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While breast milk supplies all the nutrition a newborn baby requires, an adult—especially a bodybuilder with high protein needs—should look elsewhere. “Technically, there hasn’t been research on. “People think breast milk is good for you because it is a ‘natural’ source of hormones and antibodies and is nutrient dense and high in protein,” says Kelly Pritchett, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Why do bodybuilders drink breast milk?

Breast milk contains more calories than cow’s milk, and is full of nutrients. It also contains several growth hormones, although there is. But bodybuilders know this. It’s not the protein they’re after; it’s the human growth hormone present in human breast milk. Insulin-like growth factor, or IGF, shortens recovery time by growing and repairing muscle tissues at a rapid rate.

It’s. Breast milk for bodybuilders. These athletes claim it’s the perfect supplement for muscle building due to its abundance in protein, vitamins, and essential fats.

How do they get it? Men are able to purchase human breast milk through online sharing programs. Instead of using water or other resources to provide nutrients and supplements in their protein shakes, bodybuilders are turning to breast milk in order to achieve muscle gains and get into shape. While studies do indicate that breast milk has numerous advantages for newborns and infants, Mortiz said there are virtually no studies looking at what it can do for any adult, let alone bodybuilders.

That’s because there is no scientific reason it should help. Breast milk is like liquid gold, and the market is booming. More recently, there has been a spike in male clientele, particularly bodybuilders. They claim that breast milk is ideal for gaining and building muscle mass.

Some bodybuilders will do just about anything to get a dietary edge on other weightlifters — including adding breast milk to their nutrition plans. Body builders are so obsessed with their nutritional intakes, they’re willing to spend a ton of money on health supplements like protein powders and vitamins. A mother-of-two is making thousands of pounds by selling her breast milk on demand to bodybuilders who are ditching steroids in favour of the milk.

Rafaela Lamprou from.

List of related literature:

She wanted to know how to keep her milk supply consistent during training and beyond.

“The Baby Sleep Solution: A Proven Program to Teach Your Baby to Sleep Twelve Hours aNight” by Suzy Giordano, Lisa Abidin
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These are the same dairy proteins and immuno-supportive compounds commonly found in breast milk that help protect a newborn against infection or disease, and they will most likely provide similar benefits to an adult engaged in intense or prolonged strenuous exercise.

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Breast milk contains adequate calcium because of physiological changes in the mother’s body that include doubly efficient absorption and also because she may pass some of her own stored calcium (from bones) to her baby.

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When women train at very high intensities or complete interval training, higher levels of lactic acid in the breast milk may result, resulting in altered taste of the milk.

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One early study raised a concern about whether enough of a substance called lactic acid accumulated in a woman’s milk after extreme exercise to cause babies to refuse the breast (Wallace, Inbar, and Ernsthausen 1992).

“Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers” by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Jack Newman
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Routine formula supplementation may interfere with establishing an adequate milk volume because suckling by the baby at the breast stimulates prolactin production, the hormone responsible for milk production.

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Protein hydrolysate formulas are preferable to standard artificial milks as they avoid exposure to cow milk proteins, reduce bilirubin levels more rapidly,32 and may convey the psychological message that the supplement is a temporary therapy, not a permanent inclusion of artificial feedings.

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Despite recent claims that exercise causes lactic acid to build up in breast milk, and babies therefore to refuse to nurse, moderate exercise has little or no effect on the composition or volume of breast milk.

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Oxytocin also stimulates the contraction of smooth muscle in the lactating breast, thus promoting expulsion of milk from the breast.

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Before a good milk supply is established, supplementing the baby’s diet with formula or pumping rather than nursing is discouraged, because sucking increases the supply.

“Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies” by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
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  • HERE’S THE TRUTH: Human milk contains androgens (steroids) and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) at HIGH CONCENTRATION. You can shut the F up about the protein, fat and calories in the milk because THAT’S NOT THE POINT. It’s pathetic how your channel tries hard to put human milk into bad light while putting zero scientific effort into this matter. It’s like you’re more of a mainstream media brainwashing machine than a source of refined knowledge. By the way, human milk is not the only source for naturally occurring steroids. Eat at least 10 raw chicken eggs every day and you will also put on serious muscle (I’ve done it and I know it from my own experience, raw eggs do miracles). Guess what?! Raw eggs contain testosterone and androgen hormones. It’s sickening how you are trying scare people away from the truth.

  • I never cook my meat, still drink my milk unpasteurised, and still draw my HGH straight from corpses’ brains at my local graveyard. Call me oldskool.

  • I call bullshit… Even my highest fatty content milk (hind milk) has never been that yellow. And i have NEVER seen breastmilk that colour and I’ve seen a lot of breastmilk lmao. This is gross…

  • No thanks Jeff. You could be getting AIDS milk with an unreasonably high jizz content. Maybe it’s even getting cut with jizz. No-one would know because there’s really no tit milk taste expert out there. Unless I know the source and getting it straight from the tap, id pass. Nomsayin.

  • I drink my girlfriends milk and I just started last week. It’s weird that you just happened to post this. Straight from the titty baby����

  • Breast milk contains high amount of pure fat protine more than ordinary meat… guess wat it is dengerous too if u hv tumer it can transform to cancer

  • People think too much about it that’s why they don’t like it they don’t even try it…. I don’t understand why it’s nasty to drink human milk but not cow milk

  • مـــين�� يـرحــــب�� بـــي�� يــــضغـــط لايـك��ويـراســــلنـــي خـــاص واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي
    واتس اب**00212.620.541.661*������

  • 1:45 human milk dangerous for humans? All her education in waste.
    I would suck milk from that wife of his.. what a dumb husband he is.. instead of drinking directly he likes to pay for it and drink from a glass.. Retardness overloaded..

  • I mean, in the grand scheme of things, drinking breast milk really isn’t that crazy. I know many women who drink their own breast milk, I’ve always heard people say you should try your own at least once, and I’ve even heard people say that if you routinely taste your own breast milk, it can help you identify even slight changes to your health or if something is off in your diet. I believe that. If its good enough for a baby, I’m sure its not going to hurt an adult to drink it, he just needs to be very careful with who he is getting it from and making sure that he’s doing it safely. If he can’t do that, then I’d say he shouldn’t be doing it.

  • Omg hilarious,still laughing, he drinks human breastmilk which the wife finds disgusting and would’n pay for, but she pays for a cows breastmilk??????..ahahahahaha sorry just cant stop laughing, just cant. Skip the babyfood all together and eat adult food.

  • She found drinking human breast milk a bit weird but cows milk which is another species is okay? What a mixed up world we live in. Milk is not healthy to drink for adults whether it is Cow or Human milk, as it is produced by mothers for babies to stimulate extra IGF1 protean to help the baby grow faster.

  • I’m feeling bad for the poor babies who actually have to drink this shit.. It’s like they never tasted anything so they’re like OK maybe that’s the best thing!

  • It’s one of the most natural things a woman can do, and she gets shamed for doing so. Come on now, you think its gross? Sad world we live in. There is nothing wrong at all with a woman doing what comes naturally.

  • I don’t have a problem with him drinking human milk.. Well, perhaps a little. But still, I personally find this person absolutely annoying.

  • Why is that fine ass woman with this big baby? More over, why is this being promoted when after 5 years it’s obviously not doing much of anything for this guy?

  • Breast milk contains GH to grow babies but that’s because when babies are immedietly born they have a stomach pH of 7 so no digestion breaks down the GH into amino acids but after 2 days the babies stomach acid pH becomes a harsh 2 which is why most mothers stop producing milk two days after the babies born

  • Is anyone else concerned about the color? I’m breastfeeding my son and have breastfeed two other babies an not once was it yellow lol. It is very good for u thought

  • no issue with breastfeeding her kid, my issue is the fact that you can literally see the fake tan smeared on the kids clothes, so it’s surely getting smeared on her face and possibly in her mouth while she’s feeding. breastfeeding your kid, awesome. breastfeeding with a side of fake tan chemicals….no thanks.

  • Newsflash: Most of you are in fact consuming breastmilk.
    And that from another species wich is even more messed up.

    P.S: This guy is an idiot.

  • Bro, I can tell you bench but if you’re sellin that diet you better outperform by more than 2.5 lb. You’re only do 42.5kg (93.6lb)?

  • okay but he is only pressing 45 pound dumbells for chest lol thats my warm and i only weight 150 pounds. this guy obviously doesnt know how to work out

  • I feel like they either left the milk out for days or the woman it came from was eating weird. Breast milk is usually sweet and this video is the only one I’ve seen where people taste it and are disgusted

  • The only thing I see that horrible tan..people make what God made normal into something don’t like it..turn your head in another direction..

  • Why is it neon yellow?!? Ive breast fed 2 babies, currently breastfeeding… my milk has always looked like cows milk… ah well to each their own… just be interested to know what that woman ate before pumping lol…

  • Absolutely ridiculous if a babies hungry they should get fed. People need to mind their own business and find something better and more healthy to talk about them with somebody is doing in their own personal life that is literally affecting nobody negatively.

  • Pointless doing this. Babies feed more with breast milk then powder milk so this is Pointless. And whos is it where is it from. Its disgusting he looks like shit

  • The are already drink milk from breast like do u guys think just because it’s milk from a cow it doesn’t mean it’s from a breast lol

  • Tbh people keep saying it’s disgusting to drink breast milk but when we where babies ourselves we actually drink it. But I think when we grow up and get older our taste buds changes and maybe that’s why they told our moms to stop giving us breasts milk at a certain age. I mean it’s a theory

  • I’ve always wanted to try it. Like, really wanted to try it.

    But, I have trust issues so, the only way I would try it, is straight from the tap

  • 1:58 5 years!? do you even lift brah? but in all seriousness he looks 10 years older than he actually is. also how tf did he get a wife that looks like that. and another thing, it’s YELLOW.

  • You should’ve given them blind, don’t tell them that it’s breast milk until after they drink it. I think the way it’s done here is priming people too much to expect nasty.

  • The woman who gave her child’s meal for this video is probably every insulted, why do they freak out so much it’s totally natural

  • When I was baby I didn’t get to drink breastmilk. Now I want to drink now I don’t have my mom at present now who can give me still. I want to drink now.

  • I have drank plenty of breast milk. When it’s really fresh (as in right from the factory) it’s very sweet tasting and simply delicious. I preferred it over cow’s milk.

  • What a bunch of dumb asses. Let’s have them inject all the oil they want and then have a pay per view at the end when they’re bodies explode.

  • Ummm where’s this kinda concern when it comes to female celebrities posting soft core porn pics on Instagram?

    Is it because their celebrities? And it’s considered okay?��‍♂️

  • woman find that attractive….??? This looks uglies of anything I have ever seen… I not against muscles… but like a fit normal human…

  • Theo. time to consider getting rid of that ad for clicking on the next video. You saying that the video I just watch was “just okay” is very demeaning to the guests. It makes it sound like they were just “okay”. It also suggests that the viewer such as myself was wasting their time watching a “just okay” video. Suggests that the viewer cannot discern between what is good and what is just “okay”. Time to quit insulting your guests, your viewers and yourself.

  • its not the protein but some say it contains growth factors that can be helpful in muscle building. it has to be a walking dead setting for me to drink some lady`s breastmilk anyway.

  • What would the public say if she didnt feed the baby, i meen come on now i hate every single person that doesn’t like the fact she was feeding in a bikini

  • I sell stud fees of my male for $5,000
    3 grand as a deposit, and once I ship it with tracking number then they send the other 2 grand. I usually stud him out for 15 stud fees a years.

  • That video is so uncomftorbal shes holding 2 katanas while sun burnt as hell while breast feeding in a bikini in THE middle of THE street

  • I actually have never had breast milk I was bottle-fed as a little locomotive, so I am glad that I will never try this

    now within months I will get a call from these people that they want teens to drink this

  • “My body attracts women a lot”My guy,no need to get your hopes up.They probobly stare at you because of how idioctic and insane you look.

  • I thought from the thumbnail, the mother/body builder was somewhat in her late 30s or early 40s, but she was really 25 years old

    Sigh! Another 1994 being reported in Inside Edition…. Again

  • Breastfeeding is an all natural part of life. People need to quit having a problem with mother’s feeding their babies in public. They need to start acting like an adult. Quit being immature little b*tches.

  • People “shame” others for the stupidest things ����‍♀️ yes, she could have used a cover, yes, she didn’t need to post that picture online, but who cares…? She’s feeding her baby.

  • I was 16 when I had my daughter even at that age I knew I was going to breastfeed but was scared because of this. Still made sure my child was feed though. With my son I wasn’t scared cause I just didnt care. Not once did I have a bad comment though luckily only had mom’s to be politely ask if they could ask a few questions about it (mainly if it hurts) then one husband who’s wife was pregnant and was scared for his wife lol

  • She could be doing meth! I see nothing wrong with this, people need to get a life and stop complaining about everything on the internet

  • When I was a kid and there was no internet or the word “shaming”…..,
    the world was a better place….

    Screw all the internet critics

  • What wrong with a Mother taking care of her baby no matter what kind of lifestyle she in. The bond between Mother and Daughter Counts. Shame on Those Shammers

  • “Oh my God how dare your breasts naturally fulfills their purpose by producing the nutrients your developing infant needs to grow, that’s just disgusting and inhuman you freak of nature!”

  • Social media should have a positive impact on our daily life. To bad people have to do the opposite because they feel in title to their opinion.

  • The only thing I would say about the picture is maybe don’t have big swords near a baby but she should definitely feel proud that she breastfed in public. You go girl

  • Alright she isn’t doing anything wrong but only doing showing off how heathy she is and her cute baby + I’m pretty sure it’s okay to breastfeed in public

  • Breast milk is good it got a lil sweetness to it �� these dude some babys but its okay for you to want em to swallow your nut? Lol

  • isnt breast milk mostly filled with fats? lol theres more protein in cow milk lol. and baby cows grow like 100 fuckin pounds in like a year on that shit..

  • Brad Williams did a comedy show at my high school like 12 years canyon high school baby.. he made the teachers squirm and it was awesome lol

  • I do agree that it’s something that should be done in private. I don’t understand why someone would especially share a picture of them breastfeeding

  • Woman: dresses skimpily
    People: oooh that’s hot.

    Her: breastfeeds her child
    People: that’s absolutely disgusting

    Talk about backwards logic.

  • 25???. She looks 75 in the picture 0:14. Where’s papa?.. Lady looks erin andrews-ish

    Another mom shaming, where’s Shawn Johnson trolls 1:02��

  • I had two babies and of course I tried my own milk and I was surprised how sweet it was compared to cow’s milk. Not particularly tasty, but sweet. Kinda neutral. When I finally fed my baby formula months later, now formula tastes gross!! Blech.

  • What’s gross about probably the most natural thing which is breastfeeding. I’m not homophobic, but people can see the same sex kiss and fondle with eachother and be accepted, but seeing a woman breastfeed her child is not…..ok