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When He Bluff’s Poker Scene | Color Corrected Demo Reel | Casino Royale (007) 4K

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Casino Royale vodka Martini

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From Actor to Athlete Daniel Craig’s fitness trainer

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Its Tailored Scene | Color Corrected Demo Reel | Casino Royale (007) 4K

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Казино Рояль Workout Daniel Craig для Бонда Body!

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Daniel Craig Body Transformation for James Bond

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In today’s guide on “Look like a Superhero” series, we’ll be taking a look at Daniel Craig for his role in Casino Royale. So, you want to look like James Bond huh? Daniel Craig, the most bad-ass 00-agent since Sean Connery, spent months with a personal trainer turning himself into a.

Daniel Craig said he panicked when the audience laughed at the opening scene of “Casino Royale” at the 2006 premiere. He described the scene in GQ’s April cover story, which was published on Monday. “I went, ‘Oh,’ I was like, ‘Oh, f-,'” Craig recalled, adding, “I know why they don’t like me. I know why I don’t like. Still, Daniel Craig, who is about to appear in No Time To Die, his final Bond movie after he took over the role 14 years ago in Casino Royale, was originally drawn to the role for one seemingly. Daniel Craig in Casino Royale wore the 2244 – an unusual type with a metal rectangular frame – and the more classic 2720 in tortoiseshell.

Tom Ford shades are Bond’s newest favorite. The FT0108 model he wore in Quantum of Solace was made for the movie – and allegedly a copy of the Oliver Peoples Airman. “The name’s Bond, James Bond” The final scene of Casino Royale shows Daniel Craig as a fully formed James Bond wearing a three-piece suit as he says the famous words, “The name’s Bond, James Bond”.

This three-piece suit demonstrates that Bond is now the more suave, confident and mature character from the previous twenty films. Casino Royale (2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In the Madagaskar, Miami Airport and Venice scenes of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears grey Sunspel Riviera t-shirts, as seen on the image on the left. The one Casino Royale scene that makes us love Daniel Craig as James Bond By Christopher Gates / Aug.

10, 2020 10:20 am EDT This content was. While a lot of people were hesitant about Daniel Craig being a very different James Bond at the beginning Casino Royale sold a lot of people that the right choice had been made. Directed by Martin Campbell.

With Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright. After earning 00 status and a licence to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007. Bond must defeat a private banker funding terrorists in a high-stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro.

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He is the same darkly handsome man first introduced in CASINO ROYALE.

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Daniel Craig became the new Bond for CASINO ROYALE (2006).

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As a ‘‘blond Bond’’ with icy Bombay Sapphire eyes, Craig plays a smaller, more realistic, ultra-tough Agent 007 in 2006’s Casino Royale, to date the most lucrative Bond film, at $600 million worldwide.

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Pierce Brosnan showed off his hairy chest while relaxing in a swimming pool (in GoldenEye, his first try at 007); Daniel Craig revealed his well-muscled torso in a swimsuit shot (referring back to the famous Andress/Berry scenes) in the trailers for Casino Royale.

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But Daniel Craig is bloody damned great as Bond, in a movie that creates a new reality for the character.

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He did resemble Daniel in many ways—same build, similar facial structure—although Mason was about ten years older, with forehead lines and a dusting of gray at the temples.

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Daniel Craig remains a splendid Bond, one of the best.

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Brosnan is cast as a sleazy and immoral British Secret Service operative, which plays nicely against his suave Bond role, characterising the film’s satirical approach.

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As a fictional character Bond remains as shadowy and unreal as he had been in Casino Royale.

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  • People wonder why his body looks better well as you age your metabolism obviously slows down and he has been consistently active so as he ages he slowly packs on lean muscle therefore he has been doing a lot more cardio and high rep exercises which is better long term and gives you the more sporty lean look then the yoked macho man look.

  • When you get a contract offer for 3 James Bond movies and you know that after this you will be set up for the rest of your life, then the motivation to exercise and gym comes naturally.:)

  • Hi David after watching & re-watching the traILERS for ‘NO, TIME TO DIE’+ all the gossip, Do you think Saffin is a clone of Blofeld? he does say’ while your skills die with your body mine will go on long after…? Is he picking off spectre agents in a bid to head the entire organisation? I think we all know Saffin is ‘Dr No, from all the trailers and gossip serrounding this movie? what do you think?

  • Ok girls tell the truth please.. is he sexy or not? EVERYONE say I am his copy. 50 % say he is god and 50% say he is ugly. Tell me the truth please!:)

  • Shows how the expectations and demands about male body in popular media changed over time. Sean Connery was a real professional bodybuilder and Mr. Universe contestant but he wasn’t expected to look ripped in the films.

  • I’m glad everyone was thinking the same shit i was thinking yall look way better than that dude like why you doing his workout����

  • Anyone can look like that in Hollywood there’s a lot a pressure to look good and have the perfect diet. Sadly looking good won’t get you into heaven. Bond is about skill and being cool and smart. That’s common sense.

  • Je trouve que les visages semblent encore plus jaunes que auparavant lorsque la caméra filme de loin.
    La scène est également un peu trop froide sachant que c’est une salle de casino, cela ce voit à la couleur de la table qui tend trop vers le bleu.

  • It’s actually really great that it’s written the way it is. Bond is on his first 00 mission, he is A rookie, that his says: Does it look like I give A damn, only shows that he can’t keep his cool like A professional can.

  • MY beautiful divine masculine soul collecTor 4 ancient sacred divine feminine goddess high galactic divine feminine gangsta maffia goddess of love Christ consciousness alignment mutha fuckers!
    My beautiful 007

  • I had the great the privilege to train under Simon. He was an incredible trainer with a no non-sense approach and a clear vision. I still apply his workout program and diet in my daily fitness life.

  • Fun fact: When Daniel Craig reveal that this line was the reason why he became 007. In the script the real line was “Do I look like I give a fuck.” They just replace the last word with “Damn” instead.

  • Yeh, and Craig is the new Bond. He hasn’t yet learnt all those things. He only just became a double 0. Brosnan and Connery play an older and more skilled Bond.

  • That form was so clean. Hate it when people get all sloppy just so they can do more reps or add more weight. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it

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  • Awesome work. Keep it up! It would be great if you could correct the Dinner scene between Bond and Vesper Lynd. IT would be awesome

  • It’s a great edit, but just a bit too much of a blue tint and start of dark blacks. Skin tones look much better, but I have a feeling this was more focused on color and not brightness leading to both brights and darks being blended. Perhaps your monitor brightness was set a bit high?

  • Here’s a hint: If you ever go to a bar and order Wodka Martini and the bartender asks “Shaken or stirred?”, the appropriate answer is “Never mind, I’ll go to Mc Donald’s, they have better knowledge of drinks over there.”
    No bartender with even just basic knowledge would even consider the possibility of someone wanting a Wodka Martini shaken. That’s what made Bond’s signature drink so unique.
    This was just added for cheap laughs and to piss off Bond fans…

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    007 beautiful goddess stargate power
    Cosmic power to me now
    Beautiful goddess power to me my bloodline now!

  • MY beautiful divine masculine soul collecTor 4 ancient sacred divine feminine goddess high galactic divine feminine gangsta maffia goddess of love Christ consciousness alignment mutha fuckers! Love you 007

  • You fail to realize that I was talking to another person that thought that the quote was “shaken or stirred”, and I was pointing out that it was “shaken, NOT stirred.” Okay?

  • Awesome work as usual. Would love to see a Tarzan workout. Buff but on the “lean/athletic” side…im sure it’s probably mostly genetics though. YATS FFUB!

  • If you’re going to talk to a barman like that, you should make sure that you see him pour the drink in front of you, otherwise you’re going to have vodka martini with spit.

  • You are still feeling small mr Craig right? you admitted that when Tomasz Kot was rejected for one of the James Bond movies thanks to you.

  • “Nobody Does It Better”
    That was the greatest Bond hit of all time, especially for us dudes who couldn’t stop staring at Carly Simon album covers during our impressionable teens.

  • Hugh Jackman workout. In so many ways an inspiring person!

  • Saying that I am stupid is a stupid argument..:-s
    I have seen the old Bond movies too, and because of that, I am saying that Craig looks like, acts like and is the REAL Bond in my eyes. A lot of Bonds are pansies compared to Daniel Craig.

  • This movie has not an official blu ray 4K release. I still waiting to buy all daniel craig james bond movies.. I don´t know what is waiting sony to put on stores.

  • If you guys know someone named jaxblade on YouTube there’s a workout on there that I like called a black swordsman’s workout from berserk the anime. Try it out and let me know if you guys think it’s worth putting my time and effort into a physique like that

  • Connery’s Bond in Dr. No was the best representation of the character IMO. A complete sociopath in that movie, scary as hell. Craig’s continues that tradition but gives him a little bit more humanity and vulnerability.

  • @SmokiSounds I thought he was evil and menacing in a realistic way. He’s so quiet and has a malevolent undertone, then, at the end, he freaks out with an axe, desperately attempting to kill Bond at all costs, shrieking in the process. I thought that made him seem almost borderline psychotic.

  • Siempre hermosa Eva Green. Una pena que no hayan sacado provecho de su personaje pero si insistieron con la insipidez de Lea Seydoux.

  • You really get the idea that these trainers really have no idea what the fuck they’re actually doing. “Here, run around and do stupid shit to get your heart rate up and not build any hypertrophy, now pay me $10k”

  • Good video, thanks. I have 2 months doing the routine of Daniel Craig, it is excellent I have seen good results I have increased my muscles and endurance, there are very strong Mondays and Fridays, I do the 6 exercises at the same time in circuit and rest 4 minutes.

  • this was truly one of the best bond movie ever created, it was crafted out of a different class of bond character, not the the same old same trick gaget / villian destroying the world with a crackpot weapon, adrenaline and excitement came from the athleticism of bond, just think the high point center on a CARD game, ingenious,

  • My beautiful 007

    MY beautiful divine masculine soul collecTor 4 ancient sacred divine feminine goddess high galactic divine feminine gangsta maffia goddess of love Christ consciousness alignment mutha fuckers!

  • Most People don’t Unterstand, Casino Royal is the Origin of James Bond, He is just about to define bis favorite drink, as shaken Not Stirred

  • Daniel Craig is the best bond yet because his movies highlight the true dangers of his work. This isn’t your fun campy 60s bond. This bond deals with actual grounded criminals who have no remorse for human life unlike the campy bond villain who wants to shoot a laser through the center of the earth. This line by Daniel Craig + his delivery perfectly represent the transition from his predecessors. This james bond doesn’t halt the mission by hooking up with some chick or sitting down to drink a vodka martini. Everything he does is related to the mission and mission only. So when those old school fans asked for classic james bond tropes, Marc Campbell decided to make it all about the character and his core by showing you the importance of the mission and making james bond himself answer those deluded fans. This is a new james bond and he has no time for old tropes and silly games. The best.

  • Daniel Craig is more intriguing before he becomes a pin-up, like most men. I did take note of the diet percentages, however. Going to the gym five times a week takes time, money, and a trainer. Sexiness remains in the intellect, however, and Sean Connery emanated more of both.

  • True fact. This was the reason he said yes to the role when he read the script and saw it wasn’t the classic cliche “shaken not stirred” like the rest of the film franchise.

  • At first I thought it was cool having him poke some fun at the others Bonds being princesses about their taste in Martinis just like Lazenby did with Connery but then I realized he basically lost his cool in this scene, lashing out on a poor random guy for no reason.

    This is truly the first Bond film, he’s much more savage in the beginning of his career.

  • Although I don’t know much about JB, I believe that this is a very well written scene of the scenario, since Casino Royal is supposed to be a prequel in general. Before this scene there was several other drink orders so we can easily conclude that the famous Vodka-Martini became his favourite drink right after this moment…

  • Here’s a hint for you: If you order a Vodka Martini and the barkeeper seriously asks back “Shaken or Stirred?”, then leave. That guy doesn’t have the slightest idea about his job. No barkeeper with even just basic knowledge of drinks would ever consider shaking a Vodka Martini. That’s what makes Bond’s trademark order so original!
    Then again, this guy here had to say it to give Craig an excuse to say something that makes real Bond fans cringe…

  • OMG daniel craig is the only james bond that doesnt care if its shaken or stirred. watch the other bond movies, they all like “vodka martini shaken not stirred”

  • Which I’m sure you’ve noticed is evident in the very tight, super trim “all business” cut of his suits, very different from the relaxed fit of Brosnan’s “Yeah, I’m Bond, what of it? I’d be just as awesome if I wasn’t 007” suits and character.

  • Daniel Criag is the first Bond that brought ripped physique in the Bond movie franchise and is my most favourite among the other Bonds. Thanks a bunch! ������

  • @advanced21 Pretty nice insight. I think him in the three-piece suit and the usage of the ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond.’ line are the real instances of his entry into being that professional 007 we’ve known over the years.

  • i laughed in the theater when he picked up the knife. he is such a stone-cold killer, it’s like: plan didn’t work? just kill EVERYONE

  • this scene is great, this bond breaks the rule of the vodka martini, everybody expected him to say the common line like all other bond lines and he comes up with this!!!

  • God entered into my body, like a body, the same size. then God started attacking me. ripping my face, shooting into mouth gum disease. jesus appear and laugh

  • Question: Is this good for chest?
    4 sets of flat bench press
    3 sets on incline dumbbell press
    3 sets of dips
    3 sets of pec deck with drop set

  • @SmokiSounds I’ve messaged you, but, also, in response to Kurylenko, her relationship with Bond is a strong element of the development of Bond. I love the last scene where they kiss. It’s reminscent of the final of the Moonraker novel.

  • @SmokiSounds Instead of respond to you here, I’ll send you my response, seeing, as it’s too long to fit into the restricted amount of characters. I will comment though, that the “retarded looking villain” is actually a realistic villain. Sorry he doesn’t have a white cat or steel teeth. The filmmakers purposely made Amalric look “normal” to symbolize the hidden evils in society. There is a lot of symbolic imagery in QOS that obviously you didn’t pick up.

  • @SmokiSounds Wow! QOS was not cliche at all, if anything, it had more artistic and emotional depth then any previous Bond film. The Brosnan era was cliche. It was a bland, unimaginative, box-ticking era with a shit lead. Ignorant.

  • @carlyle101 Fucking hell. No he doesn’t! I wish people would stop saying “Oh, Craig is like the literal character” because it’s plain wrong! The closest we ever got to the literal translation of the character was Lazenby and Dalton respectively. Lazenby was the earlier literal character, while Dalton was the more cynical, brooding, latter literal character. Stop fooling yourself people. Craig might be fantastic and take a shit of Brosnan, but, he isn’t the literal character, not even close.

  • Well as a basic viewer I can’t really judge which one is better and it’s also meaningless l to do that, wut I feel is the originally that a bit yellow and warm color style reduce the contrast and make the casino serene more grand and elegant, while your adjustment have made it more incline to fresh at a lovely French countryside yard, I am not saying it is bad or sth, but it just feels a bit betrayal to the whole elegance of this movie style, cuz warm and cold color style did make a lot difference and feeling at this movie

  • i liked it because it showes that james bond is a human like you and i
    the he is aggresive and nervous
    but a good agent that he do everything to do the job

    and at the situation it wouldn’t work great when he cames and says shaken not stirred totaly relaxed

  • Anyone who actually lifts knows the whole idea of doing “actor” workouts is so dumb. This workout has literally nothing to do with james bond or daniel craig, it’s just a normal bro workout. All that aside, you guys have an alright channel.

  • I would say that Craig is a real Bond, if you’ve read the books from Ian Fleming. He isn’t using all those sneaky gadgets like Brosnan or the others.
    But Sean Connery is also a nice Bond, just because he is a great actor.
    Brosnan is just someone who is playing Bond because they couldn’t find a better Bond meanwhile..

  • The video’s great as always, but the best part is that thumbnailit’s like, “who’s the scrawny guy in the middle? Forget that guy’s workout, what are the BUFF DUDES doing?” Thankfully there’s a whole YouTube channel for those insights! ��

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  • The drink James Bond just concocted was invented by Ian Fleming for the novel Casino Royale and he named it the Vesper Martini.

  • How these guys can do these exercises and still talk coherently to the viewer is just…wow. That has to be hard as hell. Respect.

  • I am working to get the Daniel Craig body (wanted to get the Sean Connery body, but Daniel Craig is a close up) I am doing well so far.

  • É engraçado ele parecer mais jovem aos 40 do que aos 30. Um estilo de vida saudavel faz mesmo toda a diferença. Enfim, grande Craig, meu ator preferido ever

  • This is not a colour correct. If you believe it is, then I think you need to learn some more.
    Why is everything so blue now? Anything white is now this ugly blue… Yes it was quite a warm white, but it is a warm room!
    This is not respectful to the film-makers at all.