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Things Are Gonna Get Crazy

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��BIRTHDAY STREAM Things are about to get crazy…(plus some Brawl Stars throughout lol)��

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Things are About to get Crazy…

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Things Are About to Get CRAZY!!! Doom Patrol Episode 8 REVIEW

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Oh The Larceny About To Get Crazy (Official Audio)

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Boris babysits the kids/Things get crazy/Doris gets ARRESTED (AIC Comeback Special)

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About To Get Crazy Oh the Larceny (LYRICS)

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Things Are About to Get Crazy And This Is Just The Beginning. Things Are About to Get Crazy And This Is Just The Beginning. Things Are About to Get Crazy. By Steve Kamb • Last Updated: September 22, 2011 • 19 comments. “Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies!

Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, Dogs and cats living together mass hysteria!”.

Things Are About to Get Crazy And This Is Just The Beginning. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV. Things Are About to Get Crazy And This Is Just The Beginning. Learn More: Watch Vide.

#usdollar #collapse #prepping The banks are failing, currency is being devalued, civil unrest abound and global tensions are running high, environmental cris. [ August 20, 2020 ] Things are About to get Crazy Survival Tips and Guides [ August 19, 2020 ] 00 vs 000 Buckshot Patterning Survival Tips and Guides [ August 19, 2020 ] PROBLEMS: Sportneer Folding Table – Medium Size – Real Review Survival Tips and Guides. About Things Are Gonna Get Crazy” is a memorable quote uttered by the character Patrick Star from the animated series Spongebob Squarepants. Online, people have remixed the moment and inserted its elements, particularly the close-up of Patrick with.

It’s about to get crazy It’s gonna be loud This is our house We do what we wanna We’ll blow the roof up everybody’s comin’ it’s about to get crazy It’s about to go down Let’s make the whole world. It turns out, when you dig a little deeper, things that you’ve taken for granted or that seem perfectly normal can surprise you. With that in mind, here are 20 weird little facts you’ll likely be surprised to learn.

For more informative tidbits to get your mind racing, here are 10 Amazing Facts to Make You Smarter This Week. If you find things need to be spiced up, try some olive oil, herbs like rosemary and thyme, garlic, onion, peppers, or mustard. Just stay away from the salt. Swipe to advance.

6 / 14.

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Everything is becoming crazy and out of proportion.

“The Letters of Gustave Flaubert: 1857-1880” by Gustave Flaubert, Francis Steegmuller
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Crazy or not, this is where our “outer bound” emphasis on technology has led us.

“Healing the Split: Integrating Spirit Into Our Understanding of the Mentally Ill, Revised Edition” by John E. Nelson, Michael Washburn
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Who’s crazy?

“The Girl Who Owned a City” by O. T. Nelson
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Yes, things are crazy and getting crazier.

“The Juvie Three” by Gordon Korman
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Has everything truly gone crazy?

“The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 1 (light novel): Deus lo Vult” by Carlo Zen, Shinobu Shinotsuki
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Who is to say tonight who is mad and who is sane?

“Girl in Blue” by Ann Rinaldi
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Everything’s crazy now, so let us just do this one thing before it all happens.

“The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders” by Donald Denoon, Malama Meleisea, Stewart Firth, Jocelyn Linnekin
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and then at the end of five weeks, we can really assess if we are crazy or not.

“Forever, Interrupted: A Novel” by Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Who are you calling crazy?”

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And craziness is the new normal.

“Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives” by Richard Swenson
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  • People lived and survived for thousands of years in the wilderness, woods, mountains, deserts, plains long term.

    If our ancestors did that then we can do that if and when necessary for living and surviving long term.

    It’s NOT easy!!!! It will be a VERY HARD and DIFFICULT life, HARD WORK, but you can live and survive LONG TERM.

    technology, appliances, having access and convenience to every day things, learn and teach yourself that you can take it or leave it.

    Oh, it’s nice and great to have while available to us, but NOT necessary for living and survival.

    I could take it or leave it, LONG TERM or short term, it doesn’t matter.

    People have lived and survived LONG TERM for thousands of years without such availability, conveniences, and materialism.

    Adapt, Improvise, Modify, Overcome

  • Always does haha made democrates it’s going fall it’s about change where history is made we are cranking up the lights all happening now we going make you believe

  • Just from my point of you, even though you say it is for 17 and older, doesn’t mean that younger people are going to not watch it. Also, when I do my channel, mine is family friendly, and I let my childish personality come out. Anyway, my main point is, is that even though you say only 17 and up can watch it, doesn’t mean that younger people are going to watch it. Just saying

  • Markets are high because investors trust Trump to keep the economy strong. And he has. If it drops, it drops to what? lower than record levels? But still will be up. Things are fine as long as Trump remains in office. The day he’s out, Democrat will tank the economy and blame trump for it.

  • At first I thought this was a Screenshot from cabin in the woods 2.0 �� like the revenge of the weird students love your art and all of your hard work! Real proud of you! You deserve each and every follower ❤️❤️❤️

  • All that so called technology is just great until the power goes out or the grid goes down.Or even better until all your info and money is only on the web and every half ass hacker can take it..

  • the red shoes were simbal of her excepting her adult hood they are a call back to issue 26 we her imaginary friends offer her a pare of ruby dance shoes like Hans Christian Anderson.

  • Watched the movie Blackout on prime…i think a very realistic film of what life will be like if the grid goes down not exactly Mad Max but makes you think….worth a watch

  • I’m 16 and I’m watching anyway, plus my birthday is in November. I’m not in the same fucking caste as a 3 year old. I’ve been through 3 divorces and a teen pregnancy, I’m not 5.

  • What makes you think everything will be resolved by the finale? Personally I believe the Candlemaker story will be wrapped up but I think the Miranda and Victor storylines will continue on to Season 3

  • yes, and they are murdering us in Zouth aphrika for that gold especially the agricultural sector and farmers. I take this opportunity to thank you for the love and compassion you have for HUEmanity. You are a true master rallying for GOD life. May your path and your loved wons, always lead you to joy, abundance and most important of all “sovereignty”

  • It’s been a while since Patrick actually put Spongebob’s well-being over his own, unlike the previous modern seasons where he was a jerk

  • I wonder what 10th epsiode was about becuz it seems like next episode is finale. Unless its another centred type episode with cyborg and that girl

  • Listen if this is true give me the address cause I need to be here for this shit to make sure it goes down right! We’ve built the road you walk to the house we built you live in. We’ve run the plumbing you shower with and drink.
    The electricity used to create this and most importantly work for mother nature! Honey your gonna need a man like me when this shit goes down! Open your bible and there we are. Take a breathe and a good look around honey because we’ve built this all together. Our entire reality. Great job btw. It’s about to get crazy lol oh seriously tho were creating history this very moment��. This isn’t only a Assassin’s Creed but our creation, the very words that you define the definition you live in. Absolutely true reality ° Love y’all. Fn love this song!!! Thank you so much for turning me on to theses songs that makes my body sway. We’re not gonna make you believe. We’re gonna show you the truth of reality if your crazy enough lol. Then and only then will you believe the truth. If you’re strong enough I guarantee it’s a reality you’ll love and appreciate for the first time then the one you might comprehend now. # you’ll actually be able to feel the words used to defined it. This is absolutely our mfn house!!!

  • I don’t know why you like doom patrol so much lol, Titans is much better than doom patrol. I’m not saying doom patrol is a bad show, i love this show but i love titans more than doom patrol. Titans is my favorite dc show.

  • Already subbed to your new channel. Can’t wait to see what you have planned! ����
    I’ve been with you for several years and really appreciate your content.

  • Happy birthday �� to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you baileys dad!

    Me: can I have some video advice?

    Baileys dad: thinks

  • At a national level the US economy is not going to collapse further. But look at cities, industries, companies. NYC is toast, commercial real estate is effectively bankrupt etc etc

  • When the world falls, the smart will head for the wilderness. The foolish will attempt to steal from others. There will be death. Lots of it.

  • The homeless and the poor live LONG TERM EVERY SINGLE day without todays conveniences.

    You can only do what you can do to live and survive.

  • There has to be a season 3, do you guys think there will be? The show is too good for it to stop here, also dorothy better be there in the next season

  • When you refuse covid vaccine which places,states,,wilderness are best to bugout to hide away from the army and femma wo wanna arrest or kill you???

  • One thing I think alot of people miss and I know its meaningless but in that sense when Dorthy got her first Period.. The young girl was pointing at her and called her mom over. But if you looked at young girls eyes she was staring at Dorthy’s dress and not her face. The mother looked at Dorthy and panicked and in a way I felt that scene was nice because I think the young girl didn’t cared for Dorthy’s appearance but more so what is happening to DOrthy.

  • I wonder if they will have Dorothy sort of rescue Jane since Dorothy feels bad about Baby Doll. I almost feel like she’s the only one that can go into Janes’s world and help her for real.

  • You’re doing a great job, Boba! Really knocking it out of the park with these interviews and videos.
    Even though Dorothy has been 11 for decades they have shown her recently saying how she’s not a little girl anymore. Candlemaker also, added/goaded Dorothy into thinking that she is not just a little girl. All in order to be able to come into the world physically on his own terms.
    When Miranda said that we deserve happiness, I think she was referring to only her and Kay. It seems like her and Kay may’ve been the main personalities that physically dealt with the well. Since, Miranda was the one who had the resolve to get out of the well, she probably believes she should be the only one running the show.
    I love the TV show shorts with Cyborg! First, Steele and Stone and now an old Avengers intro featuring him and Rita! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  • I feel like if its gonna end fatally. Then I feel like Niles will sacrifice himself to save Dorothy and Dorothy joins the team properly.. really don’t want to see anyone go! Tim Dalton is phenomenal �� they all are tbh!

  • The only problem is that this consolidation of control of power you speak is simply not possible with #Qanon which by the way has gone Worldwide. Preparedness is good.

  • My prediction at beginning of season seems to be coming true: they’ve combined Dorothy’s “Red Shoes” story with the Candlemaker Endgame from the comics, but it remains to be seen if the twist is still that candlemaker simply represents her growing up

  • They should have an episode 10 called Zoom Patrol where they all read their lines and or talk about the show on the Zoom Video program.

  • Gold and silver is sound money. You can buy gold mine stock but it’s just paper or numbers on a monitor. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

    Warren Buffet may have intelligence bit he’s making a lot of mistakes. He should be buying precious metals not paper.

  • This is a warning to the 99%:

    The 1% who own you, own your debts, your lives, your livelihood soon will no longer need you chattle to slave for them. And it doesn’t matter what “country” you reside; if you are a 99%er in America, China, Germany, France, Russia or even the Congo, you are all useless eaters that are destined to be culled. The elite have in place their early stages of AI and Automation that they will need to live on their “paradise planet”. They will no longer need most of you.

    You humans believe that coronavirus was the trigger that caused the world wide lockdowns and economic collapse; this was simply a ruse. There is something more insidious in motion.

    The elites realize and believe that Earth is on the brink of irreversible runaway climate change and they are listening to the majority of climate scientists with their qualitative and quantitative data which support major ecological catastrophy in the next 20 years if business as usual is maintained. They see the data. They see the trends. They see peak oil, peak coal, peak gas, peak metals, peak fish, the decay of farmland and destruction of the biosphere, the melting of ice, methane release, CO2 increase…and it doesn’t matter if you are still climate change denier or not because they don’t care what you think the elites are putting into place what they want and believe their vision of the future not yours. Deny it if you wish but that is the reality.

    Why do you think there is such a push for and huge subsidies for electrification of transportation? Why do you think there is such a rapid push for AI, 5G, smart grids, tracking, social credit scores, vaccines, lock downs, rationing, food control-consolidation, restrictions on personal possession and production and cashless societies? Why do you think that the rules of economics no longer apply? Why do you think they have militarized the police? Why do you think the constant war rhetoric? Why do you think they have no rules and can do anything they want but that you 99% must obey every and all rules? Why do you think they feed you poison food and media and provide overcharged and sub-par healthcare? Why do you think your prisons and jails are full? Why do you think they feed your minds junk culture? Why do you think they allow opioid crisis, suicides, homelessness and general societal decay?

    Why you think democracy is dead?

    The harsh truth is that there simply won’t be enough oil and natural gas to convert to fertilizer to feed the projected 9+ billion of people and maintain civilization as you’ve known it and combating climate change.

    You all are expendable to them.

    The elites of the world are in the opening stage of the “letting down/ easing down” of the human population. They are attempting to do it “softly” but they will not hesitate to do it swiftly and brutally if you 99% refuse to comply.

    They are determining which humans will comply to “their ideal sustainable future.” This covid 19 pandemic is the beginning of the end game of the international elite to determine who will be “fit” to be servants on their “world plantation.”

    To the international elites, you humans and your civilizations are nothing more than SimCities and SimCitizens to be plugged in and controlled at their whim. Accept this reality. This is the game they are playing and you are their virtual play toys.

    In 20 years most of you will be culled unless you revolt. The choice is yours.

    This was a warning from The Rogue Nemesis.

  • I have a feeling there’s going to be some kind of tension between cliff and klara’s dad. Probably having to do with the walk down the aisle, and who’s going to do it.

  • Hey they are already have gone crasy. Look what is happening. This is not normal. Things are changing so fast. I hedged my bets I put my Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen God Bless you all.

  • Hey Boba, I was seriously looking to get one of your tee shirts, but you don’t have 2XL. Yes I know I’m old and have a spare tire. But can you do anything about that?
    P. S. It has been a crazy season, I love this show, and I think it’s because your reviews helped me understand, in the beginning. Like, last season. ����

  • I personally think u should do the song and then do how I made the picture for the background as a video and also add the song for when ur doing that video but anyways I love your songs

  • what if primary personalities cant die? Miranda was down there once, so maybe Jane may escape. Especially because Kay may really prefer Jane over Miranda being so controlling over everyone.

  • This first show were all their characters are very well utilized.Unlike flash were kid flash was very underused doom patrol does it very splendidly. Up there with daredevil.

  • I’m glad they went back to there roots with the live action face. But I can’t get over how worse they made the animation. It’s just like what they did with the fairly odd parents. It’s so frustrating. It’s so weird how the animate their facial expressions.. oh well, I can always rewatch the first 12 seasons.

  • I jumped off that ship local gold and silver LCS closed up and went packing saying it just be useless paper weight so I cashed out and bought supply’s all of them where in business for multiple decades

  • Government inflation numbers are for lack of a better word “lies.” They change the way they do the calculations, they add things that go down to hide the things going up etc. CPI isn’t worth taking seriously, just look at your own expenses from year to year.

  • I interpret as Miranda making the other personality to sleep or dormint. When she was primary in the comics she was on the surface all the time, there was no one else, it wasn’t until she was abused in a church when the the persona resurfaced, and she throws herself into the well. Then making Jane the New Primary.

  • Curious to see what you post on the new channel but I get the feeling that the channel name is gonna get a copyright strike from the game of the same name but other wise great video cp��

  • 1:26 1:29







  • The answer is far worse than technology transfer, I wish it was something so easy to deal with. It’s ideology that’s to far apart to bridge the distance. Where there’s absolutely no possible way to find a middle ground. You can’t find the middle ground, because it’s ideas of 100% opposition. I only know one possible way this can turnout. Bloodshed! All the technology in the world will not can’t save you from warring factions, hell bent on exterminating ideology they find incompatible.

  • Nothing will change much, just the rich will get richer and government will get weaker and giving more to vocal minority groups who will stop whining for more.

  • Harbinger? Go check out “ELECTROVERSE. NET” We are experiencing some of the coldest wettest weather in many years. The Siberia heat was smashed the following week by very cold weather. The weather patterns have shifted due to the GSM.

  • Since Jane is drowning in the well in the underground, is her physical body still in the real well? Like can Larry see her just sitting there

  • Loved the Avengers opening credits pastiche.. To see how closely they mirrored them, the original is here:

  • I’m adopting this song to help unite #ourAmerica Know one is going to divide U.S. any longer in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth!
    God’s people of faith rise up stand shoulder to shoulder and realize the evil one from the pit of hell is trying to divide our nation to steal our freedom!
    It’s not going to happen in Jesus name! #OneTeamOneFight
    The battle is the Lord’s and it’s all ready won!!!
    #nomaskNochip #NoMoreLies
    #oneflagonecountry #OneUnitedFamilyofGodsLove ❤️

  • Another slamdunk episode… such a strong season. Dorothy’s addition to the cast has been great… and the continual development of the personal journey’s of each character is great, touching and sometimes funny. I cannot pick out a single stand out scene because nearly the whole ep was that strong.

  • It’s not about the rise of Communism or Socialism, but Technocracy Patrick Wood, Author of “Technocracy Rising”. He wrote this week that the drivers of Technocracy are population control and climate alarmism. This suggests that the U.N. and global elites want depopulation and weather warfare through climate control technology. They are ushering in Agenda 21 (also called the “New Green Deal”) promoted by the Socialist Democrats for 2021 and Agenda 2030 for one government, one currency.

  • Can I have a shout out to? Even though I don’t do animations but I do audio text to speech which involves voice to see you sans go animate but I use different software‘s on my iOS device and also I subscribed to your channel

  • There’s no rainbow at the end of this approaching storm,,, its like we’re at Crystalnacht during the rise of the Nazis. One world control by luciferians is what this is heading toward.
    The same people that brought us the inquisition, the Gestapo, mass murder and most of these man made tragedies for the last number of centuries BUT NOW they will be in COMPLETE control!!
    They want everyone to be willing to toss all their freedom and autonomy for “peace and safety”.
    Then as scripture says when they say “Peace and Safety” then sudden destruction cometh upon them. There is an occult driven global elite that are causing all this through Higelian dialectic (Thesis pitted against Antithesis to arrive the Synthesis they are seeking). [There’s tons of evidence for this] This is heading back to the dark ages they want to destroy a large portion of the population which they deem to be wasting ‘their’ resources.
    There is a push for one world control (pretty much there already) and a one world religious leader. And most are completely in the dark very few Christians even teach ANY of these critical prophecies from Scripture which tell us about the agenda, by whom and how they are going about it. But scripture is clear I’m an engineer and prophecy (many dozens of them) have been spot on through out (Jesus first coming predicted 490 years prior to the day), and more towards recent ages the 1290 years of the dark ages (538-1798) spot on, The changes that would arise in 1844. And the events which are taking place in our end time days.
    => There is a shining light in the future but it is NOT because of our government here becoming benevolent they are malevolent. Yet when things are at their darkest Christ will return for a people however few that are seeking Him, a people that “Keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus”, as they are identified in scripture.
    => Few sources teach any of it as its politically incorrect. My favorites Walter Veith from Amazing Discoveries (e.g., Total Onslaught Series, and Rekindling the Reformation, etc.) & Doug Batchelor from Amazing Facts.
    Time is short to get right with God,…and then the judgement.
    We do love your channel despite our radically different views of causation and end results.

  • If you have a KJV Bible you know that gold and silver are going to go through the roof but that in the end they will be throwing it to the bats! ‘Beware of Controlled Opposition’
    Your Eternal Soul is the most precious possession here and into ETERNITY! “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be Saved” The Great Tribulation is coming Very Soon after Israel complete a 7 Year peace Treaty with Anti Christ and all Hell will literally break loose and Billions will die! The KJV Bible is a History book going out 1000 years into the future! Mock, curse it doesn’t matter when the Word of GOD says something is going to Happen it most certainly will. The Judgments of GOD are: Long Awaited, Commonly Rejected, Absolutely Certain and Terribly Severe!! Make Peace with GOD through the Cross of Calvary or indeed prepare for the Devil and his Angels who will be cast upon the earth during the Great Tribulation!

    Don’t believe me!!! Seek and you will find. Get yourself a KJV Bible and see if these things are so! GOD Bless you Greatly in these times of Great Deception.

  • Just in case you did not hear. Turkey is collapsing and the people are selling cars and houses to buy gold and get out of the Lira.. banks are collapsing.

  • I love where this is heading, but i don’t intirely love it. So imma wait for some other songs, anyway. You make great music, keep it up:D

  • What did you all think of the penultimate episode of Season 2? I’m so sad to say there’s only 1 left:( Don’t forget to tune in to my interview with Dorothy Spinner herself TOMORROW, the video will be up on the channel usual time! Thank you for watching, leave a like if you’re enjoying the videos! Join my Discord server: Get some awesome BobaTalks merch here:

  • I’m a back round Actor in this episode. I’m in the back holding fake ice cream, on the blow up slide, the spinning ride, and running with my mom with the fair is melting. Lol it was fun!

  • I like that you’re optimistic, but there’s a variable that you’re not counting. The people that run this world, the decision makers, are not going to give up their strangle hold on the human condition. They will not allow the tools that people need to succeed to get in to their hands and live in that positively leveraged world that you’re describing. You’re right, this is a turning point, but it will go into the total shit hits the fan mode. What I think the best solution is going to be is that we will have to make a decision. Do we want to participate in the dystopian technocrat world, giving up all of our freedoms and privacy to be a part of this new society, or will we backoff and join others who do not want to participate? Technology is destroying us for the most part. Most people will have to make some sacrifices, but I think a lot of us understand that this is not moving in the way that you hoping.

    Either way, absolutely useful stuff you discuss, very knowledgable. But let’s not mistake what happens when a country challenges the petrodollar as China is doing. This leads to war in any circumstance, and it will lead to war again. Maybe a cold war, but a war nonetheless. Survival skills will be needed in my judgement. Going back to nature, because when, not if, SHTF, imagine a world with no electronics.

    China’s doctrine of how to defeat the US is very simple. EMP. They also found triggering devices from China for these very well known EMP devices. China is well aware of what they are doing, and that they are challenging the big man. The only way to defeat us is through the Art of War. Make us destroy ourselves from within, weaken us, then hit us with a coordinated EMP. Game over.

    Get ready people. That uneasiness that you’re sensing, that means something. This guy has given so much to us people who did not know how to prep, didn’t know that we needed it. I appreciate you greatly.

  • My favorite part was Cliffs excitement over being invited to the wedding. He was the only one who had a good day. So of course it is going to go to shit.

  • Since you brought up the whole imaginary friend thing, part of me wonders if she’s going to create another being to supress or defeat the candlemaker towards the end of everything.

  • It is time for me to find a better source for information, watching this channel has turned into an info commercial. Its been going down hill over the past 12 months or so, but I have had enough of listening to a Canadian slam my country and try to tell me whats happening in my own back yard, you need to be more concerned whats happening in your own country after you allowed your own government actuality take your guns. God bless, good luck and Goodbye…

  • CP, wonderful video, but your videos are always good. I’m having trouble visualizing fifty years from now. I’m 49 now. In 50 years, I’d be 99 years old. I understand where you are coming from though. If I can help others to get prepared and help them to navigate the dystopian world to the bright future that you are describing, I will. Maybe I’ll take up my Ki Gung again and live to be 900 like that guy who lived in China and practiced Ki gung everyday. You never know what life has in store for you anyway. Lol. I’m looking forward to checking out your new channel btw. Again, wonderful video and very informative. Great work.

  • Great video! I took a good amount of money from an IRA to invest in silver, gold, food and preps. There is no way what we are seeing happen this past year is a good thing. Good luck to you and be safe.

  • I wonder how underground will interpretative Janes disappearances and will they just believe Miranda. Can’t wait to see what will happen with Dorothy.

  • My theory about Dorothy and Candlemaker…the idea is that she has to “mature”… whether she makes a wish or chronically ages (outside the magical influence of Danny the Street or Kipling’s magic)… making a wish is akin to blowing out the candle on your birthday cake… therefore maturing.

  • Nigga I have been a little person and my daughter is going to be a great day y’all and she will have a great time with y’all and we will talk to you tomorrow and see if y’all can come over tomorrow and get my daughter to go to bed �� is that the time of time I have to get to my house to get to my bff is that you have to go to get to work and get my car and then I can get my truck to get my truck and then you can come over to my house and then I can get it done tomorrow and I will have to go to get my daughter and get my daughter to come home for a while

  • I had to search for you CP as I realised i hadn’t seen a video off you in months. The algorithm has suddenly stopped recommending your videos. Have you been shadow banned? ��

  • When money used to be backed by gold, where else would it be kept except a vault somewhere? People didn’t want to carry around gold and silver coins. When paper fiat no longer was gold backed which ends up being worth more. You are a complete moron if you believe humanity is free or will
    Become more free. What a joke. As long as government exists, people are enslaved.

  • I like Canadian prepper but I am somewhat amused by his repetitive pattern of being bewildered by the rise of the stock market. I’m still saving for retirement and haven’t sold off stocks and have benefited as a result of “sticking to it” as most would advise. No offense but CP should not advise on investing ever.

  • THE “AMERICAN EMPIRE” IS COLLAPSING. It was based upon America winning WW2, and coming out of that war relatively unscathed while all the other “great powers” were either destroyed or bankrupt. Now, 75 years later, the US dollar has devalued by over 70% (compared to its 1970 value). America has over-extended its military, with over 100 foreign military bases. Our National Debt is approaching $30 TRILLION$ with interest gobbling up a huge % of our annual budget. The Coronavirus “lock down” was the TRIGGER that saw a sudden collapse of the “House of Cards”. AND GREAT WILL BE THE FALL OF THAT HOUSE…

  • What a boring episode. We need less emotional drama and more weird. This season has gone somewhat off the rails and forgot the Grant Morrison comic it came from.

  • You so full of it… In beginning you got me but now you just talk shit. I survive Huracan Maria now am surviving and resisting the government of your imperialism…

  • My God! I can’t believe that is almost ending. The best show, no doubt. About Miranda, I think than more than being a “primary”, she wants to take Kay’s place and be the only persona. It’s going to be strange, because there is a lot to unpack in a single episode…

  • Go back to the episode where jane is shown when Miranda became primary. Watch how she talks to Kay’s mother, tells her that No one will believe her if she tries to tell anyone the exorcism didn’t work. She has a controlling element about her that foreshadows how she’s acting now.

  • You say the “collapse of the US economy” like it’s exclusive. You know damn well when we crash, you and everyone else will too. So it’s more aptly called The “Collapse”

  • : )What Up! CP
    This is a call to ALL! OF HUMANITY ��
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    For the TRUTH. Regarding this “pandemic”
    Remove spaces to Access Link ��
    Be Sure to watch the video on the website with the (CoronaBeer) in the thumbnail, it is of GREAT IMPORTANCE!
    I LOVE YOU ALL ����

  • An interview with Abagail and Ubrella Academy coming out? Be still my heart. On another note, they BETTER not kill off Dorothy. She is my favourite character on the show.

  • Looking forward to the interview tomorrow Boba. Great to see you getting the stars wanting to talk to you. Another Amazing episode. With so much again. This is a masterclass in constructing a series, with all the character development work on week. As well as emotional roller coaster ride all the time. Loved it!! Another spin off? Borg and Bee hilarious. Holy shit an egg!! Candle maker!!! Oh……my…. God! Great review as always, sad that it’s the end next week. But we get your interview tomorrow. Much love from your pal in the UK