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Save Yourself – The Link Between Health, Vitamin D and Viruses

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Vitamin D and immunity

Video taken from the channel: Dr. John Campbell

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a number of critical roles in your body. This nutrient is especially important for immune system health, leaving many people wondering whether. READ THE ARTICLE HERE! Find out how to keep yourself. Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and can stimulate the release of antimicrobial proteins that kill viruses and bacteria. One of the main functions of vitamin D is to help activate T cells, aka the “killer cells” in the body.

T cells actually detect and destroy foreign pathogens like viruses. “That makes vitamin D. If you’re looking for ways to protect yourself against the coronavirus, new research suggests that getting plenty of vitamin D might help. Two new studies linked vitamin D deficiency with coronavirus risks, suggesting that not having enough of the nutrient could mean people are more likely to experience serious complications if they are infected.

People with lower levels of vitamin D seem less able to make a protein called cathelicidin, which helps destroy the outside membrane or envelope of bacterias and viruses. “It just punches holes in. A study from the U.K. looked at the nearly 450 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and did not find a link between vitamin D vitamin D is “essential for good health yourself to the sun for. 9 vitamin d benefits you need to know, according to nutritionists, including how to get more vitamin D in your diet and daily regimen.

Bone health is only reason to get more of the vitamin. Experts say healthy blood levels of vitamin D may give people with COVID-19 a survival advantage by helping them avoid cytokine storm, when the immune system overreacts and attacks your body’s own. “These results could have a major impact on our health system and also support efforts to fortify foods with vitamin D, especially in populations with high levels of vitamin D deficiency.” The study was funded by a grant from the National Institute of Health Research (U.K.).

List of related literature:

Vitamin D makes for a well-functioning immune system, so could extra amounts of it in our diet actually prevent the flu entirely?

“Influenza: The Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History” by Jeremy Brown
from Influenza: The Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History
by Jeremy Brown
Atria Books, 2019

We also know that vitamin C reduces infection and the symptoms of other viral infections, including mumps, herpes, measles, and flu.

“Intelligent Medicine” by Ronald L. Hoffman
from Intelligent Medicine
by Ronald L. Hoffman
Touchstone, 1997

He pointed out that we should give the vitamins just as the cold symptoms start and not before the virus drops.

“Cold Wars: The Fight Against the Common Cold” by David Arthur John Tyrrell, Michael Fielder
from Cold Wars: The Fight Against the Common Cold
by David Arthur John Tyrrell, Michael Fielder
Oxford University Press, 2002

A recent study reported that indivi​duals with low vitamin D status had a higher risk of viral respiratory tract infections (Sabetta et al., 2010).

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
from Present Knowledge in Nutrition
by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
Wiley, 2012

These authors were simply wrong: science repeatedly demonstrates vitamin C is indeed an effective antiviral.

“Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works” by Andrew W. Saul
from Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works
by Andrew W. Saul
Basic Health Publications, 2003

“Most of Us Need Supplemental Vitamin D.” Mercola Newsletter.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life” by Nora Gedgaudas
from Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life
by Nora Gedgaudas
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2011

Given the recent studies linking vitamin D sufficiency to reduced HIV progression and mother-to-child transmission [50,51] further work regarding links between VDR polymorphisms and HIV appears warranted.

“Vitamin D: Two-Volume Set” by David Feldman, J. Wesley Pike, John S. Adams
from Vitamin D: Two-Volume Set
by David Feldman, J. Wesley Pike, John S. Adams
Elsevier Science, 2011

However, if you do things that strengthen your immune system, such as eating a lot of green vegetables, taking vitamins, avoiding toxins, and exercising, your body will be better equipped to fight off viruses and you will get sick less often.

“20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction” by Christine Hassler
from 20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction
by Christine Hassler
New World Library, 2010

It is not unlikely that part of the effectiveness of vitamin C against the common cold, influenza, and other viral diseases can be attributed to this strengthening effect, and in this way preventing or hindering the motion of the virus particles through the tissues and into the cells.

“Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future” by David Wolfe
from Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
by David Wolfe
North Atlantic Books, 2009

Whether a study points to the benefits or potential downside to vitamin D, I’m not suggesting that these studies are necessarily wrong or flawed, though some of them might be.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
from The End of Illness
by David B. Agus
Free Press, 2012

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  • Why the scientific community “can’t” see the facts as you discerned is because they make their money for research and the like primarily from pharmaceutical companies, who can’t make any money from OTC supplements! Same reason they don’t acknowledge the huge benefits to diabetics of intermittent fasting and low carb diets! The same reason they’re still pushing statins for preventing cardiac deaths!

  • This is a recent upload of a video by Dr Mahtani: Dr Mahtani posted it last 11 February 2020, when the novel coronavirus was making its deadly way out of China, and it went viral. But it keeps getting taken off YouTube for some violation of other. Thankfully, someone or other somehow uploads a copy… until that is taken down as well. Only now is the world catching up. Now a video from Dr. JoAnn E. Manson, professor at Harvard school of medicine, cites the compelling evidence Vit D status is important in covid-19 prevention and treatment But I still want to know why Dr Mahtani is being harassed in this way.

  • The evidence is clear, Vitamin D deficiency is killing people with ARDS brought upon by COVID-19. Countries with high mortality rates, specifically Northern Italy and Spain, people have low vitamin D levels due to their high carb, low animal fat diet. Countries like Norway, Finland, Korea, Japan had low fatality rates because their high fatty fish diets. If you are not convinced, here are data points.

    Dozens of studies past 20 years that link ARDs with Vitamin D deficiency.

    Many overweight/obese people have severe Vitamin D deficiency because their body fat obsorbs Vitamin D

    Death spiked during winter when people produce less vitamin D because of low sun levels

    Older people have degraded ability to produce vitamin D and usually are very deficient and if they are not mobile, they stay indoors.

    Darker skin people in northern latitudes have had high fatality rates… dark skin prohibits Vitamin D production

    Vitamin D deficiency is why the Vikings were able to conquer Europe 1000 years ago. They had a custom of eating dried cod and drank cod liver oil during winter. Rest of Europe had rickets, bone disease and all kinds of sicknesses and when the Vikings invaded in the Winter, most of them couldn’t even fight. Lesson here is if you are at risk take vitamin D supplements, fish liver oil, eat plenty of salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring. Also get some sunlight! It’s unfortunate that we are telling people to stay home… they need to go out and get sunglight!

  • Please comment on this
    2020 May 7;14(4):561-565. doi: 10.1016/j.dsx.2020.04.050. Online ahead of print.

    Vitamin D Concentrations and COVID-19 Infection in UK Biobank

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  • ► You must prepare yourself physically to endure “the post-nuclear war”. War which in truth evokes “inflammation of the nucleus”, in other words a profound transformation of the genome inside the nucleus of the cell. This “inflammation of the cell nucleus” will be revealed during the era of metamorphosis, that is to say during the whole time that the transition of our world lasts: in the media, this is what they call the Coronavirus or Covid19 or “the PANDEMIC” which intensifies with inflammatory symptoms which multiply… ������
    Search ant DIETER BROERS work and Schumann Resonance effect

  • Coronavirus inflammation is causing problems with a lack of smell which is a better predictor of having the infection than a fever. This is hard to believe but true. Blood clotting and skin inflammation are also indicative of a zinc deficiency and now the main source of zinc in the US, red meat, is dwindling due to a supply chain problem. Well, seafood is one of the best sources of zinc and many other essential minerals as well. Got Fish? No? Well go get some!

  • I am learning how uncaring and incompetent both my GP and former Lung Specialist is/was
    Another wonderful site on YouTube is MED CRAM with Dr Seheult and his team and their web site MEDCRAM.COM
    You need to be proactive about your health care if you are not wealthy and can afford premium care…. I exist on only a government pension and supplement BUT all my vaccinations are current and I AM STAYING SAFE AT HOME!

  • When did you start with the ads? All kinds of them touting various “medicines” with disclaimers that none of them are approved by the FDA. Good thing they can be skipped or you would likely lose a lot of viewers.

  • NETSURF NATURAMORE Immune Plus (Giloy+Amla+Garlic+Tulsi+Kantakari+Shunthi+Curcumi)

    (60 Capsules)

  • Make sure you take vitamin D with magnesium.

  • D effects the Gene’s in the DNA in such a way that make defense cells much more resilient to invading bugs. So does Carnivore from the venus fly trap plant that you can order at

  • So now we have just had the statement from the UK NICE etc that Vitamin D is of no use (or very little use). Not actually sure what reports they are reading or studying, they are still going on about Vitamin D and Bone Health. They could have done something useful but clearly that is not the case, never been that impressed by them anyway

  • And basically, the logic of the WHO to stay in doors, lacking our exposure to the sun and natural Vitamin D has basically poured fuel onto the fire why people in the UK are dying from this.

  • Vitamin D is not a prescribed DRUG. Doctors rarely tell you to take a supplement. There is no MONEY in it for Pharma. Money is the name of the game. Do the research on Vitamin D it is all there on how it helps the cells fight off CVD-19..

  • How about replacing flu jabs with a better balanced diet and vitamin D instead, what is
    Lung parenchyma.
    Also check out what this guys research has found,

  • The committee on nutrition is concerned with minimum-for-health levels. In other words, how to recognise a risk of malnutrition. The best-possible levels are naturally much higher. The numbers don’t conflict; the aims of the groups were different.

  • During the 1918 flu infection people were treated in the open sunlight and that has killed the flu infection faster, do some research and than me later. Putting covid-19 patients in closed AC rooms will make matter worse. Sweating profusely will bring the flu out naturally.

  • Can u tell me what should ur lymphocytes should show on blood tests please I got mean done other day and it shows. 1.40 is this good or bad

  • This article highlights lower vitamin d among overweight/obese people, which is very interesting.

  • On YouTube most of videos and Nutritionist showing vitamin C is a immune booster that’s why I see most people consuming Limcee Tablet 500mg / 1000mg But Palak Aap kuch aur hi Keh rahi hai
    I am confused

  • It makes perfect sense that as we moved from being roaming hunter-gatherers to farmers toiling in the fields all day long, then to our modern day ‘service’ economy based predominantly indoors in factories, warehouses, offices and vehicles, that we’ve lost our required levels of vitamin D as a species. There is a common saying here in the UK that farmers rarely get sick because they spend so much time outdoors many of them don’t even needs coats in winter!

  • It is not because of v.D, it is because of Estrogen, that one inhibits IL-6 (IL-6 is the killer in COVID-19 spawned cytokine storm).
    D only helps to convert testosterone, if not defecient, into estrogen, and that takes weeks if not months.
    So solution is Estrogen (plus heparin).

  • I would like you to check the dr berg last video talking about a study during the corona virus which a study has been done on vitamin d and corona virus shows that 99% of the infected deficient people has died and only 4% died in the people who has good levels of vitamin d

  • Please check out the work of Dr. Jeff Gusky on Covid-19 transmission. He has come to the same conclusion as Dr. Campbell re: vitamin D, as well.

  • Why doesn’t the government in their daily Coronavirus briefing, tell people about vitamin D, instead of talking absolute nonsense.

  • Almost every cell in your body has a VDR, that itself must tell you how important Vitamin D is. Don’t sell yourself short. Get optimal levels of Vitamin D not survival levels. 30 minutes in the sun without your shirt is the best! Between 10 am to 2 pm. Look at the stats for Hawaii… it has the lowest death/1 M population in US.

  • My initial Vitamin D level was 16ng/dl after. Taking 60,000 iu per week for 3 months got me to 88ng/dl �� happy..!
    Now i only take 60k pills once in 14 days..
    Hope that’s proper, am bit hesitant to dose up but is there anyone here doing more than i am and doing fine??

  • I believe most UK citizens (and northern Europeans) lack Vitamin D. That’s why they/we are often miserable gits. We wake up and cover our bodies with clothes then we go and work in a shaded building and do not come home till it is dark. Around twelve years ago I had a random blood screening and quite by chance found out that I was severely lacking in Vitamin D. My ratio was 12 where a normal person is 70+. I was prescribed high does Vit D tablets. After five weeks of taking these tablets, one morning I woke up and felt like a dark vail (a depression) had been lifted from my face and being. The first thing I said that morning was “wow is this how normal people feel”. I regained my mojo and the spring in my step. Not having enough Vit D in the body causes a knock-on effect inhibiting the adsorption of other vital minerals and enzymes in the body, consequently over time causing a variety of illnesses. I believe I have been deficient in Vit D all my life adult life and was not aware of this. Furthermore, I believe this was the cause of my depression and low moods at times. Taking vitamin D dramatically changed my life. These days I make sure I take my Vit D multi Vits and minerals. I also periodically have sunbeds. I now feel like a different person compared to how I felt in my twenties and thirties. The NHS should prescribe Vit D and sunbeds for the population of this country as standard. I am convinced this would prevent a variety of illness of the population and save the NHS money in the long term. Moreover, notice how folk that live nearer the equator are just happier people, even if they are poor, they smile and have a zest for life that we Europeans do not seem to have.

  • I have been taking vit D for muscle pain and bone health for 7 years. I sent my Mum the higher dose and vitamin c. She has recovered from a cough recently….it is important

  • My recent podcast about the benefits of it D3 & K2, K2mk7 is essential for D3 to work more effectively.

  • Everyone that is talking about risk factors for COVID-19 like Type 2 Diabetes do not mention if the diabetes was under control or not. I have type 2 diabetes and lupus with an A1C of 6.7. Obviously I am doing everything I can to stay inside and have very limited contact with friends (family members are either dead or far away). But every time they mention that I am in a high risk group for COVID-19 I wonder if I would survive the disease. I am very active (meaning I walk 45 minutes or bike 17 to 20 miles most days) but 58 years old, overweight and my diet is not the best since I don’t cook and there are no healthy restaurants around me for take out. I guess when I get the disease I will know (notice I say when and not if based on how things are going in the US).

  • What are people’s opinion of Vitamin C. I have been taking Vitamin D supplements but not sure if it’s worth also topping up on Vitamin C too.

  • So what you are actually saying is “Drink your milk go out and play ball in the sun and if you hold your nose closed you may be able to swallow a spoon full of cod liver oil”

  • Elders are similarly D deficient in percentages of 70 to 90%.
    92% of all Americans are deficient in at least one critical micro nutrient.
    The shocking facts are mostly unknown thanks to our inexplicably uninforming agencies.

  • Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook.

  • Vit D is an important moderator of immune response and inflammation as a result of out-of-control immune activity is a leading cause of death and organ damage by COVID19. Mega doses won’t help more, you just don’t want to be deficient.

  • In the US, doctors tell patients that taking vitamins and supplements are a waste of time and $.
    My own cardiologist, who graduated first in his medical school class, told me to stop taking Co-Q-10. It is medically unnecessary. I read and make my own decisions about my health.

  • I had suspected Covid 3 months ago and still getting fatigue, runny/blocked nose, sore throat, and insomnia. 2 weeks ago I found out that I was severely deficient in Vitamin D. Hope it’s not too late for me.

  • Thank you, I would never miss a chance to hear more about vit D. During cold months (oct19-feb20) I was taking 12000ui and my blood level was 68ng/mL. In March 20 I decreased to 8000UI and now the level dropped to 45ng/mL. I had blood test done on 22 July after a whole week at the lake in the sun. I am now back to 12000UI. Is it possible that woman with osteoporosis needs more vit D than others? Also I have read that vit D increases absorption of calcium and it is important that it is taken with vit K2mk7. I have read a lot of advice that these 2 vit should always be taken together. What is your opinion on that? ��

  • This is association but not causation. It is fine to take Vitamin D in moderation since the risks of taking it is so low. But there aren’t great studies providing definitive evidence that vitamin D works.

  • BIG PHARMA’S AGENDA IS BEING THREATENED. They make most of their money from vaccines, that the main reason THEY DELIBERATELY PLAY DOWN THESE THINGS..Zinc is also effective. they are criminals because they demonize -not only the use of Zinc, VitC And Vit D for Covid19 but a proven and safe treatment such as Hydroxychloroquine, proven to have positive results already. India is selling this to 120 countries cuz there is, all of a sudden, a massive demand for it due to it effectiveness in treating the Covic19. these alternatives threatens their agenda of making a vaccine which will make them a fortune. They are committing crimes against humanity.I stand by this. It’s what they don’t tell you that is killing all a distraction to get us looking at them for solutions.

  • It’s a matter of time but somebody will publish an article discussing the question if, given the absence of a vaccine, it would not be best to get everybody infected in summer, while we have high vit D.

  • Yup. Most sick I ever was (2 months straight) I was a combo of being very vitamin D deficient, anemic, and protein deficient. Since I started supplementing vitamin D, fixed my anemia, and started eating more protein I rarely get sick, get less sick when I do, and tend not to get secondary complications like upper respiratory infections like I almost always used to. (Btw that 2 month flu I got was after over a year of taking up regular exercise and prioritizing sleep, so although those are extremely important, you can do those right things and still get really sick if you have deficiencies).

  • I believe you are correct. My wife is a nurse and I am 65, diabetic and have a heart condition. My wife was recently diagnosed with Corona virus, I thought my time was up as we share a small house food etc. That was three weeks ago and she is back at work. I have had no problens or signs of the virus, the only thing I can think of that protected me was the vitamin D tablets I’ve been taking for three years.

  • Dosage is critical, and some studies have shown that doses over 2000 cause worse outcomes. Bolus doses are shown to actually be negative, and not just ineffective. I’m going from memory of studies I saw, but it seems that many people suggest pretty high does of around 5000, which are not toxic, but still seem questionable. I don’t have the final answer, and I’m hoping to find out more in these types of videos.

  • Articles sad that, vitamin D is unnecessary they are useless papers. Because historically we nearly always exposure sunlight. But now we are completely isolated ourselves from sunlight. That’s why i think our vit D levels should be higher.

  • I have COPD, Crohns, and arthritis, I take hydroxychloroquine for RA, my regime of meds and supplements are 2x200mg hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D, C and B12, Quercetin, NAC. I hope this combination will provide me some resistance or atleast minimise symptoms. What is your opinion?

  • Story at-a-glance

    Research shows COVID-19 patients with a vitamin D level between 20 ng/mL (50 nmol/L) and 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L) had a sevenfold higher risk of death than those with a level above 30 ng/mL
    Having a vitamin D level below 20 ng/mL was associated with a 12 times higher risk of death from COVID-19
    Other research suggests your risk of developing and dying from COVID-19 virtually disappears once your vitamin D level gets above 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L). To ignore this seems foolish in the extreme, especially since vitamin D supplementation is both safe and inexpensive
    Other nutrient deficiencies may be at play if you’re having a hard time improving your vitamin D level. One of them is magnesium, which is required for the conversion of vitamin D into its active form
    Recent research shows you need 244% more oral vitamin D if you’re not also taking magnesium and vitamin K2

    Dr. Ken Redcross is an internal medicine physician with a concierge practice in New York. He wrote the book “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor,” and in this interview, he shares his views on the prevention of COVID-19 through natural means.

    “My specialty is the patient/doctor bond and relationship,” he says. “That leads to house calls. That leads to making sure that the patient has access to me 24/7 and that’s the way I think it should be. Patients should feel like a doctor is a member of their family and so that’s what I do …

    It’s about four things: Trust, respect, empathy and communication. If you give that to each patient you’re blessed enough to touch, then things tend to go well … My career has spanned over two decades now and, obviously, I’ve never seen anything like this [pandemic]. A big part of my practice are house calls.

    So now, I am literally making house calls to patients who have COVID-19 and, quite honestly, especially early on, belonged in the hospital, but there was no room here in New York … I’m really, truly in the epicenter [of the epidemic in New York].”

    Redcross works with a very diverse group of patients, including Blacks, who are most adversely affected with vitamin D deficiency. Statistics have shown that the African-American community is also disproportionately at risk for severe COVID-19, and vitamin D deficiency may in fact be at the heart of this disparity.

    I believe getting the word out to all communities, and especially the Black community, that vitamin D is essential for health and vital in the fight against this virus, and Redcross agrees.

    Research suggests your risk of developing and dying from COVID-19 virtually disappears once your vitamin D level gets above 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L). To ignore this seems foolish in the extreme, especially since vitamin D supplementation is both safe and inexpensive.

    While this isn’t the reality for all, diet and income are factors that should be taken into consideration when addressing the health needs of the Black community. Aside from vitamin D deficiency, insulin resistance is one of the primary risk factors for severe COVID-19 infection and death, as discussed in “The Real Pandemic Is Insulin Resistance.”

    Vitamin D, on the other hand, is something that can strengthen your immune system in a matter of a few weeks. Dosing is an important factor, however, when you’re taking an oral vitamin D supplement. It needs to be high enough.

    The ideal way to optimize your level is to get sensible sun exposure, but if you’re dark-skinned, you may need upward of 1.5 hours of sun a day in order to maximize conversion of vitamin D in your skin. Many don’t have the luxury of that much time.

    “Five thousand IUs [of oral vitamin D] is that magic number for me,” Redcross says. “I cringe when I go over the counter and see 1,000 and 2,000 because it’s not enough to get to those optimal levels.

    If I put on my Western medicine hat, when you look at the parameters it’ll say that the vitamin D level should be 30 ng/mL. But if I put on the better Eastern medicine hat, which is the truer hat, we get to that 40 to 60 ng/mL range …

    No matter what, I’m always talking about 5,000 [IUs of vitamin D], because when [they take] 5,000 IUs, and I get lab testing after that, it tends to be in that optimal range of 40 to 60 ng/mL. That’s the sweet spot where I feel like everything is better clinically.”

    Indeed, it’s important to realize that when health authorities caution against exceeding a vitamin D dose of 4,000 IUs, their recommendation is based on the dosage required to prevent rickets. It has nothing to do with the dosage required to support immune function and prevent other chronic diseases.

    Many of his patients tend to have vitamin D levels around 20 ng/mL at baseline. Very few have sufficient levels, especially among the elderly. In addition to his regular concierge practice, Redcross also offers affordable health care at a local assisted living facility, where he advocates for vitamin D optimization.

    As it pertains to COVID-19, researchers in Indonesia, who looked at data from 780 COVID-19 patients, found1 those with a vitamin D level between 21 ng/mL (50 nmol/L) and 29 ng/mL (75 nmol/L) had a 12.55 times higher risk of death than those with a level above 30 ng/mL. Having a level below 20 ng/mL was associated with a 19.12 times higher risk of death.

    Other research2,3 suggests your risk of developing a severe case of, and dying from, COVID-19 virtually disappears once your vitamin D level gets above 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L). To ignore this seems foolish in the extreme, especially since vitamin D supplementation is both safe and inexpensive.

    The Role of Magnesium and Vitamin K2

    Importantly, other nutrient deficiencies may be at play if you’re having a hard time improving your vitamin D level. One of them is magnesium, which is required for the conversion of vitamin D into its active form. Without sufficient amounts of magnesium, your body cannot properly utilize the vitamin D you’re taking.4,5,6,7

    According to a scientific review8,9 published in 2018, as many as 50% of Americans taking vitamin D supplements may not get significant benefit as the vitamin D simply gets stored in its inactive form, and the reason for this is because they have insufficient magnesium levels.

    Research10 published in 2013 also highlighted this issue, concluding that higher magnesium intake helps reduce your risk of vitamin D deficiency by activating more of it.

    Another cofactor is vitamin K2, as it helps prevent complications associated with excessive calcification in your arteries. In fact, relative vitamin K2 deficiency is typically what produces symptoms of “vitamin D toxicity.”

    Research by GrassrootsHealth, based on data from nearly 3,000 individuals, reveals you need 244% more oral vitamin D if you’re not also taking magnesium and vitamin K2.11 What this means in practical terms is that if you take all three supplements in combination, you need far less oral vitamin D in order to achieve a healthy vitamin D level. Redcross notes:

    “I absolutely love magnesium, for so many reasons. I’ll tell you a quick story. I trained in Columbia Presbyterian in New York many moons ago. As a resident, I had an intern who was treating to replete a patient’s potassium. No matter what, it remained low.

    I asked the intern, ‘Did you also supplement with magnesium at the same time?’ When the intern did that, magically the potassium came back up. That was because magnesium is a vital cofactor. So, even back then, we understood how important magnesium was. And it’s even more important for vitamin D to get to its active state …

    So, magnesium is a big important thing. That’s what I tell patients — that every vitamin D is not created equal. I like to make sure that it has a cofactor like magnesium in there, which is necessary for energy and so much more. It’s in almost every cell that we have.

    My magnesium of preference is magnesium bisglycinate. I like it because it’s got great bioavailability. It tends to be easier for patients to take. I don’t get too many calls about GI upset or anything. So, it tends to work for them. That’s the magnesium that I like to start with.”

    “So, whenever I’m doing any of this stuff in the media, it’s important that people leave inspired and happier than they were when I first got there. I think everyone’s ready to hear a positive message. When you turn on the TV, unfortunately everything is negative … I don’t believe in negativity. And even when you talk about disease, I really feel it’s more dis-ease than an actual disease and a label.

    I think the thing that’s important here is that we are talking about something like vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important, and guess what, your body makes it naturally … It’s really a pro-hormone, and that’s a pretty big deal … So, make sure you’re going out and getting tested, and getting tested regularly to make sure that that’s a part of your everyday habit and behavior to stay healthy and whole.”

  • Hi Mark this is completely unrelated to your post but you had a hip hop band which you used to like in one of your old videos and I’ve searched for days to fund it. Verry difficult but the lyrics are something like this lyrics “because we dont ride like them, simple minds we dont simplify like them” I hope that helps. You would know.

  • Good video. For more information on exactly how the Immune system is modified by vitamin D in COVID-19 I suggest the following video.

  • Im a gardener so out in the day light 7 8 hrs a day and have high levels of vitamin D.
    I do worry about in door workers. I think all in door workers should go outside on their lunch breaks to get some sunlight.

  • There’s NEVER been a working flu vaccine, they’ve never guessed the right strain of flu. If you get a flu shot your more likely to get the flu.

  • Have you seen this protocol from EVMS? I feel it is pretty smart and gives people a direction on treatment before, during and after. I might just add NAC to the symptomatic treatment

  • Check your Vitamin D levels for only $39

    Heal leaky gut

  • In UK we have a huge disiparacy between BLACK and BROWN SKINNED people who get many, many time more corvin19 disease than the white skinned people, They get no UVB in the northern latitudes. Hence no vitamin D. NHS staff in direct contact are falling fast. They need supplements. We are told that it is dangerous to take D and sunlight is bad, purposefully done to allow the virus attack for political reasons.

  • Funny 2 White House staffers got coronavirus and they’ve been getting 6 hours of vitamin D with those long ass briefings on the front lawns of these venues. 2 I love how Fox News last week was praising Fauci for his work. The guy gives his honest opinion yesterday and last night they talk this �� and kicked his back in with statements calling for his replacement. Why bc he’s doesn’t cave to the pressure of the White house.

  • Hey Marc coach had me on 5000 iu for body building, last year I’ve been only been having 1000iu. Is going back to 5000iu a good idea for muscle growth and can I stay on that high indefinitely? No health impacts long term?

  • I see where he’s going with how many deaths there are from the flu in a year. Covid-19 is doing that in less than 6 months. I guarantee Lobliner watches brainwashing Fox News. I do not watch CNN nor fake Fox News. Please open the gyms so that this can spread faster and more people die right Marc? Get that population control. Had a coworker out of work for over two weeks because he had Corona. Other countries are opening up and the virus continues to spread. People in quarantine are getting it right Marc? Are they really mitigating their movements and sanitizing all their mail and Amazon packages?

  • Can i take ashwagandha 500mg and vitamin d3 5000iu at the same time daily?? My vitamin d3 result is 10.52 insufficiency. Please let me know thank you.

  • Great seeing COMMON SENSE. SOLUTION ALREADY BEING USED BY A LIMITED #. Now, go to triple W nutri medical dot com
    for the most powerful anti viral/ anti pathogenic on earth. See First line of defence kit. Take it and live. Take NO VACCINE.

  • I started taking 4000iu of Vit D3 6 months ago now in response to the Covid 19 ‘threat’ and since then I have experienced some significant spin off benefits from taking it. I used to have a very painful left knee joint from all the walking I do on a daily basis, which was progressively getting worse, especially when applying a sudden lateral load (right to left) on the inside of the left knee joint. Now it is massively improved since taking the Vit D3. Furthermore, about 18 months ago I developed quite a pronounced bone spur at the end of my right clavicle, at the interface with the top of the right shoulder joint, signifying some arthritis and inflammation in the joint (although it wasn’t painful or restricted in its movement). It was scanned and confirmed as such. But 6 months after taking the Vit D3, the bone spur has virtually disappeared, presumably due to reduced inflammation in my shoulder. So the anti inflammatory benefits of Vit D3 is also bringing about really positive improvements to various joint conditions. Well worth recognising I think.

  • I’m surprised YouTube is allowing this video and not censoring this good news. Their concerted push along with FB and the MSM is to destroy the economy to spite Donny. Sad world we live.

  • Doc, from America…Love your insight and advice…Thank you…YES…These Lives ALL Matter. Thank you for your kind words and mannerism.

  • Vitamin D3 is responsible for functioning more than 3000 genes in human body. Its role is way underrated.
    People suffering depression for years can get cured when reaching D3 levels 300-400 ng (nano grams) per ml (blood). Taking approximately 10000 IU per day (for a healthy person) lets keep D3 at a stable level (60-120 ng/ml). If you are ill you need much more than just 10000 IU per day to bring D3 level up (20000-50000 IU is not an exageration). With levels below 30 ng/ml serious deseases may occur (as below).
    In the 1970-ties medical books were officially saying that taking vitamin D3 in dosages 10 000 IU per kg of body mass for a certain, not long period of time (for a 100kg person it would be 1000000 IU, yes 1 million IU) doesn’t cause overdosing (if taken with A,E, K2-MK7 of course). But this is for people suffering cancer, deep depression, schizophrenia (yes, larger doses of D3 help here + some of the B group vitamins), autism, sclerosis multiplex, Alzheimer, autoimmune deseases etc.
    Along with vitamin D3 other fat soluble vitamins should be taken as already mentioned: A, E (E consists of 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols to be precise) and K2-MK7 which is very important (should be always taken with D3) and not many people have heard about it. K2 is responsible for calcium re-distribution (D3 frees up calcium and K2 takes it to bones and teeth, definitely good for osteoporosis and much more). Magnesium helps vitamin D3 to work properly (+ other minerals and vitamins).
    Sun in our longitude helps to produce vitamin D3 in our bodies (skin) only in the summer between 10:00 13:00. In the very morning and afternoon D3 production is very low let alone winter months.
    Solution? Solarium with so called UVB lamps.
    An example of dosage: 20000 IU vit. D3; 15000 IU vit.A; 400-500 mg of vit. E; 600 mg of vit K2-MK7.
    If you can find vit. A as a water micelle ( water dispersed) it would be the best. D3 water dispersed as part of your daily D3 dosage would be also a good thing.

    There are some materials on Youtube in polish about D3 and much, much more, unfortunately not translated to english (people like Hubert Czerniak or Jerzy Zieba talk about it for example).
    Jerzy Zieba’s book “Hidden Therapies. What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You” part 1 is available in english.

  • Thank you for this. I cannot understand why this information is not promoted by governments around the world, based on these figures the effect of taking vit D would be dramatic.

  • Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook.

  • What sucks is that places like Chicago is mostly winter October 1stJune 1st. All that time you can’t get any sun and it’s bitterly cold. It’s impossible to get year round sun here. Most people here are vitamin d deficient. Being deficient also causes depression and lots of sad people here.

    I noticed just taking one vacation south and getting some sun for a few days makes a huge difference. Ex. more energy and less depression

  • I started taking vitamin K2 capsules that also had Vitamin D3 in hopes of clearing some cholesterol deposits. I don’t know the status of my cholesterol plaques, but after about a month my debilitating arthritis no longer caused me any pain. Don’t know if it was the D3 or K2, but I will continue to take the supplements. It’s the most relief I’ve had from over ten years of crippling bone pain.

  • Almost every cell in your body has a VDR, that itself must tell you how important Vitamin D is. Don’t sell yourself short. Get optimal levels of Vitamin D not survival levels. 30 minutes in the sun without your shirt is the best! Between 10 am to 2 pm. Look at the stats for Hawaii… it has the lowest death/1 M population in US.

  • Vitamin D deficiency globally may be reason why we are seeing higher numbers of deaths.The food “stuff” we are buying I believe are stripped of all their nutrients especially with the contamination from GMO grown produce.There is absolutely no taste or smell to fruits and vegetables these days.

  • What I take from this is that vitamin D3 for illness in general is like wearing a bicycle helmet it wont prevent the accident or cure the injury, but it will help to minimise injury if you have an accident.

  • I have a question regarding vitamin D! How come animals living here in Scandinavia where there is not much sun, do not have a problem with vitamin D deficiency? Sure, they are out all year around, but the sun is not strong enough during the winter months and most of the year…

  • Thank you so much Dr Campbell for all of these fantastic videos. I stumbled across some of your biology vids as I’m studying nutrition and your videos are some of the best on Youtube. You have the unique ability to describe the most complex functions in the body in a concise and easy to understand way, and you speak slowly enough and pause so that there is time to take notes and absorb the information. Your vids on Covid 19 are also very helpful and up to date, please keep them coming. You’re a great teacher. Thanks again.


  • I saw in today’s news that the UK government has asked for a study about the role of vitamin D in respiratory infections, covid-19 in particular. Several months late! And “top scientists” are supposed to be advising. Totally exasperating.

  • Smart Dr,and honest. ❤️ that man!
    So many many people are saying it’s curing their depression as well. Do we take it with K2 because it’s not water soluble.?
    And if no gallbladder,OXBILE?

  • The correlation between Covid-19 was only found out about a week ago and is not causation so anyone being less careful about the precautions unnecessarily places themselves and people around them in unnecessary danger. Spending at least 15 minutes per day and taking vitamin supplements is, on the other hand, a wise precaution.

  • Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook.

  • My physician said Vitamin D increases the ACE-2 cells which is good to fight off many infections but NOT for Covid, which seeks these cells out to specifically attach to. He said taking Vitamin D increases chanced to have more Covid infection. Who is right?

  • What happened between the 1918 Flu and the previous Pandemic flu? Introduction of Electricity and Indoor lighting. People started spending a lot less time outside, dropping their Vitamin D levels.

  • My understanding is that Vitamin D deficiency is not simply correctable by supplementation with D2 or D3. This because those forms must be elaborated further by the liver and kidneys. And those enzymatic processes are suppressed by hyperinsulinemic conditions such as fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. So supplementation in the absence of appropriate dietary support is unlikely to correct deficiency.

  • Uneducated people laugh at me when I explain about the important relationship between VD and immune system (including young doctors), especially at those vegans.

  • Sunlight causes skin to produce Vitamin D. Dark skin (melanin) inhibits the production of Vitamin D. Northerners have longer winters and less exposure to direct sunlight. This results in less natural Vitamin D development, and have higher seasonal colds, flu’s, and lately, higher corona virus infection and morbidity rates. Even when they are in the sun, their skin is covered due to weather. There seems to be a correlation to corona virus and lack of sunlight and Vitamin D. Reduced levels of Vitamin D may also explain why the infection rate is higher in dark skinned people.

  • You sir were right on the money. Theres a positive statistical correlation between persons with vitamin D insuficense and death rate per country. Italy and France were among the countries with vitamin D deficiency and Africa is the richest in that. Also Norway, Denmark, Iceland eat fish, rich in vitamin D. Also theyre finding treatment that renforces T-Lymphocites. Its seems it
    we dont even need a vaccine at all!

  • YES! I work with dark skinned Mothers and think it is a form of racial health inequity that most prenatal vitamins only contain 400IU’s of D, and that black pregnant women are not routinely tested for vitamin D deficiency yet suffer from greater incidence of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, IUGR and prematurity which are all related to and impacted by vitamin D deficiency! WHY has this not been addressed by the American Academy of OB, with recommendations for testing all dark skinned prenatal women and giving higher doses of vitamin D supplementation as needed?!?!

  • Hi Dr Campbell:) I have had kidney stones in the past, my blood tests have shown vit D levels at 19, I was told it was low but also my blood calcium was a little above normal. Since covid and watching you’re videos I asked my GP about Vit D, he told me to take 400iu per day, my question is should i take more? But if I do will I have more chances of kidney stones forming? (my stones were calcium oxalate) Any advice would be great:)

  • It really bothers me that this information isn’t getting to darker skinned people in the US. They are dying at much higher rates and yet no one is telling them simple Vit D supplements might help lessen severity.

  • My Vitamin D must be coming from the food I eat, but not from any Dairy products. I may have enough of the D’s in my body, as I am usually prone to Bronchitis. I have not come down with Bronchitis in the last 4-5 years, and might be why I have not come down with Covid19, at least not yet.

  • So please post the peer reviewed study that shows this is actually effective against CoViD-19. Of course, there isn’t any study showing how effective this is against the Corona Virus Disease 2019. I accuse you of trying to profit from the pandemic. Shame on you.

  • Another consideration in supporting supplementation, even for those who Pooh Pooh vitamins:
    Vaccine average success rates of 60% are also likely benefited by optimal micronutrition and microbiome upon which much of immune response depends.

  • Can vitamin K activate and work with vitamin TD I literally have not the time to be outside I work inside so I need to find a way to get my vitamin D

  • Thanks for some logical comment in an illogical world in a country with two presidents (an acting president, plus a presidential actor). Vitamin D is obviously most important for everybody, but my question is the fact that prisoners are getting no sunshine or supplements, as well as labour in the mining industry. Should governments not be held responsible?
    As far as testing fot Sars2 is concerned, our conceited attitude as “intelligent” humans prevents us from summoning our fellow inhabitants of this planet for help. I’m most impressed with efforts in Chile for training sniffer dogs to identify cases with immediate results compared to days, or even weeks for often unreliable results from labs. This also removes the weakest (human) link in the chain of events. Mice are even more effective in this field they have been used for identifying cancer for some time now

  • umm about damn time…schools cut PE and the kids don’t drink milk? wtf? Can anyone handle the truth? Eat right, work out, hello? But the stupid medical “establishment” does NOTHING about it…just take a pill, get vaccinated, get chemo, get your body parts cut off…what a strategy, until there is a culture change nothing else will matter.

  • Who is JJ medicine and are they pharma owned or sponsored? Before you complain, I do use D3 all the time. Yet prove that authors that write about its effects are not pharma doctors or scientists.

    “Routine testing of vitamin D levels is not recommended. Why? Well, it costs money, and in most people, levels come right up to where you want them with sufficient sun, or supplementation. So, they figure what’s the point?

    But also because the test is not very good—results can be all over the place. What happens when you send a single sample to a thousand different labs around the world? You maybe expect a little variation, but not this. Results from the same sample ranged anywhere from less than 20 to over 100. So, depending on what lab your doctor sent your blood sample to, the results could have placed you here, or here; so, not necessarily very helpful.”

    “So, what’s a safe dose that will likely get us to the purported optimal level? 1,000 units a day should get most people up to the target 75 nmol/L (which is 30 ng/mL). But by most people, they mean 50%. To get around 85% of the population up to 75 would require 2,000 a day. 2,000 international units a day would shift the curve from here to here. That way, we can take the average person into the desired range without fear of toxicity. You can take too much vitamin D, but you don’t tend to see problems until blood levels get up around 250, which would take consistent daily doses in excess of 10,000.

    Note that if you’re overweight, you may want to take 3,000, or if obese, even more than that. If you’re over age 70, and not getting enough sun, it may take 3,500 units to get that same 85% chance of bumping your levels past the target. Again, no need for the average person to test and retest, since a few thousand a day should bring almost everyone up without risking toxicity.”

  • I saw this video when it first came out more than a month ago. Now there are a lot of news telling the connection between severe cases of COVID-19 and vitamin D deficiency.

  • Continuously says he has worked in several 3rd world countries, but does not disclose details. When, in what capacity, for how long in each country, which was the organisation, was he on leave from UK nursing etc?

  • Can we have a source on evidence that vitamin D can reduce cytokine storm? In talking to my brother who is a researcher at St Jude’s, he said there is great evidence that vitamin D can reduce chronic inflamation but the evidence for it reducing cytokine storms in particular is lacking. (incidentally he thinks 2000-4000 IU a day is still a very good idea as the risks of supplementation are extremely low and vitamin d deficiency is a wide-scale problem in the US)

  • Please tell me why Dr Renu Mahtani’s very informative video on the protective action of Vit D vs coronavirus keeps being taken off YouTube and every time I search for her video in order to share it with family or friends, this video by you keeps popping up on top of the search results instead.

  • Perhaps if Big Mamas started buy MILK instead of GRAPE DRINK for little Tyrone and L’Quawnda, this “racial disparity” would be eradicated?

    See, it really DOES come down to behavioral choices affecting your life.

  • The  D*calculator provides two options for increasing your vitamin D levels – a “Loading Dose” and a “Maintenance Dose” allowing users to choose how quickly they can get to their desired levels.

  • On Dr. John Campbell‘s channel there was a doctor who explained a rather important fact: Vitamin D is produced in the oils on your skin while getting sun and it takes 24 48 hours to then slowly go into the bloodstream. This means that if you sunbathe but then take a shower afterwards (using shower gel etc.), the Vitamin D goes down the drain instead of into your blood.
    I then read somewhere that there was a study from the 70s done in Hawaii in which they found that even many surfers there were Vit D deficient because they would go home and take a shower. So even if you live somewhere with lots of sun, you might want to take this into consideration…

  • I’ve heard and did a followup on this. It is viable and one that I have always wondered why it has never been introduced by the Medical Industry?

  • today i was prescribed 3 vitamin d2 pills 50.000 u once a week im starting methotrexate for r/a lupus im newly diagnosed my vit d was 12 supposed to be 30 hope my dr is correct

  • Hi, I do not have a medical back ground, but a basic understanding of nutrition I am a care home catering area manager, but I am really understanding this and finding it fascinating. I am trying to get our care home to get this prescribed for our residents. Thank you

  • Someone mentioned (Common Knowledge). 370 Million Americans do not have all the information one assumes they ( Should Know). Really, I know what I know and do not know what I do not know. How much of Vitamin D do ( I ) need? That depends on my Medical and human condition. I’m not a clone, Nor are you. Quite saying ” Everybody Knows). Everybody does not know, never has and never will.

  • Thank You..So hospitals have money incentives to use Ventilators and to kill people and say that every death is from Corona. This is legalized MURDER.. No one dies from anything else but Covid

  • I won’t go into details here, but have a look at vitamin K2 to go alongside D3. It can help in the regulation of distribution of calcium and possibly breaking up plaque that has formed in blood vessels.

  • Too bad kids stop school kids from going outside to play for recess and lunch anymore. And when they act up in school they are diagnosed as hyper active ADHD or given meds to calm down.

  • Almost every cell in your body has a VDR, that itself must tell you how important Vitamin D is. Don’t sell yourself short. Get optimal levels of Vitamin D not survival levels. 30 minutes in the sun without your shirt is the best! Between 10 am to 2 pm. Look at the stats for Hawaii… it has the lowest death/1 M population in US.

  • so many cynics on this thread. People have to take some responsibility for their own health, if they did there would be less reliance on big “pharma” companies,do they develop drugs just to make money, should it all be free, no, otherwise we would have no life saving drugs or vaccinations, we are lucky with our NHS, our responsibility is to look after ourselves as best we can. Thanks Dr John, have started to take Vit D. Think we will find it difficult to access bloods for serum levels if no symptoms of Vit D deficiency.

  • Dr Mobeen..,Im sorry to notice & point out something which I guess is quite disturbing in between, your otherwise a serious lecture…& that is your greeting/wecoming the students or Participants who are joining every now & then..or between your lecture..and your Welcoming seems to distract others who are listening to your serious it seems its part of your speech/ lecture…I find that quite disturbing & a unprofessional.Sir..Iguess you could wish All who are present beforeStRyng your lecture & Those who have joined later could always be greeted / welcomed during a pause/ or an interval….!Im really sorry for being so abrupt or Im often listening to your Lectures..But find this quite irritating.!
    Sorry once again

  • A Biosciences degree and a Pharmacy degree and I just listened to complete brilliance in teaching. I learned things here I did not know as comprehensively as I wished. But now those holes in my prior knowledge are fixed. Thankyou Dr. Subbed.

    As far as another video topic, I would like to hear your ideas on ACE2 the renin aldersterone pathway and the fact that ACE2 is ubiquitous on the single cell layer of vascular endothelium. And whether it is the presence of ACE2 on endothelial cells causing the vascular issues with COVID19 OR.. is COVID19 disrupting the coagulation cascade/platelet activation by tipping one or two coagulation factors off skew and then causing DIC.

  • Not producing skin pigments may have another biological significance the body does not spend energy and restorers on producing pigments that are not needed in places with low solar activity. And that 20,000-40,000 years ago may have been a factor of survival in Europe.

  • If only people stuck to the food that nature provides, they wouldn’t be lacking certain Vitamins & Minerals.
    We are a part of nature, so we are designed to consume it…Fruit & Veg, Fish, Wholegrain & Dairy such as Milk, Poultry such as Chicken, Eggs and of course drink plenty of water.
    But instead I see so many people obsessed with just eating factory prosessed food with health issues!!!

  • It is not because of v.D, it is because of Estrogen, that one inhibits IL-6 (IL-6 is the killer in COVID-19 spawned cytokine storm).
    D only helps to convert testosterone, if not defecient, into estrogen, and that takes weeks if not months.
    So solution is Estrogen (plus heparin).

  • If vitamin D played a role in the very light skin color of Europeans, then that would show that it has a very significant survival advantage indeed, for it to be that much of a survival advantage to drive skin color to change that dramatically in such a short time.

  • Researchers have been trying to tell doctors, patients, and politicians, and FDApoliticians what Dr.John is sharing with us..

  • I had suspected Covid-19 3 months ago and still suffering symptoms. Two weeks ago I was found to be very Vitamin D deficient. Hope it’s not too late for me.

  • Vitamin C is just as good as vitamin D is for the immune systhem i take a vitamin C supplement every day and a high diet in Vitamin C I use to get a lot of colds and flu I’ve been doing this for two years the last time i had a cold or flu was two years ago not even the Norovirus when it comes along i don’t get it

  • Google Uganda population: 45 million people. Now google covid deaths in Uganda: 4. Why? Because they are ALL already on hydroxychlorquin to protect against malaria!

  • Anyone know how long you should wait before you shower after sunbathing? I’ve heard two statements, wait 2 hours or 24 hours. I also heard that store bought sunscreen and soap can interfere or destroy developing vitamin D on the skin.

  • Vitamin D without Vitamin K2 will send calcium to tissues other than bones like to the arteries and kidneys causing problems. If you are taking Calcium than you also need Magnesium.

  • I only took 500iu of vitamin d3 a day for about 3 months and my blood levels when 20 to 93. I don’t understand why my levels got so high so quickly when everyone else seems to take a much higher does. I worry about taking the vitamin constantly if it raises my blood levels so quickly. Now I have excessive thirst symptom and excessive urination and very dry skin and I wonder if it’s calcium related.

  • Vit D deficiency really is the “elephant in the room”. There are now 3 studies, all showing the same thing, that Covid severity is linked to Vit D status. Hardly an issue if you have normal to high D levels. Harvard medical finally discussing. And along with the mountain of previous evidence on D, this pandemic is in large part a D deficiency issue. It all adds up….so many are D deficient, esp this time of year after a whole winter inside. Now of course I get there are outliers to this, that you can have normal D levels if you’ve been supplementing and still be at risk based on other health issues but the 3 studies are pretty solid with respect to correcting for age, comorbidities, etc.

    And physicians and modern medicine as a whole have been utter failures on this. Years of research highlighting the importance of D on so many aspects of health, so many are deficient and yet hardly any testing for it…and that’s a fact. I am in healthcare….D testing is hardly done. Contrast that with testing for cholesterol, etc. Your cholesterol is getting a bit high and they are pushing the statins yet hardly anything on D. Sorry but physicians have failed us on this. Vitamin D shown to be crucial for proper health, so many deficient world wide….how was this not going to be a problem.

  • Well Dr. Campbell, score another point for vitamin D. It seems to have cleared up my chronic jock itch. I thought it might be a coincidence, but knowing how vitamin D works, I hypothesized that fungal infections might be fought by the innate immune system. Went to NCBI to find out and BINGO. A little googling finds this that the link between skin health and vitamin D is well known. People who suffer yeast infections should know about this as well. I am overwhelmed with the variety of conditions associated with vitamin D deficiency. How do we get testing to be part of the modern standard of care?

  • If you supplement vitamin D, please get enough vitamin K2 (different from K1) to keep calcium out of tissues where it shouldn’t be.

  • Thank you Dr Campbell! Your selfless efforts in bringing us this vital vitamin D information is very much appreciated! You are making a HUGE difference, and definitely saving lives.

  • Cholecalciferol is the toxin used not only in our vitamins but also to kill small rodents.

  • In this video sir u said Vit. D is responsible for the more pneumonia if it is insufficiently in blood then in foreign countries(where the SARS cov is massively spread USA,Italy etc.) they lie down on the beach all the day then y they suffre from this outbreak sir??

  • In Indonesia, they discovered that 96% of those that died from covid19 had low levels of VITAMIN D in their blood etc..Vit D -3 is a game changer

  • Hi Dr Campbell
    Quick question would it be a good recommendation for people getting a flu shot or any vaccine for that matter to have a good course of vitamin d therapy just had the thought because you said it helps with antibody production thanks ����

  • I have my levels checked yearly by an independent lab. If you don’t have insurance or you don’t want to go to the Dr to have an order written, you can go through and order yourself and have lab work done at 3 different labs.

  • SUBSCRIBED, from recent findings we are seeing i think the authorities have an obligation to inform just how powerfull VITAMIN D might be, in Indonesia 98 percent of covid 19 deaths have been vitamin D deficient, Chicago blacks population = around 23%, 70% of deaths from covid in Chicago were people of color, these number are phenomenal

  • I have a high sedimentation rate for unknown reasons but all my doctors have been weak in cautioning me to take Vitamin D. I’ve just been told to just take it, not how much, or the action, of even the effects on my inflammation. When I ask questions they simply get annoyed and one doctor called me squirrelly. It’s said, the lack of teaching patients get from physicians and nurses. Thank God for research engines who save lives.

  • What happens to the cholesterol in the blood when taking Vitamin D supplements? Do we have an excess of it if our bodies aren’t using it to produce Vitamin D naturally?

  • “Colour Counts: Sunlight and Skin Type as Drivers of Vitamin D Deficiency at UK Latitudes”
    Thanks Dr John. I can’t figure why this information isn’t repeated every day along hand washing and now masks.
    ‘OLM’ Our Lives Matter. With seasonal flu and the expected 2nd Wave on it’s way, and the long time it takes to build D we’re sleep walking into a winter of ill health.

  • Vitamin D is essential, and Garlic Horseradish and Vitamin C. Its all about boosting your immune system and protecting your respiratory system. Wear a mask when possible, stay away from crowds, and wash you hands after being in any public place. God bless you and stay safe.

  • So why have doctors at Beth Israel in Boston been so resistant to simply test my brother for his Vitamin D level? He is hospitalized for Covid-19 and I have asked them from the inception to test him and their only response was to get annoyed that I was asking them to do something out of their “protocol”.

  • Dr i am jason frome suriname what if mist is whats is aganst vitm D sugar, plastic food and stress its that corect???if theres moor things thats aganst vit D pleace let me know.

  • Thank you Dr Campbell for all of your excellent work throughout this pandemic. We have been following you since February and I share your videos often. I even gifted my husband with a fountain pen like yours for our 31st anniversary to support your work in some small way. Thank you for your invaluable work in educating the public. I am in the US and accurate information is at times hard to find. Stay well.

  • Dr Campbell continuously urges viewers in many videos to take Vitamin D. I visited the supermarket yesterday and picked myself up a supply. I have decided to take two tablets per day because my Doctor and I tested my Vitamin D levels last time I was I
    on Vitamin D and the test results showed I needed two tablets per day to maintain sufficient Vitamin D levels. I will take a Vitamin D test in December to check my levels. Thank you Dr Campbell. Your message got through to me and I acted on it.

  • Can you help me answer my questions in relation to cytokine storms please: I am scared. I have eczema and allergies (eczema more as a child) I am scared of the immune response if I was to get this virus. My vitamin D levels are normal. I eat healthy and haven’t drank alcohol or smoked in 6 years. I also take 500mg vitamin C and 10ug vitamin D daily. I read that people with immune systems that are too strong are getting cytokine storm (young and healthy ) please can you help me understand this. I am petrified. Thankyou

  • High dose vitamin C has been used or studied as a moderator for inflammation, which Covid brings in spades. This was studied specifically in HIV / AIDS because of iron ion disassociation as a source of oxidative stress, Iron the ferratin was not able to contain.

  • VACCINES DON’T WORK! It is proven!!! Educate yourself!!!!
    Instead of lies and fear, use the power of love to reach FREEDOM!!!!! 05.06.2020!!!!

  • Assuming proper levels of vitamin D, can unexplained osteopenia suggest that the hidden infections? That is the vitamin D is not available for the calcium pathway

  • Check your Vitamin D levels for only $39

    Heal leaky gut

  • Good video. For more information and exactly how vitamin D modifies immune system and protects against COVID-19 symptoms I suggest the following video

  • May i add imma a nurse in the health care field im noticing doctors r giving their patients vitamin C and zinc and patients stay has become short-term

  • During the 1918 flu infection people were treated in the open sunlight and that has killed the flu infection faster, do some research and than me later. Putting covid-19 patients in closed AC rooms will make matter worse. Sweating profusely will bring the flu out naturally.

  • I had suspected Covid-19 3 months ago and still suffering symptoms. Two weeks ago I was found to be very Vitamin D deficient. Hope it’s not too late for me.

  • WE NEED TO GET POLITICAL WITH THE SCIENCE! While it is hard to find specific statistics for deficiency in the elderly, they are considered to run in the same range as Hispanics and blacks.
    More evidence that D with its eight contributions to the immune system, It’s certainly not only worth supplementing with, but petitioning government health agencies particularly WHO and CDC to provide an alert and guidelines similar to what Dr. Campbell is finding in his data.
    Here is an example of a letter I have sent to every Congress person on the CDC oversight committee, and the CDC, with no response. That alone is enough to make us sick!


    The CDC COVID-19 website does not advise that 11 vitamins and minerals are critical to our immune system and deficiencies affecting at least 150 million US residents, including children, who have one or more sub-optimal levels.

    That impacts all of us and the success of all our efforts.

    CDC is aware of the disproportionate severity of COVID-19 cases correlated with D-deficiency in 69% of Hispanics, 82% of Blacks, and similar percentages of Elders.

    They ignore their own HHS AGENCY information sources:

    The National Institute of Health(NIH) published summary of a multi-study review
    by scientists from BAYER, concludes:
    “…the immune system needs specific micronutrients, including A, D, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium, which play vital, often synergistic roles at every stage of the immune response…
    however, intakes necessary to support immune function may be higher than current recommended dietary allowances.
    …even marginal deficiency may impair immunity. 
    …supplementation may modulate immune function and reduce the risk of infection.”

    None of the many possible explanations of why CDC fails to alert the public of the extent of immune system deficiencies and demographic guidelines for optimizing immune systems can stand up to medical, scientific, political, health, and ethical refutation.

    The CDC COVID-19website provides NO INFO or links for immune-system support building.

    Vaccine average success rates of 60% are also likely benefited by optimal micronutrition and microbiome upon which much of immune response depends.

    A recent synopsis of reports from 20 countries, adds evidence it’s not just a coincidence that the most micronutrient-deficient people have the most severe COVID-19 outcomes.

    Provable correlation is not needed for prudently advising the public on this health issue without further delay.

    While the pandemic has everyone’s attention, now is the best opportunity ever,to be sure that all of us, including healthcare professionals, are alerted and given the best possible guidelines for keeping our immune system as strong as possible.

    Many of us and our doctors are unaware of micronutrient deficiencies affecting our physical and mental health, and best practices to address it.

    Double blind studies prove D-adequacy significantly improves outcomes in 5 major diseases and mental health.

    Please consider promoting this message and influence representatives and officials to press the CDC to alert the public to what it deserves to know about widespread deficiencies, and how to resolve them.

  • Dear John, I went out to get Vit D3 today, was disappointed that these were not vegetarian, had bovine soft gels. Then went to Holland &Barret, and got the right ones for me. So am really grateful to you and am starting off with 2000 and will be upping it yo 6000 perday. I am indian with brown skin and don’t easily make Vit D. I was told off for my dark skin when I was growing up as Indians only favored white skin, don’t know why! When I moved to Ireland, I was shocked how so many people envied my tanned skin and that’s when I appreciated my skin color. Its the bitter truth of my skin color! Now I am proud dark colored Indian☺

  • Thank you Dr. John, for all the informations about current health pandemic. I live in Ireland for the past 18 years and no one physician advise me to take vit D in any occasion and I am shocked. Thank you so much and stay blessed.

  • Dr. John, It seems to me that the SACN is deeply compromised. Just look at the advice they have been giving over the last 40 years on general diet yet the UK population grows fatter and less fit with each year. Oh, sorry, now I realise that its our fault: nothing to do with all the duff guidance (ie, low fat, high carb aka sugar) they have been spouting for years. Still it keeps the processed food producers in the money.
    As Einstein noted, one definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a differnt outcome.
    Keep up the brilliant work of explaining complex issues in layman’s terms for us simpletons out here.

  • Palak in your video heal your auto immune diseases you mentioned 1000iu per 20 kg body weight and in 21 April video you tell 1000iu per 12 kg body both are contradictory. Sp pl mentioned which one is right.

  • Most People don’t feed their children with a proper diet. Years ago you had devastation with the advent of bleach white bread and overuse of corn meal. They called it Pellagra and was one causes of the death toll of spanish flu along with TB. I am not a doctor but I would like to have common sense discussions and not politically driven brainwash sessions like we are getting now from most of the experts. You cannot compare the spanish flu with covid-19 because the world has changed so much in 100 years.

  • Dr. Campbell, thank you…Hope you will directly contact influential government healthcare advisory boards, and legislative bodies that oversee them.
    You are so right there is no downside; we need not wait for proof.
    Your stats can further be supported by a vast population disproportionately affected…an estimated 80 to 90% of elders!
    That further confirms your unquestionable conclusions perfectly stated….there is no downside. Makes no sense to wait for proof of a relationship.
    It seems unthinkable after all these months that official health agencies ignore the opportunity to improve overall health in the face of this pandemic. And no government cost!
    It is also interesting to note that US government agency standards under the HHS umbrella, separately publish maximum safe dose 4000 units.
    This is not the only vitamin deficiency that can affect immune system competency, 92% of people are deficient in at least one critical vitamin or mineral.
    It is unthinkable that their fear of recommending supplementation overwhelms their fear of this growing pandemic!
    This letter to CDC Oversight committees and even the branch of CDC focused on people of color, as well as many governors, and tweeting influential people of color, the Black Lives Matter branches, many media outlets, and politicians in or challenging the White House, have not responded positively, but that is no reason to give up.
    Perhaps a reminder that vaccines themselves typically 60% effective, depend on our immune system to work.

    CDC website provides not one word of advice on immune system competency and how to maintain it, with at least 10 ways to do so.
    Furthermore vitamin D has been proven to improve outcomes in four or five top killers.
    Government health agencies could not possibly want us to die. No conspiracy could be that encompassing. I believe they need to be contacted by people like Dr. Campbell relentlessly until we get proper public alerts for this most economical and general health improving advice.
    Here are some other NIH published quotes you and your subscribers may want to consider as we continue to fight for our right to information:

    The CDC COVID-19 website does not advise that 11 vitamins and minerals are critical to our immune system and deficiencies affecting at least 150 million US residents, including children, who have one or more sub-optimal levels.

    CDC is aware of the disproportionate severity of COVID-19 cases correlated with D-deficiency in 69% of Hispanics, 82% of Blacks, and similar percentages of Elders.

    They ignore their own HHS AGENCY information sources:

    The National Institute of Health(NIH) published summary of a multi-study review
    by scientists from BAYER, concludes:
    “…the immune system needs specific micronutrients, including A, D, C, E, B6, and B12, folate, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium, which play vital, often synergistic roles at every stage of the immune response…
    however, intakes necessary to support immune function may be higher than current recommended dietary allowances.
    …even marginal deficiency may impair immunity. 
    …supplementation may modulate immune function and reduce the risk of infection.”

    None of the many possible explanations of why CDC fails to alert the public of the extent of immune system deficiencies and demographic guidelines for optimizing immune systems can stand up to medical, scientific, political, health, and ethical refutation.

    Hopefully subscribers will influence representatives and officials to press the CDC to alert the public to what it deserves to know about widespread deficiencies, and how to resolve them.

  • Be careful of megadoses please. More than 50k units a week wo monitoring calcium can be dangerous. Too much is as bad as too little. Notice the best effects were in those already deficient, and yes, much of the population is deficient due to our indoor life.

  • Dr. Robert P. Heaney researched vitamin D for 40+ years and he knew exactly how and why low vitamin D levels cause most of these illnesses. He explains it in a lecture here:

  • Awesome study! I have a dog and a garden but still take 2,000 IU D3 daily with magnesium. I started this for my thyroid and autoimmunity, and maybe I should find Vitamin K2 as well?

  • One of the first things you learn when you graduate from engineering school and take on projects is to “know what you know.” Below are examples of uninformed people who, apparently, have not even made the effort to inform themselves about a complicated subject and yet go about disseminating their ignorance throughout the internet. That is reflected in the fact that 95% of the internet is composed of droppings from wannabe experts Allow light into your uninformed minds and Google [Vitamin D levels appear to play a role in COVID-19 mortality rates]

  • During the recent America’s Frontline Doctors press conference event that has now been banned from virtually every major tech platform, including YouTube, Dr. Stella Immanuel from Houston gave a stunning speech about how she has successfully treated more than 350 Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax (azithromycin).

    Originally from Nigeria, which is where she studied medicine, Dr. Immanuel, a primary care physician, gave an impassioned account of the many successes she has seen with her patients, one of whom is 92 years old. Nobody needs to be dying from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), she emphasized, because we already have a treatment, and we already have a cure.

    “I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID,” Dr. Immanuel stated. “Patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood pressure, patients that have asthma, all people.”

    By putting each of her patients on a regimen of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin, the end result for all of them “has been the same,” she says: full recovery. “We’ve not lost one patient! And on top of that, I’ve put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention.”

    Check out the full press conference below as sourced from, where it will never be censored – Dr. Immanuel’s portion begins around the 5:25 mark:

    “You don’t need masks: There is a CURE,” says Dr. Immanuel

    According to Dr. Immanuel, hydroxychloroquine works early as a preventative prophylaxis, which is why she and her team are taking it just to be safe. And none of them has gotten sick, despite constantly being face-to-face with infected patients.

    She also brought up the 2005 study put out by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in which Anthony Fauci of 15 years ago agreed that hydroxychloroquine is effective against coronaviruses.

    “I’m upset because I see people that cannot breathe,” Dr. Immanuel laments. “I see parents walk in, I see diabetics sit in my office knowing that this is a death sentence, and they can’t breathe. And I hug them and I tell them, ‘it’s going to be okay, you’re going to live.’ And we treat them, and they live.”

    “So if some fake science, some person sponsored by all these fake pharma companies, comes out and says, ‘oh, we’ve done studies and they found out that it doesn’t work,’ I can tell you categorically that it’s fake science,” she adds.

    Try as they might to claim that hydroxychloroquine does not work for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), citing “science” as evidence, the opposition is categorically wrong, Dr. Immanuel insists – and her experience treating patients is living proof of that.

    Dr. Immanuel is also opposed to the push for mask-wearing, as she says this is completely unnecessary. Since there is already a cure in the form of the aforementioned triage of drugs and minerals, this is all that is necessary to safely resume our normal lives and put this thing behind us.

    “You don’t need people to be locked down,” Dr. Immanuel further adds. “There is prevention and there is a cure.”

    Dr. Immanuel also had a message for all of the “fake” doctors out there who reject hydroxychloroquine and parrot the lies of the mainstream media in claiming that it does not work, and that there is no science to back it.

    “You’re like the ‘good’ Nazis, the ‘good’ Germans, who watched Jews get killed and didn’t speak up,” Dr. Immanuel says, specifically referring to every doctor out there who is too afraid to treat patients with what works because the medical establishment might go after them for it.

    To keep up with the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), be sure to check out

    Sources for this article include:

  • It is also worthy to note the doctors tell you to stay out of the sun or use sunblock, but what the poorly informed doctors fail to tell you is that sunscreen blocks the part of the sun that creates the vitamin D proving once more that the largest cause of death and disease in the US is medical care. This is probably true in the UK as well.

  • Dr John, the factors affecting skin production of D is not only skin colour but things like clothing (in religious groups) sunscreen in persons worried about skin cancer and of course sum intensity. So maybe they were not only worried about being politically correct.

  • The sun does not shine much in the UK so there must be a lot of deficiency in that gloomy cloudy dismal depressing part of the world called the UK and many parts of the US such as Oregon and Washington.

  • Our ancestors got more than 30 minute of sun a few times per week. When you look at vitamin D from an evolutionary perspective you realize that 5,000 IU of D3 per day is the bare minimum. Check out the video: Why Does Vitamin D Exist?

  • Thanks
    Very good to know info. In my case the obesity stats seem very relevant. Will be bumping mine up and testing again. Got down to 10 at one time. Raised it to 32. Don’t know now but I’m sure it’s low. Wrong thing for anytime but especially these times. Thx again.

  • Outside of people of color working in low paying jobs clustered with lots of people (ex:subway worker), I think this gentleman just NAILED the main reason why Covid-19 is impacting people of color more than fair-skinned people.

    People of color tend to stay OUT of the sun and because of socio-economic factors, they don’t eat as much Vitamin D rich/fortified foods such as fatty fish.

    Yes this is anecdotal however, I believe that there is something here.

  • Hello Dr John, Just a thought… time for a survey?

    I noticed that you have nearly 3/4 million subscribers and I imagine that you have plenty more regular viewers. I guess that a large proportion of these will have been taking Vitamin D supplements for a few months now and should have more than enough in their blood. Now is the time for a survey of only those supplement takers.
    1. Daily Vitamin D dose?
    2. When was the dose started?
    3. Ethnicity?
    4. Gender?
    5. Age?
    6. Country?
    7. Risk level 0->10? 0=camped alone in wilderness since January. 10=regularly share house/car with known Covid sufferers
    8. Had Covid 0->10? 0=test found no antibodies, 3=days of exhaustion OR diarrhoea OR pink eye, 9=had cough AND fever AND lost taste/smell, 10=test found antibodies
    9. How many weeks did you suffer with any symptoms mentioned in Q8.?

    …. or something to that effect. I’m sure it could be padded out and given more thorough consideration but the data would be useful with such a large sample. I guess the trade-off is “enough data to be useful” vs “quick enough to complete to get the numbers up”.
    Thank you for all your hard work and straight talking.
    Andy in Birmingham UK.

  • Began UVB treatment and topical calcitropiol few months back and I’ve gotten two common cold infections in short succession and I usually never get sick. Clearly vitamin D isn’t a magic bullet in this regard, at least not for me.

  • it’s not only about having the knowledge… it’s the ability to simplify, explain and teach it makes the difference. I’m a subscriber now

  • Found it interesting he mixes up the pronunciation of “i” in Vitamin & Respiratory. All jokes aside, this is Grade A content during the pandemic ����

  • if you live in an area where winter time sun light is low and short, take the advice and take Vit D now before you get to those months and keep your immune system working. While i was fighting Covid-19 back in late March and April, i took Dr. Campbell’s advice and started taking Vit D supplements and I swear that this kept me out of the hospital. No none sense, Dr. Campbell’s advice has saved lives. Those of us who live in the US, take your Vit D. This is why we all are always sick and out of shape with underlying conditions. Spend time outside under the sun, even if it’s a little overcast go outside.

  • Started taking Vitamin D in 2009 after digging deep about preventing Swine Flu. Seems like ancient history doesn’t it? Anyways, found and went down the rabbit hole then. Learned about how people did well with Spanish Flu by being treated outdoors, and why we get sick during WInter, etc…Dr. J has helped to reinforce this action on my part. Thanks Dr. J. Keep up the “Real” News.

  • Hi palak this is Anjana Patel from ANSU fitness. Pl give me your valuable advice that is keto diet is good for colon cancer? As I earlier comments I called you that my mother is suffering from cancer.

  • So I watched this a few weeks ago and read the MDPI article and made an appointment for a blood test with GP surgery to find out my Vitamin D levels, gets there today and nurse who was going to take give the blood test, tells me she will do it but their is a very small chance that it will be actually tested at the labs as its NHS policy not to test unless a specialist recommends it, so did not bother and she did say its not possible to take to much Vitamin D as the body will only absorb what he needs.

  • “Trust me, I’m a doctor” goes the saying, but as far as nutrition, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and natural remedies are concerned would you trust a doctor that has only had between 10 to 24 hours over FIVE TO SIX YEARS in medical school on nutrition? Doctors are very good at issuing prescriptions for Big Pharma’s toxic concoctions, but how many would give you information and help as in this informative video, and others like it on YouTube?

  • Wow. This guy knows how to teach! Even when he got into the nitty-gritty chemical pathway breakdowns, I was able to follow, even with my basic levels of biology understanding.
    Can you teach me all of Organic Chemistry??? ������

  • Hello, I am sharing the Best Nutritional Products of USANA and you can buy them on the link below

  • 11 min in and no mention that Vit D is created from Cholestrol in the skin and no mention of the problems created by cholestrol lowering drugs? The Liver produces 80%+ of the body’s cholestrol.

  • I have heard that the “low range” is very low in America. And my questions is, is this so low, because of people of color are included when calculating the average of what is considered “low”?

  • There is something that makes noise to me, and is the fact that everyone is assuming that Covid-19 is triggering an autoimmune disease, and thus the immune system should be tied, like you tie a guardian dog.
    I know that’s the case in the first 2 weeks when the immune system has gone “berserker” and is causing a deadly cytokine storm. That’s when you need corticoids and immunomodulators. But, what about after those 2 or 3 first critical weeks, when the viral load has been reduced to a point where the immune response is no longer savage? Why we should “keep the dog tied” when, with all probability, there are still virions inside the body? There are evidences and data collected during the first SARS in 2002 showing that as long as 3 months after the disease, the virus was still being detected in the body. Right now in this pandemic, there are thousands of people(me included) manifesting still having symptoms after 2, 3, or even 5 months after onset.

  • huge benefits Doctor.
    I just want to know if i take 50000iu per week in my country daily doses is not available plus I usually exercise in the morning so i am exposed to 30-40 of sun. I cant check my vitaminD level �� hospitals are overcrowded due to corona.

  • I used to buy a French brand drug for pregnant women entire year, it is 1 shot dose of 200,000 IU for 3months. I am at 112mmol/litre, gonna continue doing that OR eat cod fish liver in own oil that is super tasty with any carbs. Not sure if 200,000 IU could be possibly toxic, first time I used it I dropped about 3kgs in 4days or so�� 0 side effects. That dose cost 9,99€ 14€ here.

  • I agree with everything but the daily amount of intake!

    I take 10.000 ie neyäarly every day and have approx 90ng/ml blood. I have 90kg and are 182cm tall. Bigger people need MUCH MORE!!!

  • Ask your doctor if Omega threes are right for you. 

    BREAKING! COVID-19 Supplements: US Study Finds That Resolvins From Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Prevent COVID-19 Cytokine Storms

    Source: COVID-19 Supplements  May 13, 2020  16 hours ago

    COVID-19 Supplements:  Medical researchers from the Harvard Medical School, University of California-Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University and Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle have discovered that chemical molecules called resolvins which are a type of novel endogenous specialized pro-resolving lipid autacoid mediators (SPMs) could help prevent the cytokine storms caused by the COVID-19 disease.

    Resolvins are specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) derived from omega-3 fatty acids, primarily eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), as well as docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) and clupanodonic acid.


    The research was published in the journal journal Cancer & Metastasis Reviews and the study was led by Assistant Professor Dr Dipak Panigrahy and Dr Molly Gilligan, both from Harvard Medical School.


    The researchers studied the human body’s robust inflammatory response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is now recognized as a hallmark symptom and observed that severe COVID-19 illness can result in excessive inflammation throughout the body, including the lungs, heart and brain.


    Rather than blocking cytokines, medical staff could turn off virus-induced inflammation by broadly activating the body’s natural inflammation-clearing activities.


    Resolvins and other SPMs stimulate macrophage-mediated clearance of debris and counter pro-inflammatory cytokine production, a process called inflammation resolution. SPMs and their lipid precursors exhibit anti-viral activity at nanogram doses in the setting of influenza without being immunosuppressive. SPMs also promote anti-viral B cell antibodies and lymphocyte activity, highlighting their potential use in the treatment of COVID-19.

  • Vitamin D acceptance delayed by Big Pharma following the Disinformation Playbook.

  • Vit D measured today and 79.4 very happy!! It was 13.7 in Dec 19 then with super D3 dosage climbed to 40.3 in Jan 20. Have since taken Adcal D3 twice a day until now, Aug 20 (plus a bit of walking in the sunshine) have now reached this amazing level of 79.4 and for the first time am in the green zone result!!!:)

  • Dr Campbell you are awesome! �� I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you so much for every single video you have uploaded. People need to listen and learn from you. �� I hope to see you safe and well on the other side of this event ������

  • People taking Vitamin D, especially in large doses, should always combine it with Vitamin K2, in order to counter the risk of soft tissue calcification.

  • Generally good info but incorrect conclusion at 47:00. The sun is not needed to activate dietary or supplementary Vitamin D. The sun just increases your level of cholecalciferol just like swallowing a capsule. The two subsequent steps toward activation were explained correctly earlier so why the incorrect info at the end?

  • How long have people known about Vitamin D? “I’ve always known!” Made me smile. I’m taking VitD every day and feeding it to my husband too. Thank you.:)

  • Really glad I stumbled upon your videos. They’re informative and interesting and the fact that you show your references totally gives me confidence. Thank you. It’s hard to separate the fact from the fiction with so much mis-information doing the rounds on the internet and especially social media.

    I wondered if you knew anything about the role of Zinc in conjunction with Querticin as a possible means of enhancing resilience against Coronavirus? It’s been mentioned that Querticin is an ionophere which could let zinc into cells and impede viral replication. I don’t really understand what that means but I’m hoping you might.
    Thanks again.

  • You recommend vit D does as 12kg body weight 1000iu for per day or per week or per month? Bz Dr gave medicine per week one tables. So pl give me answer.

  • Let’s all help Dr. John Campbell get another Youtube GOLD award with a million subscribers! His channel on the coronavirus must become the most VIRAL channel of 2020!

  • Joe Rogan’s channel had a Dr.(not an MD) who talked about vitamin D, saying much the same as I have been hearing you say for quite a while now. She cited some studies and talked about the Somalian people etc. I’m glad that I’m seeing more and more YouTube channels addressing the topic. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Doc do you feel it is a coincidence that many meds to treat COVID19 are the same that treat HIV and Malaria? I don’t ; since Luc Montagnier a well know French Virologist extremely familiar with HIV clearly said “ Presence of HIV and the germ malaria of the coronavirus is highly suspect and the characteristics of the virus could not have risen naturally” Also posted by researchers in India “ uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV1 pg120 and Gag”

    Also just tonight CytoDyn just held a med conference with two doctors on You Tube strongly suggesting quick recovering from COVID19 on patients who are receiving Leronlimad ( Pro 140). This drug belongs to a group of HIV drugs called CCR5 antagonist

    PRO 140 is a humanized monoclonal antibody targeted against the CCR5 receptor found on T lymphocytes of the human immune system. Patients are said to report within 24 hours of the treatment feeling better without any reported side effects. It blocks IL-6 which has been found to be elevated at the onset of COVID19 and I think it may somehow act as a chemorepellant; retreating white blood cells from consuming infected endothelial cells. It may also reduce the virus load. Amazing!

    After listening to the podcast and what it implied this will most definitely be the drug I will insist on taking should I be unfortunate to contact Covid19. Cheers

  • Type in on YouTube search bar, Perspectives on the Pandemic,the video is
    in 3 parts,Robert Kennedy Jr & Dr Judy Mikovits, i suggest watching
    part 3 first,then parts 1 & 2, to get the truth on Covid 19,an
    attack on humanity.

  • Form UK:, and you need Magnesium and Vit. K2 to activate Vit.D in order to Not become toxic. Studies from Germany.

  • So he says that he takes 1000iu. Is it the optimal amount? Every day of the year? Do we need to take any brakes? I wish he elaborated more on the dosage.

  • A couple notes on Vitamin D. Depending on the latitude(how far away from equator) you live, reduces the penetration of UVB(the light that gets turned into Vitamin D).
    Also, just because the sun is out, doesn’t mean you get Vitamin D.
    UVA(Damaging light) is strong and pierces through clouds/windows(You can’t get Vitamin-D inside!), UVB doesn’t.
    UVB is BLOCKED by sunscreen!
    The optimal time to get vitamin D from sun bathing is when your shadow is the shortest(For where I live this is 1100-1500(11am-3pm).)
    Age, Skin-Darkness & Metabolic health all INCREASE the amount of time you need to be in the sun to achieve adequate levels.
    That’s why nursing homes, and those with African descent are likely hit hardest.
    Someone who’s white can get adequate levels in 20 minutes, someone who is black may take up to 3 hours, and increased age can increase those numbers too.
    Stay healthy my friends

  • Im confided?!!������ Where’s your vitamin D in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Europe, The UK! Russia!?! ect..These people died by the Masses! Now show Data of Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, All Caribbean Countries! They Will not come close to Infected rate of those other countries! So please with this bull Vitamin D Garbage! ����
    Let’s get the Fact out there! You’re going off the Data of Black people in America Dying due to them being used as Gineapigs! Period!

  • I share your concern. I wrote to my MP including sending one of John’s excellent explanations but didn’t feel the significance of this got appreciated. I’d encourage others to do the same to promote awareness.

  • It’s trickling out that one of the key reasons Africans in America have a much higher death rate is extremely low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is best sourced naturally, from smart sun exposure (which is not actually a vitamin but a hormone) and is not easily found in our food sources.

  • Dr Campbell, I started watching your videos months ago, and of course, I’ve subscribed. I wanted another source of virus info. About that time I started to read and hear about the help Vitamin D held. At that time I was taking 5000 IU of D3. I’m still obese but am losing weight with the help of a Keto diet. But since hearing and digesting virus news and facts I have upped my dosage to 15000 IU of D3. I sure hope it does what I’m thinking it will. But, at 64 yo and still technically obese, I’m still showing amazing blood work in my supplement program I have developed for my self with my Dr. monitoring my results. Welcome aboard the Vitamin D3 train, Dr Campbell.

  • Can we start a petition to get Dr Campbell onto the government SAGE committee! We should sack all of them and get proper experts onto it! Not those on big pharmas pay roll!!

  • Every vitamin/minerals/trace substances works together, so one should not only rely on only Vitamin D3 we need a good balance of all that stuff. But it’s makes most sense to start taking at least Vitamin C, B-complex and Vitamin D3 at some higher dose first week(s). And at the same time start to eat better food, and exercise. Let’s say you do that for a month, then you only need to take the absolute lowest recommended dose. But in countries with less UV-light during the winter, a higher amount of D3 is wise 30-50 ug/microgram should work fine

  • I suspected this. Explains why Covid hit harder in countries like Spain and Italy where people live more in apartments rather than houses, and therefore don’t have a garden. Also, here in Brazil, “high class” neighborhoods got the worst of it, probably because of living in tower blocks, as well as heavy military policing keeping people off the streets so the TV reporters can get their nice pretty images to show that the current government are doing what the majority want, whilst all is relatively well in the favelas, where the gangs run the show and the police aren’t allowed in, and even if they were alowed, couldn’t get their cars up those narrow streets where the young play football and the elderly gather for dominoes.

  • Kind of crazy this disease derives from Bats who are known to be in the dark mostly, funny that Vitamin D (The Sun.) Can help stop it in its tracks depending on your body.

  • Hi Dr. Campbell, Can you please watch the video on this website It’s made by a group of doctors who knows how to treat Covid19 but are being prevented from doing so.

  • Thanks so much for this important update. Could you provide any information on how much sunscreen reduces the formation of Vitamin D? I avoid the sun and use daily sunscreen (white skin, live at 38 degrees N). I always assumed drinking Vitamin D fortified milk (2 c /day) gave me an adequate dose, but after viewing your video, I will ask my doctor for a serum Vitamin D test. I had a very serious case of pneumonia leading to ARDS and sepsis 14 years ago, and have other respiratory factors that increase my risk for serious COVID19 complications if infected. I’m going to take my Vitamin D level a lot more seriously now, and perhaps reconsider my sun exposure level, I could always expose the less-sensitive parts of my body, like arms and legs, while still protecting the sunburn-prone areas, like face, upper chest, tops of feet, etc.