few drops of lemon juice per pork chop, once the cooking and basing was done. You can add, as much as you want, to your liking. ‘Thyme’ is awesome too, but I didn’t have any. Enjoy!

  • Planning out a Mother’s Day meal, bless you for this! All I have is boneless pork chops and I can’t go to the store right now, and so many of the cooking vids involve bone-in chops!

  • no way a thick boneless chop is 140 in the middle after that much time….maybe about 90….I put them in an oven at 400 for 8 minutes with thermometer after searing to get them to 135 then let them rest for 10 and they get to 145

  • Looked awesome!
    Although I can’t have mashed anymore, I can live vicariously through you. lol
    I bought a pair of cast iron pans, but after I thought about it, kind of lack of thought with an electric stove.
    Also, my new gas grill doesn’t have a side burner.
    Guess I’ll have to sell them off.

  • What was the type of pork chop, such as tenderloin, or center cut? And, how thick were they? Great demonstrations! I bet you could translate all you do into a great PBS program!!

  • I truly hope no one tries pouring butter and oil into their burners, Broooo the butter and garlic alone is gonna bust up a mean flame ��, you’ll think the undertaker is gonna make an entrance out your oven…

  • So much for a simple dish. He used about 20 different (and expensive) ingredients. I need to take out a bank loan to pay for this!

  • I’ve noticed you always make sure there is no onion on Beegs pieces. Is that because it doesn’t agree with him or is the another reason? Loved this video because I do like my pig meat in just about any way it’s fixed. Keep up the great videos and God bless and keep you, Shannon and your culinarily experts.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. I bought a package of three boneless chops. Cooked one (all wrong). Not good. Found your video. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a much much better pork chop on my next two tries. Thank you for simple instructions, minimal talk that’s all to the point, and great photography. You know how to make a video.

  • Kirby its a good thing you live on the west coast and I’m on the east coast,,,,,,,,,to far to walk over and invite myself to dinner! Thanks for sharing!

  • Back for a refresher course. Made these about a month ago and they were a hit with the wife and family. They are on the menu for Sunday dinner, tonight. Thank you the recipe and please keep these video and recipes coming. God Bless!

  • Um I just made this and wow. It was really good! The pepper were delicious. I would say add garlic powder and maybe a touch of Thyme onto the pork to really make it pop.

  • Please make adjustments on the next video editing. The music is too loud and the zoom on each time they change camera’s makes it difficult to learn and breaks the great Ramsey’s contents.

  • I am boycotting all the corporations that support the violent group, “Black Lives Matter”, for attempting to destroy are beautiful country, the list is easy to find on any search engine, I stopped my Amazon renewal, No apple products I do not use them anyway, Target, Walmart…. the list goes on. Good Luck All. Watch Your Back Be Safe!

  • Does it have to be a cast iron skillet? I’m at a friend’s and he was city raised, probably doesn’t know what a cast iron is, definitely doesn’t have one.

  • Kent I want to THANK YOU both for helping take me get back to my roots! I am in the medical field and when I can I try to watch your channel it keeps me going in these crazy days we are in. I wish both of you good health and God bless you for your channel. August

  • Fuck guys. Just cook on high heat till it get colour from both sides. Off the heat. Rest. And its perfect. I cooked with termomether and till he loaded it was overcooked already.

  • Yum! Hi Ken, what can I substitute for the wine? For some reason, I’m thinking apple juice (?) Please give Culinary a little kiss from me! �� ������

  • Watching GR’s vids makes you wanna run to nearest Tesco to get some thyme and pork chops and start cooking. Gordon makes cooking look so effortlessly. Love from Malaysia ����

  • Kent, I stopped eating pork chops cause my parents ruined me with those pork chop potato chips they used to serve. Do you have a video on Mac and cheese in cast iron?

  • What’s the heat setting when it comes to cooking the chops? Some other videos said medium-high or medium and I’m just worried there’s pink in the middle, please help

  • Once you lay the chops in, music begins that sounds like a badger vomiting on every downbeat. “We’re startin’ to cook! Cue the badger vomit music!”

  • Hey Dave,

    You don’t need to add “sizzling” audio to your video. It’s obviously a loop, makes it hard to hear your voice and becomes a distraction. Plus, it’s totally BS and makes you look like an amateur. Otherwise a very good video.

  • Thank you Kent and Shannon for bringing us the great tastes of home.! Reminds me of the home-cooked meals of my youth… Give a special bite to “The Beag”, he needs his own episode for all his hard work and “Tail-wags”.. My loving beagle just crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”… miss that pooch!!!, give the “beag” a hug from me….. God Bless…Peace!

  • I cooked it tonight. It is simple to cook even for me and the flavor is amazing. So many different flavors all at once. Thank you for the recipe.

  • Killing me over here Kirby! Man oh man that right there sir…yes,yes,yes. I’m announcing something different coming to my channel next week and videos like this is the cause lol. It’s a good something!

  • Lemon juice, this is new and rather delightful. Love it! Kirby, that right there is professional with butter basting, and mashed potato under it with the butter pan juices… oh heaven be still! ��‍♀️���� Love ya style. ����

  • even though i love cooking, i’m usually terrible at it. i tried this today and it worked out great, i couldn’t believe it. it was so easy and tasty! thank you, really.

  • He and his cameraman must’ve seen the comments by now… Why does he keep role-playing a fucking sniper. Calm it down or fire him already.

  • Did you record background audio and put it in a continuous loop. Because I can hear the exact moment where the background noise cuts and starts over

  • These videos have really helped me improve. Finally had the courage to cook for my dad and he was genuinely impressed when I made this for him… ��

  • One of my “Golden Rules” is not to cook with Teflon. Stop effing using Telfon. Seriously. When you cook with Telfon with “high heat” you’re running the high risk of getting Polytetrafluoroethylene into your system. And it stays there. It’s a carcinogen among other things. Not good. And despite what you think, it’s very easy for it to be created when you have a pan on the stove, no matter how safe you’re being. Also, I’m sure people have noticed that Telfon wears away after a while. Where do those flakes go? Yup. Right in your stomach, and they can pass into your system, which is BAD.
    I’m sick of seeing cooks using that garbage. Gordon should know better, and I’m sure he does.

  • I tried this recipe and splashed a fck ton of hot oil up on my face… I’m okay just burns a lot�� but the recipe is okay. I’m just gonna finish the rest of my pork chops in the oven because I have ptsd now

  • Making this now

    Edit: The peppers were a little undercooked but what a fun, delicious dish to make. Just wish I ate it with a glass of white wine

  • Yesterday I made some pork chops that turned out so bland, then tonight I made some more and followed this. I had to stop myself after eating my 3rd chop. So good lol…

  • I use to use that Adobo seasoning all the time on steaks. Pork chops are a weakness to me. Love that crust and sear you got from the cast iron. I bet these would get a me a few points with my wife.:)

  • That’s very foolish of you Mr.Ramsey touching raw meat with your bare hands.Pork tapeworms get into your brain,it ain’t a pretty sight.Do yourself and the world a favor,grow up,and Go Vegan.

  • I just cooked this, it was FANTASTIC. The only thing I changed is I sauted some mushrooms in the white wine along with butter and garlic. It was really good!!

  • I’m so happy your teaching normal people how to cook. I’ve been cooking in a serious fashion atleast 22 years. I still don’t know if I’m worthy of being called a chef. Lately when I’ve been feeding people they tell me i should make money off of it. Any tips on how to make money on feeding people? I truly just like seeing the smile and hearing “oh fuck thats good.” Passion is key.

  • I got two boneless pork chops better a bit bigger because I got them from butcher box. I have already eaten the other two, but you’re right about them overcooking easily. I didn’t care for them. So I’m trying it sort of your way. I’ve got the timer set for 20 minutes to let it set and the salt and pepper on it, and I’ve got olive oil I can add to it when it’s time to put it on. It will probably take a little longer since these are sicker and bigger, but I don’t know that I won’t end up eating them both!

  • Expreller pressed Avocado oil is perfect! I’m going to use my grass fed Kerrygold butter And that chop in organic.
    Can’t wait to frie it up.

  • That dish looks so good. I have never made good pork chops. I tend to dry them out. I resorted to Shake and Bake (I know you are probably cringing at that…lol) but it is the only way they came out with some juice for me. I purchased an Air Fryer and I am so afraid of trying them in there. I know many people love their Air Fryers. I also do not own a cast iron pan.

  • Ken I just got done with this recipe, and it was amazing! Thank you for posting this and helping me learn the ways of the cast iron!

  • all my pan fried pork chops are tuff like rubber have stopped pan frying pork waste of meat the only way to get tender pork chops is in. the oven

  • You guys who are watching this, found the right video! Just add a little lemon juice (or marinate, before cooking) to both sides after cooking it. Start out with using a few sprinkles of lemon juice, then add more, if needed. You can add ‘lemon juice’ before, during and/or after the cooking process. It’s up to you =)P I like doing all three…Everyone’s tongue is different =)P Enjoy!

  • I made the sweet and sour peppers this afternoon with my lunch and WOW! I am blown away. I went to a farm and picked up 5 pounds of peppers for $2 and a bushel of onions for $6. I needed something to do with all this veg and having seen this episode yesterday…I knew what had to be done. I’m so glad i did it! Now I have a perfect saute and dinner “relish” of sorts to pair with most anything. Make it! You’ll be delightfully surprised at the genius of this beautiful brilliant man! ❤

  • When I’m feeling Lockdown fever, I check-out your channel. (Your post banana bread dance had me laughing �� so bad!) and your hula-hoop shuffle in this video is, ‘Dance With The Stars,’ worthy! As for butter. Well, I’m on Keto, so I’m happy��; but I still allow 1 day per month for indulgences like ����(☺️) and fun carbs.

    BTW: In the UK that’s a spring onion, Kent. A shallot is something else again, which we use in stews.

    Love to You and Shannon.��

  • I want to meet ya’ll so bad! I love all these cooking videos! you all seem like the best ever! keep it up, your my smile for these cloudy times.

  • WOW!!!!!!! Hey Kirby those pork chops look beyond delicious, I want some:-) What a great looking meal:-) Asparagus is my favorite vegetable:-) I’m going to put this in my CULINARY playlist:-) An Extra “BIG” thumbs up:-) Check out my Blackstone Griddle cook video I posted this morning:-) ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  • Golly Bob Howdy, Cookie! Those were some darn fine pork chops. Thanks for the recipe. We have a beagle too, and she gave them her hearty approval!

  • Hey bro, just letting you know me and my friends are just having fun with you. We acknowledge that you read our comments and that makes you an epic YouTuber. We were just filming you delteting our funny comments. Thanks and papa Bless!

  • I must have made this a dozen times now, it’s lush. The missus (who is a veggie) continues to buy me the pork for it, as she absolutely loves the sweet and sour peppers (over creamy mash.) We also subbed in cider vinegar on a few occasions as we’d ran out of red wine vinegar. That works really well too (especially with the pork.)

  • You did give a warning but my Alexa was going nuts. I was waiting for Alexa to tell me to go get a switch from the yard like my Nana would when I was bad. ����

  • You don’t want to use Olive oil in the pan, trust me. After it gets to more than 210 degrees celsius it reaches the smoke point and it becomes carcinogenic (The butter is even worst on a pan, it’s only 150C till the smoke point ). Use Ghee or Avocado oil. Verry Good job on the chops though.

  • I made this yesterday, and I was a little hesitant because I’m not a pepper guy, but those peppers were amazing, best pork chop I ever had.

  • Great recipe. Just made it yesterday and the family loved it! Only change was that I used Lard instead of avocado oil. A good change that I heartily recommend

  • Exploitation, abuse, misery, gas chambers and violence. How do you like your meat? Throw in some cancer and just a touch of environmental destruction and enjoy.

  • First of all capital letters from here on in for the way I hear chef Ramsey teaching how to cut red pepper really no I really do hear you yelling all the way through this in my head sorry you always sound like a Yelling when you’re telling someone wrong understandable but it doesn’t sound the way you teaching right now also understandable

  • My man….. you just changed my whole entire life. No joke! I was so nervous about cooking them on such high heat and so fast and although I still have to remember that “high heat” in a cast iron skillet is WAY lower than in other pans I just did this and made the mother freaking best and juiciest pork chops I’ve ever made in my life. Even better I dry-brined them with kosher salt in the fridge the night before and wow, they are phenomenal. THANK YOU!

  • Been watching his various shows for years, just noticed that he holds the honing rod in his knife hand and then switches the knife to his dominant hand(left) when he is done. So odd.

  • Just made this! Took me a little longer than 5 minutes because I was making for 4 people but they compared to restaurant quality chops! Thank you!

  • I have some gorgeous Iberico chops that I am afraid of destroying. It’s rare that an ingredient intimidates me, but this video took the edge off. Thanks!

  • Those peppers are great! Easy to make, not many ingredients and tasty.
    Some of Gordon’s recipies need many ingredients which can be annoying when you don’t cook very often or when you are a beginner and don’t know when and how to use the rest of them.
    But I love those peppers and you can use them for many dishes. Even made them as a kind of “sauce” for pasta.